The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1931
Page 8
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KI.YTHKVIU B. (AUK.I CUUKIKK Differences In Personality Develop As Oklahoma Quadruplets Approach Maturity! v ' 1 '"'^« m. X L 11 . • nl one; ol those --j>:«lace This arrangement, Ii Is raid, was followed r.t l!ic dliius:- taKc, ati church, at 11:3 movie; i;!;:i every-, visile- V;:iu:- :md at one' Ume, : '•'•'<* o( mlrr'j.'s" ! "•">'? i places in nn amusement park, Uo- ! berla waited head-en into her vo- | ilcction In n mlr.-or. thinking; i->y- v.-ns meeting Mo:)a. However ell a!' ihss; sis.-i-, .may be, Mis. Keys Admits'- tin; Ac has te?n tortuwti In thru a'.i i four of the girls liavc always Jifc-j j housework. Household duties' tuv; 1 been divided into Icm- parts, mid Left lo right'In all pictmeF, Ito- berta, Mc-na, Mary and T.euta Key*. . . . now make your own cmnparl- sons! By NBA Service . HOLLIS, Okla.—ShaUciini; -ill of the odds drawn up against. b'ViScientlsts, the four K;ys sister;, quadruplets, arc growing Ic nn- turity—and. in the bargain, r •"are completely upsetting the old theory that children who cotne four in a group will havo personalities. ' . They are now very much nlike —and very much dlllercnt. Tlic sisters are Mom, Ro'jcm. Mary and Leota. In a few munlhs ' they wilt be 16 jears c!d. Ine.v are" halfway through high schw!. and already they have besjuti lj tell friends that they do not intend to be old maids. To begin with, by simply reaching the age of 16 they are win-* [each morning one ol (lie four plich- ! es In on her own Job—dusting, washing dishes, making the bed-' o:' whatever It may be. Mrs. Keys, i:i consequence, has found her own household tasks lightened considerably, All Studying Music; Four OHii-r Chlldrrn Many vaudeville oneis nave te:'n made to the quadruplets, mil their parents have insisted that they finish their schooling before they c^n consider them. It is possible that when studies are completed "the girls will'go on the stage together- at any rate, they are all studying music. There ar.c four older children In the family. Mr. Kcys has* a hardware store here in Hollis Incidentally, the quadivjlets have probably mel more people than uily Ccj: J:-. or C . o; i;lyt:ic- v.'Sre the guests oi Mi:s Slcw- liiiur Mrs. Q. O. Travh Sun-. ay jvening. M':i Opal Wall who 15 now cm- Ployid with inc Bankers Undet- wrr..-^. Inc., of Mcmp^s .and N.!dHil!c is cpencing a lev: cir.y.s with her parents Mr. and Mrs. R /.. V/itll of MapleKTOd. • .r, ..*: Mr,;. .: H. ; ( . ..", :!t! :...-. i\oj V/.-au-., ;.!:- Mi'lii!'. Mrnl: iv. • c. \. \VL.J;. IV.ti! l-Vaine ui:-. V.'. A. i; i .i:-.-y. Claim: Holnas a.iii '_.;-ty Ho^ptr of Tyii-r trnivz'.-tcd business lute Y:r.i!ay. Mis. A'Jilln EHJ-. I'.'Unclstl a hsre were A THREE DAYS* COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL _ M noav evrnirit.' Tlij' Sleek Epv.orfh Lrague a!- ; tended the unruiM c:. Icngi-.? meet | Jnek L. Manning tranr.iclcd bus-! at Cooler Monday night. There os: tn Mcmjihk Monday. 1( -" e hundred and fiv? memberu) W. H Stovall of Dlyihevillc' present, representing the leagues 'frcm H'jyti, Carutliersvillc, Steeli, 1 .! .odds are nearly ecnmlly great thnl| rtMsn ,, nh ,„ „„,, Ul , K when quadruplets dp come th-y T) , c „„:,,,. , rl3 Amfl Km will not all be of the same scx.l for 0 , Mmr llfc And to top It off, there are l:n s j T . lsU . s Vn tvnl odds that not all four will air-1 ,„ slud|cs a( S( . h(M) , Vive, in fancy. ' years, there was the problem of clothing, for thc girls wnnled lo dress alike. Hut as ;. Ihe girls grew older, things got easier. They do mosl to care • of their own dressmaking now. I addition to doing much of. i housework. .'Looked Much Alike In school, Mona likes mnthenifH- are' lcs> Robft( n