The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1946
Page 4
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Iv RLYTHETZLLB (AM.) COURIER NEWS JK! Afltt r ft HIT. ' MC or 7BBC8DPTX a* te* «tt * 1 f* 1 * B _ la Bft tfty 4( B^^hAVflta i* tfV town wb«r» eurtor wnrto* to •«*!' e per wMk, or ate per •ootk. BMfl. Wmhto • radii* of « mDc* ftLM p*r . au»,te A month*. tlM lot Vint Boatbi; M mfl» MOO*. mfJf prf *ar Preventing Crime " From nearby Tennessee comes a suggestion on juvenile.behavior I'.wl , crime prevention which merits wl)6le- hearted support of parents everywhere. Addressing the National Sheriffs'. •Association in its annual convention hi •Little Rock this week, Sheriff Tom Wiseman',- Lyiichbxirg,- Tonn., {old <>f lithe • progress his Deputy Club has nuulc ,jn latcHing the fancy 'of youngsters full how through the club'they could be :effectiv«ly^instrtict(xl in the-rudiments *9f gtfbd citizenship. And who does he. blame for Ihe ;you£hful crimes of the pVesent er«? He ^places the blame on parental negligence, indifference and ignorance. 15e- 3fore courts of justice ignorance is *ftever a legal me'aris of escape from '•wrong-doing. There >is equally little '^justification for indifference or negli- "gence oft the part of parents for allowing their sons and daughters to »place themselves in a position where •they• .can become juvenile delinquents. Without parental support this dep- iuty sheriff cannot get very far. With "the. support his plan deserves, it can build in th"e course of years a new •respect for law and order. It can per- -lorni bonders in the field of citizenship equal to the results sh6\vn daily in the field of agriculture by the 4-H Clubs—Results whidh can- be attested by citizens of Blytheville and Mississippi county. ities fn th* Jap girls 1 "which American Women miigfht copy. The replies, we.gather, were varied and somewhat guarded. But we imagine the sokUerg would generally agree to seeing American girls copy the Nipponese girls' gift of being present and accessible when a guy is lonesome and 8000 rYiites from home. SATURDAY, MAY. 11, 1946 Spmething to Beef About Seti. Robert LaFollette, having led - his^Progressive Party back into the '''Republican fold, was snubbed at the T ; first opportunity by the Wisconsin Republican convention, which endorsed r '-another Senate candidate for Mr.'La- JFollette'a seat. , ^L This lack of a fatted calf for the <>-prodigal is one meat 'shortage that the can't biarrie on the OP A. Real Check Oh (Sbvefhrnent •. You've heurd It said often—ours Is a government of "checks mid balances." B*c»use It was so designed, because Congress, the executive detriment headed by the President, ami the courls, .were given powers to restrain eaclu other, we have kept our liberties. The government as a whole has not thus for overcome this hindrance to excessive growth sufficiently to become nn autocratic 'authority over our dally lives. iBut It Is certainly pressing hard hi that direction. It has assumed controls over the people which w6iild iiavc shocked Americons a generation ago. And it Is constantly, reaching for more of this power. The reason Is that we have given too little hc6'cl 'to the fact that the founders of our «ov- ern:nent provided u Jburth check and balance greater than the division of government functions. This Is the watchfulness of me people, and the remedy they have In the balot for government taking too' much authority. Picturing the expansion of the federal government, Miss Anna Lord Strauss told the National League of Women Voters, that It how comes into bur homes and tells us what we can . buy to cat. She mentibncd other new powers, These have been Increase! by the war, she said, but "they were evident before." And she added this pointed truth: "The' "voters have allowed it (the federal government,) to grow by their apathy," AiMithy of Ih'e people Is the bureaucrat's opportunity, oiily by eternal vigilance can the people preserve their rights and their freedom. W heed to get that fnct clearly hi our minds. Vital questions of government are going to be decided in the years ahead, Miss Stniuss pointed out. "if they are decided by default," she warned, "by lack of Interest of the citizen, It will have a serious effect on our own generation and those to follow." We need, as never before, the check and the balance of the people's power. