The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 19.18 HLBEIDl U.S.MIYU Thousands Present At Building Dedication Achieves Many '1-11 Honors (continued from Pa"?. Onel typo exhibit wns urged by Cnssa 11. l/ivi'lah of lJUIi.' Hock, distrki home (lemonslrntlon asjent. '"I'Jie ne^roe, 1 ; of Mississippi eonn- l.v are very fortunate-in having many white friends," C. S. Wooii- I imi of Pine uliiff, superintendent ot" vocational agricultural for nc- ! uioc.s. said, Kula M. Peebles of Pine Bluff, itim-n»)l teacher and (rubier o! the j slate department, told her audience that MIC visited the fair last year DELAWARE, O April 23 (Ul 1 )— ""' t ' x I Jt ' ct(1 d '? view more and . lolal eclipse of the moon will be I '' c ' xllihlls whpl1 *» p returned visible May 11 over North aml ! , ylnlr ' South Americas. Australia and the' J ' m>t '- s '• D;ms ' '"^ad Held offl- Pacific Ocean ' ctl AA A. southern region, said: Tlie eclipse,'first since July 1935 i ? S ! !ly '" lh(> • s0 ""' lan<l wll( ' re V 011 ... . . •>' *•>• liplm,., TliA .,„,.„„ |,,, s | |fs , J( . S( Darkest Period To Fall Between 3:18 - 4:09 In (he Morning , soo an me Armorel >n Extern slamla.,1 lime, will be sdiool chorus sang and there was 1C fnll^,w«- n _.; . ° "i.J is follows: 12:44 A. M. it the earth begins lo upon the moon's disc. -Light outer shadow encroach judge, who gave tiic welcome acf- dress, .told (lie negroes thai it was 1 :57— Dark ' umbra" or the main principally because of their comity shadow of tlie earth rolls over tlic agents that (lie negro a»ricullural ..... ' • moon. 3.18— Total eclipse begins. 3.44— Midway (Wliit in eclipse, 4.09— End of total eclipse. . ^s-.'Jl — "Umbra" shadow leaves n<l home demonstration work was lot abandoned in Mississippi county seven years ago when 1 the depression struck here. In speaking for the county fair 6:43—Light, slmdow umbra" leaves moon. or "pen- 'We need negro participation lo .~~.^., ,,,w,,. eom[)lete onr fairs in Mississippi During the eclipse, the moon will county. How yoa used the binding » oiinnsi „.!,._ , .... l ast j. ear ]nore t))n[1 1 ,ij 1( || ca(e( [ ll)e erection of ihe structure for you. We were delighted with the sho\v- be 247,000 milDs from the earth, while tlie earth's shadow will ex- lend 867.000 miles. Moon to Grow Colder Temperatures ou the surface of Ihe moon, normally about the boiling point of valor, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, wilt drop by 300 degrees during the 50-minute shadowing. As the iotnl eclipse starts, the moon will be outlined faintly in dull, copper red like a- huge penny in flic sky. The red hue will become steadily duller until the middle of the shadow goes past. The reddish tinge, even during the supposedly total eclipse, Is caused ay the bending of sun rays around !lie surface of the earth by the refraction of the atmosphere, scientists said. Because the moon in total eclipse will not pass directly through the center of tlie. earth's shadow, Hie ;^ox will be distributed unevenly Lwj'.li greatest intensity on Ihe bijitliem edge. Robert Emmons, student astronomer, predicted an of even longer duration will be visible Nov. 7 from the American continents. you made." "The Growth and Development of Inc PA™ Bureau" was the iheme of the address given by Mr. Autiy who outlined the program of his' association. lie .said that the American Farm Bureau maite these pledges to American agriculture: intelligent production, control of markets, equality for agriculture, parity jii purchasing power, community development, public representation, n national agricultural policy, enlarged markets, full reward for in- a. representa- . .'To be prosperous a nation must maintain a fair economic balance between agriculture, indiistry and labor . . . you need the farm bu- ." he said in part, anrt closed his address with- the Farm Bureau pledge. Error Made In Acreage Allotments In Pemiscot CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., April 23.