The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, APRIL 25, ISM!> (A1UU COURIEH NEWS PACK OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams _f NOW ~~&- 'I VvKAJI IB" n ^ '" J fl OOH--J. SLAMMED TH' POOR AM' TH' EDGES ARE SO SHARP IMEY NL=AR CUT TH 1 BKC AD IN TWO.' IT_II:ST STRUCK M& IT COULD OF BEUN VOU-- OOn. I'M SHAK.IM' LIKE A LEAF.' WHY MOTHER^ GET Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FKBCK1.EP & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOWER Nice Plain!, Cowboy Notice ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen, am! crippled limimals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, GM2, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. IOH WILL D«1\IE VOL) OOT Vj EG*D,MftRTM*f GlftDLV WILL 1 To -,'OUK rievJ JOB TOMORROW?/I i P^UJT we CHAIRS.'• n oiJSrtr TO PIT Voo Like A f'\ TO TMB C50B — vJeu., t, AW—- vJOST SETTING VA T. HOPED TO BREAK ITGEtOT-Y OOT BED Lft^TfiRkSS KT KSIGU.T I.;! BUT I HftMft OPHTHM.65OSIS AlJD PlcK\M6frA6«UPIKiTM,& s -;[ ~~tHE SIGHT Of AkJSTHlKlG i'\ RED THE Tl46 PORCH I<A Of A\S ST Tfftt/M. MOMMNS --- AND JUDGING BY IH6 LICK WE LEO CASH IS UNOCRSTMID . fl » THE TOI5CI6M HAVE f'FCULIAR HABITS if SCRMCH A SIUNE*. FIND A SAINT- LA.UNS HAVE WORE GUU6 THAN RABBITS, STRANGER / HEAR MY PLAINT' * THAT'6 RED s ,„ «.PA.INT = Wonted to Buy Wanted & modern Dupiex—5 or 0 room home on WCKI Walnut. ChlcXa- ga-vba, Kpsirn. and Holly Streets. Plume 2J94. 4.21-pk-Ut M City Property Wanted! Bo you have city property you want to sell? Small lots, small houses, vacant lots or nice homes. You may have just what we are looking for, •so call us. RIALESLANDCo. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnelt E. E. Williams 3322 — Phones — 4139 Blytheville, Ark: 4-23-ck-5-5 »i<d But hnd Ui-- • ONTANA has two seasons: winter and July. Unless there is rain some part of 20 of the 30 days of June, there is no crop; and in August, though >hc days arc sunn> and warm, the nights arc chilly But July is usually hot. 'Hie sun rose hot ami set hot and stored up enough heat on earth during the IS odd hours il shone to keep us nicely warm all night. On the morning alter a particularly mel low night, a harried young gir rang our door bell. She underslrxx that our basement was empty— Pot had left the day -before—and she wanted to rent it. "There ar three of us," she said, indicatin a parked ear from which peered the anxious lace of cer who was holding in his trms- young offi- tiny baby For Rent, Houses 3-room holla* lurnlsTied with b:ilh. 323 North 6th. street. Ph. J072. Help Wanted, Male Man with car wanted for route work. 115 to »20 In R day. No experience or capital required.* SteRrty. Write todr\y. Mr Sharp. 120 East CLard Sirert. Frcn- port, Illinois. 4,25-pfc-^6 Read Covirler News Want Ads. "A***** ty"**?** W*t^'V«** <A \ BULOVA "You have a baby 1 ." I exclaimed. That settles il. You couldn't possibly live in our basement." 1 was a Iking fast, always hopeful of scoring if I could hold the other ' side from making a point. "It's too dark in summer. The leaves on the trees and shrubs shade the windows. Jt would be a dreary place for you to spend the day." "Is it the baby you object to?" "No, it's too tiny to he much trouble. I only feel you can find more suitable quarters somewhere else." "Do you know of any?" "No." The girl didn't touch the screen doorknob or make any attempt to enter the house; she merely stood her ground squarely and earnestly stated her CEISO. They were living in a one-room auto court cabin with bath: sleeping, cooking, and LODGER >YI1GHT IT MllNlltC