The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 11, 1944
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,LE -COURIE VOL XLI—NO. 2'2B Blytheville Dally Newi BlythevlUe courier Blythevllle Herald i v»ll«y ARKANSAS AND SOimiHAST MIS8OUK1 VTIIKWI^K. A1MUNSAS. MONDAY, DKCKMBKH 11, I (M.I NAZIS ABANDONING BUDAPEST, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS New Fires Set Off Pay 'Nuisance' (all WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (1J.P.)—Two American Super- forts were over Tokyo aj?aiii last night, and the Japanese reported new s.o-catled nuisance attacks again this morning. Fliers reluming to Saipan reveal Hint the B-29s swept over the enemy capital seven hours apart, touching off explosions in the harbor area, and kindled fires in the heart of Tokyo thai could be «cen 85 miles away. The new raid follows up weekend attacks on Tokyo and other blows at central Japan and Korea. These light attacks, incidentally, have a two-fold purpose, to keep enemy nerves wire-taut and to pave the way for future, large scale assaults. Crewmen who went in last night ut 5000 feet to test Tokyo's defenses, gleaned this much information. They said the anti-aircraft is very accurate and there are some 50 searchlights in action. In Washington, United Press Correspondent Sandor Klein, just back from a 25,000 mile tour of the Pacific war zone, says the outcome of the , c p, the battle in the Philippines will nailing down the lid of the world's de t decide the whole trend of thc Pacific war. . . . ,, Thc j! >PS arc losing more than And he says thc Japs arc well the battle of the Philippines. They aware of this; that they arc pour- are losing the loot from Die most. - ing men and material into the dcs- - s ro o sans n pcrate struggle for the Philippines world, the Dutch East liidics. —which is considered by top mili- , . , ,, — , •• ™i ....... ujyie isianu, wnerc uie current tary men to be thc front door to fighting in the Philippines is draw' in B '"ward a close, is onlv a minor Mn " cl '" thc Philippine chain. Flf- . Tokyo. And it looks as if the „., .. B ,,, now have their foot planted firmly ly ul „,„,, collla ue pl , 1cea m ,.„. inside that door. On Lcyte. American zon. In turn, the entire 7000 islands tioops are tightening a triangular of the Philippines could be put i"- frap on some 50,000 Japs caught in to (he end of Borneo, with plenty two shrinking pockets following the of room left over. fall of Ormoe. The news from China also is heartening today. From Chungking comes word that Chinese troops have cleared the last of thc Japs from the Kwcichow province. Thc Chinese have crossed into the Kivangsi province arid are heading south. A communique from Chungking also reveals that fliers of the nth Atr Force took a 30,000 ton chunk cut of the Jap transport fleet last month, in addition, China-based American and Chinese fliers sank six warships along with 27-1 small craft. Topping the news from the Pacific -is a fine piece of poetic justice. Radio Tokyo lias announced the death of the Japanese admiral who led the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thc admiral, according to Tokyo, died in action on Saipan in a suicidal attack against American invasion forces. Tokyo also reveals the death of six other admirals and a general. $5000~Saiary For Secretary Legislators Act On Laney's Request For $800 Pay Increase LITTLE ROCK, Dec. U (U.P.I — The pre-sc.ssii>n Arkansas House- Senate Budget Committee has approved a request by C-overnor- Klcct Ben Lancy setting his salary at SGOOO a year a,nd thc salary of Ills executive secretary, William Smith, at $5000 per year. The S5000 a year salary granted to Smith represents a $600 a year increase in the usual salaj-y paid executive secretaries. Lancy, in making u le i cql , cs t f or the increase, said that the $5000 a year salary would equal that received by Smith when a manlier of the Arkansas Unemployment Compensation Board. legality of action taken committee, since .six of its members have not been sworn In as members of the Legislature. Attorney General Guy