The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1949
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVIMJB (ARK.) COUniER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IJally rat* p*r HUP rur coiiM'ciUlvi* Minimum charge iOe 1 lime per line 15o 2 times per Hue prr day }'2c J limes per line per day 9i: tf iHiies per Jtue per (lav fc 12 limes per line per tiny ...... 5c Mouth per line 90c Count live average words 10 the line Ad ordcrrd for thrre or sis tiinc.s and slopped before expiration wll] he t-rmru- ed lo« i lie number of tltijp> itio nci appeaivcl urn! adjii.'Umriu ol full niiidi'. AH cJassltled Advertising ro|iy submitted by persons rc-sldiim omslde ot llin cliy must be r\nroinp;uiir<t by rash Rales may easily be rninputrd from Hie above tnbjp. Advertising orcler I'or lirf-'ulur ItiAei- tions taki-s the one time i:.h!e No responsibiliiy will be (ukrn loi more than one incorrect insertion of fiiiy t-lassiflcd ad AU iuls lire rf-.strlrtcd lo their proper rlassJIIrjuion style ami type. T h e Courier NV-\\s rrsotves thi- ri^hl to rdll or rejoct atiy fid. Apartment for Rent Modern ? room nirnisMed aixmmrm Couple or stii£!e men only i'Jione Mi- L < Private lurnis rooms anrt Ijatli, toniaUc hot, wilier decorated, new ru i ;s cnenpt-r rent tor 01 P!i 2671. niter 6, 3-S3S U room ap.'itirm-Mi. f urm-Oi'-ti innviriustied Privau- natli "!'-> Wvst j Asli Street Phone 2566 J 20-rik Services AUTO AND PURKITUKti LOANS 1'iompt I'ersonul titrvtce <.i en cm I Contract PurrnAse Corp lUti South 5l ri Thoiie 803 4 15-ck-Lt Mnke your Dome pri'tty for spring. Kxpeil Uu« Uk-iintnfc Service Is yours "' PKHRLKSS C'LKANERS I'Jione IMJJ UlythcvlLIe 2.22-cfc-tI Kxclnsivo Child portrait* by BOD KotJnk Finishing 24 hour service O'HTEKN'S STUDIO. );«-Ck-tf PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 Blytheville or •107 Use-cola 5-2 ]>k 8-2 Typewriter "TYPE WRITE r RS~ DON EDWARDS Insurance Apartment for and Lilly Went one or two \\orklti filift re 4-room apt, Kt'Icr- 1 "- •2SKG alter 5 Moaenr 3-room rurni^hed 1'houes JtitiA or •1267. ; 40] Knst A.sii 7^2 ck 26 clrl.s 10 2-tooin Jurnisheri iipt. Clo^e In Newly deeorated. Ph. 2062. 725 pk 'i IS J-rooni furnished apt. E tor trie stove, relilgfrater. Adults only, Pimm- JlfHJ Kia w. Kentucky. 7 25 pt 7 Tl Call 3545 For ('t)m|)lctc Insui'niicc I'roloclion W. J. Pollard At/cnc)' Planner! Protection . lil.KXCOE l-Kl, llUlI.niNr. 4 8-ck-tr For Sale, Misc. Business Service Directory prlvele bath. ![ K t,t. lioiuckrculnii for iwo persons. Has screened In iwreh 4M \V. Walnut St. 725 pic 731 Auto Supplies and Services u] tiaiid hnth outfit. CSoocI con- "I'elc; ttie I'luniber". Phone 7.6-ck-tr ROOFINC -AND SIDING (let Ward's low prices! rop quality at a price \Vimrt rrmnii^; HIKJ ^rdin^ is laboratory Lilvi^.t innK naiu service stny^ aoo colnrltll CVinv.'nirm rlirmth nooimi; a wide earlety ni . cntnr* anil welRnts Ohoose ror an attrnt-uve house at kiw MON'l'GOMFFiY WARD « ]J c£ tl terni now a vaiT;ii)lc at , N » I !°»»' Window ChianU POOLE JFOTOR CO ' funnsh silent, sturdy liar w. csn tui »ii your nwds. ' I 1'ici's against burglars. As!- ^.