The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE FOURTEEN THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 1051 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Insertion: charge .............. ,. 50 c 1 ihue p« line ............. 15c 2 limes pei line per day ....... I2c 3 lime* per tin* per day , ..... Do 4 times per line per daj ...... tc 12 lime* pei tine yet daj ...... 5c Month pcy line . We Count five avcrapp vtxds to the uno Xct ordered (01 three or six tljnes and stopped betor* expiration will tie rfmn «d for tlietfuumbei ol i)m«t ihc ad appeared and adjustment of oiu made AH cUMtfled arturtistne copy nub- mftlea by ptr&an* residing outside ol the city mii.M be accompanied hjr CRSII Kales nifty rn&lly be computed frnm Hie above lahte Advertising ordered (01 irrcmilai m •ettlon? i&>:c* the nne time ,ial>le No responsibility will be inkpn toi more thi.n nne incorrect tnsrrttnn «' •ny cJnsiKLea od AH ad« are restricted 10 iheli propel elBMUlcmlon RtrU Rnd lypc. Th« Courier NCWF rrEertc* the rl^ht to edit or re]rci any ad. Notice The representative o! the Npgto Relief Association *>t PJnc HhitT w1slir-s to thank the Ohnmhfr of Commerce and the citizens of Hl> thrvllle for their cordial response this wwk. Thank you again, Mrs. M. I' Greon 8,23 pk 24 1949 Gibson Range. New Call mcl Hnberl! 6700 7113 cU 11 ICxpof I'lumblng, oil ttove pump re- I pair .aft wort guaranteed cnll Harry i Myers,. 6349 7JBI pk B131 j When il's painting you want, \ exterior or interior, lie sure you gel what you pay for. Call a sober and responsihle man j with 20 years experience. Call Tim Williams, Phone 6-101. 8-23 pk 30 Warning and Ironing Work re.i.son- able. 2109 M:trsu?rLte. Ph. 4^97 22 pK 29 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-naj Ktrvlre on J"wrlry — fi day* on watch PA and rlorks Guaranteed work Ion i- hy expcr* repfvltinen [,o*'eM "PAT O'BRYANT Alain & Second Apartment for Rent 3 rm unfllr duplex. Private bath. Kicc W. Heater. Pli. 4285. 8 ! 23 pV: 30 Moftern 3-room furnished apartment Call SflS or 2555. 4!* cfc *f 2 rm fur apt, newly dec, «lec kitchen, ph 3109. 108 W. Ky. 8.21 pk 24 3 room furnished apartment, touted 322 E»st Kentucky. W. M. BURNS, Realtor. Small Apartments, furnish«d. |8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single, 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833.' 8-4 ck tf Kew nnfur., 3 large rooms and hath. tile floors. Open dally 2303 SV. ROSR St I^i SI07-6023 8|11 pX 0'|U 4 rootn untur modern npt. Best resl- dcntUl iwctlon, hardwoort floors, hu- l«ns hest Private screcned',:ln porch. t*r»fM 900 Walnut. Ph. 2921. ' - ([10 ck «f ?u«. apt., 4 rooBU »nd bMh. Alea- teie i>*rlB»r«ter. ffu equipment sood funllUM. 