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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California • Page 10

Redlands, California
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TY LOG DAILY FACTS, Redlands, Calif. Saturday, June 5, 1976- 10 SATURDAY JUNE 5 AFTER 3:00 (2 Dusty's Treehouse High Chaparral 9 Movie: "San Antone" (wes) '52 -Rod Cameron, Arleen Whelan. (TO Movie: (C) "Hauser's Memory" (dra) '70-David McCallum. 11 Outer Limits 13 Movie: (C) "Dementia 13" (hor) William Campbell, Luana Anders. 17 Wilburn Brothers Show 20 The Country D.A.

Place (28 (R) (29 B) Animal World 34 Variety Show 36 Agriculture USA 39 Movie 3:30 2 Steps to Learning 4 Saturday 5 Monster Rally Movie: "Invasion of the Zombies" (hor) '62-Armando a Silvestre. 17 3 Soul Train 20 Wilburn Brothers Show (29 8) Friends of Man 36 Sports Film 42 Film Feature 4:00 (2 Tom Brown's School Days Star Trek Mission: Impossible 22 Cine Argentino Porter Wagoner Show (28 California Journal (29 B) World of Survival 34 Sal Pimienta 36 Movie: "Arch of Triumph" '48-Ingrid Bergman. 52 Voice of Agriculture 4:30 (2) David Niven's World 3 42 NFL Action Sports Challenge 3 Pop Goes the Country 20 Nashville on the Road 28 Burglar Proofing (R) (29 8) Wanted Dead or I Alive 52 Corona Now 5:00 (2) Medix 5 Star Trek Gilligan's Island 7 (29 8) 3 39 42 ABC'S Wide World of Sports 10 News 9 Wild Wild West 11 Movie: "Pursuit of Happiness" (dra) '71-Michael Sarrazin. 13 Movie: "Yellow Tomahawk" (wes) '54-Rory Calhoun. 17 3 Water World 26 Pop Goes the Country 28 34 Super Show 52 Addams Family 5:30 2 17 3 CBS Sports Spectacular 10 News 3 Movie: Love (C) Lucy "Mutiny" (adv) '52 Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury.

20 Nashville Music 52 Little Rascals EVENING 6:00 2 4 17 3 News 5 Movie: (C) (2hr) "Piranha, Piranha" (adv) '72 Peter Brown, 6 Get Smart 9 SPECIAL Jack Jones in Concert Jack stages a one-man show, 10 Ironside (22 Futbol Soccer 23 Hee 6 34 Haw 36 News (28 Bill Moyers' Journal 6:30 4 KNBC News Conference Dick Van Dyke (29 8) 3 39 42 News 17 3 Makers of the American Mind 34 Box de Mexico PACIFIC DRIVE- INS Mon. thru Sun. BOX OFFICE OPENS, 6:00 SHOW STARTS AT DUSK IMPORTANT NOTICE! CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE! Except Special Films (1) Del Childrea 6-11 Under Free! HIGHLAND BASELINE DRIVE- -IN THEATRE 26653 BASELINE Freeway Off-Ramp Alabama me Marion Brando, Jack Nicholson "MISSOURI BREAKS" Plus Charles Bronson (PG) "BREAKHEART Passes Sorry I FONTANA BELAIR DRIVE- THEATRE SAN BERNARDINO FREEWAY Citrus Off-Ramp 022-0373 The Exorsist Returns Ellen Burstyn "THE EXORSIST" Plus "Mark of the Devil Part 11" RIALTO! FOOTHILL DRIVE- -IN THEATRE 555 E. FOOTHILL BLVD. Fury.

Off-Ramp Riverside Ave. 075-2545 Goldie Hawn "The Duchess and (PG) the Dirtwater Fox" Plus 'WHIFFS" (PG) BERNARDINO MT. VERNON 1 DRIVE- -IN THEATRE 632 SO. MT. VERNON AVE.

South of MiN 084-0403 Sizzling Entertainment of the Paradise" Plus A (PG) Ron Howard "EAT MY DUST" SAN BERNARDINO MT. VERNON 2 DRIVE- -IN THEATRE 632 SO. MT. VERNON AVE. of Mm Street 084-0403 Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn ROBIN AND "(PG) Plus "SHAMPOO" (R) LOMA LINDA TRI-CITY DRIVE- -IN THEATRE REDLANDS BLVD.

