The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 15. 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION yr« • \liuci (,«r llao pur Jay . ' ~ jj " Iliuea ytr HUB D«r ilay „ ---- ?c rJ"",', 3 r " "'"= ''« *»» ____ —"I OC Woiilli lint _________ 8 5C COILUI Jivo nveiauo W onlj to liLe'liuc. Elo,,,, ,1" ", far S""-' 0 ot si * ll " il!:1 'i" 1 Ji '?.,>* "Plrilloii will bo cture- el fur tl; a uiimije, (, r u,,,,,, t! IJ S. /n r*!" 1 ?;'l" 5ll ""i' "t IJlll luade. All Ola»-:;i(!ed Allvcitl.illiii cony sub- «lttc.l Hy ,,c, 5 o;, B rr si JI,, fi o«-.,Me of the WrVrl" , iii'coiini^i.lcd Ly cash. Hates tin,- * ''" U11 > u ' cj tiom Ilin above Aiiirrr'.lshi)! or.lpr for ItrcxuUr luser- tlini-i lakes l!:c ono lime r »to r.i> L«s|inualbillly will be Uken for S l ° r °lfV'il" d"" 1 " C °'' rM ' lasi; « 10 " "f «")• for Sale BA15Y CHICKS ( A S-ia.75 uer kiinclrf.l .llm _"'" u " s '" ri '. ai. r ,-ck.|f ir.- IT,.,,,, „„,, 5ari ,| (1 .,,,, ,,,„„, ,.,;,;:,;f,;^r (:.••, I,!,.--. f,,r unking „„,! ,i,, ri ,, K i-r.-ain. [.nrpii i|,i<ita ,,l milk. H.iasoll- uMi-. Karl Carlor, Jlaniln, Ark • nil il :U .Sw;,|. Sl.i,|, 4t,l ]:, MJ i .s:,ii :(»,,...V., AIF.IK'IIAXTS- I an ,-iv.. y..ii i, ....... ,|j.,|,, ,|,.|i vl , rT • ,lu1y m.-m ,.;,.,,. s in l.-nvllil. Al-.i liavi- ]ji-i,-r;,t-.- riM.l vialk-ii, r,-fiii.-.'ri:l<.i-». lin.l ,!,.,-,, n. r ll.Jii,-1^. I'.uh-l.i.r sii|i|.lirs. Atsi> i'.iiii|il.-.^i.,r.s. Tl ..... ^ llr]| ^,-,,1! ^-Jf KY^RS 51. Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American i.C'Kion Field on S, Hwy. 01 3-28-ck-U l'..r,-l, .,,i,,^ „„,, ,.,,.,„; T7.r7 V'"'""" k » - '""""lr , ;•'••,! nix M „„,, j... r ,,-„„, ,, r Si> l»-r l,,,,,.lr.-.l. Illytlinvill.. II-, For Salt BLYTHEYnjJ! (ARK.) COUKigR NEWS W. 0. AJlls C'Lilliirr (mi-tor with l.uwrr 11(1. a biilliuii WnWrs ,,i, cnlllvMor. 1 A Julm l)tcw i Imtii'L-i I>U»-IT lift, anil •> | J;1 ], i!i""' '',;>;!;« uy «l «1 DuKwoiid Hid,.,.'. _ •I A KI(M>d Tes(ed Chicks. 1'OWEIt LAWN Sec (he hisl word in lawn mower — (lie 1'alli- f'imler — 1h c one (hal <. u t s (o any hei«lil and nnilov, any conditions. lily lliuvi Ho ! iMilchine S 1JAHY CHICKS Ml ,..-rtili..,l fh.rks. P:L,-t crmviii,. nn.l •«».l l..s-.-1-s. UIIBMIII (lau.l.i,,,. ,),,,.. ".«•. Hliiliirli ll,u.-li,.,v, .Will III liBlnvny. I'l.iino :ll7-_> -' -ill,-I: if For Rent Iii->lr»<}jiL*. lljylhi-vlllu ){,,,,., inn i" .Main. I'll,,,,, U52. M,,. onLiii"! :i!^o jik-ii:;i; Jli'driiiiiji. cl.iao In. 310 Woliiui '.l!2-i,k.|7 r l«.<lru<iiii ll,,si,, 0 <s vviMMnT, 7,r7 r,-n-i-.l. 11)17 \Vnlinil. l-'li,,,,,. vr.lii. Help Wanted , u.K M..|,,. e ri,|.liu. <v..rk. Mi,., hl.l .' IIL.V ILII.I ,-v|,,-li. ,,1,.,.. W L. -'. ' /t i t ..nri.-r N.-n.s. J I': .l<,l,n in.,.,-,. i,.a,.|,. r , vi ,|, ., r • " .M. ,1. Ki,,.|il,. r . II..11. l'i,, ",>'•. .,_T-..I. Tl..--,. !.,,« nr,. II i,.n,( i,, |< «ill !„• L;I-:IV,-|,..|. \V:,l,-r :,l r. 1...^. K. - I rl''l,.,l l.j 1>,S I,,- -_'| l-,,.l. ,!,,-|i si.lii.L:. Aslifsl • ., :,,n|, ,,,„,,., ri,>. r.,, . l>ivi<ii.u M. O. S J!i>IJJM>n. III.': Uma.l- Goldfish bail ;jgai7i available at Planters Hardware. When buying- goldfish rep- is! IT at (his store for the Arli.