The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1947
Page 12
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-PAGE TWELVE Prosecution Qf Wallace Is Demanded < WASHH#DTON, April 15. (UP)-Chairman J. ; Parnell Thomas of Oi«' House UnAmerlcan Activities i C$pniittce today urged thc immc- diate prosecution of Henry A. Wallace under the 148-yc»r-old Logan A'3t faccHuse -of his sjiccches in England against President, Truman's foreign policy. Tlie Logan act was \tessed in 1799 • as a result of the abortive conspiracy of Aaron Burr. It, provides penalties ranging up to three jear s in prison and a $5,COO lor Americans convicted of trying lo influence foreign against American fort-tan polity. Iliiiiiinlil^ljiKl.s lire less tlnni four inches In Icnelh ana welch raily a fc'w ounces, but IMcy fly nonstop over (lie Gulf of Mexico during migration, polnl 111 Oklaliomn, Wit! feet above sen level, Is In the governments stale's punhamllc. Copyright by Gv«n Davenport; DMribirted by NEA SERVICE, INC • TIIH STOHYl AflfT a lifetime ,< *f <Jaj.ll,,- fke liorM, Ike Krvut ; actrra* Sophie vmi I-:>ek eomen -kun.i- to Ike llllle Mitllic c«:i>< town vtberc «lie *vn» Wldim ol nn t,,«T,,:UJoiinl ' ftbly on Ihe Illvicm uucll the . . ~W«r. Jn JJIT J,ilriy nre Vielnrlii •Md Mnrci'l 1'err.nillt, nil t'lilrrlj- •PrrnelHHnn "lio 1« her Imrlrail ••iHt^v, Nnphfe liri* IfttUHbt tkr •*I4 I'fftlM'dv house on fxclUHive • <8»g'Btr Keek tiolnt. Sir ClmrlcN •Mlddrn, Isrr l»uli<T, hn* Aeen to , « Iknt nil Mii.hin,!-. (nri,l>liliik:H .fere 111 fluff? fcrforc her ttrrivul. » * * -v •: in 'I^IIAT night, oHhongh she was in •'* her own beet again nncl Ihe »ir |was as refreshing us a cU'ink from |ih« Fountain of Youth, Sophie did not sleep well. I -At first she thought thc trovihlc might -be Lukn's dinner, which had been heavy and succulent, drowned in rich wine sauces, But there was no reason why g\ilyas' and paprika should have Riadc her thoughts run along .In thc same channels hour after eltepless hour, as endlessly as a radio serial. £ There had never been doubts or regrets on Sophie's conscience. She would not have changed an action or thought of her entire life—nol though Sophie Caillere had endured unimaginable struggles and disappointments on thc way to becoming Sophie van Eyck. There ; h«l been the flight from Maine, ithe ignominy of failure in New '.York, the voyage to Europe as fnaid to a circus acrialist, the days without a meal in bitter Parisian I winters, Ihe humiliating jobs im- F «J*rtaken backstage—all before her •fett had ever known the feel of j the bottom rung of the ladder; rail before the purposeful starving ;»nd'studying that had begun after i Ihe meeting with Marcel, j No, (hero were no regrets on ;Sot>hi»'s conscience—only ueoiile. on.:'person, particularly: Godfrey Mansbridge. . He was still olive, she knew, trailing clouds of long-vanished glory through the halls of a home for indigent actors. . Since coining back to America, she had thought of him frequently —Sometimes with bitterness, more often with sorrow. Now she began to think o£ him with compunction. I True, it was he who had wronged her, yet ought she not to give him £ chance to show he "was sorry? Jle had always been selfish, arro- jfant, thoughtless. But was she not being all these things by fail- In* to get in touch with him? He, too, was elderly by now; he must kteoy Judging from his address, be pbpt. JAnd, here she was in a comfortable hottse, surrounded with >U the good things of material "lift-^tfianks lo dear Max—which 'She shared with Marcel, Sir ; Charlcs and, of course, with Vicky. •t 'If with' Marcel, why not with .Godfrey? [ .There were still two or three igood bedrooms unoccupied at Gray 'Shingles. How selfish to keep ithem so! .[ •; She would write to Godfrey in I the morning. JQNCE a year—and it had been It . going on for a good many ycara :ilow, in a good many countries— (Marcel began a portrait of Sophie [.However bored Sophie got will ^these ic'curring eternities gi sitting Godfrey was irailing- rlouiLs of vanished filory through the lialls of a home for indigent actors. till, she realized that as lone as Marcel had dedicated his art cx- ilusivcly lo her, it was incumbent ipon her to pose for him annually md buy the portrait for a sum lutlicicnt to keep the artist in ipending money, and consequently n self-respect. When they had >cen settled at Gray Shingles only i few days Marcel began his preparations, choosing the gown in which she was to sit and the background. Thc