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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 25
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 25

The News Journali
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

Twcntyfiv Jonraal-Kvery Evening, Wilmington, Delaware, rnaay, uecenmcr -a Quotations Dead Major's Young Son Receives Silver Star James Dunmyer, 5-year-old son of the late MaJ. William J. Dunmyer, U. S. Army, and Mrs. Eleanor Pennington Dunmyer, 3 East Forty- Soldier Dies In Air Crash John P. Graham, Joses Life With One Other Vet in North Carolina Produce Markets New York Quotations Daily report of N. J. and nearby produce i the N. Y. market. V. S. D. A.i NEW YORK, Dec. 31 HV Sweet potatoes met a good demand and the market was firm. Mushrooms were slUhtly higher. Beets, carrots and parsnips were firm. Cabbage was dull and weak. Potatoes were Arm. Anise: 1 3-3 bu. boxes 1.75-3 00. Beets: Bu. bskts. topped 1.00. Beet tops: Va bu. bekts. hothouse 3.30. BrusseU sprouts: Per wide range In quality and condition 3335, poorer 25-30. showing freesing injury 15. Cabbage: 50 pound sacks Danish small 50, Danish 1 3-5 bu. boxes and cauliflower crts. Savoy 75. Carrots: Bu. bskts. topped and washed 1.73-3.25. CAULIFLOWSB Cauliflower: wide range In and sise 3.00-4.50, poorer, some frozen 1.35-3.50. Celery cabbage: Eastern crts. 1.25-30, few 1.75, showing fressing Injury 100. bu. boxes 1.00-1.75. few J.oo. Celery knobs: Topped, bu. bskts. 1.50, bu. bskts. 3.75-300. Horseradish: 15 pound tacks and bundles 1. 39-50. Kale: 1 3-5 bu. boxes 15. Leeks: N. bu. bskts. bunched 1 L. per bunch 40-30. MUSHROOMS Mushrooms: 3 pound Pa. extra fancy and specials 3.B5-S0, some low as O'clock 1 rrav. Closa Last Joanj-Manville 138 a Kennecott Copper 4Ms 43' i Kroger Orocery 44 Lee Tire Rubber Liggett Myers 93 Lockheed Aircraft 41 41 Loews 3'4 Martin Glenn L. Montgomery Ward 7 73 Philip Morris Co 7 Motor Products 38 Nafl Cash Register 34 Nafl Dairy ProducU 3ol SSta Natl Dept. Stores 374 Natl Distillers 7 iH Natl Pr. l' Newport Ifid 8S, New York Central 33'a 33 North American 28 37a North American Aviation. 1.14 13 Northern Pacific 3 8lla Ohio Oil te 2s Oliver Farm Equip 33 Sltt Packard Mot6rt Pan-Amer. Airway S4H Paramount Pictures 5Ss 52i Penney. J. 147i 147 Penna. R. Pepsi-Cola 4 Phelps-Dodge 37 37 Phillips Pet 5 474 Public Service. N. 23 23ifc Pullman Co 04 flfl'i Pur Oil tUi 373 ft Radio Corp. of Amer 17 1 Remington -Hand 94 Repttblio Steel 30 29i Reynolds T0B. 3834 35 Sears. Roebuck 3 5' Simmons Co 43' i Sinclair Oil Socony Vacuum Southern Pacific 59H 59't Southern Railway B8'4 Southern Railway. 84 Sperry Corp aJ Standard Brands 47 Standard Oil of Calif 4' 47T4 Standard OH of N. fi Stewart-Warner 23 Studebaker Sf'k 3fl4 Superheater 314 81H Texas Corp 89 5314 Texas fjulf Sulphur so Timken-DetrOit Axl 48'4 48 Timken Roller Bearing 2'4 Twentieth Cent. Fox 40' a 40 Union Bag St Paper 24U Union Carbide Union Pacific 139' United Aircraft 34.j United Air Line 62'4 528 United Pfd 4 48fc United Fruit I0' O. 1 23 United Merchants St Mfg. 44'4 441: U. S. Ind. Alcohol 49H S. Rubber. Com 7'i Kr; U. 8. Rubber. Pfd 1734 U. S. Steel 8', U. S. Steel, Pfd 153 IS? Vanadium Corp. 30'fc Warner Bros. Pictures 8l' 30? Western Union 51 4 51 Westinghouse Air sss4 3ri4 Westinghouse Elec 35 Willys-Overland tlH 2l' wooiworth Co 4ftt n-k Worthing ton Pump 81H 2'a Youngstown 6. St T. 604 OS? Ex-Dividend. N. Y. Curb Market Reported dally by Laird. Bissell St Meeds, DuPont Building. Frev. Close Alum. Co. of Amer Amer. Cyanamid Amer. Qas St Xlec Bellanca Aircraft 48 48 44 44i 7'4 N. Y. Stock 11:15 Rart4 ail- Laird. MsscH Mtis. DaPaat staildinc. rrcv. Clot 11:30 Air Reduction Alaska Junaau Allied Chem. Allied Kid Aliii Chalmers 3U 64 84 114 54 43 185H 54 44'i Aliled Stores AmaL Leather 4 AmaL Leather. Pfd 1 Amer. Can. MV Amer. International 11 Amer. Loco. 3Ta ts Amer. Metal Ltd American Radiator Amer. Roll. Mills Amer. Smelt St Amer. Tel. St Tel Amer. Too American Viscose Anaconda Copper Armour Co. Atchison Atlantic Coast Line Atlantic Refining Atlas Powder a 17'a S7H V4 174 Ml Hi 43i lSi 77 90 JT'a tt 174 B9a im 107 77 Atlas Powder. Ptd. 139 Baldwin Loco Balto. St Ohio Barnsd aU Corp Bendlx Aviation Beth. Steel Boeing Bora-Warner Bridgeport Brass BTlSCS MIS 25 S.I Sl' 49' 48 40i S9 43'f. 43 55 13l 17 47H 47 5534 3 33' a 34 3a 44, 15'i 68 7H Z7l saw 53 3 31 4s 17 474 45 Canada Dry Carrier Corp Celanese Corp Cerro de PascO Ches St Ohio Chrysler Corp 5S4 130U Coca-Cola Columbia Broad "A1 Commercial Credit Commercial tnv. Trust Com tion wealth St South. Cons Aircraft 47 53 3 SH sn. 44'k Consolidated Edison Container Corp Continental Can Cont. Diamond Fibre Corn Products Curtlss-Wright Com Curtiss-Wrlght Deere St Co 4 i Dist. Seat-rams. Ltd. 1 Douglas Aircraft 3, DuPont common 1M DuPont $4.50 Pfd 12 131 Eastman Kodak 224'. Eaton Mfc 3 Elec. Auto Lite Elec Power St Light nia Federal Mogul 31 Freeport Texas 48a, General Electrle 4A 4fii General Foods Sla General Motors 73' a TiM General Motors. Pfd. 1" Gillette 2H Goodyear T. St Goodrich Co 9H Gt. Northern. Pfd 584 Graham-Paige i 1" Greyhound Corp. 32. Hercules Powder liO'i Hercules Powder. Pfd. 13 Hiram Walker Howe Sound 48 I Industrial Rayon Vs Infl Harrester 4 Infl Nickel 36? STa Infl Paper. Com 43 V43.1 Infl Paper. Pfd im Infl Telatel 29V s9' Local Securities Reported daily by Laird, Bissell Meeds. Bid Akeil AU-American Aviation 104 Atlas Powder. Pfd 18 Vi 130 Jos. Bancroft St Sons 109 Jos. Bancroft St Sons Com. 17 19 Christiana Securities. Pfd 144 147 Christiana Securities. 