The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1944
Page 4
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FAGS FOUR COURIER WEW8 "THEBIA'THEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W, HAINES, PublUhw SAMUEL F. NORRUi, Editor - JAME8 A. OATENB, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: ,-. Wallace Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago, De•-' ticlt, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Ertry AIt«rnpo» Except Bunwy - Entered as second closa matter at th« pojt- ; office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act oj Con. .- great, October 9, 1917. - Served by the United Pies* "' SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the city o! Blythevtlle, Ko per - week, or 85o /-tr month. By mall, within a radius ot 40 miles, K<x> per . year, »?,00 for six months, fl.oo for three month*: jy mail outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year - payable in advance. : -You Can Hear the Next War Coming Keep your curs open when yuii rend the next story -about buzz-bombs stvik- 1 ing London, Fan's, or Antwerp. Keep . your oars open and you'll hear (lie sinister motor-sounds of V-10 heading for . New York, Chicago, Denver and Oe; troit. V-10 exists today as surely as the 8-cylinder Cadillac existed wliBii the Kissel Kar was king ol' tlie road. It - may have taken considerable German - skill to develop Ihe robot bomb which could be launched by one man from a land platform, airplane,, or boat-deck; . which could fly 300 miles or so and blast a city block and its inhabitants :, into oblivion. Rut it won't take much - German skill at all to improve Dial V-l to the point where it w.ill fly not 300 miles but 3,000. H is just a question of - more fuel capacity and—smack 1—thove • 'goes the. corner of Main Street and Vine. Don't he deceived by the fact that 1 the robot bomb is not winning this war. It wasn't supposed lo. It's in an .V experimental phase now and Euglnnd is not its ultimate target. America is, "• and for the best of military reasons. Germany lost the first war because it didn't think America would fight. America got in the fight at the end • and Germany lost. Germany is losing this war for precisely the same reason. Therefore, to the coldly calculating mind of any Germany strategist there is just one simple answer: knock out America first. Destroy American production and American \vUl-lo-fighl before America knows there's a war on. That's the purpose of the bur/, bomb. Twenty years hence or maybe thirty, .. we'll be sitting around our television sets watching the World Series and paying DO more jiUcntion to Germany than we paid to it in 1914 or in 1930. At that moment 10,000 German fingers will touch off 10,000 German robot bombs. A few minutes later, those Americans who remain alive will know two things. They'll know that Germany has declared war on the United States. And they'll know that the United States has lost the war in the same instant. Then, with America out ' of the picture, Germany can proceed ^cQm.fpr^bjyhand safely to fight the ''Kmjljotj^voHdAvar that she can win. ll l you're not sure how you woidd like such n war, glance at the nearest child and consider how it would look a quarter of a century hence as an adult smashed in one furious German insiant .. to a pulp. Think this over before yon , deckle how much of Germany's indns- • try, how much of Germany's General Staff, how much of Germany's aggressive spirit you'd like to leave alive when this war is over. . Vic cannot realistically expect the military position of China lo improve very much until China w-liis her battles of production nnrt supply. —Donald M. Nelson at Chungking. Unfinished Business Tho prc.soiil incoiK'ltisivo .sl<i|>i>ii)K point of the Ppiirl Harbor investign- lion should not end tin; matter, as some have siijjgeslcil. Wo accept Ihc decision of the War and Navy Secretaries (awl the opinion of one of ihc principals of (he investitfsilioiv, Maj.(,'en, \V«Ucr C. Short) thai national security in'uvonts full disclosure of Die findings while tlic war continues. But the pilule .should not «ceepl anything rosomWtns a whitewash. General Short and Rom' Admiral Htisbniul E. Kimmel are neither accused nor exonerated, as things stand. Sec re- 1,'ir.v Stimson has conceded thfit there were errors in Washington as welt an Pearl Harbor In connection with the attack. There i« reason to believe that present evidence and information mit'lit reach a considerably different conclusion from Unit contained in the Roberts report. Jhich water has none over the dam sinco Pearl Harbor, and the war is still far from over. H might be easy (o forget tin's investigation. Hut we cannot forget that some 3000 of our Army ami Navy men wen: killed on Dec. 1, 194). That is reason enough lo insist on an eventual telling of the full and (rue story of Tear! Harbor. 