The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 1C, 1931 BLYTIIEV1U,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE <r CLASSIFIED ADS Two raits a word Ice fi insertion ami °ne cent a word for eacli subsequent Insertion. No advcrllscuic-iH for less tlian 50c. Couiu tlie words and send the casli. 1'honc 300 von SAI.B FOli SALE—Tin-.othy or Soy Beau Hav, Iv'.r Corn or. Eoy Beans.' Write J. F. Cox or P. W. Va;i Horn Slkesloii. ^td. • • - MOm, ait." . REPOSSESSED S There's no need lor you to do without a'car any longer, for we arc ofloi-lmf Tilts WEEK soir.e REAL, BARGAINS. If yon have a large cjr. you can save hy leiviuy i'. and owning one of tlicso low- priced and economic-nil;.- operated cars. THIS WEEK ONI.Y. EASY j TERMS, TOO 19JG FOKD TOUH1NG CAR 102G CliE.VltOl.KT COLTE 1028 FOFU1 "A" ItnSTf.ll . W2V CIIKVKOLKT COACH IKS FOItl> "A" COUPE .. I0i!8 CHKVKOLET HDSTKR 1538 lOltl) "A" SLUAN . 192C CHEVROLET StiUAX 1523 FOKU "A" 1'iIAE'iON 1927 CHRYSLER CHASSIS 1BS3 FOKD 1-TON TRUCK 192S FOKD "A" I'ICK Ul' K'tl CHKYSLEK COIJl'E 19>7 CIIEVH.01.KT TOVKIXG SCO 1GU7 L'ONTIAC COACH 104 1S25 F011D i-'OKDOR SEDAN 515 Ciill Sll 810 777 Today \ OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern AMD VOLJ ASV WHY Go -16 I/JQRK'T EH 2 ^, E&AD SIR, I A BRAIM VJORKIM6 AkiP \s MoT UMrffcP BV THe ei6H-f UABC>R LAUJ ! -^ TOR IWS-TAMCE, LAST TrllAiK IDE-A IS A I -^ -Tit ETHEL ©/I930THEBOB155-MEKIJILL CO MEASURE , FOR ,-lHAI' I ~ -TIA!O -Trie LIGHT IM -Trie LEFT" -l'» fnlttor ^vu» « .-F. niul her ntvinntillHT Icinnrr -I'lllt." VAX UOI»t\. u v,-r>- uriilllir iviiuinn. 11'* I" Ihr f limn •>' 1U-J 1 ll«rinh. limn. n,n luu »ln»lr In «r.ll t.lo- in-r nn-l hpr »rt. S,> »b£ nnunuurnl in lirr (rlrnil*. i:i)l>V J.II'KKO.N. i.\irv SI:AIIS nnii WI;M.I:V FOR AM 7 LI6riT FaR "To WAR/^i LEFT" 'iLJRKl.lW -TRAFFIC ll>i,up for Hi JICXKV IlllllClliS, hrr. "lie .il ,,!,! lilUmKS. nnd II)' Nhnm i-i.ulil trilM liiililli'llly. -lu- nnil lirlnB > ''" AlnMU luilr uf ivli In' rlsln." I'll Jrlllir. linnJ. "».•» ni lie L-h; VCJilurc iir,unl»c,l f, &rf:l «iv<rJ. „• n Minsini fnroi "inilil ,iif:m a irh a,l ,l,e, nt ,,en, e prcuy &%g#jVffiSSM®&g£«ffl , • rafly. Inn JenHy was going to ex | f,..f :>:£ftl »3Sp^^'^"^*iW rr-lsr. some ciaft on Her own ac-1 ^^^.-iMk^^^^^W S35; tcllns lv |,| C h would he satisfactory | j:: : : SJf^^jfip-'*^" v5p'SS>> SlEs'.to lii.iBcr Klla. sue sln.wc-l »j T'-^S^&r^^^^.V'i troubled iim:eru,iiUy which Mr. l^,^JS^fi^;«*.&^&**!iB&&4*xi. jimp/e inleresl. fcul /op/in loo.'f il for a sly d>/ciiie. " /cnjfj) as/ftii 1/ie iiucjricn in satlslacllon with Ills terms, nuii she i-oulil not have assumed n ninrc it lay entirely n(! (lie Bond state , live [mnilred nil aero.' 5175 '. S50 31GO . 535 5185 S123 enthusiasm o( the realtor swept Into his voice. «Ttill.L HUSH-sure 1 know which even Iowa la capable. where yon mean —out on ilie Hahlilt! (Josh, what n site! \Vliai :, view! It's a swell place! Idc-.n nt the eml of ;iliuiil n mllo ami I Jenky shivered lie i:iUtnol< (lie a half or Hie worst woiul lano ol'gesluie for a shudiler <.l ilisiciu. "Well. im\v. 1 tell you what. 01 couisc, Boino of this land can't lie effective way ot dcalin-; with him. To icll the truth. .Mill Mush was of so little value, and had uecii hr.pcle.wlv for sale so long. Uiai he -- lT i lcre yoll mK ,ii-out on me | - • - f:,rmrd. Pretty, yes. 1'lcluresn.m.'