The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .JANUARY 1G, 1031 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BRIDGE i BY KltWAKl) C. W01.KK Member of the .National Championship Auction Team • Suit ir.kcoi.ts are of two kinds: ncn-forclm; (average ot minimum) ar.d forcing. mcliciitliu; as a rule a Joiner Man's Bequest to E 7 ney ^™^ rafter suit ci b r 'p. i : call your partner is a forcing bid .' Jl!Vy'at UsCCOla. 'ar.d requires .the opening hand to — | keep tlie bidding unconditionally j OECEOI.A. Ark.. Jan. 16.—Til c -cpen. It thereafter remains a forc-j^ "'Jit. in a decision based on. them's bid until a game contract !ias juy's verdict In ;< ra^ involvinv, '• bren '.cached. because men either wilfully connive them or £ollo\v n dlrzy course of speculation nncl frenzied flmmce llml Inevitably produces them. The pctilleni ceciimnl.sts uve written ilcv.'ii as mere scribblers, ;nul the Easi pass, South four spades West pass. Third ruundr Norlh pas*. S-.mthj )mw lo ,,„„ ltuki , llr ,„,,,„ n[ ally 1)11551 | lime they please. ii.\lcms tlicy have fonmil.iU'd nve «'0inpl;".rly :cvai;'liccl out. Men maki! panics. mid Imve it In Uii'lr Tills hnmt h n t j on ilhistra- All of llils. l! .seems to me, if f tlic- forcing bid at contract. li;oln? a bit further than lire lacts fcrriirg takeout bid by South | warrant, liui Culltnan makes iin s. namely. o,\ c Intdrv-ing look out of was necessary to ovcrcalliyou make amain mental rcserva- •""'•' •"•" -'"' tlous wlille reacting It you ought to Ik; 1 will oi tlie laic J. L. Wrotcn of: Jcine: 1 , held t!ie will valid as to '. Hie Iji'ime?! (o the Mjvj'iic b:,^'.i- an.s Heine of one loui'lli u;' ihe cs- ! $_ laic comprising Mississippi county ' H—Q.'iO- farm land valued at approximately ' '' 7.5.4 $1^,000. but invalid as to the b> i 0—0.9.5 •111:51 of thrfc-fCLirlhs of the uvtri- ! C—1-10-7 I'fty to Wroten's liousskcencr, • late Mis. I-ulii Gai'iiiT. which. :ir- coidinj to tiie jury's v;rj:ct. Y.-.V ; the result of, undue influence ex- 1 cried on the part of Mrs. Garner | Both tho Garner hi-in, d?fc:i:l-: ants tc the eetion, amt heirs oi the tesl.itor. \\-\-.a liicd suit ccn;<::,i- ing the will, nrnypil and \vi-r: granted appeal to the supreme TORTH—OZV.EH S—K-J.e.6 II—J-5 0—7-6 0— A-K-8-6-2 SOUTH S—Q.10-8-7 II—K-3 D—A-K4-3-?. Tilt Kidding round; North S*. Saulli two S'. West pass. one club, guarantee*;, i a minimum of livo mid a half to high card (ricks mid this Hi, together with that yuar- antt'ed by the op-jnln;; bidder. | praclicnlly assures gumf, providing ] the lest bid is .selected. I Norlh miisl now keep the bid- EAS 1 ' (ding open and while the K-J-O-C S—J-3-2 [spades is not » strong suit, yjl H—4.8. . partner has demanded iinotlijr. bid and therefore North is well Justified In bidding two spades. i South then realizes with his Q-10- I 8-7 of spades, Hint a game is In 1 sight and bids four spades. ! Had South bid only one dla- ] mend, a minimum takeout, Noi-f.^ ! would no; have been justified in | I'cbiddiiur, his hand, because he has club, j only a bare original bid for his diamonds opening declaration; iu oilier j words, no further strength than enjoy it. His d?scrlptions of panics r.ther days are especially goad; and h? has n soriss of sketches of cvciUf In Wall Street during Ihc mouth 1 just befo:e t:>e last slo;'k market PAGE crrbcs an ordinary day In Its existence. Ho begins at the innnor lonse and works his way down to .he hovels of tilt lowliest Intorcrs lie tells '.