'Bungling and Confusion?' The National Park Service, Department of, the Interior, has issued a "concession lacililies" schedule for the winter season in our national playgrounds. Golf, riding, hot .springs, beautiful scenery, rooms and meals—the parks have 'em all, ready for the customers. The Petroleum Administration, Department of the. Interior, keeps telling us to shun all pleasure driving and save gas. Head of (he Department of the Interior, including the park awl petroleum branches? Secretary Harold L. Mr. Ickqs recently told the C. I, 0. convention that we really don't have unity in Hits conchy. If he, was thinking of the Department of the'Interior as he spoke, lie wasn't kidding. Solution Broadway's latest hit play is "Harvey." The (illu part is taken by a six- foot-one white rabbit who never appears on the slage. We'll bet Harvey knows where nil (he cigarets have gone. •SO THEY SAY When the bomb storage nft exploded, 1 wns thrown tint on tin; deck niul felt a burning sensation. Then 1 looked down nnd saw n foot on the deck. U was my own right foot, completely severed but. for a tendon.— Capt.- Jolm M. I!o;>- kius, nil-craft carrier Princeton survivor. • • • I,el us rebuild o\ir power. This is rrom now on the chief iiim of Frnncc.— Cicn. Chnrles de Gaulle. The atlvantniw o! Ihc V-2 U that il cannot he nttiirked from the ground nor from the ntr. The visible part of the trail Ls only iu the be- Climlne and yen,' short.— Berlin broadcast. » » * So revolting ami dlabolicnl arc Ihe German atrocities Hint (lie mlmls, ot civilized people find it difficult to believe that they have actually taken place.— U. S. Wnr Refugee Hoard. *• • « It is (he total community which educates, and the school V.nd the home must cooperate with nil other community agencies in achieving n solidarity of standards for growing up-Dr Edwin R. Van Klcock. New York state Education Comnitelon. MONDAY, DECEMBER u, SIDI GLANCES com, iw ay IHA s _i. w, aig.u. 5 . r « T of , ©1944 BY NEA"SERVICE,INC. "Oh, I'll lisk'ii lo wlial you say was my fulher's favorilo bedlimc .story it you' in'sisl, bill I'd mild) rather lieur * food gang 11 HIr<icr story (lull's due rnjhl now!" THIS CUR30US WORLD IN HAWAII, IS THE WORLD'S" MOUNTAIN... OCEAN FLOOR, FROA\ WHICH It RISESTOAHEt&Hr OF ASOUf r ''A PERSON GW LIVE ON THE 2ISF FOODS AMD STItL BE DOWN INTHE DUWRS," RICHARDS. LESS-IE, IN I&40, THE EXPLORER TTJAN ignored (he riders, and carefully boosting himself, stood up on )u's fcei. Wilh one hand outstretched he maintained his balance and took his first small steps, pulling his feet down as though the ground came up to jneel Ihcm and crowing wilh de\ lighted pride in his accomplish. ! inent. His mother must have set the wator-pot down upon her robe's hem, for as she rose hastily the half r emplied vessel fell over, spilling its sweet water on (lie loose brown earth she had been working around the roots of the newly planted acacia. With that sweet little stagger that is Ihc prerequisite ,pf very young legs obeying the command to walk, the baby readied the water whore the acacia and the earth drank slowly. His fat little legs seemed to collapse beneath. him and he sat down with the rase of one accustomed lo suc-h phenomena. The water squeezed from under him antl drew together in a puddle nnd Dan disregarded Ihe reproof and patted it approvingly. Michal saw him without seeming to look at him, then shul him from her mind determinedly as she turned to face the men "who stood with drawn swords in the center of her courtyard. Her lovely face was serene and belied Ihe wild fear wilhin that echoed Joel's reproaches of the past months. Drusus, the leader, was no stranger to her and it was to him that she addressed herself. "Why hast thou come with witnesses to call upon me?" IS ,we,M ARE BELIEVED TO HAVE SERVED THE FIRST A\E4L OF PORK EVER EATEN I NJ TH1 S CO U N TRY, I M \VH AT IS NOW GEORGIA. N'GXT: Love pals Hint can be heard miles away! "T)ie Massacre o/ (lie Innocents" by Gtislavc Core. "It is Herod's command that all male children of two years ami under, shall be slain by the swortl." as he was wilh the -*• slender figure before him, yet Ihe Roman captain had been