nIK) Mary)lrcfcr E e Infancy stage. nnd' ]lsll> nIKl Leotn ws tor hlsl -"""nleresnng • —' Thelr pa ' Cnls ' Mr ' nlllt Mr); ' R When They Were Rabies Besides, when they grew older they came to resemble cnch othei "ilow would we ever provide j 1 ' 1 ? " lcm n l mrl B "d had to mark bablcs with different ribbons. Is coloret -and you are nt lib I erty to believe It 'or not, as' you " But here Uio Keys sisters '-.welt pasl ,tbe healthy as anyone would wlslt.l . n , cll . piucll i s ""M r . ^lufMrs' P. a ^^ b't 'ess- I" their infanc; .And Ihe most interesting thing ; M Ke ys..nrc extremely glad thall ttle J' !c:l!lo<1 so much alike tha about them, perhaps, is the "d',th; girls don't, hnve iileiillcaltastcs : cvo " the Parents had trouble tell that they 110 longer look as much .... alike as they used to, and a vest j lhcm a ,i wlth U30 . f d • , „ ; t fwent'now 50 "' < ' l " tC \ m<i ot ' : - cr Ullll 8 s lf M <°™ «'ant- ' .Three Are Brunets, nsks Mr Kc) , s One Is a Blond. | Mrs. Keys nTimlts tlmt itisl at i please-that ns they grew . Three of them—Mona. Robert?, j first Uie quadruplets were quite a Mr. Kcys family evolved a seating and i'ary—are bvunets. Lcota is c j jircblem. Only one baby had bcou : arrnngcment and ordered tne girl bl ° nd - '.expected, and ihcre was a uranl to slick (o it constantly, by whlcl • Mary, thc heaviest, weighs 12C, jscurryltitj aboul that niyht of June Roberta alwny.s sal at the rlfhl .pounds. .Lcota weighs .only 110.'-*., ?915, to make one layette do hand end ntid was followed, Roberta 111 and Moria 116. jtjiiartriipla duly. j\nd then, for der. by Mona, Mary nnd I<eota - Roberta made an average grade | of 96 in her .school work .last year. Mona gol a 93, L$ola got a 00 and Mary fetched up tlie rear-with an 85.: When the other sisters found Mary lagging they pitched In and helped her, in order to bring tf.e group of girls tch year thousands of tour ive stopped here Just to see mous Keys quadruplets. transacted business here last Th(i:£(liiy. - Uncle Tom Lipscomb arrived honv liisl week after an extended vis(t with relatives at Lexington, Ter.n. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jordan and children me spending this week with Mis Jordan's parents at Nev,-- uorii, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Flank Jordan have moved into the Geo. Lyon residence on Main Street. Miss Gertrude Iludgens of Cu- rulhertville aiul Miss Rubye 6p:n- cer suent, Saturday night as tlie Kiiest Qf Mr. cuid Mrs. Abnfr Asli- craft Sunday they motored to Bly- tlicville where they were tha guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hudgens. Lev«s Pauuter of St. Louis was a business visitor in SWele Friday. 'Miss Dora Marks, formerly em- lilrycd v.-lilt the newspaper at Thaji^r Is spending a vacation wilh 5/ee/e Society.—Personal Mr and Mrs. Bailey Campbell of Haytl spent Sunday with the tor- "icr'ii parents Mr. and Mrs. Wyley Davis. Mrs. Campbell will be remembered as MJss Llrcn Brltton forrecr post office clerk here Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vick announce e i this week. I Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Britton and I children returned t</ Utttr home ia " I uuriias Sunday after spending sev- cial duys with relatives here. Mrs. A R. Btckham has been very ill at her home In Cooler. Quite a number from here nave, been visiting Mts. A. J. McCollum who Is recovering at her daughter a home in Cooler among those are NOTICK a fine baby girl, the arrival of born Jan. 8th at their home '1 miles south of Stecle. Miss Wadad Hnmra is spendiiw several days with relatives at'Ful- lon. Kentucky. CJlias. Ylrk. and Harold fiteele were social callers in Cooler Tuesday evenirir;. Mrs. O. V. Wells and Mrs. R H. Alexander motored to Kerinett Sunday where they were thc guests of Mesduines Joe Braden and Daisy Deeding. ADMINISTRATOR'S OF SALE ..,,, ^,,i. E . ,. . Mlfs Jewel Matthews was sfep- '.'»' to hereby given that as /VU1IUI1I3VI »tul »J» '•'Mary Cruio, deceased, I will. Between the hours of ten o'clock In th» fnrennnn and three o'clock in liie" iTflcrncon. on the 31st day of January. 