. l-.sil torn'-Ilea nit nlmiil Ii. Il wils I Ka |,|,| t j (Jos],, tf hat n site! \YI,aij OR sunke Bii:irdedly. "Well. JCSi || m ise. yes. Dill II cant ho ! i-.-it a [;iiiii-nnt as [arms go la I ^ v|cw , u ._. r swi , u [llilce , i,| c ,,i ] ' * theve's nliout 10 acu'i,," ho said, j [jivmcil--not nil of il can't. Say ! 1,,,,. It romped about 10 acres j |oratjnn MH| ^ lg ,.,„,„ „,, Ul '"Ul|:h, on "«> fi « r - ™ 1 ' s -" ,,r ,»„,, which could ,,ot p 0 ssil,ly lie I ^ ^ ,„ t| , e (VOO ,, 3 . ,,„„ * \ ^^°^ ^ ] ^ n «. innucd with the exception of a few |hc r . ver Fa|]s iun „ |i[lle nl . ov( ,. fof 1(J . iws o[ R . lr(|c]| wo]|ll , lllenll small separated Rarden spots. Tlic l)K , i, 0 ., Sc -. ami Ilie best Hshi:iB nmil j ; ,|iii.i?t wealth, lint Joplln thought , , I tillaUle land tol l>een sold a«-ay ! „„ the river rlfiln l.chiml it. Idea I it „-„ j,,,, „„ sll cK way of remind- l' cr - '•" she con d ""> "'«l,ler the ' - — "• - ~- f r r^s? for a lu "" wo ^^^^^ "Om-it be farmed';" asltod Sirs I ril ,,.,. iv . fel- "m sl.e, WAS BI.IIIB 10 wain He Brooks anxiously. ; '•!; V h : decclT" she demanded lllucraicly out of his ollkc ami utan- BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES AND HOW! By Mai-liii EXKV stood up. It was a mere wealth. Hut 1 ' Infllntlivo matter o! resprcl In PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers "0. -50, or li-J acres at a time, to en lin-go gcxiil farms adjoining. The house on Mill Rush was rot farml'.uuse. either. It ras 1m l.ravlk-al. raiuliliiiK and attractive, j The house on Mill Rush was rot "Kirmed'.' Sure tt ran lie farmed : |-, r >r.r[iil!y. "1 was afraid tt would i a fnrmhimso. cither. It ras 1m- All lora can Le farmed. Greatest j |_, 0 ;,;i tumble-down hy this time." ! litllo farming sta'.s t:i the Union!" I ;>; : ij n ]y 1'ioso lni|iilrk-!> ot hers I "I thi'ii^lit it. would lie loo picky." i;,s..i;i >; ., i n ,t a ninderaic Interest... | tin ill ot gray stnne and tlmo-Maluctl i sl)c ,.. M ? |,, w]y s) , c Wa3 relieved. | "\ Vo ii. ,, t , :nu i-se ii> rim down a | shinsh'3. wilh iineer |,oiTiie= here l^ud it was gratllnilo thru siowed ,,;, •• | ]G ;1 = l ji;d. "Chluineys duwn oJdly j her vrjice. Ten acres of ueaiis am! i mnylje and Eotne v.-indowd oi;t. with 3 .MULES For Sale For cash. Write "H", Conner News. 13C-KI1 FOR SALE-Coin. B5c bushel, Hay j —Alfalta <fc Timothy, S'23. per ton ' delivered. O. C. Hannah, Blythc- ville, Ark. 15t'-K23 aod Itiere. and gabieil attic. The IIOUFC. Indeed the entire eslalillshinciil. v.ns ll,2 work of a m.-!:i v.-ho liad prculer talent for lift.' than nsiiculMire. And iijion bis in- cvltiilile failure, lie had let Hie larm | dun the iirojccl. '0!i, well, now." he lniistic<! lilca^nlly, "lel'3 tiol qnhiljla. rv.-ouiy-live hundrcini turn It." •'I'vitnty-livc tiunilrcd —" "Oli. yim can have It on Icrms Von ,bn'l have 10 nay 2r,f)0 down. •as anil garden truck-ami a sum .v,',i= paintins anil platlerim; ami !Say-«h—" he stole at, niniraislns mer to can it tor her winter's use! 1 v;,. t . m H. Fonntlatlmn have lo he : ln ° !i nl " cr - '"' lc ' 1 ll ' c '''"'" l 6 " u "' "I'm Rlail It can uc farmi-d,' 1 Eln i •••.],u-,icil up 1 suppose, and root : with hlis ol thread In • iho tear- atfdtcl u-.