2970 3070 Continental Amer. Life Ins 43 Delaware Power at Light com zs Delaware R. 5 Diamond Ice St Coal 110 S3V4 57 j.28 014 DuPont. Pfd iir Hercules Powder. Pfd 135 Nafl Vulcanised Fibr CO 10T4 Reminiton Arms S1 Warner Common Central Bank, oar 3100 174 1814 Delaware Trust par 323.. Hi Equitable Trust par 335.. 73 Farmers Bank, par 350.... .409 Industrial Trust par $33.. 80 Security Trust par 130.. 147 Wilmington Trust par 125 134 Ex-Dividend. 155 Commodity Prices Reported daily by Laird St Company, Nemours Building. WHEAT fourth Street, yesterday received the Silver Star Medal, awarded posthumously to Major Dunmyer. Presentation of the medal was made by Ma J. Frank T. Lynch, Army recruiting officer for Delaware. While formal presentation was to Mrs. Dtenmyer the medal was pinned on James' chest. Major Dunmyer was awarded the Silver Star for conspicuous gallantry in action against the enemy in the Philippines. A graduate of the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, Major Dunmyer lost his life when a Japanese prisoner of war ship was sunk in Subic Bay. He participated with distinction in action against the, Japs in the early fighting in the' Philippines. Miss Simmons Expires at 80 1885 Graduate of U. of D. Follows Brother in Death at Chestertown Home Miss Ida Simmons, 80 years old, who was among the first women graduates of Delaware College when that institution was co-educational between the early 1870 and late 1880's, died yesterday at her home In Chestertown, Md. She was graduated in 1835 with a bachelor's degree, known at that time as Bachelor of Literature. After her graduation she taught for a time in Delaware schools. Later she went to Chestertown to make her home with her brother, Dr. H. Benge Simmons, who died earlier this week. Her death followed within 24 hours the funeral services for her brother. Some years ago she attended a reunion of University of Delaware Alumni when she was one of the oldest graduates present. She was a daughter of Dr. George and Mary Benge Simmons of New London, Pa. Besides her sister-in-law. Mrs. H. Benge Simmons of Chestertown. she leaves two sisters, Mrs. William E. Laughlln of Belle Center, and Mrs. William S. Anderson of Mt. Sterling, O. Funeral services will be held at the Simmons' home in Chestertown at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, conducted by the Rev. Paul E. Rey nolds of the First Methodist Church. Interment will be made in the cem etery in Newark, Del. Births DUNLAP To Mr. snd Mrs. Peter -Dun-lap, 2310 West Fourteenth Street, at The Memorial Hospital on Dec 30, a daughter. BARNES To Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes. 13ST Delaware Avenue, at The Memorial Hospital on Dec. 20, a son. LONGO To Mr. and Mrs. Louis Longo, 402 North Scott Street, at The Memorial Hospital on Dec. 30, a daughter. PUGH-To Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Pugh. Hockessln. at The Memorial Hospital on Dec. 30, a daughter. APPEk To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Appel. 3203 West Second Street, at Delaware Hospital on Dec. 30, a daughter. DOCE To Mr. and Mrs. Passuale Doce, 229 Jeflersan Street, at Delaware Hospital on Dec. 20, a son. KATJFMAJT To Mr. and Mrs. William Kaufman. 609 west Sixth Street, at Delaware Hospital Oh Dec. 30, a daughter. AML0K -TO Mr. and Mrs. William Batnluk. 3400 West Seventh Street, at Delaware Hospital on Dec. 30, 4 son. MEI.VIN To Mr. and Mrs. Burten Mel-vin. Hollower Terrace, at Delaware Hospital on 11, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Howell. Richardson Park, at Wilmington General Hospital on Dec. 31, a daughter. BORECKI To Mr. and Mrs. William Borecki. 10 North Jackson Street, at Wilmington General Hospital on Dec. 31. a son. FAVILLE To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faville, Collins Park. New Castle, it Wilmington General Hospital en Dec. II, a son. SEICHEPINE TO Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Seichepine. Winterthur. at Osteopathic Hospital on Dec. 17, a son. KOSMALSKI TO Private and Mrs. Leon J. Kosmatskl, 1004 Kirkwood Street, at the Osteopathic Hospital Oh Dec. 13, a daughter. Locomotive Explodes, Wrecks Train, Injures 3 ST. LOUIS. Dec. 21 JP). The boiler of a Cotton Belt freight lo comotive exploded early today, wrecking the train eight miles south of Jonesboro. and Injuring three crewmen, the railroad's headquarters here announced. The explosion overturned the locomotive and the first 12 cars behind it. Paul M. Bunting, Cotton Belt public relations director, said. iigttiiiwriiti.iii;ii DFFICE SUPPLIES Sit Hugh A. George Co. 905 Shipley St. 4-6114 the to p. at a of a a i jj I Obituary Mr. Mary W. Andrews The funeral of Mrs. Mary W. An drews, 87, will