The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1949 BLYTHEV1LLR (AUK.) COUK1ER NEWS PAGE THREB Rail Unions Fail To Obtain Ruling U.S. Court Ends Test Case on Legality of (I* Strike Injunction WASHINGTON. April M— fcl'i — Tbree railroad unions failed yesterday lo yet n court ruling on the legality of the injunction thul block cd their threatened -strike over \VHKCS summer. Thr U. S. Coin! of Appenls uip- cd out tbe 10-months-olcl case saving the whole issue "1ms be come moot" because the controversy ended. The tliEL't: uuiutLs—locomotive en- Binpers, life men ;uul enginemcn and switchmen—hud appealed tin injunction to lesi the legality o (lie government's action. President Truman sei/ed the railroads last May 10 under an emergency law if World War I, making the workers federal employes. Federal District Justice T. Alan Gokls- borough first issued - a temporary order halting the stiike and then marie the injunction permanent. Gnltkiborough held the unions could not strike against the government, and that Uin public welfare and safely was at stake in a threatened shutdown of Hie railroads. The unions challenged thnt argument. The government asked for QjL~ missal of the injunction after ^e strike threat was over. But Goldsborongh let the order stand the unions could carry the case to the appeals court. In their appeal, the unions contended the original action wus mode by a court lacking jurisdiction, that the action was brought in a district where the unions did not have their principal offices, and that the injunctions granted were contrary to provisions of the Federa Railway Labor Act. The three-man appeals court, ii its unanimous, two-sentence opinion, did not pass on these issues Instead, it simply ordered the dist rict court to set aside the injunc lions and dismiss the government': complaint. Aerial Showmen to Perform Here r > Missouri Senate Gets Bill Permitting Judges To Close Gaming Houses JKJ-TK.K^ON CITY, April M </VI— Jii(lm'.s rotilcl i>;ulloi'k Kiimb- liu^ h'.s under Lt bill ItUrvxIut't'd in I ho Mi.ssoui'1 Si'iuiU- ypsli'i'diiy. Si'll Yl'ttVll 1.1IWIVIICC ID) Ol llltumilcld Is Hit- iiullw. He «ilil Guv l-Vjt'i't'sl Smith Inul .seen tlv: bill LIIHI I'.UI nt>i object to It. II \\onld div'iiiiT Kinublmn t'.stub- lislm t.s to bo u iuil.sntu'1 1 . '1'lint. Uuvivnrr .suld. \vouM iunko IH'CJ- prriv OWIUT.S ihink twk'c bofoi'o, iTUimi. 1 u> K'HubliT.s. FLIERS Cotitiuued Iran Page I And they'll take and barbel s- long bath. Tonight the The Cole Urolhers, pictured above ith one ot the (ive planes lo lie town in an Air Show hero Mny 1, ave a total of 15.000 hours of [ly- rintlnn. The alrpjrt will be ctosi'rt r imm In the Air HHVC; l.p^li-v will) to li:t]iscieiu pilots fiinn 3;00 lo-i.OOO hoiir.s. who iuitnifk'd i)inn;ity 5:30 The four broUior.s are It'tt • basic emiol.s clurillK the war; uiui to li^lH: Marie 1 ]), who has a iol:i!: [)unne with 6,000. (lie ot the of 4.000 hours HIK! who suUn-rt nt Mi;' eroup, who Is a member of the lill- experience. The "four brother"! Arnold \vith 1.000 ^'lio lias ljcet\ tly-' noise Airport Oin-iaior.s Assoi'utllon eial circus is being sponsored by inn since he was 17, but wllh n six- und liends Ihc Cole School ot lie BlyllieviUe Private Fliers Asso-«yeav \'ac;ition t(» serve a.s an i-nlisU'ri. l-'linlu.s at Kewnnee. ill. Memphis Bank Jobber Given 20-Year Term MEMPHIS, TENN,. April 26—M'i -John Eugene Anderson. 27, of St. Louis was sentenced yesterday 1 o 20 years' imprisonment for the S--3,000' robbery of a First National Hank branch here last Feb. 8. He was tinfd $5.000. Federal Judge Marion S. Boyd entenccd Anderson lo the maximum penally after hearing his plea of BUtHy of violating the bank •obbery statute. The man the Federal Bureau of Investigation listed n.s its "most wanted criminal," Clyde Milton Johnson, is being held in. Indianapolis on charges that was one of ihc two men who robbed the bank. Johnson was captured in a gun battle Thursday niRht. He escaped from the Dade County < Miami), F!a., jail where he and Anderson were being held. Defense Attorney Dave Ballon asked leniency for Anderson today. 1 WE THE WOMEN By ItUtli MilkU I Today's tip iu husbands: I'ayitiB your uife compliments Is like put.