The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1931 · Page 8
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 8
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MOE EIGHT Tbt tally Mwi tUndard, Unteoiown, Pi* Thursday Evening February 12j 1831. ^s ^ ,--H« ' fl ,»' r f" y ^ For Rftrt M»--It** i *r 2. THE MOST SENSATIONAL SELLING EVENT OF MODERN The ARCADE LADIES STORE LINO OU Jfe -- *m ML JL ^ ^^-^ ^»-- ^ ^*W * BELOW COST TO Starts Friday, Feb. 13 A. M. SHARP Women's - Misses' To $30.00 Values The greatest Coat Sale you have ever been asked to attend. See these marvelous values at these sensationally low prices. Just Look at These 9 O'clock Specials for Tomorrow SPECIAL NO. 1 Women's - Misses' SPECIAL NO. 3 Girls' to$7.95 OUR LEASE EXPIRES One to a Customer. None to dealers--While thev last. Please be on time. One to a customer None to dealers. While they last. WE MUST VACATE SPECIAL NO. 5 LADIES 52.95 Silk and Wool HOSE SPECIAL NO. 2 SPECIAL NO. 4 Ladies' and Children's EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE BARE WALLS MUST GO! One pair to a customer. None to dealers. SPECIAL NO. 6 SENSATIONAL Bargain Table FIXTURES FOR SALE! SALES Infants' Wear Dresses Pocket Books Pajamas, Etc. Women s - Misses All wool to $3.98 values. 1 to a customer. None to dealers While they last Promptly at 9 a. m. tomorrow. All good styles. While they last. Your Choice SPECIAL NO. 7 3 Yard REMNANTS Women's - Misses' Prints Percales Chambray Ginghams Etc. All last Colors. 5 yd. SPECIAL NO. 8 Children's Ribbed and Sport HOSE Dr to $15.00 Values The Dress Sale of the year- Here's a chance to save the most you have ever saved-See these splendid bargains. 35c and 50c values. Z pr. to customer. None to dealers. While thev last 10 Doors From Cohen Furniture ON THE AIR TODAY (Compiled by Culled Feature Syndicate/ T H U R S D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 12 BEST EEATCHES Arcu Blrthdij--"vVEAP Network. Drs.tna.tic Skelcb-- WEAF Network. Echoes of the Opcr»-- WJZ. Nctwort. Hamilton Watch--"WA.BC Net/work. Maxwell House--WJZ lieV»rcri£. Pr«. HnoTer--WAUC Net-ort. tern Standard Ti;ne !u first column;; in ccor.d.| ; STATIONS) lESTl iCSTi WEE!. BOSTON-- 5U- -b90 k. C.«h 1:45-- Duels Abe and David. 2:00 7:00 -- Plclschciana Hour. 9:00 8:00 -- Arco Birthday Party. 10:00 9:00 -- P^ev Hoover; L'JCky Strike ·ffBZA. BOSTON. «.nd WT3Z* SPRINGFIELD -- 303- -990 fc, S:5 5:*S-- WJZ proj i l \ - brs.r 8:00 7:00 -- Ftrst Kl£hw:r' Salon Orel*. J.C0 B 00 -- BlAcrstoae; SiJtXTTeil House. 10:00 a:0(-- Irving Shoe. WJZ. I0:*5 B-t5-- Crcaii. Weather, gporta. WliE, UCFFAI.O -- 545 -- 550 t. £:CC 7:00-- W ABC: Sunny Three. 5:30 ":30 -- \V.*.BC. oir HefZinalcS. 30:00 3:00 -- fetish H o u r - Poet's Comei 10:30 3:30 -- Terpsichore, v-rcli*. WCEN. BUFFALO -- 532 1--900 t. S.t5 *:45 -- Iransc Hepurtrr MarteVs. 6:15 0:15- Oreh : vjuprtet CF 45 5:4S-- .VBC prre .'*'« fcrs.) 11:00 10 Of.'-- New . V.'ea'hrr Wl.W. C I N C I N N A T I -- 1U- · 700 fc- o iT- :.