Off-Ramp Lame Perfect Creation of Science? YO" (PG) Plus "GOODBYE BRUCE LEE" SPANISH MOVIES TUES. ONLY JARGAIN CARLOAD PRICES 36 Arthritis Anonymous 52 My Little Margie 7:00 (2) Candid Camera 39 Soul Train 12:30 20 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1:00 11 Show: "Nightmare Castle," "Terror Beneath the Sea," "Wasp Woman" 13 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 17 3 Movie 1:30 2 News At One With 7 Suspense Theatre 2:00 2 Movie: "Crime of Passion" (dra) '57 Raymond Burr. 3:30 2 Movie: "The Fallen Sparrow" (dra) '43-John Garfield. 45 Storyline Wild Eyewitness Wild West Los Angeles World at War 10 23 6 Space: 1999 10 (29 8) 36 39 Lawrence Welk Show 13 Adam-12 3 Hee Haw Let's Make A Deal 28 Firing Line 42 Film Feature 52 Dr. Jaggers Invasion Hour 7:30 (2) Wild World of Animals 4 Don Adams' Screen Test High Rollers 13 Room 222 20 Best of Groucho 8:00 2 17 38 The Jeffersons (R) 23 10 36 Emergency 5 SPECIAL Good News Tonight Hee Haw 7 (9 3 39 42 Good Heavens "The Big Break" 9 Million Movie: (C) (3hr) "Sodom Gomorrah" (dra) '63 Stewart Granger, Rossana Podesta, 11 SPECIAL Herb Alpert the Tijuana Brass 13 Collage 20 Movie: (C) (2hr) "The Adven22 Spanish Movie tures of Robin Hood" (adv) '38 Errol 1 Flynn, Olivia de Havilland.

28 The Olympiad (R) 34 El Show de Ednita Nazario 52 Japanese Language Programs 8:30 17 3 Doc (R) 7 (20 6) 3 39 42 ABC Saturday Night Movie: (C) (90) "Hey, I'm Alive!" (dra) '75-Sally Struthers, Edward Asner, Milton Selzer, 8 The Filming of All the President's Men 9:00 2 17 3 8 Mary Tyler Moore Show (R) 4 23 0 10 36 NBC Saturday Night Movie: (C) "The Nelson Affair" (R) (dra) '73-Glenda Jackson, Peter Finch, Michael Jayston, Anthony Quayle, 5 Good News Tonight Religious Program. World Team Tennis 11 Hee Haw 13 Voice of the Martyrs (28 Film. Classic 34 Premier Film 9:30 (2 17 3 8 Bob Newhart Show 13 The Virginian 10:00 PREMIERE Dinah Shore Variety Show 5 Good News Tonight World Team Tennis San Diego VS. Los Angeles. 7 (29 6) 3 39 42 Superstar News (22 Musical Contest The Untouchables 52 Lou Gordon Show 10:30 (22 Studio Time 10:45 (28 The Magician 11:00 2 37 8 News 5 Good News Tonight NFL Game of the Week 9 World Team Tennis New York Sets vs.

Los Angeles Strings. 11 Movie: "The Pursuit of Happiness" (dra) '71 Michael Sarrazin, 13 Sinister Cinema 3 PTL Club 22 Japanese Movie 20 700 Club 28 Soundstage (29 B) Rex Humbard 34 Cinema 34 (39 Mission: Impossible 42 Rock Concert 11:30 2 Fabulous 52! (C) "Come September" (rom) '61 Rock Hudson, 4 10 News 6 Movie: "Mr. Moto Takes A Vacation" (mys) '39-Peter Lorre. 7 Movie: (C) "D-Day the Sixth of June" (dra) '56 Robert Taylor. 8 Movie: "And Then There Were None" (susp) '48 Barry Fitzgerald, Louis Hayward.