1M W. I»Tll. Ph 3373 t. •(mo.. T|> ck « lupplkts S*M-vic«f MuteiMMr TOUT Tamil? with f »Ur»—SOT LCT TTRRS. SlKVIO STATION Mil DWrion Phone M 1IJ13 ok if p*M for wrecked or •utomnbltae, 1940 or late' WMta Auto Snlvr.Ba. Ph. 3T8S. W har« «T«fT n\itnber tTAns *oft for Pord, Onrvrolel, and P K ivtb 1»»»-183I models. Wnde Auto IT»««, ph. 31 W. R;B ck »,8 ATJTO AHD PURtnTUTll! LOANS Prompt Persona) Strrlc* OtoaerBl Contract Purchue Corp 1M South 5U> Phone 6803 Services Washing Machines repaired all makes. Blytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad A Ash Phunc 6888 Vour Friendly Studcb.ikcr Dealer ^Ait M»KIS • • ALL • STIIDKBAKEK ir»47 S tudcbakrr Cliampion, 1 Door, One O«HIT car, equipped with nil UCCTS- s n r i e s, Overdrive, Heater, Radio. Fog Lights, Kleclrk Cluck . . at only , $945 mandrr, 4 Door. Fully Equipped, Onir K'.000 miles, F.xtra clean 1050 Slurfrnakcr Champion, 4 Door. Overdrive, One Owner car. .a big buy <MflQC at only ^ I 47 J • Other Cars & Trucks 1916 Fonliai* TorjX 1 do, 8 Cylinder, 2 iloor, Radio and Healer, Extra Clean, A Bargain M 1911 Chevrolet, Two floor Special DC Lnxc, A premium car 1347 Chevrolet 1/Z- Ton Pick-up, Radio anrt i 5pccrf Transmission. A bargain al only USED TRUCK HEADQUARTERS $795 $475 $795 RADIO & TV SERVICE 'our set on the blink? Foi fat,i ier»- -e call Man ft ACT Car) l,ong at BLYTflKVILLK Television & Radio Serviro 114!', W Ualn Phone 319« L1115 clt il TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO ill w wtlnul Phone 33S> Plenty of Parking Space for Sa/e, Misc. Fnst oillhnnrd ninnhaul boat. Plywood construction Stilt nble tor motors to 11 hornepower. CM! 2-130, 8.20 pit n Coleman. oil floor (umnce, 50.000 b.t.u. Used ant year~f50, 2338 nirch S.Us pk 25 Used Combines All Makes & Models Csvsh or Terms 61 Implement Co. Buy Aluminum Hcreen window,-* ID last ill* of jnur bt>u*« [n.italf t>f Builder* Su^ipij. Ino, . 6 3 ck tt If you want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE aee us. Arnold & Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf MUefl heifer yearllngft wcl Rhine . .om 200 to 275 Ibs. J W. Blackwcll Slc*!e, Ph. 2-J3M. «!|| pk 25 .pglHtercd cocker nupples. Also mcj=e kittens. Ph. 3101, Mrs N. O Jerome. B)1G pk 30 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf Sowing *nd Alteration.*. Mrs Mi WelU I'h 2fi8B. 407 K. Ro» B 3l 7i28 pk 8;2» Self -service laundry. Ixit. bulldlns and equipment, with Rood bu.ilv.^. Ideal for coxiple. lornllon in town Priced to sol] Buy now nnd Rft benefit of fnll and winter tnuinr.u; ph t^fiAT or ico H H, Onrnctt. 313 or 323 N 2nd st R;H p x o;t4 3 plpcc bathroom suite. H49 Aft up A Ora dft m .1 1 crln 1 l\V ha r f> jj" ' l 'fi n I7P<1 pipe Orsbmn Supply en Ph 3208 8,17 ck li 30 pa lion oil bmnlnp « 25.. gnod condition Ph. ruo Got the truck itch? ...Let i Phillips scratch it, TODAY! 1948 Ford I'ick-Up Truck... (i cylinder. . .a bijj buy at •-. . . 1948 Chevrolet 1'ick-l'p Truck... New pnint .. .priced at 1M47 Chevrolet I'ick-Up Truck. .. C'»n't )ie heal at lillli [Mini 8 Cylinder 1'ick-lJp Truck. .. Heady for fall 194(5 Ford 8 Cylinder Pick-Up Truck.-.., A real trucking liar-gain $695 $745 $650 $645 $345 I'Jlfi Chevrolet I'ancl Truck... ' CQrlC An nil purpose truck. . .only VV*fv ompamj Br«*4w«y i Chickasawba Ph«M 4453 We Will Guarantee $2.50 per liishel for your soybeans this fall on grain bin purchase now from.... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceoli, Dial 520 — Blythevillt, Dial 2371 Underwood typewriter. Good comtl- lon. Ph. 45M. B;26 pK 2S Sl» anr-h Ach. J, R. vclch planters. *3A .nsjB, LuxnrA. Ark, 820 pV 27 Ktectrlc ftdrlini; machlnfl and stcnk inchJns, Ph. ,'1673. S,2l pk 24 John Deere corn p srd Inn rir\ys. $500 iuxe»n. Ark, ckera and husker J. R. Oatlitngft. B^n pk 27 Ph ^1031 bcfor* 5:00 p.m. 21 pk 24 . $38 per month 50 cash lt>r HPW 2 bedroom h?y«e. No red tap*. Immediate possession. Ph. 36S3. NLgtit 24G6. 8J22 ck It For Sole, Real Estate Walk out. 4730 8,23 pk 25 flmnll ftrncpry ash. Phone nfi-l 4 rooms and hnih, 2 rooms o it, Good locution, call «n&. 8^23 5 rra house and bath, hlwny 61 So East of Judge Harrison. Ilobrtt Thomp- ion. 820 pX If For Rent, Miscellaneous Hospital Beds. t8 00 per month; •."heel chain |0.oo i p*i month. Da by beds, (6,00 pei mnn\h. vacuum clean*. «l 00 p*i d»y: vftzer »nd polisher .00 pet dnj ', WAO1 FURN1TO»» CO Ph 3122 • M ck a 24 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance P W. J. Pollar Planned Prttect.on 1X4 W At i QLCNCO* HOTE For R, 3 rooms, bath, Mi Bus I.lne, rrrrntly d "bin to the right con Aerr5 election Agency nt 1 neighborhood. GIANT AND MIDGET—Tronkie Soluto, midget clown with the Singling Bros, and Darnum and Bailey circus, looks even smaller when he gets up against the world's largest incandescent light bulb, a 50,000-waU giant that produces as much light as one thousand 100-watt household lamps. Built by GE as a slunt in' 1329, for "Light's Golden Jubilee," no practical use was lound for the bulb until it was used recently in the nlming ol a circus movie undec • the big top. Female Help Wanted Wanted to Buy We Buy—Sell—Trade Must be free to travel, we will teach you or work. This U demonstrating needle work in stores, If employed you must be in position to leave at once. Call Mr. Smith, Glencoe Hotel 6 to 7 p.m., and 9 to 10 a.m., for appointment, 8-22 pk 24 DEMONSTRATORS. School tearh- ers. housewives, mnke 88.00 hourly. Something new-! O\ir style showings lovely lingerie. Hosiery, Apparel are the Lady neat appearing age between 30 and 35 years, for | | CQ ,J CJ IDKJITI IDC store demonstration work, US ^a rUKfNI I UKt Halsell & White Furniture Co, Main & Division St. Ph. 6096 8-20 ck 9-20 Salesman Wanted SALESMAN WANTED See R. L. Wade, Jr., at Wade Furniture Co. 8-21 ck 28 WHY Spend the best years nf your lite working f someone else? Start f party p'.rm. Beautiful saV* I* KawlelRh business of your own In Recline Fashions. 4H5-DH. " , h weat Mississippi County. Reft 20 nk 26 • I'^rem^nts simple—opportunity great. Arkansas Sales Manager will b« here soon to Interview. Write lor appolnt- ient. The W. T. Rawlelgh Co., At- sation outfit Fr Laivrimre. Chicago. [11. WAITRESS WANTED Old enough to sell beer. Good sal- i ary ftnrt HvlnR n.<"""ter5. Apply Lake David Cafn. Junction 61 and 63. Tnr- pk 26 Ftp 1000 Acres Timber Land, new Club- miles ott concrete highway, ', with room unfurnished apartment house 4 miles ott concrete highway, ', with pdvfltn hath] hot water. 801 nnd lo m-arosl small town, less than • North Frnnklln, Phoifi 4634. 