The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Pre** VOL. XXXI—NO, 25 BTTraEmLE COURIER NEWS — .,' r ' . . nvwnir.n gi AHKAN8AS AND 8OUTHKAOT M1SHOU1U * *~* ill* Dally News Blylhfvllle Courier ••"PI" Volta y U'ader Hlylheville Herald HI.YTI1RV1U,K. ARKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES FIVK CKNTO ill-As Advrrlisrd! SILVER LEGISLATION Colloii, Crams and Securities Are All Sharply Lower Today ; NEW OllI.KAMS, A])f.-. IK (UP)— Cottiin prncrs dropped nliijist SI. 50 a Ijaii: on the local exthanjic lo<-ay us Die future!,- ijiartet Uiokc .'I'iiiplv aloiii- wilh grains. I'rcsldr-iii Rrjo-'x-vrli's b ; 't u n d ii'.'nlnsi .-.ilver le'.'islnilon .-comWii'-'d wilh icixiriK of iiH-rer.srd .sales of fi'iiilia-r ovi-r the belt nnd inrjjcr loluino of KiJi-s of gunnuacnl dim" tan cotton to further th tiar:.':h ti-ntiinent. Sloik I'.jri-s llrr.-ik NUW YORK. April 10 lUPI- A crush in grains on HIP Chicago ' . by u slmrj) bifnk in prices on the riiw Yfji'k Ht.-jtk i-:«-l):ii)fe'L., a de- I'line in unjuh. iinii ;\ -uiu wcalnrss in commodity markets Most Meets closed live potni*. dc-.ui. C!!!CAC!O. Apr. 10 'UP)— The fi'.nln market collated today wilh most prices falling the limit permitted h y ivslriclions. 'I'hi-re wero repni-Ls that a big opt'iulur had been Jcrced lo liqui- liis loiw holilln'js. ijR'dpilat- i"i! thn lollups;.. but traders dis- lonnted this idea in favor of Ihe l lii-cry that the Lrcal; was caiisud hy revelation that tliu president oppostd ;ilv.r kcbilutinn at this Kission of congress. E FIIE 111 PLffi Oklahoma Guardsmen - '.'Prevent Tax Salei OKLAHOMA CITY. Apr. !B lUPi—Th.; national guard was out in Oklahoma loiinj. under orciere tram Ciov. William H. Murray to prevent sale for taxes or 10000 ni'i-fs of laiiil i u ten cuunllcs. Covcino:- Munay called out the Guard for "prolcclion of the homes of our praplc In stressful times like these," he said. Guard officials doubted Hint attempts would be ui.-iuf in many counties to fffocl the scheduled fsilcs. Thir governor told the BiinrdMiicn lo us/? "force suificieiit to eMfculc tins order." "The Bible Prophecy" Evangelist's Subject The Rev. W. E. Eilis, Hollywood. Cal.. tvangellM who opened a re- i'H-nl mc.-tiiii; ni (he church of the Nfirarcne yestcrdav. will urcaeh this evening on "The Bible Pro- P'lecy." He is to te assisted by the Rev. S. B. Damron, of Bernie Mo father ot ihe pastor, the Rev. Mrs, i'lmfi-a ri T7.-ir,^i^., * Bcasley. Tiiere services Ihroiigh tills week. Youns ladies you can look upon ns models of iwrfection lire tin- four U-amlvs pictured here after they had been chosiMi- in New -York as M-iw-wimUng models in American advertising. Left to right above W Miss Janice Jarrnt, chosen ns "Miss Yomig America- Mtr, nnrtai-i fal.amon. most typically American; Miss Frances Joyc», mosl |»pi,lar mmlel. and, below, Jean Barremi, Jr.. prettiest baby model The :OIIUM. In which Ateandor Woolcotl, the w,lt.:r, was named the, •nc-sl wpular model, was held at Rockefeller Center in conJ nection wilh the 13th N.-.tlmml ExIHWtton of AdvortlshiK Art ' Mold Joe While Invt'slij Uwlmvav Scrubs Invi'Mlviiiii ..... i n,i> lire- Hint "Mtlnl ill (In- i-vi!,.,-,,] n.Vs N,,m>-n- o ,,. ,, ml „„ r,;,,,, ,,,,,., , ,, } .. illlr(l <" «".;, ,„:!,, ,.,,,. h ..,,. to- .)«,. K,, u ,,, s . fi ,.„,,.,. llly . '" • '"*' " rnioi-iibK »-ay |,on, - cntliin ii-uii-hrms VfrllnK ;,,[ s i,, s ,| llml . by insiir- d i,i,,n K | ra iun of W feel a,.,- ,„ lliir Ill tin .s of i, MVS-:. UIU . Ol i| K , .M:,| : .. -I'liui'snims ,!,,., 1U . C Mom| SET STOUT III James AlJay, Creator of "Hambone," 1$ Dead -MEMPHIS, Apr. 16 (OP)-James P. Alley. 