(23 6 Don Adams' Screen Test 36 Race Car Action 12:00 4 10 36 Saturday Night 5 Good News Tonight Final hour 9 Science Fiction Theatre (28 Kup's Show (29 8) Theatre SUNDAY JUNE 6 MORNING 6:00 11 The Bible Answers 2 Today's Religion Jetsons The Christophers 7:00 2 U.S. of Archie 4 6 Big Blue Marble 9 Operation Emergency 10 Religious Special 23 This Is the Life Tennessee Tuxedo Unit 39 Agriculture USA With This Ring 2 Harlem Globetrotters Vegetable Soup 3 Music the Spoken Word (6 Jeff's Collie Let There Be Light 9 Revival Fires Uncle Bill's Park Party 23 Bullwinkle (29 (8) Town Hall Meeting 39 Sing Your Praises to Him 17) 3 Sacred Heart 8:00 2 Lamp Unto My Feet 4 Serendipity 5 Rex Humbard 6 Jimmy Swaggart Show TV 8 Looks at Learning Revival of America 10 17 3 26 Jerry Falwell Wonderama 13 Chaplin of Bourbon Street 23 6 Words-A-Poppin' 28 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (29 8) Day of Discovery 36 Cine de Espanol (39) Who Is My Neighbor 2 Look Up Live 4 The Christophers 6 James Robison Religion (23) 6 it Is Written Day of Discovery 9 Meeting Time at Calvary 13 Tony and Susan Alamo (28 Sesame Street (29 8) Rex Humbard (39) Herald of Truth 9:00 2 Today's Religion This Is the Life 5 Day of Discovery 6 Rex Humbard 7 Campus Profile- -Viewpoint on Nutrition 9 23 6 8 Oral Roberts 10 It Is Written 13 Reverend Al 17 3 U.S. of Archie 26 Warren Roberts (39) Know Your Bible 2 Belief Agriculture USA 5 (29 Jimmy Swaggart 7 Today's Involved Church Wildlife Theatre 9 Amazing Prophecies 10 Meet the Press 13 Gospel Hour 17 3 Harlem Globetrotters 23 6 Insight 28 Mister Rogers'. Neighborhood 39 Eyewitness on Service 10:00 2 17 3 Face the Nation NFL Championship Games 1965 NFL Championship. Greenbay Packers vs.

Cleveland Browns. 5 6 Hour of Power 7 Sandlot Superstars 9 Herald cf Truth 10 Spectrum (26 Sunday Celebration 28 Sesame Street B) Withit 34 Insight Flintstones 2 11 3 6 CBS Sports Special North American Soccer League action. New York Cosmos Bay Rowdies. 4 36 Meet the Press (29 39 Groovie Goolies 9 Movie: "Carson City" (wes) '52- -Randolph Scott. 10 Thriller 13 Calvary Chapel 34 Al Dia 11:00 4 36 Religious Special "The Golden Spring" Alexander Scourby narrates this examination of the art of the Renaissance period.

5 Angels Baseball Angels vs. Boston. 6 to the South 7 (29 8) 39 These Are the Days 11 Movie: "Man From Dakota" (wes) '40-Wallace Beery. 13 Church in the Home me (23 6 The Jetsons (26 First Baptist Church 28 Sesame Street 34 Public Service 6 Movie: "How to Make A Monster" (hor) '58-Gary Conway. (29) (8) 39 Make A Wish 10 San Diego Happening 23 6 Movies: "Gigot" (com) '62 -Jackie Gleason, Katherine Kath.

of A Woman" (dra) '69- Bibi Anderson, Robert Stack. AFTERNOON 12:00 4 Wildlife Theatre 7 (29 8) 39 Issues Answers (Ihr) Participants in the California Primary Election are interviewed. 9 All-Star Wrestling Wrestlers include Ivan Kolorr and John Tolos. 10 Ironside 13 A Man and His Ministry 22 Jewish Hour (26 Voice of Agriculture 28 Nuclear Initiative (R) 36 Insight 2 Camera Three 4 NFL Action 11 Movie: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" (mus) '49 -Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Esther Williams. 13 The Virginian (26 Farm Report 36 Christopher Close-up 1:00 2 Movie TO BE SHOWN ONLY ON TELEVENTS JUNE 1 thru JUNE 6 CABLE TV 793-2703 The most magnificent picture ever! "GONE WITH THE STARRING Winher GABLE of Ten Academy VIVIEN LEIGH Awards LESLIE HOWARD de RELEASIO BY HAVILLAND METRO HAVER THE motion picture by which all others are measured explodes onto the screen in all its original, uncut, 3 hour and 42 minute unforgettable spectacle.

3 hrs. 42 min. Odyssey 6 Movie: "Oh Men! Oh Women!" (com) '57-Tony Randall, Ginger Rogers. Head On 9 Movie: "Hand in Hand" (dra) '61-John Gregson, Sybil Thorndike. 10 Political Ratty ED Film Feature ED Public Greetings Policy From Forum Germany 28 California Nuclear Debate (R) NFL Action 36 Jetsons 39 Jobline 4 Movie: "Twenty Million Miles to Earth" (sci-fi) '57-William Hopper, Joan Taylor.

