The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. \XVII—NO. 259 DJytheville Courier, BlythevlUe Her.ild. Bljthevllle Dally News, Mississippi Volley leader. Testify at Probe ARKANSAS. KK1DAY, JANUARY Hi, 19:11 '.kiarlos Dcposil Insurance Measure Among; Outstanding Proposals. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 10. (UP)— Pir.posed legislation aifcctlns Ar- kamas banking and Insurance institutions monopolized ilic limelight in ho'.h .-venal? and house ciurin- the first week's work of the 48t'.i sL'v-icn of the general assembly, it- was revealed to;ky by a review 01' bills and resoiutbns introduced. H'jth todies adjourned lale yes- ti-i-ay usilil Monday al 2 p. in. Tlie Icv.a-r chamber voted !0 suspi-nd liusiiv..-s over the w.vl: end in the facj cf opposition loudly voiced by some member.? who expressed (he- desire to work straight through Friday and Saturday. Would insure Deposits Oustanding uinrjng Mils introduced during the./!:•.;(. four (lays of t:ie session ivns • one designed to protect Arkansas batik ;!ei>osiU>rs from losses resulting front failures. The bill was introduced In the upper chamber by Senator Quarlei, and if adopted would require al! financial instituticns in the slate, including savings banks and trust companies, to place on file with the b.mklng department within 12 FLASHES n.YITUISUll' PKOGKAM IH' WASH1NGTOX, Jan. 1C (Ul'l 'file ;.rnaU> has agrcnl to vote :il •i p. m. today on Ihc S3i),OW,IHH) liiiltlt'ililp mcdrrnlialion )>roi*ft ^hich has caused cOiisldeTablf i-cinnu'iit in cu)i5rci.s. KIN FDR EMU SHUT OH 111 Going Down! ISO, RDSSEM, REINSTAIKH -Q.,l I oc -\ F armcrs Spp Llt- WASHINCJTON, Jim. IS tlll'l j , l ' ol - al ' '»"H.r!> JU, L.H tip. Hope of Bciiefitting Under Relief Law. —Tlie K-dcral ptwcr tort.iy minounrrd t!ic rcai>|>or- tlonmtnl of William I!. KlllK '" his former position as chief ac- ucunlnnt. C'liarlcs A. Itussfll, Lisiclisci'd soliciior, aplKfhltcd. H:- WASHINOTON. Jail. 10. (UP) — ' DLitribution of loans under the. J45.000,000 drouth relief measure 'signed Just ul^hl by PiesUlent lloa- jver probably will start ne.xt week. I thc department of agriculture said ! today. ' The agriculture depnilinent nsw ' is .setting up the necessary olllces in tlie drouth stales. Divisional of- llces are being established in i Washington. Memphis, SI. I.ouls. T and Grand Forks. N. D. IJimmie Jones and Monkj Farmcrf. will make application to n ,t t D L' J TI i county advisory committees con, KlUledge Denind lhe,sistliiB of a banker and two prcml- Rai-c fnr RmiVinrr 9afp : " ent (ar mers. Applleaticns'are ex- bars lor Breaking Sate. | ^ M to ^ n ^ d on wlthui 4a „ , , . x .hours alter their receipt. Five per 1 Jimme Jones and Monk Rut- cent Interest will be charged ' ledge, familiar figures in local! The loans ,. m ^ fw « ejler|fld ™ L^L."^'',^'^^ 1 : 11 ?:: 10 ^ ™ u >*» 'o ««« returns from able to take aclvnutugc ol ith relief loans, it Is pre- J. Matt Clinton (above). Hcpubli-! Sunday night. ' ' i"'"™ "V J- ECrlw. county agri- can National Commllteemar. (rom i . Jones made $500 bond last night .j f" m "j d "^ d ' whn hns cb ' ; robbery at the wholesale office of! 1 (he Gulf Refining company last L. Tali (be- i 'or his appearance at the prelim- pioposeti M-. was referred to the | a 5^550 c ] lec k r rom a special ac- j lor claimed that his office hnd'Onls and fnrm laborers represents judiciary committee. 