The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIJ, 16, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, <ARK.Y COUBIER NEWS PAGE'THREE iVfinor and Absurd Animosities Mar Happiness of Marrhgc Secnml Ba'Misl Church Minister Will Remain Blyllieville Resident T!i« tliiff Haptlst churches ol BlytlKvillt' art; now without pastors following ilie resignation of the Rev. J. 1,. Nfc'.vsoin. pastor of the S->to:ut church for tin- paft ihrr-t ;vars, who u-i::'.m-d Ill's m:i?na<:on yesterday. The lii'V. Mi-. NV.vsniii has ife- cidctl jiol to accept the pasloiiUe ol' Ihe liuptist chinch nf Herciilaiieum. Mo., where hi- was tailed recently, Inn will remain line us tjas.ior of several churches in nmrljy i-omiiumilio: anil in evant;eli=lic woik. Until a new pastor is »-cuiTd for she !otal church he and Mis. Ncw.-:um vvilV couiinue lo reside at the p.jrson- Mr, Nr'.VKtun, \vlrn is moderator of ihe Mississippi County Haptist octillion and prc.sideilt of Ihe BlylhrUlle Ministerial association, has had men- Hum oiu> hundred new mcmtcis join Hi'-' church in the three years he v> brpn here. In addition (o increased attend- [ ance and activities in tlie Sunday I rcliolo. Ihe !i. Y. P. U.'s of the' church have liccorne outstanding under the Itadcrtliin uf Mrs. Novy- in YEARS AGO Club Women Invited to Canning Demonstration There will lie a call meeting of jtlie Mississippi Comity Home Dc- 1 ministration Council Tuesday. I April 17tb. to hear and sec Miss 1 Gladys Kirnbrotnh. a nationally (V.noivn authority on "Foot! Pres- 1 crvation" ami Ecnr.n:nlst. Rive n I demonstration In "T!ie Art of 1 Home Canning." Kvery club v,'o- jman in this county a invited to llhis iiii-eliiv.1. and rcprerenialives I from e-.ith club uve exixrlt-d. Tlu.' I women of Blytheville arc Inter- leslcd and the rural women niiulu vegetables and frails in qunn- lltlic.s this year al a juice attrac- 1 live enough to urtre. women in I town to fill their pantry .shelves I with wholesome products for the Restored Russian Embassy Opens Again in Ornate Splendor .Kwl W>"~Vvvt*»u. •^— — . _ . _ . . .. sdaT, April 15. 1924. Building plans m Wilson which include a .several hundred thousand dulltu- olllvt ly,i)lt\l»t!, ft $150,000 negro school, and n mansion costing 180.000 have ucen nn- noii']C°d by K. B. Wilton, Wort has already begun on the school and office building, while work n'i the honu 1 . which Is for Rov Wilson. Mi. Wilson's soli, is expected to smrt during the summer. WdJnesdav. April 16, 1924. Jesre Taylor, son of Mr. nncl M-s. W. M. Taylor of this city, has recently received, a splendid position. He is now In (lie insurance business ut Louisville. Kv., having.the S|>cclnl agency for. the entire state. He Is Just out of Vnndeibilt college at Nashville, jTeiin.. and this position is one to be proud of. Jew* has iihvays ninne ft splendid record In Ills icliool work and lit 1 ! many friends will he t'luil to hear of his recent [ichievemcnt. the Rraluied lo Us fdniin Miinpiiimi.s .sjilemlor, lierc you see two Interim- views of the Hus.s]nn Kmljassy at Washington us It np]ienred on eve <A Ambassador Atesamh-r Trojunovsky-.-, liuiiw-wnrmlng. At the lelt Is the main Mnlmiy. caroled hi thick red. Al right. Is (lift nulls of till.' Emliussy ure (lone hi rich red f.Hk am! the tvlmnilivgs In Siberian gold. oriiniu fraud reception room on the second floor. Tlie More than 40 Mississippi county Republicans held an enthusiastic i meeting nt lliu local court house Tuesday afternoon. No negroes attended. Virgil Greene of Osceola was elected chairman of the county central committee and Welch Foster of this city was rcelected sec- retarv. The following were elected deleales to the state convention lo be held at Little Rock May 1: Welch Foster and O. Gold- bnum. BlylhevUlc; A. B. 