WHIiHIt Mvriiiuuo mr MA XKVKC, IMC ating iii the one room. There ^-cre no screens on Hie windows; he slove WHS an open-flame g;is ilate and she worried lor (ear umes from it would poison her iflby. They couldn't light a light it nighl because il attracted mosquitoes. She couldn't put the baby nit lo sun in the daytime unless she sat right beside the carriage, Die Missouri Ho wed unfenced by her door ami she was afraid some of the other children in (he court might push the carriage into the river. They paic day rent, nothing oft by Ihc week or month, and she didn't see how they could stand il uny longer. • • • T HADNT invited her in up to this point because I was afraid if I did I might have trouble getting her out- But now I felt safe, {or we had only an open-flame gas plate in our laundry and I knew she'd want to cook. "Come in and I'll convince you I'm right." 1 said. She called her husband and I saw as he walked in from the car that he was an Air Transport Comnxand captain. We filed downstairs. The young people looked thoroughly into the laundry, saying that when thc> were cooking, they could close the door and open the windowi and gel rid of any gas fumes that way I pointed oul they cho- "No refrigerator, confidently. *'Oh, we have one, rused. They examined the bedroom carefully: noted that sunlight wa: streaming in the south and east windows in spite of what ] ha said, that there was a huge close and space enough by the bed for the baby's crib. They made no comment on tti sitting room, merely sank down on the davenport and relaxed. Th air was at least 15 degrees cooler than out-of-doors. "May we have it?" Caplai Morgan asked. I mentally ran over what I migh lave to enrture: mir cnrsT . . . my kitchen? . . . drinking? Obviously, vith their own car, ours should >e safe. With a baby, the would be too busy to be " insluirs, They seemed tn be n inppy couple—there should be no drowning of sorrow. 1 said I real- ised she'd need lo use Uic washing machine anil mangle and IhiU I'd. need to, too; and in exchange (or letting her cook in rny laundry, I'd have lo linvc the privilege of in her kitchen. \ siiid I wouldn't bo able to undertake lo keep her apartment clean. • » * tt/"\n, no," she exclaimed. She'd gladly take complete care ot the entire basement and the side entry as well. This was a break (or my side since there was a lot Lraflic through thai entrance to he kitchen. I felt buoyant, re- eved of so much housekeeping, nd cm the strength of 'Ilial lift nviled Mrs. Morgan to sun Vicr- elf and the baby in our garden. Rapidly we became a mulunl nid ociely and it seemed perfectly latural for her lo suggest I keep n ear open for sounds from the laby while she and Dick went iftcr their possessions. While they were gone, [ colled lur neighborhood handy man. He pounded a few nails and changed .lie laundry into a kilchencUc by langing an old bookcase on the wall for cupboards, making a slat- .cd lop lor one of Iht laundry s so it would serve as a drain- joard, and installing a rack lo hold the dishpan in the oilier tub so it wouldn't be such n back-breaking job to use il as a sink. He covered the laundry table wilh some leftover Sonitas from the powder- room walls and put hooks ( under the laundry shelf to hang pots and pans from. There were already checked gingham curtains at the windows; the walls were pninted sunlight-yellow and the woodwork apple-green. By the time the "I'll sit here and try to make up my mini) to learn to riclo; Mr. Quimby—I wouldn't even be in this predicament it I hadn't bought this hnbit at a bargain!" Morgans