The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1930
Page 2
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BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1930 QflPii-TV PI I IRQ Duult I Y-uLUDu Activities and News of Women PMeU»,Mid»y' school .class •(the F(r*i MptM church will ''B imporuat meeting at thtt »t''3:SO o'clock. . Woman's dab is having a Iji.ipeelal compliment to • its Xbe James P. noddle chapter of tfct C. ol C. will meet «t J:30 ottock with Mrs. Marvin Robin- •jp'tor tte Snt steeling o! the Je TAime l+xre jrou. la my eyes there lies no yijlon Bijt the face of you. l^tare you. Tjfl I do not due to dream the V '.things t sweethearts do! In those dear > TOO, TBl I poly pray •V, ; moment*' : When you pass. .. T» be a raindrop Oii your hand . la the gran . . .... :;;/: - -Diiie jrour Havre BtjHet .. ~Six,couples were guests of Mr. and Mn/'.Ri K. Ware Jr., Wednesday „ In especially cotnplinicnt- ihelr houseguetts, Mr. and I. C. Keily : Jf., of Wayne, _„.,... ,MTss Mary Satterfield of Mtuiphls; guest -ol Mr. and Mrs. C. 1JF5 ; AifUck, was another out of town T&tor- "^Tho delicious buffet supper menu was 'served from- a table of pink and. lace with tapers and flowers oT.thU pastel shade making lovely decorations. L 'Ih .the bridge games Mr. and Mrs./Floyd -White, won the high iftfn', prlie by totaling their, scores ai.each couple'dli Tlwy recclv- rd a double dock- of eards-A tissue towel roll went to Mr». Kelly, and His* \8atterfleld was' presented a bridie' tel.' •' •; • - tAf- Ctak . ; <inl<;ue tpliies and autumn garden ^flowers were features of the Wednesday .Bridge" club parly this •yeeV: when Mn. E. 0. Patton was horiett- The only guest was Mrs. Flint Y. Love ol Johesboro, hquec- j«e»t'L ol Ur. .and .lira. Samuel F. Hotiu:. ' . T.--: -V. • ;, '.- <itii. W. H. Minyard won the u*mt dub priie, briery, and Mrs. Patton preaerited Mrs Love with a tan. sport handkerchief. r^Tta appetdinit.retrtshments were «v plate lunch of . hair)- roll, potato MJUn!,'sandwicne« 'and teed tea. ,';•-• - • ..*.- ?" - Mtn^ifri to. Attend L«Btb»n : More than 40 members of the Woman's club .hare accepted the InrUaUon of , the executive board td h l>p' guests at. a luncheon Friday at the club house especially com- pujnentint ten new members. • '-As' chairman of that committee, Mn. James H. Brooks has arrang- ejj' an interesting prograta. BiytkrrM* Students from here in colleges aiid imrrersitfef wh*re' there are charters ofj»tl<»ii Jfaternities and snrtarttles'.are-' becoming affiliated wtth KYefai groops. Among these an Hiss Mary Elizabeth Robinson •wfo went Pi Bet* Phi at the slate nirwrsity, Mies Virginia Blomeyer tOto Jotaect tlie .Zeta Tau Alpha at tiie tame school and Miss Vivian DUUbunty who has become a member of the Kappa, Alpha Theta sor- ortty at the university of Missouri Tom Marian, attending Vander bitt at Na»hTille;.Tenn., joined the Sigma Alpha. Eptilon frat. Er»»lea»ts iFriends here are hearing Le Edward Custleman, son of Mr. an Mrs. W. L. CasUemin who fornv.r >y" lived here, iii his. twice a wet broadcasts over , Station WFDF rfuit, Mich.. The IS-year old bo; •who Is the grandson of Mr. an MV&. N. W. Trantham of this cltj sipts each Thursday and Baturda e*nta«s. at 6:30 o'clock. •^riKn living In : BlytSieviUe he wiu a student at^the Sudbury clc- nirUnr KhooJ.. - ,.'; ome Of Mrs. Flora Dimlnp whei 2 members and three visitors at ended. Pflbf to the mission lesson laugh y Mrs. Leslie Moore, Mrs. Mar McAllister read and commented ipon the fourth chapter of Joh or the devotional and the song "Tl So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" was sung. Mrs. W. M. MeFarland presid din the brief business session, fouof est Interpreter I* 12 Year Old Youth LE HAVRE, (UP)—The your,g«, iffiolal interpreter