5 Faith for Today 7 Movie: "Nobody's Perfect" (com) '68-Doug McClure. (29 E) Movie: "My Sister Eileen" (com) '42- Rosalind Russell. 34 Fanfarria Falcon 36 Call It Macaroni 39 Sunday Movie 2:00 It The Takes A Champions Thief ED Chips 22 Chinese Entertainment Hour 20 Faith for Today 28 Silent Film Classics "West of Zanzibar" (1929) Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore. 34 Futbol Soccer 36 Championship Bowling 6 The Champions Creature Features 10 ED I Spy (26 Pentecostal Temple 2 Movie: "The Racers" (dra) '55-Kirk Douglas, Gilbert Roland. The Rebels "Henry David Thoreau" Portrayed by Ron Thompson.

Thoreau is interviewed in Concord, Mass. 5 Movie: "A Lion Is in the Streets" (dra) '53 -James Cagney. 8 International Hour 9 Movie: "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (sci-fi) '61-Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine. 13Sinister Cinema 22 Italia '76 20 Jimmy Swaggart Show 36 Movies: "Plunder Road" (dra) '58-Gene Raymond, Wayne Morris. Vices" (com) '48-Dana Andrews, Lilli Palmer, Louis Jourdan.

On Campus 6 Gatornationals 29 O) 30 World Invitational Tennis Classic Bjorn Borg VS. Ilie Nastase. 8 Face the Nation 10 Movie: "Who Killed the Mysterious Foster?" (wes) '70- Ernest Borgnine, Judy Geeson. 17 3 Film Feature 23 6 Education 1 at Work (23 Religious Town Hall 28 The Open Mind 4:00 Sunday Star Trek 1 Movie: "Ziegfeld Follies" (mus) '46-Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly. 11 3 Rock Concert 22 Korean Variety 23 Voice of Agriculture Big Time Wrestling 28 Wall Street Week 34 Talent Contest 52 Campus Profile -Viewpoint on Nutrition 2.

KNXT Special "Gays: Public Faces, Private Feelings" Host Malcolm Boyd explores the issues and alternatives being raised by the Gay Community. 6 Get Smart 22 Korean News 23 6) Meet the Press 28 World Press 52 Hollywood Chef 5:00 5 Star Trek 6 Little Rascals Great Adventure 9 Championship Bowling 10 News 13 Movie: "-30-" (dra) '59 -Jack Webb, William Conrad. 22 Korean Drama 23 60 Concern 20 World of Survival 28 Washington Week in Review Championship Fishing 34 El Circo de Capulina 39 Movie 52 American Angler John Fox hosts this first in a series on fishing. 2 Newsmakers 8 10 23 6 36 News 3 Ladies' Day (20 Let's Make A Deal 28 First Images of the New World Manager 34 Drama Series 52 Jewish Hour EVENING 6:00 2 7 34 News 3 Kukla, Fran Ollie 5 Movie: "Seven Times Seven" (com) '73-Terry-Thomas. 6 Sunday Special 11 National Geographic 9 Wild Wild West Public Affairs Program (D ED Ruth Gelman Show 22 Cartoons 23 6 Dialogue 20 Movie: (90) "Sweet Sweet Rachael" (susp) '71-Alex Dreier.

28 Los Angeles News Review (2 Star Trek 36 Water World 3 Animal World Children's Film "Two Eyes, Four One Big Heart" (R) The story of a youngster who volunteers to be a "foster owner" of a German Shepherd pup that's destined to become a Seeing Eye Dog. Dimension '76 080 6 Wild News Kingdom 28 Agronsky Company 34 El Show de Walter Mercado 36 Journey to Adventure 52 Roller Games 7:00 2 60 Minutes 23 6 10 (36 World of ney "Little Dog Lost" After having been separated from his owners, a young Welsh corgi named Candy is adopted by a friendly farmer who trains her to assist in herding sheep. 6 Wild Wild West (20 0) I SPECIAL The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau "Sleeping Sharks of Yucatan" (R) Captain Cousteau's scientific curiosity leads him to investigate the phenomenon, reported by native divers, of sharks in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the Northern tip of Yucatan that retire to underwater caves for rest and sleep. 9 Movie: (2hr) "Veyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (sci-fi) '61- Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine. Lest in Space 998 The Japanese FBI Drama 28 Inner Tennis 20 Public Affairs 28 Dr.