returned with their icebox and dishes, make-do though it was, thai room looked more like a kJtchen than a laundry. (To Re Continued) Female Help Wanted I.ariy to srll lovely guaranteed Nylon Lingerie. Holsery, elc. to friends, nrJ&Jj- bors. IMg earnings. Our 27 Ih year. Writ* THORGERSEN HOSIERY CO.. \VllmsU«, HI. 4.25-pk-16 Help Wanted $$l»". t r'"'!U. hcndio/n«, 17 |«w«li . nt mcth bond. > nur.ii i:, Mm Breifni . . . Wear Pianotiris .iili UCM Man to takp rharRr of d'Hgllne on pprccntage basla. New machines. Call •IKa. 4,25-ck-S,2 Police Provides Special Platform for Cripple CHICAGO. (.'Tl—Patrick Dcvlnc, x trhftic cop. saw the woman every atlcrnoon. She was on crutches. She struggled out into Wabash Ave. at Ninth St.. and pulled herself aboard a streetcar. There must be an easier way lo pet up those steps, Devine thought He tound .some pieces of lumber and a scrap of rubber matting and built a platform. Now. when he sees the crippled lady coming, he places the ramp In the street and she hobbles onto the car. Read fourler New?- Want Ads "Consider yourself fortunate, Bub — You con still get a loan on your car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" c D CD > X m 30 1938 1939 1940 IMIISCIU.A'S TOP I KNOW. 1 ^\ RD YOUNG mOV.' YOU'VE BEEN RUNNING JtHROUGH MRS. THMCIIER'S FLOWERS AGAIN/ IT MU5T HAVE BEEN STOOLPIGEON/ Ily M1CIIAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK SPECUIAIIN ABOUT WMO KILLED JAKE DOU AIM'T HEALTMY, BUGS. GET IN YOUR CAR AND GET BEHIND THE WHEEL/ FOG. I NEVER SAID VOO KIIUD JAKE DOIL.' I — SHUT UP.' YOU HfARD "RUMORS" ABOUT ME AND JAKE AND JIGGER JACKSON. THAI'S BAD.' SEE. AARJ. PONOT THOSE TWO CAM ? I BELIEVt SHt'i RI6HT. BA5KV. HAT IOOKSLIW CHAHNEl'S CAR. GIVE HIM A MV MINO...WUAT? STANOMS IM UP LIKt THAT/ By LESLIE TURNER WASH TURKS THEM GIVE BACK A 3O8.-OIM THAT SHOWS VOO KWOW HE'S CM THf ROAD BACK! WEI/ER REGCIT IT so FWi ne'e HAD tiniE Mir. IIES ^^^PE no PLEDGE...WE'VE ASKED NONE. MIS MINI) IS CLEARER MOW. IVWD IT'S TIME WE SHOW GIG WE gEUEUE 1W ttltt! PAVS, CH f BUT 1'UE SEEN WILTY CONFIPEUT BEFORE CALIS ON win vis FORMER BECMJSE HE niDMT •<=; REALIZE WIIM" HE WI\S UPfcGWMST.MR KIGG5'. Ht KNOWS k WIIM.I: OF A PIFFEKttlCE Hy FRED HARM AN BUGSI!UNN\ HE CWM'T POSSlBLV E GOING TO READ .LL THOSE 8OO<S. OTTK Hfr.VE. ANOTHER. ,OAO O' BOOKS, L&.OY, RIGHT *,WA,Y .' ANY O\N<3 TIME LONS- OTED SHOWDOWN By EDGAR MARTIN ROOTS AND HKR HllPDIKS WEWE.R VCWE. WV^A VOOft ova / • ^ Ft I (^r»^7-^ v . Jf ^1 /i .»..,«.«.,.«. LCl'....^^^^^ COTTO N FARMERS ^ f' Chemically rteUntod eotlon s«ed germinate quicker, plant m and plow ine same week. Reduce chojiiiins c.itpens* and 1 produce more cotton per acre. STATK CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1>. * F. L. No. 14, per 50 Lb. Bat U. fc P. L. No. 13, Ter 50 Lb. Bag Sloneville 2 B, Per 50 Lb. Baf , Sloncville 'I t, Per SO Lb. Baf Rowdcn <1-B. Per 5« lb. B»s ! Hall & Half Illihred), Per 50 Lb. B»t J Coker-s IM Wilt Resistant, Per S« Lb. I'aula. Per 50 Lb. Ba|r Kmplre. Per 50 Lb. Bat Come in and place Tour order or jcel BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phonr «5« Blyfhevillc. ArV. Phone 857 Branches: Lcarhville, Ark., Hornersville, Mo. and Senath, Mo. .STUDEBAKER Phone 888 Phone 888 Choose A Number 1941 1947 1942 1948 1946 1949 Cars and Trucks . . . whatever niniicl vim waul, you'll find i( here at Cliamljlin Sales Cn.—a( a nc» lo»price', i'lan In conic in tomorrow. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stud«baker Dealer" Railroad & Ash I'lmrie 888 •STUDEBAKEk

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