The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 25
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 25

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 25
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 193Q BLYtllEVllLB, (ARK.) COURIER NR\VS SECTION C PAGE i Educational, Civic and Patriotic Groups Function Actively Most of the women In Blytheville are affiliated wllh nt least one of the many civic, patriotic and educational organisations now sister group of the Modern Wood men, was organized In Blythevllle In 1912. Its officers this year are: Mrs. J. D. Barksdalc, oracle; Mrs, C. G. Hires, vice; Mrs. S. A.Thomp- son, chancellor; Mrs. Harry Dale, recorder; Mrs. V. B. Miller, marshal; Mrs. Arch Undscy, assistant marshal; Mrs. John Foster, past oracle; Dr. F. D. Smith, phrsician. Care. For Cemetery The care'of the Maple Grove cemetery was first undertaken by a small band of women In 1B1C. Since t'iiat time the cemetery has been enlarged to the adjoining cemetery and there Is a sister organization, The Maple Grove cemetery Association ha* 25 charter numbers with these first officers: Mrs. Mary Phillips Robinson, president.; Mrs. functionim; here. Their aims are i Manila lane, first, vice president; varied, their activities widespread I Mrs. Enla Rntledgc, second vice and their achievements many. Some president.; Mrs. Robert E. Lee King, BANJZAIJON8.HAVE MANY ACHIEVEMENTS Soi ]^ f -Blyllicvi]lc's Feminine Leaders In Civic, Religions, and Educational Activities serve the living, some the memory of tile dead, some seek the improvement, of the mind, some are dedicated to charity and. others are for social contact, but all have done their part to promote the welfare of the city and its people. The first group of women organized in Blythevllle, except in church activities, [s believed to have been a fraternal order, the, Blythe- vllle Chapter of the Order of t'/ie Eastern Star. This sister organt- •/aliun of the Masonic lodge was organized March 21, 1905, by P. E. Taylor with Mrs. Ollie Taylor as worthy matron and Mr. Taylor as. worthy patron. This organization Is still functioning wil'h the purpose of "Charity, Love. Truth and Kindness" can-led out under the leadership of Mrs. Nora Edwards as worthy matron and R. E. Rlnylock as worthy patron. Other leaders of this group have been: Mrs. N. M. Smith, F. M. Smith, Mrs. Emma cooley, A. J. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Hollipeter. Mrs. Lou Echols. P. E. Cooley. Mrs. Effie Drown, Mrs. Jas- •sie Wright. Mrs. Louis Humphrey, W. 1> .Orr, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harham, Miss Selma Shlde. Mrs. Clmrics Alford, J. G. Barnes. Mi" Oorn Lee Colcman, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Blomeyer, Mrs. W. A. Stickmon, Mrs. L. M. Buruette, M. Fitzslm- mons, Mr. and Mrs. GUS Eberdt. First Study Club The first study and social club in lilythsville was "The Book Club" which was organized In IflO! by Mrs. H. D. Tomlinson, Mrs. L A. Roussan and Mrs. S. S. Semmcs, of Osceola, who were invited to do so by a group of local women who realized the need of club life among Blytheville women. Mrs. A. G. Langc was the first president. Although Blylhcville was only a yillsfge social life was abounding. A' copy of the Osccola Times, Mar .15, 1911, le'lls of a visit the.Osceola sponsors and Mrs. Lynian A. Morris, of that city made to Blytheville for a meeting of the Bool- club. Tile club had! 'quarters ii the fnen new Glencoe Hotel which were kept open, .15 a library and place for tea, two afternoons each week. Husbair5s of these members were the Elks who also had a cluh room "exquisitely furnished." .the papsr says. At tile time of t'nis special meeting the second president, Mrs. Al- >'*1an Walton, presided in the business session, at the Lange home, when the annual election was held. Mrs. c. H. Windt, Mrs. B. A. Lynch (deceased). Mrs. W. p. Orr, Mrs. W. M. Taylor and Mrs. E. J.