49. creator of the negro c-ailoon character, "Haml»ne,"dled here today of internal cancer. Alley had been ill for several rnn nt i- rtn - we( * s nmi his cartoon, "Hambone's•: LMD PI tOl | Mcduatl °ns." carried by iminer-* llin III inn' 0115 so >«hcrn ncwspaiiere, has I Ull UL.LIIM been condiiclcd by his son, James I 1 '- Alley jr. As cartoonist for the A II- i- • Mcll! Phls Commercial Appeal Alley MimoUflCCS HlS hntry in sketched the most widely printed County Democratic Pri-«"£££„!" l "° I924 prcsidc " lial maty Contest 'vBlyrhcvillc .and Wilson Anncuncement was made today by n. B. fSkcet) - Stout ' of his oandidacy for clerk of the circuit nnd chancery courts, subject lo n-xt August's Democratic nrimary. Mv. Siout. though a life long Democrat mid a resident ot Dly- ihevlllc since childhood, is a ne>v figure In county politics. He bases his candidacv UJKIII broad experience in business and clerical work, which he feels r . qualifies him to render efficient service in an office that demands amount, of caicful and oc- Apr. 10 (UP)- -A heavily reenforc- firp m«n?.. r '., H ° KZS , of ~ ed guaui v ' as mi'maliicd at the i-ncpr rZ r r" Mcl ' cllnn '"> count > r Jo" here today to protect .mer company lor five years and a negro assault suspect after Col- l.i ior to that was in the cotton orado college student milled F^kc Firsts in Fayette- villc Competition Vocational ngrfcuUiirnl judging teams repri-Kcntlno Mississippi county schools figured prominently In the annual invitation track, literary nnd vocational high school meet held at, the University of Arkansas, Fayettevllle, Inst u-eek- Thc Blytheville team was awanf- " st placx! in the- dairy jud •petition and Wilson won place in the general live- i • •-•— J"d3ing and third place in Negm Is Hf>lrl for A«-«ill ° " nlry ^'"el'ij contest. Sliaw- neglO^neiCIJOl Assault nee consolidated school at Joiner won seroiKl pin ci . | n | ))c , gl ,,,., ra j UTTIIPI/ PiionrnT The til \a ,K MnPH I e " firsl HI lnU(\ JUdrLul ^/ — . ilLl. tUllSUJU on College Girl and Her'™", 5 " 0 "' 1 ----p. " livestock Judging. Jimmy l!iil of Wilson won lirsl place In ihe individual to.' Col '"_ Agronomy. Wo fl.nnlle chiine hud bm, in|'d .laiiinsl Hfiu^.s this morning '"' II W's iinch-rslrMxl thai an "".' 1J ' !lIO <i liy clly otlicers was centcicd arnuiid n-porUs thul snipes had ti.,.,, ,..,.,,„ hMivlii" Uie iji.llding u si, ou t | m .. bofo " 'he Hie brrkr out and that IK- liiid made the -Oied a rendezvous' (cr several Kays. A woman, 'who;'.'I"™ 1 ; "'""'""< fald she understood Hi " "' " '" l ' 10 " lr 'I' 1 OiHla\v Called T[i m "Riffjr CSt |i' oo i» raltal ti.c were u-efcliiB IK. Wem-ecl nl the mottling with K her Utornc-y, bill tiistcclv. Informed autli'rlii 'or cmestl city hall this E. Alexander. van not taken Alexander srild that she . ,'v.o IIIUL Sue lie reached through him II if fin- was discovered shortly iKKosl damn foul 1 ever saw," was John nillln B i- -olman Jud Plttlncer, nisei, when tlie clliccr >f Die desperado's nmclitne gun. prodding 1,1* ribs." ana poliu- ., lK for "V UillliiBcr and nn aide made on Wru- Ii.d.. pollw lieiid.|uarters. above, for arms mid biilletproo/ vesn Umt I Icok back en It, maybe I WHS u damned fool r.fter all'' I'lltinyei- tonclii.icd ailcr Ihe raiders' escape. mil..