The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE; TWO BLYTgEVILLE. (ARK.) 'COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1031 FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY Fancy Floridas Ark. Iflack or Komi' Heaulj Pound POTATOES CARGTTS CABBAGE BANANAS• KIDNEY BEANS SHUNG BEANS TOMATOES Sunny Smile or Libbys DeLux 8 Lhs. Pure, $1.05 8 L!>s. Compound or Crystal White Macaroni, Spaghetti or Noodles Package MATCHES Red or White Van Camps, (i Small or •.3 Large Cans PORK CHOPS SPARE RiBS K. C. Finest Loin. Round or Short Rib SALT'MEAT PORK SHOULDERS PORK SAUSAGE Shoulder Ib. Thick Rib tb. 15c nm,j)iti:\s SHOES J u 'J.Ji.x7JLi>J r •Society Calendar ' 'i . Saturday . will. t ' at- (lie library! • .T-he Night clab will Mrs. Joe C. Watson. 1 - fr'f4 stoi.f hour Belles A.' F. Durham Jr.. 18 months old son B/fo of News Mostly Persona! Guests Complimeptsd With i Bridge pancc felrs.-'Jo'e'lsaacSlond Eon, l/iuie, 1 entertained 28 guests Thursday ejfenkig. Wmplijty^ijip; their hcuA guest's, Misses'^va Go«i"ii and Esther Ccoper, of Memphis. 'There were, six teal's of bridge arjd on£ of rurfimy.»|ii Brldre^Mis; Faimle'f Becker, of ivEikestr:!, '{Mo,, wen thc'-lBdiesv-Pri^wbos'.ery; )fcr- rjs Pra'flkel, ^j^N|jj?>Madrid,£Mv.i wijn '"a" pongee fiahakcrchW tor men's high;.Miss,Eva..Cordon ,rc- cejved w green vahil'y"sel arid Miss Esther!,'Cooper, f£ s f -memorandum s%; the' cut prize, a'deck of cards, went 'to Miss 'Paiillne Lang; Miss Ssri Lang was awarded the ladies' ccnsolRtion, ..n<iuerfumc bottle, apd (He inen's low score award, a miniature' bath tub, v.'as received by Abe Nichols, of Osteola. ' • jn Kile runimy game PW] Fliic- Wrg wch a'.bank and Ike'Miller icceivcd a permanent pencil. :&$ter. play-ingi cards dancing was j.°kMr. and Xtrs. A. F. JUarham enjoyed f=r two hours with music; Ojc'eola, is having a good lime by Sam Wejjjcr, of Kennett k Mo. j playing with his ball. He frcniient- Oainty : rcrSpshments ot A -Jtrul!. ly'.'Jvlslts his uncle, George W. Bar' tt, bridge cakes^anci j ham, and fimily, of this city. •ii-ere served. ... *' pTJnchJr- mintfc, ! djjeese Chip's ™-e '•rthe guests- were: Missel Bans qarr'elt; Anita Stracko, /Pauline arid Sara Lang, Florence Arlan; Misses. Rose Rubenslelp, ,Freda Nichois, Ramelle Welnberg, Ruth Goldberg, of Osceola; Misses (Ann and Eva Barkowltz of Portagev|lle, Mo., Misses Fannye and Edith - Becker of Sikcston, Mo., Mrs. Lou- Mi'scs Kiinnye and Edllh nccker ir.nirned to thi'lr home In Sikeston l«l;iy afler having been the house- suests of Mr. and Mrs- Ike Miller iur a fevv days. Mlsws Eva Gordon and Esther Catj}Kr returned to Meirtphts today afu-r having fipcnt corral fcys with Mrs. Joe Isaacs and son, II. J. Klmbro of Jonesboro. district maimger O f Hie Southwestern Bell Telephone company. Is attends; 10 businiss here today. Mis !l. ". Cromer nnd Mr* George Doyle, of Osccola, shdtptd here yenerilay. Mrs. J. B. Clemen has frnm several days stay In Little Rock '.vhcre she was the gu»st of her son. Mrs. William O. Potter, of Nry 1 York city, ts exacted to arrive Tuesday for a visit with her parents. Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Stevens.' Before 'Jfcr marriage Mrj. potter was Miss Anne Stevens, ol Hils city. L-. D. Clmmblin, Lloyd Stick-. mon. Irvin Davis, Loiimim lilies- pic and W. A. Edwards are ii Joncstxn'i today for a sales .meel- ing o! the Chevrolet dealers In this —j-. ''district. the .-hostess served delicious chick-I Mr and Mrs - E - c - Ellsworth en salad, cheese wafers, home mncl" l nn(! s 0 " wl " rcturn lo l- hf;lr '* on '» candles and coffee. ! hi Hot Springs Sunday after a v!»-.•• • • | It with Mrs. Ellsworth's sister. Mrs. Cemetery Association in. J. Allen and family. Mr. aiv.l Will Meet Tuesday. JMrs. Allen will accompany tttm A The Maple Grove cemetery asso- i elation will have an Importanl bii.»- Obeola, Mr. and Mrs. Ike JM Appletaum. Z. Jiedel, Harold Sterrib:rg,"Prill Feinterg of Port- agsvillf, Sam Wciner of KennStt, Bennle' and Abe Nichols. Guy n^b- enstein of Osceola. and Morris Nav-Madrid, Mq. • , jn»ss meeting Tuesday ^;50 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. John' Durham. This Is the first meell»g hoiil !n several isonUis. ' Sjinday Schopl-.GIass His a" Chili-.Supper. • : Mrs.'B. •A.'-Lvnch v,-as hcq»3S'to rnembers'.of liar Sunday school class in'- the ft" First ' ".-Methodist , ctmvc:i Thursday 7 evening for a clilll supper. =-• 'SeTent«ch''.'of-t!ii! 24 girls. In lha class were served an apiieltelnj menu'iat' an attractively appointed banquet Haftle'arranged with nar- clssus-for-the-centerpiece and tapers going the length of the table. /Radio"-music and games-entertained the fnicr.ibers Alter siippor. •••' . T.....',.,'.. - ' Giinls at Club. 'Mrs'.; Otto Kochtitzky entertained members''or : . : tfie'-Tlnn-sday 'Luncheon club and Mesdames Harry Kirby, Elton" *ft! Kir by;.-W. A. Mc- Luxora ,1 Sociely—-Persona! The Luxorn branch c< tl:c Memphis. W. B. Tanner lias returned from n business trip to Louisiana. Otto Koclitltzky attended io b'.is- Incs sin Memphis Thtirxlay. Mrs. J. A. Leech, wlio has UC2» at the MemphLs Gap!*! hosplt*! for treatment since MqBcM^-. Is ex 7 l»cted to return home Saturday. Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Morris and son will leave Tuesday' for Shreveport, La., where they will visit relatives before going to Cheyenne, Wyo., where they wit rerlde. Dr. Morris, who has been associated with Dr. Paul L. Tipton ' at Ilic Mrs. Frank Dodge Addresses P. T, A. County Ccu'iicil Meeting. Pleading for women lo kitom? more broadmlnded, Mrt. Frank Dodge of Little Rock, .prominent women's loader, gave an" Inspiring address lo 100 women yesterday afternoon who attended the county council meeting ol Parent-Teattjfr associations here. Her theme svas "Parents, the Great Sculptors." >' The wojds of Frederick Frojkel. father of the kindergarten, "Coino, let us live with our ch)ldren,"-!wj:-o cited as the pattern for every p-n- "nt.- "Children live with us; jiot us vith our children. We remi'.re t>.c:n o become accustomed to our njcd; ol living, our furniture, oiu 1 habits," Mrs. Dodge said.' ; In peaking of parent's trabm-.s Ihelr children she urged them :•> "follow the model of the M.istr-r.: A scul|>tor looks more at his mui-.I ' than at his molding and we siioui: take the Master for our mcd;l ::: training our children." '; Culture, the'aim of every, :coacl. parent, wns defined sis "(hat' yen have left ivhjn you lay-' all you have learned," in strc-£3:ny the need ot n broader outlooi' in properly rearing the boys and sjirls of today. ' . •' That women must l:c? ened was discussed by Mrs. Do.!.