be from the home of her son, S. Ralph Andrews, 233 East Main Street, Elkton, tomorrow morning at, 11 o'clock. Interment will be In the Cambridge, Cemetery at 3 o'clock. widnw of fi. snrv Andrews of Cambridge, she died yesterd home of another son, Andrews, 1310 West Tenth A native of Cambridge, Mrs. An- drews left there about five years ago live with her sons. In addition to her two sons, shs is survived by several nieces and nephews. Charles W. Hill Funeral services for Charles W. Hill, 68, of 2924 Washington Street, will be held from the Windsor Funeral Home in Laurel. Sunday at 2 m. Interment will be in that city. Friends may call at the McCrery Funeral Home, 2700 Washington Street, tomorrow evening after 7 o'clock. Mr. Hill, a retired Pennsylvania Railroad conductor, died yesterday his home. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Annie B. Hill. He was member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, No. 123, and the Junior O. U. A. M. of Laurel. Edgar S. Hammond NORTH EAST. TJec. 21 (Special). The funeral of Edgar Shennard Hammond of Bloomf-eld. N. J-, formerly of North East, will take place tomorrow night at 8:30 o'clock at the Van Tassel Community Funeral Home. 337 Belleville Avenue. Bloomfield. Interment will be in the Methodist Cemetery here Sunday at 12:30 o'clock. Mr. Hammond died yesterday at his home. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Goodwin Ha.m-j mond, formerly of lower Delaware, and three daughters, Mrs. E. E. Murphy, Mrs. Stanley J. Thompson, and Mrs. Lawrence R. Frank. His first wife the former Mabel Pennock. of Wilmington. He was son of the late W. T. Hammond, local Methodist preacher, and Minnie Thomas Hammond. Mrs. Harriet L. Rogers Mrs. Harriet L. Rogers, A3, widow of Amos B. died last night at her home, 715 Lore Avenue, Gordon Heights, after four years' illness. The funeral will take place from the McCrery Funeral Home. 2700 Washington Street, Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The Rev. Charles S. Clarkson. pastor of the Hillcrest Methodist Church, will officiate. itnterment will be in Rosebank Ceme tery at Calvert, Md. Surviving Mrs. Rogers are three children, Mrs. David McDowell, Calvert, and Miss Margaret Rogers and Cecil D. Rogers. Gordon Heights: six grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and a niece, Mrs. E. Simpers of Wilmington. Her husband died 56 years ago. Born in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Robers lived at Calvert for many years, and came to Wilmington in 1903. IN MEHORIAM In lovlne memory of my father. Vincent Woodcoi. Who passed away uecemDer ii 9 18. Daughter. in levin memory of husband and Son Maurice J. Bhavack. who was killed In ac tion one year ago today, December 21. 1944: The depth of sorrow we cannct ten. The loss of one We loved So well: And while he sleeps a peaceful sleep. His memory we ahall always keep. Sadly missed by His Wife. Baby and Parents. Tn InvlhK memhrv of Our brother. Sergt Maurice i. Bhavack. who was killed in Beleium December 21. l44: In our hearts there comes a longing. If you only could come home: Oft and oft our thoughts do tranaer To your grave so far away. Where they laid yott, dearest brother. One year ago today. Sadly missed by Sister and Brother. Marion. Amelia and Np1. Jr. In memory of bur son. Sergt. Maurice J. Shavack. who was killed in Belgium on December 31. 1944: One year has passed, dear Maurice. Since you were laid to rest The ones that think of you today Are the ones that loved irou best. Your memory is always with us. Since that December day. To know that you. dear Maurice. An buried so many miles away. Many boys are coming home. How sad the heartache we bear. To know that you. dear son. Will be left over there: If only we could have said sood-bre. And kissed your smiling face. And. oh. our son. we did not know Until It was too late. Sadly missed by Mother and Dad In the purchase and sale of securities you can be certain your orders will be handled efficiently. NEW YORK PRODUCE EXCHANGE COMMODITY EXCHANGE. INC. CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE NEW YORK COTTON EXCHANGE St. St'OAR EXCHANGE Building Phone 3-4241 I uci 1 win ue riairiuieu 1 f.riRntU, ft LAIRD CO. Nil Ntmtmrt BUg. 0ef. Tnrt lig. I I KllWWl'' Milton S. RhrM. 27' 27'i 84V4 82 8S' IS 18U 76 381 38U 49'a 49 19'a 21A i2 un 8's IS l'i 23 27' 38'a CARD OF ls We wish to thank relatives. Painters' Union, for their re-oflerinas and use of cent bereavement In the deato ol nusoana and father. William Mr. William Bfrcon and raimir Death Notices DL71Rthw1fC.lfDth?,.T.MH.1rV,w: D.r aged Relative. 'Pl are nvftefl to attend the funeral Thu Gebhart Funeral Horn, in iSfr Sn Baturda, Vrenrmelnt .1 cember 22. at 3 clock Interment 8t. Georges Cemetery. rinids may cau the funeral home on Friday evening. ome. isao Liinwui n.mhr 34. 