The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1934
Page 8
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Observer Relieves Barney Doing Wrong To Go Outside Bis Division CLEVELAND. O. — About VH.:.S from no-.v Dai n,'y i.r>.s !.-• u wic.r, If ini ;i sr,d(i"i. youn» !":m. He probably will iv.ill/o Die t-'ill;y of biilii-. oil more limn lie i;-nW chow. T> IC»MI>I win be l v -''- Slinmiss Mcl.:inii:i. Ilic liabv- f••«»<] Mick rl.hl fi.-.!ii llu> Quid f'.d. bb.'.'.rd li!s in.;-ik of Ix'com- liiT cli:<mplo:: of th,- •.v.-lienvelpht.v Tor four or live months now f^in Man h:i. Ixvvi tiYhv? 10] to Man In inn I hi, li v< I'.'lu cha:ivncu'. hi <leli-iiM- ( ,;' his . W'-'-Tr-r CI'OWIl. Il w:is trp.itii! Hi.1t Mass's' innnn'.tmnl h):i.<! )i:ul olfeiod Hie ! Van.miv.n:. :|5.(;M coli] fi ; ,|, fur: tin- cia~k ut ih" .hi:' | All or Nuthitl.rf i Jimmy's in_urj_rr. ihr- wily !><»>! Fooler, held for Hie Slatu? \ nl ...h.rlv and hnlf tin- Fronx !>•_- f'-n> Madison Siua:c Garden .sue- ."•.(i'.-rt in .slpnin? tin. m,, bat t'-r a fco'ii for ihe benefit of lit- 1 ' Y'lri- Mi]'. Fund, 28. Allliouth no icims won. aii- r.oirncttt. If U:o learn o f Foster mu| Mcl.-j.nin didn't got more limn "'TWO we don't know !'»!>. Aoeo.-dinc. to early dnpr of t!io <'vp_rl<;. Kcl.nrnln, duo to his loiiq Invnlf sir.c. hr- won the title from Y-iinu Corbrll III jjust May. uoiri b- in a class with ]»»«,. They fi-urc MX weeks will br too ;'"n-l a lime for ihe $.ri..).i»aii to iiiiiid into slur:c u.ter a liiyolf ol :•• year. Hut lake ,i look 01 the records: .limmy had onlv time lij-hLs In I'i32. one of nhj.h lie last in 1.011 I-Youiltard. :ii:d cm !rio,"koiir W ins oviv Fl-nii- l.-inmd and Sammy I I'ller. Then there w.1^ H lone | av . off before- .i^yon;. roiilcl p-r him near n i-inn. His n_xl bout was tne tide nf- falr in May. 193.-). wlt |, ynl|1 , B •Corbet.: whom he knocked out o[ thi.-ic in one round. Layoffs don't .win to bolhcr Mc- l.amin. He can round into shape faster tliun anyone eke In the rim; lod.'ij. TJint murderous rlsht Imnd "f his never seems to lose Ihc fctiack of rinding its mirk with nil JUST WIIAT^WE'VE WAITED TOR BI-YTHEVII.LE, (AUK.) NEWS, Ity KJIOIIZ Trlt? NATURAL BETWEEN tfe AS A WALTER, A'OWEy CROWW 1IEIWIIH ,73103? Jo;ic5!)oro Looms as Favorite To COD District Title Next Week J3ATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1934 !£n?± y .I?'"* 1 .??. 1 : "« f <"- ^*"»». en. .h, *h d, : / •:,--'^Y--.-•-•-' ''*%-£:•;••.*' The Jonesboro Hurrlcajje .swamped the Blythevllle Chick, in a dual track meet at Joneslwro yc-sierday and established the Join'suoro school as a formidable candidate for honors in the Fourth District meet next week. The Joneslwro squad marched to a n to M victory over the. Chicks. Glover of Jonesboro was hlKh -•oiiu man of the meet. He won • lirst place in the 220 yard dash ' ! and broad Jiiin;), third in Hie 100 "" yard dash and was in the medley relay and the 880 yard relay team. In the high jump English of Blythevlllc. an unknown j,, (rack circles, won with a leap of five feet, two inches. Officials of thy meet were Hicll starter; Winters, timer; Droller' flow judge; Pale, scorer. The results were: Pole vault-Dolton (J), Brojdon B), Fiogers U). ID feet. Medley relay—Joncsboro, Stiles, Johnson, Cilover and Helherington, four ninutes, 50 seconds. Discus — u Keller (JI, HarLss iB). Caldwcll, J), 101 feet, five ';. inches. 