-throughout her Interesting add:,.-; She begged thai women not cer. ; ji other'women who make mistakes 2: Ihe Bi-ounds lhat t^.e fact, tiiey nr, had been tempted makes tlr:n un#>lc to understand. - -"• ; Of Uie 24 Parent-Teacher ii-»,- ciatltns , In--. Mississippi cour'.y there were 20 represented at the r.'ll day meeting at the .First P(«bv- t«riar« church. '•' " ' ola chapter ot the Red Cross 1ms niylhcvillc hcspllnl for 10 ihonHis, ' "ssoclated with Dr. 0. Y. will Beard. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, of Grider, was a visitor In the city yesterday. Xlrs. Harvey Morris entered liic Memphis Metlralist hospital at Mi-miihts today w'tere she will un- a major oi>vratlon. Mr. Mor headquarters at EiJicr-'-'s r'urniiiiid store. A r.umbtr of vuhmter \voih- crs are kept liiiay filling application blankc and Investigating casfs. Mr. ai«d Ma. Charles McDjn- isls Qtmouuc3 ihc birlli of » iim. Sunday, Jan. 11. i^ 1!: ' *-,JIr. and Mrs. F. Lindsay an- ! r | S ' niuiiee the birth of a son. Monday, i tum Monday Mr. and Mrs.- W.'B. Tanner, have gone to Helena for several . . accompanied h»r. whl 're- i. ' -T « days visit. v G „„„„,„, wns blls!iv;s , Jan.. 12. Mr. ami Mrs. Foster Yates and Miss Paiilin* Scalon were Osccola visitor Sunday. Mesdames Ii. S. Ashmore. and!visitor in St. Louis yesterday. D - M. Nlchalsen of Osceola were I Horace Walpole transacted busi- Caughn. W. B. Tanner, Miss Mary ahe guests of Mrs. Dave Richards | ness in Memphis Thursday Satterflcld'or. Memphis a::. Mis.. and family Sundai'. | Miss Cora Lee Coloman and J. E. Earl Kponti of SprlnsHela, -iro. ' MUscs MMf , (lllll and O | lvl[l Or;i . critz, county agents, are at Paw- Tresli;flowers fprrned the cen^.:- t llcl]n . M! , rBarc .. alltl MMieA R | c h- heen and Boynlon today for mset- pfece for -the -attractive table a> j Krrts Ellzal)cth Uav| , B u ]n g5 ol Ihe Boys and Girls 4-H ranged, for .the delicious Iwo course JKU1 Wl]ndEr | lck wt , rc O5cc!)]n v ,' s . ; dubs. """' ' I tors Sunday. . ; Mrs. Roland Green is spending Mrs. Alrin Wnnderlick and son, i tcd: ' 1|1 Osccola. menu. •jn-Uie contract bridge Mrs. \Y.. itl McKeni'ie "wbii hosiery for" 'first •honors and the guest prize,"a-siiort liandkirchiflf, went to Mrs. Knrl Koontz. Junior, and O. C. Driver i«n-c! l '- n Bnlliige, nf Leaehville, is a Moinphls visitors Saturday. I business visitor in the city today. °" and Mrs. OiUon of Clin-'. Mri - Bernard Gcoch has return- fro m of Mr. and and family Thweat re- tm-nid to her homo in Memphis Sunday alter spending tivo weeks here as the guest ol relatives. The Senior Boys and Girls uas- teams played Lake city scn- ivs tir.d 'glrk teams on Ihc c«m Friday night. The ed from Osccola v.-here she spent two days on business. ten,' lov.-.i. were mie*; * ' ' I Mrs. Charles Shoaf Kill Care- Club ': -. < i Snnaai. Has Supper Danr?. • .'• " .MLs-; ness:c Elin-r The Kill Care club M.itl a rtslig'nt- fui party at the Woman's club .Thursday evening when 45'niem- bdrs and one guest, Mrs',,. jjohn Flannlgan, ol Paragould, guest of | Mr.'and Mrs. Marcus Evrard!