- Browne (deceased) were elected to cilices. A reception followed fire business meeting with Mrs. J. R. Hancock assisting Mrs. Lange. The meeting "was tben dismissed to meet next time with Mrs. J. D. Swift." This club met for 15 years but disbanded after the Woman's Club was formed and practically nil of the members Vent into that group. Daughters of Confederacy The Elliott Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in 1012 by Mrs. Agnes McVeigh Sartain. a niece of Capt. Elliott Fletcher, for whom the chapter was named! The objects of this group are to honor -those who served in the services of the Confederate states, to protect .and preserve and mark places made historic by their valor, to collect and preserve material for a truth& fill history of that war and flic re con si met ion period which follo\\- cd and to assist survivors and descendants of worthy Confederates. Its individual achievements include t'ne placing of two memorials, ' at Osceola and Blytheville, in remembrance of the valor of Mississippi county Confederate veterans, and the entertainment of the state convention in 1931. Presidents of the chapter, w'mch now has 41 members.'have been: Mrs. Mabel Adams Watts, Mrs. H. C. Lawhorn, Mrs. Finlcy A. Rob- -..inson, Mrs. E. D. Ferguson, Mrs. James H. Brooks. Mrs. O. C. Gan- sfce. Mrs. J. W. Bader. Mrs. Mar;',, vin Robinson.' Mrs. C. R. Layman, Mrs. W. r. Dsnton, Mrs James B. Clark and Mrs. Henderson c. Hall, the present president. Mrs. R. S. Molt Is honorary president. ' This group sponsors . the James F/ Ruddcll chapter of tile Children of tbe Confederacy, named for a pioneer soldier and teacher of the county. In the eight years it has .been organized it has already entertained the state (:onvciitlon which was recently held here, and Its president this year, Miss Evelyn Smart, Is the new state head. Mrs. Sue sartahi Barnett \wjs the first president and others holding this Position have been: Mr.i L. E. Old, Miss Rulli Butt, Mrs. Carleton Smith, Mrs. Otto scrnpr>. Miss pat- ly Shane and Miss Betty Lee Me Culciten. The Royal Neighbors chapter, a t'hird vice president; Mrs. E. M. Terry, fourth vice president; Mrs. A. O. Burton, fifth vice president; Mrs. E. V. Tunstill, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. E. J Heatou, reporter. Funds for the care of this burial ground are derived from dinners, rummage sales, association and lot dues, donations and an annual Tag day. Officers of the grcdip now are: Mrs. W. M. Crow, president; Mrs. J. D. Barksdale, vice president; Mrs. E. I ;1 . Blomeyer, secretary and treasurer; Mi's. J. W. Durham, reporter. Mrs. Leslie Moore was the first president of the Elmwood cemetery association, organized in 1933. Mrs. M. a. Goodwin served as tile first secretary, and Mrs. Neill Reed as file first treasurer. Its purpose of beautifying Elmwood cemetery IE made permanent by the establishment of a "perpetual cire fund," proceeds from which will care, for the years lo come. The graveling of the road to the cemeteries was sponsored by this group, a project w'nich long had been desired by Blythevllle residents. Present officers arc: Mrs. u. W. Mullins, president; Mrs. B. R. Allen, vice president; Mrs J. H. Webb, secretary; Mrs. Eugene Dickinson, treasurer. Forerunner of P. T. A.'s It was In 1918 that a few interested parents of Blytheville school students, seeing the many needs of the school w'nich the school board could not supply, organized the "School Improvement Association,' the purpose of which was expressed in its name. Tills was to work for the advancement of child welfara and to promote a closer relationship between parents and teachers that they might cooperate Intelligently in the training of the child. - Mrs. James II. Brooks wax t'ne first president. Slxt years later the organization became the Parent-Teacher As- 'SDcuTlion.