1:30 clock. Interment at South Hill cemetery Philadelphia, rs. OIBBS-In this city. Dmb er ir Vl.vor of WjWam anf Vfnna I IP Tl nu II mj- mother oi friends are invited to attend the Olive one PnD- funeral home oi to 10 lar Street, on rnaay clock. HAMMflNO-Of 43 Hill Street. Bioomneiu. sel's Community Funeral Home. ville Avenue. Bioomn-w. evening at at 13 30 ment in North East. Sunday, at o'clock. HIIX-At his late resWenc- MM Washington Street, on December 20 Charles husband of Annie servt wUUrlt yngTli Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Laurel. Del. Frienns may call at he McCrery 3700 Washington Btreet. Saturday wvenine after 1 o'clock. JEWELL In Claymont Del Decemb-r 30. 1945. LslHan wife of Charles Morris Jewell, esed 67 years. Relatives and Inends are invited to attend the funeral services at The Wi ham F. Jones -unrrai Claymont. on Monday afternoon. l'- cember 34. at 3 ciora. r'n Lawncroft Cemetery. Friends may eau after 4 p. rn. Sunday. LYONS In this city, on December 19. 1845. Catharine, wne 01 inm ijh rick Lyons. Relatives arid frienas are invited to attend the funeral ffrn Mealey Funeral Home. 70J norm Street, on Monday morning. December 34. at o'clock. Requiem mass at St. Patricks Church at 30 clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call Sunday evening. MITCHELL At Delaware Hospital on December 30. 1945. Mabel C. wife of W. Newiin Mitchell, aged 44 years. Relatives and friend are invited lo the services at St. James' Church. Stanton. Del on Monday afternoon, December 34. at 3 o'clock. Interment in cemetery aajoinm. Friends may cau at tn lunerai pariors of R. T. Jones. Newark, on Bunaay eve ning, between 7 and ciocg. McKAY In this city, on December 19. 1945. Anna wife of the lata Walter B. McKay. Of 30 Washington Street. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the services at The McCrery Funeral Home. 3700 Washington Street. on Saturday afternoon. December 33. at 3:30 o'clock. Friends may call at the funeral home on. Friday evening after 1 o'clock. MacLAREN In this city, on December 18. 1945. Elisabeth widow of Lawrence MacLaren. aged 65 years Relatives and. friends are invited to attend the funeral services at The Yeatman Funeral Home, till Washington Btreet. on Saturday afternoon. December 23. at 3 o'clock. Interment at Bilverbrook Cemetery. Friend may call Friday evening after o'clock. ROGERS At her late residence. 715 Lore Avenue, Gordon Heights, on December 30. 1945. Harriet wife of the late Amos B. Rogers, aged 93 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the services at The McCrery Funeral Home. 2700 Washington, on Sunday afternoon. December 33. at 1 o'clock. Interment at Rosebank Cemetery. Calvert. Md. Friends may call at the funeral home on Saturday evening: after 7 o'clock. SHARP At her late residence. 0 Ivy Road, on December 31. 1945. Elou wife of Edward Sharp. Due notice of funeral will be given. BTtELE At Middletown. on December 19, 1945. Lidie Elizabeth, wife of th late Edward J. Steele, aged 69 years. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral services at her late residence, in. Middletown. on Saturday afternoon. December 23. tt 3 o'clock. Interment at St. Anne's Cemetery. SCHABACH In this city, on December 19. 1645. Lena wife of the late Matthew Schabach. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from Thft Mealey Funeral Home. 703 North Broom Street. On Saturday morning. December 22. at o'clock, Requiem mass at St. Thomas' Church at 30 o'clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Friday evening. TOCIK At her late residence. 130 Franklin Street, on December 20. 1945. Veronica wife of John A. Tocik. Due notice of funeral will be given. WALTER In Newark. on December 18. 1945. James Walter. Jr. Relatives, friends and organizations of which he was a member, are invited to attend the funeral services at The Funeral Home of Ira C. 254 West Main Street. Newark. on Sunday afternoon. December 23. at 3 o'clock. Interment at Union Hill Cemetery. Kennett Square. Pa Friends may call at tha lunerai borne Saturday evening. JOHN C. HIRZEL Funeral Director PHONE 902 1 ESTABLISHED 1892 JAMES F. HEARN FUNERAL HOME Smnuar M. Fl-h-f, Int. S202 Market St. Our service available to all regardless of financial condition WILLIAII E. HAINES FUNERAL HOME Harke! 24th St McCRERY 2700 WASHINGTON ST. Our Funeral Costs Meet Present Day Condition RIVERVIEW CEMETERY CO. BtTRlAL LOTS FOR SALE Our representatives are always ready to glv detailed i Information DON'T POSTPONE-i the Inevitable. It la most considerate of your dear ones to select a lot now. We will gladly give you all necessary information about Silvcrbrook Cemetery Lancaster at DuPont Road -a----ssse-ssssssi d-al. 3-3651 ntmrrn. nwember 19, Aaeiia. M.rion, the services at at the cnuren oi jj Street, on Saturday cember 33. at 1 Interment New Jersey, on uecemur. Hm. Shepp.rt. husband of Mary Ojft'JJi'l mond. father of Mrs. E. "Vwrenc Stanley J. Thompson and Mra. i iuii. il ss sa a. or i Market Slips In Dull Trade Dealings Are Slowest Since August; 'Blue Chips Fall More Than 2 Points NEW YORK, Dec. 21 Stocks generally resumed the downward drift In todays market although resistance cropped up here and there and dealings again were among the alcwest since last August. Steels, motors, rails, aircrafts and Industrial "blue chips" dipped fractions to 2 or more points at the worst. The ticker tape, though, loafed from the opening on and extreme declines