™ y almost before" it was ,UK, L,,,,, : smohc |ra , ]r ^ t!,,. sln,ct.,a. In which loose Helps DilHngei In Indiana Raid fin mrn irriedly turned two atrcamn from llji-ir private water "i the liiilldlng and city i'=cd u |:inr,p. ?r to ( 0 ,. c ., Another, s-truam OM IhJ lire. It • C0)1 Irout'lU under control. uus r LsCOl't COLORADO SPRINGS, b"siirss nnd lln- nutomoblle lju";i- ncss. For a uimiter of years h!> was employed by the old Bcrtig Store company. Mr. stout's business experience, brslcbs -equipping him well for duties 01 the olficc- he •reeks, brought him a no.v friend- will continue Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda COUJX.T Hethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities service .....'.'.'.'.'. Coca Cola General American Tank llcnenl Electric General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds SI. Louis-Ran Francisco Standard of N j. ... 'IVxas Co . II. K. Stl-.-l . 118 1-8 10 1-4 42 1-8 52 5-8 118 22 1-8 J7 7-B 40 3-1 30 1-2 35 1-4 5 1-4 19 1-2 8 1-8 19 3-i 2G 1-2 51 1-4 New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 1G (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady, open high low close May 1183 1184 1162 July 1194 1195 1173 1183 1194 1203 1221 March 1184 1195 1203 \K2 12M 1335 1210 1163 1175 1187 1107 1204 1210 _ .».,iu lf,l<J I^iU Spots cfoicd steady at 1130 oil .10. New Ortcans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 10 (UPI— Cotton closed bnrelv steady open hleh low May July Ocl Doc Jan March 1187 1188 1195 1195 1210 1310 1221 1221 1222 1222 1234 1234 1105 close 1165 1170 1171 1183 1184 1229 1209b 24. Spol.i closed <iu:el at ileo, OIT His announcement for office came after h? had received strong assurances of support here and throughout the county. Mr. Stout came to Blylheville tils parents, and Mrs. Stoul. about 20 years ago and has lived here ever since cx- for his world war service yeai-s spent in south- cept nr.d east a few Missouri. lie enlisted, for •ervice in the world war in 1917 nnd received his discharge in 1919. In making his announcement Mr. Stoul asked consideration ot tils candidacy by all Democratic voters on [he basis of his qualifications (or the oltice. "Prompl efficient lliroush the streets and burned effigy of a negro. The students In the demonstration were classmates of Miss par The Ulythevilie team, comiixod of H. A. Halsi-ll. Gordon Rnmcy and Dunwoilli Cjnrretl, witli I-'or- rest Moore us alternate, will r'p- rescnt the state in national ccn- I tests at the American Livestock Show at Kansas Cily. Mu.. n.M I fall. Wilson will be eligible tu in the same content. tlon were classmates of Miss Participate in the same contest. Georgia Llndiey. 22. daughter of j? c wilsa » genera! livestock judg- n wealthy Longview. Tex., oil lam- | "]f leam is composed of Clautl ily. and James O'Brien. 19, Col- S " aw nll(l James Mennemore. orado Spring*, wlm were beaten _ .... severely by two nnidemified"j7o'- groes. George Williams was the only prisoner held in suspicion in the case after police n.uesttoned 15 negroes. Fifty automobiles loaded with college and high school students nnd scores of students aloot paraded ihe streets of this usually nulet little college town hist night when they heard of the nltack. Cotton Option Contracts Worthless After May 1 performance of the WASHINGTON. — Cotton pro- circniL nuri r)ini>^!-i.' ( ' uccrs holding aroximatel 12- of ihe circuit, and chancery clerk is my campaign pledge " Services Held Sunday for Mrs, J. W. Martindale BASSETT. Ark.