The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLWIK XXXVI—NO. 128. Blylhevllle Courier Blythcvlllc Herald niydiovillo Dully News Mississippi Viilley BIATtlKVILLE, ARKANSAS, KR1DAY, AUGUST 18, 1939 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Nazi Press Prepares Germany For Climax In Polish Quarrel By United Press Germany's Quarrel with Poland reached the stage today of a violent press campaign against Polish "atrocities" on Germans and Nax.i warnings that set I lenient of the Danzig problem is now possibly a mutter of clays. Tlie most significant' attack was contained paper of In the personal news- Field Marshal Hermim WHIielm G'oerlng, Nazi number two, wlilch stated that "the polish government Is no longer In a position to control the situation In upper Sllesln," The Implication was that, Germany will have to protect, the German minority In (lie Polish province. The Inspired press, under screaming headlines, described the "terrorism" against the Germnn Danzig majority indicated that It might bo necessary for Germany to intervene. No hint was given as to the nature o( the "intervention." Poland professed lo^ be undaunted by the German attacks. The Polish press and political quarters declared Poland will fight If attacked or if there is violence in Danzig. There was-every .indication that Great Britain and Prance are determined to fight with Poland if Danzig is seized by force. The danger of a general war thus depended on whether Germany maintains her demand for the return of Danzig and the Polish corridor without compromise and Poland holds to her steadfast refusal to surrender either. Point was given to Great Britain's attitude when she started the final drafting of a binding military alliance with Poland, replacing the temporary guarantee given after the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. The proposed new pact is much more specific and binding. It would concern not only direct bnt also indirect aggression against Poland, that is an attack on neighboring states which Poland would consider a menace to her security. The Home press was far miUlcr in tone than the German but intimated that Italy would he on . Germany's side in any general conflict over Danzig. The papers expressed the belief that the sitira- .,-ito'fi Is - .reaching Vs nlimnx. First Bale Of 1939 Cbllon Is Ginned At Sl.eele STEELE, Mo., Aug. 18. — Frank Stover is believed to have won nn all time honor by bringing the first bale of cotton to town lute yesterday. Tne Stoncville Five 570 was pounds of ginned tills morning by the Smith Bros. Gin which 1ms ginned the first bale of this secticn fcr a number of years. OF FREE SPEECH Claims Constitutional Right Refused By NLRB; Order Defied Will The Clmrcli Cave In? r DETROIT. Aug. 18. (UP)—The Ford Motor Ccmpiiny notified the National Labor notations Boim! today that It would not comply with an order which the board issued against it u week ago and charged lhat the right of free speech WHS being denied Henry Ford. In reply to tlii> labor board which Inst v,-(!ek reaffirmed its earlier ruling that Ihe company wns guilty of violating the Wagner act, I 1 . E, Martin, Ford vice president, denied that the company Imd discharged members of Hie United Automobile Workers Union or otherwise intimidated them. Martin's statement, addressed to lllc rc S |01 ">' So early was the first bale that j clcaU , p r i !lcll , n |, v the premiums, offered annually. 0 , (lel . ^^ ^^ .. st , acmculs B. 13. director, wllli the board had not been collected but will I given to • Mr. Stover within a few days, it Is said. The cotton, four days earlier than last year's early crop, came from Mr. Stover's cotton on his 40 acre farm in the Gibson community, five miles northwest of Steele. Mr. Stover said lie has another bale opened but not yet picked. This is believed to be the first bale gitmcd this year over a wide area. __ BERTH Sunken Squalus Now Resting In 90 Feet Of Water WITH THE SQUALUS SALVAGE FLEET, Off Porlsmculh, N. II., Aug.. 18.' (UP)—Navy divers go down explore the new. resting place of the sunken ...submarine of propaganda" Issued by Henry Ford. "It appears to be (he purpose of Ihe board to prevent Mr. Ford and Ihc Ford Motor company from expressing any opinion which may disparage or criticize any labor