«5'-Lo3-e;i T l t u r u a s 7.1-3 C.PO--A...T.O; - A ' t i y . Tsstyear.i. 7:00 · T1S , 'rrsO , 7:45 ,«:00 . «:30 *:oo «:30 30:00 VEW YORK-- 295--760 fc. t:35 -- Markets; RatsinR Junior. fl:l-- Peter TXU St«eden's Orel. 5r25-- - TalTc, John B Kennedy. 5: \i-Lo-weU. Tbomts. C:00-- Amos "n* ndy 6: l~Tastycast Jesters :30-- PWJ Cook. ' «:45 -- PrlendJy Pivo Footnote*. 7-00-- First Nlghtc: 7:30-- S«.lada Sa-lori Orch. 8^30 -- BlaciCitoac PUntatlDr.. 5:30 -- Maxwell aouse Ensemble. U:iKU-"He Knew Lincoln." B:30--Glara, La i Em. Jl:00 10:DO -- S!r;mbrr Music. 12.00 11:00 -- Henry Bussc's Orchestra, W.IEC. NEW YORK-- 5W-- 360 k. 6:30 *:30 -- Bert Losn's Orch. 6. DO -- O.-chestrH.i- 6:45 -- Heyirona Brnnn, 6:00 -- Morton Dotrney. Orch. 6:t5 -- Daddy Ratio; Mary Charlcx 7:15-- Barbasci. 7:30-- Kaltenborn Kdlts the ^evrs 7:45-- Hamlltcn Watch progratCL 8:00 -- The Forty 8:15 -- Old Gold. 8:30-- Detecttve Story 9:00 -- Pres. Hoover; Lutheran Hi 11:00 10:00 -- Ben Bcrrile's Orch. 1T30 10:30-- Orcrss. (1 br.); Nocturne. WC AC. PHILADELPHIA-- ««--l 170 t. 8:15 5:15-- News; Sports; Baker Boys. 6:00 -- U. or P.- Business Hr.. Orch. 7:OO-- PIJICO TTTUJS; WABC. 8:00 -- Forty-miners; Old Gold. . B'3ft-- WABO" l hr.!; Rour.dup. 11 00 10:00 -- «.3rch.. Movie Fan Club. TVLrT. PHn.ADSLPHTA-- WS-- 560 k. 6:00 5:CO-- Deiscrt Time; Pash» C:00 (5:45 7:00 7:5 «:15 · 6:30 j-^i i:00 . 9:15 8:30 20:00 7:00 6:00 0 00 6:30 WFI. PTBCTLADELPH1A-- 536-- 560 k. «:15 5:15 -- Zveuing Ballctln. News. : 6:30 5;30 -- Orch-, Abe David. " 7:00 6-00 -- W^AP programs J5 5:30 6:00 ' 7:25 «:CO · KDRA, · 6:00 5:00 -- Rondollers. Spaide Duo. · 6:45 5:45 -- Lowell Thomas. : 7:00 6:00 -- WJZ program (3) hrs. (10:00 S:00 -- Barn Dance. Clara. Lu Era. ll;M 10:00 -- Sports; Slumber Hour; Orch, »· c:\t-. 1*11 i S t u J K G H -- --!J.").0 -- 1220 k, 4:3U-- EUns Talkie; Markets. 5:00-- WEAF prog. (l ! ,^ hrs.) 5::25-- Weather. Tech Smiles. r:00-- WEAF progs. 3 hrs.) 11:00 10:nn -- Orchestra. A7HAM. ROCHESTER-- 2G0.7-- 1150 L 8:00 7:00-- WJZ progs, a hr.) »:00 3:00-- Industrial Rochester; NBO. 3:30 5:20-- WJZ programs ( I V i hrs.) 11:15 10:15 -- Organ; Weather. \VGY. SCHE.VECTADY-- 380-- 790 fc. 5:00 4:00-- Capital Trio: Uncle Jim. 6:00 5:00 -- News; Dewltt Clinton Orch. 7:30 d:30-- WEAF prog. CSV, hrs.l 11:00 10:00-- Organ RecltaL 11:30 10:30-- Orchestras 11% hrs.) CKGW. TO2ONTO -- C34.S-- 690 k. 6:30 5:30-- Dlncer Music. Abe David. 7:00 0:00-- Amos-Andy. Eagle Flights. B:00 7:00-- Flelschminn; Arco. ;$:30 8.30-- Clover Leaf Skipper: WJZ. 11:00 10:00 -- Slumber Music. Orch. WMAQ, CmCAGO--t4t--570 .'1:30 «:30--WABO ,1V* 8:45 r:45--Bluebirds; Ur. Bandeson- g:00 8:00--Muslcsl program t. 1000 d:00--Hydro* prog,. Muslc. 11:00 »u:oo--Amos-Andy; Marquett*. 11.30 lorsn-- Dan SylvU; Orchs. WBBM. CHICAGO--390--770 k. 9:15 5-15--WABC progr-ims (IV* hra.l 10:30 3:20--Al s» Pete. 12:15 11 15---Around the To'sm. WEME. CHICAGO--345- 870 k. ·|^0 n:~K--Farm prog.. Selberling. S;30 s:3'»-- Little Boster; KafL Radio. 11-00 10:00--Araas-Aady: studio. ll:So 10:30--Mlie Herman. Pop. prog 12:00 ll:0!V--Ali Vaudeville. woe, DAVENPORT, and WHO. OES MOINEJJ--300- 1000 k, 7:30 tS:30--Irish Tenor; Talk. 8:00 T;00--Plelschmann: Arco. J:30 :30--Arkansas PLi«» Prog. '10:00 9:00--Prcs. Hoover: LucWy Strike. 