The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1952
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DEC. 2«, 199* KYTBIVILLC (ARK.)' COURIER NBTO PAOX SEVEN OUR IOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU 6GAD, 41^1! FFY/Y) HAT g,-.. WAFTED A\6TO YOUR PteAS- \WT Ltrrie PORT ? -— UM / we •DECIDED TO EMPTV AMD WASH THE. YDL6 WASSAIL - ~ML AT THE CLUB, At-!D™-AW WORD/ DID t SULLY THE DiGNrry of w' JUSTICE'S Koees ? f you LEPT EARLY; MA30«.' BOT LAT6R Oti T RAM INTO YOU <9rt THE CORNER WITH A • •DOORKl-lOB |rt YOUR HAND, •SAVING A SLIGHT GOAKE HAD PULLED THE HOUSE AVJAY FROAA ydi/-^.JtJST A ROUTINE- HOLIDAY PKOGRAfA.' FOR SALE , Beautiful stucco home . . . two bedrooms, 2 lile baths . . . plate glass shower with lyronza base. Attic fan, wall-to-wall carpeting . . . draperies . . . floor furnace .•. . all cedar lined closets. Guest house in rear with complete bath, hardwood floors, knotted pine walls, attic fan, cedar lined closets. Ideal location. Shown by Appointment only. JOHNNY MARK . . . phone 4111 or F. B. JOYNER . . . phone 4446 I TOYS REDUCED UP TO 50% Shoulder Pads & Helmet, Reg. 3.98 1.98 Doll Beds, Reg. 1.59. . 98c Many other toys at Big Reductions. Durkees Fancy Shredded Coconut, 4 oz. pk. lOc Tangerines . . . Dozen 15c Red Delicious Apples . . dozen lOc Oranges . . . . eoch l 2c Paper Shell Pecans ."' 5 •lbs'.-1. / 49 "We Specialize in Gift Baskets BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 E. MAIN ST. OUT OUR WAY FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIINDS "I forgot to warn the baby sitter not to let Junior play with his chemistry set!" STUDEBAKER UJ CQ Fine Foods at PICKARD'd Grocery & Market Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Christmas Beautiful Spruce Christmas Trees. Country Ribs and Backbones Good Tennessee Sorghum. Fresh Oysters A LARGE VARIETY OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK. Phone lit f\ |» 1044 2043 We UeiVer Chickasawfao Trees Candies Nuts Fruits Fancy Fruit Cake Fruit Cakes Mixes Glazed Fruits BIG SAVINGS ON THESE SPECIALS! CLEANEST CARS IN TOWN! 1952 CHEVROLET Deluxe Power Glide with Radio and Healer. A nice car, like'new. ... ...... 1950 STUDEBAKER Champion Regal Deluxe, 5- I'assenger, Aulomaitc Transmission, Radio, Heater, Sun Shade and Seat Covers. Priced Right! 1948 FORD V-8, a 2-Door that's a real SPECIAL! 1948 PLYMOUTH Special Deluxe'4-Door. A good buy! 1947 FORD '2-Door equipped with Heater and has Seat Covers. A one owner car and a dandy huy! ; 1916 FORD 2-Door . . . :we have two for you to choose from. They're worth much more than we're asking. . 1948 STUDErUKER 4-Door Champion with Overdrive, Radio; Heater aiid'Seat'Covers. Real clean! H LO Many good used trucks to select from. CHAMBLIN SALES Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Phone 6888 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nile Til 9 STUDEBAKER By introduction into the blood of'small quantities of snake venom at intervals, one can become immune to snnke bitel This is the method used by Indian snake charmers. XXXVI FIELD'S face twisted - 1 - 7 queenly as he talked. His free hand went down against his right I* side, the lower ribs, as i( he had a stitch in his side. 1 sneaked oft rny chair. "Let's—-maybe we can get you out of this trouble," I said hoarsely. The guy had told us too much. , Was he going to let Midge and me walk out of here? Eddie didn't seem to hear me. "Everything would've been all right, even at that," he said dully, his gaze wandering over the lloor. "But Kitty got me. Caught me in that dumb lie about the car. She hart me one hip in the hot seat. All right, J said, I'd tell the cops her story about Al's last words. an,i she said she'd slip me the sixty-five hundred 1 need. I did my part, just like; I promised. Then I come back here and Eddie's ( gaze drilled back up to me. "I look her for a walk the woods and asked her to pay off. It's all a bust, she says—she fan't gel a dime. I grab her by the Ihroat. Ask Morrison, she yells. Then she can't yell no more." I gol my feet set to dive al him over the desk. 