--iiilne pans from our complete line S1.IS POOLE. OWNER * OPEnATOR South HlKhtt-ay 61 Bt Stcelc Mo Phone Sleele 49 II 12-ck-K M.1 CJ 1 A ™ CAN SER «CE STATION 1^ ^ C "" S| ™ Phone 2563 "on t endanqer vour famllv with Joulty tires-Bur f.EB TIRES Loans to Loon lor an estimate at RUII.DICIIS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2'fS-l. 6-28 ck tf 12 tt l-'ccleral meat display cases Sanitary scales Meat Dlooks, one J ,'a norse meat, choppe:. one air eondltmnefl display case- one walk-In cooler 6x8 AM thi-.sp are practically new and at n sacrifice Ph 3900 lift ck tl CAFE EQUIPMENT: Cnstlc 4-ft, Clp- ar Case. -1-slice Toastmnster Electric 'roaster, silverware, a]) kinds of dishes, 6-Spot Cory Electric Colfce Maker. - .--" « CE -u n loan to rrnn-r nr i ' !8 " HllllT<>r Rtllr ^n rbrand new). IB" it\? NO down pivment ' Atllc Kat1 ' stRlnl(1 « t slppl ««" Trees. e. no red tape " ° n " I0rt " [ '' able* add Chairs. Deep Fat Fryers. FRA APPROVED RATFi \f Xapkin Hnl tiers istiiliilefi.'; steel I, Wntcr ASK FOR DET\ii s ' c ^tellers. DLsh Trays. 16 cu. ft Deep S-f i W I Frre ' ; ' E '- ' menu blarkbonrd. memi fotd- iVIax Logan, Rcallor I r. ra -. C1 ? blc *=.. ^'-wn ptano. i Blythevllle, Arlc. i Building P.23-ck-tr ; Utah cnair. French Fry Potato Sllcer " M.L 2G74. 7 20-ck-8;20 H'lKI' 10 tlie phone and nsfe for rlna F<iani ni^ and upholster? cleaner I'amt Btoie 629 ck 7i29 P 4 TJ AI I r"^ \ MO A -T.ixi»l LJ\J j\ i\| J^ * "<a niiiui i nij m]ti upnniFtnr? cleaner See us for one'of the best -"1^"'"' s l"l e - 621lck7l2! ' long time, easv pavment f-n-m! Tn * yi ' r B " b? B "BCT Ejcoiicnt con- loan's tn 1 I ~ ,> ,- W " B " 1 ral m OHIO,, 1712 West Irolly Pho,,e ^2^8. loans to be haci. Low rate of interest. Money to refinance! your farm or help in bu' one. RULES LAND CO. TANY ^^KI^^-^^ Uitjce across from Citv nMll iKUR SA1 - E - C! »OCKRY STORES. ETC. PI, oor,« A. _ 1 ' U ' ! ''HONE FIELO. 2394. 23 pk 8,G ooor ,, 0 ,, se ... a ., atn with "" <n!t lurnlulrc comer 10; w. c; Sample. 1601 W Mnln Sirret. pUone -'JT. 1120 pit 7!27 Phones 3322 or 4139 7 8 pk- tf u niko $50. pi,. 3055 7.25 USED CAR PRICES CHECK THE QUALITY . . . CHECK THE PRICES OF THESE Good Used Cars lil'H I'lynmulh 2-d lll .r Sedan, lin/s and inoti.r arc jn-aclically new . . . spediil S:>!i:,. J!H7 liiiiik !-tliK>rSi'(liin. onlv KJ.IIIKI actual milo.s, radio and lii/aler. a yowl niH'-oivnor iil>-driven car new !<>\v price. 1!)!S liuick l-dnor Si-dan. i-i|iiip|u.-d with all Hie inipovt- .iiU an-i-ssorii-s. a unc-o^ncr cav »hii-|, W c liclit-vc is tile clcanesl ti^fd i-ar you've t-vo- si-en. . . l>I{IClvl) TO J!H7 Hnick .|-do,.r Si-dan, <mU Hi.lHHl aelual miles, radio 1!M9 Alcrcury l-cl,,,,, Sedan, has only 15,000 aelual miles, cily-driM-n, t^uipiu-il with radio, heater, and seal covers. . . mw only. . . ij| st,">. J916 DeSolo J-do»r Sedan, t-xcelli-,.l ci.nclilioii, radio and healer. . .SI 12"). 1!>JI liuick l-(fo!> r Sedan, specialty prieed at S!)25 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Si-dan, uinvlv pain led,' engine has jusl hcen civerhauled. . SSI5. 