The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1934
Page 2
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MQI (TWO 8LTTHBVILU, (JJg.) COURIER MBWB MONDAY, APRIL 16, 1934 Social Calendar -TUESDWS EVENTS Youni lUtront Brloge rlub mefting with Mrs. Joe Trle*ch- nuui. .astern Star meeting 7:30 p. m, »t Hall. The Maple Grove cemetery association will meet tvt 2'.'M p. m. with Mrs. Sallic' Hubler on Madison. Lang* P. T. A. meeting 3 P. M. Mrs. A. M. Wgsliburii having benefit bridge party 1:30 p. m., (or (iris Kbut* or 'Miss Mary Emma Hoc<hi troop. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mr». John L. Finley, Jr., having Wednesday Bridge club. Delphiui. Fine Arts club mccllnE at Hotel Nobk, 9:30 a in. Mrs. MM Meyers and Mrs. Walter Rosentlial having Jewish Ladles Aid meeting at Meyers home, 7:M p. m. Central Ward P. T. A. meetini; at 3:30 P. M., tallowing executive board meeting in 2:30 P. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Dyron Morse hnvine Thursday Luncheon club. Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. Edgar Bonim.. MW-Vftelt Bridge club entertained by Mrs. M. O. Usry. Dance at country club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS • American Legion and auxiliary having Joint meeting at Woman's club, 1:30, p. m. Cleansing Creams Give Vitality B«lnn» Women's Clul) To Have Two Meetlncs. Members'of Ih- executive board of the Business and Prolcsslonnl Women's club will have a mccl- Ing this evening. 7:30 o'clock, before the general business meeting at the GofT Hotel. -;;:•'.';•• •- C«mpHment Bride With J»pMttse.Tt». . A Japsncse tea parly was clvi'n by Mmes.-George W. Durham, O. H. Grcar and John C. McHaney Jr., Saturday 'afternoon at the Barhsm'home complimenting Mrs Hobert P»ul Wlilttinglon of Jones boro, who was before her marriage a week ago Mies Vivian Holland Mrs. Barham's colorful home made an appropriate place for the ' Japanese garden arrangw with odd shaped lanterns suspend ed from ths ceilings, cherry bios soros in rases from that land, and Led to Marriage By Scenarios Japanese covers on the tables. and bric-a-bra Bib of Nttts Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrn. Lcc Mcdlin and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wallace spent the week-end in Lllllc Rock as I imi-bl of Mr. Medlln'.i parents. Mrs. Howard Proctor went to O.sceoln this afternoon to accompany Mrs. John W. Edilngton and Mrs. F. I'. Jacobs to the dUtrict meeting of the Arkansas Feflera- tlon of Women's clubs to be held t Helena tomorrow nnd Wednesday. Mrs. Proctor lj lo speak and Mrs. Jacobs will present a book of original poems by members ol the Mif.sittilppl county federation. Mrs. Mansion Is the delegate from the county group. She has been president for the past three years. Dr. V. U. Smllh and Dr. A. M. Wnshbum left today for Little Ruck to utlend Ihe slate medlca: Hireling Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. E, J. Pclerson has recovered from three weeks Illness. Mrs. R. L. Shenlck and son, illy, ot Rounokc, Vi\., arrived yes- erday for a visit with Mrs. Sherck's parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Vilson. Hoy A. Dean, of Monroe, La., pent the week-end here motoring I) for Mrs. Dean and children who ave been here, for a month vis- ling Mrs. Dean's sisters, Mrs. Leonard W. Holt and Mrs. Samel P. Norris. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Joyncr pent the week-end at Union City, I'enn., as guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Joyner. Sr., and where hey were guests of honor at a supiHu' - party. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Woodsou iud as their guests yesterday -A S. Harper, of St. Louis. Mrs. Leonard W. Holl left today for Pace, Miss.,', where she M'll visit, her parents, Mr. and Mrs Robert E. Lee King. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Jones, Jr It's Smart to Be Thrifty - It's Easy Here 46 J Irene Btnllfy, beautiful screen" aclress, use* a g.imc pad in appi cleansint cream imfead of dipping her flnfcn Irio the Jur. It is th scientific way. The S5. guests were Erected by Mlas : Gladys Bsrhtim and Frances McHaney and • little) Shirley June , were dressed .a»., rls.' They 'brought »p- purities. In addition, II contains certain bencllclal herbs thul aru 5up|M>sed to rufiesli a "tired" complexion and give It a new vitality. After all, there is something pully decc-rated sedan, in true Jap- cnesc fashion, which was ladened \vith gifts tor the bride. the refreshment table had a ctnterp'.e e of ch;rry blossoms and t:Japanese tea service was used. Mrs. McHaney, attired in a pay Mandarin coat arid pajamas, poured tea served with sandwiches and cookies. Included In the guests were -Mrs. H. s. Cald*ell''of Hot Springs, fjucst of Mr. and Mrs. \. G. Holland, and l/lki's Mn'ry C|um- mings and Mary Grace Hill, stu- denls at Arkansas Slate college at Jonesboro, who were home for Ihe week-end.. .' « » Bmtfit Bridge Parly fer Girt Scoots BY ALICIA HART Along about this lime. of year, a girl's complexion Is apl to be drab nnd colorlefs or, mid tills Is even worw, It may lake on yel*. losvlsli or. Biaybh-tones Ih.u are far from flattering. What she needs, of course, are some cosmetic preparations, tlwt will .clarify her skin". Buyhig"a ]af'of one of Ihe new cleansing creams is an excellent step toward getting a r ace back to normal.' One of these new cleansing creams is a (iiilck-niclling variety that liquifies llic minute it touches (he skin, gelling right Into Ilia pores and purtdnK them of all hn-l NEXT: t)uii'( be flit-chested. of Memphis, spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Whit Uoodman. Misses Nell Harris and Mar Ellen Stevens arc spending toda in Memphis. Mrs. Harry Brown and Misses Bourland, Mario Lcggett Jnnc Illiuon, above, Plilliulcl- jihlii socialite and rising play- vrlfiM. IB ft bride, all becausa another scenarist read her. plays, saw her photo in a newspaper and demanded aii introduction. Sue was married In Hollywood to Howard Smith, who writer for the films and la lu'otutnciu it >»l6 circles. and Irnm Laura Barnes spent Saturday in Memphis. Miss Barnes remained for a week's stay with psychological about adding a new Mr. and Mrs. W^ B.^ McAfec^and preparation lo the cosmetic cab-1 " Inet. It has the same uplifting effect as buying a new hat. There is a bleaching cream, loo. for faces mid throats Ihnt cling ilubbornly to their altacks of "spring-fever. This cream Is to be applied after you've cleansed your skin, nnd Is lo be kft on for only five minutes. nt a bridge parly given Saturday ] James" and must write her, well write her, bin It Isn't socially correct at all. The name should bo signed "Julln -Smith Jmnes" to alt tellers and-if business ones, "Mrs. George James" should be wiiltcr in Ihc corner. evening by her sisler, Mrs. H....E. CaMwelV Of' ftot Springs', s\t .'trie home/of her parents, Mr. and Mn-. Spring t'.ecoviucrt the Hv- ing room where the three tables were arranged. In the bridge gnmss Miss Constance Smith won high score prize, a compact., a hanclker- Hl nt5 office, should I ask for hi.. chief went to Miss Chiquita Doug- 1)V llis n rst name, or call him Mis- "Whcn l telephone my husband There will be a benefit bridge party Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. A. M. Washburn, chairman of the adult committee of girl icouls In Miss Mary Emma Hood's troop. Proceeds from the affair,. which Is to begin at 7:30 o'clock, will be used tor the new hut. Mrs:.O. W. R*mey has donated a room near her suburban; home and. the members plshifo convert It into a -scout hut." : Ad;' mission 2S.«nts\ '-• >• ' * '•'•''*.'.:'. •'":.'.'. Christ Ambassadors j Meet. ;.-, Thtt ; Cftrjr.t. Ambassadors rriel Sunday evening. - -''''."'•.. '•": The committees made these re.: ports: Bernlce Akin invited one. and Dili e Burns Invited a to Sunday school, MiMrcd Cudd, Willie Mac Moore and Ada Davis visited the hospital. Maymie Perry, Helen Gllless and EvelynVHop- kiiis visited, on? sick horne each. The young people -reported a good jail service Sunday afternoon, with Johnnie Davis bring- 'Ing the message. Virgil Hopkins, Leonard Hubbert and Lucille Gentry read Scriptures and talked to Ihe young peoph. The: service clos-d with prayer by Mrs. Rhodes. All young people are invited to this service. • : * « McCain-Cole Announcement, has been made ol the marriage of Miss Alenc J. Cole and Howard B. McCain.. both of Luxora. The R«r.. S. M.'