-ins;iR fishinjr con tent. SlOOO.On ID rush and lull oilier vnlti.-iblu jiri/e.«. '1-S-ck-tf IM-CS!I River C;ifl'ish. J'honc .'!->70. Bob Ciinninirham !)27 I,illy. 10 : i>k-17 0 ^:"i,^;:;v;;,^i-;',;- ' . . -lin .. 'l-voom lions?, acre of Ki-ound, fruit trees. Adjoins city limits. Immediate jinsspssion. Price S.'! I ;">(>. H. C. Ciimphell, Realtor, J'tione -l-l(i or ^'!),'!n. •I-ll-ek-18 it. rl,.,isiiiu w.irk- |':L|] -l!ll)-,-k-lf Male Me/.o Wanted rr'-f-r *:"' - V "''' N "'''''" ""•'"""•'• you pull in ( 0 Phillips' t» K v{ ;ii,- j M your Ui-i's. water for your radiator—or complete ovei- liaulin;., yon will find om - service prompt and export, will, sat isf act ion and K «oil value K'liarjinU'od. Non- thai siininu-r hoat is in the ofl'inK - - . readv vour -ir with our excellent facilities and workmanship RADIO rl ,.n ^-,..,.1 I 'cnliiii'il'iirl" 'l ,!:---. nil in L:,',.I| s!ii,|,.'' f i.n.. "r-ui' nlivc-r |,l:irii,.p. ,, m l,. ,||. ;1 iv,,. l w .ilk- ir« 1 llrlnl.-v ,,,1.1,11,- !,„,-- l-r. I M,,li n ,. I,,,,.,,. r . I,,,;,, v o p. (j I!. llil!ik,.,,l. C,',,!,.r. M,,. " ,,.;! pk-lli lron ' S room veKidt'iicc and ser\ r - anl house, 'corner lot. I'ricc One half cash. H. C. Campbell. -Mf- or 20MO. J5-ck-18 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICR ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver < FRED CALLIHAN Klectrical Appliance Co. j Authorized Motorola R.uUn S.-iles and Service IOC South First St. KEYS MADE Locks Opened and Repair-; ed. Door Checks or Over- ] hauls. For Service Call 1 JIMMY "SPECK" BROCK ; at Chisum's Bike Shop K3 So. Third St. Tlioiie 59G Geologists read "the record ol the rocks", reconstruct the ifcj^tory ol a mounlain.' "o'.i'jumers road "the ird" o! products from their >rand names. The brand lame ol a responsible mcm- ifaclurer stands /or good ijiialily and value, backed by experience and research PLANTER^ iiAiinwAin; co., Ino rC \V. Main I'hunc 515 Fudrafial FARM LOANS /Lot* TOT. RAY WORTH1NGTON *** r '"' •"•' I—— "-u". 1 ! '^, Tnne In Prudential Protrram Snnday at « p.n. over WREC Strrlnj This JSectlon for Zl Vcar. 115 80. Srd Bljthtville, Ark. • We Guarantee • j RECAPPING ! i wifh J j ; • Hawkinson Treads 1 ! Let Your Nexf Tires Be J i GENERALS j Cost More — Wo r Hi More' MODINGER TIRE CO. j 116 E. Main Fhon* 2201 « PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythcvillc, Ark—Tel. 4r,:i—3715 Oklnliomii's average elevation is, 300 foci. Famous Ncolirc heels by Goodyear everything in "INSURANCE UHITED -INSURANCE Sti-p ,„ real IT ulil shu | savi- III I l'i;:lL )ir il, n-ii!iii] ... if yiiii n.inl rar <-,niir,,il fi-mn UUISL' s. ItrliiB tln'in In us ;iuil IHii'i; of a IHMV p.iii- ;it fts! Ov«r Cu.rd J.wilry 8tof« AT. F. DIETRICH/ ^r. HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CAMERAS FOR RENT Free 5x7 Enl : .r c emenl wiltyKVcl, K,,ll of Him ilnvtlftpcJ. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone Se/v/cei MONKV TO LOAN l'o .von need » loan to repslr or remodel? No down |m.v- inrnl, no morlKage, no rtnJ l«l>*. KHA approved rate [>•». Ask fo.