1910 International I'irkup 'rriick. . .S:52o. SAI.KSMiCX 01 ho Slanficld B ,H \\- lm( | e rlich Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnut at Hroariway nial 555 for Service FOR STRAIGHT, SAFE DRIVING GET OUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND STEERING CHECK-UP • Fnipeel and adjuit cotl*r and camber of wheeli • Inipocl and adjusl to«-ln and loa-oul of wheeli • Imped king pini, drag Jinks —lighten wh»r« n«ded • Imped and adjuit ihtering gear • lnip«ct bral(*B for drag • Inip«t1 rront wh«*l* for bolanc* 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 HOMES f650 UP. LOTS »3M UP SOME O.I. ANMJ F.HA. SI'ECIAlJi. ULVIHKVILLK KEALTY. PHONI PIE1.U TJH. U pk 88 For Sale, Misc. l-bahy bassinet, pail k lining. Oooil L-onilillon. Ph. 3173 alter fi p.m. 7 25 [>'K 7 28 "wEB'I'lNCiHOUSE RANOK Excellent coiiilltlon. Reasonable. Phone GJ06. 725 |lk 728 For Rent 'lnsii ca morns for all ocaslons. O'STEKN'S STUDIO. 4 5-ck-Lf Two rooms anrt bath cottRRe. Furnished Phone 2938. 7|22 ck 26 -room house, run.) shed. 826 C!ar)i Si .. cull Hoover's Cnle 3DJ6 1;21 pk 28 For Sale, Real Estate LOTS FOR SALE We have approximately 10U lots for sale in one of the most desirable subdivisions of Blytheville. Size 100 x 150', -they are located on Highway 61 South, adjoining city limits, have city water, and streets are now being graveled. These lots have all been FMA approved. Your choice at ?(iOO, 1/3 down, year on balance. This is n special offer good Cor TO davs onlv RIALESLANDCo. Kussell E. Rialcs Knrcy Williams Phone 3322 7-13 ck 27 For Sale, Real Estate Wf acres ot hill [find. Nice houis iRret uarn. temmi House. B500 Two 41) acres wesi or aiyltievllle S21U acre, Tnreu -lu acres nnje west 01 61 ninti- wny in I'enilscot County. Mo S1VS ai-re ail arres. a sets bullcliiizs. Good crop.. SWJ acre. '1'tirce ^ room nouses. Two 4-room houses in West Biyitie- CalJ or see R M. KECK Hnone *tm. olficc or 28U3. rosJdence 7|19 pk 26 Business lot on North Ill- way (51. Near Corner. I'h 2597. 7-7 ck tf WALKOUT! 2UO acres of loam soil. !:» ncres In woods, balance open Ho • wire fence around [arm Located. 7 miles ol Marltmn. Ark 26 JH-ad Hcrclorcl cattle. 60 acre.^ cotlnn 1'; ton ly<;7 DfMJ^e truck. tn:w V A o' Ci»s« tractor and equipment Two-bale tiauer never tipt-n xised Teleiilioiie AILII elecltlclly. Kchoo] bus an<l [imtl route Gravel rofid utiaer coiistruclloti Fa-y;- f.vuon at once Price 5^0.000. W TAFT JOHNSON Telephone 6JO-WI Kt 3. BOI 110 Mnrla . pit Ark Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS If IntoreMiv) In selling see r seng see Noble Gill Agency REALTORS fecit Earls - F. E. Joyncr Glcncoo Bklg. Ph. "sifl It's nice, it's cozy, it's well- buill and new. A 'I 1 /; room house well located on Lake Street. Close to church and school on bus line. If you will see me quick, I'll sell it to you for §0500 on 100% 0. I. Loan. 50xMO' lot on Willow Street, ?(>00. SOxl'10' lot on Holly Street, S1600. lOOx-.iOO' corner lot on Hiway 61 North. $3250. 100x200' lot on Hiway 61 North. Country Club Drive Addition, $3000. 70x1 G5 1 corner lot on Pecan Avenue, $1150. See or'call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. Wanted to Rent or 5 room house \n ^ootl section ot lown, Or will buy worth tlio money. I'lione 4LW6. 