'Smith, Viixll Green. Wilson Burchfleld and D. P. Taylor. Osceota; fi. T. Wililford and ,J. C. Chnpin. Manila; F .D. T>iomp.son, Ifacli- ville. and S. E. Simonson, Luxora. I tor use, ^FJFS Cora Colcman. coun- Ity home (brnon.stnuion Agent. «aid Itcxlny. |Pitkin Forecast New - Machine Age for Man CLEVELAND. (UP)—Waller B I Pitkin, whose AV.O books of thv I pnst.; year stayed ..simultaneously ' 1 for months in thb'br-st .scllt-r tli- 1 vision, bees a iii'w mrichine ii'^t.-. I through the rosicp.t of ro?c-col- 1 orotl gtnsres. The Colirmhia Univprsity \iro- r.iRor ,spenking here", predicted ^ I new machir.o ago, no faiUicr than |jns( around ihc cornei', which will I relieve innn of liiiir-j, exhausliiit. I work, thus increasing the- 5pan 01 |nfc. of • trying to fit our- I selves in'o jobs, jobs will be ere- Intf-cl to fit oin^flves. Pitkin fur 1 ther ventured. She DOES Know Her Onions! Tliis article, hist in six. tells hb'vv in-apply "The ' Art jabout"each other ami draw of IIapuinc<>s" to vuur inurrird life, j code of reminder. for us« win-JKV JIAKY MAKGARET McBIHDE Mitsbaiids anil \vivrs who settle, their small animosities in a bplrit nf sympiilhftic understanding seldom wind up im the divorce court. scries, of the things they can't endure up ii \vher needed. More Marital Evils Some ol the other "foxes that NEW YORK.—How lo be happy i spoil Ihe grapes" of happiness '.houah married! That phrase i5'. are jealousy, nagging, in-laws and supposed to be &cod for a laugh idiminution of mutual courtesy, aujtinie, anywher?. But divorce' Jealousy quite appropriately still is'iies hint that It may .not be heads this list. Nothing is more Ni:.\ Service Sfaff Correspondent sucli ti jokp after all. 7'or thousands of couples, unless ngiu-es lie. are NOT happy iutile and selfish, has real cause for II a person jealousy, it's hanl lines, but scenes won't win though married! And yet here and i back a loved" one. And it it's all there yon i-Aill come upon 1 a proiiri :.n bi 1 woman who will toast lat until a ]>crsoti has,, known mgcnial marriage, he or she has imaginary, what a horrible harvest in heartache the jealous person. is storing up. In either case, the best remedy Is to take grip for one's pride something . and look absorbing ol tasted true 'contentment. What have these lucky ones found j about the others missfd? |to do. T have recently put this question] Going on down the iist. there's i many men and women of mv-not much use saying don't nag i-tj'iainlanrc, taking husbands and j to a nagger who doesn't know he ives separately as a rule, though ', does it- which Is often the ca.v;, might have been as well to But we say it anyway, ' hoping Old California Landmark Nearly Hidden From View HANFORD, Cal. (UP)—Buried from view of passerby In the .barren hills of the Devil's Den district near here, one of California':; oldest landmnrks is succumbing to the elements. The landmark, a towering, up- ih'hl roclt. bears in failed tellers trie inscription: "Rock of ages cU'ft for me. k-t me hide myself in |thee." Faintly visible numerals i reveal the passage ivas painted ia 1880. County Tax Collector E. W. Houston said the basin below the rock once was the only source of water for many years over the vast piainland country. Jesuit priests, on long treks from the const Into the barren Inland country, used the pool as nn oasis on their journeys. The \valcr no longer Is availabk there, n series of dry years having left the basin dry. are let each hear what Ihe olh- r snid. llitltlen Griev.inres For it seems that most of them ave rhetishcd small 'animosities nr ycnr<: anil never snoken out. rv.v iind-r certain circumstances, el'cciici: is coiinr.cndable—but this ems lo me danwous. For some come (be breaking point the fnbled best friend will tell the right person. The .old rule used lo be not to live your in-laws nor let !