in English an French Is 12-year-old Edwin Prain ust granted a license by thc.po ic3. Tha boy's father, who is Eng ith, is employed by n local i>ciro cum company and the boy^goes t i local school. During vacations he works as li :erpreter, going aboard the b liners as they react! port, Mdii American and otter English-speak ng tourists who do not understan French. It is an old belief that II person's teeth arc eel far ap< his or her life will be ous and happy one. you Your dogs can come to tb» table th perfect propriety, If they hap- n to be a pair ot the cute mod- B/fo Mostly Personal rnlsllc salt nnd pepper shaken; lade in canine form. These new little gadgets arc •Icky for breakfast, luncheon or ny other Informal meal table. They Miss Edson Blomcyer Is spending the weelc In West Memphis. Mrs. Joe Taylor ami son, Hotls, lsr-3iil the flrU of the week In Para! gould- They formerly llveil there, j L. L, Ward Is at the Memphis I Baptist hospital for treatment, [Ross Beavers accompanied him i there Tuesday night. I Tljj Rev. E. K. Latlmer will go | to Mempli'i tomorrow where he will lined Mrs Latlmer and children i who have been spending several i months In Augusta and other i|)oin[s of Georgia. They will be I fit home for the winter In the Iwme I of Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Knight. i Mrs. Bel! Rottrk Is a patient at i the Memphis St. Joseph hospital. i Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Leech have as their guest, Mrs. Leech's _father. Dr. ElffCIST HI D. Flint, of Orange, Cal" -™, ............ _ ...... ,.„,, Miss Mary Sattcrflcld returned »lka dotted or other figured china, i l ° hcr ho>1>c '» Memphis today by foil put the salt or pepper In thru ' p ' aae " tlcr vlsJtlng Mr. and Mrs. re very welcome in the children's ursery. They come lu the gayest! jut through lioles In the top ol I nccompanl-d Mr. and Mrs J. C. heir heads. In other words they Keli >' J r - of Wayne, Mich., who alt and iieppcr your food as they I "» ve ^en guests ol Mr. and Mrrs. tnnd on, their head* for you. I R - N - Ware J r -. for several days en! route to southern points tor a trip alration Army Branch RepUces Rum Speakeasy DETROIT, (UP) — Slnelng." of Swce't Adeline" has been replaced y "Throw Out the Ufa Line in ic building which once housed the Polar Bear-Club; In Ecorsc. I by airplane. Arthur Fatten and Harold Stern- bcrt; returned yesterday from a brief business trip to Llttli-ftock; Mrs. I. R. Johnson and Mrs. H. S. Davis, accompanied by Mrs. L. L. McDearman ot Luxora, are In Memphis for two days. Misses Mary Hallmark and Opal Says-She'll Work If Necessary; Calls Religious Difference Unimportant. By PAUL /HARRISON NEA Service Writer NEW HAVEN, Conn.—When John J. Raskob Jr., first began calling nt the Aaronson's modest apartment in an equally modest neighborhood here, it was 16-year-old Minerva who raced down the long stairs of the two-family house to admit him. But It was her elder sister, Esther, who received the financier's son and went with him to shows and college dances. If that sounds like the beginning of the "Cinderella romance" that some sensation-seekers refer to in connection with the recently announced engagement of young Raskob and Minerva Elaine Aaronson don't mention It to his fiancee. Her large dark eyes flash with indignation when she hears the story of how the "kid sister" of a poor Jewish family won the heart of a prince of fortune whose father h»d been knlght«d by the Pope. Even under the stress of a heated denial, she speaks hi a low, cul- tuiL-d voice: "There was nothing 'Cinderella' about It. That was years ago; he Just came to call a few times. Do you think I care whether he has any money? We're A federal padlock, placed on the j Powell, accompanied by Clem B»nc oor of tiio chil) building by n fed- ' and Lonso Holbrook, arc Memphis ral court order, after R liquor' '" ' ' ehjure, wus removed to permit the "Cinderella?