-.nx the village govern-; Itself, how 11 observes holidays, what sort of doctors it has. how 11 tvcal-i ,(s criminals, what sort of wine.i its farm hands earn, what IhhiK its various In wcai', »hat iht'v cat [or din:i r an I how It is cooked, , what :ovl 01 Won'I del mr the children ret—. on. couTif.u every P-'dni so thtu you finish the book with mi I Intimate and detailed knowledge j; j life In HtmkesiK'arr's time. j II niafce-i tm en^ro-sslim bonk, and I'm glad to recommend 11 to j-o;', It Is published by Ilnipsr .v; liro.i.., and sells lor $3.50. , cr i?!i thiit arc extremely readable, have Certain deep-sou nngllng 0—1.10-8 0—5.4.3 on 'ecund round: North two spades. 1 already declared. "Our .Mysterious 1'nnles" is published by William Morrow & Co., 1C., and .sells for S». • * * OW I'KOI'I.K I.IVKI) IN ill! VI.MK •,()!• la.l/AIIKTII There is a great deal 01 very In- restinsr material in "Life in Kll/a- elhan Days. 11 ' Uy William Stears avlc. Hero is a book that makes islory come alive, and gives one new understanding mid sympa- iy with one ol the great ei>ochs EnglLsh litstory. ' The aullwr takes a lyiilcnl Eng•\\ vlllase of tliosc times and de~ j'rior to adjournment for I ho twin H. E. Fletcher. Wm. \Vo.-,d. and George Hill v.crc i«!eet?:l jury coniinLssioners for the ll.iy t'vsiii of court. Was S2.000 Verdict Verdict and judgment for SJ.OOC in favor of H. n. Braver, administrator, was returned l;y the jury ii n suit against the 3:. Loiils aud San Fras'-cisCv-) railway Jo: damages aecrulng to the estate of I the line Mrs. Brswci. sro.ving out of her deatn iu a grade crossing accident at Wilson in 1927. J. T. Ccslon and Bruce Ivy of Osceola! leprcseutJd the plaintiff and E. L. j Wesltrook of Jonsstaro wppoarea I for the defendant. " ! BOOK URVEY Caroline" Urinjs Un passing away, and something vcr> Sylvia Thompson Ai;ain, Writing | new and unprecedented is coming a Clever, Well-ISred Triangle Nov- ilnto existence. -^ tl That Kails fcr Some R-asoil, to Very And tliese cultured talented novelists can find nothing to write about save the emollona Either Very Moving Mrmor.iblc. j entanglements of certain unstabb BY BHUCK CATTON Inifmbers of the dwindling and im NF..V Service Writer Ipctent upper clnss! Whm "the Hounds of Spring,' i Thesc . slolieSi ot CDU rs;, arc ver by Sylvia Thompson, came ou: | g cmee ]. Their characters live is some four or five years ago the j „!,.(, -county- homes, and move li plaintiff's titb to the jKmiins payment by Howcli cf S4.- 749. balance due on the purclnss price. Ho'.vcll v.'as given ten days in which to pay and Judgment against the company. $1,709. ; n the event, of [he company's failure to deliver the boat to Ho\vell npaa payment of the purchas? price. Representing the plaintiif were G. figure o 1 leave me so cold. It is a deftly handled, well written book Its central figures are a | AN KRRATIC ST1JDY OF ycunj British doctor, his «ife-: pANlcs IN AMER , CAi Caiolme—and a young historian, a ' -- -- - -• friend o! both of them, wlio rents a sued by Little. Brown & Co. S2.50. It Is the January choice o the Brtolt I«n«ue of America. their mouths equipped with a Ugh: whic his olli'icd as bait to P.I.T.IIV; ' nsh. cxtendliiB liom . Over 3,000,000 slaves were freed following the proclamullon of 1'res- tilcnl Lincoln. WOMEN OFTEN PAY A DOUBLE PENALTY tor wearing this gag of unselfishnew or silly pride. Profuse or suppressed menstruation should never be considered news-' sary. PainSi] n«. ciods arc Nature's warning that something il %VTonj and needs immediate atten- Su?f«r In Silenct.. tion. Failure to heed and correct the first painful symptoms usually leads to chronic conditions r.ith SGractimcs fearful consequences. Dr. Pterco's