The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on December 14, 1945 · Page 29
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 29

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1945
Page 29
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More British R e a c h J a v,a Ghurka, Battalion Of 6th Air-Borne Division , Augment Military Force -. BATAVXA, Java, Dec. 14 )., A British spokesman said today that two companies of the Third and Fourth Gurkha divisions and a battalion of the British Sixth Airborne Division had arrived in Java to augment the military force engaged in restoring order in Java. Dr. Hubertus J. Van Mook. acting governor general of the Dutch East Indies, today rejected Indonesian suggestions that the dispute over Indonesian demands for independence be referred to the United Nations Organization. Vanf Mook, on the eve of his departure for Holland, declared at a press conference that his government felt the situation in the East Indies was primarily a matter for direct discussion between the Dutch and the Indonesians. The Dutch view, he said, is that better results may be obtained by direct discussions. A British statement reported minor clashes at several points, including Soerabaja, Arnbarawa, Buit-enzorg, Batavia in Java and Bela-wan in Sumatra. British military police arrested J. Petersen, notorious Nazi leader of the German community here, and about 100 Indonesians in an early morning raid in the Krarnat district. -- . " iiwiii ii. - in" iniji i . jf J . .L .1 . -- .v-'-:-:.v.-. -X-.- ..-. -v. f fir-"-- .-w.mj.m jy-- Z & Z;WiS&. -jW '- -z t- ; '-.s.t-.' -l , , - - - ' mi i rim i General Spaatz Wins Collier Air Trophy SEW YORK. Dec. 14 (U.P.). Gen eral Carl Spaatz, commander of American Air Forces in Africa and France, and later in the Pacific, today was named winner of the 1945 Collier trophy for outstanding achievement in aviation. Announcement of the award, which makes General Spaatz thirteenth winner of the annual trophy was made in an article in today's Issue of Collier's Magazine. The Collier trophy .will be presented to Spaatz by President Truman at the White House next Monday. Jap's New Year's Ration Shows 3 Pints of Wine TOKYO, Dec. 14 "). Japan's harassed government peeked into its nearly-bare cupboard today and promised, for the traditional, week-long New Year's holiday: Each resident will be permitted to buy three pints of sake (rice wine), except for a single woman. They're cut off with a pint. Smokers will be allowed to buy 30 cigarettes; and a daily ration of four instead of the current three was promised for January. Rationing may also be relaxed slightly for the holidays on such items as special rice for traditional cakes, and fish and vegetables. As usual, however, people with money will patronize black markets. . The Twenty-second Annual Appeal for Wilmington's Neediest Families should be remembered in your Christmas plan ning, i Ttinz 2. Opened a vigorous - drive ior vo me -cwb-jw m. jra- um nw..-. " M.'K fliffc mm iVSeanwhiie, make your present tires last! Your General fias the definite Plan available to you now! (S. Fight Planned On Inflation Administration Begins Tightening of Varied Controls to Check Rise WASHINGTON. Dec. 14 (JP). sins multiolied today that the ad ministration sees trouble ahead mainly inflation trouble unless it traces some of its wartime controls. The eovernment prepared to cele brate the fifth month of peace starting tomorrow by putting back to work part of its discarded priority machinery. . The decision to restore priority control over building materials in an effort to boost the construction of sorely needed houses is the latest in a. series of moves tokening a firmer government grip on some parts of the economy which appear to be headed for pitfalls. The moves all are aimed at familiar wartime problems: Prices, scarce materials and work stoppages. President Truman mentioned these problems only briefly in his recent optimistic report on the first 100 days of reconversion. But since then the administration has: Labor Trouble la Worry 1. Asked for immediate factfinding and compulsory cool-off legislation to prevent spreading labor troubles from thwarting the speedy return to peacetime standards of living and working. 