The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
Page 4
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t'AGE FOUR JBLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 1C, 1931 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER KLT.V5 CO., PUBLISHERS 0. K. BABCCCK, Editor H. SV. HAINES, AOvctllsUlB Man&;«r Sole National Advertising Re.irescntativeE: ma Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Autoulo, San Vranclsco. Chicago. St. Louis. Published Every Aiwraoou Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at trio post office at Uljllievlile, Arkansas, under act o! Congress October 0, 1011. Served by the United Press sunscnrpTTON RATES By carrier In the city of niv'-lievllle, Ibe per wevk or 50.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year. $1.60 /or six months, S5e lor three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, IU.50 per year, in tones seven w:i eight, $10.00 per year, payable lu erf.rauc*. /Vo Reason for Hysteria U is our judgment thai the present emergency in tins ami other stales lias produced 'more than a reasonable allowance of half-baked comment. Utter nonsense "concuniiiiff conditions in Arkansas has been heard in he halls nf congress, has appeared in the public press, and is even talked on the streets of our own community. Without tho slightest dcsiro to minimize the seriousness of a situation which is worse than a good many of our own people have come to reali/e, we nevertheless know and say that no one is going to starve in Arkansas or clscwhcrs. There is work to be done ' to relieve present conditions, and most important of all, to prevent their recurrence, but there is no c-xcu.-'e 1'or hysteria, and that applies particularly to newspaper writers in cities outside the stricken area, and to so-called slatcsniin in Washington whose foolish and destructive words have been heard over the length and breadth of the country. The hungry are going to be fed. The Red Cross is on the job in 21 American slates, and it is going to scu the job through. There will be complaints, of course. Thcr= always are complaints in any such situation, ami in a task of such magnitude some of them will be justifiable, because mistakes will be made. But most of the criticism of the relief program in this county, and dsewhero has cume from people who in good times or bad have never made a decent man-simi effort to provide for their own lamilics, to say nothing of lending any constructive support to- ward'making impossible such situations as we r.r/.v fac:. ' The Red Cross ha; a responsibility not merely to provide the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands of destitute families, but to so handle the task as to avoid demoralization of its beneficiaries. Wholesale charily is always a dangerous tiling, destructive of the independence and self respect that belit an American citizen. It is to protect the self respect of those who must be fed in this emergency, as well as to separate those really in need of help from those who would lake advantage of the situation to live at public cxprnse, that an effort is . being made lo unnble th'>'e who. obtain f-wl from the Kvil CKJ-S to pay for ii v.