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. Test of Strength 71 *; H4 HOLLYWOOD* • BY EKSKINE JOHNSON NEA Stiff forr«por>d»nt HOLLYWOOD, May 11. INEA)— they've put "Amber" 16 bed for the summer, with John Stnhl out as director and rumors that Peggy Cummins will be 'replaced wlv.'ii the picture goes back to the cameras. The film had been In production 39 days, with half a million dollars already missing from tlie budget, when Darryl Zamick yeU- ed "Stop." Ztinuck says he will look at all the film shot, then decide whether Peggy will continue as the trollop with the wallop. No one is talk- Ing, but It's pretty obvious that Peggy's leap from "Junior Miss" on the London stage to "Amber" In Hollywood was too much or u 3cap. Although conceding that she's ft very competent actress, Stan! never quite saw Peggy as Amber. There's a censorship angle, too. After release of "The Outlaw." the censors were standing beside Slahl for every .scene. WAI.I, STREET SPECIAL Inflation note: Lucey's is now serving "scrambled eggs financierc." ...Ed Gardner can take a bow for devotin;; his entire radio show to the UNRRA food - for - stavving- Europe always happens: Two days after Signing a seven-year Universal contract, comedian Fred Brady was offered star- rina roles in three Broadway stage- shows . e • « Shirley Ross and Bob Hope wil get together (or a new series of records...Promised and hoped for A radio cavalcade, from crystal sei. to television, which Jcrrold T WASHINGTON COLUMN Capital Ghost Stories, Writers so THEY SAY Least They're There *« A reporter of the Army newspaper -Stars and Stripes polled GTs in Tokyo •><to discover if they had seen any qual-' The autocratic and dlclntbrlal system generally employed In business provokes frustration and fear. And thesi hXimari emotions arc ruthUss destroyers of morale "and its produc- tlve^ attributes.—C. F. Mugfidge Of New York, management consultant. * • * * The passage of the current House bill curtailing OPA powers would see a stampede for retail stores that would make the familiar nylon and butter lines look llki! pink teas. The intelligent consumer would rush to buy everything in sight, for he would realize that prices would be higher next day.—Edtfard e. Welsh, OPA field officer. THE ROAD HOUSE : XX TYEBBY came down the stairs in f .her white graduation dress : »nd rVer high>-heeled slippers, and '•t the bottom she stopped, snin'mg, i and glared at the heater. It was i Roing, and it smelled even worse 'thaiTshe had thought it would. » She hod combed her hair back ^•rotihd her ears, arid by working . al It .ever since Joel and Bart left, *e had managed to make it curl on fl>e ends Sh« went into the kitchen, and. Agws and Ellie looked at her curiously. She looked teller and more mature but when she walked around the tatAe ihe way she walked was a lit^e lifce a man dressed up in •uiauii'* clothes. Agnes scowled an* bn her lip. 'stiaics. M said, "Boy, that thing just bumm' off th .' Ellie said. "After it' burned on the newness it won 1 smell «t alt You wait and pnt her coat on and sat i -««** chair by the window SW Kt forward, with her elbo\w ,tt *ont of her, opening ant', shut «ht fce cl»«p oh her handba .» t "»* «trnost hatf an hour befor J Jo*i tmmt, *M afl that time th .