1331. at the front door of the court house In Blytheville. Arkansas, ofler for sals at public auction to the highest, bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described lands, to-wit: Lots 6 anuV 7. Block 8, Allison Addition to the Clly of Blytheville, Arkansas. Purchaser at, such sale wiU be recmlrcd to ei™ no:e w:til x<:al " ' by me and will be re; of the pur- Holland, Braggadocio and Cooler. A sh'rt and humorous program was rendered by- Die Cooler league ul the conclusion munpruus games were played liefcrc adjourning pop coin balls were served in Hie center of each or.e was a slip of paper wl'h a f'rtune v.-ritten upon it which were read end much enjoy- l. ' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pounds an- j ncunce Die arrival of a nino pound ; baby girl born Monday a. in. at 3 o'clock. The little Miss has been named Joe Ann. Both mother and babe are Betting along nicely. 'Coughs from colJs msy ItaJ | 0 - ritus ttoulrlc. You CJH tlop ilicru imvv wirh CreomuUion, jn eniu^ifitil i.- r crjH>le ihit h [jleasacil to uke. Ci.-o:jiulsinn is 3 medical discover)- villi imj.fuU action; il soollics a;ut lital; [he j'nfbmcd RieinljraNt's anil in- hiliii) eerui grotvili. . Of all Lniyun dru«s creosote is rcc- o^niied b) lii K li medical authorities as one, oT the greatest huling assnci'.'s for coughs from coUs and bronchial irritations. Crcomulsion conlaii]?, in oijilition (o creosote, oilie eleracnt'; vliirti HXI|!IP ami heal |l lt j'nlNrjH'J nicfiibrani s ar:J -lay i|, e ; r . illation, ivliilt- if:t' c;.-'i:o:i: g«y.-i ,,,, t9 llie ilijiiucli, i~ jliiurlx'd ir.lo i| u , IJuuil, nllacks lli.' ;. .H of llic IrouLtc ami chrcks ih-; ^fi^lfi «,f :!K; j;r.[iij,/ lory in ilw: luMtnu'nl of ruu^lis frojn col,Is, bronrliilis and minor fumi- oi liioncllial irrilalions, j:n! 'a i-\.\lle::t fur building upllie B\i:c7l :i[lcrcoU!s or llu. Mn:i,.y rtfun.lo.1 \[ re.t ru- lfiu-(> ( J aflrr tuhing accorJi:;^ loiiiri?.j- lions. Ask your iiuytf'.:. (ajv.) ^^.^.j, .....c, iitaurg nous. Ask y "^ •"" ^^ • ^r I ^^ Ln • -«-«• a -w FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG Ofy STOLES' DOLL FOU PRESENT LOHriON. (UP)-An adverll.w- ment In' the |«rsonal column of a newspaper here asked the thief who stole a doll from a certain automobile to place it 0:1 sotne Christmas tree and oblige the owner. COW SETS WORLD RECORD ] TITTENSOR, (Staffordshire) I Eng. lUPJ—What is claimed to be | a new world record has been established by a Frisian row owned by L. J. SVans which has given 1,827 gallons ol milk. . <W™ vcd ping in Dlythcvlllc Friday eveoing J llen - U P°" thc londs Mrs. S H. Martin of Blytheville ^™<1 f ° r tlle Pay mcn called on Mrs. A. -J. McCullum who chase money. !s convalescing ut, the home of heri D«ted this 8th day of January. •lausrhter, Mrs. Bill Woodward at 1931- __ , Cooler. i • B. E. ROBERTS, D. B. Holly and son .Jerry- of I . . Administrator. Cooler transacted business' in Reid, Ev-rard <t Henderson, Sleele Monday. ' ''' ""•" : ",i Attorneys. Robt. W. Hawkins of Caruthcrs- 1 1—8-16 WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT. CH1CKA- SAWBA DTSTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri state Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, No. 4850 vs. J. B Threlkeld, et al.. Defendant. The de^ndants, Vol WUUford and Mollle Willlford are warned to Bppe»r within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Missouri State Life Iti5uranc* do. i Dated Jan. 14. 