11.00 10:00--Palads Royal; Orch. WE AS. I.ODISVTI.LE--36t--£20 k. 7:30 6:30--Phil Cook; Friendly Five. 8:00 7:00--Fielschmann; Chevrolet. B:30 tf:30--Majcweli: WEAF i- hr.) 11:00 10:00--Amos-Andy; Ts^f.veast. 11:30 10:30--Orchestras; Organ. WTMJ. MILWAUKEE--481-- 620 k. 8:00 7:00--Fletschmsnn. 9:00 8:00--Arco: Ma.XTfell HotiEC. 10:00 »:00--WEAP (1 hr.) 11:00 10:00--Amos-Andy; Studio. KSTP, MPT.S.-ST. PAUL--205.4--1460 k. 8:00 7:00--FlelschirjSnn Hour Arco. 10:15 9:15--Lucky Strike Orch. 11:00 10:00--Amos-Andy; Grch. moted by Miss Alice Christy, chairman of the homeroom meeting guidance. The initial meeting of the new "Al- manack" staS was held yesterday at the close of school. Miss Thelma Wetterer, whose engagement announcement was recently disclosed was receiving many congratulations from her many friends yesterday. Mr. Lathery, better known as able decrease since it was made a regulation that any student who does not arrive before 8:30 a. m. and 1:15 p. m. must report not later than 8 o'clock the following morning. This enables the student to build up naturally the habit of punctual attendance. x The noon hour' shoe shine stand at the school is proving a popular place and is aiding in building up an attitude Mr. "Mac*," was the popular boys' phys- of neatness and cleanliness among the ical education director at Ben Franklin last year. The tardiness has noted a consider- students. Approximately three hundred students spend their noon hour at the Ben Franklin school and it is necessary that they enter the cafeteria in "shifts"' hi order to be accommodated. Games and sports of all kinds sponsored by faculty members form diversions for the spare time. The library is usually always well filled with interested readers, profitably spending then: noon hour period of recreation. Margaret Cline, music supervisor, has already started preparation for the spring operetta, the outstanding performance of the music department during the entire school year. cmdl^cn/ Senasfa/ . . (WESTERN STATIONS! KTW. CHICAGO-- .291.1 -- 1020 t. 7:3lJ 6:30-- Congress Hotei Orch. a:00 7-00-- Orch. : Conoco Prog. . 9 : C 8:00-- NBC prog. (2 nrs.) 11:00 10:00 -- Sport Features; Orch- I:0fi I2:0(i-- Orchestras ,3 rirs.) BEN FRANKLIN! SCHOOL NOTES | WHK. i:i.tvn.ANf--·Jir..:-!2JC i. · 7:30 «:30-HLT:K-y F i v e . V.'APC. S:00 7:00--'vVABC p r d R ( » h r . : Tali S:C2 6:D3-- \VABC ProK (2 hrs.i 11:00 10:00--Orel;tft.-as (2 brs.) WTAM, CLKVELANO--»«.5--1070 k. C::5 5 li--Orca.. Uncle Abe fc Darli «:CO 7:00--PJelscr.TT.Jufiti Eour. S:00 3:00-- Arco; Melody Momenta. iC:00 *:OG--Pre.«. HOOT-S- Lucty Strike. WJR, DETROIT--»tn--750 k. SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- 7:OC T:20 6:ZC«--Scr.usr Pros.. WJZ (1 hf., :5.00 S'OO--Police Draina. WJZ. ;i:00 10:00--Hjitfio Reporter. HuriSr? 6. 11:30 10:20--Scaio~l*r,d: Slumber Mus'.c WVTJ. OETEOrr--S2«--*20 k. ?-OC T:0' -- FlrLsclunmn Arco. «.JO 8:30 -- WEAP pruiiras! .2 fcrj.J 11 -JO 10.30-- Cotton Clab Orch. WXTZ. DETROIT-- 24 L-- 13+0 k. »^X) ·.00-- WAPX: procrras a hr.) 5. IS MS-- WAEC Pros. ' 3 « hr.) XC:00 5:10 -- L ;.rr;s . 