Williams, in an unofficial opinion, says the six men may legally serve on the committee. Hut veteran'legislators attending thc meetim* voiced doubt that actions taken by thc committee would be legal. Committee Members wiio have not taken oath of office are Senators A. J. Biii.ler, nr. J. E. Smith and Bryan Goodson, and Reprcscn iiiid Dr. W. H. Abinglon. Goodson , rl - . , „ , Is the author of the prc-session nM^T^,"^" i WC " l . hc co fi budget bill. . losing Leytc. They knew It- would Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS— (WFA) —Livestock: Hogs 12.700 salable 10.SOO; top 14.40; 180270 Ibs. H. 30-14.40; 140-160 13.85; good sows 13.05. Ibs. Cattle -J,750 salable 4,000; calves 1.500 all salable: mixed yearlings & heifers 13-14.25: cows 7.75-10.75. . — Canners and cutters 5.50-7; slatigli- Chicago ter steers 9,25-17: .slaughter heifers open high low close 8-16; stofker and feeder steers R- Dec. . 168'!, 1631; 1Q8 1G8K 1681! 13.50. TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Luzon Softer As Result Of Leyte Battles By DAVID WEEKS United 1'ress Staff Writer The American hitting fabulous group of islands in the Island, where tile current . In Lii- . Yd Leyte. and in turn Luzon, County Officers Name Deputies For Coming Year New Deputy Sheriff Wilt Be Ralph Rose, Former FBI Agent There will be few new faces at the court houses In Blylhcvillc and Osccola 'Jan. 1 when a new term begins for elected officials; it has been revealed with announcement of new deputies by all of the officers, with one exception. There will be three new elected officers. Miss Delia Purtlc. elected treasurer to succeed Capt. Jack Finley Robinson, who resigned, will not make announcement until later of her deputies here and at Osccola. The new assessor Is Doyle Heti- dcrsoii, at present Municipal Court judge and local -attorney. W. H, Slovall becomes coroner. - Mr. Henderson will succeed W, W. Watson Jr., of Osccola who unsuccessfully sought the office of sheriff and collector and was not n candidate for reelection. Mr. Stovall succeeds Austin Moore of Osccola who was not a candidate, with this office held alternately .by these two undertakers for a number of years. Former FBI Man Named Of much interest Is announcement of a new deputy sheriff, Ralph Rose, with thc Federal Bureau of Investigation in Little Hock since 1911 and whose home is ;n Muskogce. Okla., where he was captain of detectives of the Muskogec police force for 11 years. Also to serve as deputy sheriff under Hale Jackson of Osccola, reelected, will he E. A. Rice, former chief of police in Biythevtllc and for several years with the Arkansas Revenue Department, and Clmr- »..., ^ji a . ,,. lu i>. luin UIUUII.BII: . , - thc valve which can shut off the ! Lu tcs..who will be stationed in Blytheville.. Dave Young and Cliff Cannon will continue as deputies' at Osceola. Also to continue in similar positions will be Herman Splcer at Luxora; NewbjMoore; at.Manila, J. W. McHancy-at,Leaclivillei I. A. Hnr- rison at Huffman, W. W, Simpson at Dell, .Bob Noble at Little River and Roy Brinkley'at Reiser. -OfTice Personnel Personnel of the Blythevillc office of sheriff and collector will be Miss Eunice Brdgdon and Mrs. Ger- nldlne Matthews Greene and at Os- flow of tremendous resources from the giant islands to the south. We don't have to invade (lie East Indies to cut the Japs off from their terrific resources of oil, rubber,and tin. We merely hamstring the enemy's ^supply liriesi.frbm the Indies through the South China Sea. Luzon island, with Its naval anchorages and facilities for big airfields, is the key to the strategy, for It forms thc bottleneck of thc South China sea. Much fighting still must be done in the Philippines before the Americans win Luzon. But a big part of the fighting already has been done on Leytc: ... .. , ..The Japs . committed, "'a: vast .j....<=. ,.