organization," Martin said. "The right of free speech which Is accorded to advocates of Communism cr any oilier 'Ism' is denied to Mr. Ford and the Ford Motor Company." Martin said the NLR.B order was unjustified by facts and was an invasion of the constitutional right of free speech. Federal Judge Refuses To Sign Order Against Freeman Bur ford DAM-AS, Tex., Aug. ID. (UP1 — Federal Judge T. Whit Davidson refusal today to sign uu order tor the removal of Frceuum W. 15nr- ford, Minn nil millionaire, lo Ijuulslanii. Davidson's action followed uu assertion by o. John Konge, «s- filslanl U. B. attorney general, thr-.t Hie government Ims "Just .scratched thu surface" In its Invi'KllBntlon of 1/nil.slnnn nulUlml .scandals. "Dinner men are yet to be Indicted," he .snlil. ' "Gmft Is so widespread-In Lowi- siana (hut the nu-n Involved have lost nil. regard for money," ho charged. "I suw Richard U'ehc, former governor, pull a thousand dollura In bills out of his pockets like they were tobacco coupons." The conspiracy charges agnln.'.t Burford grew out of a special order increasing the allowable pro- ducllon on nn oil lease in the Hlio- Tlint yawning, 35-fool-s(iiiaro hole In fronl of Presbyterian church j <lc.wn Held from '150 barrels of oil Soualus • which now is • In 93 of water, -four miles from feet Rye -— Report Troop Concentration ! Beach. She was towed there last • PARIS, Aug. 18 (UP) — The French foreign office has received information of further German military preparations including the landing of troops in East Prussia. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 18. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high 875 877 862 862 Ocl Dec Jan Mar May July 840 839 824 807 848 810 825 808 low 873 858 84C 838 823 80G close 877 800 847n 840 824 803 Spots closed nominal at 932, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 18. (UP) — Cotton futures Improved In light , ^ „ m)lc trading- today and closed steady. , agaill| i co fcct clown night from five miles farther out From Ihe divers' reports, salvagers will decide 'how the Squalus Is to be moved the next 10 miles back to the Portsmouth navy yard, where she sailed May 23 to sink In a test dive and drown 20 of her crew. Bodies of the men are still in the flo.ded after-compartment. The next step is to bring her to the surface. Rear Admiral Cyrus W. Cole said two methods were open: blow air into the Sqtinlus' ballast tanks, forcing the •water out nnd enabling her to rise by her own power; or hitch . pontoons close to her nnd let them raise her. Tlie Sqtialiis Is nsw six miles In from the 240-foot deplh In which she sank. Last week, after almcst three months of tedious and perilous work, divers get 10 pontoons attached, which raised her 80 feet frcm the bottom.. She was then grounding Wallace Perfects Organization For Extending New Program .WASHINGTON,-Aug. 18 (UP)— Secretary of 'Agriculture Henry A Wholesale Crude Oil Prices Still Rising; injunction Is Asked TULSA, Okla., Aug. 18. (UP)—A six-state crude oil lornUm'uiu forced K'lsoline prices up another notch today. Killing station retail prices still were unaffected but for 10 second consecutive day a one-eighth of a cent a gallon ici'casc was posted on gasoline nt rclinerics, - Top grade fuel was quoted at 0 1-4 cenLs a gallon today and natural gnsolfne was bringing about 4 cents. Only a foiv scnllered shipments of natural gasoline were reported conlrnst with normal last week nt Ifailcyville, Okla., is worrying clergyman and congregation. It's another cave-in of old mine tunnel which fell through onco before, in 1925, damaging city hall and Y. M. C. A. building. San Antonio Mayor Refuses To Rescind Permit for Communist Rally SAN ANTONIO, Tex, An?. 18. (UP)—Mayor Maury Maverick, for- mcr New Deal congressman, refused today, In the name of civil liberties, lo rescind his order permitting a Communist rally In tlio municipal auditorium Aug. 25. "I am catching hell," lie ;sal3, "but I will stand firm." . -:'<t1 Organized opposition came from Wallace moved today lo establish tlie A ,,,eri M n Legion,' Veterans of the food stamp plan begun three Foreign Wars, Lutheran and Cath- nonths ago ,011 nn experimental. O n c c |,,ij s , t | lc c \ Etgy< me Ku K'.IIX Ocl. Dec Jan Mar May July open 883 . 868 857 . 849 . 