2. Opened a vigorous drive for 1 JU As SOON Journal'Every Evening, Wilmington, 1 I LiimiikirtiJCkiT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOTMtru prompt extension of the Price Control Act beyond its present expiration date of next June 30. Price Ceilings 3. Put a brake on OPA's schedule for removing Individual price ceil ings. This happened after OPA lifted ceilings from some such supposedly "safe" items as citrus fruit and cocoanuts only . to see prices zoom. 4. Reversed its position on real estate ceilings by asking Congress for price control on both new and old houses to go along with the priority on residential building materials. Sarazen Enters British FORT WORTH, Texas. Dec. 14 rruci run RaraTOTV vnnlder of the all-t'-ne record score of 283 for the British Open - golf championship, is going to take another crack at the classic next year. He is the first American to file entry for the event, which is to be resumed after the war-time lapse. Hole and All PHOENIX. Ariz., Dec. 14 flV The Phoenix Little Theatre group has for many years given"1 away a cup of coffee with each between-acts purchase of a five-cent doughnut. Recently the group asked the OPA for sugar for the coffee and the .request was denied on the grounds that the coffee was not sold. So now it is coffee (with sugar) that costs five cents. The doughnut is free. , Checks for the Twenty-five Neediest Families should be sent to the News-Journal Company. -r ffl mwm I Ens as rubber restrictions are- lifted, General will present proudly and without qualification to the car owners of America the greatest tire ever built! It will be well worth waiting for! Already thoroughly tested, the new General is ready to go into production as soon as but not before the finest natural rubber is again available and government restrictions permit the use of more natural rubber in passenger car sizes. The present allowance is only a little more than an ounce. This increase should come soon, if the government releases only a small part of the crude rubber stockpile now on hand. Then, General will build into this new tire all the extra performance its advanced design makes possible and bring you the complete satisfaction you would expect of a tire designed to enhance General's famed Top-Quality reputation. - Even -when our dwindling stockpile of natural rubber was one of America's most potentially dangerous wartime shortages, tire manu- PRIORITY RESERVATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED ""S l(EISEIK-&lLl Delaware, Friday, December 14, All A knaH T I -- w. -." I ; I I - I ' LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14 (JP). Miss Ikne Richter, 25, has been sitting in the union depot four days and nights trying unsuccessfully to get on a train to go to Manchester, Iowa. She almost made it once. 'T got all the way out to the train and put mv foot on the Dlatform before the conductor came out and said, That's all this time , she related as she settled down for more waiting. 1 The Twenty-second Annual " Appeal for Wilmington's Neediest Families should be remembered in your Christmas planning. " ANNOUNCEMENT Lost, Found POUND a rings, owner may' have same by identifying and paying for adv. Call 3-7625. LOST Lady's Bulova wrist watch between 9th and 10th on Market or DuPont Bide. Reward. Fnone iiouy ua. jeva LOST Parker 51 pen. dark blue, gold cap. Tues.. Tictnity 9th and Market Sts. Re ward. Phone LOST Brown leather coin purse. 