promise of artistic activity mode him happy and reconciled him, in small part, to the dreadful climate. On the morning he was to start, .vlarcel darted about his roam as if >c had to get through what he was doing before catching a train. He wore his green smock, sliff with the paint drippings of a decade, and the beret which he never removed lest lie take cold. "Help me," he ordered Sir Charles, want to get my case] set up. Already it's ten o'clock less ten and Sophie promised to sit for me at 'en o'clock." While they worked Sir Charles leased the Frenchman a little •ihout the portrait. "Don't tell me t's a year already since you started ihe last one.'" "Three iiundrcd and sixty-five days." "This is Icnp year, you know,' said Sir Charles. "You couiu wait until tomorrow." His little joke was lost on Mar- rcl, who skipped about fussily adjusting and measuring. '"I say," said thc butler. "Sophie has a letter downstairs from Him.' Marcel stopped still. Allhougl a ccrlain name had not been mentioned between them for years, lie knew instantly to whom 'si Charles referred. "Ticns!" he ex claimed. Sir Charles nodded. "Co saland!" It, was spoken ii n hiss. "What do you suppose Iv wants?" "Money, probably." "Trouble," said Marcel. "Notliini but trouble ever can conic fron him." r PHEY finished setting lip 111 • easel. Marcel considered it position, his head cocked. "I hnv iiskc'd that Sophie wear her rci brocade. She will sit in that ;;rcc velvet armchair." He began t pace the distance between cast and chair, moviiif; first one an then the other a few inches tlij way or that. Velvet and brocade!" exclaimed Sir Charles. "Good Lord, do want •tadame to he roasted alive? lly August she'll have (o stop sitting —in velvet and brocade!" "13y August," said Marcel, "she vilt probably lie wear in K furs." c began talking: half to himself. 1'ins crossed under thc shawl, "I oved her. What did I have to fjiv« icr? Nothing, Only everything. .Iy art. Did I fount the- cost? Jo! I could have been the grcntoit ->f thc Impressionists. I could have iven niy art (o (lie world. Instead —T give it to Sophie." Tliis was a well worn convcrsa- ional groove. "1C you'd given it o thc world," snid Sir Charles im- Mtieiitly, "it would hnvc saved Sophie a good many tedious years )f posing," MjKhmic's bedroom door was ipcncd across the hall and they lejii-cl the magnificent, resonant •oice,' carefully placed to carry ust as far as thc studio and no artlicr. "Marcel! Arc you ready or me?" The two men stepped to the door md stood in anticipation, one on inch side of it. "Do not give her he letter," Marcel whispered, 'until after she has sat for me. H will be less disturbing." As her 'oolsteps approached, they fell >ack slightly before her coming, so that her first appearance of a norning in her household could lave a little the quality of an En- .mnce. "Good morning, good morning/' said thc unique voice. * * » will CHARLES and Marcel gazed at her in admiration, almost ,-is £ they had never before beheld icr. "Sophie—l>ul you arc beautiful!" exclaimed Marcel. She gazed down with gratification on her long gown of red brocade, girdled with gold. "Dear^ Marcel," rhe ch.intcrl, meeting thn compliment halfway with outstretched hands. "Good morning, Sophie," Sir Charles, more restrained than :ho Frenchman and conlhiing hi.s compliments to the pride mul pleasure in his face. "I,uka -wants o know if you would like her to try a Nc-.v England boiled dinner." Sophie had moved lo Ihe wiu- :low and stood, with one arm raised, in contemplation of tha "jhlhonse on the point. "What did you say, Sir Charles?" "New England boiled dinner." "Oh, no! Marcel would hi.le it." "When in Home—" offered Sir Charles hopefully. The boiled clin- icr had been his own homesick idea, not that of the temperamental Hungarian cook. Hut Sophie had dismissed food from her miiul. She was confident it would be as she and Marcel liked it anyway: light at breakfast, subtle and crisp al luncheon, luscious and palatable al dinner. She turned now from the view. "Sir Cluirles, did I have n telegram?" "No, Madame." She sighed. Godfrey should have been more eager, lie ought to have wired or telephoned in his intoxication from llio knowledge he might see her soon, if :.c chose. He should feel as she did—a little tremulous, inlinilely tender, all forgiving. But of course ho never had. Why should lie have changed? Perhaps he even preferred the Actors' Home. (To l!c Cimtinucd) Gerhart Eisler Again Indicted By Grand