- details. Mm l-'^mi, HeHllor, phone 2034. M'nch Hldjf., Hlylhe»ilt«. ee us for an estimate bc- '»re you nave your tractor ovi'iluuiled. We speciali/o '" steam denning and K. Klechic and aoet- . . Phillips Triiclor Co. Hiwuy 61 Sniilh. |>|,one 2171. -el UK sharpen and repair yoni- lawn mower, re^ard- K'SS of kind or si/e. Cet yours ready now, mid avoid (|, 0 ,.,,sh. we pick up anil deliver. Hlyllieville Alacliinc Shop, 21 [ 8. 2nd St., phono 282S. '1-,'i-rk-tr House movinuf, foundation repairs. Kxpcriem-ed.. Have •'ill e<]iiipiuctil. Call 1'.)!' or see I-'rank Crochet 1. :(()() s Wonted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiway (U. PAGE ELEVEN1; Steel Oil Barrel Racks Ally HIM T. L. MABRY 3 MISSOUIU KT. PH. K>\ Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hnnc aOiKi 10-M Chickasawlia CITY CAB Day or Night Found I..IV1II :,,,,! ,vl:i,,. N ,.,,|,,,| ___ .'-!1_"" '" "-"• l?oiul courli-r Niiws Want Ms. CULVERT PIPE < of Copper Steel V!f carry it in sdirlj | n 12- iv' IS" and 2,|" ji| vrs . E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Hlyllii-villi!, Ark. Wf. «n- (iililni; nVilrrs for Attic Fans to he installed hH'ore hoi weather. Call us for esti in ales MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. Flinni! -IIS Fm Going Nuts Raising and LoweringThom — They Say It Amuses Ike tiaby! Our Bintimi nticiidmilH gel called "on to do ninny il-inpi to )>l ( -nso our customers— and vcVo nlwnys pirn! «, l, 0 of senice: especially «li« Wild of K<-nicc liml Jicl|is your cur ride Buicothly nni) satVIy—n,,,l more ccononilcally. L ICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Tnxacn I'l-nihlds Phono 578 U» llr. Ri-rvlcn Kcllwrllnj; Tires If you lived on Iho luimn, yen... see (lie cm-Ill .|« tiling in-iJ-iiU'i' 11^:111 yon ,,(>«• KCC ||,,, incHin. PRESCRIPTIONS r'lcsh Slui'k (<iinraiilct'(| Host I'rirt-s Kiiby Drug Stores DON E D W A R D S " Tll « Typnrrllcr Mac." ^1 (Every Trnnsncllon MUST UK BATiaPACTOIlY) THE STRIKE... IS STSLl ON! YOU CAN STILL FOR Langston-Wrofen and that "naturally better" LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Wa!nut & Broadway BUSCK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Flowers - - For Every - 'FLOWER SHOP n U,, ™ y ,n F.T.I). Service «.'oe mat. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail ••& Genuine Chrysior Fails for all Chrysler Product Ncv/ Ffictory Motors Butteries g Tiros and Tubes Paint aiu! Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. phone 2122 ' . BiyTHEVlLLlAR NOBODY BUT GIRLS ALI_ THE Tl,\\f ' THC BOYS DONT l~ ^,, EVEN LOOK/ ITS \ AT-us/ /PosiTwe-i LV 6SM \J m 1 mil ATTENTION FARMERS!! Wo have received our shipment of Hoosler.-Croff and Supsr-Crosf Hybrids for immediate delivery.' Arrange now !o call for the corn you ordered. W« suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as ihc supply is limited. " ~~ SEt^ US AT ONCE. BlyfheviiSe Soybean Corp 1800V/. Main \ Pho nc 856 Hraco YDUI J&EPtRS? Jt HOPE VDU MEAW IT, BECAUSE IF VOU CX3MT, YOU'RE PUE FOR AM AWFUL. SHOCK/

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