83 5 815 high 887 870 858 850 835 318 low close 882 885-7 867 856 847 834 SIS Spots clcsed quiet at 892, 869 858 849 835 818 up 7. Stock Prices - NEW YORK. Aug. 18. (UP) — Sleeks dropped to new lows since mid July today with losses ranging to more than three points and volume increasing on the decline A. T. & T. .............. 1C4 Anaconda Copper ....... 24 :i-8 Associated D. G .......... 71-2 Yesterday, the pontoons, cables and nir lines were set in place .gain and she was lifted another 0 feet. Tha tug Wandank, pro- eeding at a rate cf two miles an roiir and y.ig-zagging to take ad- 'antnge of currents and to dodge shallow spots. Uicn moved her mother five miles tcvvard shore be ore she grounded at DO feet. ' Beth. Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Coca Cola General Electric Genera! Motors Itn. Harvester 5B 7-8 19 1-4 793-8 125 34 5-8 i SO 3-4 Mont. Ward ......... .... 48 3-4 N. Y. Central ............ 13 Packard Phillips Radio Echenley Simmons Sccony Vacuum Standard of N. J 39 1-2 Texas Corp 34 l-a V. S. Smelt 52 U. S. Steel 45 1-8 3 1-8 32 1-2 5 ' "'• 11 i " 21 7-8 II 1-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Aug. (UP)—Hogs: 4,600 Top, S.50 ' 170-230 Ibs., 6.40-6.45 HO-160 Ibs., 5.00-5.25 Bulk sows, 4.25-5.35 Cattle: 1,300 Steers, 8.50 Slaughter steers, 5.75-9.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50-8.50 Slaughter heifers, C.00-9.50 Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Cutters and low cutlers, 3.50-4,75 Thief Abandons Auto When He Is Pursued A car belonging to William James Strong was stolen from tiic Strong yard on the C. C. Langston farm nt Number Nine last night by n man abandoned the car and lied when pursued. The owner heard the m;tor of his automobile started about 11 o'clock. He gave chase and thief stepped the car nnd the lied across a field, with some chickens in his hand. It is believed he had stolen the chickens from the Number Nine neighborhood. Strong could nct tell in the darkness whether the thief was a white man or negro. Sues Compress Company As Result 01 Injuries E. M. Mandigo, former iil watchman at the plant of the Ely theville Compress company, has , asis as a major government pro- and several county commli- ram for placing farm surpluses in sioncr courts. he hands of the nation's millions The Elks club petitioned for ami f needy. i was granted a permit by Mnver- Acting on reports of success of ick to hold .an Americanism muss he plan in experimental cities, meeting In direct opposition to the Vallnce began setting up a nation- Communist rally, but he denied it r ide organization to Install and the use of the auditorium plaza n tlie grounds lhat it would cause rouble and protective measures i-ere necessary to public welfare. Maverick assigned the Amci-1- anism meeting to the Alamo pto- a, a historic shrine. In addition Maverick posted S100 to help ile- rny Ihe expense of Chnirnmiv Mfir- n Dies of the house uiiAmerican .dminisler the program in 75 U) CO cities by next spring. The stamp plan, hailed ns a timulunt to private business as veil as a partial solution to the elief and farm problems, has been pprovcd by President Roosevelt. Regional otlices have been set up to handle expansion of the >ltm in western and middle western tales. Jonathan Garst wns named cgionni director for the west coast nd Rock Mountain states with leadqunrters In San Francisco. 1 aul H. Jordan was named to head ,he midlewest office in Milwaukee, SVis., southern and eastern offices are expected to be established vithin the next, few weeks. Miio Perkins, president of the "e.deral surplus commodities corpo- •ation, In charge of administering he plan, said expansion at Ilrst will be gradual. "Mtishroomo" ;rowlh might, result in confusion ind serious mistakes, he said. Officials said that when regional offices are established it will be possible to put, the plan into elect in about two cities a week. William S. Hart Is Finally Vindicated HOLLYWOOD, Calif.. Aug. 13. (UP)—William S. Hart, two-gun star of the silent movies, tojp.y wns vindicated by a court of n 20- year-old charge that he was the father of an illegitimate child. Prison Decides Not To Return Escaped Felon ROME. Ga. (UP)—Roscoe Stld- dlth, of Atlanta, walked Into police headquarters." "I'm nn escaped convict from Polk county," he told Officer Preston