The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST.17, 138!) «I.YT11EVIU,K,. (AKU) COUUIKU NIWS PAGE SEVEN ;\ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION- « Dally r»(e 1)0r n n e for consecutive insertions: , One time per line 10c ', limes per linn per day—OScj liuiDs per line per (lay...OGc| i'ucs rwr line |ier day—053 I Monti, rate per line 6ijc Curds ol Thanks 50;: & '/6o! Mlnlmuni clinrKC 50c I Ads ordered for three or t>lx I dines mid slopped before exrma- i on will bo charged, for the num- of times the add appeared and' adjustment of bill made. Classified Advertising ropy lied by persons residing out- tide of tlic city nAist be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered. Tor Irregular Insertions takes the one lime rale. No responsibility will be taken tor more than ono Incorrect Insertion of any classified ail. SOLAR ORB For Rent 3 room furnished aparlment. Uoumtairs. JOS \v, Kentucky, phone C83. IGpkm One cool 'bedroom. Nicely furnished. One unfurnished room. 1129 W. Ash.' H-ck-i8 Comfortable front bedroom. Outside entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351: . ia-ck-10 2 room furnished apartment. Llghtr nnd .water, furnished. Garage. Reasonable. 1001 w. Ash. I21ck-tf Large front room. 2 beds. Convenient to bath.. Phone 280. 8-ck-tt Nice > large bedroom opening - W; sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma f. 7 o- lei), 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-ti For Sale Complete Beauty Shop equipment for sale. Almost new. See W. M Taylor, Reiser, Arkansas. 17-ck-22 Good used Friaidairc. Reasonable 803 W. Ash. Phone 093. U-ck-2: SAFE. 38x48. Weight 3500 pound!) TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ck-9-! Cypress. Gum OaK, ASH timbor or 400 nctcs of woodland, 8 mile: southeast Brythcvillc. D. R. Gar-, Armorcl. 3-pk-9-:- Milk fed' fryers. Baltery raised Mrs. Russell, N, W: Corner Holly and Division. 21-pk-8-21 Persoiial MEN! PEEL. YOUNGER. PEP U TODAY: .Put -vigor' in "Hint "o sit 40" rundown body with Oslrex Tonic Tablets. Sl.dO size, special today 89c. Tf not delighted, makei refunds this price. Call, write Kir by Bros. Drug Store. Armnc Sluggish Liver, work ofl the hile, to rid yourself of const! ration, gns pains ami that soui oi.-nk feeling, "'nke one box a KIRISJ'S flOTrVE l-IVEK 1'II.LS 25c nt nil KIrby Stores. HOIliy-ONTAI, 1 Huge solar- body. 4 Other heavenly bodies or revolve around it. 0 English, coin. 12 Footless Rroups ot animalu. 14 Spanish A|isii'cr to Previous Tuz-.Ic Ice IGE-iCE. Fhone 10? TCE COM) WATKRMELONS Minnows Ft>r Sale MINNOWS Rnllrnnri Hi Kv DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? Jl'5 fl.injcrftus- and expensive (o drive wHh Steering ami Front \Vlicrh mil of atlinsl- nicnt. Keeping Ihnn in Rrio=l order is so simnlr ami inexpensive. you should ncvr.r Imsl lo clianccs. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPI.KTK STEBRIXG GKAIi AMI STJIEXT, in- ^r 1 i I *" of all Ball Socket joints — tighlening front Spring Clips anii Shark- Ics. (Varis Ii\tra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (Tlie above includes a crmplrlc l.VSPKCTION .-!"