* u^uum mm uie jail ncn amount'of their military resbiirces will be under supervision of Mi and troops in thc Philippines, to Rose as is the custom the desperate effort to prevent the ! In obtaining .services'of a trained death' p. L. Gwaltney will continue a jailer at Osceola and t, u T]a her all , el lo American "Buzz Bomb Here's the first picture of the Amr-rten counterpart of the Nn/l V-l "bur/. i, OW |,» tc , tt w) nomicemcnl that mass production of the Jct-,»ro,,c,]cd bomb, is underway, UK, \V I, s Ov cr Plant at 'I'.ledo Ohio, where this picture wns made, bring Ihe ,„„«!,„„ „» «,r,,«U,r ,? , °, , from the 'lolo,to p,ant wllhoul engine ami controls, the,- robot ,,,,,nb Is 27 feet long h s si umiy w a span of 17 feet, and weigh, almt ,,500 pound,. Tho fore ,ecM<m, left, ho,,s,, g.vro equipment and wind,,,.,, timing which thro,, the lltane ,,, l() n „„,„ w <NKA Telciihoto.) „ , ° w u MOSCOW, I),,. II °' K (U.I'.)-Tho Germans '""• SlltC " ilC appear to be ° reports from the Unitarian baUlefroiil .w I lie C-UMIIIUIM are milling out of Budapest in a steady .stream ubmHloniiiK wounded and supplies in their relreat Ihree separate Red Army columns are converging on the L'lf. ll.o Soviets Wo crashed into the outskirts i ^^ into the streelfof the *eity IM-OIIOI- by nightfall. Tlic Soviet i-cjai-ls from the front Indicate (hut, the Germans have left only rear-guard holding' forces behind them, doomed garrisons whose only Job Is to sacrifice themselves In (join lime for the main body of Nazi troops to e.scapc westward. The Russians threw a heavy Naif Moore Dies Of Knife Wound Negro Porter Faces Charges Following Fight In Poolroom Naif M. Moore, stabbed by a Negro porter after he allegedly'hail struck him with a cue stick Friday night nl Recreation Billard Hali, (lied last night at Memphis Baptist Hospital..- - -. - -. •<!..• • Not believed critically injured at (lie time of the stabbing, the 40- year-old beer distributor wn.s removed to Ihe hospital yesterday afternoon, by ambulance aflc'r his condition became critical. Reaching the hospital at 5:30 o'clock, he died at 11:20 p.' m. Death was caused by a hemor- War Bond Rally At-High School Brings $10,558 High school students paid $10,558.25 for War Bonds Friday In 1111 auction rally singed by Ihe senior high school bund committee. In a two-hour auction, an Identification bracelet sold Tor $1 010- another for $350; cigarettes sold for a $1000 War Bond; n box of nindy Taft Williams, 35-year-old Negro - --„.. ..Jr. Moore, was, for a second time, taken into custody immertiatelv after his died suddenly Mr.'Rose, who resigned hi, Pur Lcyte was the decisive one. In other words, the Jap the battle for Ormoc n savage one but because they did, the battle for', M1 . ,„»<.-, wno resigned hi, FBI Manila will be just that much less position to accept thisf office! Is be- apartment at the county jail on North Second and Chickasawba. American "W "Filipino g'ucr- a] ^& "r. Rose and Mr. Rice, who forces who had hriri out so llas llad WIttc experience'in law ist the Jin, and ,D «l on enfor «'"«^. ""I devote full time them', S for l more a iha,Uwoa S ,!d E aha°l" ^'' *•"" Wl '! ie Mr ' ^ «»' years. MacArthur totaled im thi- w " c P?. rt -t"«c when needed. how many Japanese troops garrisoned thc whole island chain. He had gained the information from thc American and Filipino guerrilla forces who had held out against the Japs and spied years. MacArthur totaled up thc enemy's strength to 250,000 men. Some 20,000 were on iMJndanoa, the big island to the south which was by-passed when MacArthur landed on Lcylc, in the center. By far the greater majority of the enemy trooixs was on Luzon, the main island to the north. The Japs immediately started tunneling troops and supplies into Lcylc for the showdown battles. From the very start, thc Japs set the pattern of their strategy as one to drive the Americans out of Lcyte, and they lost a sizeable por- iota of the navy when it tried to help out with the job. The Japs failed in their Initial effort. But still they refused to Issue has been raised as to thc !