The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1947
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, APRIL 35. 19*17 Powerful Drugs Show Teamwork Scientists Explain Trends at Meeting Of Nation's Chemists BY (I'AUI, -V. XLUS (Dulled I'rcss .-Science Writrc) ATLANTIC OITY, N, J., April 15. (UP)—Powerful drugs, such as . can be in;ule evcti :norc — by mixing them progeny with other (jcrm killers, it w;is reported tod;iy at the mill an- niiiil meeting of Hie American Chemical Society. Combining two or more drugs in a common point of attack, Dr. Onstav J. Mil-tin, research director of thc Nnlionnl Drug Co., Philadelphia, said is as important a b ui- intl both barrels of a shotgun or using ihe artillery lo tack up Ihc infaulry. •Tie also pictured the nsc of several drugs as .similar to thc use on Hie football field of Uic blocking and running back. "Tlie man carrying Hie ball." he- said, would not get very far if il j were not for the fact that tlic! Working brick takes out the would- be tacklcrs.'' As an example Dr. Martin said _ . . that sulonsimidc lias a 1,000 Per B. -^ 4 cent increase in efficiency when il'r*fl/£* Tf\ flf*f1 i tn is used with another drug known'* • ~ W 1V/ LXCTLJlff as aendino. He said that with Ihisj double-barreled attack, only one- I (enlh Ihe amount of Ihe combined ^o Administer Pacific Islands BLYTHEVIME (ARK.) COURIER NEWS »^j Military bo»«s, Military _^_ Go«t. stations Mil. Govt. sub-stations : ,-STs-"£^ BIKINI ;ENIWETOK ;E: ; \ RALIK ; - N vRATAK ""-C:.-;A---""WESTERN CAROLINES^ <- illi ;i total population of ilO.OOO. GOP Takes Poll Looking to 1948 Many Republicans Predict Truman To Be Easy to Beat ("110/100. April is. (U|i) .... MsvicMt U'iidn-s ci[ the UrpiiWI- '•'in IMrty Iwllcvc president Tru"«<ii would | n . OIU , af lh( , ( , 1|sl( ,,. t Unmvnus n> { |,.f,.,,i )„ ,],„ ,,,,,,) l-i-'MiU'iiaul election. „ survey by 1 '•'i::i/.ine. The Uepub'lU-nii, imvpd loilny. At least thn-p other passible nmicrnllc ciinillilulrs would lx> "'me dlliintlt to defeat, nrcordliiK " <he Mirvey. They urc lien, iwiulii t). Kisenliower, Kwn'liiry ol .i'.iilc C'.ixiii;,, c. Marshall inui Hen. "im.v liird ,,f vlVRlnln. 'I'lie <>]>ln:ou .survey wns coiutucl- '•(I HIIIOIIK \t.!iao Iti-pnbllciin coun- (iKilmicji. of six iHi.vsllito Ucm- iillc eunilldntrs listed hi tlie poll, "illy .supreme court Justice petition Dun Mr. Ti'umnii. Only IH per ,. C iil. 0 [ tj, c K^,,,!,. Mean cmuili-y ehalrincn «;ild they Uiniii-iiiMi. 'rniniHii would be diffl- .'iilr irt .k-inil. in u slum,,,. vn \\ conducted by (he mRKiis>,l m . a ycur ; 25 per cent of the OOP lead- j the president would! provide stiff opposition. T\u> years a«o. ri per cent' thought lie would bo hi)rcl l (] bent. In Uii 1 iHTscnt Mirvoy, nciirly CO Per cent thought MI-. •ivumnii would b ( , I' to defenl, while Kl |.cr rent were uLideelded, l-'<ii!.v-iiliic per cent of the B i'»ss loot h-iiilers In Die |ij-,..sonl iwll H'miuhi U would be hind to defeat I'.iKc'iihowcr, mul nearly n per cent IIioiiKht Miirslinli would be « sironi; Denun-ialle ciindldnle. Twenty- eli'lu per cent thought n would be • Ultima t" bent Hyul. ii °" | y live per cent Ihouyht " ' «'»iil(| be linr<| to bent mid PAGE SEVEN u-wr-r ne|>ul)lli:ans lliouulil Wnll'ire would provide much competition. No (V blnl.s Flood Sweeps Five to Death From Highway Troduced <'osmie Co.siuij rays first were - atnoun drill's is needed to kill invudin bacteria. Ur. Mnrtin said, however, that any combnation of drugs cannot be thrown together and they must be carefully selected. In other words, they must be able to work together as a team. He said that tlic proper combination of such drucs might well mark the ••opeiiinn of a third era '•iis cllctn ot' 1 crapy." ^Thc first." he said, "saw the creation of folk medicines and preparations designed on a hit-or- miss basis, without scientific background, although tlie preparations contained chemical agents now known for therapeutic value. The second era besan with the more specialized use of single chemicals, such as arsphcnaminc. " specific for syphilis, and anyone advocating use of more than :i single chcmothcrapeutic .agent Young was in danger of being considered • managed to escape through' the I window on his side, but lost track of tlic car as the whole party was washed downstream in the roar- iliR current. The