—The county extension oltice liere yesterday announced that the state allotment committee had made error in acreage allotments for two townships in this county, due to the slate committee reversing the figures of the two townships. Little River and Little Prairie. On Wednesday, April 13, three hundred farmers held a mass meeting from Little Prairie town- **.ip to protest against acreage yUolments to this township, and hat lime, a commiltee named aV II: by\ (I i>y\ the farmers, Ihe following day lodged n protest with the local county office, and various state allotment departments. The error \vas discovered by two members of the state committee who came to Caruthersvllle to confer with the committee, following the lodging of protests. The setup at present -will permit Little River township to have less cotton and more corn, nnd Little 1'rairic township to have more cotton and less corn. One of the township committee members said the farmers of the township were still dissatisfied, having expected the allotment lo have been worked out on a county-wide basis instead of township basis. A county-wide committee has been named, to make new requests lor all Ihe townships in unity. ^Members' of this committee, and ''.Iw township they represent, are: K> C. Pierce, chairman. LHMe Profile; Dr. j. B. ljUshaw, Little prairie: Ernest Wilts. Little Prairie; Harry Cunningham, Pemiscot; o. H. Acorn, Little River; Charles Thompson, Virginia; Clnud Clark. Cooler; Bert Richardson, Braggadocio; L. II. Gale. Concord; Hoii- ! Greenwell, llnyti; Sam Edwards. Holland; and T. R. Cole. Pascola. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest Prices on Poultry at all Times. GAINES MKT. 118 W. M«ln St. Fhone »3 ch-.incc on a fa.... chance is on a luun. P.irm, if you nin, but if joij can not. do what you do well." Oilier brief talks were made by fettle I'urlee. teacher in tile local .-hool, Hosa A, CiawloHl. jeanncs ipcrvisor al Canithersville. Utiuah Lcivis. u-acher of public scliool U. Will continue for 50 minute's be-' at 3:18 A. M, E.S.T., ae- to calculation at Perkins .. Ohio Wesleyan Univer- Jly. Astronomers explained that, tlie phenomenon which lias little sci- K value occurs when the .sun ind Hie moon move directly oppo- iite each oilier v,-|lh the earth be- As the eclipse becomes visible, the con moves through the shadow Mst by the earth opposite the sun. cd .,„,-„„ >*, mmm , me n Ihe so-called cclljxse happens be- hi^i .school o! Hlylheville w •nncr. u, e moon's visibility to Hie Vs InhabiiaiUs depends on the lion of the sun's rays. Chart Made for Eclipse .,„.„,„. Ixig of the May 14 eclipse, based Osceola inusic ul A. M. :inU N. collide, The Pine Bind college baud play- ^ral selections, the Harrison uhool o! lilytheville was rep- J d by its glee club singing an Airs", the Clear Lake iiale ctuartet, tlie Wilson, unrlcl, student's from ibe school and the Armorel BLYTHEVIIiLE (ARK.) COUKIER NRWS j Hrauc L'iiy wiiinlnu. medley reins' team. , ' New records were spt as follows: llronil jump. Hunter, nrn v) ; city SO 1-a Irei; Disx-m, nuricss. Deer- IHB. 103 IIT-I. tour nnd three- fourths Miches; Kholinil, iAilrless. 