- 'Mrs. -B. A. -'Lynch was the first presirjant and Mrs. J. D. Barksdale, secretary of the group, which had abput_55..mern- .bers. it was -decided in 1926 that more effective work could be done if each school had it.s r Oi\'ii 'of»aii-; zation and in February,-; 1927, '(lie; High School P.-T. A. was rformW wii'n 25 mothers and teachers as members. Mrs. E. A. Goodrich was the first president. The Senior and Junior Higli School P.-T. A.'s were combined in 1933. In this organization free clinics have been held and study courses sponsored for the mothers. Officers of the group for tile coming school year are: Mrs. Zal B. Harrison, president; Mrs.- Hunter c. Sims, first vice president; Mrs. Hers he 1 Smart, second vice president; Mrs. w. I. Os- borii, recording secretary; Mrs. L. E. old, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson, (historian; Mrs. J. w. Shouse, treasurer; S. K. Garrett, parliamentarian. The Central ward elementary school P.-T. A. has been functioning as a separate unit sincu 1927. Tbe largest project" of its varied program was the serving of 9000 hot lunches in the past year to underprivileged children. This group cooperated, with other unils of the P. T. A. and the WPA in this work. Officers for the new school year arc: Mrs. F. B. Joyncr, president; Mrs. Russell Farr, vice president; Mrs. J. W. Shouse, secretary; Mrs. Max B. Reid, treasurer; Mrs. Gcraldlne Matthews Greene, his- MRS. HOWARD PROCTOR National Commlttcewoman tor torian. Aid Needy Children Caring for the less fortunate children Is the chief activity of the lange P.-T. A., which was organized in 1926 with these officers: Mrs. Leslie Moore, president; Mrs. Fred Alexander, vice president: Mrs. O. N. Hawkins, recording secretary; Mrs. H. E. Montague, corresponding secretary'; Mrs. L. H. Moore, treasurer. Officers for the coming school year are: Mrs. T. G Seal, president; Miss. Elizabctl Halstcad, vice president; Mrs. Tonj Clements, secretary; Mrs. James Peterson, treasurer. The Sudbnry P.-T. A. vvas formed In 1926 when the new school opened. This group represents a school with a yearly attendance of about 500 pupils representing approximately 300 families. It lias Increased 100 per cent In membership since 1926. Its accomplishments, like the other P.-T. A.'s, have Included such activities as buying Miss Ruth Matthews.; treasurer; Mrs. W. A, Cole, historian. Because the various P.-T. A.'s were such large organizations, a cuy council was formed late in 1932. This group had t'ne guiding hand In the free lunch project sponsored during the past year under the direction of Mrs. A. O. Hudson, president; Mrs. Harry W. Haines, vice; Mrs. E. B. Woodson, secretary and trcasuier. Many State Officers No other organization in Blytheville has contributed so many state leaders as t'ne auxiliary of the Dud Caa>n post of the American -Legion, which was organized iii 1920. This group, composed of wives, sisters and mothers of the World War veterans and of women who saw active service in the war, has f">r its single purpose "serving," with the first aim to assist the Legion in every possible way. Mrs. James H. Brooks, the first president, also served as the first president of the Arkansas department. Mrs. Howard Proctor, who served as mill president at two different times, also served^,as president of the "fifth district fof three consecutive yeavs, was vice ^iresi v dent of fnc state group and was -head.ot tlie..departineiit of Arkan' sas, in addition to hold ing "various Chairmanships of the-state group. Sh'c is'now:a state iprTiCer as na^ tioiial -'executive; c6nrriittt,eewo'man? Mrs. Edgar Borimv, a fohuer'local president, served as vice president of the state, two years as state historian and also 'has held several chairmanships in the state group Another local president, Mrs. Welch Foster, was historian of .the Arkansas department for two yeorsTtreas urer for two years and president of the fifth district. Another