accident, occurred just before dawn Sunday, according to State Police Trooper Don Stccn or Jena. He said the farm family I was hurrying to Cousluitta to visit j-oung Coon's grandfather, report--j cdly critically ill. ' Stcen identified the victims a< Hamilton Coon, 41; his wife ' Eunice, 40; his daughter,, Marilyn, and . were prouce by lYolessor iiotlic and Dr. Decker in the lahnr^orics of the University of Geissen, by bumbaixliii,; uei.vlliuui metal with ci!;iha particles from the radio-active element jx)lonium. AWeak,Run-Uown Feeling Is Of ten A Warning That The Red-Blood Is Getting Low If sou aa not feel like your real self, do not have the urge to be up ana doing why not check-up on your blood strength? Look at the.pfclma or your hands, your nngerhalli.-yolir lips''the' lobes of your ears—are they pale »nd off color? t«V?.very any—every hour—millions of ^tviy rea-bloofl-cella-must pour forth Jrom the marrow of your bonea to replace those that ar« worn-out. A low blood count may affect you In several ways: no Bppellte,^ underweight no energy, a run-down condition lack of refilslnnce to Infection and disease To get rcn! relict you must keep Up your blood strength. Medical authorities ny analysts of the blood, have by posl- . tlvc proof fliown that SSS Tonic Is 1 amazingly effective In building up low blood strength til non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS Tmilc formula which contains special rind potent nctli-atlnc InRrodtents. Also, SSS Tonic helps you enlov the food you cut by Increasing the gnntrlc digestive Juice when It In non-oreanl- cally too little or scanty- thus thestom- ach win have HttlB cause to get balky with gn.,. bloat ana give off that sour Toot! taste. .1 ont ,, v X' t ' Encr " lze yo«r body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now As vigorous blood surges throughout .your whole body, Brcotcr freshness nnd strength should make you eat better sleep better, fret better, work better' play betlcr. Iinvo o healthy color glow in your<vktn—nrm flesh flu out hollow places Millions ol bottles sold Get a bottle from, your drug Etoro. SS3 Tonlr helps Build Sturdy Health. 12, and Lwo sons, Lavcl'te, C Cnarles, 2. Children playing with matches started 23,500 fires in the United States during 1945. a charlatan, a creator of cure-alls. "This era began to terminate with the rttecovr-ry of penicillin, and was thc period in which ar- sphcnamine, siilfanilamide, proffci- vine, penicillin and streptomycin were used as individual agenl-s." Thc new. or third era. he said, now follows a "more rational approach." 'Combinations of chcinothcrapcu- agcnts. far more effective than any single such chemical agent are being use,i with such incrcas- -•Z frequency that before long, thc use of at any time of a single agent, will ,hc a rarity." Dr. Martin said that in Ihe case of penicillin, this drug can be made much more effective if it is steamed up with sulfonamide. There are still maiiy, many now dmcs lo l,o rlcvclrpert. New teams, with nnillj- ple attack on disease, arc coming. JFNA. La., April 15. (UP) The ,M,,II,. tragic story of how five members ... , l iM<>lhe of one family were wiped out i>y Woodcocks are one of the . angry flood waters on ;, Louislatia cw • s )' cclcs <>' 'birds lhat have highway was unloldcrt ycstcrduyi , n , lo C!ln >' tlleir from the lips of 18-year-old Aaron ?' y - U (!lvc " Utllc ' thc Coon, the only survivor of tlie dii- aster. Prom his hosjiilal ! )c d, Youn:; Coon told police how the family automobile stalled on U. S. Hiyn- way B4. near the Winn-La Salic Parish line. The youth was driving the car. Five other members of his family were passengeis. He told police lie tried vainly to rc- starl the st?))e(i motor. "Then," he said/- the water started turiiiii!; the front end of the automcftile around. All at once, it just pitched into the ditch and I the water carried it into toe crock." Young Coon said he somehow • Almost every hour in the day you will find a K ood use for the "Jeep" as a (ruck, light tractor, runabout or rnobjlc power unit. With its mighty WiHys-Ovcrl.mtt Jeep hngme and powerful -i-whccl-.lrive, you can co most anywhere in a "J^p," on or off thc road . . . i Q fair weather or in Toul. ,n I J «nn Ik"' T° WCrS; ' OW 5 ' 50 °-' b - «r»ilcJ payloads; haul 800 Ibs. "Jhc "Jeep" will carry men and tools .