The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1938
Page 5
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SATU11DAY,'Al'HJL 23, 1938 JjLYTllttVlLLE "(ARK.)' COUKlUlt NBW8 WHERE BUYER ANP CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line I0c Two times per lino per day .,,08c Vhrcc times per line per ciay ..Otic Six times ner line per day 05c Monti) rate per line ODc Carts of Thanks SOc & 75c Miiiitniini charge 50u Ads ordered for three or :> i x (line:; and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Wlvcrlisiiif; ropy submitted by persons residing out- fldc of Hi wily must bo accompanied by rash. JJjitc;; may l>o easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions lakes tlic olio time rate. No responsibility will n« taken for more (linn one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. business Directory Harry Hailc.v's CURVE IN CAFE (;««d Food at Good I'ricis FRESH RBKLFOO'l' Crappie EXl'EKT AUTO UEI'AIKS Oarage 'operated by Fioyii Kargett Cigiirctlcs 2 for 2!ic HARRY BAILEY'S Hoi hi nl. Mo. I'liones 5-T-l &• 873 Slioc Repairing Personal PAGE FiVl Quality Shoe Shop MiW SAJH'U; .SHOES Kveryllilng For Your Shot-B IMionu 120 I-'rc " " Aulo L'm-ls USED AUTO PARTS Fur jKirby's Active Liver Pills ! Arouse Sluggish Livers [ Uiuilachre. Aclir* Liver ['ilia gv*t >l tfcr | uiaKo y uu ?eH H«w a new pi>r«ua. Kid 'our >rBli>Jil of lurgjlui toiioat .rllh Atliif Liter I'llls. IhriuldBI, Jmlll. Hold >t ill Klrliy Dm. Ijiuri-. City Auto Parts Co. No\l (o Bus Station Call SI I Real Estate Room and Board .. lo Cialvoslon island fish- erninn who have oteerral heavy vims o( nmckoirl In UK- ciuir of Mexico. 'I'lio mackerel iven- i-arller In arriving this season than in several years, island residents are preparing for lln- uumml "ii|i)iisli Day' 1 celebration murkliu; Uic olll- i-lal opening of Hie resort .season, ScnU-tiwd to Cliurrli >', Wash, i UP) —A lii'ro MILS been si-n- to regular elunvh ultciul- on an assunlt eouvlctlon. The! aiTcsti'd hl-s UCUNSKI) HKA1, KSTATH UKOKKUSJ — We li..:( faun inul city Properly. It' yon would be a buyer ur a seller, set T K K K V AHSTOACT & RIJAI-TV CO. Phono on KJ-'ASaVAKI.U ilATKS. Mrs. W. \V. Hollini'li'r, I'hone !HO. lll'i W. Walnut. -.'O-pk-27 Room anil lv:u;l. IKKJ We:-t phone 151, n-ck-fj-lL! Nicely lumiMica rooms. Board II desired. Phono B0'2. 112 E. Clier- !3-ck-4-28 For Sale CHtiAl'—Automatic Ucko I. IB lit Plant, will! all equipment. Good ratulitlon. J. A. B:»ae, Manila. 22-|)k-29 lil<iudU' llcd.x. Hueks. Leghorns ol-,'. ic:-$(i,ot). Heavy assorted— $5.CO. 1'rcimid live delivery. Central Hatchery. Jcllei.son City. Mo. WE"BUY~POULTRY~ IliS'i^l .Muikel I'rlrrs Paid. .1. W. A100RK ^2-1 E. Main SI. J-'OK SALE— R'V Kentucky. 