23 jik ^0 female Help Wanted Help Wanted, Male ATTENTION! Alan with car- ir you aren I [iiiLkmi; iio.LKJ n week, see or wruo ^. v BLurulfje. twiner Brush Co., ^ wesc Ciiero'. Ulyteilvllle, Territories o^ien tiiclviclu Forreit City itiid l J iini£OUI<l EARN WHILE LEA11N1NO I'O tjbljL Thoiie Ht>6. T|19 ctt 26 YOUNG MAN BETWEEN 23-35. GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO LKAHN AND ADVANCE IN FINANCE IBUSINEKK \VITH LOCAL BRANCH OF N A T 1 ON A L ORGAN 1ZA- TION. GIVE AGE, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, IN WRITING BOX STU, l ,'o COURIER NEWS. 7/22ck26 Lost Kcd I'crslan cat. Weight about seven iiomnis. i-n^qipt-iired Thursday, llc- waru. I'Aune 2^B«. 25 ck HI Wanted to Buy Highest price imlil for CHICKENS— tucis Abb Street Grocery A: Market 117 w. Asli. 6.7 clt t{ Notice Notice taumry ..aint-u tuuei *nd oulldei oi Fmno 101 nvti iwoiiiy years UKHAL.D W t'UULB 108 tieninclty SI fbnne 310il TTENTION "FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytlie- villc, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 For Salt, Cars and Trucks HERE'S THE BEST TRADE-IN OK- tt.K IN TOWN You can g«t IISO man lor your car It Olio Harrison Moltt Co - ** • trade-In on Amertc*'! "4- Mo« c»r.' the IU» Hudson u jou're looking for the finest car. BAY* money on lnl» special Hudson offer C11JN HAKR1SON MOTOR CO. »17 W«t A.n t " 7|»-ck-27 USED CARS Save Money on These 1948—Jeep. Low price. 1942—Ford. Exceptionally good buy. 1941—Ford. A Bargain. ] 940—Chevrolet. H a d i o, healer, a truly clean car. 1941—Chevrolet. A bargain 1041—Pontiac. Radio, heat- 1947—Kaiser. Radio, heater. A real buy. 1940—Plymouth. Radio, heater. 1940—Buick. Radio & heater. 1946—Clicvroet. !'/> ton truck. Steel bed. Good ~825 x 20 tires all around. Also several others to choose from. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tf Private Rooms [ NU-e cool from bedroom 003 W. Main M'lionc W32. men only. 7|18-ck-U ! bedroom. 1100 Chlckasawha Phone Head Courier News Want Ads. BEFORE YOU DECIDE SEE THE USED CARS AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. I'll? Chrysler Windsor I-door Sedan. R rccn, radio and healer, while siclewall I ires . . . special low price. lillli Nash "(>((()" -l-duor Si-dan, black cnlor, new tires. Don't miss seeing this bargain. i!VIS Plymouth Special Oel.vixe 1-donr Sedan, maroon, low mileage, has new lires, radio and healer. You'll like the price. 1!)II Chrysler •l-dnor Sedan, complelciy reconditioned, new tires, new painl joh, radio, hcaler.'nnd seat covers S965. 1917 (Chrysler Coiipc in fine running condition, equipped with radio, heater, and a new set of lircs. 19-17 Plymouth Special DcLuxc 2-door Sedan, has all I he things you want brand new lires, seat covers, radio, and healer. inifi Mack Truck. 2-Ton .Model with 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good (ires—see it vour- self. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main p hon e 2122 Bedroom— private bath Phona 4643 A comfortable bedroom Fh 2675. R,Ki bedroom for -settled, employed lady in modern, private home Breakfast privileges U desired Ph 3349. 7|19 pk 26 L.irpc. coo) bedroom. close In. Men only JLO W. Walnut. 7|21 pk 8 L 21 L^TRC, cool bedrooms. In exclusive neighborhood. 1007 West Mnln. Mrs. Annp HfimlLion. 