1 count of the national committee, worked up a "good case" agninsljaii Important part ol thc farm fi- I rarosrs Kchef Fend Tail explained that he mailed; the two. Jones and Rutledge were, naiichig problem in this and other Also of importance was a bill in- $4000, which he received from the I arrested by Sam Hardin, Jimmic I cotton producing counties few in the house by Repre- | same fund, In equal amounts to J TankersJcy and Clyde Fowler, de-; farmers will be in a'position to two Maryland districts. ; puty constables. j mortgage their crops for loans that Officers arc continuing thrirlwill provide only for feed and seed inxluced .irmatlve Fleming, St. Francis! county, creating $15.003,000 for a r^- ; — Met fund to he made available to destitute farmers of the state. It would provide for distribution of the fund through a -farmer's stale loan board to be composed of the governor, secretary of state, j state auditor, attorney general, and j state treasurer, which would issus bonds lo become direct state obligations. I-eaders of both houses and the :..?ss!orts 'win 'as in oi-der next week | . In efforts to dispose of as much ! business ns posible. I LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 1C. (UP) — Bank of Luxora Declares i Attornc >' General mi L. Norwood; n. ui buAum L/tcidre!> , has flled a petition ln clrcmt court Keguiar Annual Dividend j here requesting a receiver for the Home Life Insurance company, it LUXORA, Ait-Wednesday theP™ 5 icilrnei1 to ^'' stockholders of the Earjk of Luxora' The 0(:ticm was taken 6lter tlle i'.tld n meeting' in tho office of- £tllte Insurance department had ill? p!.?s:dent, the bank declared n ' certified to the attorney general j customary dividend to the-,s!ock- • that (lle Home Life company arc | prote of tho robbery which was I Many farmers have al'eady call-' I admitted to have been the "best" ed on Mr. Critz to learn the dei job of safe-cracking pulled in this, tails of ihe loan plan, and almost i section in many months. Appro*- without exception, when toM of its imalcly $200 was removed from the.restrictions, they said that tliev j tale, six nlijhts after $150 had bean; would not be able to take advan I removed from thc same,safe by| !ngc of lt l Ke aovaiir ' working tho combination Company Will Oppose Pe-l iiiion Filed by Attorney „ } (jClieral leaders arc prompt action by congress'on Senator Robinson's proposal for federal aid In the establishment of ag-j rjcultt'rol. .finance - corporation*; through which-loans for all phases of the crop production program, including food for farm tncnants and laborers, could bs obtained. More Wood Needed at | i Goodfellows Yard More fanners un; wanted to deliver wr.oil al w ]i,-r cord ;psli. to Iho Ciooiltollows wiiod- yhrd, It was ininouiiccil tcdiiy iv K. H. Ulckcy, who wllh Sam Alexander is in charm 1 ot thLv plu^p ot tin 1 loctil relief pro- Bi'»in. Yesterday ami loilny tin; woudyni'd IMS be™ i-horl ol wood, having little more limn enough to meet lhp needs ol destitute families who are ivlh- oui fuel, nnd the men In charge Honj that farmers hi this tern- lory will (tike advantage ot the opportunity lo nun a. ItttUi nunoy by making liumndliilu • Woul should bu delivered in •1-foot leiiiilhi nl tlv wjodyard, aiid I'Viiiitmuh slrreis. Cf9s|'';and District 17 f piling;-, .lixtc ' A snap of Ihe rlp-conl—a sudden tug out to stop short his plunge through the tograph, taken al tlie iblrct annual All-Anwrlran air races in Miami, Pla.. shows a -parachute Jumper Hunting downward UiroiiKli space Driver Mnkcs Stalcmcnt Indicating Early Re- openintJ of! First National A. O. Little. T. J. Mnhnii, Joe Isaacs nnd John Bnydcr, officers of the Plrsl Natlonul bunk who con- UK-nml the pamclmlc billowed' torc<1 w " h ba '>M»B <l=l>nrtmcnt of.,„ „,„,,, „., . , , (Iclals at Wnshlnuton early In tlie .c clouds . . . This unusual pho- wcl , k 1Cjfllrcl , ni; [hc llpl)U( f n it 011 ot Progra;.rn, • :> .''• Approslnialely 101) nici), depend- ,cnt on the Heil Cross 'for load for j their fartillleSj.'