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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 1
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 1

The News Journali
Wilmington, Delaware
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THE WEATHER CLEAR AND COOL TONIGHT. SATURDAY, CONTINVFD FAIR AND COOL Tem. Today 8 a. )Be; p. If Temp. Extremes Yesterday 62" and 2' Hlh Tides 9:45 a. 10:18 p. m. San rose 6:18 a. m. Sun sets. .7:47 p. m. Details no Pace 15. Journal Evening FULL SERVICE OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, UISITED PRESS A1SD IISTERXATIOXAL NEWS SERVICE 7 1 -I TJ OAO eeninf Journal Foanded 1888 i Eveninc Joarnal and Every Evening OI. J.db llO. 3 Eerj Eveninc Fonnded 1871 Consolidated Jan. 8. 1933 Wilmington, Delaware, Friday, August 23, 1946 20 Pages Price Three Cent Home Edition Blind Child Gains Sight rade Bows to U. U. S. Fears Surpluses Belg 0 oo In '47 Crops A Yanks' Feared Dead 5 OPA Boosts Retail Prices On Materials For Building One to Three Per Cent Increases Are Granted On Some Items; Other New Hikes Due Today in Rush To Meet Legal Deadline Agriculture Head Seeks To Induce Farmers To Stick to Quotas; Price Support Law Is Factor 'Cease Fire' Orders Yugoslav 1 i Molotov Conf ers With Yugoslav Official Issued by Marshal To Airmen; Pledge Of Satisfaction Given Express Doubt That Any of Them 'Chuted From Riddled Plane WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 Wary lest some crops may yield surpluses next year, Secretary of Agriculture Anderson is casting about for a method of inducing farmers to stick to government production 1q reckC( U. S. Gets Right To View Planes CraftDelaved PI ml Under existing farm laws, the Agriculture Department is required to "support" prices of most agricultural commodities. Tito "-S' v. Jss MS; -s Submission Premier Claim Yank een Has By i4ssociafeti Press WASHINGTON. Aug. 23. Hustling to meet a deadline, OPA today granted retail price Increases ranging from 1 to 3 per cent on several kinds of building materials. These and a series of price increases on tap for other items are required by the new price control law. OPA said. Congress stipulated that most of the price boosts authorized by the statute must be in effect by tomorrow. OPA also granted a 6 per cent price increase at all sales levels for toilet tissue and paper towels to offset Sipn Red Bloc I)ccilcl Against ShowjlouTi Now Aircraft 'Deliberately Cross Frontiers'; Says Full Squadrons Guilty Specifically, prices or returns to! growers must be maintained at not! less than 90 per cent of parity. ex- cept in the case of cotton, which! must be maintained at not less thanl 92.5 per cent. Parity is the figure designed to give the farmer the! i 3lajor By Associated Press By Associated Press BELGRADE, Aug. 23. Premier Four-year-old Iva Mae Fitzwater, blind from birth, gazes happily at a color book, one of many presents she received from nurses and other patients at St. Francis Hospital in Charleston. W. where a recent operation for the removal of cataracts from both eyes gave her vision. Doctors say she has good chance to gain norvial sight eventually. same buying power he enjoyed in i pest favorable period. WASHINGTON. Aug. 23. Looking to the prospect that Hopes for the safety of five world food demands on this country American fliers shot down by Marshal Tito, havine complied may dwindle considerably alter tnis i Yugoslav fighters last Monday year. Anderson Li known to feel that faded today with a State De- higher production costs. Manufac- qj 7 I 7 7 7 turers' ceilings on eye glass len5sj(lSi I ScllOOL LlUlCll UIKlS thpcp IpvpIs mav in th case or some commodities, oe too were raised 22 per cent but OPA Worries Delaware Educators favorable. That is. they might pro-Mav Fourth Army had expressed vide an incentive which would lead any of them had para-farmers to produce more than is tn csfetv said this increase "will have little effect" on eye glass prices. The increases for toilet tissue. with an angry United States ultimatum demanding the release of seven interned Americans, has given his air force "the strictest orders" not to fire on foreign planes again, even if they happen to fly over Yugoslavia without clearance. Tito also has assured TJ. S. Ambassador Richard C. Patterson that permission would be given American representatives Some thought is beinc given to That note of Psimism wm Allotment that the price support raed as the department, on paper towels and lenses were grant- Stale Gets Less Than Half of Last Year's td under provisions of the price program be linked to a svstem of the basis of a message from its From U. S. Unrler New Law; Cost Per Meal Will