4.'i feet; Hixli jiini|). by IJoerhu; entrant, live feel, nine Inches. llunU'i. who set a new district liole v;iu)( jnnri; of n 1 es nt (,'niH' Cllrardeiui ,'filSi Currency Is Included PAGE THREE . N, C. UIl'l-Fisli- onnni believe Ilio (niivlliiu i-rouiids In Illi! Atlantic oil (he coast hero me c;ipahl:' nl niodiiclni; almost jinylliliij;. cluded: In- « r . , , ™ . Ul" MIHSISBll'Pl COL In latch of trawlers STATE or AHKANSAS, v, No. OG31 '.UNQUENT LANDS IN HlWl COUNTY FOHF'I'MTKn I.'OEI MAM UAVMC^'I. AND SOLD TO T11K 8TATK OF "((KANSAS N O T I C K Is liwbv Klwn (lint pursuani ( 0 A cfNo. 119 of the General w;,,, Easily I,, County i-;•-,,;•;;!"•„-—«„',?"„; I rack and ndcl hvenl I 1 ' 0 "" 1 . 1 ' '' Vl ' Ilt ' "«! <iii'<v noin« Friday | together iintier the CArtliTHKRSVII.U-:, April c'l, (i Ineii- last week, 1110 .. out 11-foot nwirk. A I00-|ifliiud liau of 1,1!,],, | ,,.|i s> pulled oil Ihe floor of iiic ocean ciuhl mil.": out A Inn. wllli u Jin hill In the $5 i.i\»j v 11 iiJii, iviu,, /iijrji •'••\"L iv, ii. SU-Hrugg City high Bchool won I '"''eeted the mret. Hie amwtil Pemiscot County --• ' Ci'lcr (fui'iii'lir WIl.KKs UAllllK. water «;i>, available of elder v.cre earr/ cellar ami used to ,, ' ' " ! y <» IIODke. Canilher.svllle ' ,,l snni Joiics Jr at n iiolni ' . \V, II. Fosler, School Truck and Field meet concluded yesterday Afternoon at neerliitf, tliii-tng vvlilcli four new comity marks were set. Hunter and Drenlz, Urat;;; City i-utifljil.s. winiilng second nnd third places us high individual .scorers, amassed more limn one-third the tola] possible, polnl.s, lo Kwccp their learn In first. Falrless. Deerlnif was high Individual point .scorer! with a margin of less than two points over Hunter. roof lire ;ii iliu luime of Albeit 1!. nuir Kierstheime, aU>ve, pre, ident of the Ciosnell 4-H club, has made (u> oiit.slnniliiiff record In club and individual com]>elHlon. roup singlii_ B. Harrison, former countv association, J. Brooks said: dividual efforts and the organization. C. Of C. Secretary To Diagnose Town's Business J. Hfell Brooks will be the principal speaker at the meeting Monday night of tlie Business nnd Professional Woman's club at the Hotel Noble when MIS. J. L. Newborn TV ill be in charge of the pro- (,'i'ain. "A Diagnosis of Our Town's Business" will be the subject of Mr. Brooks' discussion. This pro- grnm will complete the study of "Cur Town's Business" ivliicli the club has made this year. A report of the state convcn- teing held in Helena this weekend will be made at this meeting by several of the members who are attending it. FOH-I CLUB Gosnell Club President Leads Group To Many County Honors James Nicrsthehncr, president of Ihe Gosnell Boys and Girls 4-11 Club, is not only making a record with his clith but is also making nn enviable Individual record. Honors which his club has won this year include first place in the 4-H Club one-act, play tournament, first in the boys' division of the 4-H basketball tournament for tlie county and district, and third place lor the girls' division ot the comity and district basketball tournaments. He was chosen as the best individual actor hi the one-act play tournament, was named captain ot the all-county basketball learn and won second place honors in si»rls- inanship. James lias been an officer in his club during tlie past two years, serving bolh as secretary and president. During .Ms six. years in club work he has conducted projects in cotton, corn, peanuts, poultry, swine. soybeans and dairying. last year at the county fan- he made ex- lubiis horn each of these in the 4-H division of the fair for which he won a total of S21.00 in prizes. James, who is tlie foster