-ilh useful labor. Tiie man who works for whal l;e gets is nul a recipient of cliar- ity, even though it comes through I in Red Cro*.". The man who is not willing lo worl; for he gets dcn-> ::')': deserve anything. The imnu-diate problem will b: taken care of. For the future there is a heavy iv-ponsibilily upon the leadership of Mississippi county, of Arkansas, and of the nation, to male,- i:n- ]OTssib!" the rei-um-nce of a .situation like the present. We cannot invunl drouth, but we ought to be able lo make its o.:i.sei[Ui much less disastrous tluisi llioM' w. are now experiencing. Roth the drouth and the nation-wide business depression have coiiliil/uleil in largo measure lo Ihe difficulties that are now experienced in this county. Bi:l their results have been as bad as they arc because we l.ave abused our opportunities. Blind lu tlie lessons taught '>y minor reversals in llvj past we liavi: continued to gamble with our resource-. Year after year we have bet our la>t dollar on collon. We are now reduced lo the point where we can no longer afford to gamble. Every farmer, and particularly every largo land owner who holds in hi* hands the fate, of scores of families, owes it -to hims:!f. to his community, and to those dependent unon him to plati his operations for this year on a basis that will guarantee a living for the families on his land. When such a program becomes the rule inslaul of the exception in this county the time will pass when :ve will have to call upon the Red Cross to help u.-. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The substances us:d Include salt tolutlon, water, local anesthetic !-ubst3in.-cs, or various other cr^m- Icals. In an early day It was quite customary to attempt to stretch the nci-ve by manipulation of the Us- sue, but Ihis measure has been 1 discarded because of «>]nr<!c num- • bt-r rf failures compared with the possible successes resulting from' Its use. I MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP SI'ENSKK'S BIRTH On Jan. 16, 1552, F/Jmuna Spenser, called "tilt print cot p.:ets in ! ills lime," was liorn in London. He uraduaieci from Pembrolce college, Cambridge, at the age of 2-1. Two years later he went to Lcn- clon and found a plac-j in the household of the Enri of Leicester, win brought him to the attention c; Queen Elizabeth. In 1579, at 27, lie wrote and published "The Shepherd's Calondai," which marks an epoch in th? dc- ', j vclopnieni of English poetry. It isi said to excel the rhythm of Cl«u- i ccr. Through the Inlluence of I,?i- ' cester, Spenser was appointed chief secretary to t!:c lord lieutenant of I Ireland. Queen Clir.abeth confer? on him an estate at Kiicolman, where he wrote his greatest work. The Faery Ou.'en." In Oc.tob;r, 1508. his castle sacked and tj'.irned by Irish rebels > and his i-ifant child perished in the , flames. Spenser returned to London i brckcn-lieariccl and impoverished, j He died a year late and was hm-- '. "1 don'l wish to seem loo .severe with tardy students—I realize that many of you are forced to park six or eight blocks iiwjiv." i WASHINGTON "LETTER THIS WINTY PMNT; WHICH RSSEHJ&LES A 5 GlOttY GROWS A LARGE ANTS RCALLY DO 7HEV COJ.T1VA7E PATCHES OF WI1.0 RiCE, KEEPING OOf WEEPS AW CorwofiWS ONTIL THE CROP RipcNS, AT WHICH 7'MS 1HS STALKS AND CARRV AWAY ~We SBAIK TO THEK. U:\OEfi- GROUND STORE HOUSES 1 SHOULD A ffAlM CO/AS 4NC' f-,VAK OP THEIR, GKJCK1.Y CARf?