| ° ''V,,, T t5tl ", thcy rcfuscd to gality of action tah-n bv II,P 8 ' y °' Thcy l'°> ir <=d more ' Leyte. Tlie Japs are estimated to have had 30,000 to 35,000 troops on Lcyte by the time the American offensive got well underway. To that, thcy added another 40,000, more or less, by landing them at thc west coast Port of Ormoc, or losing them, in barges that were blown up while trying lo land. ;' ' '. In all, thc Japs are believed to have committed a total of between 70,000 and 75,000 troops to the battle of Lcyte, close lo one third of lativcs Bert Pouncy'carl'Hcndrix " lc cnlirc Ja P a »MC forces garrt- !llld Dr. W. H. Ahinnfnn r.nnrftnr, S01ll »g the Philippines. . give MacArthur the springboard he needed for jumping to Luzon. The Japs are fanatics who fight to the death, and just a handful in our path can make the going tough. But by trying so liard to destroy Ihe springboard, the Japs softened np just that much, the ground where our troops eventually will land. May . IC4* ,65 Mr..Rice nas resigned his position with the Blythevllle office of the revenue department to return to police work, Mr. Henderson will be in charge of the assessor's office here and Herbert Shippen will be in charge at Osceola. Mrs, n. L. Reeder, deputy here, will continue in that position and Mr. Shippen will do all thc work at this morning in Municipal Court. Tiie case was continued with thc Negro turned over to county all- thonlics and ,1 charge of murder expected to be filed against him. Mr. Moore also wns at liberty under bond of $75 on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, with his case also slated for trial this morning in Municipal Court. It was alleged Mr. Moore struck the Negro after thc two became engaged in an argument while Williams racked halls for the white man, playing pool about a o'clock, as several olhcr men stood nearby. After having been struck with the cue stick, wlliic.sso-.s- said thc Ncgm pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the white man. Mr. Moore had a cut in his left shoulder an<| a blow on his temple, believed also lo have been caused by a knife. Removed lo Blythevillc Hospital, Mr. Moore wns Ircatcd by his physician and Saturday w a's taken to ^-...,,(,*,.. ,,,,, v^v „,,, ll( ^ MUI tt. itl . . , J *-!•«,! ' Osccola except when extra per- s home. 301 East Davis. brought $700; a case of cora cola was worth a $215 bon ( | and cookies went for $225 worth of bonds. Auctioneers J. 'K. Harrison' 136' were. Edsel Harbcr, ic'iin,'ar Elliott and Charles Crlgger „„„ used their best vocal art to auction the large assortment of articles. In addition to the bonds, which have a maturity value of $14 07S there/were war slumps tolallng S5I sold to students. Eriscl Hnrbcr, clialnimn of the high school bond committee, was assisted in planning the event by ine public .speaking class which Preniis Holder is president, and J. E. Harrison served ns nmiouiver Miss Cecil Cassidy is faculty sponsor of thc bond committee and Miss Limn n. wilhclm speaking class. ot the public Lieut. White, Missing Pilot, Has Air Medal Second Lieut, nick J. White, 21- ...,,,,.™., „,„,. year-old co-pilot of a U-17 mtsi,ln K cf thc prowler in action since Nov. 21, has been -- ' [iwantcd the Air Medal' lor meritorious achievement while partlci- IJatlne In llic Eighth Air force bombing attacks of vital German industrial targets, and .-3;) Nazi nir- fidds, supply dumps and gun emplacements In support of advances Negro Soldier Caught Prowling Accused of Trying To.Enter Window At Robinson Residence A Negro soldier stationed at Hly- llicvillB Army Ah- 'Field «-as 'arrested this morning n .s he attempted lo cnlur the window »f the ('iisHlencc of Mr* - and Mrs Preoman Robinson' on Tenth street between Main and Walnul. ' '' IM, Kenneth W. Baker, apprc- licndcct by Police Chief William Tlerrynmn and Fire chief Roy Henri, wns turned over to inllllnry police of tins air base, who accompanied him there nficr Mr. llobinson had called Ihe police stiillon. Removed to thc guard house at the base, It wns expected a stale- incut as lo punishment would be released later. Three persons notified police during a brief period that a man had attempted lo enter Ilielr Iwiiscs, making officers believe thc Negro .soldier the .same prowler In nil rases. This Is the first