son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hyde of near Gosnell, is a senior in school this year ami plans 10 attend colte»e next fall. ° 880. the mile, and being nnchor man on (he medley relay which llragB Clt.v won. Rilrless won tlie 100 ynrcl dasli, shot put, discus, and tied with two oilier* for pole vault. Ihtrd in 8 80 yanl rim .second In 220-yard clash. Hmilor «-on the 220-yard itnsli the broad Jump, second hi (lie 100 Ltre the chamclon, the halibut is capable of changing its color to match its surroundings. Two File Suits Here To Obtain Divorces Two divorce suits have been filed in chancei-y court here recently. In one ivfrs. Aiulreancl Freeman asks a divorce from Louis Freeman, charging indignities. Her attorney Is Roy E. Nelson. In another suit Mrs. Lula Cruse seeks a divorce from Prank, also charging indignities. Her attorney is E. E. Alexander. FARM LOANS KM act Artanm ud Lowest rates—lowest uprns* Also city properties DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Lend Co. Office P. O. Boi 470. Phone 627. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEE S»fe. nre and with less discomfort. All diseases «nd condhlonr of nrrrom orlfln, foot allmenU and tUn eanccn treated an« cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES 514 Mate Oittopathlo PbysJcUra Phone M . Ark. SAVINGS ON USED CARS ALL * 1931 Chevrolet Coupe .......................................... $99.00 Runs good— Good Tires 1935 Plymouth Sedan ...................................... $199.00 Good Shape ... No Trade 1937 G. M. C. i/ 2 ton Pick-Up ................... $575.00 Clean, Low mlleaee. 18" Wliecls. 1935 Chevrolet % ton truck ........................ $175.00 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. l*/2 ton Truck ....................... $395.00 Long w. B. stake body. Real buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G.M.C. Trucks 307 E. Main Snles an<! Service Oldsmobiles 329 OAK LUMBER For Sale—109,0(10 fl. O r good hill nak lumber delivered at very low prices. See J. W. Barron Blythtville, Art. 1'hoiic MB ,,, I'lu- . <U1>>—No o T)0 uulhins (I from (lie •xliiiljiiltih WASH & ClUvASI')- $1.00 Wash, <;iii,si-, I'^iisli ami «:<\i-d jfi.lHJ M. It. SC1IMHCK "l;Mli" Sliltlun Main nnd IMi'Mon , A '• n,» v i/»inuuin. in /^ut ixo llj of the npnenl Assemb y of the .Slate of Arkuiwmi of 1935, ll.cro ,a,, been filed m won YM,"? , tae , rk ° f l " fi "towty Court for the CWcSwba ui.siiici ol MIsslssliipl County, Arkansas, the complaint of the slate cif Arkansas u, <,ulel and conflrin in wild Slate lie title to ceralii amh men „,„,, ,„ KM complaint and |y| 11K ln the ohlckl,a w ba HI - trlct of Mississippi County,- Arkansas. «old I ln'r™rel>r"'im!e<rio''ftp^nr'''f l i l \h 0 o '(f '"""' ™ f0rr °" P ' ! nn " Clilcka.sawba ni.strVa'of Mls.Sp"pl county, l™"!he i^Zm^t torn '! ,»i r ,,"«K )IIO " ll °" Of "' L<i """^ to - wlt °« «'« 2«th (lay of '»^ leinuei 19.18. show, If any there be, why the title lo «old roilelie, lands should not be confirmed, nulcled nnd vested in tho uiini 1 w In fee dimple forever. Tin- <|P,W!-Ipilon of wild lands and the names of the persons firm nt •'•'I'" 1 ' » >!'M imylnif taxes Iliercon arc us follows- LIST Or LANDS IS' MISSlSKU't'l COtlSTV CHICKAKAWIIA niK'J'KICl 1 rnrfelted IV I'j'U 'r 4X fs In ll'liovc Part of PRESERVES THE UPHOLSTERY 1938 SEAT COVERS • lleloln t)io | r ««li, now uppoaiono ol your uphoblciy v;ith ilmm utliacllvo «out co»en. Tboy ait inilorod lo III umujly. Availalilo lit pleasing colon— nmdo ol iliotig, wear icsiBfiny iabiic. Ii your «ool» ar» «pol!