The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1930
Page 7
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WEDKKSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1930 RLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'l 'wo ctau i word lor flr*t In- witloa *od nu cent a word lor MLC& (ubiequut laser- Uon, No kdmtltunent Uikeo lor, kss inui 60c. Count tiu wor<fi' ud tend the t»«b. • Fhove 30« FOR SALE FOR SALE—Three hcjjs weighing about • 200 pounds eacli. ' H, L, Chainuers. : 2!P—K25 FOR SALE—Uood No. 1 and No. 2 wheat and u°od hay. Hunter- villc Development Co., Huuterville, Mo. . • 22P—K27 FOR SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity In property at KM West Ajh St., priced at a great deal bclp\v value. Dr. C. A. Caldwell, Late, Ark. 23P—10-10 LAURA LOU BR00KMAN AUTHOPOC"RASM ROMANCE"• IMC. FOR RENT FOR RENT—One ot Slirme apnit- meiita oti West Main slrcet Telephone 127 and 571. 15t!. FO£l HI.'NT—Housekeeping " rooms cheap. 914 Hearn. . 15|ik29. house, 232 . ICcktf FOR RENT—6 room Dougan. I'Jionc 334. FOR RENT—One room adjoining tilth. Meals if desired. Mrs. Rives, 123 North Fifth., 22P—K25 FOR RENT—Front Bedroom, ad. joining bath, private home. Phone 479W. '• 29C-K29 KOK RENT—Building recently vacated by A. & p. ticket olllce at Ash & Second Streets. Tom W. Jackson. ' 24CK27 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 & Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED — Arkansas Staie Life Insurance Company wants agent to sell health and accident insurance. Address Box G02 or call at I1G W. Davis St. 24C-K27 UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY' tor aggressive salesman between ages of 25 . and 45. "PoslofTicc Box 08. CK-29 LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—One mare mule, bay color, about 13 hands high and eight years old. White nose with P. n. on right shoulder. A brand on left shoulder B or 8. One horse mule, bay color, about 14 hands high, white nose, no marks. Taken up at Ole Ridge, 3 miles northwest of Burdctte. li. c. Hoover. 22P—K25 IIHfil.V IIF.U13 TODAY t'RM.t mxuius. i; nqd JUKI •111! eif hiffli HOhoiit. hUjUrnlr U'urnn ibul lUc ftilhvr »!K' H:IK b?!tcvi-4 tU'.id In llvlnx nml a iU';tllhy ,\riY Yiirk MIM>CT. Tlic •rrvvlnlli.n U iiiiidr «Jicu Jllll.V .Mm:ili:i.l., Hit- fiilliiT, '.111. nl Hit: i.[i:.llMH'iil In ILiKI- mnltirr. .MA ll<; AII in 1 llu:!i:itS. Jl:ir|;:ir:'( U'll* IUc girl fur Ilie llr.ii limp tlml Ci-lln I* Ihu *laur;liti'r of I] firM inarrljixr. Mrir^nr;-! iinil Juhn MIMidl \\rro ilCvurri'd. 'litt Krriintl JnMiiiml. 1SUII i(ljr;l')IIS, h:>« l><-cn di-ad dir >c'iir«. Mm. llufu'rit iinil Colin hnvc IID hicutiic lin* ihr tnotlirr'M Crlin >IL:I M-i-urcJ n L'uilt^uii n« n.Mt\i:v ' ynuni; ne-wsiiaiHT iiluitiiKrniilirr. I* tn !n,c ullli Ci-ll-i nml ^\v:,,, ihi-r \vlll In- iiinrrlc-d MIMIC liny. Mllt-I'- rll liti>lii»c» In Inki; Crlln to >\'\v •V.irU nml ullVr* In <,lnn\<-r lii't with luxmlr*. Tlu> tilrl rrfuM-*, lull Jlr.i. It,,-.•!-». knnivltiK rlinr ilinm> r 'nud "ln»'^"f "»<i'r!i"v""- itririilc-i* Cflla til urci'lil. AM |im>- ur:itlonK lire made fur IUT dc- li.nnurc. Crlln Mini >iirinl M)\V CO'ON WITH Till; STOHV CHA1TEH XI I TMIERE came a faint rnmblo ot I thunder. Neither of tlieni iio- tlesd tlio sound. Celia raised lier kea'd. llarncy's face. In tlio dark' ness, wiis so very near. Slie touched his cheek with soft lingers, trembling at tlie mlrnclc of liis nearness. • "Barney—" sho whispered. The young man's arms ili'ew lier closer. Ho captured tho hand against his clicok and kissed UK palm. Then lie pressed her lips. Moments later they drew apart. bveathlCoS anil eyes radiant. "Wtiy are you {joiti^ away, Celia?" Shields demanded. "I don't want'to go!" There \vas misery iti lier voice, though, the worcis \vere harply an- •ilhle. Cella pillowed her head oil 4ils shoulder. "Then why arc yon £oing?" She told him the story. It was an incoherent narrative, 'demanding ,frc(]nent repetition ami explanation. It was hard to make clear hecause there were parts Celia herself did not understand. And there was the ferrihlo prospect that next day she would be on a train, trav eling au'ay f. m tho two'persons ehe loved. Shields' skepticism had not quite vanished. He iuterruntc-d with A. T. & Aviation LOST— 6hell-r!mmed douule lens glasses. Finder return to Courier News. Reward. 