5 WOE.. V E W A E K . -- iza-. oi K 'G? 30 -- ^ _ - " B:30~McA:ee: J^rJodistSs t «S- ?i:::?arv B a l i 8:15--KrrmU:. Art '»iu:r.:et. « Trotfer; Orch-str*. KAT. NETP TOXK-- 4.W-- «0 t 5 CV- Slack Cold Room Orch. 'OC -JijTTts Sinj. «' *C -";?.?-ara «,:C3-j:, prOfj. ':Ort--r»L?:h.';-ar.n-V»nee Orcii. :0^ -/.-cc BlrttcLay Pxrty. crrch. ; r«. r,:;;..ctoc"e Orchestra. iaiias waicg bux toy auS3it V^di oc- colder Sn flitter be-- caiise At a "record breaking'' contest at the j Ben Franklin school yesterday overj five thousand discarded Victor records j collected by the students were broken [ up and placed in barrels ready for i shipment. The school \vill receive a \ ncvc 3 Victor radio in exchange. The ! homerooms of Mrs. Ashcroft, ninth [ grade, and Miss Becktel, seventh grade, | each went over the 'eight hundred' mark. Sections sponsored by Miss Alter and Miss Heyser passed the four hundred mark. More extra credit records are expected before the contest closes Friday. AThe Journalism Club elected the following officers at their initial meeting: President, Francis H. Shimshock, Jr.; vice-president, Lewis Riley; secretary. John Spurgeon, and treasurer, Betty Button. New basketball uniforms have been purchased by the men faculty. Betty Button and F. H. Shimshock. Jr.. were Ben Franklin visitors at the j Lafayette assembly program Wednesday afternoon. The regular meeting of the Boys' Leaders Corps was he'd in the gym last evening. Edna Killing, seventh grade English instructor. Is confined to her home o n j account of sickness. I A sudden decrease in the school at- ; tendance percentage has been noted since the sudden change from the balmy weather of last week. Mrs. Eleanor Ashcroft, chairman of the school GuiCanoe committee, was in charge of the faculty seminar Monday evening where reports were received from the addresses delivered recently by Br. D. H. Eikeriberry; of Ohio State University. "Fair Play" was generally discussed at the regular homeroom meetings yesterday morning; the program was pro- WHY FEBRUARY HAS ONLY 28 DAYS WHEN juuus CAESAR REVISED. THE CALENDAR. HE GAVE FEBRUARY 2.9 DAYS. A FEW YEARS LATER WHEN AUGUSTUS WAS EMPEROR, HE DE- pDED TO NAME THE EIGHTH WNTH AUGUST j^FTER Hlf^SELF* THJS MONTH HAD ONLY 30 DAYS AMD AUGUSTUS WANTED ff TO BE AS IMPORTANT jAS JULY, NAMED ^FTER JuUUS, WHICH HAS3U ^O HE TOOK A DAY OFF PEQRJJAR/ ANJO ADD£D IT TD AUGUST. LEAP YEAR QOADRENN1AULY HELPS FEBWARY OUT. IN THE EARLY DAYS OF BICYCLES, BEFORE. ·me WD RUBBER TIRES, TBS WOOO») WHEELS OF THE OLD K BONeSHW£RS v ACTUALLY SCORCHED VVftCN DRWEN AT RJWOUS SPEED. Tr£RE £STT IN THIS EXPRESSION, /^ APaiQTO TriOSC WHO RQOE NOT WtSSLY BUT TW WELL. GROUND Hos DAY EARLY GER?AAM serTLERs BROUGH! TO TH£ UNfTED STATES TH£ SUPER- THW "tF A BADGER SEES SHADOW ON CANDLEMAS DAY WILL LINGER A MONTH . SINCE GsROO^DHOGS C^ORE. PLENTIFUL, AMERICAN ERS OV*NX5ED THE ANIMAL AMD CONTINUED THE. SUPERSTTflON. . * 1931 by Metropolfun NewtjapCT Feature Serrfce. Inc. Great Britain \' · '

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