/ IKS GRAM OOTGIDE,TO IN THE Bunictte NeWS ; iultom;nicril| y received ''i "h I ' Webb^we're lulstf "7 M Williams Tuciday afternoon. Miss Iris AKins ?pent W:dncsdav' night with Miss I(!c!le V.'ebb. ' i Mrs. Wallace Davis ami Miss Irir, | Akins were «v.e.?!s of Mrs. Clyde The automatic slot machine was ] Sc<ia water contains no soda buij ] Egyptian worThiperr^te^ "em- j '"""*"* "undo? procure. "" C ^j •es dropped money in a box an: | A spong( , , s thc Atsme& cilv 0! purifying j millions ol little gelatinous animal; • water in return. that once inhabited it. A Good Sign ! biii-eaiinats of the- Inc!:i-.u Mmoau: invcs'.itaiing subcommittee .liemion. becanr.? when Hr. Hoover! senator King of Utah says at. pn-sideut he cased out the ; | ea5 , It is a (,'uoti sign when nitii of Ihe e;tlil)vc and character ol' A. H. ' Faii- liold ;tre willing lo make tha race for such offices us Ihul of may or. Mi 1 . Kairliuld IIIIH, or al least merits, tho regai of of welcome. Civit; ills nrc usually traceable lo civic iiKliU'ereiice. The interest of abl; and conscientious members of the e;>mnum- ily is Iho first essential of pood local government. Tlie same nilc holds good in .state and national affairs. \V'u need more men in public life whose motive in public .service, rather th.'ii private advancement. Mr. Fairlield is such a man. There is always room for honest difference of opinion in public affairs and presumably Mr. Fairlield will not be without opposition in the race for mayor. We hope that his op|)oii:nls will be equally good men, so that whatever thc ballot box verdict 11m administration of the city will be in jjoot^ hands. BY UOUNKV DUTUllKll I But it c.i:i only make its report and I Hmvell, Monday. NKA. Service Writer I reccmir.-;nd legislation, for which! M r. and Mrs. Bob Williams im- |n WASHINGTON. Jan. 11. — The- the time Is inadequate In this Con-] "ounce the birth ot a son on Jan-' 0§ familiar old itie.-. fine Kon:c-;:iiii<; is' gicss. iravy 9th. ;S !;oing to be done for tho Au-.cilcau The most noticeable effect of the Mrs c. S. Webb spmt Monday : S Indiiins always '.urns oul lo be: investigation thus far appears to) afMrmnn wth Mrs Lowe •?& llsii s 11:110 old mii-asc. I t-,3 that cited by Senator Frazierof! Mr. and Mrs. K C Jones moved i S •The reformers win insist that Ills North Dakota, chairman of the j tc Ihis vicinity from Missouri S3 Indians are not (je'.tmj decent committee, who says that super- Junior Maxwell called on the •^ Ucaiment arc only matci:e:l Inl fnteiidcnts whose dismissal was; Misses Stecie Sunday alternoan ife their do^jcd ]>ers!ste:icy ny the. recommended unanimously by his: Mrs. Clyc!e Davis spent Saturday commissioner and ass:;i:>>ni i'-0"i-i 50flo Indian Bnr,?au employes hKlsuuiiM- of Indian affairs ami in-. ,„ be dlschargcrt alu | that , hc :ld . ! stalled a c-upV of i-.ubh- citiivns , niinistraticn of Indian affairs should | who were CNprclccl to brlr.; a'.x»it thcl , channe. Unfortunately, these critics v:hi -.i?.i'c] to ])nn Connnissionci- B'tike and his regime have begun to c:injilaln that Commissioner t f c n r Itho.ids nnd Asslstani Cnmhil'sinn- throw off carrie( ) out in ncc ordiince with humanitarian instincts. "1 believe that Rhoads had a sin- cerc the coiuli- tbns of the Indians." lie says, but he lias been unable to n-f tmreaucratlc net rtvcycd by rue Wednesday after-1 noon. ! Cecil Siccle visited his shier. . Mrs. Rlincla Orr of Sandy Rid','.? I last week. | Miss Iris Akins visited her brother <\l Lepanto Tuesday. Mrs. Clr.iitte Bershcares w^s th.e guest of Mrs. C- S. Webb," Wednesday afternoon. o.- Scratteigccd have made no im- which envelopes every person who Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Jones v.