1'ief.y (i room collage willi hardwood HOOTS. Beautiful lot. Small down payment and $22,50 per month for tnliincc. Will rent, for 530.00. Thomas Land Cu. Batteries BATTER'S! SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone H at Tom Jackson's Cotlon Seed Several Hundred tushcls LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 liu&liels DELSTA BEANS also a lot of D.P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED Theao colion seed srcrr Bimitd on our own privalc gin. Nol a bale of any oilier cotton ginncil on this Cin but Iliis cue variety, ; C. F. TUCKER Used Furiiiiure AVK IUJY '&~SEu; USED FURNITURE BUY NOW - - PAY NEXT If ALL HUBBARD Znil HninJ Furniture Next to GolT Hotel Jai'Bain in properly. T\vu-.story residcnco and totlage at 101 E. Sycamore. With .sonic improvements will rent lor S40.CO month. Price S!503.0:'-$.')00 cash per- month. block, 1 linusc.s and vacant mr- ncr lot. Price S^OOO on terms. 'riiiu)ii:> Land Comjxuiy. MV HUM!-: mid extra lot. 100 fl. Cronliige. On Highway IB jiisl oiittdo city limits. City \vnt c-r nnc iiuhts. A real bargain. Apply Mi: Highway 18 West. Between "Gateway and Moore Bios. 22-pk-2C ONE EXTHA G 0 O I) J .t K It S E Y COW and calf. Delta Implement; Inc.. Phonr W.i. 20-ck-tl Poultry Glass Model Shows Oil Refining Process TU1.S.A. Oklii. lUI'l—A coiniihtc •nortol of a modern oil refinury, •nade of (>l«ss. will uc on oxhibllion it the Jnteinaiional Hetrolcinn Ex- The yln:;s inoclil. wliich will cn- il'lc exposition visitors (o watch lie oiii-raticii of u typical refiner,'. s o feet high ami 20 feel, long. "t lias l.ven !ent to the exposition iv tlie Cliitasjo Museum of Science .nil Industry. Mackerel Run Starts Early In Gulf Waters OALVHS'I ON. 'lex. (UPI—311111- lu-r is only a tew days distant..' c 'ive.slom> TIRES 25- OFF WITH Arian Auto Parts 1S8 K. Slain Phone I1G SCREEN WORK AT A KAVINI'I Hi-lulling & New .Si-ra-iK MADK FOB ALL PURPOSES Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone.. 10 YARD Sand & Gravel I'lionc 7UII ELECTRIC A ACETYLENfc WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, COTTON SKKD I), P. & //. - 11A Carefully Selected HcHi-atrd liciiniiiallini 'J'csl.f W In lilt)!*. \ proihnii-il uvcr Hale an i\cn> on pour land. 1 /;i!;tranli'o Ilils xcc<l as Kund us tho besl obtainable. A. l'\ MKTKWH SEED \\V lisive on liawl for wilo or 1 1 u<Ii-. lor oilier products, Beans •- -Laredo, Deism, Muminolh ISrown. Wilton and Vivulnjn Urnwii. I'ens— WUlps nud New Km. l.(-K])«k7;i ~ Korean, Colton Si-etl--l>. I'. I,. 11-A mill Otuiwvllle -l-A. will sell for or iriuli- with you lor oilier kind:, of Ix'aiii ui cotton oi'ed. I. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tit. 1I-K.3, Viubrci. C'ultini, t'ulltm Si-i-il dial Prima Donna HORIZONTAL I. 10 Present- day diva lik'lurvd here. D Province ot Diilish Iiulin. I 'I Toward sea. 1 5 Strong vegolaule. ICi To adinil. 17 Gibbon. Ill Her role in "KifioMlo." ID To obtain. "0 Is undecided Antjwrr l» Previous Puitle 13 Southwest. 