Rise To 25 or 30 Cents, Nearlv Double Previous Price production controls. Under these diplomatic representatives at I suggestions, the price support pro-. Belgrade, officially confirmed! grams would be earned out on.y Russia's Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov fright) confers with Yugoslav Vice-Premier Evard Kardelj in Paris' Luxembourg Palace. A Yugoslav source said it could not be reported officially that Molotov lit ui nine ulluwaiiw ui: to inspect both U. S. C-47 transports shot down by Yugoslav Senous concern was felt today by officials of rlaware schools, leaders set bv the dertment another American Army plane of parent-teacher associations, and by teachers, with respect to the school such a plan might require a re-; which was forced to crash land lunch program which this year will offer noon-day lunch to pupils at turn to pre-war AAA acrease allot-an estimated cost of from 25 to 30 cents. jments and price support subsidies Aug. 9. An official Yugoslav spokesman had discussed the American ultimatum to Yugoslavia uith Kardelj. (Picture by radio from Paris.) Yugoslav Delegate Denies UN Complaint Against U. S. Each producer then woud be given control act which were in effect prior to June 30. Meets Legal Requirement The higher ceilings on building materials, effective immediately, meet a requirement of the new law that dealers' profit margins be restored to the level of last March 31 The increases cover asphalt and tar roofing products, vitrefied clay sewer pipe and allied products manufactured in the east central, south central and eastern areas: Portland cement produced in southern California; asbestos cement roofing shingles and siding shingles; said today the Turkish offlcer-pas This is an increase of nearly 100 per cent from last year's daily cost a planting allotment for the crops n2Pr pn lne s. transport shot pilots, the second demand in the ultimatum. One plane was downed near Ljubljana on Aug. 9 and the other near Bled last Monday. 'Satisfaction Promised "The Yugoslav government has promised to give satisfaction," U. S. of 15 to 18 cents a meal. he normally grew. And he would down Aug 9 was being held be Yuzoslavia ine underlying cause, was oe a.surea tne support price or cau. his "flight over Girl, .2, Dies pointed out, is the hieh per capita subsiay only on that portion oi ms'was not Psthlihed hv Delawar Xilp twc incidents led to an mu- A case in point is this years po- matu demanding that Yugoslavia RPnorl of RpmlpJ for pn.rilv roiiTioIl Anilnn I 0ll citizens malinK this the fifth rich- tato crop. Because a surplus was :rpiea.SP the fliers still alive on 1 embassy officials said after Patter iest state in the union. To Release Ships in Danube Refuted By produced last year, tne department face an American request for prompt made a slight reduction in this CM0n bv the United Nations Securi- Ca 1 t1 The serious consideration of the alt 11 JL 1 1 school lunch problem arose out of Man Thev Said Filed Plea metal lath; New Jersey clay build-! ing brick; clay drain tile produced; ty Council. year's support prices, hoping farmers would follow its recommenda- (Se CROPS Page 4) i an announcement made today that ja contract had been signed for Dpla- The message concerning the miss-inz Ave came from Harold Shantz. charge d'affaires at Belgrade. It read: Child Believed to HaxeZlrJI NEW YORK. Aug. 23 LT). The Moscow radio reported today that Yugoslavia had filed a complaint against the United States with the United Nations Security Council, but the Yugoslav delegate to the UN yv iiisii i an iu tiir Jiaw: uiuj cJi," Fonnrt MatrWe Dnrinf. 352 in federal funds, under the Na- "Hohenthal (Theodore Hohenthal Zagreb, phoned at 1:30, said the note merely asked that the economic and social council discuss consul a ional School Lunch Act recently Small Radio Dew an (I Met Mother's Brief Absence signed by President Truman. The agreement was signed by in the Ohio-Michigan area; and lead pigments and lead paste products. Many other price increases for refrigerators, washing machines, radios, vacuum cleaners and other household items already are on the books. Remaining, among others definitely scheduled, is the possibility of a further price boost for new automobiles. Hikes Recently Car ceilings were raised an aver son's two-hour conference at Bled yesterday with Tito concerning the ultimatum, which required satisfaction within 48 hours with the alternative of arraigning Yugoslavia before the United Nations. Two American Graves Registration representatives were scheduled today to inspect the scene of Monday's crash, amid indications that none of the five crew members survived the fire and explosion which