^.i'-cil li-it !f'i k nuod lio,:sc I '">s ol iai;s. nniccl t!ic .11.\tuii? line "Well, of course, it can't all ti^ a ',,'l''2 llic tna'in thins." helwcen tier cycs-"bay 5VI) down jfarmcd. nnt every tout or it." ex-i » mi , !enr - H ,irt Jenlty. "If it's Utid-iib-'ia n nirntti. lo Jorl'n WcFluury on a morl- ' P' ? - lrlei1 Joplln Wcutbury. "Wlial •_,,,( i,. bn p.iihted and plastered, and ;o and retnined to liis Innne in ! ca !'.?:"" "P*" " l tllal I)rlrc? " .. «ve new ^i,r,i; ami windows and a the l-'a«t AiuiJonlln. realizing lhat! "^" l!!lt " : ' ku is it? " S!|C ns1lcl1 'a.-.v (onsiilasion anil a new roi>f.yuii & f-u-'ii endowed with an j-vtistic 'he lucslinn In simple Interest, bin U ,;, M r . s v ,. c |i r.ujhl a new liduse. cha'rmiim coctase with a suull Im-!' 10 !" 1 " lonl: " for a Ely llefalEC ' ! -olbias Ilicrelmt the walls." practical slalile. localeil at a uii> Mis siml as a realtor v,ar lorn lurc.=fLn" Inrtccossible |in:nt on withiu him. lie wis.ied lo I-'OR SALE—Small slock general I mcrcliancibc in new brick Main' st. location. A bargain for cam. Will rent bmUlnv; and fixtures. Ad- _ ^ o _ ...._ .. ,.. . dress J. L. William, Lsacr.viile, Ark. I vnlnalde farai land, hit liy bit. leav- she—Ihe only iiihhler at l!ii.i ii'-!.':- Kabbit llivcr. was not in any sense LII agricultural pri7.e in Iowa. !:ad clovirrly Her voice was anslnus. because every avai!ali!o cent for Ihe I ,!ari\ . would -;ay lo thai. but lie knew that -Mrs. Biooks ii.iil I liie sale of ihejvery little money at best, nnd t!-.n which edsc;l her voice. IGp-klSj i,, E ino house and its 10 nrrw of too .tempting liait-mislil IJQ i-:i: ; .ly TOR RENT FOP. RENT—Four ;com apartment. «10 \Vc;l Asli. Call i:U. 5C-TF FOR RENT—REASONABLE—Vv'arni btd rosin, adjoining tsth. Cai! 1 lie smilc.l ^'jod-iialnrcdly. "Hut my dear woman." he said, "at that scattered brushwood, rocky Idnffs j deterred from purchase. ! |:rice you can afford lo Us up the ami scattered hits of garden laud I He did not wish to scare lirr off. I'dd house." to fall Into complete and becoming decay. As soon as Joplin realized that il iot Eouthf-fistorn Iowa the via was indeed tliat very useless tut of • worlhlcss. The house lirti! . rocky, lirush srown land lhat Mrs. I into disrepair, the place w:n all i said l.oiiefully. lirnnlis was tnt.'rrcs.tcd ill. the uac- 1 grown iru tv> weeds and hnisli. ai:d ' ' : L.-.:'.s ot Iowa farm land "I'll Ihink It over." Her voice was taint. "I'll have to ask Ulnger lill.i." His eyes narrowed. He knew 0In- ner IClla. "Uli. yeh, she's a great little Jin! ol yimrs. Isn't Bile? Anil she's a i; kid. tor). Well. II she's a frlnml or S'CJIIIM she'll inlvlse you .loi'lin thouclil it was sarcasm : lo B " [l l 1 ll ll1 ' l| " tck -.... , . ' "| icll ycui what 111 do—seeing the viace Is just slamllni; Idle nnd ! doing i:o!it)ily any tiontl —I'll Icl yon I have that id.icc for 52000. :100 down and 25 a mouth. Vou cau'l ask liet- orins what (Jluger H^cl "^Si^W^i ",..».