1 2flSh« is a Fixtures & Appliances JGxpcrt "Tin- Complete Kin-trim) SI ore" 110 Sn. ilncl I'lionc :ill Now Located at J01 Notlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EUW.tUOS, ProprlcH* Calculators—Repairing—vans— millions make* of Rebuilt Typewrite™, Adding Mnclilnn n.l C'alciilalori—I;C]I;I||IIIK—I'iiris—Ki ESCEHT mmi CLUB Floor Show Every Night , i\\it\\ '^ 111 Slarliiu; HUM Tin: IKWII: or L'O(U> llnl I'H llarlii'i'iR 1 , Klei'li'li- ('oulu-il Sli-aUs, I'cU'il Chii'ld'n iS Acts — 2 Shows Nightly— 15 Acts .Music by (irnrgr Ford's "All- Iti'iliK'Sl" llanil t'uvt'r (.'liiii'K'' ~5c Jin 1 [H'lsun Km IlcsiTvaliiins I'ull Hol- lanil 17— llig<liway til, Hul- lanil, Mu. To si-allcr. child HI Pussy. :t3 Wialh. U Quid, •l-l To elide. •15 Sounds ot MJITOW. SIllerU. 03 Sound i)[ 31 Horse (oitnvl. pleasure. 5 Morass. ISA United Greek. 37 Type o( 55 She was born 1 Moon valley, tlici-ry. in —_ .ailcscrved. 38 llajuh's wilt;. Fiance. 'J Data. 39 Like-. 50 She has 10 Heathen. Kahuxl H Above. volt '- fimic in llSliort Idler. ZlSlreet. 23 Derived'from ivy. M She hiis slarred in -— - pictures also, 26 Stone \vorker 28 Silkworm. 29 Resolution. 31 Group ot botlles In s America. chesl ' vi.-HTir.Ai 3"Kvcry. >t.KTIQ.M, 35 southeast. I Musical nolc, M Perhaps. ^ Small island. 'tSTallei- KXliin. .'*9 In llie-style of •I Ciurdeii courts ' 12 Queen of heaven, •lit Valley. •H Membranous bag. •15 Writing tool 48 Call lor hc\p. •VI Within. 48 Pronoun, nt) Dry. KY V. T. HAMLIN Dance liull and uccr parlor on Highway Cl. Doing good business. E. B. Chitwood. 12-pk-5-12 (i muni wliite stucco house. 512 No 1st, Call Quality Elioc Shoi), 120. II. li. Caiuiibe.ll. 5-ck-ll I EASY TERMS un used FrigUi- uitcf. AInytaif Waslicrs, Dclco lithl plants & rallies. E. E. Gee Sales Co. Tailors Let us moth-proo; your clothes closets & living room suites. Guaranteed protection 1 year. ,\fn- nltc process. Band Box "cleaners I'lionc ni. ;io-ek--i-30 HEEJ) COKiV. SOYBKANS w!" 6! REEVES Su. H. H. 31. Ul.vtiirvillr, Ark. Piano Tuuing I'ianos tuned and repaired. Call O'corgc Ford at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. II an! \vaiv I'M'il l.aivil Mowri-s si'.:,u U |i I'^cil (lil Slnvcs S2.f,n op I/srd (lit Cnnl< Stoves $2.511 up X'icil Hic.vclrs S 1.30 »i> All ill Fiiir Cuntlilion SHOUSE-HENRY 1IAHUWA11E CO. Jly Coal Is Illai-k lint I Treat Voi, \vhilc ICE Jflhn Buchanan Wyllicvillr, Ark. I'liunc 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Shari>m«I & Kcpaircd Biy. Machine Shop tlo. 2n<l. t'lioiii; BOS HUJ-—Soybeans—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cou-s And Tractor Wort;. Sec W. L. Tale, Armorcl. Ark. .Beans . . . Seed liAHEnb IUCANS DKLSTA 1JEANS Plenty io Supply Voiir Needs! Delia Iinploini.-iil,, Inc. Call «H2 For Rnnt Kintiicky. IMinne (1(13. TWO nJHM.SHli icnl. '107 So. Franklin. Phono fill-J. Mrs. Trd Green. 