.Watson performed the ceremony on Saturday. April .7. . ,. las' for low.'scdrc. and Mrs. Whit- linglon was presented hosiery. A gclntinc salad was terved .with .cc box cookies iui<l iced tea. • • • Dorcas Class HAS A Business, Social Mcclin s . A-: Wert, J. B. Foster and ter? Shoihil I call myself his wife or Mr.v Ames?" When telephoning jour husband's office, you of course retei lo yourself a;. "Mrs. Ames" and nsk for "Mr. Ames." It Is only soc ially thai you speak of your hits band us Henry or Harry, or what To nctiuain aiii-cs you say fonuully "my hits ' " In fact, Hits last is alvny ,.„. . .... - . at U cnn be said wich cqua social': .riipctim; Friday cveniu? at..propriety lo everyone not ni\ lntl Ifas;- home of Mrs. \Vert. There | mate friend. In the same «n \vcrc.Al4' members and seven'visit-1 your husband 5]>caks of YOU n ors 'present. • " I "Mrs." lo buslne.'.s assocl Mrs. Ncwcomb read froul tne ftlr.s; ns "my wlfu" lo men niul t acqiiriintniices. .intl to women \vho nro ill: --._...-,, Newcomb cntei(aiued I ever you call Shei-members of'{lie Dorcas'Sun-f la ilay'schop] class of : the First Bap- j band, jut.'ciimth with a business and;sa(c ; fourth chaplcr of Johns for the j formal devotional In which Mrs. H. I.:"Grace" Haley and Mrs. H.; E. UnrncUc of- j frler.rls c\en though they then fertd prayer.' [Mrs. W. M. Crow conducted UK business'session in which Hie officers, and teachers discussed \hclr ttiitlds.'" •-• In the socinl hour refreshmcnls of strawberry short cake and hot chocolate were served. I wives may not call you by yoi I'u'j-t name. Marriage , These licenses have recently been Issued from'the 'Blythevlllc office ot Ihc county court clerk: Miss Eulls Johnwn and Lizzie Ellen Bwafford, b«th ot here; Miss Fern Scott of aenath, «lo, and Her schel Alexander, of here; Miss MargueriU Annie Norr and Olive Herbert LewU; \botriot here; Miss RubyFr*em«ii awl' 'J.-t. Atkinson, both of M*iUl». '.-'• , - "The Proper '"< Thins" n, Bernard, going down especial to hear Hal Kemp and Sis chestra this evening at Ihe flslno. Miss Dovothy McGhee, wlio at- nds Miss Wylio's Business col- gc at Memphis, spent the week- id at home. Slie was accompan- tl tack last night by Misses Jo IcGhec and June Armatroul and lion Jaggsrs. W. C. Lcggclt and daughter, lisa Marie, molored to Oxford lUs.. Ihis afternoon having beei: ailed their because of the cridca Iriefs of Mr, LccBCtt's father. Mr. and Mre. J. Js'cal Gesc nd Mrs. J. S. Gescll motored lo Cairo and Carbomtale, III., yes ciday. Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Paul Whit- Ington, of Jonesboro, s&rent, Ihe parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Hoi ,ind. They were- accompanied lomc today by Mis. Whittlngton's islcr. Mrs. H. S. Caldwell, of Hot Springs, who will spend two days here. Miss Mary Grace Hill, who at- «nds Stain college at Jonesboro spent the week-end with her parents, Dr. and Mts. E. V. Hill. Miss Mary Cummings, who is a | student, at State college at, Jones-' boro, was the guest of her fa- llicr, Olio Cummings, over the week-end. Among those from here who were In Memphis Saturday for Ihc iwrformance of "The Barretts of Wiin|x>le Street," slurring Kalh- ariue Cornell were: Mrs. John L. Flnlsy, Jr., Mrs. Elton W. Kirby, Mrs. James H. Bell, Mrs. Clarence Vollmer. Miss Rosa Ixiu Cookc. Miss W. B. Tanner, of Helena, as over for the week-end rclurn- ig home with Mr. Tanner today (tor a brief stay with, Mrs. Taner's mother, Mrs. T. J. Mahan. Mrs. C. J. Cox Is in St. Louis n a buying Irip for the New conomy shop. • ^ HOW'S YOUR STOMACH? Easier SO years Old CLEVELAND (UP)—An Easter gg dated 1584. which he was glv- n at his Krandmother's Easter arly when he was a boy in Penn- ylvania, was brought out and hown here by Charles Walls. The oik, boiled hnrd &o years ago, rat- les when shaken. The shell never las cracked. Biliousness Sour Stomach Gas and Headach* diwte Constipation Mrs. Myrtle Hotte Parker Are.. Nottli l.iu Kock, Act.. Mid: ' lud Munudi trnulil jwr (liKfc^on and w a Kcrifrally rnntluwn. Ur. Ptfice's (ro'c!cn Mdlical DiMnvery p»vc nit a. Ixrllcr npKlilt ar.O 3iM- tti iltciiKili U\ a \;ry sliort ([inc. It -\\--a . , ar,<l Inve c^;ovf;[ g-wl health lince." e»- site, Ub!cs Xicts.. Hqniilil.OO. Lirg« size, Ubs. or U^uM, ;1.