Jury WASHINGTON. April 15 (m>)_ Gcrbart Eisler, 50-year-old German neni.scd of being ii top ji 8CJ)t of Russian Communism, was indicted by a Federal Gtnnd j ury today on charges of lying under oath to cet pasrporls. It was the pugnacious little German's second federal Indictment hcrr. on Feb. 27 :i gran (1 jury indicted him on contempt charges for refusing to give .sworn Icstlmony Ijfforc the House UnAmcricun Activities Committee. The February indictment followed iicllon .by thc House on Fob IB The House cited him for contctml bv a vote of 370 to 1. nop Vito Maivimlmiio. Alp, N. Y., was the only incmtKr to oppose the citation. BLYTflEVILLE (ARg.Y COURIER NEWS Tudav's false statement jmlicl- .nent. however, was expected to be the last against Eisler. Earthquake Recorded NI-1W YORK, April J5. (UP) _ A very severe earthquake centered approximately C.fiOO nnlr^ from New York was recorded on Fordham University seismographs early 'winy. Thc direction was not determined. For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/.c uud larce lriu:ls. No extras. Full repayment privi- tcgc. SKE US FOH QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS For Huiltlinjc or Kepairin*;. Also Auto Trurk ,»nd Tniclor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over ()mini's Jewelry Slore Ulythcvillc, Ark. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 for Complete Protection CHAS. IHTTNKIl TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 19-17 "Mother buys the stupidest hats—they don't look bad on her, but they're never young enough for me to borrow!" MI6SWTE NON-STOP FROM ALASKA TO HAWAII, 2.000 MILES AWAY. AVRS. FRANCES KRYNICKI SPENDS HER DAYTIME HOURS U CAN STAND 5TILL WHILE 5TOCKISJSS RUNNING," FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 al Slate Line I'hone IM.vlheviile 7J4 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Hove New Cars Arriving Every Week * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Plymouths and others I'liicc your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar fo r clean I,ate filodel ('ar.s BUD WILSON AUTO SALES * I'hone 2(m Cor. Franklin ami Main St. AT THE KAISER-FRAZER PLANT, WILLOW RUN, MICHIGAN. 5HE ANSWERS AN AVERAGE OF 30 CALLS A DAY FOR HELP, AND HAS NEVER FOUND A LOCK ATTHE. 8O-AO2E PL ANr THAT SHE 04-15 COULDN'T PtCK.. NEXT: If a star burned out tonlchl, wbeit would we know UT Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTfFSED Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED tiQft P£ R SUPPLY <$!0U JON Also Ogdcn and Koyai Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 j. Dell, Arkansas WASH Ttetter Hurrv Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleOut Our W^y By J. R. Williams (1.MTTLE UP DER. ^.'Rll\i:<llSVi EGGSTACY, , MIT VOOD MVMPHS OAtOClrtG.YOO BLP.V DEC BROOP-GORKS FRO.VV. DER FROGS.'~HlN\N\EL, ALFLM.' ^i GO BY YOUR ALWT uwo TGLL HER MOT A cHEEMVos You MOULD BE •• EVER. HEAR A BETTER IKMTATIOM OF ^ CHORDS Of- FffO&s ?— \MHV tWi^T Ll^iTEM, BUNMYNOSG--! AIM'T A PAS5EMGER.I FIRE DM THIS ROM> WITH A SHOVEL.' THIS TIME PUT SOMCTHIM 1 ISJ IT BESIDES A MUSHMELOM.' ONCE YOU CUT A • l\ WATERMELON! TO ^ PIT IT.' 1 DOM'T MIND V OM YOU HERE, BUT WAITIU' ON YOU FiPTY MILES IM ADVANCE, I l.OSE IMTEREST.' - .v. A? ••*& r> s*&S^ -v 5'ifadd _BQRM THIRTY YEARS TOO JdlMU.i.v.w, 1-lS FLINT For a Good Reason RINGING TOO.CKIU. i GOSH.' EVERYTHIKG ) HAPPENS AT ONCE.' COMING, TACKY, AS SOOH AS 1 ANSWER THE FRONT RE«IMO ME SOA^ETI^^6 TO TELL VOLJ RELI6UEO I >-W TO FIND VOU OfcAV R> I.K8T.TE SOVlEONE PBOB&6W W&NTEP TO SEWICH THIS HOUSE FOE- LEWS WEES WITHOUT BEING DISTURBED. SINCE SAFE. I'll GO DOWN AND- fWyHlt-E DOWN W STAIRS, A THOKOUGH SfJeCH ^ UNDER WW. \ FOR foil, RED RTDER.'r^ 50RR1 C\E Fll<!D-Ui-\ TOO: Kinder Kept BY V. T. HAMLUi, OF TOURS, I ^It-JCE. HIS FAtHER. DIED- If THAT'S 50 > , X Y\1E>=: D'Jt o"j5-t fc e>5 6AFET v -JE"Ll. LOCK Hi/A LIP FOR THE NS1GHT.' ALLKY OOV No .Suitable Substitute Hv V. T. IIAi\fI,[N Tlin VEAR IS IBO3...ALLEY OOP AND OSCA.W BOOM, RECENTLY IN THE SERVICE OF NAPOLEON, AKU MOV/ TWO DAVS EAST OP GIBRALTAR....AS PART OF THt CREW OF AN AMERICAN MERCHANTMAN. ,. WELL. OOP, OH BOV. LOOKS LIKE VOU'Ve GOT VOUK WISH.... WHV BOOTS ANT) Can't Sec It R V\Nt -Srt\NG ! ft F-V-M- 1 ;. THING'. BY KDOAR MARTIN JT^/F-^'X^ l\f%n-^ ^lf .' .-/. ^L owt \yxa t-w ROOM , ftVSD » KNOW t\>tras(-t«\Me, \<5 '. i DON'T, VOH.V, THt ytG V-»t OOVW-S.T TO DO OXltR V^OCtA VOOkL' _ , BOOTS uvct.

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