The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20, JO-19 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Spy Indictment Dismissal Asked g, Ex-Federal Worker Wants to Be Freed Of One of Two Counts WASHINGTON, April 20. ffl'j— Judith Cojjlon asked tiic u. S. District Court yesterday to UKO\Y out one of the two InrilctmrnLs against her which grew out of an alleged remtevous witli a Ku.ssian agent. Her attorney, Archibald Palmer of New York, argued that an Indictment voted by a Washington Brand jury :ijiainst the 27-year-old former Justice Department employee, should be dismissed bei-iuist nine of (he 17 grand jurors presenl wci-e government employees.. Government attorneys rcpliec that the question of eligibity o government employees to serve 01 juries here has been settled by Ions line of court decision^. The moUon and aftrumcnt came when Miss Coplon was called to trial. The indictment here charges he with copying nud removing secret documents from Justice Department files "with intent and reason to believe the information was (o be used to the injury of the United Sutes and to the adva. '.age of a foreign nation." ^ Indicted in New Vork ^V Cn addition to the indictment licre, Miss Coplon Is under Indictment in New York along with Valentine A. Gnbitchcv. 32. a Russian and former United Nations em- ploye, on espionage conspiracy charges. Drum Beater esident May Spend ome Time in Arkansas tier Army Reunion Tl.Y. HOCK. April 26 (/V) — r.sideiu Truman may spend soma l.i ArkatisBS wlren lie comes JHDP 10 lor the 35th DlvUiun union. Governor McMiUh said -slei'riuy . "I know he would like lo spend me lime rest ing at the Army- ivy hospital at Hot Springs II xwwibli.'," the governor said, "and been infoimcd that he would kr to .stay ill Arkansas Hbout two ecks II he can." The iiovcrnor said he was mak o ipecitic plans for the pi'e.sinent's lo Ihe stale, addlne: "We'! o everything passible lo makr- his a pl-oa.sant one." Dr. Modcslo C. Holland, 67, director of Mexico's Tree Foils, explains in !.os Angeles the Mexican government's plan for a $300.000,00(1 "v a i 1 w a y 'or .ships" from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. The doctor came to this country to seek American capital to finance the proposed project. Jn-employed Jews Stage demonstrations in Israel i TEL AVIV. Israel. April 26 (/I'l— Unemployed men rode through Ih trects of Tel Aviv in trucks ye.s (•relay, chanting "\ve want work. It wa.s the second successive o[ unemployment demonstrations I (his capital of the. new Jewish stat Sunday groups picketed governmei nead<i'jarlcrs at suburban iiakhy They c:trnr-cl placards wilh the sat) sUj;;.in in Hebrew: "we want work Doctors Think Baby, orn with Intestines in Outer Sac, Will Liv* GI,KNDAl.K. Cull!.. April X M'j — •my Miss X of OlendiUe Is rrylnx i.stilv in her hoApttiO crib but It ook .some fancy rtocloring to keep ic baby alive. She was born Saturday, Ihe tUBhtei of an rh neRaltve and an h-posihve fnttier. Thai conlltcl ol arcnl.V blood factors Is often ffttal. )oc1oi's used a new transfusion 'ixx-e.v> to whip that. The parenU iad Irw', three other babies. Hrwevcr. lhal wax Just one of lie baby's ailments. Allhouuh a nil-tern baby, she weighed only hrce jKiuntls, five ounces. lint worst of all. the baby was join with her stomach, liver. api«*n- m'x SIK iKirt.s of her hilo.stlnfs in > san milsldr her Ixidy. Tnc ctoctor.s opet.itcri .shortly after olrlli, restoring the organs lo llieii proper places. A hc-spllal spokesman said thli-.k she'll mivke It." Clic.-vp Distribution It l.'.kes only a nickel's worth electricity to move a barrel of crurt oil 1400 miles through pipelines By the end of 1951, the world' pipeline facilities for rtlslrlbulio tit oil and natural Ras will be In croaked bv 29,000 miles. NOTICE I convicted of » felony or other crime Nolice U hereby glvrn that Ihe Involving mornl turpitude; IlintJ'O nderslgned has filed wilh the Coin- " ' ' " "" Ro.irt Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. itssloner of Revenues of (he Stale ! Arkansas (or permit to sell and Ispense beer at retail on the pre- ilses described as SCO Kim St., ilythevlllt, Mississippi County. The imricrsiRned stutrs Hint he is clthen of Arkansas, of good murttl liftrflcler. that lie has never been onvlcted of a felony or other crime ivolvlng morn! turpitude; dm! no censes to sell beer by (lie imdcr- ,gned has been revoked within five ears last past; and that the under- Igued IIBS never been convicted ol lolating the laws of (his s(ate, or ny other s>tatc, relative to the sale alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit lo be ssned for operation beKlnnlng 01 he 1 day or July, 1049, niul to ex )lrc on the 30 day of June, 1550. Llimlo Smith. Applicant. Subscribed mid MVOI-II l<> before ne tills 25 day ol April. ItHO. Mrs. Marshall Ulncknrd. (SEAL! Notary Public. My Commission expires: 11-9-53. NOTH'K Notice Is hereby ylven Ihat the undersigned luus filed wilh the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for permit, to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described us 370 S. Division St.. nlytlieville. Mississippi Counly. The unt'crslHiied slules that he I.' a citizen of Arkansas, of good morn diameter. Unit he hus never been license lo sell beer by (he uurtor- lins been revoked within five years last past; and (hut tlic undersigned hus never been convicted ot violating the laws of Ihls state, or any other slute, relative lo Hie sale of nlciihollc liquors. Application Is for permit lo be Issued for operation beginning on (lie 1 day of July, 