823 pk 3n LflQ miles to Memphis. In thp heart of \ -——-- j he cotton section. Yon can find no * room hoii5e wUhfclty water, \' 3 mSlp hotter rolton than I will show you i Sa ° r ^ Ll T Limits ion Highway 81 at joining this [tinrt. On srll as a whole ' "alrvlew Acres. C.JA Hunton. or will rtlvlrlp Into smaller tract*. j | 8,22 pk 29 St,. ^ *ill xier " Ilomr - \ larpe rooms nnd Nice J. L, l.ewl.s. Realtor. Ill BLythnvULR. Ark, Phonp 3007. 822 Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS larpe roon\s | palntrd wnlls Help Wanted, Mate Factory Laborers—Good Pay—jl 4.00 per n.iy. 5 clays pf" week. Broadview Division. American Wilnrrt ViiiiJt Corp 2101 Gardner Rrt.. Broadview. 111.. P O. I^a Orantje, in. S 22 pX 97 , . ., tention C. E. Caudle. P.O. Box 7467. Dcpt- AKH-2IO-CEC. Memphis. Tenn R 2,1 pk Notice Modern homr. ^"SllJilSE ! h<s '"" ^' roof. Ph. 4442, 30SJN. Broadway. S;22 pX 25 Furntshrri or Jmturnljihcd Rowen Apartments, in (iherty C«5h block- Could he Ideal fort business omcr* nnd lIvlnK nuortf-rs crtnblnfd. Call 6218. 821 ck 23 For Kent or Lease For Rent or lease—Modern 3 Ro. Trailrrsf for rent 401 8 17 pk 74 WenTPvrr nlnnilrmm nt n b:\TCiiIn NW. nrrer nsrd. Also Maple chrf c;,i •itove Ph 3626. fl 20 rk 82 Brrtroom suite Prticllrnlty n«*w inn^ f-prlne nlatt^f^K nnd «prlncs will scl .trjMrntr)}-. Ph 44f>, 1 S. K 2" rk fl 2*5 "Fnr S^lc. A hraiitlful now Wurlltrt-r spinr: ptnno In Wnlmit flnHh, tor tile r<t n hareMn (nr hstlniirp due tn ilir vlrinHy of Hfytlicvfilc. U Inlfyfr-t'/l wrtfp or rnli BP.IT^'S, Truiplr of MupU-. sold at one P." R21 rk ;i RrhiiHt Pin no, S^O. Ph 4i-^R On? vised 52" hy JO" forct-liin Sink. in pood cmirtltloiv. Ph. 2^6 R21 pk :i Srvrn 20" by 54" S p^Tir Frfr.rli Window.,^ Phonr 25fifi S ?[ pk 24 Ire cro.irn and sandwich <iliop Plenty rqiilpmrnt Sr^l^ $?* pcppl*'. nrst !r rat Ion. *,wnifi down or wfmJd n ad" —whnl havc yoii O! hrr hr, -~\r,< FOn for si-Ulna; Phonr ?7. Mn-.n^. ,\rk Box 761. $22 pk ?>=, Noble Gill Agency!" 11 -J Jl REAITORS l-n* rm fnr " p| " ^ — Ceril Earls — — room unfur Chirk. B 21 pX 23 Busrnes5 for Sale Vino AD Or n L.L. fiimri Blclg. Ph. fi8f>Sj t.30 ck ic Unfr 3 rm np\. eood locflllon Clom In. ?h 43M. 25». « 16 ck t I rtucr ! in. or 531 •asily he G] ( At 019 Lnki .'I 1TO ToJIon Palrh Orr5o. J.l rvi ^rh Phnne Jdfta. lAixorn. :; ;T^ ?;> 7 room hou5p. Two Mg lnti« PT ri*vn- ^^, Ph. 3i,1fl. 2.1 vk 'o "O." GOODRICH SPECIAL I.iito mode! G. K. KcfriRc- rn'nr. H CM. Ft.. cbr;ip. Also bargains in good rfK'ontlitioti- eri oil stoves, several to rliooM.' from—priced ;is low as S31.."VS. S3.SO do\vn. §1.25 week. B. F. Goodrich Co. -J17 W. Main Phnne S:W1 8-23 ck 24 Ema Inrgp S room hnu^r and bath I nti 't lot* nl 220 Lilly Thljs property I hn.i orrn renrwrd rrccnlly ln*ldt nnrt j oul l<ArK« scrron h^eh porch. 10 ^ 30 ! !prt. 12 i 2i unrnvp Al^n good •* ronni j liouj-e and h:\th on rear oi lot rcnUnc i moiuh rhl.t property can i] financed Price. SIO.OOQ. at . (list cLus* «toi« iMJlldlns JO < !>" rt or 151K) sq (t Also in cormrctlnn with t>iilLdtng IR A larve v\-et(-artan^cd. niotlrro honip with U5t> iq [t of flnoi space Thl* property is i year* Old and in first claw condition Can he used for several dilfrronl t>pc* ol nuiinrM. Price 112,000. *3.000 taf-h, bat Mire 10 yc^rn. Soo or c<ili JOHNNY MARR Office phone 41LL Residence plione 2596 Or See Russell K. Marr Ph. 6807 7-16 ck tt fir L «nrf ApU Io«t Roy 8.M pti 9 14 pp ycn nnd re. lull- pay- telephone Ph. 2936, 'i5t9 f 86 nnfur rooms jxnrf bAth lU r (urn Ptt 3M9 R I" p* ul. call r f with hath, roar 701 i!