6th and Market Sts., Wed. p. m. Please return keys and purse. Keep montr. rnne -ouu LOST Man's lower denture, between 6th and 9th on Kuf St Reward. Write Box W-44 News-Journal. , LOST Blue Tick (Rabbit hound. Answers to "Jack " Reward. Call 4-3908. LOST Black Brownie camera with tag registered navy numoer. m jucssc Eighth, ana aiarnec en. ncpm. j LOST Army Identification bracelet; name David Logan; serial No. 32488422. Re- ward. Fnone 4-ubb LOST Gold top Eversharp fountain pen. Inscription on top. Reward. Phone 7081 LOST Black and white Fox Terrier. Answers to "Boota." Child a pet. Re ward. Phone 4-Biii. LOST Black corde bag. vicinity of 8th and . . T", i .Haw m-.ii-ri S w m . firWlQ OUCtl., . ...... - r large sum of money. Reward Call 4-8430. D facturers were permitted to use 30 natural rubber in truck tires, because the military recognized that a certain percent of crude rubber is absolutely necessary for satisfactory tire performance. With 30 natural rubber and 70 synthetic, General is building the best truck tires ever built, proving that all that is needed to get the same performance from passenger car tires is a small" amount of natural rubber. All during the war, General was a large producer of synthetics and its research produced a number of important developments. But, synthetic passenger car tires, while they have served during the era of 35-mile-an-hour top speed, do not represent even the starting point for the kind of tire that General wants to produce . . . and will soon! Meanwhile, we have a definite Plan available to keep your present tires serviceable and guarantee you priority delivery of the new Generals as soon as they are available. Lost, Found LOST-Brown leather wallet , .inm .i?i.. ,.-. or Marshallton bu. Re ward. Phone 3-7219. Notice -B.A-?fA?nhelodea. etc Natural Food Centre. 706 Ktnt FOR AN ASSORTMENT ofLucite ban- aies. upper pmi ...-- --the Old Dutch Shoppe, 4 East 7th St A-so Bucitrim uppers mu - "-- aqq o your purses GIVE A DRESS LENGTH of beauMful material ior '-'"!;;. ; i. ,.c: of priced at The Fabric Shop. 8 E. 7tn Bt KTe-m pia.sf.ta Dental Plates On Easy Credit. Plates Repaired. Made to Fit. All Dentistry on Liberal Credit Terms . DR. M. H. OAUitt ma Tdemnnt Ave in Chester. Pa. SHOP AT 625 KINO ST. For your con-ventenee our store will be OPEN MONDAY WEDNESDAY AND SATTJRDAY NITE. We carry a large selection of 100 pure Tirgin wool, a big variety of corde. approx 79 yaras ior oniy oju. uiuw,. -. handles for making latest style handbag- Embroidery and lace fot trimmings. Our new selection of stamped linen will sur- prlseyou SPENCER CORSETTERB SUPPORTS fot men and women Appt. for hpma service Mrs. M. gmma reigns, r-n. j-jq. SUPERFLUOUS Hair removed by elec- trOlTSlS. KBliy ippomwujuit ui.j . . , consultation Loura Cole. 2011 f ranklin St. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted Female AN EXPERIENCED woman for cooking and rousewora. neiereuici,. proved Sleep out. Excellent salary. Pn 3-2607. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SALESLADIES WITH EXPERIENCE. L'bernl salary and commission. Apply SPORTSWEAR DEPT. MR. ROSIN. FRENCH SHOP 834 MARKET STREET. U o Dealer Help Wanted Female A LADY MOST UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY To" manage a Sportswear ucpirimcu Salary and bonus. For interview and full particulars. WRITE F-4. NEWS-JOURNAL ; . A DENTAL ASSISTANT No experience necessary. St", n education. Write Box F-104. Newa- Journal Company. journal vompuj. , . P. O. BOX 7. wurainw CASHIER General office work, knowledge of typing. Stern ic Co.. 7th & Ma.ket Sts. . . COLORED WOMAN GENERAL HOUSEWORK. THREE ADTJLTS REFERENCE. PHONE 3-7311. CHAMBERMAIDS LAUNDRY WORKERS Women Between Ages 2S and 48. Good Opportunity lor Steady Employment. Apply TTMZKEZPER'S OFTTCE See MR. C. P TAYLOR. ; HOTEL DuPONT Interviewing Only Between 8:30 and 11:30 a m. CANDY COUNTER F0LL TIME SALESGIRL Working Houra Include 3 Niahta A Week TJntU 10 SxceUent opportunity ior Riant Peraon. Bee Misa Ricards. REYNOLDS Sr.ntiund Market Bts. a uTim n . nfflrri rooK Sleep in or out. Westovtr Hms on bua line. Reference reauirea. m muTii. iRSTSTANT WANTL'D for 30 818 