«d nnd worn, IhoBo covor« nuiU Ihr car Interior look Hko new. , Name Assessed Section Township 15 !!. II. llley.-NK SK. 11- II. Ulry-NW SK Tiiwnshli) If; 1). I, I)iwl.s-«". SW NK 1). I, Davis-N'i NH SK Allie llnittii—1/jl 7 fji-; fjj.; W. I', llolselaw -Uil 2 NK NW TiJHii.slilp 1U PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. and Walnut Electric Kitchen COOKING SCHOOL MONDAY & TUESDSV, APRIL 25-25 Conducted by MISS BONNIE DUKE Miss Duke, well known Home Economist and food expert, is back with us again. She will use a modem All Electric Kitchen in order to belter demonstrate how the Homemakcrs may save steps, lime and money. 't MANY, MANY FREE GIFTS ELECTRIC ROASTER WITH HAM- FREE! As llic Major Giff for (lie Uvo clays' session lo- getlicr with a Ham and many olfiev GIFTS. I. E. S. tAMPS • IRONS - GROCERIES SEE THESE NEW 1938 ELECTRIC RANGES ON DISPLAY AT THE COOKING SCHOOL --NORGE- FRIGIDAIRE HOTPOINT GENERAL ELECTRIC WESTINGHOUSE Their Beauty — Cleanliness — Speed and Safety Will Appeal to All Modem Homemakers DON'T MISS THIS EVENT MONDAY & TUESDAY, APRIL 25-26 Doors Open 1 P. M. Starts Promptly 21\ M. City 'Auditorium—UJylhcville, Ark. Sponsored by , " "' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP. AND LOCAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE DEALERS SrcllHii Area North, Hanfte K Kast 31 4Q Nortli, Kunge fl Kust 30 W 30 'M Id North, Kunxe !) 10.10 20 W. 11. Tioboush.-Krl. S'/j N'.',, WA an Towiislilp IS North, Itanee 10 10 40 IS 41) !!1 20 '-':* w •a 40 23 . -1(1 '» 40 North, Hanse n Kasl Kill May Qiilnii—SW SK dn Mny Qulnii—NW NB IV N. Sfhulty. list—S!i NK RW Waller Driver-^ of H, SK NK W:\Kci' Urlvor—NK 8K Waller Driver—NW SK Waller Driver— •SF. SK Township in ,1. W. Airy—a O.fiO A. W 25 a N'.i SK M, 0, Clrnlry—Iflt IB NE 11. I,, Chambers—Frl. SK NI5 II. I,. Cliamtieis—SW NK Township 14 W.llliinn C. Wood—NE SW Wtllliini C. Wo<Kl—NW NW Wllllnm C, Wood-SB SW William c. Wood—SW SW Clinrli-y Collins—f5K NW C, Jl. Pus))—NW NW' O. H. Nnvc—N'/j ' r <>««s''lp IS N(irlli,"'naii|tc 12 MM Henry Nipper—W',5 NK NK .10 ' 20 Nancy •llimns—Ix)t 2 NW afi 10 Nancy Timnvs—I/ot 4 NW 3!i aOfi Nancy 'I'liiiin.s—Iflt B NW 3(i ' C865 Towiwlilp ir, North,'llanjtc 13 fast Amnnda Stevens—W 'i.'M Ft. W'-', 1X11 2 of NK W'i W'.i W',4 SB 8 22 1Q 21 21 10 10 in 12 14 IS 8.r>o ;u.(55 40 K Kast 40 40 •10 40 40 40 320 Tax, 1'rnaliy and (,'ost 5 28.72 14,36 14.311 10.30 20.45 24.41 1G.18 14.3C 17.95 28.72 28.72 28.72 29.62 2.53 23.40 28.72 7.18 14'.30 7.18 14.3G 14.30 3.59' 114,88 20.30 2,53 2,53 28.10 In Whose Tax, P*n. Name Assessed I,ot Blk. * Cosl TOWN OF UI.YTHKVII.l.K Allison Adilllioii to l)lylhcvl!l« Honip Hawkins P. H. Tlllinon o !'. B. Tillmon 10 I'cnrl Brooks- and Ella Puller W.-i 13 Annie Prnnkliu II Ennim Hicks fl Emiua Hicks 20.75 0.30 Bculah Diicklnghnm 8 18.10 10.05 liarroii and. Lilly Artillllon . (o Klj'flievilfe J. O. Scott l;i c 8.13 W. O. Maxwell 7 E 3.08 Joe Taylor 12 a 2.1.80 Frank McGregor 7 I, 10.05 Frank McGregor, N 20 ft. 8 I, 10.65 llnkman Addition to Blytheville Nirs. Minnie Mason, S I-'t. 0 2 0.80 Blythe Addition to nlytlicvlll* Mrs. Eva Havdln E'.'- 11 21 1.82 Mrs. Kvn Hardln .12 21 4,53 Mrs, O. W. Oosuell 10 K 50.04 Tom Howard 13 27 Mrs. Eva Hardiu K>i. lf> 27 ,5.80 Mrs. Eva Himiln is 27 2530 Henrietta Good 5 33 38.42 Mrs. Kva Hnrdln 2 3S 13.18 lllylbevlllo l.unitier Campany ' Second Addition In Illylhrville Ira Gray 5 3 20.75 Ira C!i-ny G 3 4.33 K. M. Addition to Illythrvilk J. W. Bader l ^ -1.82 J. W. Under 2 4 1,82 .1. W. Bader . 