-,pon't Be Sillyf both .working, aren't we? pcnlntj there of i ranch. Salvation Army Tooth Burns Barn to Play On Prison Team SAN QUENTIN, Slat:: Prison, allf., (UP) — Fiction has many ouths breaking into baseball parks and forcing the managers to let hem play on the team, but the rue experience of Jones Grant, 19, ndlnn, outrivals thorn. Grant burned a barn, confessed he crime and said his motive was o obtain a sentence to Sun Quen- In so that he might play on the prison baseball team. He ma do ;o"<l and today is n regular on the irlsoner's nine. Runaways From State School Killed by Train BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 25, (UP)—Two boysfi runaways from :hc state Industrial school at Roebuck, were killed early today near Quecntown by an Alabama Great Southern train. Bodies of Deal Warr,:n, 1C, of Veiclenburgh, and Robert K. Jen- tins, IB, of Huntsrillc, were found on the railroad right of way short ly after 2 a. m. The boys, both honor students at the school, were missed at the dinner hour yesterday. It was believed Ihcy fell asleep on thj track. visitors today. Virgil Applewhite, engineer In the television laboratories department of the Bell Telephone company, left today for New York after spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wilhelm.and family. Mr. Applewhite is a Blythe'ville boy, lav- Ing graduated from the city high school lu '25. He finished at'Mis- sissippi college, Clinton, In '29 afiB la now taking his M. A. degree In the University of New York aloni; tli his engineering work. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Wickham ave as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. O. Weaver, of Pixlcy, Cal. Mrs. Cecil Wroten will leave to- ght for Schcneclady, N. Y., where ,e will join Mr. Wrolen.who''hai en there since' Ills graduation om the University of Arkahsaf June. Before her marriage in the ring Mrs. Wroten was Miss Ba- eeta LangsUm, daughter of Mr. id Mrs. C. C. Lungston, with hom she has been for the sum- wr. Tlnks Hall of Osccola Is a busl- ess visitor In the city today. Mrs. P. E. Fox and Mrs. E. Ri ackson are In Memphis today. H. J. Klmbro of Joncsboro, dls- ict manager of the Southwestern. • Hospital Notes Mrs. C. R. Mobley, city, was nd- mltted to the Blythc\1)lc hospita and pntbnts dismissed were: Mary L. McLcod, Mrs- Early .Jackson both of this city, and Howard Staf fcr, of Hnyll. ALWAYS SLAVING "Do you believe In the old ndagi about marrying In hnste and re pcnting at leisure?" "No, I don't. Alter a man mar- a"pros[i(: rles he has no leisure."—Pclc Mele Paris. BRIDGE • Lueheon Meeting. '-TtD «nembefs o(-.,trie executive board of the WOTMI'S missionary ' «K*ety In the Pint Christian ' dwrch heM.Uie''usual m-'thly ywterday at the h'-ne ol I. c:"ZIft»-on':the M.-n,,'hls __ ,»y -wbeB-she had llu::: for lanchwin. '.--.. ' •'^lule enjojrog. the apprizing uatnu the wt>tMn.<'SUeusscd the n«- tkoai conretitiqt) to meet in WasV . iiaftoa,D. C., T 'Ui: October, and olh- .BV WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary Atncrlran llrldjt I x-A sue In, a recent duplicate contract uVriament, one player executed a ery ,nc»t squeeze play on the fol- wlng hand and was rewarded ith a. lone top score on the board. The actual bidding was South ne heart. W.tst doubled. North ook the bidding to four hearts and hen it came around to W.?st, he promptly doiibied. I'lmDorUB^ ii»5eypg of the Fl- OrJit Suodiy'" «*x* • class of the Mnt.'BkpUit cJwrcU'hM been call e4 : by the preafciect, Mn. J. H B*»rt, and .tether, Miss Lun» B WUJtelm, for ftWay.; afternoon a J:» o'clock a', the Church. ' Mtinbcn-.'af-ltbe St. Peter's Alta te>« - a'take