prowlng case reimrted to police in .several months with trouble of Unit time prevalent during the ' past Summer. Chief Ilcrrymnii today lauded methods mod by Mr. and Mrs. Robinson which aided in capture Hearing roincoiift atlcmptlng to enter the house Ihroiigh a window, while Ihcy were In bed, Mr. Robin-' 2400 Planes Blast Reich Rail Centers I'AlllH. Dec. n (Ul')—More than KitiO Aincrlcnii heavy bombers and UOO fighters dropped a tidal wave of bombs aKulnsl German mil centers Including Frankfurt, Hanau, Gleraen, and other points In the Frankfurt area, it wns the biggest force o[ heavies ever sent iigalnst Germany );y the American Eighth Ah 1 Force, Well over 4000 tons of bombs arc estimated to have been dropped on the Fiiinkfurl'area, and that's close lo (he record of 4700 tons dropped on n-day In four separate missions. Today's raiders stretched across tiro .sky In five great columns that force of nil' power to halt the Gcr- niiin (light. Thcy bombed not only Budapest Itself, but also struck at the choked rail anil raid lines leading toward Vienna. The Germans put up several truck .squadrons ot tighter planes In an effort to ward off the Russian n,lr blow. Hut Moscow lays the Soviet filers tire taking a heavy toll of Gcnimn troops and trans-' Ouce Budapest fulls, the Russian drive toward the border of Austria will he underway across the entire breadth of Austria. But particulnr- ly along the Danube- gateway which flows 'right through Vienna. Lieut. Segraves Listed As Dead, Parents Learn .. Nelson Sefraves, son of extended almost ;too miles. And th.oy constituted an air Invasion force of Hourly 17,000 men. Hrlllsh bombers also Joined the offensive will) attack's on enemy freight yards and benzol plants In the Ililhr... On dm (jromul. three American armies arc slugging tin; Germans loose from more lilts of tttdr home- la 11(1. ' „ • ' Itrtreat Across liner A report from Ihe First Army Na/I forces 1 liav^now'^'i'llwl''^"^ a ' ;CC>o1 "' lc l (oltai "> Isslll 6 I" notion across thc lioer river. The Yiuiko, • H^ 1 ', e| ' 1 V!" ly f'" cc Jlll >' 2l > wns ,ws this bulletin from (he First I " c<l °" *•• l fl " te according to.,i Army front, are now pushing ahead I "" !SS ' >BC 1 ' ecelvc ' 1 Saturday night against resistance which consists 1)y ''Is.parents. • Veteran of 27 missions, Lleulcn- ant Segrave.s had been in England since October, 1013. He had been awarded thc Distinguished Flying Crass for "extraordinary achievement while serving as lead bombardier on operational missions" r.nd also the Air Medal with two ground forces on the sonnet Is needed. During the past years, Mr. Wat- sou was In charge at Osceola and his father, Mr. Watson Sr., and Mrs. Rcedcr were here. Office of county coroner has no deputies. As county judge, Roland Green, reciected without an opponent, appoints the auditor and superintendents of the county farm, county roads and home for the aged. All of these appointees will remain the same with P. E. Coolcy as county auditor, E. C. Lucas, superintendent of the county farm; w. A. Ward, road superintendent, and Mrs. Jack Lucas In charge of the home lor the aged. Morris Plans \o Changes Harvey Morris, reelectcd Circuit Court Clerk without opposition, will have the same deputies. They arc Miss Doris Millr and !«rs. Buford Jnrratt here and Miss Geraldine Lislon and Mrs. C. B. Driver at Osceola, County court clerk T. W. Potter will continue In charge of that office at Osceola, having been reelected without opposition, with Roy L. Ware as deputy there. Miss Elizabeth Blythe Is his deputy In charge of the office here, assisted by Miss Faicy June Davis Who will serve ns deputy prosecuting attorney in Mississippi County under the newly elected officer James Ocil Halo of Marion, lias not been announced. Mr. Hale, who defeated Marcus of Jowcsboi-o In his race for "c_ was not believed seriously in- lintil yesterday allctnoon when he suffered a hemorrhage. Funeral .services will be held tomorrow afternoon, 3 o'clock, at Ihe Baptist Church in Osccola. by the Rev. J. w. Smith, pastor. Burial will he at Ermeii Crmc- tcry there with pallbearers (o be G. G. Saliba Jr., W.M. George ol i.ux- ora. Elmer Hall of l.uxora. ,N. H. Rossi, C. A. Davis of Osceola and Louis George of Osceola, Born In Sarhccn, Syria, he came lo Ihe United Slates with his parents when a baby. He spent most of his life in Osceola and Joiner moving t« Hly- llicville four jears ago. He formerly operated a restaurant on Ash street and later was a beer distributor. Members of his immediate family are his wife, Mrs. Louise Sainia Moore; ihrec children. Vivian, N. M. Jr., David, a brother, I). M. Moore of Osccola, and u sister, Mrs. Charles Corey of Blythevillc. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge. The Smithsonian Institution lias a collection of more than 2000 musical instruments of primitive tribes. last week In conference wiili local supporters but declined lo make an announcement. He snid he would announce this week .ippolnlcrs to succeed Ora- hain Sudbury of Blylhcvillc and L. C. B. Young of Osccola. Other new officers to take office Include numerous justices of peace and constables. by Allied continent. The presentation wns made by Col. Karl True.sddl Jr., of Washington, n. c., according to an official release from an Highlit /\ir Force Dumber Station In England, ved the award was made .shortly bclore his ninth mission in which liis plane was f,hot down over Germany. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. While. Lieutenant White had been overseas since September. High School Student Suffers Injury Friday Julian Mitchell. 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. K. f,. Mitchell, received a severe rut to the forefinger of his 'left hand Prlday afternoon in an accident at the high school. Operating an electric saw in Ihe vocational room of llic school, ho caught his linger in the saw, cutting It .so .severely a number of stitches were rertuirccl to close Ihe wound. Removed lo Johnson Clinic for treatment. Julian Inlcr was taken to his home at Promised Land. Light Snow/a// Here Ulylltcvitlc Ecconrt time had (his snow for thc Winter when flakes fell yesterday and loday at noon, this morning's snow remained on Ihe ground. Yesterday's snow melted as It fell but Ihe flakes, which began falling this morning at 8:20 o'clock were remaining .in thc frozen Ground. Thc official government (her mostly of delaying actions. The First Army Is attacking alonp a 10-mile front along the upper Itocr. Even before the report of the enemy retreat behind the Hour. The Yanks had pushed their lines to within a mllc-and-n-liiilf of Uie river. The Yanks are closing In on (he .German anchor town of Duren from Ihe northwest .and west and nrq within two miles of It. They captured the town of tichtic, northwest of Duren and another town oil the west. Another Yank column Is in the outskirts ol Mcvfccn. whose eastern limits run to within 100 yards of llic Roer river. Farther south, the First. Is reported fighting In the streets • of Gey. although earlier reports said we had captured the town. New Calni: in SntilH In the Saar valley bntllefront, the American Third and • ' ' *•• ••»•"" » 1111 n Mini iJMJVUimi =on did not turn on lights but - Armies also carved new gains along foiiiwl Ills way to the telephone to notify police. the M|Uad was In anolher part of the city .111 u call. Chief Berry milckly made up a scptad composed of the fire chief who was at Ihe station, and two military police, also there. While llic mililary police waited on Main street, the Iwo local officers entered the Robinson yard from Walnut t.trccl where Fire . Chief Head cniight the Negia ns l:e lampcrcd u n 80-mile front thai runs from the S,i«r river line southeastward almost to Ihe banks of the Rhine. General Patch's Seventh Army 1 has taken trie town of llagucnaii only 10 miles from thc upper Rhine, aller bitter honsc-lo-housc lighting, other elements sel/.cd two olh- cr towns even closer lo the Rhine, and pusiicd Into two more towns on thc other side of llngnciiau. The Third Army under General fallen hacked deeper into theSirg- dow through which he had sought entrance. Mr. Robinson said. De.spltc thc house having window guards, the soldier kept going front window lo window in search of .