23-ck-tf I'OK UKNT— •> 5tdiy K room residence on two conicr lots on Abh St. Residence newly decorated. Ciarden. fruit, oiilliuiWiiigs etc ilonl. 53D.CC. TliHiiiiis l^iiid (•„. SJ-ch-25 ;{ nn'in uufuniisljis) aparliiifiil. 700 W. Walnut. Miss Eliso xioorc NiiTly liiini:i|ii'il lifdianin. Inncr- K|jrinj: iiiiiltrc.v;. Wits Jfall. phone -^•_ 18-ck-tf 1 . Aiiai'lmciil Ingrain Uuildliifr. In- Cjiiiic ParkhursL Co. -1-ck-tr 'i or .<, furnished rooms, a !M4 Hearn. aiodem 3 room apaiinicnl. Newly decorated. Unfiirnishcri. Corner Main >>c 2nd. K bimon. phone "ti4. U-ck-5-2 Store and resident: combined. Moilrrn coin-cni?ii«-s. Near !'«c- 1'iry. i,. Fuv.lcr, Jjlvtlu-villc Motor Co. j^ill 88B. 30-ck-lf 120 acres land, lour Houses and barn, in Half Moon community. II ,-KVCS of .-'.ir.ilfa. fa'cc Karl Makers Uell. Arkansas. a4-)ik-4-2-l Comfortable bedroom, 1017 Walnut, Call 182. 18-ck-U Hatchery Baby Chichs PUBLIC H ATC H I K O. MarUyn Hatchery. Ulytheviltc, Ark., Il.W. til North. Plwnc 71;'. Wauled Qliiil.', >V Blanket* thundered 0' for $1 Buchanan's (Iruoer.v Wo, Uislt'.vay 31 Call 701) To Buy S2.1CO Wnrlh (if USK1) J-'UIJM'J'UKK All Alnlies Ifnriios Kcpaircd \VADH I-UK.MTURIi CO. \'t VI. main rbonc 153 Wauled To Rent x rrs5^ERwe GOULV, XEVERYTHING WHAT A \ DOWMTH' , VALLEY IM (COMIM6RISH1 PROMT OF \ STRAIGHT IT' I FBOM ISM'T JT TeRRIBLE « JUST LOOK AT DEBRIS COMIHG DOWM OM TH 1 ( ITS A MESS .... WATEUS.' ^ A!_L RIGHT.' ' SAV, ISM'T THAI SOMEOWE | HASIGIW' OW ) •?••/( THAT IR&E / OOOLA AMD HER MCOVIAW , £MCAMPED OKI HIGH GROUND, AWAIT PASSAGE OF THE TORM BOOTS AND HElmjDDIES IJY KDGAR MARTIN WASH TUBBS 15Y ROY CRANE PEAR, WASH AWF'LY CLEVEC OUT-SMARTED TH/ST SLAUGHTER AND THEN..,." WELL7"TlrTn ONLY TEOUB1-E IS THAT VOUR PAPA DOESN'T FOR THE T OH.WAWIE! FUTURE.SWEET. BIG aAws. GUUUABOY A CUTE LITTLE BUM6AION GPEEN SHUTTERS A.V1' A ROSE GARDEK WE DOUE.CAROI. BE£KJ fOR ' YOU. I JUST ( GCULDKIT FAIL. I DC-KMT REALIZE WAT K BW5 N^W YOU ARE. Be EVEW A B'-GGER SWXES'i, SPRIW6. THE B1EDIES AUD -1/, J - -;— --^ •-'' '\ •-• f, •-•-: f^l^^/^-s^fl^lS^^SHS ^''((ittKi . .-:.'>'' COPR.V»39BY'sW^eRVI(iEflf^' i; f.iil" FKi:CKl,K« ANI) HIS KRIKNDS 'Hit- fireeii-Kyc-d Mtm.stt HY MERRILL BLOSSEU IK Lam! For Ke 00 ,\CKt;s. conlracl. lo party. Delia lO-yk-i'S : Plio'nc B03. II give liberal mil .'i years lo iit!il linpleincnUs. Inc.. 20-ck-tf - fOCUS OUR ATTEMTOJ FOR A VOMENT OM p, WAYMAM- 1 HAVEN'T jF.KM FRECKLES FOR TWO DAYS' KMOW WHY; A GAL MAMEO SUE EMERSOM MAG HIM IN TOW ! HE'LL PROBABLY LET (XDWN EASV/ PWbtD ll r HE CALLS YOU UP , AND SAYS ME CAM'T SCE YOU CM ACCOUMT Or A COMMITTF.e ML-ETI.MG ! SHE'LL JlJNC--YOU'RE WANTED OK PHOME: .' i "WINK ITS FRKKLES/ I STARTED To TELL. HER ABOUT A COMMIT TCE MEETiMG, AMD THAT'S A5 FAR? AS i eon SHE—i S( J E HUNG UP/ V

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