>scr» i ior''l present. ! Luxe 1 An appealing menu was s::ven ! Luxcr.i boys were "defeated w v .ile | in buffet styl ? and the rsmainde. the Hixora girls won. " • onicn's ot the Shorty Grove boys °* trje*cvenm 3 spent in d-,r..m-, W. M. Wood and Herman L. land girls 4-H club, reorganized fc*> orchestrjhir- .Spiccr attended court in Osceola 11931, are: Russell Massey. ":<•«- '' a " >l - : * * - ; ' ' -*• Dr. O. llonten was Has Jtcok Club. ^_ j vitit-jr at Armorel Tuesday iJMrs.^W.' •]'. teuton was hoitrss . • L Sam Wciner returned to his home in Kennett today nftcr two days stay with Louie Isaacs. Roseoe L. Morris lelt this morn; ing for St. Louis (o be with his ! mother who is critically III. Grove 4-H Club ?\eorganized for 1931 U> the, Thursday Rook club this j ,'lhcre arc nbout 340 structures ol week when her only guest was Mrs. 120 or inure tloars in the United G. J.- Walker, of El Dorado, Ark. i Siatcr. about half ct them belli" in 'After- several interesting game^'NcA- York City. tl3nl;jKathryn Reed, vice prcsi- baslness jdcnt: Elsie Crnfton. secretary; Dale Odom. reporter; V. A. Murpiy, spoasor. There arc 25 members under 1112 direction of Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration nge»t. and J. E. Crib, agricultural agent. Officers of.Campbell v ; r : Lions Glib' Installed CAMPBELL, Mo — At a -taii Night Banquet held l:,iiu \ftAix",- dsiy night by the local Lioin new officers for the ensiim-/ y t j;- v.'ere offidaily Installc:!. "• W. P. Henry was placed n c(fic.? of president succeeding F. P. Peters. * Other officers inrln-cd Dr. M. L. Cone, Fl'isi Vico President, J. T. Pander, Second i Vice Prcsk'.;ni, Dr. N. M. joiies,; Secretary-Treasurer, G. 1!. Hail! ' Lion Tamer, C. L Overall, Tsvister, and V. L. Mcillhip, pcrter. Relief from Gas Stomach Pains Dizziness Tlie (ioelprs loll 113. that fO'rcr cent of'ail sickness i.^ (Uu t(* stomach anil bowel- troubles. Von < in't be well if your dijje^tinii is bad; you arc likely to get sick untc >.= you j "}• relish food uixl digest it properly. ' Tanlnc has n \vonderful record as a relief from diyeplive troubles, even those of years' s Mr. L. B. Simmons, oC Larimer St., Ucnvcr, Colo., fays: i& "Tanlac made mo relish ami digest IfaJ my food fine. It aUo cuu-il mu of !pj gas, ciizzy spells uud ncrvoi;.<ness. j' Now I>lecp welj ami c.-.u put in as ] good a day's work ns a yo'.mgs'te'r." If you suiVer from ROS, pains in the stomach or bowvlr,, diz/:pe£s, nausea, constipatii'ti, or torpid liverj'if you have no api'i-liic. r.-tn't sleep ami are nervous :;r..1 ::li mil doxvu, you need Tanlac. It is pure medicine, mado of i herbs nnd b'arks. Get, n lottle your riruKRift today. Money brick i if it doesn't belj) jou. SILK-- 3SES :, .'S.S'M' HOUSE - Ii ABIES. DRESS $1.67 And to Vacate Your Fine! Opportunity to Buy Mun&ingwear (Seconds) Hosiery and Underwear at These Prices $1.97 rear Gowns - - Munsingwear Slips - - - Mimsingwear Chemise - - Mwisingwear Step-in Panties - Mimsingwear ^.eon^rs, Regular Munsin^wcai 1 Vests, Regular - $137 $1.19 79c .77c FKI. HATS

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