daysTbeiinnm. December 17. Write Box F-5. News-Journal Co. DIAMOND STATE TELEPHONE CO. OFFERS GIRLS STEM3V JOBS WITH A rUTURJEI tAY INCREASES. CLEAN. SATE. INTERESTING WORK I IDEAL WORKING CONDITIONS; OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT! wa nave wia ucn v , " rlTis and women real opportunities App.y between :30 a. m. and ft p. m. .30 to 12 Saturday. Ninth and TatnaU Sts.. Wilmington. Del. t no lie oiui. Bring Birth Certificate or Other Proof ol THE DIAMOND STATE TELEPHONE CO. EXPERIENCED OPERATORS on sewing machines Apply 200 Maryland Ave.. tmranoor. GENERAL OFFICE WORK Typin? and some stenography necessary H Mayer. K.m r. ro.. Seventh and Market Sts GIRL TO WORK in auditing department, must be quick with figures and able to 1 i n gsley. Braunstein's. 704 Market Street. GENERAL HOUSEWORKER Experienced only; three in family: sood pay. Ap ply la person. 603 w. 3isi bi. r oall. GIRLS Experienced in presang hite uniiorms na iwoir.i ui .1r"v." ii r Drk machine. The Memorial Hospital. 1501 Vm Buren Street GTRL White, to work in cafeteria. CaD 2-2155 between and ' 7:30 p. m. GIRL TO CHECK DRESSES. AND 6l?w PUT IONS ON. COLTON'S 115 WEST NINTH STREET. Select Employment Office. 707 Poplar St. j 1 1 B. 1 j-i io. jwira. o. rwuacuc. 0110.1 . HAIRDRESSER 1 1 A --1a- a -i 4 .aa4 VArlr ir.g conditions, steady position. Call 2-0227 alter e P. m- ETHEL THOMAS HAIRDRESSER Excellent salary, steady position. The Boo Shop. 711 Maraei street. HAIRDRESSER Good experience operator Ior high class shop, rive day week. EUGENE OF PARIS 107 W. 9th Bt. Phone 4-30S3 HELP WANTED IN TAILOR SHOP. STEADY WORK GOOD PAY. 610 W. 8TH STREET. HOUSE MOTHER SALARY AND MAINTENANCE PHONE 6013 HOUSE WORKER Experienced; work in New York. Beautiful home. Start. 7S month. Write Mr. Kessler. care Tinda Co . 40 W. 38th St.. N. Y. City. Wfll send ticket. . MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN OR GIRL (WHITE) TO CARE FOR CHILDREN. PHONE 4-1604. MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN to take care of two children. Live in. Apply 432 8tahJ Avenue. Wilmington Manor. OFFICE WORKERS EXPERIENCED APPLY SAYER BROS. 18?h and Market Streets OPERATORS Single Needle and Special Machines. TOPKIS BROS. CO. 217 French Street OPERATORS Experienced on double needle and single needle machines. Pleasant surroundings, good pay, MITTELMAN AND BERNSTEIN COMPANY 1STH AND WALNUT STS. OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD UP business clientele. selling nationally moui Maisonette frocks for firm 58 years old. Write P. J. BOX IW1. wuminiipn, uc;. PRACTICAL NURSE To care for Infant for a week. Start immediately. Call 2-3944 PRACTICAL NURSE To care for Invalid. live in. Reference required. Phone 3-5913 or apply 1408 Gilpin Avenue. REGISTERED or practical nurse to care ior 18-montns-oia cnua. uec. to in 1. inclusive. Call 4-8406 between 7-8 p. m. RELIABLE MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN to care for two cnuoren. uv in. rnone 4-6479 STENOGRAPHER to he trained as a secretary to an executive. Permanent position. Please state age. experience end references. Write r-91. News-Journal Co. TTTKinnU A P HIT J? Agreeable, permanent work for ambitious, accurate stenographer, prospects. Write National Vuleanlred Fibre Co- P O. Box 311 or ca.i bsii ext. m. STENOGRAPHER Experience 44-hour week, gooa salary, vacation, wnw Ing education and pa st experience to Box F-B9. News-Journal Co. SALESLADY Must Have Some Selling Experience Apply RASHTI 625 Market Street SALESGIRLS Temporary Christina! Help Age 16-35. Part Time Work. 11 to 4. Apply W. T. GRANT CO. 705 Market Street STENOGRAPHER Experienced . T GUfons oe pcraourt at- hhv.i. in person. Xdge Moor Plant. Edge Moor Del. Help Wanted Femato News-Journai a. ureal to. , -ct cm or. RAP HER EXPERIENCED PREFERRED ONE CA-pariti OF TYPING STAT1ST1J-JLL. m NITY FOR ADVANCEMENT, f JIA7Ytrx- JOURNAL CO. - SALESGIRLS for aU . JePrf.n"-. J,it roanent and part time VkiM hours good