23P-K25 Closing Stock Prices T. ............ 209 5 1-4 ChJi'sler ................ 27 1-4 Cities Service ........ 251-4 Coca Cola ................ 180 Fox ........... •. ....... 46 1-4 General Electric ...... CO 5-8 .General 'Motors ............ Grigsby Grunow ........ 7 1-2 I- T. & T ............. a? 1-4 Montgomery Ward ...... 32 1-2 Packard , ............. 12 1-8 Radio — ' .............. 33 7-8 Simmons . .............. 24 1-2 Stewart Warner .......... 24 United Gas .............. 34 U. S. Steel .......... 161 1-4 Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS, Sept. 24 (UP)— Cottonseed closed easy today. Sept 26b; Oct. 20 to 26.75; Nov. 25.75U- D,?c. 2Gb; Jan. 2G.50b; Fci). 28b; Mar. 28b; April 28.25b. No sales. Cottonseed meal closed steady today. Sept. 28.25b; ' Oct. 27.75 Hat: Nov. 28.50 flat; Dec. 28.75 fiat; Jan. 28.75 to 59.50; Feb. 29 to 20.75; Mar. 30.25 fiat;' April 30.25 flat. Sales; 3.800 tons. KAXDITS RKI.KNT VALPARAISO, Tud., (UPI—Bandits wiio slugged, robb2d and forced Edwin Ponchcr, Valparaiso auto salesman, from iiis machine April 8, relented recently and mailed I'oncher tiis pockctbook. Fountain pens with reversible tips are a recent innovation. •Tint It's true," ho said, "about I this father of yours having more' casli than ho tnosva whal to do with?" "Yes, J guess so. Mayho that's j why he's'-p.o tjucer. He isn't like , anyhody I've over .known before.' 7 - Siiiehb' voice was iiubor nov;. "Cloing [o huy you lots of su-ell clothes and introduce you to his ricii friends I snpnosc?' 1 ''I—Kiie;;.-! so." "Well, you'll be having a tine linie. I'.irties and theaters and a lot of cake eaiei'3 hanging jiround to take you places all the time. Oh, you'll like Jiciv York all right:" Celia promised thai s'm was—well, pretty much of a Eliodc. coming so unexpectedly. ^T:ldc me think yon didn't mean sotno of Hie tilings you'd said." "Hut, Barney, I've been trying to tell you—" Her words were interrupted. One hand LlgMoncst fiercely on each of Celia's arms. Shields eyed her intently. "Do you care tlic vay I do? 11 Her answer was fluttering, low. "1—I love you!" The wind had grown stronger. A groaning roar of thunder hroke from tlie heavens as Celia was speaking. Barney licld her at a distance, staring deeply into the i girl's eyes as if ho darn not he- cars. Then slowly he lifted 'her chin. "Celia, dariiug," ho. said, "I can't ask you lo marry me now. I've been threshing this thing out v.iih myself all day. II wouldn't i!J never /orget him. ' mean everything to mo. I'm r, IIIB to bo dreadfully lonesome!" "You're sure you won't forget? "How could 1?" PIIKY vrcro bravo promises u *• tcred with all Ihc rcchicssnc of ycuth. How could this -pa know that sincere vows are oflc the booncsl broken?" A splavh of rain was their lir warning of tho storm. A moment i B s because- she's licon wurhlnn i nl. I'm rt-ally worried nlwil her. .irney. I'ronilac mo ' while I'm vay you'll 1 coma to not her often nl Id ma know Jusl how tmo oks. Will you?" "Snro 1 will," Tlieru wus nllenco. "Uainey. you'll come to Hie stu- on lo nee mo ort, won't youi" "HI try. Wlmt ilimi'.'" "1-Vui- o'clock. Oil, |I!OKBO come!" I'I'll ha (here," Shields awurcd bv. "Kiss me, Cclin. ICIija me ii.d Fay you won't (orsol whnl you • rpmlscil." •!'l—\von't forget." [I'licy parted with tremnloini