occurred when the ship was forced down. The foreign office earlier in the week stated that two crew members parachuted but Yugoslav military authorities told the U. S. consul in p. m. that the crew and passengers; tne question of shipoing on the Danube. the? Yugoslav I Dr' Stampar. Yugoslav delegate who also is deputy chairman Fourth Army offered motor trans- of the economic and social George R. Miller, state super port to the Morgan Line. said as far as he could "recall" the 'I instructed him to accompany For only 10. minutes last night. intendent of public instruction. and Mrs. Helen Cole left her 2-year-olrijC E. ocheltree. state director of; daughter alone in her bedroom at the U. S. Department or Agricul-j the Cole home, 310 North Connell ture's production and marketing ad-i Street. ministration. A surprised neighbor passing the The 1946-47 allotment to Delaware Other Housewares Start To Exceed Need, U. S. Savs note did not mention the United States specifically. He said he had filed the letter with Trygve Lie. UN secretary-gen- them to the Morgan Line and deliver them to Allied authorities as soon as possible. Seven Americans and two Hungarians were released. First Actual Goal on Peace Pact Attained age of 7.3 per cent two weeks ago to house a few minutes later saw the compares with the $200,000 grant ofi meet a requirement that dealers federal funds last vear and calls for pre-war profit margins be restored tiny figure standing on the stairway, her night clothes enveloped in state-local matching of federal Now OPA is debating whether a The Turkish passenger is still in eral. about two weeks aeo and asked the hospital I that the question be placed on the "Hohenthal said that he confer-, red with the Fourth Army the economic and social i .11 1 .11 i Zagreb yesterday that no trace had WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 P. Supplies of small radios and miscellaneous housewares are beginning to exceed demand. The Federal Reserve Board, reporting this today in its monthly council which is due to convene (See REACTION Page 4) been found of them. The other three presumably perished. Crew Missing (The Belgrade radio, heard in fresh increase of about three per names. iunas aouar ior oounr. cent is necessary to assure dealers' As the neighbor tried frantically! This dees not mean. Dr. Miller the same handling charges they re-'to beat out the flames. Mrs. Cole re- pointed out today, that state funds ceived before the war. turned and the child was rushed to must be appropriated to equal the Aside from this possible hike. the Wilmington General Hospital, federal allotment. Additional funds loftier ceilings in prospect apply! where Ruth Ann died at 3:10 this may come from any source, such as mainlv to industrial items, including i morning. Ithe per-meal price paid by pupiK a long list of building materials and She had found matches left in or contributions made to individual some metal products. OPA officials i an apron pocket by her mother, had! schools either by school boards. Lone Paragraph To Italian Preamble After 4 Voted Treaty Weeks to Vote bulletin, added that clothing, jewel- I Cnr-rv. leather products, toilet articles, 1X1 iai 1 r. here again Sept. 11. "This is not a question for the Security Council." He said. "Th letter was sent to Mr. Lie so that the matter could be dscussed at1 struck them as children do in fas (See SCHOOL LUNCHES Page 15) London, said the entire crew had parachuted, but could not be found.) 'Cease Fire' Ordered Marshal Tito disclosed his "cease fire" orders to his air force in response to a note sent him by two American newspaper correspondents a representative of the Associated Press and one of the New York Times. "In the event of further American planes flying over Yugoslav territory without clearance, is the same procedure to be adopted as on Aug. 9 and 19?" the correspondents asked. "No," said Tito's written redv. On Uniform Schedules A vote on uniform store hours for the fall and winter will be taken by members of the Chamber of Commerce retail merchants' section at its meeting at 11 o'clock next Wednesday morning in the chamber offices in the Mullin Building. Members will have a choice of uniform hours to decide on 9:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. each week day, or 9:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. except Friday, when hours of noon to 9 p. m. are proposed. textile housefurnishings and furniture are likely to lead other consumer durable goods out of the shortage situation. In the producers' goods field, supplies have begun to exceed demand only in scattered instances like truck tires and standard machine tools. However, as