(! JiKl'ORr on cfliulil'dn of Wheel AlUntncuf nnd factors nlTcclinj (ire wc.u.l PHILLIPS Phone 810 iih i; \VaInut , 11 holds the earth in its ' molhcr. 8 To weep. 3 Instrument. 10 Formal aels. 11 I'reposilion, 13 Groups of twelve. 1C Measuring device for curves. 2011 is a 0 bdghl body. 17Karly. ISKavj. 10 Shoe. !0 To loan/, „,.„ „ 21 Glass ninrblo. 43 Scriptural 23 To abound. priest. 25 Music.'il note. 4;) You. 26 Actual be-in;;. 45 Transposed, 38 Amphitheater 54 Pei laining lo centers. the Pope. 39 To conform, 58 Series of- cpi< 40 Saltish.. 58 Slatioi). 41 Alleged force. 59 Us • . gives 35 R the earth day. 37 ]}e lcqlnled. t n so 'i ;1 "'' 20 Betimes 31 D a id 33 Ala?. Dairy JaUstRCtory quality and fcrvicu Hi Dairy products. Cattle free ol flanu's nlscasr, In best of physloa) condltiun. Call ivtrs Grnco Lo-,vi'rv, 002-J, for Halsell's Gruxle A How Milk, Cream. Country Unttcr, Hut- cermllk, extra or holiday orders Inspection encouraged .niiytlme. Malwll's Dairy c>roi)ilscd land. Uouvo 2 Weld iiia; n Position Wauled Bookkeeper, yen is Aecmmtiinf. ir> pxpoiiaiu-c. ]>rlviil« unil . I'Mll ('I' IWll l!|||l>. Cllll CXllCltalCO. P. O. Box 215, plume 170. UitklO Notice Fishing License I'OU VOI'll roNVliNIKNCB, WE UK 1'UI-l'Alti;i) TO ISSIIK nsniNti i.icKNsi; ,\T near Instanlly wticnever I lie driver requires rnuia acwlemllon. -HOTEL PEABODY-, Air Coiulilioiu'il For Vnnr Comfort Lowest Rates 111 K. nialn SI. — liljtlu-vlllc HXI'KUT KI.KCTHIC AND ACKTY1.KNK WELDING no ami lio;(vy HI spci-lnlly. Barksdaie Mfg, Co. Hrag line •Ming • 28 Virginia willow. 31; flyer. 32 Ba«likc par 31 Wipe vessel 3li Inborn. 46 Coffee |»ts. •IS Uncommon. 50 To court. 51 Laughter sound. 53 To waitdoF VERTICAL 1 South Africa 2 An overlurn. 3 Midday. 4 Skillet. r> Maxims. C New slar. 7 llulnlcd Hie . « Kiml or fruit. . •!7t,ow tide. •Ill Viiiiliinl. 51 Derby. 5Z Slinky lisli.' 55 Huliiin river. 57,7umbled i'lionc 19 or lies. 1019 .MINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS PRESCRIPTIONS Frcshi'sl Stock Gunrantccd Bent Prices Xirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optomclrisl Only Rrailiiiilc O|i(nmc- Irisl In Illylhfti'lllf. Gliissrs Filled Correctly RED RYDER Washing, Irouiug Expert washing ami Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and flni.-h. 5 iniills Sl.CO. One day service. Willie Hell Srocn, behind city Ice Plant. -=*.^?^ w —'---'--"^--^S-eK-B-Si Wanted To Buy One llat-wp ncsi;: one typawviloi desk-; one used typewriter; one Tcur-drawer riling- cabinrl; Small adding machine and large safe Tom Little' Chevrolet Co. ' 17ck24 EQUALIZATION MEETS IH CSCEOLA AND JJcginning Monday, AUGUST 21sl and conlinuiiiK for four weeks liic Ei|ua(izalion jJoarcl will be in ses- sion in the Courlhonse in Obceola ami Blythcviile. Owners oi' real ;uu! personal, prop- erty sceiciiig lo. change-assessments should present-same to Uie B.oard lor invesli^alion. J. I, MSSTflSUE, Cliainiian of Board. SHOUSE-HENRY HAIUWAUK CO. I'liunc 35 A DC* I},,,, til (vrrdrlvr nlu openillon u o ;ID ||i s |,., u | nile.'i por hour Is noiv brine luecil (in cars. This „„,: „,„, wllj shift imcj; im.j eunveiillminl 111 in:)0 llicre' were 28.C accident doalhs iimong jja.fseiiaerx per !00,- OCO.OOO ' miles flown by domestic of .