„-.«- caret,,,,, "We,, ,« «.. ,Uu /« "^-"J" the common utilitarian stamiard- r.ow. there's shout 10 acres-sood c '' =^, ^ ,!" E:ls [tt\va farm land—". lia- "It it can just be farmed." she pruposition.- "I will,"'promised Jenky eagerly. "I'll a<k her Ibis very 'nlBlil." Continued) FOB KEN'T—1 room stucco lie — mcclcrn. COO North 5th. lGn-t.21 Feed Store. POULTRY WANTED— M a r 1: e : The nnallest church in the- '.vcvl:'. Iccir-.-il Paik and is about 1-1 prices paid at C. I.. Bcnr.rtl Co. locals Hires people. I! is near Cov- in Iniglh. Crocodi'.cs tamoti 210 N. Railroad St. WANTKD west of courthouse. Not buyinj at Fisher's place on First St. anjmore. | J. E. FiSHER. ICc-kl ! Tlie largest, living crccc:ii!o i:; '"^r_±r± I captivity is in the Nr.v Vork POULTRY \VASTHD-M.1l-kcl pri- OUE TO PROMOTTON an op=ni: ecs. any quantity. Marilyn Hat-1 exists for midd.le aged man or cliery. 210 S. I-'onrth Ht. OfJ-TF | woman in this territory to take '-'- lover an established business. Should j WANTED — TVmitly Washings. j pa y SIBO per month. Writ; Mr. Buf-I Washed and ironed by ccmpe- nn;tc:i at cnce. Room 2. Stnrdi- :> tent white woman. Mis. Brown, I vrmt Bk B'.cis., Cape Cjirartiean. 70-1 S. Lake St. nCK-TF. Mo " 16c-kl7 LOST AND FOUND | | WANTED—TD buy chickens, any ._ __ I i amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South Q t.iic/<Uj Repaired \ r>K ' E; - ?3C - TF I P A V C\ T^A\/T ( 5 ' FOUND-Christian Science text rA .L w. 1J1\- > AO Phones 231 or I'll back. tcl. Divnrr may call Cash Piiid For Kate JFutiL'l Usctl (.'ars \V. T. PAKNKTT 117-119 Eftst Main St. I'lionc 828 or CS7 | New York C of ton \ NEW YORK. Jan. 1G. iUP>— Cot: ten clcscil Meady. Local and Ions distance hauling. Special raffs nn carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. 1!. WASHAM TRANSFER 11CO ChirkasaiYba Phone Sol ;DOC I Jsn. nj-.v '.Jnn. old i Mar :May .... I July .... |Oct O.)?-i Hk-li Itm6 1100 10-T 1013 10H 1013 1024 1043 10-17 1005 1060 1085 \\e can S;ive you money on Aiilo (ilass Spots c!:s^d .s'.sndy ?.t 1015, up 5. A ? crt> Orleans Cotton NEW OltLEANS, .Ian. 1G. (Ul'l — ,_;;"! n.^!m:i closed steady. O;i:n High LT,V Chu? Dec lODTa 093 .IACKSOX AUTO I'AHTS 202fl Main I'honc fifi O--c r-\i: S-.ilc i!AV cv a train lead. . ttnir's on, E3c b,i. SCc per I'll., in car i Sl.itrs Sales C( Djylhculle, A.k. wr.e 174 o.- I,U 1S33. Inc. Jan. ... 'Ma;-. ... Xlay ... - J;ily ... ; 0ct. ... i Spois ;973. 101S . 104.J 1057 10SO ftcttciy •?:' snaK'j kd!s and cats other snase at- and is Immune to the blu-s o . pci.scnons sprcies. The salary ot a civil sirvic: sin nlcvee c.innot be garnlshcc;!. 1'RJiCKI.KS AND T11S KUIKXDS S 7VMGS . CAM DO 8£TTER. TMAM ANYBODY L ' REG.u. a PA" orr.,-v 1931 BY t,t^ 5EFWTCE. i\c. M£ TuiMfc'S '- DOUBLE-CROSSWSO CCC . 1 -JUST HOPE IS l^S Rft.CK£T. SOESM'T KNO\M GOTt* OUM COTS1DA "TOWN. 0 IT r>;o, c^ «'& JOV," ft P,0bt TO GET Ob To REBUILD OS. "WW VMAV UIS MONE.V BM1«, ' HE'O STtU . 1002 1022 1015 1063 1031 Rotl I!:irl)cr Shop 318 W. Main Williams >t IJamon. Prep. Ke'.;x Kyle. Fred Uoyett. Oiiv Kocors. Virgil William* Earl Dair.oti.

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