Bowman. "Well, that case ended In an easy solution," said the policeman Tlie officer then telephoned Polk county prison authorities. The official at the other end ol the line, informed that Sudditl had surrendered, said: "Turn him loose for all I care to send for the firm. He charges in the suit, filed In I d I tired o odging and wanted to give up, 1 a dny lo 20,000. Under the order tho Ppllcan Of and Gasoline Corporation produiMt 1 nearly a half million barrels of o! mid sold It (o 11 pipe lino ovvnci by Durford, • Testimony Indicated tlrat Sey mom- Weiss received $-10.000 ns i commission for helping arrange ill 1 deal and later obtained $100,MX as a commission when uurfqrcl sole the pipe line and that part of Mil: money eventually mis paid ti Lcchc, "Burford was the promoter nm lo stenl," noygc chiy Girl, Former Member, SayS She Was DlSgUStcd With not as responsible as Weiss an , ,. D . Lcche but lie Is sllll reprehensible immorality Burford has not told all he know about these transactions." WrtSITINGTON, Aug. 18. CUP) — Helen Vooros, 10, told the. Dies committee Udny thnl she tuM the Germiin American bund's ylr* youth organization because she was disgusted with Immorality of the movement. . Miss yporcs, a .Brooklyn Icsdor. \c : rthc organization, lold the coin- mlttce of her experiences wllli Iho , ,, „,„, boys and girls did things Attorney General Hold iiiv; Muja inivi tjii ia vi lu miuyn p, , , . . . . „, they sluiild not do," she said. "The Districts Authorized 1 Immorality of the entire movement i\fl i n \ r 1 appalled me." Make mroacl Contracts She said she was born in Ocr- many but Is now an American cltl- LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 18. (UP)— jF C n. Attorney General Jack.Holt Issue nn opinion today lidding that Is legnl for county school dlstrlc 1 Bailey And Advisors £J7 d ,strX n 5 ss °" '" clt Ponder Future Course', ™° opinion also held that a LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 18. IUP) — will Ihc near future regarding the present Gov. nallcy said trday he confer with his attorneys in ictivlties committee should he nc- slntus of i he rotuiuUnK nct . : ept an Invitation to address me H(; M {}wy WQuU| ln , k ove ally. The permit to the Communh's vas granted to Mrs. Emma Ten- ayuca Brooks, state secretary of he party a conspicuous figure in Texas strikes, not by Maverick but, >y the. 'tiding mayor while Maver- ck was out of the city. Maverick said the permit manifested the me spirit of civil liberties. "The United States constitution s still in effect in San Antonio," p ic said, "nnd will continue until j further notice or order to the con-1 rary by the supreme court of I" 1 - j United States. The decisions of the' supreme court of the United Stairs make the issuance of the pmnit mandatory." He said many threatened violence, and deplored the fact Hut not a single rabbi, priest, buslmss ninit, minister,, labor leader or prominent clti/.en has raised a voice to support the mayor." over the possibility of submitting a petition for n rehearing before the state supreme court. Hopes to Smoke the Rabies Away , legal for e:unly school dlslrlc to ccntracl teachers to leach 1 city schcols. Both points applied lo a sltuallo in Pulnakl ccunty ' In which tl- siiccial county school district seek permission to allow rural pupils I attend Little Rock public .who: and nt Ihc same lime assume pai of the cost of their education. The attorney general said IV opinion nlsD would apply in man comities of the state. ' Tornado Kills One In North Carolina GARNER, N. C., Aug. 18. (UD- i\ tornado swept through McCtii- Icrs, rural community near here today, hilling one person and critically Injuring another, hoofs were stripped off dozens of farm buildings and crops damaged. circuit court here, that'ills em - was scnt on llls '^V- ployer was negligent in leaving a floor, over which he walked, In defective condition, causing him to I ' suffer a fall and consequent !"