7 1 23 pk 7[26 Nice brtlrooin. Adjoining hath. Men ^tily. 01^ Wfilntu, ph. 2406." SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM You cx>. tnjoj (he wonderfil convenience mnd economy •! having soft water on yomr farm '' you gel a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. HlRhirnj «1 Phnne i4M •!! ". Carter Seml-iraller Hr«»v rt"ty axle. 1000-20 ilres like new New siae will finance ABC Cab Co.. ph 524. 1|20 pk 7)27 Personal i y ml " ulc Pli EN'S STUDIO. service l'8-ck-ll Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chiclcosowba ^SWIFT'S PREMIUM ; BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceriev W* Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parkins Space The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. FHONE M51 NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully re finished, or If you wish new hardwood, u- phalt 01 rubber Ule, or Inlaid U- noEeum floors . . Charles Wood can do the work expertly and at a reasonable cost Call 2272 FKEE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Painl Co. I'hone 2272 MONDAY, JULY 28, 19« TRADE NOW FOR A LATE MODERN CAR Including Latest Features, Stylish Colors, Economy, 0. K. Quality, Fully Reconditioned. Sec Us Today. ^ 2—1948 Chevrolet Fleet line 2-door Sedans 1918 Chevrolet Fleetmasler 4-door Sedan 1917 Chevrolet Fleet master 5-passenger Coup* . 1917 Pontica "8" 4-door Sedan 19-12 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1939 Plmouth 2-door Sedan 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1938 UeSoto 4-door Sedan Most of these cors are equipped with radios, heaters, seat covers, and many other extras. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always *lake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON, Chevrolet Company* 301 West Walnut Phone 578 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY ORS. NIES & NIES IAD IJDft Giccpt Clinic 514 Mitn Kl»thr.(lk »rk CARS USED TRUCKS PRICES «* PRICES Too Low To Print Af Blytheville Motor Company '36 Ford '/2-Ton Pickup, good condition. '35 Ford l'/ 2 -Ton IVuck. '17 Dod^re 1-Ton Express. ^ |42 Ilodge 2-door Sedan, clean and ready to go. * '42 Hudson 2-door Sedan, original pearlescent green paint. Like new. Radio and heater. '46 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, new engine, heater, fog lights. '48 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Panel, this one is in new condition. '47 Dodge i/ 2 -Ton Pickup, A-l condition. Practically all of our used cars and trucks are equipped with heaters and the important accessories. "South's Fines: Service" Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chirkasawha Phone 4422 Then Choose Your Car From STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. 1916 Ford 5-Passenger Coup*, equipped with radio and heater. 1919 Plymouth Sedan, low mileage. 1947 Mercury Convertible, has radio and healer. 1947 Ford 4-door Sedan, radio and heater. 1949 Mercury 4-door Sedan, has overdrive, radio and heater. 1942 Lincoln 5-Passenger Coupe, has radio and heater. 1940 Mercury 2-door Sedan, has new motor. 1939 Plymouth 4-door Sedan. And Several Other Cheaper Cars for You To Choose From. STILL & YOUNG » MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut 4333

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