ule Sat tbe O»tekr tto-e building -of the wo -iin.1iTr of th »t the S-O-I-9-'. • .NORTH S-K-4 H-K-10-8.7-6-3 - D-K-104 C—104 - EAST S-8-7'3-2 H-A-Q-H D-9-8-J C-0-3- . C-6-5-3 ... . The riajr .West, holding the ace and king of clubs,, opened the king. dumm> played Irje four, East gave an en c'ouraglng c.ard, the eight spot, dc cla^rcr 'played the three. West con tlnucd with the ace, dummy th ten,, East completed his echo b playing th; deuce, and declarer th five. West now shifts to the quee c'f spades which' the dummy wo with the king. A • small 'heart " "Religion doesn't matter. If our families don't object, we certainly shouldn't. We've scarcely even -talked about It. And It Isn't anybody's business, either." How Romance Becan John Haskob Jr., was a freshman at Yale when he first knew the Aaronsons. There was no romance between him and Esther, which she proved by marrying Bernard Kopkind, n lawyer and Yale graduate. Meanwhile, however, Minerva hadn't been moping in any chimney corners. Both she and her sister were as pretty and popular as any of the young society folk In town. Their father, the late Abraham S. Aaronson, had been a prominent New Haven lawyer, city attorney for Ansonla, and had served several terms as a slate representative. . Young Haskob was well along In his course in administrative'en- gineering at tlie Sheffield Scientific School when he began to go back to the apartment on tree-lined Sherman avenue, this- time to see Minerva. She had graduated fron New Hiiven High School in IM? vftis an expert stenographer and had gone to work in a brokerage iclglit, lithe and graceful, wit!) fair ' kin tanned by a summer eut-of- Uoors. Her hulr is brown, wavy and — * s "growing out" alter a bolj. gin wore a trim but conservative busl- tess dress, unornamentcd by Ra S _ :ob's fraternity pin, ami her ring inger did not bear the engagement solitaire which has become tire talk.' of New Haven. A five-carat square- cut stone must be a little cumber- ' some for a nimble-fingered typist. She lives with her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Aaronson, and her younger sister Helen, now 1C. There she has had plenty of op- ' portunily to learn the duties of ' domesticity, and perhaps hcr most heated resentment, was directed against the report that she didn't know how to cook. ._ "Nobody who ever came to my ' house said that," Minerva dcclar- ' ed. "I can cook, and pretty w!ll, too." Gear wheels that have withstood . two years of wear and a synthetic wood that is more durable llian teak have been made from corn'-' stalks at Iowa State College. An artist's sketch of Miss Minerva Aaronson, the-young'New. Haven, Conn., stenographer who Is engaged to marry John J. Haskob Jr. iell Telephone company, is altend- ng lo business here today. Dr. E. C. Thompson, 900, Weljt 4nln St., left last night for kan^ is City 'to be al Ihc bedside of Ills ather who had a stroke of paraly- Is Sunday. office. "Jake 'and Minerva" re-School Clinic Planned at Armorel The autumn round up, lor the ire-school pupils of Armorel will be leld nt that school Friday after- icon from 2 until 4 o'clock. Dr. A. M. Wnshburn, director ot he county health unit, will conduct he clinic for children of the sur- oundlng district assisted by Miss Saille Crow, nurse, nncl Dr. W. M. Owen, Armorel physician. Mrs. J. G. Manes Is president of he prc-scliool association and Mrs. Will Anderson, chairman of tlw autumn round up project. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY . TAKEN UP— On September 20th, two black horse-mules, welglit about 900 ye;irs. J. Bridge. pounds, nge 8 or 9 s. Tritmie at Vuxlco' 25P-K9 For awhile it was just the regular sort of college "case." There were dances nnd movies and fraternity parties. Campus friends knew them, always collectively, as "Jake and Minerva." Then there was the matter of Rnskob's fraternity pin, collegiate symbol of a betrothal,, though often a secret one, when accepted by a girl. , Anyway, the jewelled emblem of Theta Xi disappeared for a time from Raskob's keeping, and tocam- p'us gossipers the inference was obvious. Denials were issued by everybody concerned, but the romance prospered. Raskob brought saddle horses from ills father's estate In Maryland and the two often rode together. This last summer following his graduation, Miss Aaronson spent hcr two weeks' vacation at the Raskob home near Ceil ten 1 ille. •Publicity broke over them with bewildering suddenness when the engagement was formally announced. Both refused Interviews and even fled the city for a time. Back at her tyiwwrlter In the office ot Bonrdman and Company, Miss Aaronson's employers Interruptec business matters U> receive, and curtly dismiss, hcr many callers. "You'd think," she said, "that mi fiance, Instead of lit, father, hac a lot of money and was chalrmar of the National Democratic Committee. I'm trying to hold a job here, and I'm Interested In my work. I'm going to keep right on working until we're married. That may be in the spring and it may be a little later. Our plans can't be definite yet because Mr. Raskob has just started his new Job in Boston." As a matter of fact, Miss Aaronson implied that she may continue working after marriage. "I know lots of girls who do," she said, 'whether It's necessary or not. A girl who has worked for some time often finds that outside interests are necessary. "Money .wouldn't have anything to do witli il in my case, perhaps. But that story about having $2,000,000 settled on us is absurd, of course. We're going to live just like any other young couple. We wouldn't have It any oilier way." She Isn't quite dear about just what young Raskob is doing with the firm in Boston. "Why, it's some sort of position," she explain<pd, haltingly. rSomcthing • q.uile technical, I suppose.. He's an engineer, you know." •Their future place ol residence also Is on the indefinite list. II will be, she supposes, "Just a modest little place that we can afford. 1 Krhaps in Boston, or wherever Mr Haskob is employed. The differences In their family religious beliefs concern her no ....turn the months of-waiting into east and comfort Mrs. T. C. Emery, H. TTcstpott, M»i§ \vrltea: M I applied Mother's Friend due ln£ thft waltiop months. It relieved m of the l&teni'e pains. Each day 1 fe) Mronger. AVhon my baby came ther was so little discomfort, it waa all ore before I realized it." Mtlber'i Frind Lttuiu the P*i* The prescription of aa eminent obstetrician and praised by countless thou Fanda for over CO years—the. marrelou lletkcr'a Frlesd— externally applied — brings eaie and comfort! Do try It tonight. At all rood drar stores. Malt t»a*» todar f»r tkl> Imtemtlnz *ad helpful b«iklet fa* lraaa>M~C^.7itak~lijl*aa*a. Ca7~~ PlraM tend me FKKE and post paid (in plain envelope) your 21-rj*ge iilui- tr*t«l book in coT&ra—-"Things to Know Before B*by Cornel." t all, said Miss Aaronson. "That something that must be dcter- ilned by the feeling in one's heart. iVhen people dared to talk about n 'Abie's Irish Rose' affair, we carcely knew what they meant, or there never has been a bit of riction on that score. "We haven't talked about it, nor voided tlie subject 'either. It just .oesn't- count, especially when our cople have been so nice. My mo- her announced the engagement and Mr. Raskob sr., approved it. "Everybody wants to know what :ind ol a ceremony we will have. really don't know, and I certain- y don't care." Miss Aaronson Is of medium CHICKEN DINNER SAT. SEPT. 27lh. Given By The WOMAN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY Of The LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH In The Building Formerly Occupied By The Bootcrjr.., . FORCED DOWN SCANTY MEALS Black-Draught benefited Kern*-' tucky Mitn Who Had Been 'In Poor Health. GEORGETOWN, KY.