- i Juries. I Claude F. Cooper Is attorney for Sept. Chicago Wheat Mandlgo. Dec. open high lo\v close 655-8 G61-4 651-2 G6 65 C53-4 661-8 651-2 Lord's Prayer Version Of Aborigines Translated SYDNEY, N. S. W. (UP)—Dr. Herman Nekcs, 'specialist on ihe languages and dialects of Australian aborigines, has translated" bnck Into English the Lord's Prayer alter it had been inctrporated Into one of the aboriginal languagC3. The literal translation is as follows: "Our father on lop sky. Thy name be feared. Tlicus art our B:ss. Men-women will listen to Thee this place earth as the good souls of men-women listen to Thee en top sky. "Give us tucker till the sun goth d:v,'n. Wo did wrong; make us ooori. Watch us agalns bad place. Thy hands arc stretched out to guard us from bad." Gainings Is Visitor Here On Thursda Tries Suicide By Swallowing Rotlcnl; Poison I Mrs, Jim Kennedy, 21, nltempled ilcWn lust night by drinking two wonsful of powdered rat poison, 'hlch she- hiul mixed with wain. Hushed lo Dr. W. A. Grlmmelt'K llnlc after I,\\K wns stricken ill, is) wns rcstlnu very well loday ml Is believed lo be out of dan- er. She said she wns despondent 'hen tiui'stloncd about the reason or nllcmpltng to end her life. She snld Unit she had been to n iclghbor'.'i where (,-ho KUW » ox of rat poison and that sho Icked up the poison without any- IIID seeing her and returned qulck- y lo her home, she mixed the |jo- ion In « large glass of water he- ore she drank It about eight, ''clock at her home near the coin- >ress en Division slrccl. Bold Prowler Active Again, Gels $19 At One Mouse At lensl six residences were en lercd Inst night, by n burglar win obtained seme money but win found none at several houses. S. E. Webb, 1011 Henni strcel was the heaviest loser. Mrs. Web' watched tiic Intruder, empty -he husband's -.trousers •: pockets, Th oot was $10. .'"M.. . .....-," Mrs, Webb, wiio was nwakcne by n light, saw a man go into Mr Webb's rcoin, return to the kllcbw with his trousers and empty th pockets before he loll Ihrcugh til kitchen door. Rodney U Banister, 1110 Wes Main street, lost BO cents nnd a rocmer, E. D. Lyman, lost six d:l lars lo the Intruder who used ai Ice pick to open tlie hook cf the rear screen doer, as was'done h all of Ihe houses where tho screen? were hcokcd. None of tho house entered had the outer doors locked. 6hee!cy, The burglar overlooked several dollar bills laying on the dresser nt the J. W. llayder residence, 1101 lUlly street, and a purse containing $15. which wns In n drawer of the bcdrcom. Mrs. Rnyder found Mr. flnytl' -hen thousands of railroad tank nr» were moving to market, EL DORADO, All?. 18. (UP)^- hc Lion oil Reflning- company led a petition In Union county, hnncery court today for an 1m- icdfutc' restraining order against upcriiUeiidcnt of State Police Gray Albright and eight state roopers lo fovcu evacuation o£ ihuler field near here by state roouers who padlocked 52 oil wells cslerday. * The troopers were ordered (o ftdlock the wells by Gov. Bailey ftcr the Uon company refused to omply with the shutdown order , ( the Arkansas oil and gas c'om- nbslon nnd ntlerapted to : con- ' iniio production. '.-.. The iictltloii charged that IJpii Oil company employes were threat- ^ncd with physical violence and hnt $2,000 damage was done- to itiulprnenl. Jeff Dnvls, attorney for the oil •-moony, said, however, that no attempt would be, made to recover Jiimnscs. Hcarlnir on tho p«tl- lon for a restraining'order' waa set for-lhlii afternoon. Yesterday the company filed suit for a temporary Injunction to-rcV itralii state authorities from ; enforcing tho shutdown order. Hc'ar'r Ins; on that suit will bo held Mon 1 day. * Oliver N. Dewey Dies At Iranian Institute STEELE, Mo., Aug. 18.— Oliver N. Dowcy died yesterday at Ironton, Mo., where ho lived at the Baptist Home for the Aged. The S0-year ; old man had been 111 for ten days, ••• , ,> Fiiileral services wera"tield ' at ' CnniOiersvillc bflptlst' churcK' [his afternoon with the- Rev. D. K. Poster, pastor, , officiating, assisted by the Rev. H. S. Holley, pastor, of 'he Stccle Methodist church. A resident of Carathorsville and 'favM for many years, Mr. Dewey was Ihe grandfather of Mrs. New- licny Johnson of ateele and Mrs. "ernard Prnzler of Hermondale, his only near relatives. Pallbearers were: -J. w. Reno, Baxter southern, Sims Michle, .Inrry Holly, Phil Koury and Carl is And St. Louis Train Schedules Changed x^2&~£5&s£&M' ing. There «i» cnly a .smalt amount and leave than l>eforo. Congressman E. c. GathlDgs, c West Memphis, attended ID bus ness in Blythcvllle yesterday. Allhcugh Mr. Gathlnos decline to make n statement for