10D .'ar ddnsh—Johnson U>. Brogtlon IK>. Glover (J), irj.-i seconds HlKh jump— English IB), D. Keller U). Schrocdcr (J). ,ve feet, two nciies, MO yard run—Fisher' (B) Bollon U), stiles (J), M seconds Shot put—D. Keller (J), II. Kel- [ler (ji. Fendler (B), 38 feet 7 i inches. Javelin-Shaver (J). san- jdcrs (B). notion ui. i:n j c et S8J yard relay — Jonesboro, Shaver Johnson, mover, Stroud, 1 minute, 12 seconds. 880 yard run -Walker 'J). Iletlierinuton Ui. Johnson '•». two minutes. 18 102 seconds MSI yard dash Glover tj) Johnson ,B). Fisher ID), 23.8 seconds Broad jump-Glover (J). Broedon 'Bi Sanders (B), 20 feet, C inches Mile relay — Jonesboro, Walker Roilon. - Hctherhvuon, styles 4 minutes, 2 seconds. lowing rtal estate, to-wii: Lol Eleven tin, m Block Twenty-four 124).of the Blyljfo Aridlilon (othe City of ISIythe- vllle, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said Sale will be had lo sillsf;- iald decree In the sum of $1813 ''H, with ten per cent interest, from »ovo-ml):.» "i. 1U33. THE purchaser at said sale will :e ivtiuiml 10 e.v.'ciile licnd will, -ippioved security, to M cure the PU.,II:I.-II[ of (he pmchav money and a lien wil! b.' retained'upo:i .said properly as additional security for the p.i.uneiu of such pur-1 chase money. ' WITNESS my hand and the <eal of .said Conn, on thi-i, n,, HI], day uf Apiil, 1024 ft. in->i , ' r ,, — ~ •' °f May, Js.ll. the fcllowhii real e-i-ue o wit: J - - . 10 Lots Oiie d) and Two r>> !i!ockTi', (20) lilythe's ' Addition to the Citv of Uivtlu-' ville. Mississippi County. Arka nsas. Said Sale wil] be had (o satlsf' N?v! j C '! 0: r' ^"'''"^™i ni proved' sccuru^'io'"' sn-ure "the |.a>inom of the purchase money, ai-t a II:-,, will |,, „,.„„„! ^ ;a:d property as additlomil secur- 'ly lor ihe p:ij'j|. PI , t „, , ll( , ;i ' • ase money. WITNESS my hand nm j n '!' sa -' <1 Cl> -"-' <:>'< "IK the" l'4tli '•ay of Anril. \fu c m is to IK commended for his -prise. TJi» li?)i(wi«h( champion has been .;nc a! Die mast ac- llvr- men in the rii;j since he woa > lIlJc, although he has preferred to defend hli synthetic juiilm liu'lilweu-hl honors more often than his lightie own. nut we,think he's stepping way „, .,.,-„.-,,. llu . cut ol bounds In taking on Shu- rn-hn brooV nius. The on by-f need nne doles on " " little (,'iij-s. He put out S?nnny Fuller's llfhls afier el;hl rounds iii 1032 and career of that _ scrappy *vs were fishing witl shorl ended tile little order. Then. loo. Mcl.'irnln doles on Jewish fighters. Amnrii. his victim-; nre Jnekie Fields. Kid K«|.lan Sid Terris. Joe Glick, Al Singer. Ruby Ooldstcin, and Benny Leonard RO.S will be haiidirapiietl by about seven .omuls when he faces Jiinniy. McLnrnht will piobablv come In nt U7. Ihe cla.