these tools of production go more and more into use, the article said, they are certain to "add considerably to the economy's capacity to produce, lower production costs, and reduce labor requirements per unit of output." "All of these developments ul PARIS, Aug. 23 (P). The peace conference today accomplished its first actual work on a draft peace document. Nearly four weeks after the conference opened it adopted the first paragraph of the preamble of the Italian treaty. This paragraph names the members of the conference who will be signatories. Its option was facilitated by withdrawal of a Yugoslav amendment said. While it rushed work on OPA announced new factory list prices for five makes of trucks Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Whit. These ceilings, effective immediately, are lower in a few cases but generally higher than prices previously authorized on an individual truck model basis. The new ceilings, OPA said, take Into account production cost increases since Jan. 1, 1941. length in connection with the problem of the reconstruction of devastated areas." A spokesman for Lie said that he had received no communication from Yugoslavia concerning a complaint with the Security Council. Dr. Stampar said he knew of no new instructions en route from his government requesting that the matter be moved from the economic and social council to the Security Council. The Moscow in a broadcast U. S. -British Zones Let Bars Down for Germans BERLIN, Aug. 23 JP). The American Military Government announced today ratification of an agreement with the British Military Government to permit free travel for Germans between their zones beginning Sept. 1. This relaxation does not, however, apply to displaced persons, against whom border guards will still operate, nor will it apply to Berlin, Representatives of several or tne "I have given the strictest orders cination at fire, and her flimsy nightgown had burst into flames. Mrs. Rose M. Wiszyaski. 35. of 1330 West Third Street, the neighbor who rushed to the child's rescue, suffered burns of boti hands and was treated at the same hospital. The grief -stricken Mrs. Cole, who is a piano teacher, told Detectives Edwin Rich and George McLaughlin that she had put her daughter to bed about 9:20 o'clock, just as she finished giving a pupil a piano lesson. Shortly afterward, she walked to Fourth and Connell Street to see her pupil safely aboard a trolley, and then returned home Mrs. Cole told police that just before she went out she took off a small apron and left it hanging over a banister on the second floor. In the pocket of the apron was a package of matches, which she be which presumably intended to ask that Albania be included. The para timately will have the effect of reducing prices for goods," it said. heard in London, declared that to the Yugoslav Fourth Army commanders not to fire on foreign planes, civil or military, and the procedure is not to be repeated." larger stores have assured the section they will adopt the schedule chosen by the majority vote. Compromise Studied Former Czar's Officers GE Will Manage Hanford Works Yugoslavia had alleged specifically that the United Statse refused to relinquish six Yugoslav passenger (See SHIP PROTEST Page 4) Tito Hits Violations In response to another Question. Arrested in Belgium BRUSSELS, Aug. 23 (INS). Belgian In Strike of Bakeries the Yugoslav premier said where quadripartite passes will still be required of travelers. An American spokesman described the new arrangement as another step in the economic fusion of the Br'tish and American zones which is now being arranged. PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 23 JP). police today arrested 20 former high-ranking officers of the Russian Czar- Company and union negotiators thought American planes had deliberately infringed upon Yugoslav frontiers "to create the impression among Yugoslavs that the forces of ist Army apparently on grounds that they have assisted Red Army soldiers Chemical Department To Succeed DuPont Regime graph, as accepted, names all conference members, except Norway, as signatories to the Italian treaty. This milestone was passed in the Italian political and territorial committee, whose session was marked by the first appearance of Senator Tom Connally (D-Tex) in the American delegation. Progress bogged down on the second paragraph in a debate over the meaning of the words "declared," undertook" and "unleashed." The paragraph, as drafted by the foreign ministers council, read that Italy had "declared a war of aggression." The Netherlands proposed amending this to "unleased." (See PEACE PARLEY Page 4) studied a new compromise