-V5. "W« Uo OUT Part." ^ ^<1 *$»** 10<-V« Iti K;>rc rorrsrowN. p.i. CUPI—Among Rppnb- thc 1G candidates for thu liran nnininnllon for govemor Is Tilghnian E. Hauscmaii. 41. meal ciillci-, who .sinprised friends I'.eie hy obtaining 2,200 names on pcliliom i lc circulated In nine counties. He is father of six chil- rpn "Will yon tell me if, in wntlns o a married woman who is in business or has a profession, it is coircct to address Iho envelope Mrs. Julia James' Instead of 'Mrs. George James 1 '?" According to Ihc prejudice:; of best society "Mrs. Julia Jamrs" o . laboo. Of course if you do not know any name but. "Mrs. Julia c«x a .Mrs. Robei Paul 'Whlttlngton of Joneiborp, 'fornwrtjr Miss Vivitn Bolluid, wu the gueij it ot honor and SI. Beautiful Women Love New Powdci rieautlful »om=x\. nrtmlrcd lor :"Uhful complexions, use MELLO GLO. the new uondeiful Frcucl process lace powder. Purest am smoothest powder fcnown. Slays 01 longer. No Haky or pasty look. N< grime or,grit. Prevents large pore and never smsrU or feels drj Blends naturally wllh any com plexlon.'Deiiiand MELLO-GLO. -Adv. Ucad Cornier News Want Ads. Sheddan's Salve is Strongest,- Known Swiftly, nuc tnc; dart of an ar •ow. the slroni;. nclivc. soothin ncci!calion of Sheddan's Salve pen irnlrs r,kin nnd tissues (o brea p colds .ind congcslion, end croii) coughs, tlicuraniic, sciRtic nnrt ncn nli;ia pains. Slveddan's Snlvc con :alns an ingrodirnt not found i ordinary salves—and lt-s cxtrcm power. unmntcliablR efficiency an x*r peiirtratim; cdiciency knock. cKri con»t£llo:i quickly. Two kinds MILD for children; STRONG fo '"'I*. —Adv. CRADK A Raw Milk : Phrae T« ' Craig's Dairy Good Clothes deserve Good Care tlmf s \yhy so many people prefer Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners DEPT. STORES ON THE 01,1) GUANO LiiADGK CORNER KIATHKVIU.K, AUK. SALE of Hundreds of SILK Dresses Rack Upon Rack—Hundreds of Brand New 1934 SpVing Dresses—Practically All of Which Wwc Received During the Months of March and April— Dresses Which Are Not Only Styled in the Latest Mode, Fashioned from the Finest Materials, but Dresses Which Will Be Suitable for Wear All Through the Summer and Early Fall, Even—Dresses Designed for Service As Well As Style--Dresses for Every Occasion—And All V/Ulues Whidi Cannot Be Duplicated! Actual $5 and $6 Value $*).98 Silk Dresses $16.75 Values Prints and Solids. Regular $7.50 Quality ....... Sheers and Printed Crepes up to $8.95 Wonderful $10.75 Values Reduced to only /.'.'..... k.95 $12.95 Values $O.98 $£.98 $0.95 Shoes, Hats Go On Sale Sensational Sale of Evtry Blue - Gray - Brown - Black T-Straps - I'umps - Ties Hundreds of them--Right here in thr, heart of Spring being sacrificed because we will not carry them over. In all the popular styles, in colors to harmonize with any outlit. Every $4 aivd $5 Value Ladies' Slices Up to 52.98 value .98 $O.77 Up to §2.50 value ; Regular 1 Values Up to 1.98 Values $ i'honc isn for Moth-l'rnof Service SALE Spring Coats and Swagger Suits They are all included — hundreds of them—but still ^ve advise early selections for best values. Never before such values. Up to $29.75 Value Coats and Suits.. Up to $25 Value Coats .and Suits. Up to $19.75 Value Coats and Suits. Up to $17.50 Value Coats *-t.nd Suits. Up to $15 Value Coats "find Suits. $ 19 .74 $ 15 74 $ 11' 44 $Q.94 Up lo §10 Value. Coals, Suits Up to S12.75 value Coats, Suils 6 .64 No Charge for Alterations

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