-vrerj al work toijay : ; on dniln^a'idliclu-i. tit live widely '. IstimvMciilf.ymi'fa In ti'.c Chlckjsay- !bn illslrlcl.Tlie forces will brstc.i'J- : Illy IncrefiBed.'lt Is anticipated. John W.'Meyer, engineer in-cbr _'of (he work, is hopeful that within - i the nest two month:; It will be' pos• slble lo elepfl out mo. r ,t of l-ho .dltcVra In the District 17 system. ; Clifton Scctt, rrcelvcr fur Di,"., Irlcl 11, wii'j here today nn;l plaiir. Jiefl to insiiect the work that is 1)2- jhiB done. I Will Adil Mori- Crews •• The work proaram was Inaugu-. rated yesterday, when small crewij started up tlie Rosclantl ditch from. ' tho lllghway 10 bridge, and up tho i Plat Lake ditch Ji-om Phillip:, barn, In Ulylhqvlllu. Clo:d progress W3r. , mntle, anil today additional crews' were nt work al Armcrcl, Hun'man • and Dell. There will be no work 'Saturday, but Monday Mr. Meyer- , plnns to liKiugiirato similar programs at Oosnell, Yarbro, Calumet, Half Moon and Hurllcld. majority of the men, who ba- nfter u leap from an alnilr.iw o.i. ;.. altlludiv Notu the gracerul apix-.irance of [he 'chute utter it Had opened up to cheek his fall. Methodist Preacher Elected President of Minislerial Association. , holders and'plnced a satisfactory ' insolvent. amount to surplus and to undivld- cd profits. Norwood said this had • December. 1, but was . withdrawn later to afford the corn- Some Hint of'Foul Play in: D. A. 9,. Chapter to Death of John Lilly in, Sponsor Essay Contest Crossing Crash. ' Students of the city high school j W 'IH participate in the essay con- HORNERSVILLE, Mo.—Word wa^ lfst sponsored by tho William received her? Thursday of the Strcn S chapter of the' Daughters dentil r-f John Lilly, 40-vear-old. ° f tne American Revolution in 'The Rev. p. Gj. Horie, pastor of the First Methodist church, was elected.president of the Prolastant Ministers Association, -iu a mettlng yesterday. The new "secie-fary is the Rev. Alfrtci S. Harwell, p'aslor of the First Baptist church. Tho -. -„ „ .... -. „ „. , the bank for nnlliority lo reopen, cause of the drouth mul general arc expected to arrive here hit?: business inacllvlly have b;en forc- thls afternoon or tonight. .They ed lo call upon the fled Cross for tood, appear to welcome the opportunity to earn what they receive. The men lire asslfined to work by spent liul night in Owensbovo. Ky. No further word has boon received ns to the Information they ob- Inined nt Wnslilneloi), but'Con- lll e local Red Cross relief hcad- orcssman W..J. Driver, who aided IliiiH'ters tor one, two, or more dnyj the bankers .in their negotiations I c" 1 '' 1 wotk, the amount ot work ru? wllh treasury omclnls. told a Wash- ll'ilretl being sulflclent, nl tte rote Gambling Cpst "It" Girl ^ rr Thousands, Daisy Devoe Testifies. ncwspaiKrman, special rep-l','^ rcscntativc of the Courier News,"'"" Unit additional requirements Indicated as necessary by thu comptroller would nol be dlfflcull for the I 101 " to cover ;ths cost of He Rev F Christen last year and the. former secretary was the Rev. W. J. LeEoy, pastor LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10. (UP) — Details of thc manner in which Clara Bow last thousands of dollars over gambling .tables In tills country and Mexico were lo be told today ui the trial of Daisy Devoe, former secretary to thc screen star, now charged with grand theft. Clara, according to counsel for Miss Devoe. lost several small fortunes at Agua Caliente, Mexico, and bank expected the reopening of the '._ would be elfccted before long. A similar statement was given out at tho treasury department, where It was said that there were no Insurmountable difficulties In tlie way of reopening the bank. of the Lake Street Methodist I "' ™ a <- "8"° unncnic, -Mexico, and church. • • | Hollywood. Cal., and in various It was voted lo request that fu- • 'JP° ts ° r Nevada. The attorney, Na- r.erals not be held on Sunday If tf1an Freedman. also promised arc- possible because of conflict with cltal ' rt "n Miss Devoe on the exact church activities. - happenings at Calneva, where Miss Tlie association also went on, Bo*' last spring parted with more record as endorsing a bill which than $10.000 at a gambling tabb Officers anrl directors were elect- '' P n "5" ""Iclals time to reorganize id ns fellows: J. w. Spann. pres- and 5ave the concern. ii.'