Bpud nluliia." Then Cella climbed ic two illehla of blahs uiul turned or key In tho d'oor. Wai-Rjircl llosers wnu still new k- ^ho laid down htr wurk DH c Ktvl entered Iho mom. "You'ro late," Kho said. "Hid lip slorm ciitch yo»T' -"Ko. Tliot If, jtihl n litMc hit, aviK'jr ilruvo nwfnlly fast when 6 s:i»- it. coming. I'm not wet." ."Inter chniiBo your thlii[;s nny- 1 how." Tlie girl came ncarcr'to Intpccl ier. motlier'u work. Tho hrowu IrcHs was baalcd mid ready lo iry m. !,;"Put It'.nway for lonli;ht, moth' or!" Cella besged. "You uuBht not o ho wearing out your eyes llk« .his. Tlieri'lt bo plenty of tlnis tomorrow." -Mrs. Kogcrs agreed, l.alcr when clhi had undressed nnd slipped Into bed her mother Ciiino Into the •ooiii. iiatliiiR llio covers closo nnd "tucking her In" Just an though Celia were ti litlle girl. Her dauahtcr opcnr.d 'half-cliul eyes, smiling. "(lOliu: to heat you to sleep," Bho clnillcnued. Warpurct knelt down nnd kissed- her elilhl. Then Khe turned uwuy without answering. • • • AT 20 i.iiiuilcs of four o'clock next afternoon' Cdln Uogcra ami her nnthe:- stepped into u i-nb and dirc'Clcd tlio driver to Mount Tlo>al r.lalion. . PAGE SEVER OUR BOARDING HOUSE I By Ahem • '. •„,, * f , * .' - ^ m later a hlaz: ot lightning the road ahead. ' Oh, we'll have to hurry, Barney! LooU how that tree is blowing'" The little roadster's molor throbbed industriously. Barney increased the speed. .. The uirl nc^llcd close hoplde "You'll write," Margaret llogera •juko mechanically, "and I'll an- 11 "I'lswor your letters each Sunday. Iio 'sure lo let me know us soon as you CrfEERIO MEN rt/WE. FOUMD A -tele CLUB ', ~w VERV - WE WILL MOVE Ilki CV/ER ! -~- REKVf WILL BE TREE , AS" I OiF'.BREAP 'AW 1 A LIFE MEMBER TQR AMV/HORE I By Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SHHHHHH!! get there safely." "Yes, I'll let yon know." Tlio taxlcal) drew up before tho station. They i,aw John Mitchell strolling hack ami forth on thu Iihtfnrm. He cnmo to meet llicin. "Here In plcnly of time." he She and nr.rncy were alone]said. "Ten nilnutcs (o wait yet." be right (o expect yon to give up nil tlie luxuries your father 1 can give you for— well, it wouldn't he nutch more than poverty. I'm go Ins to get a raise pretty soon. I lalkod to the hoss aljout It a while And I'm sohn, r to work hard. TMIERE was l)ittcrni>Es beneath "J llc IMnMus auout you every hia cheerfulness. "Dnriuv, do you want mo to so?" "Why, I don't. see tliat I have anything to do v.-ith it. Yoa'll for- Kct all aiiout me and everyone ( here in no time. Sure you will!" "Oil, Barney, how can you tay tliatr "Well, won't you?" Tv;o brown eyes reproached him. Instantly the youth was reiientant. Warm arms held her close as ho kissed her forehead, her lips, her hair ami eyelids. "Listen, Celia," Shields said tei-jcly. "I've teen thinking hard today—ever since your mother told me you were going »way. That minute. I'll Iw working for you. Un you—da you think you coiilrt wait for me? Could yen do tliat?" "I'll wait." "You darling!" It wab a precious moment, more priceless even as they pledged their love these two faced separation. "Celia," Shields Eaid after a time, "maybe you won't feel this way after you've been gone a while. Maybe you'll meet someone else." "lint I won'l! I know I won't!" "You'll he sure to write often?" "Of course, and you must answer right away. Letters aro sr-lng to —E'nc and her Barney—defying tlie elements. Cella wus not afraid. "Ifii't it glorious?" sho called, pitching her voice F.O that it could he hoard above the roarlns wind. Shields gave hvr n quick smile over his shoulder. It was his race. but Celia was-cheering for him.. They reached the city streets ahead of the, storm. Ten minutes later tho roadster" was parked in front of the'apartment house and Cc-lia and liarney wero running for the- doorLlcfi. Tho rain swept down in earnest now. "ilado It!" Shields cried hoy- ishiy. The glrl-hoamcd up at him. Then they forgot storms and all else aa lie caught her in an embrace which ieft each of them serious faced. "Ccila," he said, "should we tell your'mother?" "Yon mean—about us?" • ..