formula today that Common Pleas Judge Joseph Sloane hoped would end a strike of 1,883 AFL bakers, now in to desert. tne United States government are lieves her daughter found after Police said Gen. Arkangelski Hert- so overwhelming that the Yugoslav Army Builds Weather Station on Wheels its fourteenth day. government must take everything." Thousands of Dead Fish Halt Bathing at Resort AVALON. N. Aug. 23 (P). Bathing was halted at this seashore resort yesterday when thousands of dead fish washed onto the beaches. The fish were said by Mayor Edith Greenan to have been dumped by a commercial fishing boat which ran into difficulty a half mile off-shore. Mayor Greenan said the beach would be cleared today with tractors. The compromise settlement, drawn tie saio tnis "was especially man was among the score under arrest following a swift move on headquarters of the so-called "Russian Imperial Army." WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 (INS). shown in the cases of whole squad The War Department announced up by the jurist and federal conciliators, goes before the 52-man contract committee of Local 6, getting out of bed. Donald Cole, 9-year-old brother of the victim, and Mrs. Cole's only other child, was hysterical and detectives were unable to question him. The father, John Cole, a retail grocer at Sixth and Rodney Streets, It was believed that a foreign today origination of a complete PITTSFIELD, Aug. 23 7P). The General Electric Company announced today that its chemical department will assume Sept. 1 management of the government-owned $347,000,000 Hanford Engineer Works at Richland, Washington, atomic energy project now "weather station on wheels" to government, presumably the Soviet rons nying over." Earlier in the week, in a speech to Yugoslav workers, Tito also complained of "whole squadrons" flying over Yugoslavia. His response to the correspond Union, requested the arrests. Bakery and Confectionery Workers (AFL) today. Kenneth Souser, chief attorney for eizht struck bakeries five in meet the Army's ever mounting demand for more and faster weather data. was not home at the time the ac Rats on Capitol Hill ents' inquiry said the appearance The department said that the cident occurred. Deputy Coroner C. weather station Is mounted on a Everett Kelley investigated. Counted at 2,000,000 WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 JP). An standard two and one-half ton Funeral services and interment Tiro Posthumous Awards To Go to Heroes9 Parents Philadelphia and three in Norrls-town. Fa, said management representatives were studying terms of the formula which were kept secret. The union struck for a 20-cent-an-hour wage increase. Management has offered 16 cents. Army truck which can be quickly expert from the Fish and Wildlife Service has completed a census of driven to any location and set in will be private from the McCrery Funeral Home, 2700 Washington Street, tomorrow. operation within an hour. wild animals on (easy, now) Capitol over Ljubljana of a Flying Fortress only a few days after the first U. S. craft was shot down was "a pure demonstration" of his thesis. The correspondents' questions were presented to Tito during the conference with Patterson, who declined to make any report on the meeting. Members of Patterson's party said it was obvious that Tito would make (See YUGOSLAV Page 4) Hill. Presentation of Bronze Star Japanese sniper's bullet in the bat His finding: The Senate and 200 County Doctors Alerted tie for Iwo Jima. He is buried there with other members of the Fourth Marine Division. Durnan left Alexis House office buildings, the Capitol itself and the connecting tunnels Medals to parents of two young men from this area who lost their lives in combat in the Pacific more than a year ago is scheduled today at operated by the E. I. duPont de Nemours Company. DuPont requested in a public statement last June "to be relieved of the responsibility" of the Hanford plant operation. Dr. Zay Jeffries, vice-president and general manager of the General Electric chemical department here, who made the announcement, said the move was made under the agreement with the government for research and development in the atomic field. Dr. Jeffries said administrator of the Hanford works with headquarters here will be William H. Milton, assistant general manager of the chemical department. Plant manager will be David H. harbor 2,000.000 rats. I. duPont School in March, 1944, to enlist in the Marines. 