-erc! provcir.ents nt all and that the \:oj c iurrs into federal departments and fiuests of Mr. and Mrs- In ihis inspect a cle\irossion L-. lilio a war: Experts thought it would be ovci in a lew musr.hs. OUT OUR WAY By Williams long accustomed to neg- bureaus. The Indians are wards el Icct und abuse are as badly off as Ulc foetal government, but on c'i i 1 . nnuiy reservations th.^y are no bet- Oliargrs against piipcrmlenrtcms lcr off than they were many years of rcsiTi-itlons anil agriiclcs in- a ,, n And not ],|iie is being done circled accusations of craft. neglect. , ll)311 , it Tho(r , Mk of pTOKrcss j s cruelly and Kress incompetence of ribncst entirely due to tho ineffi- all varieties. Such chaws were dency of the bureau and those so often proved that it vas com- connected with the "administration mrn'.y siipp-s'ed many of the In- r [ Indian affairs. Their health tlian Bureau cmptojvs v:ould fired ami a change uf iwlicy ef- Iccicd. Tlie idea wns thru it would be a line thing if the govsrnrron: .vc'.ilii i-ho'te an suriir- i:i:iudciu wh-i wculii U::ve conic k- lias l:ren roslccted and their death rat;- has bcini very yreal." Senator Wheeler of Montana, one of the investigators, says th Indian service employs farmer except in rave instances, never , , :.y:ni;atliy witii Hi; Indians, liu! visit Indians a:ul show th:m how Wednesday night. - C. S.Wcbb > { - ' InMc-acl cf sending Builty siipcrlii- (o farm. lie cays tew field nsenls ! •nrt.'ius to jail—or dischni^iny cvur eel in contact with the In- them—the Intiuin Uuvcnii reccnily O'.ims. Indians were found sick and s °"; ,£',."„..."' isii;e;l :•. p-.ibjc statcincn-. to thc >,a!f starved, wilhnat iced cr clcth- clfi-ct that mere liuiians ought to ing, \\ e says, who had never tocn _ lie in jail; thai is. that t hoy ought •.i^iiotl by a physician cr a field • to I ' nuuli? ir,i;r(i easily subject lo agent, j piniishiiR'iit under llu- white man's ! laws. , Cor.-.;H5> M-Pn't do about i the Indian-, thi- s.-'a.on. c! coiirn.-. .?h picsuiuab'.y invans t'nis year Its'i'a. who have- always tr^ci li'cii> ii;'j IiKliar.s, i.n; oiiiy pro-,c;:ni itu-ii- salaries," Whce^r says. "I will l:e in favor of doing away with Ihe Indian Bureau entirely Midway Notes Then WooJdrldgc. Leonard Hill uy and lid Spann visited Iko Cnnna- j si day Sunday. , L. A, Maxwell is visilhi? Mi", and j Mrs. E I;. Bcnnick cf Jfiissuri for: a few days. E. M. McDcnald was a business visitor in- RIylhcviilc. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill were Osceola visitors Monday. i Thc t'.vo sniall children of Mr. I and Mrs. J. A. Lloyd are ill with; tonsilitis- To med conditions our Sunday Dinners with our usual good service andjood will be 75c until further notice Noble Hotel J. C. Jor?.=. L. If. Cannaiiay and iink Llncl called on ' A J. Hill. Tuesday. ' I.. H Cannaday and sin. Ike, O.; lianrtolph, and Jlr. and Mrs. A. J. j Hill were Blythevilie visitor:, Sat- ••Unlc-ss there is sc-mc improve- uvdny - mer.t with ri-gard to caring for thc j ua ", I'-alth and other interests of the !^, 1 ' liu'.ian .^cr\lce employs farmers j vitr r.-:;)!? aciually yo out and do:? soinctliiiii: for the Indians and thus uors ixi >' a»<f so »- Dr " cc - v; - rc ors.stonday. . Woaldndge and anisly ! '" wrc BlyllM-vHle vis- E.-into Indian 1 afiu 1 years of tn.t. a; iiii:;:l. Tin Affairs C.'r.imittri 1 . i strugpie fur :in in 1 .:-ii-:ation. was because 1 think in many Instances ii^oc! tc- !ii:iiiir 1i :::io condi- fro luclians would be better off dons on (he rcMrvatio: 1 .