'No, she ain't dead," Eddie said "She'll soon be around, raising a holler." Midge was partly in the way—] nudged her aside with my knee— Ho dangled Ihe revolver down ^to the floor and let it drop. "I'm r,'okeding to death. Morrison. I've been lislcning to the drip in tliere for the last half hour." He reached inside liis shirt, around to the right stele, nnd pulled out a waddet handkerchief. It had a bright red spol, not large. "All the bleeding's itifide. Slie had a stiletto. Sh pulled it out of her red garter. 1 His head drooped again. Ill closed his fist and slowly pushed it against his side, up under the ibs. He slarled to stand up—got lalfway—abruptly sat down again, . look a vast surprise blistering lis face. He struggled up again. His body made a ridiculous twist —he Jell flat on his side. A LL the people said it was belter it happened that way, belter hat Eddie died casually, quickly, rather lhan facing the horror of he chair. Isn't it amazing how crime always seems to bring ^ts own appropriate punishment, they said—generalizing from that one instance and ignoring the cases !hal didn't tit their theory. They didn't talk, for example, about the case of Torchy Covalla. I'm willing to swear that Torchy ulled Rocky Silone; and Harry Svans, the man t put in the hospital, said the same thing. He lold the police it was common knowledge among the guests at Torchy's rest home thai their host had done Rocky in. But you can'l convict anybody on that. The 'murder weapon was never found. Torchy just sat tight and kept denying everything, and he never stood trial for murder. They did convict him of manhandling Midge— the charges were assault and bal- Icry and false imprisonment. The judge gave him the maximum— S1000 fine and two years In the slale pen. besides that, of course there was the closing down of Torchy's little business. Kitty Lane? Nothing happened to her. She readily admitted tha she'd stabbed Eddie, but il was self-defense; he'd been choking her—there were finger marks 01 her neck and hemorrhages in. tin larynx lo prove it. For a whili sbe lost her voice, which, in a singer, seemed appropriale retri bution indeed. And when he voice came back, it was changct —deeper, .duskier, with a grating undertone. It made her., She wa Joseoh Shallit sultry singer now, exotic—she ave shivers to male audiences, usltce? The court went easy on Dave Fields. He was convicted of wo crimes, altempl to procure oney by fraud, nml forgery, lie ould have been put away for a :ood long piece, but instead they iut him on probation for two ears. Dave's main defense was hat he wasn't trying lo gel the lough for himself—he did it all o make Eddie financially stable o he would stop being a worry o his mother. ' • • • ' yo\V, Roslyn. Technically, she was guilty of conspiracy to procure money by fraud, because ihe'd advised Dave on what to put n the will; however, the D. A. didn't bother to prosecute her— popr, sad widow. But Roslyn was responsible for her own troubles and everyone else's. Would there lave been any trouble al all if ioslyn hadn't hounded Eddie till tcnmcd up with a counterfeiter? The discovery of Becky's body on our grounds was what started Al S.emmer fussing around until he finally wound up slugging Eddie and gelling his skull crushed in return. And all lhat led lo Midge going out and getting manhandled, caused me lo get socked and conked, and a poor, innocent hood io get a bullet in Ihe chest! caused Dave Fields to take up forgery, caused Eddie to gel