Who: The Silurians A repeat of the 7-part adventure which finds Time Lord Dr. Who and his assistant Liz summoned to the aid of an underground atomic research station that has been plagued by accidents, losses of power, and numerous tal breakdowns of personnel. 39 Acompaname 52 Korean Language Programs 8:00 2 10 Sonny Cher (R) Guest star Raymond Burr sings and performs in comedy sketches, a and the entire cast joins in a type show. 10 36 Ellery Queen "The Mad Tea Party" (R) very rich businessman disappears, and Ellery takes a personal interest in finding him because the millionaire wanted to back a Broadway version of one of the Ellery Queen mystery novels. 3 Pop Goes the Country Norman Rockwell's World 6 (2 O) 30 Six Million "The Deadly Replay" The experimental aircraft involved in Steve Austin's near -fatal crash is rebuilt and Steve determined to be the test pilot.

00 Movie: (2hr) "Pursuit of Happiness" (dra) '71-Michael Sarrazin, Barbara Hershey, E.G. Marshall. 13 Sam Yorty Shen 22 Musical Variety 28 Nova 30 Los Especials Sylvia Pinal 5 Breath of Life 6 Get Smart 9:00 2 10 ED 0 Kojak (R) Circumstantial evidence makes a young Greek the prime suspect in the murder of a prostitute, but Kojak finds the young man's friends acting as a "roadblock" to his investigation. 23 000 10 36 NBC Sunday Mystery- McCloud "Our Man in the Harem' (R) Pursuing a missing son case takes McCloud to an oil -rich Middle East nation where white slav. ery and international big business corruption In proliferate.

Oral Roberts 6 Outer Limits 0 00) ABC Sunday Night Movie: (2hr) and Zee" (dra) '72 Elizabeth TaSylor, Michael Caine. Susannah York. Robert Blakeley is a man who loves not wisely but too often (Caine), and his wife Zee, doesn't like it. 9 Garner Ted Armstrong 13 Rex Humbard 22 Japanese Film 20 The One Way 28 Masterpiece Theatre: Notorious Woman (R) "Misalliance" 33 Moche de Gala 5 The King Is 9 Journey to Adreture 52 Corona Now 10:00 00 030 0 Break (R) In an underworld power struggle, the of a family has his own bitious brother killed, and Sgt. Webber is framed for that murder.

5 Day of Discovery Last of the Wild Carison Company California Energy Special "No on 15 Telethon" Leading energy experts discuss their opposition to Proposition 15, and will answer phone- questions from viewers. 22 News Gospel Hour 28 700 Club 28 The Japanese Film "Gate of 52 Lou Gordon Show 5 Jimmy Swaggart Show San David Diego Niven's World 22 Wrestling 11:00 000 000 00 ED news 5 Pacesetters World of Survival (2 News Movie: "Battleground" (dra) '49 -James Whitmore, Van Johnson. Movie: "The Good Earth" (dra) '37-Paul Muni, Luise Rainer. 13 Movie: "Dementia 13" (hor) '64-William Campbell. Name of the Game 33 Encuentre 36 Jimmy Swaggart Show Sunday Sports 'The Interns" (dra) '62-Michael Callan, Cliff Robertson.

Sammy Company 700 Club 6 Wyatt Earp Movie: "Lite at the Top" (dra) '66-Laurence Harvey, Jean Sim: mons. 1:00 3 At One With. 2:00 2 Movie: "Showdown" (wes) '63- Audie Murphy, Kathleen Crowley. 3. Speaking Freely 2 Movie: 'The Locket" (dra) '46- Laraine Day, Robert Mitchum.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Council, City of County of Bernardiso, will hold public on following: Ordinance No. Zoning Ordinance No. 1000- Section Projection into Rear Yards. Said public hearing will be held the Council Chambers, Safety Hall, Brookside Avenue, at 7:00 P.M. on June 18, 1070.