outstanding achievement of this jroup was the entcrtainin" of the state convention here in 1929 Others who have served as president are: Mrs. C. J. Little, Mrs C. E. Crigger. Mrs. S. S. Stern berg. Mrs. W. J. pollard, Mrs. M E. West. Mrs. Ne'M need. Mrs. Ployd White and Mrs. R. N. Ware, with Mrs. C. G. Redman 'nokhng the office now. 550,000 For Schools The Woman's club, organized in 1925 with Miss Elizabeth C. Lange as its first president, accomplished perhaps the biggest thing ever at tempted by Blytheville women when it raised $50,000 lo keep the city's schools open. It was in 1923 that announcement was made the schools would have to close because of lack of funds. This duo, with Mrs. S. S. Sternberg as president, 'Immediately called a moss meeting and t'nat large s"m wts pledged by local citizens. This organization's club house for a number of years was the center of Top row. reading left to right: Mrs. W. M. Crow, president of Maple drove Cemetery Ass'n.; Mrs. H. H. Houchins, president of Chapter D.. P. E. O. Sisterhood; Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer, president of the Wctnan's Club; Mrs.. Zal B. Iltir|-ison', president of the Senior-Junior High Parent-Teacher Ass'n.; Mrs. Lesl\e 'Moore, president of the Woman's Missionary Union ot the First Bay! 1st'.cliurch nml Ar- president of Elnmood Cemetery'. Ass'n.; Miss Cora Lee Coleman, district president _-i, or the Am <-''"lcan Legion Auxiliary; Mrs, Rilcy B. Jones, president of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church; Mrs.. F.''' B. Joyi Central Ward Parent-Teacher Ass'n. ner, president of .Second raw. left to right: Mrs. C. H. BaLcock, president of Woman's Auxiliary of First Presbyterian church; Mrs. G. a. Redimm, president of the American Legion .Auxiliary; Mrs, Enrl Walker, president of Woman's Missionaiy Union of Second Uan,tlst church; Mrs. Elton W. ICIrby, president of'Chapter N, I'. E. O, Sisterhood; Mrs. Dixie Crawford, president, of Delphian Fine Aits club; Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise, president of Altar Society of the Church cf the Immaculate Conception; Mrs." W, M. Williams, president of Siulbury Parent-Teacher Ass'n.; Mis. Qniland Moigan! president of the Bvstness and Professional Women's Club. [ MRS., FRED G. REICHEL President/ ' Pilgrim Lutheran church '",!•. i ••; Guild ' , . f ..; 'MRS; c. A. -TANT President, Woman's Council, . ;Firs't Christian church MRS. W. L. GREEN- President, Woman's ..Missionary society, Lake Street' Methodist church Mi '., : MISS : EVELYN SMART .MRS. MORRIS SILVERFIEL.D President, Arkansas division Chit- 'president. Jewish Aid ^Society. Her dren of Confederacy, '; a ml 01 Bly hom6 Is in Osccola '': .•;'"."' thcville'cliiijiUT NfRS. B. A. LYNCH State President, P. E. O. MRS. HENDERSON C. HALL MRS. JAMES HILL President, Elliott Fletcher chap- Chairman, Literary department, ter, U. D. O. Woman's club Department of the Woman's Club wtiich also features the study of music among its members in monthly meetings. This group began to function as a separaie unit in 1927 when it was nown as "The Choral Club" but two Inter the present name years ' * H t that the work started on get- , " ton Belt depot was donated, a lot purchased, the building moved, remodeled and furnished. The strain of paying for the structure has been a strenuous one with the work unfinished but the need It fulfilled is realized by all. The history of the Woman's club contains many names of outstanding women as this was the principal social chuVIor many years. Immediately after it was organized it wtis divided into departments with Mrs. James H. Brooks head of the "Civics," Miss Rosa M. Hardy head of t'ne "Current Events," Miss Blanche Fisher head of the "Domestic Science" and Mrs. S. S. Sternberg head of the "Music and Art." Shortly after its organization the 25t'n annual convention of men's Clubs was held here. It was