-Funeral services were held at Rassett ig approximately 12,000 oulslandlnj cotton opliori con- U-acts issued in conneclion with the 1933 acreage reduction plan were warned today by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration lhal ihese opllons must be exi ME KttLEf Memphis juvenile Court: Judge to Address.Two' Meetings Tomorrow ,J" <lBO ,,, c ? mlllc Kclle * of Mc »>- plils will i w in Biydievllc Tuesday for two meetings, arranged ; by local Parent-Teacher B ro«ps At 2.-.70 ;i. in. Juflse Kellcv will speak to hi C h school students nt the high school auditorium Parents or others who are Interested I a re invited to attend. Follow-in- ^ . meeting ,i lu iy e K cllcy will hold conferences iviih groups of slu- I dents. Al 7:30 p. m. Judge Kellev will »^nw „ " lets, Plans New Rcvolu- city Z i, txuea oy oov- ns New Rcv tionary Organization As Judfe of the Memphis juv enlle court judge Ivellcy 1ms al- rnltion as an nu- ' 'tns of Juvenile PARIS. Apr. 16 (UP) _ police tended wide charged today that Leon Trotzkv. thorlty on former co-dictator of Soviet Russia behavior had practically completed plans . _ __ (or n fourth Internationale, rtc-ir. „ signed to keep the world in con- 1 fall Into Scalding slant r' --- ° [dciiilfleil an Hie gangster who accompanied John Dllllnacr 111 a raid on the \Varsnw, 111,1 . police station, wlien the out- lawn lied i.ftcr iciiins tlireo l)Ullei;ironl vests nuj two Pistols. ili.niCT Van .Meter. al,.-nc. is tuc larcet o[ ;ni nujn- sivn K-iarrli bj Indiana |)os 5 o«. Van Mutei is a CMcagj (jui. slant revolutionary' turmoil. TroUky planned through the or Banizatlon. police said, to foment O Water Fata! to CWA Airport Projects Are Far From Complete LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 10 (UP) — A total of $107,709.42 would be I needed to complete work on the 23 airport projects started In the islate under CWA activities, It was [leporteri today to \V. R. Dyess, state relief director, by Charles M.I I Taylor, state airport supervisor' joe V/atson -> Home ^ o» South Lake Looted by Burglars Saturday Night Some articles of clothing removed from the JOD Wnt,™> residence, 324 South Uike street, Saturday night have been recovered, but a (ur coat, ami im overcoat are still missing. Employing n skeleton key lo gain entrance to Ihe house during the. absence of Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Intruders made almost a wholesale tlicfl ol clothes belonging to Hie couple. Thc melhoa of entrance was similar to that used In sccurliuj acc.-rs to a number of homes here recently. Neuroes living near the Frisco right of way near (he southern city limits watched a man place a bundle under a small railroad storeroom. One of them secured ihe package later nml turned ll ever to ]x)llcc the next day. He said that no sooner had he left Hie cache than (he samo man rc- npjwarcd und started to place nn- oliier package under Ihe shack but noting that the first had disappeared, turned and hurried away. Articles In the first were Identified as clothra taken from the Watson residence. Th? finder could not. say whether the man who cached the package was n widti or a negro. . revolutions Quick Utility Stock Profit for Senator _ WASHINGTON. Apr. 1C (Uf>>- signcd n contract to purchase 20C Power company only on the airports In Liltle Rock. cotton option pool, before May 1. , ,, Jo ,e,to o communist «_ho died ycslcrdny aflcr having an" T«arka 0 ' eore Ma > r '• e wng communist. «o ied ye.ncrday aflcr n 1CSC oulsta "<»iig opltons are movement Inspired hy 1*011 Trol/.