publication, It was reliably learned lhat his visit concerned nn announcement of public Interest which Is expected to be released Monday in Washington. round. At Ihc R. L. aalncs house- next do:r. 1210 Holly street, Mrs. Galnes found where the burglar entered but nothing hits been missed. The J. Graham Smibury house, at 1,025 Henrn street, was entered bill no money was fcund. B. P. nrogdon wns awakened by his dogs barking to see a man running from his yard nt Holly nnd Division strcct.s, but he apparently was felled In lib attempt to enter the house. ' Casual NOTEBOOK by Samuel F. Morris n Freddie Brings the Haccn Proudest five-year-old In Dlythe- vlllc today Is Freddie Smith, sen of Mr. and Mrs. Addlson Smith. Some time ago he went on his ler, nnd the morning train going to St. Louis will leave at 9:19 o'clock, Instead of 10:03 or 33 mln-- ites earlier. There will be no changes In the morning- tralii going to 'Memphis,, vhich leaves nt 5:38 o'ckck, or.^he night train going to St. Louis,', vhlch leaves at 12:52 o'clock. C. C, Randall Given Position With FSA LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 18. (UP) — C. C. Randal), former assistant director of the University of Arkansas extension service, lias been appointed farm management specialist fcr the farm security administration, It was announced today by T. Roy Reid, regional director. Bus Rider Pays Fare 10 Years After Trip MAHANOY CITY, Pa. (UP)—The first fishing expedition to the lake ' Schnylklll Transportation Comat Walker Park and much lo lils'l* 1 ^ received an nnonymnis letter surprise Jerked n. very, very small to whlch was attached three SI perch frcm the water. He raced bllls - T^ letter read: home with heart pounding wildly " You mav cnl1 ll conscience lo tell of his good fortune, but in mcncy if you want to so name It the excitement he fcrgot to bring It Is In payment of riding ycur bus the fish.- Yesterday, Fisherman Freddie was 'nt Rcclfoot Lake with his mother and some other people. He dropped his baited hcok right Into the " mouth of a full grown black bass, .. 'iiuuv" ut it, * uii ijiun n UJUi-r. wa^c-, In "lobaccy," smoked in favorite- and with much greater poise than 3-inch stem pipe, 64-ycar-otd he had exhibited in his first experl- Kcstor Sildanen, Vancouver, cnce Flsheriiwn Freddie pulled the Wash., farmer, puts faith that ha won't get rabies. Bitten by mad struggling bass from the water. Tiite time he brought his prize . - , „..-, dog some weeks ago, Sildanert h R1K| Ulc s u , lmd:ubtcdw has refused Pasteur treatment. cnj , „,.,, ,„ d , tod M £ ea ^ h v Ulh0r / tl ? S g . 1V f h!m ° nl ? »"V fa'", Freddie was mighty busy 5Q-5Q.chance to beat disease and thls mornlt)g , cm ,, K tl)C neighbors line ten or more years ago without paying the fare—only one c ing, I 'think the fare was not much but I'd better pay too much ban too little. Put It where it be- ongs." Install Water System At Gin Near Dell DELL, Aug. 18.—Tlie Stevens Gin Company has installed a water system which. It is believed, will greatly reduce the fire hazard on the gin property. A 35,000-galkn tank, standing 75 feet In the air, will be filled with water pumped from two wells near by. The water will be piped from Ihis tank completely around all buildings and will have a number of outlets convenient to the buildings. Tlie tank wns mived frcm Ca- ruthersvllle arid erected on the property by J. M. Stevens. This convenient water system will also be available to some residences in the vicinity of the gin. Makes 352.94 Miles Per Hour In Racer Student Is Skunk Catcher STILLWATER, Okla, (UP) — Galnes Eddy goes out and cntches kiitiks—deliberately. He Is an advanced entomology student at Oklahoma A. & M. College and Ills Interest In skunks Is In attaining ticks for study of Insect-borne diseases. BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah, Aug. 18. (UP)—John Gobb, British racing driver, roared across the salt flats In his 2,600 horsepower racer today at 352.94 miles per hour for the measured mile; The world's automobile speed record Is 357.5 miles per hour and Is held by Capt. Eyston, also of England. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. ' . . Memphis nnd vicinity — Partly Cloudy tonight, scattered showers Saturday.

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