?nt, Mose Sliinan, vice president;; Filing of the petition came as a b:ard of directors; R. E Lee Wil-' surprise and the company indicat- son. chairman, J. W. Spann, Alvin i^ 0 " fey would oppose thc naming of j Wimderltch, C. B. Wood, MOSES'a receiver. Home Life officials is- Siiman. .sued a statement last night declar- R. E Lee .Wilson, chairman ot" ing the company was properly se- R r nd of Arkansas" and the winner will read his essay at tlie of the victim. (he board of directors stated, that cured and policy holders would suf- an open verdict In tly case owlns | rubs are: he felt that the bank had cxpcri- - fer no loss. ' ~ cnccd nn exceptionally good year.' A statement ol tlie condition was notwithstanding the unsuccessful filed with receivership petition year that .the farmers experienced showing an alleged impairment of with unfavorable weather condi- $1,884,312 in the assets. This amount lions and low prices; ami he felt was branded as excessive" by at- that this bank perhaps t the only : torneys of the company ' . The Home Life of loins mnti? to farmers. inestic Insurance Mr. L. L. McDearman and MLss ol!;; iness in Arkansas and Nora v.': ? e were re-elected, cashier n , n ,; n t alns oraces and 0;)eni tes largest do- company doin? ar-sistant cashier. j 12 otner in • The car was badly battered and: dedication of tluj Military Ztoad thn man's body badly manelcd. in-1 Marker at Marion when the prize dicating that death was instant-1 of 85 in gold will be presented, anecus. A cororor's Jury returned: The contest closes April 1. oilier to suspicions aroused hy thc mark | Each Essay must be accompanied of a blunt instrument rn the head [by name, address, age, grade, "' "" •"-""• • school of writer, and following Lilly was to have poti3 en trial j pledge must be writicn and sign- 1 today for the shooting of George | cd: "I hereby pledge my word of, Ray of K-rnersville who was tho j honor that I have written, com-! imsuspcctinK victim of a charxe ofipcscd this essay myself, without Buckshot fired , into his machine f assistance." Assistance in research near the home of Lilly a few wreks i may be given and received. Essay ago. Lilly had teen charged with '• must contain at least 500 words she nroprietor of a Etore on the state ' "''"oh Critlsjiden,. St. Francis and I may be introduced in legislature but solved Ihc problem by stop- line northwest "of. here, who was' Mississippi counties, aro to take against commercializing - "''"- crn=hed to death early Thursdav P art mornini when his Chevrolet couch T1 'e sublect is "Tlie Military was struck bv a passenger train on r """' "' ""' —" •--••• the MjssouriPaciflc near Moark. nmuse- ping payment on the check used in paying the debt. (ood for the man's family for a week. ' . Many of lha men have ex;yp;s::l a desire to work full time ot $!, 76 cents, or even 60 cents a day, saying that they would prefer to do that to L-?lng dependent upon the Red Cross, hut unfortunately there arc no funds' available to pay them, -, compensation, in groceries b;(ng all that is authorized by the imtlonnl Red Cross, and that being limited to thc amount required by a man's iyiilly^tcli,.weak.,.,-•,- J . , : , .-.; •', Wltlilu tlie next week it Is expected by thc local Red Cross rc- Ile {organization practically all of the able bcdled men whoso families arc dependent upon the. Red Cross will be given employment either on Ihe drainage dilciies or • on other projecls in various com- multles. Residents of Blythevllle ore now being assigned cither to the woodyard, where fuel for free distribution and for bale Is prepared, or lo the city street department. Magnitude of (he relief program '- Increasing daily, and It seems hibition, Eleven Years Old Today. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (UP) — Prohibition marked its eleventh an- the crime and wns thought to have ; and nr-t exceed 800. Written m . . . „ ,., .,,„ .-, mthn , fired the shot.. Intending It lor'an- irk or preferably typewritten, one nlver sW' today amid the calm that Check Shows Many, Lives : .F>« Chief Urges More Lost in Mexican Quake Car e in Reporting MEXICO CITY. Jan. 1C. (UP)— I In a statement today Roy Head, , ferC( i minor injuries, receiving the; judging. '. sho'- in the arm after it hurt shat- . . . . . The quake-wrecked city of O.ixaca. ! chlet ° r the M ? flre department, lying in the mountains 250 mibs to exercise due care Foulli of the capital continued to- : Ul reporting fires to determine the day to report a mounting toll of I accurac y of thclr dcitl nnd injtircd frcrn the tr-mor • The nrc cll!el>s statement fol- liicli shook most of Mexico Wed- i loKai a nm at noon by thc cit >' nesday nijhf I firemen to the J. P. Allison rcsi- Al'uough unconfirmed advices re-' dencc ' 328 ^^ Mflln ' wlth ported from 43 lo 50 persons were i flnallv reaching their destination dcaci. only ten uodics had been re- i aflcr »' aniierln B over lnc eastern covered nl Onxaca and eight iron I 5cctSori of tl:e M ? ln response to an uncertain report. tered the windshield of h'.s auto- ; moblto. Lilly had been the center of several troublesome encounters In the; past few months.'having had hlsi 19 Hurt When Tube . bltlon report by President Hoover's 1 law enforcement commission after more than 19 months of Investigation. ; Throughout the nation news re Car Leaves Rails Ports, protests of critics and prals es of proponests of the existing or- place at the state line dynamited vonw lot, ir IHPI Th<> der of prohibition. .1 and his store raided for gambling: ^EW Y O R K Jan- 5 <"?>-«« I i enforamc , a lr . iiij*Y i\yi^i^, uaii. iu. \\jri —t ,*^ i first car of a train in the Hudson j „ -_,_ an ° n r.ethods were threatened with a new Investlga- ga devices. It was thoughl by oillcers : Lilly had been having trouble «1th|« u1 ? es ^ped a gang of bDotleggers working, s»itcn loaay a ,..„'«/ V.IHUL, KU!V ,^, K ».,« .>.L- u.,,- backward and forward from Ar-.»nl crashing into a dividing *all, (0 obtaln ' cvldmcc . ^ house kansoa to Missouri for some tl:ne. and Injuring all of 1(3 ID passen- expehdilurcs CO mmlHcc agreed . ,- . , „ ble with| u ? ES ea P 2c ,°' 1 f.. an . , , tlon, this time to learn the extent working , switch today at •ManhattRn tormi- | lc!o !,one wires are tan- Withdrawn From Picture HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 16 (UP)— Clara Bow today was withdrawn' From thc motion picture "City Streets" in which she was to have co-starred with Gary Cooper. Officials at Paramount indicated the reason for the move hinged on Mm prer.tnl Daisy Devoe trial. Miss How. U was said, was in a highly nervous condition atul will leave Hollywood as soon ns the Dcvoc trial is finished. • Sylvia Sidney, a New York stago aclress .will take Miss Dow's part In the picture. Huey Michie Held in Memphis Jail on Cotton Broker's Charge. COOTEIJ, Mo — Huey Mlcliie, planter nnd clnner, spent last night in a Memphis Jail following his apparent that by "February lTo03 arrest there yesterday on complaint | families will be dependent on 'the of Randolph Scott, Memphis cot- R(K | cross in tlie Chlckasawbi dis- ton broker, who charges Michlo I defrauded him of approximately ' S10.0CO in a cotton transaction In Glass Wants Inquiry Into Campaign of 1928 192S. Mlchlc protests his innocence. snylng that a mistake occurred hut that It had been his (nlenUuiV to make a settlomcnl with Scott as soon as he was able. Michic was arrested in the Cotton Exchange building