« weight Jimit. as against Barney's HO Thnt wcigiit advantage, coupled with Ihe fact thai Ihe Mick is !.:<• hardest puncher and one of the best boxers ROM ever faced, will bo too much for Barney. Bin. Khnmns will know he has luen in a rii-ht! Ah! A Purist! He pinned a dry fly to the end of my line. I noticed most of ihe -- wet Hies or »orms. and I called his alleniion -O that fncl. He sniffed in derision mumhlrd something ubonl his being strictly dropped h he water. n j tried (o follow suit, hut the "iiishl In a tree behind me whipped the linr. backward, ! Hooks and Slides Bi!l Braucher insect to make u .i,r« ')'",'" ' lltinrci a who «l> " 'hnrt distance from me There, around „ bcnrl. wns a , i ™'' " cnne !wlc ' <">« fi «l to liook on which an angleworm pinned was a monster brown Icral •vorins. TRICT.' Foolish FUh I have never been an ardent disciple ol old Ike Walton, the gnu of jorc who first popularized sitlinp on a tar.k waiting tor a fish lo come along and 'make a fool uf himself by biting a worm 0:1 a painful hok WAS a of time. A bljgcr waste of time. I thought, was to whip a frail flv rod back and forlh with an imitation fly and try to fool a smart «M into believing It was the genuine article. Came Ihe opeuinj 6f trout sea- ton, however, and a nutty friend ff mine decided we'd brave the icy waters or a mountain stream 1:1 search of "salmo iridcus" "sil yellnns fontlnalls." and- '"sa'lmo falrn." After he had decided for me I rsked him what rare manner of fish . we were seeking, and If they were isolated species for which he. was in search for the aqua- Plain Old Troul Well, it developed (hat we were '~-» in •• after trout, plain trout, the Mississippi trout, (he, "salvelinus " fontlnaiis- ( J" being brook troul, and the "falmo " fnlro" Iwing brown trout. J spo*<> up with n Insf-mlnuti- arciiinenl (hat I'd rnlhcr seek n Came of faro instead of running ihe of calclilui; pneii- irwmln seeking old "salmo falrn." But we were, off -In the wee •ran' hours nf the liioriilng. when self-respecting gentlemen are I pounding their ears on the downy, j We arrived safely, contrary lo "> N ' K A Service »v expectations, and it soon de- •elop.-ri we were ISOIli arnoii" the ROOKIES' REVIEW ft.«li<.'miei: to hit the water. My friem!-let's call him Joe— '4''etl i,., ],is rort , 0|( | |nt , how i m; up nihie. and we were ready ' the muddy waters nf |] )c I . Imitntloi, insect upon i." 1 and I'm Allhoiiiih there's n big league ball club rleht hi his own town— CleveJiintl—Teri Kletnhims had to BU lo Philadelphia lo E et his eluuice In lh e majors. Ted Ls a pitcher who has seen varied s e r v 1 c'e since his sandlot days on L,-,kc Uric. He played with Johnstown, in the Middle Atlantic loop, and then wandered to Cumberland. AtlniKa. Danville. Columbus. Houston mid Oreens- I.'OJO. | Last year he I was purchased by the Puzzle: Where's the Junction? hill the Cubs from Phillies secured in a trade. During Ihe 1DM ° free the hook from the ^ limbs without breaking the Finally 1 w t 'the line imlanulcil ', VVllson thll * s ''"l^"'left"arm" "»" «-as rn,l:l,,«r some n y do;« o 1 1>0 " '"» : nrtillcial '—- ' ' vlll | pHchhiB stafl. Rold. Evrard A; HondiMm A\t\s""l , ," KI-IMII /,uj>. ( o:i:mK.:)oiiei- in Chancery. , ' " ! •"• '•'''•"'•'I A: l!''f!cler'<>n. Altys. C'UMMISSIONKifS SAI.i; ! 4 l1 ""' NOTICE Ls hereby siven Ii7 iiiKleiElBiicd commis-:ioiifr, compliance, with the lenus of a decre; rendered hy the Chancery Court for the Chiekasuwbi, l)is~- trict of Mississipjii coiiniy. •-" on tlie 27th day ol February. 1934. n-lKrr.ii Union Savings Plaintiff, . A: l-oan Association .SAI.K is hereliy uiven thatth> ««di.