3 4 1.82 J. W. Bader 4 4 1,82 BURR Addition to Blythcvlltc M. T. Bombalaskl 0 4 • 10.65 E. E. Hawkins 2 10 10.05 C, J. Evrnrd 5 14 20.75 C. J. Evrnrd C 14 3.08 Charles Nccdhain 7 1C 3.08 Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Addition to Dlytheville W. M. McFarland 11 1 .„..„ CJikkasawba Addition to nlytticville Mary p. Robinson 12 8 1.1.18 Davis First Addition (o Blytlievllle N. Johns, Ex. 45 Ft. Eli a 4 N. Johns 3 4 33,37 Davis Third Addition to lilytheville Frank C. Douglas 1 2 20.75 Frank C. IXmelns 2 2 5.QO Frank C. Douglas Wi 3 2 15.70 E. D. Perpison E!4 3 2 15.17 E. D..Ferguson W!! 4 2 5.60 Equitable Bldg. and Loan 7A 4 38.42 Frank C. Douglas S'.i I 5 8.13 DougOn Addition to Blylhcvillc J. C. Thurmond, B 10 Fl. S 58 Ft. G 2 3,08 Ilolllpeler-Shonyo Addition (o Blythcvilte E. D. Ferguson 14 1 8.13 O. Shonyo 12 2 1.82 . Brinkley 8 5 13.18 O. Shonyo 11 5 1.82 Mary Purmeel 12 5 1.82 Ora Jones 3 5 13.18 Ora Jones 4 5 1.32 Lydla Maron l G 1.82 Irregular Lots in Dlythevllle Section 16, Toinishlp 15 North, Range 11 East R. W. Scott K. W. Soott 22 NW 24 NW 3,08 3.08 Mate Daniels Addition lo Blylheville 1,82 1.82 1.82 John Alsiip 12 1 John Alsiip 13 l John AlsUj> 5 2 Morris Addition to Bljthevilie J. C. Hopper 3 c 15.70 Park Addition to Blythevllle Mrs. Marthalionc 1 l 20.75 Mrs. R. M. NfcLoad 6 I 15.70 Sallie Adams Est, 1 4 1570 Pride Addition to Blythevtile J. A. Turner 22 Clyde Robinson to J. W. Bnder 12 l W. Bader Kdwiu Itoliluson Addition to Blythevllte Mary and Waller Turner 3.08 Mary nnd Walter Turner 15.80 13,18 i Mary nnd Walter Turner Mary Turner P. W. While P. W. While Will ROS.S O. O. Brown Dave Hunt Dave Hunt Dave Hunt Mock Chancy Rufus Lemons Percy Smtli 0 B 7 2 2 8 fl 10 2 3 a Blylheville Lbr. Co. 1 Blythcvlllc Lbr. Co. 2 Blythevfltc Ltjr. Co. 3 5 5 U C 8 10 10 10 10 14 14 14 18 18. 18 10,05 3.08' 3.08 3.08 3.08 10,05 3.08 . 3.08 20.76 15.70 10.65 1.82 1.82 1.82 15,70 3.08 3.07 1.82 Huddle. Heights Addition to , ' Blylheville Mrs. C. W. Council 2 B '2075 Siinnysidc Addition lo Wylhevllla Sarah Uuckner 7 2 15.70 Hcnreltft Cieinons 15 G 10.05 HenrclUi Clcmoas 1C G 1.82 Knd Subdivision to Blylhevllli- Jane Boslell i 2 3.08 Jane Boslell 2 3 868 Wilt Turrct'l G 3 s'49 Will Turrell 03 154 . TOWN OF DELL Original Survey A. II. Chentlmm 9 O 9.55 First Addition to Dell Fxl Medcnlf 6 5 5.05 Luctnria Martin 3 c 1.67 Liicijjda Martin 4 fi 157 TOWN OF LEACHVItLE Original Survey Carrie Nossar 7. 3 1,67 Carrls Nossar 8 3 L67 Carrie Nassar 0 3 i.67 Carrie Nnssar. 10 3 I.G7 Carrie Nassnr 11 3 j 67 Carrie Hussar 7 9 18*55 Carrie Nossar 12 3 1,67 Carrie Nassar 4 10 14,05 NeUon First Addition to l.eacbville M. M. Thurmond BVi 2 A 18.55 Nelson Second Addition to Leaehvllle Carrie Nnssnr 5 p 955 Carrie Nassar G F 1.67 Smith Addition to Leachvillo Luna B. Wilhelm 21 C 167 Luna B. Wilhelm 22 D A. A. Mnynard 17 D A. A. Maynard 18 D Slaudemeyer Addition to • 1.67 2.81 2.81 F. P. Fisher E',» 5 A 2 81 TOWN OF JUN1LA Original Survey EH Margon 32 4 281 Howard Pierce E5-- 194 14 2.81 C. D. Ashabramtr Addition to Manila H. M. Milford H. M. Milford 1'arkriew Addition to Manila 9.60 1.67 O. M. Denton G. M. Denton Ora C. bllts Ora c. Dills Ora C. Dllts Nannie Dills Nannie Dills 14 15 4 5 6 12 13 West Knd Subdivision W. W. Shaver 9.55 9.55 1.67 7.30 1.67 1.67 1.67 to Manila 2,79 TOWN OF YARBRO M. C. Flowers 3 1 2.53 Witness my hand and seal on this 28 day ot F«b.| 1938. HARVEY MORRIS, Charuiery Clark. By ElUabetn Blythe, D. C. PORTLAND, Me. (UP)-So great lias become the fad for collecting 51.04 empty match-folders that the Portland Chamber of Commerce supplies them to collectors as an add-, cd service.

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