A. City City of Redlands (Publish: June 8, 1070) NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF NERSHIP AND CONTINUANCE OF BUSINESS Notice la 18005.5 of the Corporations Code that the Partnership composed. of NORMAN PARKER and ESTELLE baretofore doing business under the name of GAUGH PLUMBING, Redlands Boulevard, Redlands, California, Is dissotved an of April 30, by mutual consent. NORMAN S. PARKER, withdrawn Cambridge, from Redlands, to ESTELLE HUMBERT, address is 307 Redlands Boulevard, Redlands, California, will carry business, to all of assets of the has will pay Habilities of DATED: April 30, 10.

Norman S. Parker Estelle Humbert (Publish: June 8. 1970) Astro Graph By Bernice Bede Osol For Sunday, June 6, 1976 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Normally, wherever you go you generate action. Today your presence will have a very soothing effect on others. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You may find someone willing to help you wrap up an old task you've been putting off.

It will be a welcome relief. GEMINI. (May 21-June 20) gregarious mood today, you'll Although you'll be lie also want to be around serious thinkers to exchange worthwhile ideas. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You know how to get real mileage 'out of a dollar today and could pick up some good bargains. This is particularly true of household items.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) They'll take notice today if you voice an opinion during a discussion. Others sense you're not given to making idle remarks. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.

22) If you expect an old debt to be repaid, call the person aside today and give him a gentle reminder. Otherwise, it just won't happen. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Stand up and be counted if anything threatens any old friend today.

Your relationship has been 'a good one. Your loyalty will strengthen it. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You function best as the power behind the throne today and you enjoy it! Exposure will lessen your chances of success.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) A group, you're affiliated with may you to take on added responsibilities today. Don't shirk. They really need your help.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Challenge stimulates you today to the point where you might volunteer to take on things others run away from. What's more, you'll do it! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

10) Don't ask for criticism today from a friend who always tells it like it is, unless you're prepared to face the truth. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You are especially determined today and will accomplish what you set out to do. Surprisingly, your best efforts will go to help someone else. Your Birthday June 6, 1976 Important contacts will be developed this coming year through your social involvements.

You'll do particularly well with those older than yourself. (First publication: May 20, 1070) NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO In the matter of the Estate of T. L. WELCH, also mown TORRENCE E.

WELCH Deceased Notice la hereby given that petition of Manche F. Welch for the Probate of Will of T. E. Welch, also known as Torrence L. the above of Letters to Blanche to which is made further particulars, will heard at 00 o'clock A.M., on June 11, 1976, to the court of the Probate Department entitled Court at the courthouse the City of San Bernardino ta the above mated county and state.

Dated: May 1976 V. DENNIS WARDLE. Cert By Margaret E. Polich Deputy Clerk GUAY P. WILSON Attorney at Law 300 E.

Sate Street P.O, Box 164 Redlands, CA Attorney for Petitioner NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS (BIDS) ter IMPROVEMENT OF CITRUS AVENUE to Church Systems No. M1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cay Council of the City of tavites and will sealed proposals up to the of Improvement of from Redlands Boulevard to Church Street, Select Syatem Project No. M41, Council of the to all to Interests of the City. Plans may forms of bonds, contracts and specifications may be obtained City Hall, the Redlands, California, FiRena Dollars ($15.00) per he refunded. Tack proposal (Bid) shall be out submitted on a form to be obtained at of the Director of Public Works accompanied by a a certified check.

or a an amount not than of the amount of bid, made payable to the order Redlands, and each bidder mall sealed and fled with the City Clark at or time this check be will enter toto contract the City the work, will if the to toto said The successful bidder will be requtred to a faithful performance bond in an to of the contract price and labor and material bond, said bonds to be obtained from sarety company to the City. All tarms and conditions the to tract. No of BY ORDER OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Dated this 1st day of June, 1976. Posey A.

Cky of Redlands San Bernardino County, California (Publish June 5, 10, 1970) Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: Thirteen months ago I had my first child, a beautiful baby boy. My husband, Chris, is a wonderful husband and father but he has never kissed the child. I mentioned this to him recently and he said he'd feel funny--that he's never kissed a guy before. I've told him how much this bothers me but it doesn't do any good. My father kissed my brothers and they never lost their masculinity because of it.

Some of Chris's male friends have kissed our child on the cheek, which I've pointed out to him. Still no change. He is a warm, affectionate person and this hang-up has me terribly confused. Can there be a deeper problem- -Mama Dear Mama: A father who considers a 1S month-old son "a guy" has a little strudel in his noodle. I'd say Chris has a deeper problem all right.