{cross town or to hard-to-get-at places in a iilTy. \Vherever ,t goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and see what for .o™" 108 '' vc " a "'e 4-purpose < -'Jecp". can do THF MIGHTY 'III?' AT ' POOLE MOTOR COMPANY formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator Phonc49 _______ ...... SfeeUvMo. WE'LL LIFT YOUR CAR TO SMOOTHER GOING We go gunning for trouble \vlicn we get your car on our lift. Mouilubrication is the scientific, charted lubrication of your car to manufacturer's specifications. It puts the glide back in your ride. TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR MOTOR Don't let it get all gummed up with sludge and grime, or caked with carbon. CHANGE TO MOBILOIL summcrwcight, for that con- Btnm cleansing action that helps keep sludge and grimo from forming nnd c.ikiiiK on pistons and cylinder walls. It cln.ins as i( lubricates. We'll watch your milcnRc and remind you of Mobiloil-changc time. UEAH...CHICK SPARK PIUGS At regular inlcrvals your sp.irk plugs should be checked. . cleaned and rcspaccd or replaced. Your motor cnti'l run smoothly if Bp . lrk p , ugs arcn . t iirmg properly. BENtW OIL FILTER Tlic oil filtor helps Mobiloil keep your motor clean ami Bafe. Wo renew tlic filter If needed, UPPERIUBE TONIC TREATMENT Mobil Uppcrlubc. applied (J;roiif[li (he sp.iik plug holes uircclly lo the combustion ch.irnlicr, hcl|)s free slicky riuRS nud values...m.ikcs your motor hum with power. RADIATOR SERVICE We'll flush out your radiator with Mobil R.idhlor Flush and rust-proof it with Mobil Hydro- tone. We also check your fan belt, liosc connections nnd thermostat. Proper service will keep thc cooling system working.,. right. •'\ BE GEARED TO GO! 'Fliin, worn. wnic. oils won"! ]i(o<cu wlicjj ^urnrnet KWttk louRli, We t.iVc s]. caic to protfcl these ui- t*( f.arts with upctiil Mobiloil Ge^r Oils f.c- cauic we know Rcnisaic VITAL TO YOUR GOOD GOING MOBIL TIRE SERVICE A compile lire check-up. Need new ones? Gel Mobil Tires. We do our he*i (o make thc OWn«rs Rlad they Ivavc them. Naturally, v/c Civc Mobil Tirci cxfra care «oihey give you extra wear. OTHER SUMMER-PROOF SERVICES IF YOU NEED THEM Mobil Air Cleaner Service ... Mobil Hydraulic Brake Service .. .Mobil Shock Absorber Service... Mobi] Wheel Paxk Service ... Mobil Battery Check ... and for sparkling appearance, a Mobil Polish and Wax job, n G. O. POETZ Phone 2089—MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS—Railroad a Cherry WASHING MACHINES ^we have them for ^ IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phono 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE Your G.C. Store in Blytheville SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING . .Fniimtnliim Slock—Direct From Breeder Kccont cst |<rov«l yiol<l s ;( („ 5 nlorc bushels per acre mid sfiuulH up ijotter Iliiiti Uiil S( ,y. Blytheville Soybean Corp. . I'hone 850-857 I REFRIGERATION— 24 Hour— REFRIGERATION Service Repairs AIR CONDITIONING « AUK 7)5 W. Ash— A. H. Johnson— Phone 2188 or Poolc Motor Co., Stcclc, Mo., IJhone 49 KEYSTONE Blytheville Soybean Corb. 18(}0 W. Main JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands YELLOWSTONE SCHK.M.KV ANCIKNT AOL 4 KOSKS I. W. IIAKl'KR 01,1) C.IIANUAD <H,I> TAYLOR HUNTKK I'AUI, JONKS* UALVERT8 Patronage Appreciated • FROM KIT/, THEATER Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnity Insurance Companies of Minnesota Kaird A plus excellent by Ic.ulln; Insuranpc «uthori(l». Hound protection because at large Hnunclal reserves and adequate surplus fuiuls. ;, I'rr.mliim jiivincs—more (I.,MI xtt niilllun dollars have been r*- luriird In itlvlilrnd s:\vlncs li> rioliryliiilder:<. l.nmT .-ost— bcraiisc of » (arcfui srlcellon of risks and economical c>pr.rntlr>n.»«! ilivi.ltrr.1 Mv/rics on au(oniohllc and fire Insurance equals low net coil. Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE W. L TAMKE Phone 2487 RHEUMATISM KEPT ME IN TORTURING PAIN The Irttnr :;;iys . . . 'Wr m:; like thc pain just, won't let BO." For more limn M ytMrs doctors have prescribed Mils riiUunil mineral wulcr Unit lends to nct.UaUzo Iwin-ciHisint; :iclds. Write ludny for free booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Hljlhcvillc, Ark. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORT|H TENTH Phone 3151

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