-. l*en badly scalded Saturday' n ° l 0!;(!rci5e<1 or extended, before *•>' nll( ' seeking to promote world I 'Hie child fell Into a tub of Ihe exiration a i e ™lntioii -• w — --• nuwiMiip i $15 °, n sllar: for '"""nllalc salt HusselMlle ,„ , hp Associated cias and Eieelric m at S17ft was placed before federal Ir.ide commission lo- or Mcm^rch ch'o d cted'lh;!'! 15 ^ , TTS rCdUCtliin ^ <" ^"^, toW atau7",t toda "in „ "Ul^rr±l U! " ••"** ^ ^ m ^ 0J f t^e'cou^p^:'IX Ungue ' s d " lgy ^^—iMemphis Pastor Will Italian Planes Bomb ^^y^^^^^^^^ ^.™**. « Cond »« »«w| Here Villagers on Rhodes one of the holders of these options get their money." last year. "Our movement proposed Chicago Wheat chan-o Telegraph from Rhodes] *'ay that' five peasants''were '., nOI>en mid 25 wounded when Hal- i Iay 8t ! ' 2 "alocho anW 1)0m " Cd vlllagcrs at ! 815 ~ 8 Troops also fired on them It' ••as said. Thc firlnn, the dispatch i ported, was tl, c result of con-1 " with Island mithoritfes dur- May low close 80 A " evangellsiic meeting will bc- to'^ in a ' Hie First Christian church "u. mutt-muni proposed LO "•" "*• *•>" ru*i v^niLstian church build a fourth Inlernational in ev- :OM M ny G. the Rev. E. K. Lalintcr cr>' country," he said. ."Our arms "a* 1 "" •.•>««• • — — ' ore the alms of communism." Fls Chicago Corn high low close - -• —, **. uuiuEifi pastor, announced loday The •''•ri'lccs arc lo be In charge of the n. e !'- T , J - . J '_ w ?"L e . r D - n - Pastor of church of i "..o^unu, t -a. iut-1—nc- uon is one of the largest In Mem" 'sumption of operations in small phis, m.mbci-ing more than a tZ anthracite collieries Is endanger- 'and members III Pennsylvania I He will be assisted by Mr -mrl draw fishermen; Mrs. E?ra Jacks, of Dallas.'TCX- Dr. Walker' <JJ 00 OU irvin r, liu*ll£l_i S • "3" 1 -UfmjUUS IJT Walk 85 1-8 BO 1-8 80 1-8! "ARRISBURQ, Pa. (UP)—Re- lion i s one of the la- I si mint tan jn,r -,„ 11 _.. _ i_. i. .... . *** I"S 47 42 3-4 42 3-4 . - I July 49 5-8 49 3-4 45 6-8 45 5-8 hand s P e «ial Guides to Lead Anglers to Good Waters ports, not Including Little"Hock i DOSTON ' M«s. (UP)-Fisher«-as S2I3.25D. of which SI22 330' "? cn who tr >' l!lelr skm '" Massn- was expenc!cd before the CWA was c selts ' waters 'his year will find demobilised March 31 a s l wcltl1 patrol fo guides at their ' l service. It win be the duty of this The Hlythevlllc airport. now l ! >atr . 01 n ° l onlj ' lo ald sportsmen under ron«lriict!on as a work re-j,",.. B favor lie spots, but to Jlof project. Is not Included m " ~ ' . the al:o\o 11M because It was not flarird the take a census of those visiting the (preserves and to sec that creels after the close ol "Share Our Wealth" Society Meets Tonight are not too well filled and that anglers are llcc;i=ed. The men selected for the patrol are recrulled from the Civil Service list of ellclble potential President Wants Tariff and Stock Market Measures Hitcd WASHINGTON, Apr. Id <UP>- 'icsHlont, Roosevelt is oppo:«d to llvvr.-]ci{)s!utlon this session be- uiisc' Iw^.wuiits to work fully the riaciit' iiiiiAliilslratlon silver pur- h«.sliiK\.p]an, Bleaker ot lire loiiserii e.iney said today. ;; RuinpyVlhdlciittd that the president 'inuylc'. Ills iwsltion clear 'nt Inc gonlemice u-lili house leaders tost nlslit. Other conferees Inrti- cntud Uial Mr. Roosevelt was prc- parohlo utilize further his silver (lowers under the Thomas amend- ent. liven the Dies bill,- now in sen-' He committee, is In danger of tlo If passed. Itiitney sulil. Tlie ' tieusiire is not » rcmo.netlzallon l)t!l but provides for acceptance of silver in payment for agricultural