But if he bolds the child, plays with him and "is wonderful father, overlook this peculiarity. Kissing isn't essential to healthy development. Dear Ann Landers: For the past six months I have been taking out a 31-year-old lady who is attractive, charming, interesting and well thought of by all the people she works with. Louise has never been married. (I was divorced two years ago for reasons I won't go into here but it wasn't my fault.

My wife ran off with another man.) Louise works the day shift. I work the night shift. This means we see each other only on Sundays. I've told Louise I love her and she says she feels the same about me. For the last several dates, however, she has brought her seven-year-old niece along.

(The youngster lives with her since Louise's sister passed away.) The child sits between us in the movies and even in the car. Of course I have to take Louise straight home because of the little girl. The kid even stands there while we say goodnight. I can't even give Louise a real kiss. I'm becoming terribly Weather Forecast National Weather frustrated and don't know what to make of this.

Do you? Please help me figure it out.Intercepted Dear Inter: Who's to figure? The facts are obvious. You have a seven-year-old chaperone. Tell Louise you aren't interested in a gleesome threesome--unless, of course, you are content to settle for a platonic friendship, which is exactly what you have. Dear Ann: I'm not a superstitious nut nor am I especially religious, but in our family when anyone sneezes we always say, "God bless you." I'm seeing a very nice young man and we get along well, but when I sneeze he never says anything even though I always say "God bless you" when HE sneezes. Last night I told him I felt it was only good, manners to reciprocate "blessing." He said he'd try to remember.

An hour later I sneezed and he didn't say a word. Why is be so bullheaded? Any cure for these types? -Unblessed Dear Un: He's not bullheaded, he just doesn't from a family of "Gesundheiters." Continue to bless him and maybe in time he'll catch the drift. (P.S. I hope you don't have hay fever.) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. FON The followtas as are doing business NEW EXPRESSIONS UNLIMITED, 3 Sutheriand Redlands, CA 11373.

Delbert L. Barnett Sutherland Dr. Redlande, CA 18373 Janice B. Barnett Sutherland Dr. Redlands, CA This bustness is conducted by A General Partnership.

Signed: Janice B. Barnett This statement was fled with the County of San Bernardino County on May 15, CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the foregoing is correct copy of the original an file to my office. (SEAL) V. DENNIS WARDLE County Clerk By Genevieve A. Walsh.

Deputy EXPIRES Dec. 31, 191 (Publish May 23, June 5, 15. 1970) FORECAST NO 7AM 151 L. 00 Saturday night, shower activity is indicated for parts of the Gulf Coast, Oklahoma Panhandle area and portions of the upper Plains region. Elsewhere, generally fair weather is predicted.

5 Room entrance 9 Sleeping place 12 Too 13 Shield bearing 14 Part of "to be" 15 Position 17 Narrow inlet 18 Filaments 19 Commanded 21 Window ledge 23 Senora (ab.) 24 Hiatus 27 Expires 29 Sour 32 Shooting marbles 34 Shrewd 36 Served in dining room 37 Made of wood 38 Appear 39 Raced 41 Danish county 12 25 26 32 36 38 42 46 53 56 59 46 Live ADRASON ASI 49 Heather BELT IDA do 53 GI's address TALE (ab.) DO 54 Routed SIRO 56 Lively 57 Bathroom HATE MAN TONE 58 Be apt RANN PUN 59 Letter 60 Church recess 9 Fish 31 Car damage 61 Superlative 10 Great Lake 33 Domesticates suffixes 11 Deceased 35 Wet and heavy DOWN 16 Stage 40 Flower parts whispers 43 Window part 20 Muse of poetry ments 2 Lamb's 22 Careens 45 Mountain crest pseudonym 24 Long fishes 46 Kind of 3 Italian city 25 Awry Stuffing 4 French city 26 Newspaper 47 Javanese tree 5 Period carriers to 48 Ocean vessel 6 Bird homes 50 Islands (Fr.) 7 Genus of 28 Used a saw 51 U.S. coin swans 30 Newspaper 52 Puts to 8 Tears asunder paragraph 55 Born 10 13 16 19 20 21 22 23. 28 30 33. 34 35 37 39 40 145 48 50 52 55 57 58 61 12 Answer to Previous Puzzle At Home HOT WARM 1 Love 44 Icelandic saga MOA ACROSS 42 Radical.

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