1040. and lo expire on (he 30 day of June. 1950. Elzorla Q, Johns, Applicant. Subscribed and sworn lo before me (his L!S day of April, 1540. L'Mzaueth Mason, (SHAW Notary Public. My commission uxplros 4-28-50. Isrxnsc beer it retail on Die pre- ilses described as 419 West Ash St. lilythevlllo, Mississippi County. Tlie undersigned ilute.i Dint he Is citizen of Arkansas, of good moral haractcr. that ho has never been onvlclcri of a felony or other crime ivolvlng moral turplUide; that no .cense to sell beer by the uiuJcr- Igned has been revoked within live curs lust past; .ami thai the imdcr- Igncd has never been eonvlclrd ol lulallng the laws of this state, or .ny other stale, relative lo the sulc f alcoholic Illinois. Application Is for permit lo be ssiicd for ouernllon beginning on NOTH'K Notice Is hereby B' vc » tilnt lllc undersigned has filed with Ihe Commissioner of Revenues ot Ihe State [ Arkansas (or permit to sell and Metiol Test Prend TMs , Creit to Mim MONTHLY FEMALE PUNS lr« you troubled by dlstrvM of f«- "e funr.Uonitl monthly dlaiurh- en? Do** IhU nmke you Buffer u pflftt, feel »o nervijttj, wcnk, i-hliimK—«t fttirh tltntw? Tlirn DO try I,villa K. l*lnkhi*m't Vf«eUI)te "jn\i>iHitirt to rt'Ucve tuch kynip- •nihl In n rri-i'lit litftUciil tP4l HUB rovfMl rnnin kul)ly hi'l|ilul to woiu- i ttoiiijlctl tills \vtiy. Any dniKBl-orrt. \Vlien You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME {.'all D. C. FREEMAN 32 Ytws Kxpcrience • Dul'onl I'aiuls he Jst day of July, 18«, and to xplre on th« 30 day of June, iMft. Tom Xeno% Subscribed and sworn to befon e thU 25 day ol April, IMfl. Max Pirlu, 3E AL) Notary public. My commission expires; 7-1-60. $ 25 «r more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer Tills Is Your Chance for Keal Saving—Com* in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. NOTICK Nolice is hti'cby yiven that Uic undersigned has (ilcd with the Commissioner of Kcveiuies of the SLute of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer off premises at retail M!ss Coplon, a tiny brunette. Us- i on [he premises described ^s '3T8 tcncd att HLvcly during Ihe argu- j S, nivision, Blylheville. Mississippi ments before Judge Albert L. Reeves, a \-isiting juclpe from thn Western Dhtrict of Missouri. She was wearing a black faille suit and white blouse. Frequently, she took notes and belt} ;vln.sprte<I conversations with her attorney. Palmer tolrt Judge Reeves thac j (he indiettncnt here contains virtually the same language as the j one in Nc\v York, except that the j New York indictment alleges she j and Gubitchcv conspired to violate the espionage laws. Palmer snid the indictnicnt here was voted after she had entered a plea of innocent to the New York indictment "in an effort to break her down so she would tell them what they thought she kae\v." "There was no necessity outside of terrorism > Indict her all over , apain." Palmer said. ^)> He called the two Indictments * "double jeopardy," and "a mockery of Justice." Arrested Together As part nf the alleged spying conspiracy, the New York Indictment charges Miss Coplon xrith attempting to deliver government secrets to Gubitchev. The two ol them were arrested together In New York last winter. The Justice Department assigned two of its top prosecutors to the case. They are John M. Kelley, Jr, and Raymond P. Wheari-y keltcy recently served as'chief prosecutor In the treason trial of Mildred E. (Axis Sally> oHlars. Whearty is an assistant chief ol the department's criminal Division. Defense Attorney Palmer has Indicated that a yen to wrlto fiction may be offered In Miss Coplon '& defense. Palmer lias tnld reporters Miss CopJnn, who denies guilt of any espionage activity, was engaged In assembling material for a romantic novel wtth political overtones when she and Gif Hchev were nr- resteri by FBI agents In New York March 4. Comity. The undersigned slates that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other ctune involving mural turpitude; lhal no license to sell beer by the undersigned '-as been revoked within five years last past, and that the undersigned lias never been couvicicd of violating the laws ot this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoho z liquors Application is for permit to be issued for operation beg tuning on the 1 day ol July. 1949. and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1950. Virginia Johns, Applicant. Subscribed auri sworn to before me this 25 day of April, 104D. Elizabeth Mason. <SEAL» Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-28-50. Trees breathe through tinp openings on the under side of their lea\es- A .single apple leaf htv.s more that: 1.4CO or pores. Ex-Convict Confesses To Strangling Boy, 7 J NEW YORK. April 21] iVPl—A man releaseii from prison le^.s than three weeks nco ha.s admit teri the .stran- -j^ulatieii slaying of an eight-year- f W 0 lrt bov Bronx Assistant District Attorney Edward P_ Breslin says. The prisoner. John Sain. 36. denied, however, that there wa.s any sex net-,er.sion motive for the killing of Jack Goldsmith eleven day.s a so. the district attorney's officr said- The medical examiner's office previously had reported that an autopsy showed the boy was a victim of a sex attack. SP.IU. who was booked on a homicide rKir:-e, wa.s quoted us .snyinc he killed the boy after an argument The bo/iy of the younsstcr. who haci been parroted with hi:- own beV, was found in deserted Starlight Amusement Park in the Rronx. where he had been on an Easter holiday fishing trip. 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