were reduced here and there near the fourth hour. Accounts were trimmed because of the belief that the correction of the 4-year upswing could he extended. In arrears the greater part of the proceedings were U. S. Steel, Youngstown Sheet, Chrysler, General Motors, Santa Fe. Southern Railway, Union Pacific, Montgomery Ward. Douglas Aircraft, Boeing. DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Johns -Manville, American Telephone, General American Investors, Anaconda and Kennecott. Ahead at intervals were J. I. Case, Shamrock Oil, Roan Antelope. Cerro De Pasco and Allied Chemical. Among curb laggards were Aluminum of America, Cities Service, Bell Telephone of Canada and Singer Mfg. Modest plus signs were attached to Fansteel and Barium Steel. Buying Apathetic On Bond Market NEW YORK, Dec. 21 UP). The bond market drifted aimlessly in light dealings today with most issues holding close to previous levels. Pre-Christmas apathy settled over the list, and demand was lacking in all sections. A number of carriers were fractionally lower near midday Wut a selected few made slight gains. Tending toward lower levels at times were New Haven 4a of 1957, Inland Steel 3s, Texas 3s of 19S5, Rock Island refunding 4s, Great Northern 53 and several issues of Missouri Pacific 5s. Showing some improvement were Louisville te Nashville Pacific Gas Electric 3s of 1979, Northern Pacific 4 Vis, St. Louis San Francisco 4s, and Lehigh Valley stamped 4s. The foreign dollar list was quiet with Chile 6s among those showing narrow gains, and Colombia 3s down by a similar margin. Grace Is New Chairman Of Bethlehem Steel BETHLEHEM. Dec. 21 (A). Eugene G. Grace is the new chairman Of the board of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Grace retired as president of the steel firm yesterday and was succeeded by Arthur E. Homer, 49. formerly of Belmont, Mass. The 69-year-old ex-president, connected with Bethlehem Steel since 1899, will continue to act as the corporation's chief officer, the firm's board of directors announced. He is a native Cf Goshen, N. Y. Homer, associated with the company for 26 years, was named vice-president iri 1940. He is a graduate of Brown University. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO, Dec. Jl OPl (TJ. S. D. Salable hois 7.500. total 1,000: active fully steady; good and choice barrows and gilts at 14 85 ceiling; weights under 190 pounds and' over 300 pounds scarce; sows at 14.10 ceiling that clas6; complete clearance early. Salable cattle 1,500, total 2.O00; salable calves 500. total 500; general market ateadv on aU grades and classes, clearance "broad orr all fresh arrivals, however general price level fully 50 cents lower for week on steers, about 75 cents to 1.25 off compared with recent high time on both steers arid heifers; two loads strictly choice 1230 pound steers brought 18.00 today; bulk 14 00-18 35: only highly finished kinds passing 17.00; choic heifers absent, bulk 13.00-14.50; cutter cows 8.00 1 down; most beef cows 8.50-11.50; only very food cows around 1J.00; heavy sausage bulls 13.00, scant supply vealers active at 15.50 down. Salable sheep 2.500, total active, fully steady, complete clearance early; good and choice natives and fed wooled western lambs 14.60-14.85; most well-finished Offerings at the 14 85 top, some merely good natives 14.50 with common light sortouts mainly 11. 00-11. 50; short load good to choice 80 pound native clipped lambs fall shorn pelts 13.75. sorted 20 head plainer grade averaging 1 pound 1100; few good native yearlings to 12.C0, small package choice fed westerns 13 00; bulk common to choice slaughter ewes 6.00-7 25. U. S. Treasury Report WASHINGTON. Dec. 21 (VP). Th Dositlon of the Treasury Dec. 19 com pared with the corresponding date a year ago: Receipts, $548,401, 279.38. Expenditures, 150,666.18. Balance, 883.314.&97.49. Customs receipts for month, $22, 2fi7.005.12: $20,571,090.27. Receipts fiscal year July. 560,935.27: $17,984,664,452.82. Expenditures fiscal year, $36,548, 972 099.21; $45,302599,736.85. Excess of expenditures, $18,073. 4U.182A4: s27 .318.335.284.03. Total debt. tl 137310.800.10. TnfreaM! over previous day, OM9.97.17. Oold asset. $20 646,237,997.14. I Day'. Record, Tide Sun rose this morn.nt tt.M Kta thta evenina 7:18 4:38 Sun rises tomorrow morning Bun sets tomorrow evening 4:38 Moon ties tonlsht Lencth of day. 9 hours, 20 minutes. Tewratres at Prr fceaervoir p. m. yesteroay Richest yesterday Lowest during- Dlcbt 8 a. m. today Noon today Tide at Marine Terminal tMouth of Christmai Hith Low A 1:21 7:55 5" 1 44 8:37 Him Tides Today A. M. P. M. T. 10:38 wTitta 8nnMk 188 11:21 AKiba 8ei ........11:54 port PIB 12 0 13 33 P.eJy Point 13 31 12 54 ChMPak aty Il Data cftmoiled by TJ. S. Cot an4 REHOBOTH BEACH, Dec, 21 (Special). Sergt. John P. Graham, 37, who had survived many campaigns in the Pacific theatre of war. was killed Wednesday in an airplane crash In North Carolina. Word of his death was sent to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Graham of the resort town. The news of his death came on his mother's birthday anniversary. The soldier, who had recently re-enlisted in the