«* th«n rat thert withou EWe re*d1ng the pape ind Debby She was almost to the barn oor when Joel came around the ir. "Httlo," ne snid, sounding irprisert. ATid when he went on, is voice was kind of kidding, THii Jets't rijjht. Don't you nowT \>*u should b« up in your com there. And after you heard le come in, you should have sett owri on the bed and waited wenty minutes, and then come owni and acted surprised, as hough you hadn't expected me o be there. • • * JHE laughed uncertainly. She knew in a way It was a corn- iliment, that he was really niak- ng fun of other girls, but just he same she wished she ha< waited in the house for him to come hi. Sh« stood still, fidget- rig with Ker handbag. "You look nice," he : said. "Do I?" sh* 1 asked. , "Swell." * She guessed maybe he meant it It *>« a food coat, and she al ways did think it looked nice but toned up around her neck 61 way she had It. She knew, it \0a a good Coat, because Ann Wymai had helped her pick It out i: Hyannls. Joel had turned the car roum so she wouldn't have to wall around it. He opened the d op and stood there holding it fo her, grinning. ."Big night Ionian *«Ji7" V%K •II-VA^ * »»* mv the jfltf i5e« and art mrf aosinc' the clasp ar comlni across waited mtUl It fcy the barn. Th*n jhe •M buttiiMd htr eoM n«k and ^4 out n no BKne *hd She' asket shilled nervously an ducked into the car. They had redecorated the Wood land Garden since the fast tlm Debby was there, and she woul hardly have" known it lor the sam place. Instead of being all brigh the way it used to be, H was e drr* you could hardly see »roun Th* Only bright thing was th *« o»h«r enc too, and aU ht u > its.^Artd now thai they had gb ""'> U>*re W.M a rial b«r don ere beside the juke-box', instead the ]ittle one where they used serVc the near-beer and stuff/ Along the walls were' high- icked booths, a dozen or so on cli side, and on cnch table there as a little lamp \vith n red shade, nly three of them were lit, and lat was all the light there was i the place, except for the juke- ox. •/' "Very romantic," said Joel. : "I'm glad you like it," she said. * * * ""HE waiter led them to a booth ' and turned on the light /or them nd' brought a menu arid • \vihe st. Somebody started the juke- ox, going With ''Smoke Gcfs in By I'ETKK KOSON S'EA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, May 11. fNEAl — Republican Senator Forrest C. Don- ncll of Webster Groves, Missouri, touched oft « hoi one the other day, when he objected to Secretary or Labor Schwellenbach's presentntioh of n statement prepared' for him by someone else, in support of the National Health Insurance Bill. It's i\ fine idea for Senator Don- ncll to be from Missouri, and to have to be shown where everything comes from. But on this "ghost-writing" business, us it's called—well, Senti T ol' Dftiinell hasn't been around iViujlilngton very long. Maybe'- it iinsn't registered on him thai n lot of the' speeches his distinguished' CiinuDs make with such tem- jier, teat's, and tremolo are not written solely by the grea-a-a'-t statesmen who deliver* them. It wouldn't do, cither, for Senator Donncll to inquire too closely into Hie real authorship or many magazine articles which appear under the by-lines of leaders in public life. For ghost-writers haunt every public office in Washington', and politicians couldn't do business without them. It. may be dishonest for these big figures to employ a little collalxjralion ror the composition of their deathless pros oratory, out it saves n lot of time. and that's what .counts. It takes three days or move tn get up n speech that says anything. And often when a public official delivers n speech that isn't too hot, you ma> be justified in the suspicion that he didn't listen to Ihe advice of his "ghost," or else that he .wrote It himself—In n