himself stabbed to death. All because of that miserable, dissatisfied litllc wilch. Midge Burnett. Oh, you lovely little darling, Midge Burnett. You're wondering perhaps why I haven't come to see you, haven't come a-calling at your co?.y 29- rpom show place in Mcrion, on the gilt-edged Main Line. Please know the sad truth, Midge: I'm busy looking for a job. These summertime romances. , . . TilE END Felevision- fonitc, Tomorrow VMCT. Memphis*. Channel 5 FRIOAY NIGHT, DEC. 28 8:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News p 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Playhouse 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Aldrlch Family 8:00 Cavalcade of Sportl 9:-15 Greatest Fights 10:00 Washington Spotlight .0:15 Film Fenturette 10:30 News 10:10 March of Tim» 11:10 Weather L1:I' Names the Sam* 11:45 Victory nt Sea 12:15 Ness 12:25 Sign Off SATURDAY, DECEMBER VJ 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Mr. Wizard 9:30 World's Oreat«t Stories 10:00 Pride of the South 10:30 Smilin 1 Ed, 11:00 Big Top, 12:00 News 12:15 Nature of Things, 12:30 Super Circus, .1:30 Victory at Sea, 2:00 Film Featurette 2:15 TV Teen Club. 2:45 Juniper Junction 3:15 Lone Ranger, 3:45 East-West Shrine Game, 6:45 Matinee Varieties 7:00 All Star Revue, 8:00 Show of Shows, x 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10M5 Jackie Olcason, 11:45 City Hospital, 12:15 News 12:30 Sign Off rEARSl BE EM ON THIS „„ METAL. CJ?ASS- *** HOPPER/ TH' SHOPS IS TOO BIG—A euy DOW'T GIT CUTC»« PERIOO WHEM WE MADE OUR OWN GAMES- ANJ 1 FtXEPOOd OWM CARS AM EVEKVTHIN6 AK1D H6 STILL TALKS ITJ H« 60TTO BH SUCH A EV6C- TRY MAK.M *v/0 •*5u*_l MMXF . I SYWBi r IN cSewsTRY L*6/ L '1STMAWM' STUFF F0« HIMSELF HBJEOrJTH MOSB.' WE DON'T SIT TH' BKEftKSTHST VOU DID/ TJMB.THATHe WON FAME AW' MOUSE FAMILY H4S BEEN SINCE THE MQMENT I OPENED YOUR PERFUME/ ' I WAS $0 BD4yARJDS THIS NEW TWERVWL VOUSEE/BfJAND/, WE'VE eOTASOETOp VENETIAN BIJNDA(?eAN6E- WENT OOT51DE THE ...BLACK ON OWE _. _ WHITE ON THE OTHER. TH E VVH (TE fZEl-LKK, TOE BLACK ABSORBS 5OMK YOU DIDN'T EXPECT SUCH A NICE SLED FOR CHRISTMAS (JglP YOU; PRI5C1L.LA? NOW TELL ME THE TRUTH 1 V>/ERE YOU REALLY 'r- SL1RPRISED? I SURE WAS.' WELU -n-6 SHOE O£«H< ITENTrtP /VT/ OJENT, r.J. __ - ,. - . ' " ' * AN6W LrTTLE CONTNOJS ON PKOV\ SOSTON, 6UWJI7 IS SH ROUTE TO MARTHA'S VTfJE^«W7. HERE: WE AKE AT TH6 VISE/ARC*.' THINK III ANOTH« CW>*jy<. TLKM AROUN7 AM? HEAP SOCK SU«fVIVtN& RELATMS 15 THIS BOSTON CAME, HE- AW H«VE SENT 'JT TO HEX< CCM7OLENCESTO THE 1 1 HEN1 THIS \& TH' THIRD VJE GOT HERE IMefX t THOUGHT 5H6 WOSHT'UE Of FKER. BUT WE SHAKEN VI5ITIN6 ONE O 1 fc TERRIFI6D GtRL «J * ITH' FAMILIES,MJD &SKED sneer, WHO WASMTT o« EM:H TEHAWT.-.BUT HONE Of TH'TBJWJTS! 5HS / O' THEM Hf\O " wCROWD. EVEN TUB COUPLE WHO OIEOIM THE FIRE HAD WO A NEIGHBOR DROPPED 1(0 EM?1.V TONISHTl YEM-.THEV 6U5P6CT *. FtREftJS. *O THE M560H &t?UftD TIONIMG EVERVONB.TRNIHfi TO PICK UP * CLUB. TO THIS WITNESS IF HIS STOR.V TRUE, TW* HR6 WAS THE WOBX. OFMORCH! F1K0 W TW& DisfRicr RECENTLY, AN ORDER ON THE TOP-OfASHION SWOP FOR OK COVLETE HEAD-TO-TOE ENSeMBI.E...WW, , M.LEV, THAT'S t • GRAND.' YEHP WELL, WE BEEN THROUGH ALL THIS BEFORE AN' NQTHIN' EVER COMES OF IT.... ...IT'S A WASTE OF M/ TIME AN DOC'S MONEY AN I'M NOT GONNA BE A FARTY TO IT; w,S|Rf HE \ DON'T GWB HO . TROUBLE: HE ALWAYS FW* MASATWff RIGHT ON TIME.' TO TH' DENTIST. -TOOZ AAONTH fy^^^\ \ PWVATt Japanese TV Planned TOKYO (API—The government- owned Broadcasting Corp. ot Japan has received a preliminary license to tclecasl and plans lo start regular television service In February over a three-slfltlon hookup. A series of 'I*V tests already has been made In Tokyo, Osaka and Naijoya, shoving popular iporu event*.

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