« 811 rk if Grocery store and niarXcl. walX out proposition, $1300 P05 So 3nd, 820 |>k 26 6 toom house on two lot."; all hnrd- *<vxt (ioort-, atllc fan. 15 X 2\ ft llvlnp riwm. Itnllan mnrblc Ilif-pJacp tiinins and HVIHR roo-u drcoratrd with Im- portpd Brltlfh |>aptr. Nrw rn?s to rr.fltrh papot 3 brcirooin*. nnr Is 13 * 24 tlvlDg. beriroom t>i\iblc c a race •* ith utility room, buck yard fpnred. |Thl!» I* our homp and will be shown by appointment Mrs J. L, L^wU, 111 ' £, Davis, Phone 3097. fi,22 ck 39 C;ood modern 4 room house, rlprirlr iol walcr hrslrr; vpn^llan bllnrt,*. Bor>d ontlon. j«00. ^Photic 4316 ' S 3" pk ^fi Slfp hcrtroon trance Close Turn mis. llcht, r lollet. M 00 a wef nnrt b*th hox J Donner, For Safe, Cary and Trucks HECK-SHER WtSTEND AfJTO SAI.KS Ph 42T« 31,*t »>nd Kt^ninvd We Klnnnre 'ChrnprM Good Car.< in Tmcn A.Model Coupe - |70 fi2i) rk tt VOU We \\ ,11 uojmUciy ci-tnbu^ji reliable par i Ki in ui is HUM mul surrounding lemioufs immediately to service routes ot i he amazing "POP COH.N SE2" automatic pop corn vending machU;rs. NO SELLING OR SOLICITING. All arrangements wll] he made by exclusive inanvifiicturpr and dl->* trjljutor. Can earn $40000 por month pari-;irr,r — more full limp. Krcurrrt Sl.iPOiXi to $3.000.nO cash required no dcprnrlmg: on number of machine.* yt hnvc llnic to service. DON'T D£LAY . 36 ] If you -*-ant to pet. into thp tent Ins ni^rhinr h;;slnrs.s. and ran fol- cn- tow ciiT instructions ! you shoiilrl beromp flnanclixily tndp- tf | prndrni m a short time, You rmi I stand strict Investigation, j^o act now? t atcr turn. In-f Our ronrrm has n Dun AT. Bradstrcrl ' . IPlfi \v. Vine, j ratine, and Is rrrocnlzcd by the j S «>"i p>; 826iChRmhcr of COmmrrc?. I ~ . , „. \Vrltp In rtfTall about yo»rs*U. jtlv- ! inquire ifWI lnK ato rrfprpnrrs. and telephone num- | bpr. All rorrcsponrtpncc held strictly ' rrtuftttrndat. \\'r1(c Bo; Conrlrr N>ws. 8'an rx 8 R 2il "ArXansns Apple Orchard" fl&utlTul ttttn or ihlcX cut loni? e for Home*. Patios. Wall*; walks. Barbecue Pita. Flagstones nnd Firs- places AI.«i large Clitmnpy Caps Random • per »qr rfpHvprM »l5.tM Custom: p*r «qr- delivered 45.00 laii per *o.r deHrered 15.00 Barbecue per WIT delivered 22..V) Chimney Caps, per sqr- foot -50 elepbnns B44-R 1. Bate.svllle, ArK. OT Wrlta McBrirte Stone Quarries Snlado, 89 9» WHAT TO oo ro CASK or AN- AO- :IT1FNT If TO\ir car I* damSKKl In in arrldent nere'* something T^u ihovild knnw Bnnrnett vllt (;lve TOO k 'Trf paint loh nn any rrpMr work of J300 r>T more FJi* wjjnj^ car is painted—not hi**, th* damaged parts Fre« r^tlinates For wix-fccr «pr»lc* c»11 B'Wt daj.« - ^10R niihla BURNETT HUDSON SALES. 513 last Main WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at t.ow Cost J. G. "Bob" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf BSC-3, co PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores .$100,00 MONTHLY SPARK TIME Rr-rmine onrt rollcctlnff monev (rom our Mvp-crnt Hl?ri Grade Nut machines in this area. No $<>lUn?l To ; _ qimllfy for work yo»l must hnvp CAT. j rpfprrnrr,«: *600.00 rash, srcurrd by ] InvpntOTy. Devotlnjr four hours R sr^p*: in biisliW* yovir onrt on porc, a nTas:e pf roll^-Uons nrll) net up to 540000 moiMMv with very (rood po^"lhlUtlcs of t^Xlne orrr full ilmr- Tnconir in- fTr-^lne flrrnrdlncly. For Intrrvlru- in- Hudp r^onr ITW RppUcRtlon. Bon R O.:, co Courier, S 21 pk W Dniry cows drink an average of i 100 to 120 pounds of water a day. © — -Tr-— Get The Best Cor Service! All Make* »nd Modrli! No mattei »h»l Una O t car TOU ctrlve yoii'll save monej oy get- (ing the personal service al r 1 Scny Motor Co Well care for vour car »« rou would rcursell T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 M»hi il!i D*«Mr rh.»« ill* • L9-19 Chevrolet deluxe 4-door Sedan loaded with extras. Bargain in this one., .see it today! • 1S50 Chevrolet "Hel Air".. .a heauliful black, one- owner car. • 1940 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan...a bargain at $395. • 1911 Mercury 4-diinr Sedan...R beauty, §145. • 1941 Ford I'/i-Ton long wlieelbase Truck \vi(h 12- foot body... $195. • 1948 Chevrolet long wheelbase truck, 12-foot platform. Motor completely overhauled.. .$795. • 1949 Dodge 3/1-Ton Stake Body.. .city driven, $895. • 191S Chevrolet 3/4-Ton I'ickup Truck. . .only $S95. • 1919 Chevrolet i/j-Ton I'ickup Truck—special!... JS75. • 1941 Mercury 4-door Sedan...a beauty, S445. • 1948 Chevrolet >/ 2 -Ton panel in A-l condition... $745. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 381 West Walnut Phone 457s' Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best H-flLTCRS PLITY SHOC SH . ZI W. MAIN ST. SUN DAE H Geuine DAIRY 8'JUH in ~ > SUNOAES * HALTS • SHAKES QUARTS • PINTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 TRADE And Save at Horner-Wilson! $1050 1949 GMC J-Ton 1 o n (f wneel- bm*e truck with practically new tires. . trade now 1948 GMC !-Ton ] o n g whecl- t>»«e Truck with 2- jpted avlc, new tires. CO AC • . . trade now .?7*tD 1946 GMC IH-Ton Truck with good tires, a perfect farm truck . . . trade 1950 GMC H-Tcm Pirkiip, a nire lilllc 'truck . . . trade and save Ihis COQC $773 $595 1946 CHEVROLET IH-Ton Icinp wheeT- Sase Truck, motor Jusl rernndilioned . . ff/|Or • trarte now .p'lVj 1950 GMC ^i-Ton ricknp Truck "1th very low tnile- »g« . . . come in and tlft/lC trade now ^ I U*t J 1949 CHEVROLET H-Toti Pickup In «w«anteed condition . . now Is the lime 40OC {• trade ^O7J 1944 DODGE l!j-T<in Innic wheelbase Truck . . . our big bargain of (he S< jn50 week .............. 147 1940 International Mi -Ton LWB Truck irfth hcd. motor just overhauled . . Irade **)QC CARS 1950 PONTIAC l-rtoor "8" with Hydra ma tic . . . very low milcagre .... 1TOC Iradc jfe save * * *^ 1946 FORD i-rloor V-8 with both radio and heater good tires, too . , , , save! : $795 \Ve need cars & Trucks! Gel the highest trade-in from Homer-Wilson now! HORNER WILSON M010R CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lor ... 300 East Main Street

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