U. S. Air Forces following his discharge in October, was returning to MacDill Field, Tampa. after visiting his sick aunt. Mrs. Clifford Nesbitt, 2005 Tatnall Street, Wilmington, In the Delaware Hospital. Of the crew of five in the plane another soldier was killed and the remaining three seriously Injured, according to first information received here. Graham visited Mrs. Nesbitt at the local hospital for a short time last Saturday. Arrangements for his visit had been by the Red Cross. He had a Plane ride to LaGuardia Field, N. and returned to LaGuardia after spending only about a half hour with his aunt, who had made frequent requests to see him. His parents have no details of the accident, and do not know whether he was en route south from LaGuardia Field or whether he had arrived at his base at MacDill Field and gone out on another flight when the accident occurred. It is believed however that he was en route to his base from his visit to Wilmington. During his short visit to Wilmington he did not have an opportunity to call his parents in Rehoboth Beach. 14 Years' Army Service Sergeant Graham would have been 16 years in the regular Army on Jan. 1 and was a veteran of many dangerous missions in the Pacific theatre; of war. He was stationed at Hickam Field. Pearl Harbor, when the Japs made their sneak at tack. Of the 24 men with him asleep In their barracks on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, 22 were killed. He had just arrived at Pearl Harbor on Nov. 28, 1941. On June 16, 1942, he was seriously wounded. He was flying with his commanding of ficerf Colonel Tinker, over Midway Island during the Jap attack and Colonel Tinker was killed. Sergeant Graham firit enlisted in the Army at Fort DuPont on Jan. 1, 1930. He served three years with the engineers corps at the Delaware post and then reenlisted in the air force at Blake Field, La. After serving another three-year hitch in Hawaii, he again reentered the service and when he visited his parents at Rehoboth Beach in September, 1941, they had not seen him for nine years. Besides his parents he is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Martha Stayton of Palm Beach, and Mrs. Oliver Fournier of Lake Worth. his second wife, Mrs. Jerry Graham of West Palm Beach, and two children by a former marriage, Jacqueline Pearl and Ella Fay, who live with their mother. Mrs. Nancy Graham in Seattle, Wash. Also two brothers. Robert discharged Veteran, and Lee. at home. The body will be taken to Oxford, his birthplace for burial, probably on Sunday. Other Deaths EDWIN F. STEVENS, JR. In Scarsdale, N. 44; executive vice-president and general manager of Decca Records, which he helped found 12 years ago. PROF. HARRY TAUB In New York, 46; assistant professor of pharmacology at the Columbia College of Pharmacy. Columbia University, and head of the chemical laboratories of the Bureau of Food and Drugs of the New York Department of Health. CHARLES FREDERICK HOUS TON In Charlottesville, 64; a former New York architect; was a specialist on country houses. THE REV. CHRISTIAN L. EICH-ER In Chicago, 68; a missionary since 1903, founder and executive secretary of the World Wide Prayer and Missionary Union and former dean of the Christian and Missionary Training School at Nyack, N. Y. Ford Neighbor Found Shot to Death in Car HOLLAND, Dec. 21 (). The body of Ray Gordon Beh, 34, a next-door neighbor of Henry Ford II in Grosse Pointe Farms, was found this morning in a snow covered car at a side of a main high way 12 miles north of Holland, a bullet wound in his right side. Ottawa County Coroner Gilbert Vandewater said Beh had been dead since yesterday. Beh called his wife Wednesday night from Chicago and told her he would be in Muskegon, yesterday and would return to the exclusive Detroit suburb today. Mrs. Beh said her husband was in the habit Of" picking up hitchhikers and that he "always" gave lifts to men in uniform. No gun was found in Beh's car. He was seated erect on the right side of the front seat, his head resting against the top of the seat. A heavy fall of snow during the night obliterated any tracks around the car. Checks for the Twenty-five Neediest Families should be sent to the News-Journal Company. DIVIDEND NOTICE Th fcoord of Directors of Wilmington Trust Cemoony, of meeting held December 20, 1945, declared a dividend of $1.00 per share end an extra dividend of 50c eer there en $25. par stock, payable January 1, 1946, te stockholders of record ot of the close of business December' 21, 1945. JOS. W. CHINN. JR. Vice-President and Secretary. z.oo, iancies ana mediums t.uv-t.iv. Buttons 3.00-3.15, spots and opens 1.50; extra fancy and specials 3.35-50, irregularly sized 3.00-3.23, fancies and mediums 2.15-23. buttons 3.00-3.15, spots and opens 1.50. Pa pints 37, few 31. Parsley: N. J. bu. bskts. plain 1.50-3.00. 1 3-5 bu. boxes root 3 25-50 PkrSnips: bu. bskts. 90-1 00. L. bu. bskts. 1.00-1.23. bu. bskts. 2.00-5 25. POTATOES Potatoes: 100 pound sacks TJ. 8. No. 1 or better, Oreen Mountain 3.15-25. Radishes: Hothouse per large bunch is. Squash: Bu. bskts. Acorn 4.00, poorer 1.50. Sweet potatoes: Bu. hampers Jersey type U. S. No. 1 3.50-53. heavy pack 3.75-30, small to medium goldens U. S. No. 1 some heavy pack 3. 