<I (hen both will rush [o t?ll tiio jucl'^e. Mf-etin-? liu'ui casuallv. you miTht isi'iT-i v:hal they f"el bv thnir •rnnlnms—nerves, irrilation. sulks. them live with you. but the way things are now, they mightn't have any place to go if you turned them out. The only Ihing to do then is to put yotuself in their place and practice tolerance, it j Only, even if they are having a hard time, it yivcs them no licence lo tell you ho\v to treat your husband—or your wife. Finally, who better deserves cour- Bandit Branded 1 Dillinger Aide Termed Lobbyist In Air Mail Fight aljovo. Oiih-aKO fiiinmttn, Is ruined its on^ tif the nine niern- li'.Trf nf . Ilic Dlllliiccr Kant; .^ou^lii liy lotleral tj|lirei - s ti|ioi-- n[iu^ nill o( St. Paul in a tlr;- I'Tiiiiiieil effort tn rouml ii|i iha oiilbii- bantl. The mob is ;ic- i-iis'.-il of Ibn llrt!iiier kidnaping, (ivu iiiuvders. and lour midwest Andorra is a small country lyr Ins . in the Pyren»cs mountains octween France and Spain. As new manager ot tbo NHA or(ices in Washington, l.lotit. Col. George A. Iiyucli will bereaflcr Bign tho codes. A former West Point cl.i53in.-ite ol iN'ilA AdmlnlH- trator General Iliiglt 3. Johnson, ho Is Bliown ut liis tltsk uftcr lila VlCKS VORATONE a teller mouth-wash at a big sailing/ »^»m.m«»-i.iiM:»-. t v: 1'lctures on Kjjfs HOUSTON. Tex. (Ill')—Eggs on which photographs had been developed wore given this year by William K. Dunlnn, ainutciir pho- lognipher, lo his friends as Easter gifts. Pictures of Individuals und scenes were transposed lo the shells of the hard-boiled eggs. K. 1 low •Thai WIlHatnl. Denning (nbore), lobbied for cancellation of air mall contracts ECI thai organized Independent airline operators wblcti he represented might hnve » clionto 10 bid, w«j wbal Seaotor Austin tried to prote »t p hear!UK before the Hecate Airmail beai- IDI. Denning, a Washington lawyer. In niiown on the Hand. Kar of Corn 117 Vfars Old CANTON, Me. (UP)—John Frohnn cwn.i an car of corn thai is 117 ycar.s uld. The corn ts yel- '•"• ivllh vlslil rows of kernels. It grown In liuti, the summer of i-'.xcci'dfii'j cold. The licest LAXATIVE I tor Busy People Jllsl as «iil.,s Imvc M|I|JI-II| liorsej. •ci.-iici- lot ( li-vc-lo|,i-d and |, ri ,vi-ii a i, f w,' \in.j.; iWiniKli ami iironinl-ni-liug I,,,,, live ttilli-il 1-mi-n-iiiint. h't-rn-a-tnint ii tmiUini a InkiiCivi! iii);rnlirut rt'Kulirly."- nrr.vrilK'il by pliyiii iaiu. K-cn-a-niinl n Ix-llt-r Hint (.lil.; n .<liii.nril l.ii.ttivts, IK- " i-»u»i.-l-lion-iilK(liitribil(tii|]ii.-1.1 nit! veuni- lornily into tlic syili-iit. thin insurinn > ' 'lull «i-«i«n n-jihuitt »lKM-k or irriutinn tf> i-ven the (Mimic ili^vtlivi) nrpns oj'" rlnliln-n. Tltu i »liWi!iluu». "Delay" u tlan(!frouj— J.cbtw ^n-s-minl for cotutipatiun:: ,lit ' ' cvnywLeru- UK) Pit'«f dn GUARANTEED New and Com|i!ete Unc 'of 'lldtue Palnta. New and Complete Lino of Fishing Tackle. Genuine Aladden Lamp Parts 20c BURKE HARDWARE CO. I innjoritv "ti. (ire ol their grievances. too absurd to be T miift fay (lint there was noth- le vei-v new in any of it. Yon ,\t-n rvol-.fblv mvt al least one i^bnnfl who is • irritnlrd hv the "-! tint his. wife n"ver ivils Ihe •n Inrk O'l ,thf! loolh iwsto. And "ill nu i 5t have winced In symna- "' f"r n lonx line of wives titrn- i- "-.viiv in n"om' from (heir hus- nl "! it ions ^I of Mmihr c->n't Iv-nr thr of castln" snr- a tcsy than the one who puts up with j-oii day after day? Mtn and womtn ought not to make the marringc ceremony nn excitse for pr.radiug their worst inanner.t. I SELL THEM GASOLINE BUT THEY SOLD ME A CERTIFIED INTERVIEW WITH VERNON F. KftAUSE^OF CHICAGO, ILL Au(o Now N«*ds Nurse WATEHTOWN, Conn. (UP) — Like a ship without a sail is the Walcriown Civic Association's new cnr for a town nurse. After purchasing the car It was found there was no nurse. Now it's up to the association to complete the job. funds permitting. that I 'The college girl of today Is a mirror