• JIo nodded. - ' The girl considered. "f don't think so." sho salil doubtfully. "Mother's upset anyhow about mo leaving. I supi-ose Milchr-11 raid ;lie driver's fee nn;l motioned lo a porter to taka charge of the baggage. ".Might as woll bit whllo we're writing," he suggested. "\Ylil you go inside?" Mis. lingers Icil the way. Cella scanned tlio platform. "I think I'll step outside," sho faid In n low voice. "I'll bo right back." Sin* waited as long as she ilarcd, but Barney did not appear. He was nut thcro when, amid puffings and snortln^s of steam, thu l)i£ locomotive puticd away [ron: tlio station. I!an>cy Shields was not there. Only Margaret H quivering, liiilins her face with her handkerchief, and wavhiR a pair ct shabby coEton ylovcs, saluted two passonscrj. Tears blinded the woman's eyes. Sho moved unsteadily, and over and over under her l>r:alh a-io nijiinblcd these words, "She's ULVLT going 'to know! lie promised lie. She's never soing to kr.ov 1 !' 1 (1v lie Ciiitllniiril) 1HG WOLF KILLED WASHDURN. Wis. (US')—Held ill the steel jaws of a trap by two toes of one forefoot, "Big Lupc" giant Bayfield county wolf that ranged the surrounding countryside for years finally met death when a rillc bullet fired by tlie owner 'of the trap pierced his brain. "Big Lupc" measured six feet from ncsc to liinil paws and \v?ighed 150 pounds. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS About W i>er cent of the more than 50CO tractors in use in Rumania are of American make. FOR SALE BARGAINS USED CARS USED CARS USED CARS Here's your oiiporlimily to get the car lhal jusf suits you ;inrl your pockcthonk. Lale Models, all rfconditioned wherever needed, every one guaranteed for M days. Don'l walk or sliiy at home; select one of tiur good used ears on terms to suit you. 10.10 FOUII FORDOH SEDAN. . A large roomy car, fully cquipix-d, !i dandy tirrs, Ic-oks and runs fine. Only S<55. 1930 F(>R1) riCK-DP. lh him only 8.0*0 miles, 5 A-I Tires, closed cab. llicbcsl l-.irgain ttc have. S350. 13J5 LATE PONTlAC COACH Only a old, is fully "inippcil, scod (ires, upiiol- *lcry IK like new. Just Ihc car for the family $393. 1928 CHKVKOI.KT KOADSTEK I'ainl, has 193!) License, looks and runs gnnl. Only $125. 1929 FORB STANDARD COUl'i; Fully t-fiuippcd, 1330 l,i- cciisc,-Good tires, nirLs'and looks fine) S235. 1928' LATE FOItl) ROADSTEK Has 3 gnod tires, mntnr and appearance good, 1930 ],i- tense 52Z3. CA1.I, ,SH TODAY or Come in lo select your c;ir. We will demonstrate any of our Used Cars lo you. PHILLIP MOTOR COMPANY, Authorized Ford Dealers, v Main At Fifth Street. / Ta= / IF V THIS DEAD ^ LOCiiY.--. DAttlJ DOWN TO 15AKTH AGAIN Btossei W ^/^;:^ {.'i/y 1 '^ ^.^ VEP' T*JO MOLES fUOOSWT A k.|D COULO SMpqT THAT HAT UMCL& CLEW. NvOSf as cowno A PASTY To GfT FBECkuES- 1 MOSI'N I'Ol' HeX.MOrV. VJt'BC GOING TO T(i,KE ftTRtPtUDE AND OIM VY^NT US TO MOTOR UP TO KOVfc £C O T FOR TVJO VJttKS- ST. OOHK5 ClOEBf-C-' '•- MMI^ crk r ^ L EUWC Pl<iHT DOSNI ' nftVN STRE.E.T TO THt-DtVA.P.Tncli'Lt VJ1LV. SVEV1D T P> V/HOV.E D^>f LOOKING OVER / NE.VN OUTFITS TOW Am t\KB r> CHICK MJD ^NtvJ ovJE-wcoftT/— AIO.M PLANS A DETOUR By Cowai \ TO THE. ^MW^E W5.T SVV3P VJHCRE1 \ VJE'LV. V.OOK OVER TUE. KtVJ FALL \ BONKE.TS 1 , 1MEETJ TWQ AT LEAST. \ THeN UOI1E 3X THE THWO I STREET TRML WHH ONE STOP AT THE UtttDWtiRC 'iTORF tffttERE I VJE'UL INSPECT THM Vt\CUUrA I tLE^IER WE.BEEN V(ANT\M& . / FOR- GOODNESS VNOV.'S HOW LONG 1 , 1 , / HI, am; THE WE'D THAT HEW TAKE A FEW SHORT,

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