al Memphis at I p. m. yesterday after he hail tiMn seen on the street earlier in tlie day by Scott, who claimed he hod been seeking Michic for over a year. The Cooler man was held hi Jail last night without charco Irlct of thc county. Assurance' has been given, however, that with a continuance of local cooperallon tne national Red Cross organization will provide sufficient funds to meet absolute needs. Ths work of investigating applicants, chcchinj and filling rcmilstions, and keeping the detailed records required by the national organization, is being dono by volunteers, of whom from eight to fifteen arc on the Job every day (it Red Cross hcadriiiartjrs in th« city hall. The work. Is going forward in orderly fashion, with most of the ap- warrant cgclnst him today. • 1 Scott charges that In December. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (UP)— 1020, Mlchie sent htm 000 cotton Senator Glass, Democrat. Virginia, | ramplcs. with instructions to sell today Intorduce da rjsolullon in the • ihe cotton. He sold the c-Hton, he senate to investigate expenses of j clalms,but when delivery was made but it was understood Mr. Scott' P'lcants acccptlilg patiently til? de- wns to swear out a grand larceny lay-"' that occasionally are nnavoid- the 1928 presidential campaign,' It was found to be of a lower quiil- ] by able. Yesterday a small group gathered at the courthouse, cut officers intervened ond questloiud the ap- pprcnt leaders, who were nbh to give no valid reasons for dissatisfaction with the relief program. with respect to violation of the cor- I Hy than thc samples submitted by Ar ->n(J rupt practices act or diversion ol | Michic. with thc result that he hail | rtl -°' a campaign funds lo other uses. i to settle with the purchasers for a "If you know anyone who has | difference In value cf approxlcate- nearby villages. , —- - —- -. Two others wore dead in Mexi- I Fortunately the flrc had not Hurricane Does Damage co City and the toll is expected 'e«ined much headway and damage] j Five hundred persons In the le; Iminal al 33rd street and Sbtth ave- , hold a hearing on appropriations " increase lalev. was confined to a small section of; i the rCDf of thc residence. Had Ihe to Buildings at ] for such an inquiry. In Florida the executive council lovsrnor Names Tovn I wou!d havc bunied " *\^t.Bl . _,,,,|j Vn.-rt prtonr^/1 undergrou: spreadjrapM.y the entire house ; TUTUILA. Samoa, Jan. 1C. (UP) ' crasn O f t fcc ' r h,r an8 "^ J* **!S! of the'A^lcTr^^, of I.- •ound K aZ v i "or prepared for a naliona. modifi- < .i i i r t" I'cation campaicn to i»rmit beer. done any of this you can use your imagination." Glass said. "The purpose of my resolution Is to protect the Integrity cf campaign funds." Machine Gun Bullets ly $10,000. Mtchle, Scott said, promised to make r.:Stllutlon. but had failed to do so. Michtc said'thal ll was alii En'fant V\ 4'H Arnold Phillips, president of the Manila Boys and Girls 4-II club rf numerous awards in thc result cf a mistake Mid lhat! ; n sricuHi..r.aI and pj.iltry counts, he had Intended to straighten thc has ^n..entered from Mississippi matter out but had been imablc • ? OTnl J; f w "'c typical -s-K mom- mi D J « • ! t° t'o so. Scott declared that he! ^ r of Arkansas The winner ol Menace redestnans had been deliberately tricked by [ ,^ e " n !esv receives a trip to i Michie. as it would h.ive been in-.Washington D. C. fireme could have secured the correct lo- —Many governniEnt were , i n t 0 tne a |j._ damaged here today by a hurrl-1 __ . . ""..«« 4,o,t «v^.»... -•••- .v..t.^H i w - Qaniag^n MCIC iuu.Ay uy t* num- i Marion Cation of the blaze. Head declared. I C ane sweeping over Tnlulla. The, i .Ark. - Marion | Mwe ChriifanM Savers This Tlian » Hdn post offlce and several naval build- j Fast Air Line to Link Ings were unrooted and a numoor of private residences were partial-! 