-. ami nil- without thc Indian Bureau than rurthccl much shrvVU:- evidence, v/ith it." Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Neighbors Island Hot Packs, Rest Often Bring Relief irom Pains in Leas "THE ADVAMCE ACCOMOOATlO^ scau. J. MT.?«r. Hi -lit. 31OKKIS ! I^IIDKIN .of the sciaiic nerve or its rotated --'••r. Jt-innl cf thr Amrriran; tls-Mics is r.o; krown. There are. A-«r>.-lat!on, ar.d of Hy- 'however, cases in which remival of c-'h. tho Urnlih M.ij.ninc .visible nifectiotiji in the ncsj and 'i'ac majority rt ]:cc])U' v.ilh sci-I throat and the teeth have brought 1::.; rr sc.ntic'.ni.i are men . sl-cul scmp relief fiiu-.i thc iciallra. .!.•.,-;.-, iSu- as. !s nf 3^ aiul GO. Certainly one cf iho most vnlu- 'A\-.;:l,^ .'.'i lirivr tli 1 . 1 ; dli-W ! ab',; n-.ctlioris c[ help to a pcr-,:n • '. ! cr fr.-...i r niv p.un which may • v.-ith this condition is application of .:i -r. :• el-..'! a-:- • in t'nc b^cl: of' heat ti the region affected. Un: ti:i:'... ivit which fir.illy be- i questionably :i!e perscn docs better :.:•.<"-. ,i l-;::.:ir.i; c;r p:o:ring p.iiu' if he if aKc ti !:c- qir.nly in bed .•;'>... \-.:K i!i-a.,A..;d {ro.-,i ihc back and not to exercise tlie" alfcctcd i ..:,- th-.i.:'-. t- t; 1 ..' iv.:::-clcs of the- '.tl^ncs. ! : ,.,ui iifii i-; f.-.v ti;c.;. ijnfciMinal^ly :ar too cltcn those' '.;-.;-. ;!'• rair. bciui . it causes, rtopli: full into i'.ir hands of "r.ib-. . ,1:0 diCKV n'. <!:':-..infovt EO^ris'-nr ina:upu'.i!.n:s who \ibrate ;'-.. i.'i.-i'ii ..:;ct;..d ir. likely <T !'.:ab=i;o ;!-.[• afttrtcrt pj:tlon si ; .:; ; '.: pc ;'.:.,•.. ;i;..;i his !:a the body and t!.,\Tl,y make the . V.-.V.,-. -r i-. i 1 ; ,iii sorts of ro::d:licn wi-,r c ms.icad ol bctt;;-. -.. :-. '--.'.:: !.'. c.; :-.i.: Som.v Cii.- cf ;!;.- reriani mcthojs i!' '.:, '.:..' ..'.'.. .!•'<:• jii- u.ilri and iast ron'.rr.:i::i L : tlir p.r.n in this conch .; .. ic-.. 1 (!..;•.-. b.ii ;,. :. , :ve ciiscs tier, is ti ir.jccl :'.i>cut the aftcc'.rr; . v . i ; .-. :.-.- v.:_•':.- a:-.c! months, iicn: a sol'.:iicn of sonic- sub t.uicc ; T'.c.i.U;:-.- thi entirely which wi'.i Micccs<-fni;y bi«V; 0:1 : w;.'.: r.:-.,i c\i:i'.i-.ii:y nutting it th: passing of the pain sensation ;.'• i'.'.:' 'o un::crt,i>:: serious r!o:i? l!;c nerve. The procedure \; •'.•ITS ',: r.;: ! V ii-f. n :cc!::i!c;i; cue v-.'.ilch mtu-l lo car-i l'.:i CMr.'. '..-.'.'; ^f :n;'.miniat'.on r!cd nit by r. ccmyjtcnt phystc^'.r. Tlirro was ,\ nice crcivil a'. Sunday sclrcl !n«', Sunday. Mr. .ind Mrf. Hamp Austin au- noiince thc bhth of a son. ; MiiS Vcr.i f.i.iriy -,vas Ihe L-.icst of Miss Lilii Glover nijht. MISG Fioreiiff Wilcoxscn ?;-?nt Friday afternoon with Mis. Octree Bunch. Mr. D. 1J. Wilccxseii spent Sunday in Dell. Mrs. Rrcwcr and family spent Sunday Mith tlie \Vilc3xson f.iniily. Mr. Hossard and fsinily have incvid on M F. Biownle^'s p:.icc. Get A Genuine FORD BATTERY For Your Car Grt ;i new I'ord 1^-pLtlc bnllcry fnr your hclorc trouble over- lakes you on sonic ilaik road. You knew you can tlrpcmi nn it because it's ninilc Iiy I-'ortl and the cost is only S7.50. 1'urthcr- inorc. u'^'il (jive you an nllow- nncc on your old bnllrry. Vor bolli cars ami lnu-ks— thai shows hew eocd it s. Viatic to lit other makes of car-* in Addition lo Ford. Installed r t while you wait. 111 Tire & Buttery Station Phono 777 Phillips Motor Compauyy- I'lionc SK) | ^— —— —^

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