Favorite Prntriptlon is for wor.icn's own peculiar ailments and can be obtained at any drug store. Every package contains a Syrnpttjm Blank. Fill out the Blank and mail it to Dr. Picrce's Clinic, Buffalo, N. Y. for FREE medical advkc. Send lOc if you want a trial package. iho Phone 159 KVKHY DAY 1 N T fl V, WKHK "If yon Hiiy of Mr. Mowers" ANYWHICRK IN TOWN Compound LARD First—In the dough. Then in I the oven. You can be lure a! perfect bakings in uiing— IT^BAKINC I\V POWDER SAME PRICE SALT MEAT "'S B 8 t: SALTMEAT si tU4 c Armours Slur Sliwd SPAREBIBS.....^ BRAINS ''"V... 12' 2C SAUSAGE l>ork ,,,15 c k ^ Halves Pickled 2for5c FOR OVER 25 ounces for 25c MltLlONSOF POUNDS'USEO Charles Albert Collman, is an in- Its author sets forth the theory uvo'.ved has a , agreed judgment in the sum urally. cverybcdy or S350 for the plaintiff was enter- (very dismal rime, ed in the case of B. D. Mow-ins vs. CarcUne e.nd Peter, tho historian, s-'i isaiK' Francisco vnilway I <:ro;r:c I!IM it wouldn't b; quit? co:ci>any for perdonal injuries s:is-1 cportini; to run away and !?3ve She lalned hy Mooring at Chelferd. Ark..'doctor in ti:c lurch. Beside?. Car-j- when a switch engine backed into ] line loves the doctor too much to Ills automobile at a grade cros.'iina. break with htm. So they go to him The jury found for the defend- and tell him that they are in love, ant in a suit brought by II. E. L?; but agree that they "will continue Wilson, trustee, ci al asainst the simply as good frirnds. Ani so the YrUco railroad company tseking tale wage on. until finally Peter comings, and come inio existence damages for 14 bales of oucn which were burned, according t; finds the strain too great and leaves. the plaintiff, after delivery to the : All of this is handled In Miss defendant for transportation. Ap- Thompson's usual clever and well- peal to the supreme court granted the p!aintirT. Default judgment was taken for S374 and interest against Lela Well 1 bred manner; but. as I say, the All Investment in Good Performance $1.00 Iicok failed to move me very greatly. When I got through I didn't (eel as if I'd read anything. And et al, and the attachment sustain-I I'm trying to discover why this ed in a suiffllcd by Mrs. L. B.!should be. Swift ct al. . j Perhaps it. is chiefly because W2 Other cases settled by agreement i have had such a wealth of these or continued for the term in?!u;!2 ; English triangle novels. These j the following: I novels, produced mainly by authoii ! Firestone Tire <fc Rubber Co.. vs. o( renl talent, seem to me to 11- j F. John?, settled and dismissed, jlumlne a singular blindness in the' each parly to pay his casts, world of letters. Consider tbe situ- ' Chas. F. Hale et al. vs. Franki3 |»tlon; at the present moment Eng- H. Holmaii ct al. commi33io:iers I lalul lics ln th c middle of what may appointed and the causa trans- P rov= h " greatest crisis since the fmed by consent to chancery court, days of Elizabeth. A revolution is W. V. Martin vs. A. V. Tulbrl 1 " progress. An old order of life is ct ol, cause continued by the court and cct for first day of next term W. L. Berry VE. W. R. Dye.