cumnirxliik-s sold abroad. The president lias completed Ills legislative requrats to cungrcr-s with the exception of asking "(or prob- :ilily $2,?M,rwfl,oofl for continuance i:f the. re-employment projrnm, Bpetiker lininey said. "He will ask for no new legist tlon outside of dial," said Ralney. Kxprcts Tariff Art The prvjiliiciit auntiuiiL'Cd he expected rongrtss to enact the Ur- iff, revenue, bunk deposit Insurance, municipal bankruptcy anJ stock exchange bills befoie wlnd- .HK up the present session. Amoiia Important * bilk jxindlns which ihe, rsecutlve did not men- lion wcrs the uri'cmploymcnt In- iimuicc, 30-hom- week, connuuiilca- tlons aiur -commodity 'oxchange reiiilnllon and McLccd tank pay- clfMJIs.'-'iift of ivhlch iiave strcmj siipixlrtcrs among Democrats on Capitol Hill. ' . The session, lian-ever, failed to solve the much-dlEcussc-d question of adjournment now believed to be Impossible -before June 1. Both the president and his leaders. In congress aru anxious to close ihe svsblou as early us jWMlWe, ' but several snarls In the program tlnciilen to drnj delibsratlons well into the summer. Wants Teeth Itretorcd Tlic presldcnl was understood 'ta be displeased with the libcnillza- .ion of the stock market bill which has been going on in bolh housg. aisil seniuc comniltices. If he succeeds In having the drawn "teeth- restored, it may further delay "en-.^ ncimcnt of this measure, which lias- been under consideration for more- ilian a inonlh. 1: - Thc president is ready to veto' tlie general revenue bill becausa Jf the proposed (ax of 3 cems a pound on Philippine oils and Senator Harrison (Dem., Miss.) chairman of the Finance Committee. planned to nsk tlie senate tomorrow to reconsider the bill, poised Friday, it has not yet reached he holism, where opposition 'lyss .oiccd lo many of the senate provisions increasing the toul from )258,C00.003 to S480.OOfJ.OCO Daughters of .Revolution Gathering at Washington WASHINGTON, Apr. 16 CUP)— Three thousand American women vhose forefathers battled for the recdom of the United Slates from Btitaln gathered here today for he annual convention of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Half a dozen other patriotic soc- f-tics also met in Washington, welling the throngs of thousands it visitors altracted to the city >y the annual sixxtacle of tlie bloomtnj of the Japanese cheery trees. Pipe Rnlnfd B»ard MADISON. Conn. (OP) — Dog Warden George Edwards was pret- >' proud of his ncntly irimmed full beard unlll his hnnd slipped vlille he was lighting his pipe. A barber finished the job and Edwards had difficulty for several •lays Id making himself known to Ifelong friends. WEATHER the fish streams, which ss: all parts o, . wh ..... g| s cg In char e meeting of tr lare O;ir Wealth 1 .n announced for .._„ ™,, i ,, v at ihe courthouse. It will be fbl- . lowed by a meeting of the County Workers Union. 1 Guide posts t odlrect fishermen Blylhevllle'to the six public fishing areas; . has have been put up and parking tonight space provided. There ought to be- no excuse for any violation of trespass laws, according lo Director Kfnney. Arkanscs—Generally fair, colder,'' >robnbly frost In north portion to- ilpht. Tuesday generally fair. ' Memphis and vicinity —Cloudy, unsettled tonljht^ and Tuesday. Cooler tonight, Tlie maximum temperature hers yesterday was 77, minimum 53, d™r, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer. Rainfall last night was .16 of an Inch.

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