150-Ton Blast Rocks German City Suburb FRANKFURT, Aug. 23 (INS). A violent explosion of more than 150 tons of German ammunition today rocked the once-fashionable Burger The census taker was John Jones, Against More Typhoid Cases rodent control technician. He has the Pennsylvania American Legion The War Department also an called a council of war with David convention in Philadelphia. nounced today that the Legion of Every physician in Wilmington ment against typhoid. On Aug. 9, Lynn, the Capitol architect. In Today's Paper Merit has been awarded to Lieut- employes of the department can CoL Albert W. Tolan, formerly of and all of New Castle County more than 200 altogether has been warned, in a letter written by Dr. Park suburb of Bremerhaven in northern Germany. vassed the areas of the city in which Wilmington, who was an employe of the disease had occurred and pre tne uupont Company. Colonel Tol- A. Parker Hitchens, city health sented the residents with mimeo man lived at 1901 Riverview Ave graphed lists of preventive measures nue. He is a native of Maine. The letter to the physicians, commissioner, by order of the Board of Health, of the difficulty of detecting typhoid fever without the ust of laboratory tests, and has been Fifty American families residing in the area were evacuated from their homes. There were no casualties, but a number of buildings, including a school for children of GIs, were damaged. The legion of merit was given to mailed Wednesday, read as follows: The awards are to be given to Mr. and Mrs. David H. Masden, of East Hazeldell Avenue, Minquadale, parents of the late Navy Coxswain Charles F. Masden; and Mr. and Mrs. James R. Durnan of Faulkland Road, parents of the late Pfc. Robert Durnan of the Marines. The ceremonies are being held at the Philadelphia Naval Base, where awards, posthumous and otherwise, were made to 22 additional veterans and service personnel. Coxswain Masden was a member Lauder, assistant manager of the service engineering division of the General Electric apparatus depart Colonel Tolan for meritorious service as chief of the renegotiation "The purpose of this letter is to invite your attention to the fact that urged to avail himself of the facili ties of the city laboratory or the Drancn, quartermaster corps, from three cases of typhoid fever have ment, Schenectady, N. Y. 1,000 in Chinese Town laboratories of the various hospitals November, 1944 to October, 1945 occurred In Wilmington sine May 1 Australia Says UNRRA Spurned Her Dried Food CANBERRA, Aug. 23 Australian Commerce Minister William Scully declared today that the UNRRA had refused to take quantities of dehydrated food from Australia to meet the world food shortage. In a statement issued to the press, Scully said that the UNRRA had been offered substantial quantities of dried eggs, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables "but Just did not seem interested." Scully said Britain also had been "diffident" about taking more dried eggs from Australia, The department said he "devoted 1946, and to urge each member of Pago 4-5 14 M-1S-19 1. 9 17 IS Mf It FOREIGN NEWS Amusements Answers to Questions Classified Comics Culbertson on Contract Death Notices Editorials Financial Obituary Radio Society Sports Women's Interests himself to streamlining procedures, the medical profession to be on the iacintatmg operations by the intro alert in every febrile case, partic Die From Cholera TIENTSIN, Aug. 23 MP). More of an underwater demolition squad duction of new techniques and con ularly if associated with loose stools as an aid in diagnosis of the dangerous disease. The letter points out that two of the three persons who have had typhoid fever in the city this year were treated by doctors who did not detect the presence of the disease. One of the patients has died. or diarrhea. in the Pacific, where he was re Churchill and Retinue Leave for Switzerland LONDON, Aug. 23 (JP). The Winston Churchills and their daughter. Mary, together with a retinue of 16 including five secretaries and the war leader's painting Instructor, set out by air today for a holiday in Switzerland. than 1.000 persons have in a cholera epidemic in the Liaoning trols, and generally expediting the disposition of the large case load of his office. In all this he combined ported to have met his death. He formerly attended the Oak Grove School and was active in Boy Scout Province town of Tungfeng, tne "The laboratories of our Health Department and of our lour hospitals are well-equipped to aid in technical accounting exnertness newspaper TA Kung Pao reported tody. Coffin prices were said to The letter is the second special Troop No. 65 of Elsmere. with understanding of basic pur-i poses and principles." (See DOCTORS Page 15) move by the city health depart uurnan was Kiued by a be akyroekeKg. 0

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