-> et i al. continued for term and s:t for j first day of the njxt term. | J. A. Alexander vs. .EUb S: L^v:- ; %'* a corporation, cause continued i for service. W. A. Shedasn vs. Brinklcy' Bros., transferred to chaucrry c^urt j for trial, on motion of the defend- i ant. I J. R. Sharp vs. L. J. Murry, to be continued. Replevin boi-.d to b^' strengthened: if no; slrenctlieuel by additional sscu:i;y to "to n ii- proved by the clerk 5 days sheriff to lake proiwrty from defendant and deliver to plaintiff R. H. Bowden vs. A. n Mob'-'y l heard on evidence and ,,] f ^Hin^! and files. Original Judamerit' aside and cause continued term. Georgia O. Williamson, ox Paif- George Edrinsjton. C. D. AJTCS p""-i G. L. Waddall appointed commissioners. Commissioners' report filed ar.d approved and property divided as per the report. In tho ca?o of W. A. Brantlcy vs. S. p. Gtmter a jury v;rdic! wa's | returned for the plaintiff for pos- j ceeficn of the property su?d for. j A jury In the cas? of Wi!so:i .1.1 Northcross, trustee, vs. M. "^Tiil ?v j- '. Williams returned a verdict for tho \ defeiidants Find verdict for the defendants aeainst the 1 plaintiff on cross complaint for (ZIO with 6 p?r cent interest fr;>m November 15 1027. FOR FORD OILING AND -LUBRICATION s:t for [OX you start at stul- dert noises, worry over trifles, cafi't bear the noise that children make, fed irritable and blue—ten lo one it's your nerves. Don't wait until your overwrought nerves have kept you awake half the nitftit and paved the way (or another miserable day. Take two teaspoonfuls of Or. Miles' Nervine anil enjoy thi relief Hint follows. Take twn more before you go to bed Sleep—and wake up ready foj- the clays' duties or pleasures. Dr. Miles' Nervine is no*, wade in two forms—Liquid and' Kffcrvescent Tablet, lioth arc the same' therapcutically. Liquid or Effervescent Tablets at all drug stores. Price $1.00 Tobacco was introduced into Ens-: land by \Vs!i:r iJ:i!:igh. r~min3! frcni North Carolina In 15SS. i * s ' r -e t!ir.:i 278.iir;5.n-:D brour^ • H •'• .« wrr.^ !:ii-.-.icd i.i tlu UnU.'-.i . s ' '.Js in 1923. ; Be juoocl to your Ford ami it \v/i be good to you. For good performance it asks just this— "Please change the oi! and lubricatcEvcry 500 miles." It doesn't cost much— just ?1—but that small investment will pay you big dividends in reliability and long h'fc. Bring your Ford to us and be sure Ihc 1 job is done right. We use "iloda" oil and we check and double check to see that no part is overlooked. You'll really see the difference in the way your car runs. • 5..ET now is the timef Call SJO Today PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Blythevillo, Arkansas LOT GROCERY and MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Main These Prices Are Good For Saturday and Monday 25c Fresh Country 'Dozen COFFEE ;aY.43SE£KS5H CORN Maxwell Hoyse or C'unova Pound Little Folks No. 2 Ctui lOc SUGAR Limit in Pounds 50c BEANS Great Northern 18 Pounds $1.00 PEACHES Evaporated Pound lOc SALMON No. 1 Tall Can. Chum Can lOc BACON s Sniohod l Ciin Joiin of Ai-c liwtns lYoe PORK SHOULDER Wliolu or Unit Lb. 13c SOAP "•f.'L.a 0 OATS 3 BUTTER Chuck, Rib and Shoulder SALT PRUNES SUGAR. in 52 C TOMATOES 1 CORN No. 2 Can 10 No. 2 Can :t For PEACHES *£ 18° 3 For Guaranteed S LARD 8-U>. 1'nil PORR & BEANS Campbells 3 Cans 21c MACARONI or Spaghetti Each Sc MATCHES EC£J3H355SrSBfc BUTTER 2 Hoxes Hrookticld I'ound SPARE RIBS Pound 12c STEAKS T-I5onc, Loin or Round I'ound :C CHUCK ROAST Pound 15c VEAL CHOPS I'ound 15c VEAL CUTLETS Pound 18c HENS Full Dressed Pound 20c SALT MEAT For Fioiling,. Pound lOc PUMPKIN No. 2'/, Can •i Vat COFFEE 8 u. $1.00. SARDINES 3 c g an3 25 c PANCAKE X10 C i. 21 Can S£2E£:£<;•; KSSSSaaSES ORANGES 1 C CARROTS "Hunch 7" ONIONS ~"ST? ruc Head Each 5c sirajiissaa CAULIFLOWER L,12 1C BANANAS L. 5 C POTATOES L, 3 C 3 Tali ar 6 Small Cans TURNSPS^'L. TOMATOKS I'vtsh 1 J SPINACH ,, 7! KALE Bunch COLLARDS CABBAGE S± 9 C Pasteurized Milk Sweet Milk Butter Milk Sweet Df O r Milk I l.Ot

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