1CX3S With Washington ly destroyed. The hurricane which started 24 hours ago In some plac- NEW YORK, Jan. 10. (UP)—A reached n velocity or 100 mlLis; passenger air line to operate frcm 'Fort Worth, Texas, to Washlng- 'ton, D. c., a distance of 1.200 miles, „ Jr ^_, ,nri in- /-> lls nou " being organized here. Planes „.-„., u? Wn i~ v, rm . Crs , Ba u k anCl ,^ St ^P'^-! WalsS aild Prince George capable of n mlxlmum sped of 225 ed by governor ai one sUting. It;who is In charge of the Christmas nr-i^siiry for Mirlcn to re-i Savings club of that Instiluilon. LTTTLK ROCK county of Crlltcndcn county, i an unincorporated village of about j 300 popaUitlcn. yesterday revived a ch.iftcr printed it in 1806 and I rt^umcd its stat'Js as an incorpor- ! When people get hard up they; per hour, atcd (own. v.iih a mnycr, r.-corcler begin to save says Rodney L. Ban- j arcl. aldmncn. 'nlster. assistant cashier ol the T!:: i-ffir:.!! family [laid plans to meet soon In Chicago | to formulate their prgram for pro- I hibition reform. I Connecticut and Indiana state ' Jeglslatutts were iposals agalast national CHICAGO. Jan. 10. (UP)—An at- possible to make a mistake ot sn tempted machine gun murder In. magnitude. the fxclulsive north side district' Mi'.ch'^ is thc owner of a lavg failed today when the intended vie- plantatl'-n here, and operates tiirc tlm outraced his nssillants, bill cotton gins, one of a score of pedestrians men- ' aced by the stream ol bullets was « >r wounded and another cut by flv- Argument at 1 rumann ! thc best poultry record this year ''" " 10 c-unty for which he rc- - by Ing glass. < Both of the Injured persons were I women, Mrs. Alma Moore. 52. who' .was wounded In thc wrist and Mrs. C nmni-i VII J • 17.11 Eva *•**?• 38 - whose face anS arms ompany Killed in r allure Cllt by shovi , rs or gMs5 from a nearby window. Ends in Fatal Shooting!' j membership record made in his ciub. Frcm 32 members In 1S30 j young Phillips recently led the ! campaign viiich made the Her- iib now ha've 81 ao- President of Armour TRUMANN, Ark., Jan. 16. (UP) CHIOAOO, Jan. 16. (UP)—Phll- rwme it.- f.atus ns an incorp ated Despite thc economic d-rresslon to-.'-.i t- ob'.nin utilities service of'in this secllon more people have TVIn < mll€s P« r hour and tt cruising speed lip D. Armour III., and Phillip L. inp ;0 , 115 mllcs an hom are te|n? , cb . Re(!(1 were the men ^g.^ prMn| . South Americ .talned for Ihe line which Is being nently mentioned today to succeed PARIS, Jan. 1«. (UP)—The Prlncp organized by Temple Bowen of J. Edison White, 51, as president Wales and his brother, Prince ! Port Worth. It is said the schsd-' of Armour & Co. White was killed Remodel Residence •Roy Bnllcy, 35, was shot and, an argument over some camping j killed near here late last night In i eejtiipmenl, it was learned today. ' L. E. Kellh, 54, came here to-' dsy and told authorities of th; shooting and gave himself up. He WEATHER ARKANSAS— Cloudy anl er with local showers '.«!»• Saturday. -.'inn•. ;nd _. , - According to thc ofricbl wea'.h- The ResWncc of Mr and Mrs.' !ald he alld BMlc X werc arguintr! er obse-.vcr, Charles Phillips, thc Blomeyer, Io"l6 Hearn ' street. Is over some campalng equlpir/nl. minimum temperature hero" ' his seventh j being remodeled. A sun room' Is when Balle >' trtccl lo P" 11 a B un on day was 26 degress the „, .. East Scott being added IT the front nnc! ln-. lllm - Ktlth ^'d hc sllot hlm ° Kn - mum 30 degrees; elesr. On the sarai company officials [ terlor ImprovementJi Include tho! Ballsy was shot in the breast by 'd.iy a year ago the minimum tsm- ' installing'of a second bath rooni'a shotgun charge. He lived near peralure was 15 dejfees and the fall was ac- and red«oratlon. JTuJot, Ark. msximt;m 31 d^jrrees; cloudy.

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