hurry. SCHWELLCNBACII HAD TO HAVK 1IKI.V For Instance, in the past month Secretary SchwellenUach had to mke three important appearances acfore congressional committees, deliver three speeches, and make fj»r statements before labor -groups, Schwellenbach is fortunate, in that his past legislative and judicial experience has made him a good extemporaneous speaker. But if he hnd had to do all his own research for these 10 jobs alone, he wouldn't have clone anything else all month. Across the street from Schwellenbach's Palace of Labor is Henry Wallace^s Castle 'of Commerce. In | al committees borrow "ghosts" from the executive departments to do their research and write their reports. 1'lmty of liot-sliois around Washington have had their reputations it's amazing how many a stuffed- shirt will, in time, come to believe that he was the original author of famous epigrams put into his mouth by his ghost. When a celebrity loses -a good ghost, he often ceases to be n celebrity. Ghosts modestly realize this. They pride themselves on being able to imitate "the boss's style." f V \t°. W^ • h-' •- Brandt will produce as a *2,000,W movie under the title "Ma«lc in Air.". ..Alan Dlnehart's widow, zllle Button, will stage Alan's lit play, "Separate Roohi," at the El Patio Playhouse in Hollywood. • * * dance team' ol Igor and Yvetle. dance team of Igor and Yvett«ji, are romancing after doing a dame routine together in "The Bachelor's Daughters.". ..PrOducer-dlrec- .or Andrew Stone will l)uild a Hoi-' ywood night dub, using the ornate walls a nd ceilings from the fabulous Fifth avenue mansion of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt u. - MOUIX-S "DKKA'M CIRL" America's 19413 dream girl, says , model boss Rita LaRoy, measures J feel, S','; inches In height, with . bust 34, waist 24 or smaller, hips 34, thigh IT,!, calf 13. and ankles 8...Veloz and Yolanda have grossed an average of J4500 per concert; on their current tour...All of Carmen Miranda's costumes in her new film, "That's for Me," are tile work of Sascha Brastoff. He's an ex-sergeant who burlesques Carmen In the most hilarious scene of the Army Air Force show, "Winged Victory." • * • Someone asked Gregory Peck- on the set of "Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" how he happened to cut short his career , as a medical student and take np acting instead. "I figured," he said, "that a bad actor would do a lot less harm in their world than a bad doctor." It is. mathematically "possible.for one pair or rats, and their off-spring, to produce 350.000,000 rats in three years. i | U. S.' Army Group ; • ' i ; v ; I HORIZONTAL 59 Child's dress I 'l,6 Depicted is , 60 Last i Sinsigne of U.'' "Magic squares" ai'c worn by 'natives of India as amulets. The figures, marked on metal plates, made by gifted ghost-writers.. Andadd up th e same in all directions. THIS CURIOUS WO*U> S. Army _J Division . [12 Arabian guU • 13 Level '+ f ' 15 Rabbit ''16 Vegetable. j 17 Netted | 19 Through i 20 Fabric . / \ 22 Near 1 Short sleeps 2 Notion / (3 Tidy i *^" 1 *' et ". 5 Affirmative i vote 6 Dispatched 21 Inertness '43 Abound 24 Melts down 44 Eras 27 Sun 45 Winglike part 28 Fish 47 Aleutian iaSMountata^ - ^^ 7 Compass point 29 Negative word island 8 Exclamation 31 Drunkard 48 Bellow /'9Back of neck 32 Employ "'- ' i. - crest 25Syinbol for, sodium ' / 26 Of the thing K allowance SS.Lamprey 37 Forefather 49'Painful 52 Arrival (ab.) 53 Dutch city 56 Notary pXiblic (ab.) . 58 South Dakota our Eyes," and three couples arao cut and aanced. Deblry's eyes vere getting used to the dnrk, nnd he saw that all three of the girls dre wearing sweaters and skirts, nd she wondered if she was ressed up too Much in her gradu- tion dress. She still had her coat n, but it was hot in there and she jucssed she'd have to take it off vhen they danced. Jbcl was staring straight ahead f him at though he was miles away somewhere,- and he was drumming with his fingers. Suddenly hi snapped out of it and smiled «t her, but h* didn't ook very happy. "What do you want to dirinfc? rt J>* asked. "G*e, I don't know. I — I don't drink much." "Anythin* you say," h« setd. 