-me through which he could gain' entrance, they said. | A prowler, a few minutes before, had attempted to enter the rcsi- c'cncc of J. L. Asiicraft, 1005 West Walnut, which is near the Rob- inrou home, but went away after failing lo find a window unlocked. 'llic Negro ran ,1 .short distance before .stopping after Kire Chlrt Ihlrd win I 1 "™ " llc fortifications along a 25'"He front. Twenty five enemy pillboxes and 3fl fortifier! buildings have been smashed by the doughboys in 2'! Jioiir.?. And it scries of Gorman counter-attacks were beaten off. Thc Germans claim lhat between them. General Patch and General i'ntton have a force of 240,000 men battering away at Germany's Saar valley defenses. Two Negroes Fined I A culling scrape between two „„...„ ,. ; 'Negroes Saturday midnight resulted Head and Chief Bcrrvman gave'" 1 bolil bchlg rincd lnls morning . 1 Sirl Miniir>lii<nf /"*nni-f chase. mometpr stood at 27 degrees this Dec. Lancy Names Truemper As State Comptroller LITTLE ROCK, Dec. U (UP) — Governor-elect Ben Lancy Saturday named John J. Trncmpcr of Little Rock to serve as Arkansas comptroller during his administration. Truemper. who entered state employment as deputy stale auditor during the Futrcll administration and has served ns director of finance for (he Arkansas welfare Department since 1B37, will succeed J. Bryan Sims. Sims has served in the comptroller's olfice for 22 years. Chicago Rye open high low close morning, 8 o'clock. May nor; uois 112" nov. 112 •' nb'.t' 11071 100K llO'.t l69!i in Municipal Court Odia While, charged with striking Lcljj Holloway, was fined SIO and costs on a charge of fighting, and Ihe woman, fined $50 arid costs on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. She Is alleged lo have slashed ing Ihe man with s knife, wounds having been Inflicted about his neck and shoulders. 'llic altercation and fight occurred on the street in Ihe 400 block of West Ash slrcel-, police were told. Weather ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy with occasional .snow flurries in" north portion slightly this afternoon. Tair and colder tonight. Tuesday fair and slowly rising temperatures. Oak Leaf Clusters. A gradual e of Osccola High School, he later attended University of Mississippi and the University of Arkansas and prior to his enlistment In the Air Forces-in October, 1041, was with n Memphis Cotton firm. He received his wings In Midland, Texas, in October, 1042. Lieutenant Segravcs' father father is an attorney in Osceola.; He has two. brothers in the .service. Allen Scgravcs In thc. Navy, and G. H. Segraves. Jr. of the Army. Arkansas Cotton Crop Forecast Is Revised (?LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 11 (UP) — The Federal-State Crop Reportin;; Service has forecast an Arkansas cotton crop of 1,440,000 bales, "an increase of 318,000 bales over last year. Thc forecast was based on in' formation as of Dec. 1. 'llic service says a yield of 3BD pounds per acre Is Indicated from 1,776,000 acres harvested. This would be ft record for Arkansas. Shivers House Burns Fire badly damaged the interior, of the house owned by M. J.' Shivers, Negro, at 115 West Coleridge this morning, 7:40 o'clock. Whether the fire started from the coal • and wood stove bciiifc' overheated or whether a coal fell from thc stove onto thc floor was not determined. No one was in thc room and (he fire had gained jome headway when discovered. New York Cotton open high Mar. .. 2181 2187 May .. 2177 2182 July Oct. Dec, 2151 .. 2070 .. 2171 2154 2071 2178 low close 2183 2187 2184 2176 2177 2175 2150 2151 2151 2070 2071 2070 2171 2174 2174 N. Y. Stocks A T & T 166 1-2 Amer Tobacco 677-8 Anaconda Copper 28 1-4 Beth Steel 64 5-8 Chrysler 92 Coca Cola 13S Gen Electric 391-1 Gen Motors — 641-8 Montgomery Ward 53 1-2 N Y Central 21 1-2' Int Harvester 81 1-3 Republic Steel Etudebaker Standard of M J 191-4 19 55 3-4 U S Steel .. ......... .. ... 69 5-8

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