-rsj!j_ied eouimfeioiici, in til the |... r ..., render:d by the Comt Jcr ihe C'hicJusawl:u ef Mlssissipiii County, nf a d.-- Chancr-ry 5G2_. mid Lavni'iel U .-.-- .^.., Arkiinsas on me 27th day of February 193-1 whercm 'J'hi; .MI.vsiKsip.,1 'county A: Ixian Association «as n i«i i I-IVI-JIIL- i "'-"MijJi k v M)an AS 11 OCKH On vxns Pilo!n et al were ix-fendani 5 . will I Waintilf. No 61 j 26 aT,,! w n s.ll at public auction lo Die; Johitsoii n ;,| v- n - a Df , .,,,,•-,„ -st and bos i Lidder, fcr ea.sli, on a'will sell at ijublic iur-iir.,. i,,' , credit of three months,' at the j lisshcst and best l-'dder f-,,-. I front door of the br-1 ™ a credit 0 - ih'iVr- mon h- • tween the hours rrcscritad bv iMv.Ml'e front door of .]- C o r" Ho,,' in Ihc city nf lilythevilln. Xrtan- between the hours"nre^ • hid I ;-a-s. on (he 5th day of May, JD3f. law. in ihe Gil" of Ij'lyth,'vill .liefo.owing real estate, to-wit: 'Arkansas, on the 5th day of Mnv' Lot Thirteen (13). in u: 0 ck ''"'" ''" Two 12), of ihe I'.irk Addition to Blythovillo, MiisKsiupi County, Arkansas Eaid Sale will be to satisfy oe r the town li ' nrw GOLF ^^ Bv Arr Kron 7 (rout, n n pound Simulianeously with the repl.ce- < h ,. y w e "' . """ ° f '" c lcft hccl on thc . eoh ' g thp rdfinli • < p i.d finally .aii,i u with wilh Joe •"<> with his r, TO tackle ad rir y « had,,', had as mlicll M « « > " an hour and a half ° 1>1>or ""»'>- som> 1TOr ^ of the ri cluimmv sneak- the sturt ol tlie downswing, the club should be started toward the COUItT OF, COUNTY" AH" CHICKASAWBA L)I vs. No. 57.5 - C,l" ri - -J'! 10 " Bolm - c to..: "* A " °™'- •"*- Malec Okla.. Ls only was hard to find after six feet of water riishcu when ihe Washila river went on a rampage as ore the torrents. The Hood look more than'n down livij, down flrr;uii. Boycotl ol' German Hoycottrrs defendant?. D. ion Bolm'.'c. lioiii. A - Graf. j ns , Kfamp. Eliza-' bilU by a pul] - from t])c Wt |)a|id Be careful nol to start this action with the right hand. If yon do you [ninels,]*'"' 50CI i find you have uncocked ;. Ue,- ltllc wrists too early In the clown- —v.nniL-d, An- S;V 'H8. wasting punch and power. 1 Sooker. Aciolph w a>' nnlll the hitting region is alw.i- r«i..-i-. reached before IlK wrists are un- cocked. 0-; Kj.ns aiier trout, plain trout, the Mississippi Coiintv I i •5»lmo Irideus" belnj rainbow Chic-k.saw'oa Dis r rt' .v,,^"^ and Noble WITNESS mv !,„,„, „„„ clerk of said Court, on this 14 day of April. 1934. U. U GAINES, Clerk Elliott Sar.ain, D.c. 4 H-31-28-S 15 Courier News Wnnl Ads. Sandy Ridge and Dell Meet In Game Sunday Sandy Ridge and Dell baseball teams will meet in a gamc a . Sandy Ridje park, south of Bly- Ihevill,. on Highway ci. Sunday aftcrnooi.. The Ridgers ex|.»ct lo have an- r -^rong icatn on the field this COMKISSIOXKH'S s 1 f.f; NOTICE is hereby given Unit the undersisned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chanccrv Court for the Chickasawba District of Missksippi County. Arkansas on .lie 27th day of February, 1934 wherein Union Savings Huihlhw & Loan Association w>s praiiitiff"' No. S623, and J. w. Pisher et al' were Defendant, will sell at pubic auction to Ih-- highest and best l>uUU-r. for cash, on a ciedit of -hrce months, at the front duor ol the Court House, beiivcen (he prescribed by law. in tiie City of Dlvtncville. Arkansas, on ROXY Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—10c - 25c RIPPED FROM THE SECRET DIARY OF A WOMAN'S GUILT! decree in tile sum of $31803 with ten per cent interest from' November 7. 