j she Is sittin? ncnr one.! 5 reda lo ncr parents, her sex, and r with Drivers of 'All Three'Convinced n y ,, l() H,h give* *l>c Most for your Money V.ltXON- Kll.M'SB (kliilcil t loots Kn vain, he explains, and; hersclf '" nolice. F>ie in I urn (old me sh» nosi- Ivlv Inte* lo en vl«it frhnris "•'Hi him Lccaiw he is sure, in C TV'O of tlie company's y.iwns, to ten nt leneth the snmp stories he ild Hin Inst time they cinnc to Inl house. lioern'l it nil scpm silly? Wouldn't von Ihink that two sensible rcon!" niieht hnvo a truth mrty nrl lay thn terrible ehosl.s? Thev mieht proceed by turns lo list nil ' infill Ri,o6r> No wonder Ibis winsome Hula dnncer went over strong vhea die performed nl tho Klo Oranile onion carnival at Rny- iiiondvllle, Tei. For p.-euy Mnrcllla Streln of Brownsville. ' Ti>.x., renlly KNOWS her oulona »' hnr ftlrr coaluae ehows., A Almiil Anrl Usml H With Good Result For over fifty years, thousands "f _ women have taken Cirdui for ••Tin. rniii'v: and iicrvoii'iwvs at, "innlhlv ixrimh. A Bip.nt manv '"'"-d from their molhers Ii ln> r-rrtui. or heard of il from report '< il= rood IKI> bv olhcrs 'n'--> rnrdiii for pnins in mv side nd h"adacbe." writes Mrs. H. R Hnrt-on. rf N'evad.i. Mo. "At limes r felt lii-r> Fomrllilng xvas piessinr <-n the lop of mv This made tni>. vty nrrvmis. 1 had. heard !ol about Cnrdut and decided to use it. 1 did. with good results. I certainly helped me in every way.' —Try Cartiut in your case Thousands of women testify Car ilul taicntcd ihem. If it does no Iwnont YOU, consult n pliyslctan —Adv 3CP PRESSURE Quick Rtlkf, or loo Only Pay When SatisfktJ If you sufter from High Blood '•es.sure, dizziness rinsing In thr -nrs. can't deep at nights. fe*l 'eak nnd shaky, had taste, nerves. If your henr', pounds and ,011 fear a paralytic stroke, to crmonstrate Dr. Hayes 1 prescrip- lon we will send you postpaid. \ regular $1 treatment on absolutely FREE TRIAL. While It is non-specific, man' cases report remarkably quirt relief; often ivmptoms diminish and normal ileep returns within 3 days. Contains no salts, physics, opiates or iope. Safe with any diet. PAY NOTHING UNLESS GREATLY IMPROVED. Then send II. If noi improved your leport canceh tl'.tirge. Write Dr. Hayes Ass'n.. .. l x to lake uny time'"«' knt A ']'!„„ " Hcsluvnl rinl.l wlii-rclic wus ...i 1 ,|iisfom<'CSlaLi«n--- aulllllc cars I'.imc toliim. ••Iwst S Uycari g l,there,"Kw,^ • S av a ,"kuu]".v eyes open nnd listening to own.TS f ,,m\me no\<*. tlieir vote in the J'lymouUi won low-price ficUl . . • n:""" ""' there wasn't j«st one reason * "I wanttdftiMwlow-prktd ciir.but I wanted *• tob««ur. [ JotlhdbMt.SoldcclJcJ <»Ictmj co«to«neft tell m« how thry [Iked 'All thrrr.' " nil pkaseJ of liii There i.l In ings and itnlivMu»l \Vhwl S|itiiigiiiK. "It all ailJed up to tlie fact thi>t Plymouth. g»ve the most tor the money." saj'i Krause. ^ _ "Tlie most for your money." Isn t that exactly what you want m a new car? Then Plymouth u the car for von It's Ihe only low-priced car with Any rith liyilraulic licalcr (1cm DeSol ionslr»les Pl or Chrysler "1 Cound that Ttymouth ountr* £ot more cut of IhefiatoUne I «olj tlt«nt. n>-mouth driver* ill TMd ib*lr can «cr« euy oa tbetr pocketbooki." Conies. Kansas City, Mo. —Adv Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance y IK . ' U«^l«« « "1 tikftd T1y^qmV> toofa. But my cu&tomcra sTioncJ me then *** w»« • lot nore to Ptymoxith ihin that, They pointed out other texture*—luie lodl.Uuil Whul Spdaitlnt and Itydraullc Drakes," 4 Mr. Krautt with h'n [>e Luxe Plromitk S*4*a. Trkt* from f&M *1 tb% " factory, subject to change without notic*. D*pUi« Safety Pitta GUM at low eiua cost. Tlmo tuyracou »o tW Ghn«kr Motor* C. C. Co. Pl*a. NEW PLYMOUTH S 53O AND UP AT THE FACTORY DOTKHT JT'S THE BEST ENGINEERED LOW-PRICED CAR

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