50-00. Turnips: bu. bakta. white 1.0O. L. bu. b-kts. white 1.00-1.25, 50 pound sacks rutabagas 75. Laurel roping: Per yard S. Philadelphia Quotations PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 21 Trsding was fairly active and many commodities sold at firm to slightly higher prices on the local wholesale produce markets today according to the Federal-State Market Newa Service. Apples: Bu. bskts. and eastern boxes, various varieties and sizes, many ord. to fair, N. J. 4.82-4.92. poorer Rome 4 Stayman 4.2S. Pa. mostly 4.90, some Grimes and Smokehouse 4.80. Beetx: Pa. bu. topped and washed, few sales. 100. Cabbage: 50 pound sacks Danish. N. Y. Pa. tod few sales to quote. Carrots: Pa. bu. topped and washed 1.50-1.75. lair l.zs: du. bsicts. 75-so. CELERY -Celery: Hearts per bunch; Pa 12-15. poorer and small 5-10. N. J. 15; lugs, 13 stalks. 1.25-1.50. Kale: Vs. bu. bskts. Norfolk section. eastern shore S5-7S. Mushrooms: Pa. and J. 3 pound bskts. 3.25-2.50; few Pa. 2 15. Parsnips: Pa. bu. washed some fair, few sales 1.00-1 35; bu. bskts. 50-75. Spinach: Pa. and N. J. bu. bskts. Savoy type 1 tl Sweet potatoes: V. J. bu. Jersey tvpe O. I's, 3.25-3.57. mostly 3.57; some processed 1.60-2.50: red V. 8. I's. 3.57. meds. few 2.50; White Yams I's. 3 few J.7. WHITE TRUMPS White turnips: Bu. bskts. washed. J. 1.25: few 1.0J. Pa. aome lair Rutabagas: Pa. 50-lb. sacks, few 1.00-1.10. White potatoes: Pa. 100-lb. sacks round whites, rhostlv katahdins, TJ. S. I's and U. S. 1 size A. 2.85-3.00, few lrg. high as 3.25. Pair undersited 3.75-2.85. Paper sacks Katahdins U. S. 1 size A. 50-lb. 1.45-1.30; 15-lbs. 46c; N. J. 5C-lb. paper sacks Katahdins TJ. S. I's. 1 50. Christmas greens: Laurel, N. J. rope per yard. Sc; few 5-Sc. Hemlock, Pa. bundles 1.00-1.50: Spruce, Pa. bundles lrg. 1.50; wreaths, various sections, holly, artificial berries, small to 20-35c: Cedar, med. to lrg. poorer and small 20-35c. EGGS, BTJTTER Eggs: Market definitely firm. Active demand absorbs all offerings of fresh grade A's and mostly at celling prices. Some western receipts delayed by storm. Soma buyers who were reluctant to buy eggs shortly before ceiling prices were reduced now unable to obtain full re-oulrements. Wholesale selling prices: Consumer (trades. A targe. 57' -5 3. large 56 3. mediums Whole-ile grades, extras and 2 extra large, lare tT. mediums extras 3 and 4, large 41.8, standards 45.3. Butter: Market intensely firm. Distributors in ail trade channels quite concerned about the steadily shrinking supplies. Entremely few wholesale Sales, arade AA 47. A 47H. 47. LIVE POULTRY Live poultry: Demand active for tine turkevs. capons, geese and heavy fowls and chickens and th market firm on this description, with ceilings Obtainable, depending on distance. On fancy grades in most cases. Quotations: Fowls Colorea. fancy, poor, lower. Leghorns, fancy, heavy, 23-23C: amall sales, extra fancy, 2c; few 27c; poor lower. Old roosters, 21-23C: Stags, 24-27c: pullets, fancy, heavy. 33-34c; roasting chickens, fancy, full 4 lbs. and ovar, 30-34c: large sizes preferred: springers, fancy. 3H to lbs. 28286: sires under 3V4 lbs. 20-25C; fair to ordinary, poor and common. 19c, down to 7c. Ducks, fancv Peklns. 29-31. 3c; Muscovy, 23-27c: few 38c; poor lower.Turkeys. voung, 37-39 8c: poor lower: long distance, 40. Sc; old 37-39. Be; long distance. 38.9c. Dressed poultry: Generally firm with demand active-. Fowls Fresh-killed. dry-packed or iced. 27V-34Wc. Chickens 30-40c; old roosting and stags, 30c. Turkeys-Young hens and toms, old. Ducks. 31.7c. Wheat. Prices firmly maintained. Quotations: No. 3 red winter, domestic. December. 11.88-1.89; NO. 2 red winter, garlicky. 31.75-1. 8. Corn: Market firm and unchanged. No. 2 yellow. II. Oats: Market steady. No. I white, 40-lb. test, Rumor of Franc's Fall Alarms Paris Bourse PARIS, Dec. 21 (INS). Prance today faced her most serious financial crisis since Liberation Day as near panic swept the bourse because of widespread rumors that value of the franc would be halved. The cabinet gravely discussed possible devaluation of the franc. Circles close to the Bank of France declared that no decision had been rrfved at regarding devaluation. But the cabinet this morning discussed ratification of the Bretton Woods monetary agreement, which must be decided before Dec 31. Ezra Pound Ordered To Mental Asylum WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (INS). Ezra Pound, 60-year-old expatriate American poet charged with treason, was ordered committed today to St. Elizabeth's Hospital, an institution for mental cases. The order was Issued by District Court Justice Bolitha J. Laws, who agreed with Pound's counsel and a hospital report that the poet was mentAlly unfit to stand trial. Pound was accused of broadcast ing treasonable matter from Rome during the war. British Jury Condemns Naval Officer to Hang LONDON, Dec. "21 Walter Purdy, 27, former Royal Naval officer, was sentenced to death for high treason today after a Jury at Old Bailey agreed on a verdict of guilty in lTyminutes. purdy was charged