salary and conyenienorking BouriL Apply at once to Mr. Levy at us WITZ'B, 224 Msrket St. , . SODA FOUNTAIN A Real Opportunity for the R-ght Peraoa rev tw. - tAtmiTif r IL Steady Work with Good Baiarr Plua Regular Tlpa. -Best of Working Condltlona. See Mrs. KeUy. REYNOLDS 7th nd Market 6U. SPLENDID OPENING for experienced tn-sulance clerk. Salary commensurate witS ability. Phone Misa Pressly. WU-mington 4-5225 - STENOGRAPHERS EXPERIENCED E. I. cJu Pont de Nemourt and Company, (Inc.) Apply in Person PERSONNEL DIVISION 6009 DuPONT BUILDING SECRETARIES STENOGRAPHERS Hercules Experiment Station Phone' 3-SS01 Extension 214 TWO GIRLS WANTED for Ubt work m factory No experience reauirea. APPIT V" .nth and Poplar Sts. TYPIST Willing to learn swtichboara Lirwx TntniTinn co operating, nvviy Inc.. Marine Terminal. TFI FPHONE OPERATOR ApV&i?" Country cfub."' Phon. 6171 - . m . til V TYPISTS TO TRAIN AS Billing Machine Operators Experienced machine operator-preferred but will train qualified typist as billing and bookkeeping machine operators. Good starting pay. Advancement within 60 days if satisfactory. Steady work with long established firm. Send training or experience, references, age. etc., to box F-3, , News-Journal Co. TWO EXPERIENCED WAITKEfcStJ-w ply at once, fresto itescaur-ni-. on rac ket Street . TWO GIRLS WHITE i STEADY WORK GOOD PAY. - REGULAR HOURS. QUALITY LAUNDRY 3007 MONROE STREET. WOMAN For general housework and cooking. Bleep in or out. 1401 Gilpin Avenue, rnone ta. WANTED White woman; live In; funeral housework, for family of three adults. Phone Newark 4091. WANTED AT ONCE Three young women for our Btore staff. Drug store duties. Chance to learn business. Apply Segal a Pharmacy. 8th and Jefferson Streets. WHITE WOMAN To be companion and do ironing: 5-day week: 8-5 p. m. Write Box F-97. News-Journal Co. WAITRESS Experienced and Neat For Cocktail Lounge and Food 11 a. m. to 7 p. m. Salary flSaad Excellent Tlpa HOTEL GRANDE Opposite Penna. Station. WAITRESS White. experienced. downstairs housework. Sleep In. other nep employed. Phone 3-4421. WAITRESS NIGHT WORK. JE ANNETTE'S. 1909 MARKET STREET. WOMEN white, over Hi for trays and Coor duty. Live in. Phone 2-1355. WAITRESSES Two for curb service. Night work. Experience unnecessary. Apply after 6:30 P. M. SPIC & SPAN RESTAURANT 31st and Market Streets YOUNG WOMAN To clean office evenings Paul R. Phillips. Phone 4-8861. Help Wanted Male BROKER WANTED to handle Issue of stock in Delaware for development of new farm implement. Write Tillavator Corp. 118 N. 7th. St. Louis. BUTCHER to take charge of meat dept. Good salary. Permanent position. Good opportunity for the right man. Write Box M-41. News-Journal. COLLECTOR-SALESMAN I Excellent opportunity for experienced man. Must have car. Established routes. Plenty of merchandise. Top salary and commission. Apply 8 to 11 a. rn AMERICAN HOME EQUIPMENT CO.. 309 French Street. CAPABLE MEN WANTED STEADY FACTORY WORK NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY ARTIC ROOFINGS. INC. EDGE MOOR. DEL. PHONE HOLLY OAK 894 CAPABLE JANITOR For apartment building. Unfurnished 5-room apt. sup. plied. Reasonable salary. Apply Apt. NO. is. 1331 wasnmgton et.. n to :jq p. m. CANVASSERS Experienced house-to-house men; plenty of new and attractive merchandise: top commission. Apply 8 to 10 a. m . American Home Eauiomeot. 309 French St.. Wilmington DRAFTSMAN For general drafting and deslaa work, includes arrangements, detail deKgn and field work. Prefer some chemical plant experience B. & A. Works, Gen. Ohem. Co., Marcus Hook. Pa. New plant 100 yards N of State Una. om west, side of Philadelphia Pike. DRAFTSMEN A echanical Structural Steel Pipes and Tubes Boilers EDGE 'MDDH IRON WORKS EDGE MOOR. DEL. Steel Fabricators Since 1868 FIREMAN EXPERIENCED. With Oood References. Apply m peraei DELAWARE 8TA1S HOSPITAL Farnhurst. Del. (Continual Qa Falllag ? i. s, V. TWiifT'if-tin

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