-Bei:=vln S hat an account ol his experience night be ol astislancc la iKople. uffering from complaints which'. Black-Draiujht should relieve. Mr. j. E. Penn, 115 Stone Ave., this illy says: "In regard to Black-Drausht, I \ant It known what it has done- or me and how thankful I am.-' "For several years, I hr.d been ' n poor health. I c:u!ci not eaf-' ind did not relish the small amount- of food I managcil to force down, I had no energy, w:is lircd all the lime, aiso troubled with constipation. I fell off in vvclght from 187 to 145 pounds. "I was telling a friend of mine now I felt, and IK tolil me h: had been in the same fix and udvised md to try Black-Drausht. This I did, and you do not know how much better I feel in every way. I can cat three square menls :•. day. I feel liko a man 30 yca;-s o!d instead of (SO." This well-known medicine has been in use nearly 100 ycirs, and Its popularity is constantly increasing, as growing sales clearly' prove. Costs only 1 cent a dose. 1 ' Jar Constipation, Indigestion. Biliousness Street •r R. r. D.. cclarcr wins with the hirer now plays ' the queen o carts. West discarding the scvr f diamonds, dummy played th our of hearts and East th: fi\ pot. his last heart. Declarer now ruffs the six lubs In the dummy with the scvc f hearts. The eight of hearts returned from tin dummy, Ea ilseardlng a diamond, declarer wii ilng with the jack, West dlscardli he Jack of clubs. Declarer no cads the deuce of diamonds. We wins with the aco, dummy playli he four and East the eight spo West returns the queen of dla- nonds. which the dummy wins with the king. Declarer now takes two rounds of hearts from dummy, following his own hand with tho deuce of hearts nnd discarding the five diamonds. On the first heart. West discards the Eix of spades BIT* on Ihc second heart he is rqucozcd. If h? discards the Jack ot diamonds, the ten will be good In dummy. If he discard.-) the nine of spades, bolh spades In declarers hand will be good. By refusing to ruff the spades, and depending upon the squeeze play, the declarer made his contract of .four'hearts doubled. . Even if West shifts to the queen o.t.spades at trick two intteart ot continuing with his ace of clubs. Extra Inrgc conts lor ladies, sizes 44 to 50 worth regularly $0.50—our price while they last J2.48. Freeman's Sample Shoe Store nest door to the Grand Leader. 24pk26 thenilcd'from dummy, which thc-it would not stop tin squeeze play.' win be yours through the intelligent and scientific use of our' Mdrinelh FACIAL Tissue Cream Cleansing Cream Blemish Remover Astringent Powder Rouge Mrs. -MeAdams' Beauty Shop 104 S. First—Phone 2SS Miss Loltte BelT Pntliam, : Knoxvlllci Trnn.i wrftcsi "Hj *pprtit« trot poor. I hid lotl tceigkt— .ami nrmwj mud comtd not tleep ireM «l ni(hl. In mf nnftotcn ccAuiitio* even my Jotnf* ached. I took terra Urf« s*M bottle* o/ S.S.5. It freally improved my conafirion* Jtfy appetite picked np> My iretfh< >r«< rc- ttorrd fnd I now /eel f\nt —in l*«, I /ert Kke * nnc person. S-S-S. It m tplenJid blow! tonic mnd I recommend it to my friendt, Hy mother tlto tooti * * S. *nd it renewed tier, tlrenglh." S.S.S. is the Tonic that i* daily helping thousand* of weak, rnndowTi, nervous .people regain their strength and cfaami . 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STRAPS I'UMl'S Tll-;s HARMON'IZING HOSIERY Sl.lo §2 "BUY ON OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN" The FASHION • WHERE' YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORI-

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