- liJ>B immry m (he b;ink. Why :s that? Wen, ii works like tins: e woman who is Mire her lius- jamt loves hei and thinks she is ucautiful hasn't the urp,v to spend !»oney ih;it women have who frel I money. Your litlle wonmn will see i something expensive she wants. I She'll be just d UK runt led enough ] not Lo rare whether she mi^hl lo ! spent! Ilio money for il or not. .she'll j buy it, and come home frelmi; in I a much kinder mood toward yon. And you probably could have avoided having to foot Ihe bill fur that oxti avacunre if yon had just complimented instead of crlilci/ed her. Logging Contractor Held in Assault Case KTKONl'r, Ark., April Jrt. </V)— A. c;. niu:nl, :io. SUIHH; lo^ulnp rim- Ir.'U'tor, tins lircn ch,u>}«vl with .viull and IwlU'iy In i-omu'ctitu wlih an iittiick on a M-hool bu driver Hherltr O. !•: nlshop -sjiltl DOURH Micrendeiod y<\stiT<i!u- »t(c several horn's udrr driver \V. J Murpli. ill. was hei\ten b>' a nun who leaped nhnurd the bus U stopped to plek up a pi^ Hnjui' I'.i rJnldrcn In llu- bus si\\ the iittiirk. l)un»l was released under hinul. llrurlnn \va.s sd [or May 0, Tin 1 drli'ndnnl mside no stiitc mt'nt iil/oul (he Incident. British Comedian Dies LONM5ON. Aplil ''li, l;1'|- -Allied Drayton, OH. f.uuou^ tlrltlsh fOiiH'dian. died hi his .sleep eaily today u few lumrs .ifler u perfotin- sinue at the darrk'k Theater. iamcse Twins Born n Germany Still Live DORTMUND, Germany, April '2U -( girl twins, born here l 18. are still nlfvo, Prof, deoig i'i-Tai-llm-rslo ot the Coiiunun- l ChHdrt'n's Clinic said today, The twins are snkl to have two ads, two hearl.s, I hire arms and o logs. Sheriff Named i.rrn.K KOCK, April as. w A. K/ell, ThornberR. ''O-yem - u 1 vettM'an, has boon appointed lu-rllt uf I'l'rvy County. 11 n was iiiuu'd by Governor Me Math to mvei'd Iluyli>r House, who died st week. European Delegations Ask Channel Tunnel LONDON. April 20-C/1V-Delega- tions from parliament!; of six Ku- ro|)eun countiU-.s luwc urged nrltnln untl France to con.sidor building H tunnel utuler Ihc Knullsh Chnnncl. The Intcrnallonnl Jloari Federation told newsmen In London today (lie uurllninentiiry delegations from itL'Uuln. Tinnce, DelKium, Holland, Italy and B\vli/.erluud met yester- dny In Paris tuid ui^cd AiiRlo KreiKh conferences "wllli n view to Inve.sliKiilluK Iho whole subject." Interested British mid French factions hnvr bren talking aRout buihllnK n ehivnnel tunnel for years to fiu'llltute transport, but- little tins ever been dime about It. he was one of five of his original platoon left alive in the 83rd Infantry in Europe." Ballon said Anderson "is very easily led" and was "under the influence of intoxicants at the time" airmen and their f ives will go to a beach hotel for I of the bank robbery, quiet week's vacation before re- > Boyd sentenced Anderson turning here for 'a testimonial din- j years "in the custody of the nttor- ner i ney general." This means the U.S. Nearly 12 days ago. Riedcl and Harris broke the old endurance flight record of 726 hours, set 10 'years ago over Long Beach, Calif. The six-week flight of 1.008 hours is ihe original goal they -set. There were few complaints of /n tig lie iinfil a week ago. Tlirn the cramped housekeeping quarters in the tiny cabin, the lack of exercise and the continual strain of keeping the craft airworthy begun to tell. They've traveled more than 75.000 miles, or three times around the world. Each spark plug has fired 65,010,000 times; each piston has traveled 15,884 r 'lies; the 1445- horse|3ower motor lias turned over 130,032.000 times. attorney general in Wasliinpton will pick the federal institution in which he wiU serve. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., April 2G. f/r/— IUSDA t—Hogs 10,500; active market; barrows and gilts all weights fully steady, spots 25 higher; top 18.00 freely; bulk 180-240 Ibs 17.75-18.00; 250-270 Ibs 17.25-75; ic\v 270-300 Ibs 16.75-17.25; 140-170 Ibs 16.50-17.25: 100-130 Ibs 13.00-15.75; sow.s 400 Ibs clown 15.0016.25; heavier sows 13.00-14.50; stags 11.50-13.50. Cattle 3.200; calves 2,200; open- trade slow on steers; fe\v deals They'"C taken aboard more than [ about steady with Monday nt 23.006.500 gallons of gasoline, by can j 50 on low good descriptions; heifers from a jeep traveling 75 miles hour, avermg 11.5 miles a gi Mechanical trouble forced them | choice good mixed yearlings 23.00- down in three previous attempts j 24.50; common and medium 20-00, t«ii-L- T> rvn- Some \vnmon whose husbands have lojiLt since quit payiin; them compliments .spend every cent they et their hands on to make i themselves IVel more attractive. They ate "suckers" for the most expensive cosine ties. They can he sold any kind of treatment a beauty .salon hn.s (o otter. They work (heir way out ol low moods caused by never nettinv: a build-up from Iliier husbands by going on clothes-shop- pine SplTL'S. QllM'jv; just figure u'hnf's the use of worrying about their lost looks, anyhou'. and decide to concentrate on FV house. They compete with oilier wonu'n not on the basis of persona) nttrtictivotiess but on basis of who lias the most impi sive house They ^n in tor the newest ideas in rues and draperies anr household KHtk-et.s the way the first type co in lor cosmetic,'; and clothes And si ill other nr^locled women spend moupy junt for (be lift thej pet from .^I'l'iidm^ it. They cnn be to ''0 sn ' ( ' rinv ' mn " Itointf unhappy and rtissatisfirti with themselves they get a lift out of bnyintf a new possession, showing it tjfl for a frw days and then they're ns dissatisfied as ever. Criticism rosi.s 3Ionoy So the next, time yru're templet' to take a verbal dig at your wife remcmbr it v, ill probably cost you something in dollars and cents. She'll brood over the remark and the longer -she: bixujcla the unhup- pier she'll become. And finally phe'll telephone her best friend and s^y: "Lef.s po to town tomorrow and shop a while and have lunch, Mavhr it will pep me np. I've hrrn fcolnis kind ol down in the duniijs the last lew days." That, my friond. v:JIl cos' yon . . . for all ,s/;e has done for WU! Perhaps sh a really So thrill IHT beyond ^^ol•^ls with an Klgin. So lieaiitifu! ... socoinplclely fat it o(t»n and you'll get On/y ELGIN /las (^£>) ffoe DuraPower Mainspring OREIFUS . . \Vn;ir IliiiiiiiiniLs ii \i\i\ VITAMIN A RIBOFLAVIN THIAMIN CALCIUM . keeps the eyes in condition and body tissues in good repair; also promotes growth. . Nourishes the body cells and generates vitality. , Increases the appetite by helping to burn the food we eat and keeps our nerves healthy. , Strengthens teeth and bones. EAT WE 6REAWI OFTEM FOR GOOD HEALTH ... SHEER PLEASURE Woods Drug Store 221 West Main FLASH! Remember Th« Big A I R S H O W Sunday May 1st Blyfrheville Air Base ies an j and mixed yeailings as well as cows [ gallon, j also opening steady; good and ' to erack tlie old endurance mark. This time they clicked. Read Courier News Want Ads. 22.00; row good cows 18.75-19.50: common and medium cows 1G.50- 18.50; tanners aijd cutters 13.0€- Iti.CO. Here's what you've always wanted! Look erf T7ies« GREAT, NEW ftArtJRES! • Portable • Ko Boiling Down • Ttioto Waslitng • Top-toading Cover • No Oiling... No Greasing • Drier Clothes • FilteredWater • AutomalicSoap Dispenser • Watef Tempctature Control » Rinse Water Saved 369 the ALL-AUTOMATIC WASHER Here is more than number auio- nunc washer. Il s an all-autofuaiic Dasher , , . designed Anil built bv Electric. ALL-AUTOMATIC means the V r r*^.*" lhc work - ^' ou l "s% in t Ihc dials. Then you're through! When cleaner and drier ihao ever before n MADE BY GENERAL ELECTRIC ukc out the cloihc*— >iccc3 arc actually dry asher J3\c voxi hours of AfiT^J^r"^ ' et " S Sfl ° w y° u ono Cosher thai is ALL- AUTOMATIC, from slart to fin ; 5h/ fhe woshcr does t/)e work GENERAL ELECTRIC HOME LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Company V-TYPE "EIGHT" PERFORMANCE AT ITS BEST! Yours in the Great New : D.P.L. No. 15 iOTTON SEED D«!inted, Treated And Sacked 8,")% Germination 1 Year from Statlo* A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For Sale Rogers & Gill ell, Ark. Phona 227: Wile after mile, day after day, thousands of ovimcrs have discovered this remarkable fact: The great new 19-19 Lincoln V-typo "Eight" is unsurpassed for dependability, efficiency, and economy 1 Why don't you discover what a thrilling difference this great new engine can make in your motoring life? Call us for a demonstration today I 1LATS-0-WQO STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut and 1st Blytheville, Ark. t, srni K» cvnr HOM .. * oiiiGN rent IVHY < DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Phone M6> I Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba SWIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF Wt Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space

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