with broadcasting and preparing leaflets for the Nazis after he had been made a prisoner of war, and with having disclosed to the Germans the details of a secret escape tunnel which British officers were digging at their i prison camp. Cities Service, Com Cons. Oat. Balto Creole Petroleum Elec Bond Share Elec. Bd. Sh. S't Pfd. Heyden Chem Humble Oil Infl Ltd Lake Shore Mines Pantepec Pennroad R. B. Semler Solar Aircraft Standard OH. Kentucky Technicolor Ex-Dividend. Salisbury Digs Out of Snow Big Plow Clears Roads Leading to City; School Attendance Cut Further SALISBURY, Dec. 21 (Special). State Roads Commission snow plows went Into action early Wednesday morning clearing a six-inch covering from the' highways. Nearly all the roads in this area were pa.ssabl. a highway depart ment staff member said. No serious accidents were report ed to police in Salisbury or on the lower shore although many motorists echoed the sentiment that snow is beautiful In a painting as their cars slid through the melting mess after the snow turned to hail and rain yesterday morning. in many areas, school attendance, already cut by a wave of- influenza and colds, was hit even harder by the heaviest snowfall of the year. In Wicomico County school buses were operating but a few arrived at their destinations behind schedules, a Booted and well-wrapped Salis-burians trudged to work through the snow and slush yesterday, as all taxi service was discontinued, and late arrivals at business offices and downtown department stores were not uncommon. Eastern Shore Public Service Co. and C. P. Telephone Co. spokesmen said communication lines In the area were not affected seriously by the storm. Operation Held Useless For Phila. 'Blue Baby BALTIMORE, Dec. 21 (INS). The Christmas hopes of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anello of Philadelphia were dashed today as they learnea there was no cure for the heart ailment of their 6-year-old daughter, Susie. The little girl's parents hd taken her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in the hopes that doctors could find a curative by Christmas. Susie, a "blue baby," is suffering from a heart malformation wnien results in a deficiency of oxgenated blood. Dr. Helen B. Taussig, who had aided in the cure of a similar case, said following an examination of the child that an operation would be of no value. Mass Meeting Called GEORGETOWN, Dec. 21 (Special). Jan. 8 has been selected for a mass meeting to be held in tho Court House, by the Georgetown War Memorial Association, which is In process of incorporation. The program will be announced so that all citizens may have the privilege Ob May July Sept. Mar. May July Grain Market CHICAOO, Dec. 21 Grain prices were unsettled at the opening today In the usual dull holiday trading. At 11 a. wheat was unchanged to cent higher than yesterday's close. May corn unchanged at tl.lS'i r.ilmn-s: oats to i higher. May TO'; rye to 3. higher. May barley Va higher. May l.22V.. Foreign Exchange NSW YORK. Dec. Jl UP). Foreign ex change rate follow (Great Britain in dollars, others in centst: Canadian dollar in New York open market BV per cent discount or 80.75 V. 8. cents, unchanged. Europe Great Britain 34.03Vt. unchanged. Latin America Argentina free J4.71. unchanged; Brazil fret 5.25: Mexico 20.85. Cotton Market new YORK. Dee. II (Pi. cotton futures opened 5 to 15 cents a bale lower. Prev. Close Open March 24 May 34.59 24.57 July ".35 24.33 Oct. 2341 23.39 Dec aj.iau March S3 8 lB B-Bld: N-Nominai. Tii. cnuon futures market drifted lower in late forenoon trading on hedge selling and scattered liquidation which met only moderate mill covering against textile At.r. rn MMrt circles it was reported that Prance la atill 1ft the market for cotton to complete lu original inquiry for bales. Noon prices were 13 to 40 cents a bale lower. March 24,63: May a.s; Juty Bank Clearings Clearings for the local banks for the week ending today are compared with $7,324,752.13 for the corresponding period last year. Mother of 2, Escort Killed in Mystery Attack ALLENTOWN. Pa, Dec. 21 (VP). A gunman shot and killed a diachartred Army Air Corps lieutenant 'and his woman oomoanion the mother of two children a he was apparently escorting her home Ahrtly before midnight on a dim- lifthted East Allentown street. Chief of Police Wayne Elliot reported today. The dead were Senlamln Clifford Bowman, Jr. 25. of Wll-liamaport. and Mrs. Madeline Bamak. 21. of Allentown. Elliot sail there were no known witnesses to the slayings, John Barnak. 30. estranged hus band of the slain woman, wa be in held for flueationinr. Bowman was ahot in the head, Elliot Mid. and died Immediately. One bullet struck Mrs. Barnak to Open High LOW Noon 1801 bU 177V4 177a 177 177H 174H 174H 174H 1744 COTTON 243 2464 2 24 2457 2457 2455 2433 2433 2483 2430 2430 1 I A Complete Brokerage Service LAIRD, BISSELL MEEDS Members NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE NEW TOK Ctm KXCHANGt PHILADELPHIA STOCK EXCHANGE NEW TOstK COCOA EXCHANGE NEW YORK COFFEE DuPont Wilmington of attending. the chest Geoeuc Survey.

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