equipment for the school and Its, the Arkansas Federation of Wo many activities and caring for the needy boys and girls. These have served as president: Mrs. Prank C. Douglas, Mrs. Byron Morse. Mrs. R. F. Kirshner, Mrs. Frank Thrasher, Mrs. Herman Walpole Mrs. O. J. ~ visited number of recitals have i been given by the club which has had these heads: Mrs. L. S. Brls- coc, Mrs. C. G. Redman, Mrs Waring Black (Miss Margaret Mer- rltt) and the present chairman. Mrs. Joe G. Trleschman. There are 30 members. Mrs. James Hill is chairman of the Literary department ot the Woman's Club which carries out a program of study in monthly meetings. The Garden department of the Woman's Club has for its present aim the beantlflcation of the highways leading into Blythevllle, Mrs. B. A. Bugg Is chairman of the group. There are two chapters of the P, E. O. Sisterhood in the city Chapter "D" having been organized in 1924 and Chapter "N" In March, of this year. These groups this group wtiich sponsored the li- j will entertain the state convention Mrs. o. J. Rogers, Mrs. Charles Miss Cora Lse Coleman Bright. Officers for the comlns W. w. Hawkins have school year arc: Mrs. W. M. Williams, president; H. T. Schnce, vice president; Mrs. John Ciiapin, recording secretary; Mrs. Raymond, „„„„,.„. .„,.„., „„, ..... ._ t>mun, corresponding secretary; I sponsored annually by the Music brary movement. Mrs. Sternberg, Mrs. Walker H Baker, Mrs. John Wesley BIyt'ne, Mrs. R. F. Kirshner, Mrs. Brooks, and Mrs. served as president with Mrs. E. P. Blomcycr the present head. Sponsors Music Week National Music Week here here next spring when Mrs, B. A Lynch, president of the state organization for the second year, will preside. Tne 14 charter members of chapter "D" elected Mrs. George R. Crockett as their first president. Five local girls have secured loans from an education fund of the p. E. o. for their college work and a number have been aided in the local scfibol. Tills is in line with the general program of the P. E. O., which has for its purpose the furthering of education toi girls. It owns and operates Cottey College, Nevada, Mo., and Is t'ne only women's group owning 1 a junior college, officers of chapter "D" arc: Mrs. H. H. Houchins, president; Mrs. Charles S. Lemons, vice president; Mrs. C. W. Affllck, recording secretary; Mrs. W. N. Williams, corresponding secretary; Mrs Paul L. Tipton, treasurer; Mrs. R. F. Kirshner, chaplain; Mrs. A. Conway, guard. . Officers of Chapter "N" are: Mrs. Elton W. Kirby, president; Mrs. W. L. Horncr, vice president; Mrs. Harry w. Halncs, recording secretary; Miss Allyce Nelson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. W. D. Mc- Clurktn, treasurer; Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon, chaplain; Mrs. Rllcy B. Jones, guard. Business Women Organize It was 12 years ago that the business women of Blyl'nevllle felt the need of a cooperative organization to promote the Interests of business and professional women so on February 18, 1921, 14 women organized a Business and Professional Women's Club with Miss Marie Harnish as president and Miss Elizabeth C. Lange as counselor. When this group became affiliated with the state and. national group a year later, It 5iad 47 members This club has stressed better education for business women, has a student loan fund for high school girls, has taken part in various civic projects and has brought a closer fellowship to the business and professional women here. It •• ;. - : r- Cbiin.iyls l^ii-st;C]ukbmen; now has a membership ot 29 with MIS. Garland Morgan as president. Meetings arc he!t each Monday night. , The Delphian Chapter was organized In the. fall of 1927 by Mrs. James B. Clark and Mrs, C. M. Bye as a unit of a national organization. The object Is the, promotion of higher education, personal Improvement, social progress, and to work for community, state and national uplift. Tnc