'Beer? Gmgerate? Milk?" She giggled. "They don't sormd very exciting." She was blushing again, and she was so ncrvoiis a net confuted she couldn't think of word*, "jiiayl* — maybe I could hsv* « drink. What do yoli think?" H« Jooked a IHtl* annoyed. "I don't believt a drink wouM hurt you. Wh« kind do you want?" "Wha't are you 1 going to have?" Ke was looking off into space again. "Switch arid 1 s<Wa (lie monlh of April. Wallace mnde three stateinenLs before congressional committees and delivered eight speeches, foxir prcpnrcd and four ati lib. Wallace is a gifted enough ^f- siwaker and writer in his own rii;ht. but he sometimes uses n "ghost" for the first draft, after telling said "ghost" what he wants to sny. Wallace takes this home nnd works it over, then dictates n new draft in his own language. Thai is somtimes kicked nround some more by advisers who tell him that if lie says thus and so, he'll get in trouble. After which Wallace goes ahead and says it. nnri gels in Iroublc. Up the Mall is Secretary of Agriculture Clinton Anderson. Up mnde four siicechcs In April, two radio talks, two appearances before Congress, and Issued three Important statcmcnU On food policy. He. likewise. could not have clirricd this load without the help of a whole slafl of economists and exu»:-i<; r.HOST-WRITKRS ARK All rll^t," she said, trying to srrrlie g»Hy, "that's what I'll have." She eoUkf leel tt»« perspiration on her vppir UP, and she wiped it off with IMT nsiMtiB. "Gosh, it's hot in here," «h« Ukl. . y6n*d better Uke off dryly. <l ^^ / If there is anything dishonest about this system, it is that anyone should expect any public official to make all these public utterances and then <io an administrative nncl policy-making job in addition. Ghosts have become absolute necessiti, even for writing many office-holders 1 letters. Congressmen learned this long ago. They can't handle thojr mail from home and look afier die interests of their constituents and still find time to write speeches on Involved issues. Plenty of them ask the executive departments f or ) ic jp in preparing speeches, and they set it. Furthermore, many coiiuiessioh- • sticks '-• 41 Fly aloft 42 Preposition i 34 Smell r •35 Quantity of, '. medicine [36 Natives of) Latvia v |38 Species ofl ! pepper 139Two (Roman)* 40 Area measure" 41 Oriental guitar 44 Rough lava -'" 46 Czars SOIt is of "• the units of . S. - ^Airny i?l Birds of prey '54 Also :55 Solar" disk .57. Peruse >58 Heavenly ; body D1SAPPEARIN& BEHIND THE PLANET AND REAPPEARING SIDE, AS THEY TRAVELIED ALON6 THEIR ORBITS, SAVE ASANJ HIS FIRST SUCCESSFUL METHOD OF A\EASURIM& IE SfffD Of Out Our Way BvJ. ft, Wil horns ARE CAPITA! S OF WHAT COUNTRIES ? WHUT DID VOU DO? LEEP IM YOUR CLO'ES LA.ST MI&HT- ER DID TH' DOG SLEEP OM OH, MO--I FOOLED HIM I STICF, 'EM UMDER MA.TTRESS WOW, SO HE CAM'T.' IS AM IN WAUPUN, WISCONSIN. KI.E.\V t-EMZ. ANSWER: Montevideo, Uruguay; Ankara, Turkey; Lisbon, Portugal; Lima' Peru. NEXT: C»n a fish hear? SIDE GLANCES THE WORRY WAR.T >t if Boarding House with Maj. Hobpie ^OUK. FURIOUS GASSG OF- KILLER.6 IW THfvt HWJNTED HOUSE: CEE-TftVI-iW BOILS DOWNS NEftTLV-«~Ti4E SftVS VOU VOL) vJiTH A TEXAS LEAGUE FOR THRILLING HOBO A CRACK ms THfXNi THE GUYS PAlNiT ThlOSE "When I was your sergeant you said you'd knock my block off the first time you caught me in civvies—so you •sk me as a favor can I slip you a pound of butler!" COeftRD _ ABOUT IHPLWIOV? WELL, THIS

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