1933. THE iimeliaser nt said sale will be required m execute torn] wiiii approved security, to secure Ihe payment of the purchase- monev mid a lien wil] bo relumed ,i|x>':i ! properly ar additional security for the payment of such pur- cl-.ise money. WITNESS my hand and th" re-il c. said Court, on this, th- M:a tiny cr Apr:], 1934. I!- L. OAINF.S Commissioner in Chancery Ifi'ifi. E-.rard A: Ilcnderron. Attys. 4 H-21 t'OMMISSIOXKR'S SAI.K NOTICE is hereby given (iiat the undersigned commissioner in compliance with the terms of a decree rendrrrri by t.'ic Chancery (-rant for the Chickasaivba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 27th day of Fobrimrv • 103-1. wherein Union Savings Build"-' ing & Loan Association was Plain-' lift, .Vo. 5625. and Robert If. A!-j len el al were Defendants will sell! nt public auction to the highest j and best bidder, for cash, an a I credit of three months, at th-1 front door of the Court Hoire ' between Ihe hours prescribed b'' law, in tlie City of Biythcvllte ' following real cslal'j! to- Lots 0:n- (U and Tlvn , 2 , jn liiock Kiaht 18). of Hie is'ira Addition to ihp city of Jjlvthe- ville. Arkansas. Said Sale wil] te had to satisfy i aid decree in the sum nf SING 89 with ten per cent interest fro»i Nov. 13. 1H33. THE purchnspi- nt .said s S | e W JH be reciulrcil to oxeciiti.. band wilh approved security, to secure ihe payment of ih ? um-cli.i>c iiinni and a lien wili i K r i-iaiii:'il nn ;aid property -^ a(]:li:i,inal secun- ' for the payment of such p^ lase money. WITNESS my hand and the sea] of raid Court, on u llSi , )lf , j.,,,, ;• of April, ias-1. R- L. OA1NES Commis.sioiiir in Chancery. Reid, tvrard & Hendi-rson, Attys. •! 14-21 WRESTLING FK.EI)1)IB ICMCHEI, TO\Y <S J.A\VO ROY WKf.CH I,A \VRE\CE5 ARMOHY, MONDAY NITR . Wliilo Congress was c.v.^: |iio:>.icanda In [lie United s Ihe greaie.n pro-Xazi (!•:;:.-.. 9.000 Hitler syi]ipaihi?.,-r> i • a counter l;o>cott of boyn:: ter addresses the path,,:;-. • . n ., g „ rr . 0 ; mion , !,„.„„,-, u ., Ne ... Yo ... ... , 1Mestl = ,' , S "'" srctlc of onc ol l -;' ! ;"I'" " liS """"? » h "' more thai. ..,,,.„ R , d g CW(:tld Orov . s . ailil|m ( - uf C.rrmnn goods. Her. Joseph Schns- «l'.ite-5hlrted sioi-m ucopers stand hj'. Bartiet, i?one 2riO LnU! mil is Iii gcod condition. He Ins own repair work, and he oin "iln Ml rmv limp." Comedy "Pardon My Pups" IT 7 Sunday - MATINEE & N1TE—tOc-3Sc • Daring was in his blood.. .. th« victor belonged the tpoils! ml to STEPHEN ROBERTS t mi nt fltturt PARAMOUNT NK\VS - - ALL STAR COMEDY MID-NITE SHOW WEDNESDAY AF'RII IS MAT. and N1TE - THURSDAY ,,nil FRI1M The Mightiest Amtiscmont I'ndcr (ho Sun! WONDER BAR* 10 (JKKAT STAHS HOCKKTINC! TO Ml TIMP TKHIAIPH ' Kay Francis - Dick I'nwcll - At .Tolsnn - Dolores Del Rin Ricardo (nrtez - Hal I.clJoy - G,,v Kiliec -' Hii^h " Herbert - Cin D'Orsay - Ruth Donnelly

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