group later changed Its name to the Delphian Fine Arts club. Past presidents have been Mrs. Bye, Mrs. L. N. Mathls, Mrs. C. W. Affllck, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. W. M. Williams, Mrs. Otto Kochtttzky. Mrs. O. W. Mc- Cutchcn, Mrs. James Hill and Mrs. W. L. Horner. The present officers arc: Mrs Dixie Crawford, president; Mrs. o. W.'Dillahunty, vice president; Mrs. Jo'nn W. Meyer, recording secretary; Mrs. Harry W. Hatnes, treasurer; \irs. Horncr Mrs. M. O. Usrcy and Mrs. A. B. Fairflcid, mem!»crs of the Seminar board Democratic Women's Club The Democratic Women's club held Its first meeting in the early summer of 1932 when a group, interested, in the principles of the Democratic party, planned an organization. This group entertained t'ne district meeting at the country home of Mrs. James B. Clark, district chairman for three years, had a pm in welcoming to Mississippi county recently Mrs. Franklin D Roosevelt, has raised funds for party causes and has s|»nsorcd the Roosevelt Birthday Balls. Officers this year are: Mrs. Clark, c'nalr- Thc first .incorporated body of women in the state of Arkansas-is the Ladles Aid Society of Osceotai organized February 20, 18S2. with 2G active members. It was incorporated by the circuit epiirt of Mississippi county a year Inter when it erected n hall al~ v cost of $1,200. Tills was used for entertainments of various kinds sponsored by this group which devoted; Its activities primarily .,to church work. ~ This picture was taken at-a meeting hv 1883. .Members, shown are, top row, left lo right: Mrs. Lucy Howard, Mrs. Lyman A. Morris, Mrs. H. M. McVeigh, Mrs. Adah L. Roussan, Mrs. S. S. Semnies, Mrs. O. R. Brlckcy. ', Bottom row: Mrs. H. D. Tomlinson, Mrs. John R. Brickey, Mrs. R. C. Prcwllt, Mrs. Clara Roussan, Mrs. Robert Ocelz, Miss Faniiio Fletcher. man; Mrs. Howard Proctor, first vtoe president; Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, second vice president; Mrs. E. M. McCall, recording secretary; Mrs, Bryant Stewart, treasurer; Mrs. J. W. Bader. historian; Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, chaplain. The Charlevoix chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution was confirmed by the National Society, February 6, 1935. Mrs. James B. Clark, the organizing regent, was assisted by Mrs. O. G. Caudlll, a life member of the National Socie- tv. The chapter derived Its name, from a French historian and explorer who came down the Mis sisslppi riyer and landed at w'nat Is now Barfield, where he visited with the Indians. The membership is made up of those women whose ancestors served in the Rev. olutionary War. 'IJiey have for their object to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American independence by the protection of historical spots, the erection of monuments, the preservation of .documents and relics, and to promote tile celebration of all patriotic anniversaries. Much work ot this kind has already been accomplish- ed In the city, especially In the high school. Officers of ttic chapter are: Mrs Clark, regent; Mrs. Caudill. vice regent; Mrs. F. B. Joyner, recording secretary; Mrs, J. W. Parker, corresponding secretary; Miss Adele Langston, treasurer; Mrs. M. O. Us rey. historian; Mrs. James Hill registrar; Mrs. W. A. AITllck, reporter; Miss Cordelia Wilhite. parliamentarian; Mrs. A. M. B. Branson, chaplain. Syndicate Projects Pacific Monte Carlo SYDNEY, Australia • (UP)— All Australian syndicate with $2,500,CCO capital has launched a project to establish a Pacific Mcnte Carlo- at Noumea, New Caledonia. H 1 Edouard Mercler, member— 61 .the legislative coincil the Ficuch colony, has \mdertakeiV the task of grouping all the tourist interests ol Sidney, Barrier Reef. New Zealand and New Cal* edcnla in an; effort to ; make trie new casino a rival of Its prototype on the French Riviera

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