(0 Inlro- 205 !'X)it VOIIU POULTRY Nli-i\ (ut, hens and fryers <^ olln-r Doullry at nil limes. (VI! DHKSS AND STlCKLKIi-fiOQDWIN CO. lOli 1!. Main W'ert Optometrist "HI'; MAHiUS 'UM SUB" Ovi'r Jiic IKiincs' Sloro I'houc 510 nil-lines; In 1938, the ra[c had dropped to 4.5 iKisscnijcr ; deaths ))er 100,000,000 miles. - PRESGRIPTION Safe - - Accurate Your .Prescription, Druggist Fowler Drug Co, 141 RECTAL DISORDERS Clinical observations ills- closo tlinl rectal disorders are i e.sponstblu i m lnnrc wrecked nervous systems than anj 1 otljoi- pnthnlos;lrii| ,con- dllton. Muny casen ol RI-II- crul nervousness, hciidiiches, low-back iiclics, leu-iiches, constipation mid Insomnia are due to rcclal patliotouy. Om- mmtorii office im'lhods have ninny iidvnnluiie.i anil applicable lo about £!!>',!• of nil ciisi-s. 'I'lio executions 5>e- Init cancer and tuljerculnr llntula. Very lllllc discomfort n ml iDcoiivrnlpiiiri! Is >ts- porlenced while liclni; lical- ed. urciilnr work mny be conttimed. No hosjillalUullon, no I'.cneral aneslliellc. A very safe iiiid sure tr«i(incnt. Drs. Mies & Mies W.vlh.'ville, Arlt. Ml !\l;,|n St. Tel. OH Mow l.nmlcd at 101 N'nrlh Socnurt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIUVAIIDH, l'ni|illi>tnr All Makes of Helmut T. V | 10 ,nili-r.,, A<Klln K Maclili.c., Cnluuliitors—Itniiitlrlni;—I'nrts—H "Virijil is cryiiiy hiniscir lo .sleep—Iliu \\,ti(!cii won't !ct him rnisc i\ (Ici-'s Dilemma SEE, ALLEY.OOP ALLEY OOP'S TASK is HM-F'fWIE. HAVIN6 FOUW BRONSON HE 7 1 TOLOJUH \ KMOW NOW HAS THE PROBLEM\ we ' D FO °L 'EMj WHERE OF GETTING BACKTOTME)^ 1 ™ T. V 1 E ^ E / WE ' RE 70WEVJHERETIIETIME- KD N ~" IM«HINE;«M PICK /rOr HY FRED OtO OU'ffifT-'ttJ CAV>1\JRE -/VES--BUT i _C?\ H OPE vou I TOLOJUH'• Marooned HIM UP 4w«? a *s£ : WE'RE GOING BACK , TO WONMUGiS ' f GOOD T LABOROTORY! HE/ OI -D WONMU6 1 ' SENT ME HERE /I SUPPOSE HE TO RESCUE YOU! -n- y SENT A MARKER OF SOME SORT ' ALOMC, WITH \VOU- ^ hoa tf 'i -5O THW WEIL KNOW/'OH,! WAOE SURE OF WHEN WE'RE ON THE /THAT -JUST BEFORE T EXACT SPOT WHERE \ ACODENTLy KNOCKED THE TIME-MACHINE j\ MVSELP OUT, CAN AFFECT US HY V. T. HASHLW 'W'S AND HER BUDDIBS. Ah-has h h h ! ! I HY RIARTJiX WC " MUCH ^f&tfr *' F.-0 vvA.sii"nrr{RS~ IMA6IME PEOPLE SEIN'SO OUWB AS TO V THWK A QOBDE^i OF BEAUTY UUES ]'*•'" i lusitiE A VOLCAHO.'AWWAV.I'H emi 1 / ' > SOPAU 1 HAVE A LOOK.' i— / ^~~. . —__. . J «-a . - • .. /.. . ' '.': •'-"':•£ /•Cvl^C v THE RE £ DDOK5 AWO AU SORTS OF THIW6S Up HECE.. WiMJOTEUIU'WOT AFELLA'SUABLE TO FWP! l.noh lichiiul You, ^VilK^^! . KSO—00 VOp ,0ft OO wax , il'OK, UY KOY CRAWK KHKria.KS AN T D r HIS ; FRIENDS *f I' DON'T ' KMOW' ^"~2SJ^ *A WHAT MR. PREMTISS WAwTS Ygy ' ~ l \' /\ us TOR , OUT MIND YOUR // VAtr PICK ;"4> MINERS, LARD/ ^ti ON ME? /•'$%?vJ-??~* S? .^_ ^^-~ > ( •,> ' ST-T —^^<-/3^ Lesson in Kliqiiatfe v f •_'.'. -*i-$£. •I^> ^^•' 2^d5. , LAf?0 , AND DOMT GO PROVIMQ YOU VJCRE BORN Vyn>! A SILVER J ONLY OWE BY MERRILL BLOSSKK THAT A BIRD !M THE HAND IS BAD TABLE MANNERS/: <5V- fi&^f 9 ^ 1

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