hailed by the dear grace ot her, and if his followers had crowded closer to view her lips that were redder than the reddest seeds of pomegranates from Ascalon, he would have understood their eagcrnoss. Now he hesitated and his men awaited his command uncertainly, for this was not the way they had ridden into olher courtyards. Drusiis was thinking how little motherhood had changed her who was Joel's wife and realized then that he should have taken more interest in the child. True, his his somber glance nnd ricitculcd Hie king's murder of his sons. He had no time now for the familiar teasing that had kept him loping all llii>se years that she vas not as good as he knew her .0 be. H was ;i hope that had told ilm that if it would bo to bear his child (hat she became less slim -.nd lovely, he would not vide away to war as when she carried the child who sat yonder in the mud. "Wilt tho,n enter thy dwelling?" he asked coldly, wondering if Joel's child could be lost to her without p.iin. "That thou mayest slaughter my child?" ller alarm did not slip the guard of love that permitted her thousand times her sisier had written him of Michal's j '- cilrt llad sun fi "'"^ £on ''.' b , llt that In Holly wood to HV liKSlUN'K JOHNSON NT';V Staff Correspondent Tlic pirate sloop "Barracuda" put "sea" today on a railroad track .iiul ngnlnsl n movable sky a couple nf huskies pulled up and down like a window shade for Hollywood's techni:olor sea epic of the yenr. "The Spanish Main." At the helm, surrounded by " sroup of 'Hollywood's best stunt men dressed as pirutcs. was Paul Henrsid. that bold sen rover, with Maureen O'Hara clutched in his arms. Two gentlemen you seldom rend about — Jack Lnnnan and Reaves "Hrcezy" liason— stood behind the camera and beamed approval. "Breezy" is Hollywood's No .1 director of thrills; Lannan is Hollywood's No. 1 jack of all tricks. "Breezy" has been directing celluloid thrills ever since lie staged the clmrioi nice ill "Ben Hur" back tn 1!«5, the charge in "The Charge «f the UelU Brigade." tin- bast scenes in "Robin Hood." Breezy dhecls the stunt men He is n big fellow who startles people when he lights a match by scratching ii on his teeth. Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople Out Our Way By J,. R"Williams DO LOOK PLENVW ROBUST PER 7H 1 LIFE OF ME I CANT UNDERSTAND. HOW A PEE- X'JEE LI HE VOU C^»^) THROW A HUSK. LIK.E ME' THREE TIMES HAMD RUMMIM' 8ER3RE I CAN E^'EM GIT A GOOD HOLT ON OH, I READ A BOOK. OMTHE SUBJECT THAT HE READ TH' EOOK WHEW YOU READ AT TH 1 SUBJECT VOL) WAS EA1IM' FOPCCRSJ LISTEMW TOTH' R-VDIO ' C ORI TONV-"- IT COT6 (O TME Q0|0< To THINK I'VE FATTENED THE FOWL ON.'LV TO SEMTEMCe HIM O Hie, DOOMf~UM(E\JEM eiBLET GRKMV LOSES ITS APPEAL VlWEtJ WE AT fte 60 X SEfOTlMEMTALLV/ REPERSTO&RAVV.I WJLD HE TASTE " x v COULD TOTE HIM fW/A,V EF YOU WFOUT AM' 8ALAMCIM' AM ASH TRAV ON ONE TOE _ HUNSR.V TODA,V 7HS COMCEMTBATOP UK'S TVI'EI) lie would prefer to direct straight ainu—his "Give Me Liberty" historical short won an Academy Award—but the "Ben Hur" chariot race Ivpcxi ; him a.s a master of thrills. The famous chariot, race, he ad- mittcd, \va.s an easy chore. "I jus! hired some of (he best cowboys in the business, let them practice driving chariots, and when \\e were ready, I put up $500 for tlic first one across the line. Seven chariots i>i!«l tin in (lie rush but no one go| hurt." There will be plenty of thrills in "The Spanish Main." Pirates slugging it nut, chnsing each other In the ship's rK'giii". II is Breezy's job to mnlti! il look excitingly real. All of when reminded producer EJob Fello-.vs of Ihe time vc.irs ago when hn -,\iis assistant director and ivorkim; on nil Indian picture for producer Sol Wurtzcl. Wurlzcl com- plahii*:! thiU some; scalping scenes were no! exciting enough. .So Fellows ;UK| Hie director got their heads t«gcthrr. The next mornitt; when Wiirtzcl was looking at Ihe lushes, he suddenly lost his break- With the ai ( | nf some chocolate syrup which photographed like bleed, nmi a special toupee, one of the Indians scalped Ihc hero. But to got '.rack to "Tlie Spanish Main," Jack Lannan said he was having his (roubles. For instance, the wafer which has to be shot over (ho decks of the "Barracuda" in a storm srcne and water spouts from cannon balls landing alongside the ship, jack hod to rtyc the water blue, with ordinary bluing, because of technicolor. For the waterspouts, he built a cannon - like affair operated by electricity which shoota water straight up simply by pressing a bulton. SV.VTHKTIC SOtnVKSTKKN And there's the wind. He hns to fill out the sails with air blown through huge canvas pipes, and still not static the dinlos on the decks below. One scene which called (or a red- hot, cannon ball lo roll across Ihe deck an;! Ignite n bag of powder, blowing two pirates straight up in the nlr. Jnck had !o Use .1 real red-hot cannon ball which would leave a burning trail on iho wooden deck. The explosion was from harmless flashlight powder, and tho pirates were "blown skyward with tlie help of ropes and piano wire. pregnancy and he had purposely slnycil away, not wishing to see her grow heavy and slow who had been so quick upon her liltle feet. Suice his .return he had again become the slighlly niktar cidus admirer of former days nnd the infant had been a cradled nonentity. He could not even recall ils sex. Michal's low nnd calm voice broke in on his reflections and he faced her unhappily. "It is Herod's order," he said shortly. "It is his command that all male children, of two years and under, shall be slain by flic sword." "But why such sudden ,-ifl'ec- ; tion for Ihe sons of olhcrs?" ; Michal spoke in Ins own language and the impatient soldiers noliccd no change in her voice, and saw that she gave no glance toward her child. "Has he not Ktill the sons of Doris and ilaHliacc lo lavish his love upon? Surely it was not to the sons ot Miriam that he gave his all?" Her voice heart was not a careless girl's heart no matter what Joel might believe. "Iviiehal," he protested in her own tongue, "these men will no delay for long. Thy child is only anolher Ileb'rcw 'to diem." •i * CTILI. she did nol look at tin child, her head lifted proudl; and the lie on her lips was as gra ciotis as though her heart wen not burning with auger and fear Tier words v.'ere distinct in th Ron:sn tongue. (Surely it was iu this occasion Adonai had v.'illc her destiny wilK Jonathan an his Roman friends?) Precise an clear, her words carried to t!' soldiery, "Thou knowest our cus torn, how we plant a cedar for son, an acacia for llic birth of daughter." Behind a juniper tree lit wit white bloom:;, the sky was re where the sun was setting beyor 'he sea horizon. The captain v.'a suddenly sickened of his obarg under Herod. The blood of ha was mocking and laughter shone in her gold-flecked eyes as they met many lives as pure as the junip bloom had stained the soil lphcm as red as ihc flagrant nsct? The heat simmered against ^ while tree am! the crimson ^ sunset spread like blood across e whole horizon. It flowed to e sea and" stained the gray alers, and the captain waited ow for Miclial to release- him from s invisible chains and let him dc away away from tho slaugh- r. Sensing that Drusus had not ac- epled her statement for the dis- issal it was meant to be, she lallensed all of them, laughingly. small and dusty ham! lifted to XJEO a curl about her right car o that it played on her rose-tinted icck while the tiny breeze, like careful matron, guarded against oo loving intimacy. "Thou know- st our custom, surely, yet per- aps thou desircsl a closer look at iot]i tree and child. T wns but limiting the tree even as you ode up. But come ..." She turned nt last to the child, liC'i'e he sat now with his earthy jnrments denying liis nobility, his liny little face as lovely ;;s his iiothcv's, with the same golden oyes, the same proud curving of ips, absurd on a child so young. He held out his firms to her, and ;he caught him close against her }csom, ignoring the soil and the Rornan«, forgetlm;; the acacia trii and its vital importance. Here in iiei- arms she held her heart's treasure, Joel's baby smudged with Bethlehem's dear earth and water. If they accepted her challenge she was lost, and the wild tumult within her at last broke her outward calm. She buried her face against her baby's neck, her curls against his fairer curls, her heart one wild cry of "Joel, Joel, I need you now!" (To De Continued) CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP)—A Cheyenne dog owner is looking for his missing Irish terrier, which carries his owner's brand. The initials "C.EP." arc lattooed on Ihc animal's stomach, Ms owner reported. (BREATHE FREER". , 2_-!ropa in c.ich nnairil shrink membranes,' cohl stuffed Nftso opens. Cnu- tion:Ueconly;!3directcd. IPEHETROrfOSE DROPS If you want lo HDJ more War Uonds SELL US THE FUK.V1TUKE VOO ARE NOT USING, for cash! Vlso liberal trade-In allowance far old furniture on new. Alvin Ilardy Furn. Co. 1 E. 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