1931. j R. ,L. GAINES. Clerk. I By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Ad Litem. 15-22-2S-5 Get A Genuine FORD BATTERY For Your Car Gtl a new Ford /3-platc battery for your car before trouble overtakes you en .some dark road. You know you can depend on It because it'& made by Ford ;iml the eost is only $7,50. Furtheir- more, mfe'll five you an allowance on your old battery. For both cars and trucks—that shows how coed it s. Made tu fit other mokes of cars in addition to Ford, Installed quickly wh!le you wait. $7.50 i-'its many makes nf e:ir.i ^^^ 777 Tire & Battery Station Phone 777 Phillips Motor Company Phone 810 y r Capudine Ends Headache in a Few Minutes OEGARDLESS of .wheiher head * v .aches result from ncnousncs , indigesuon, eyes or over-work, ihou- saads of people are gelling relief from suffering through Capudine in «n Amazingly short time. Being liquid, Capudine acts immediately, often in one-third the lime required by other forms. Itcontainsno narcotics, does not disturb digestion «nd is approved by doctors and druggists. tTen with the most severe headache, relief comes very qu-ckly. SoH n Drat Storu, lo/, 3W & 604 botllu - RITZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday %^S « /\ HICKS <1» Labudt 9 FOR HfAD, FOR HfADACHfS HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Who Cares for Tomorrow? Helen Twelvetrcfs Majorie Ranibrati R;c!-.ardo Cortez'] Phillips Holmes James Oleascn HEi. Al/LIV This happens in the singer tenj- erloln district of Havana, with its mad life of unrestraint—where women live for what they can eel and men tor what they can fcrget. A thriUlhK—sensational story of a girl's regeneration. Matinee and Night—10-25e. WV d>\ ^\ V\ ^QtM ^cPk^^ ! !\^ An underworld ^alliuit higli-! li:Us his way to romance, and ricliL 1 .-. INTER EESSES to make room for Spring merchandise Birr Now! Your choice at theM low pricesi COATS DRESSES the Broadcasting rehearsal was thrown into Confusion Sporu coatj of monotone tveed and c»m«ri hu'r Gnisbci . . . notched and johnny collar Kylo .. . tome witb fur-trimming. Plain colon and i few prints ... acton iaj flic atpe... dnuei to brighten jout vinuc w^rdtobc. Coming—Sunday & Mc-nday —Charles Farrell in "PRIN 7 - CESo AND PLUMBER", now • running in St. Louis. Last Time Today—"WHAT A WIDOW" with Gloria Swanson. Mafinee & Night—I0-25c. Also with K;w Francis Matinre—10 ami 30c. _ Night—10 and 35c. Coming;—Sunday & Monday —Jack Oakio in "GANG BUSTER". Coming — Tuesday. Wednesday & Thursday—Joan Crawford in -TAIL)". Last Time Today—"HKLL'i ANGELS"—with Jc-nr, Usn low. Jlatinee—10 and 30c, Night—15 and -lOc. Dnn coxa of broadcloth -with fluffy or flat Bright jrudej, pncticJ tolid colon toil i fur collar twj cuffj . , . aUo tpora tnd ocv prian in thk group ... caaton tad EM $9.90 Broadcloth tnd trico broadcloth CCUH for drtu . . . trimmed with Minchurian Wolf (dog), Lipin and Vicuna. Black, brown and highshidu. Remarkable valued Street dresio, genera! daytimt and afternooa typa ... of canton. Bat crcpc, »itin crepe, georgette and chifloo •,. plain ihidej uid pruiu. J. C. PENNEY 220-222 W. Main Street :-: IHythcvilJe, Ark. H URRIED whisperings, staccato exclamations, buzzed through tlie New York studios of thc National Broadcasting Corporation during a final rehearsal one evening recently. Thirteen minutes more, and "Thc Empire Builders," aprogramspon- sored by the Great Northern Railway, would "go on the air." Suddenly a protest :"Thatwhistlc'swrongt Who ever heard x train whistle like that?" Startled questions. Quick replies. Confusion. The whistle had bccndcscribcdbythcrail- road, and thc description faithfully followed by thc Sound Effects man. But the clement of doubt, tossed before thc already tense performers, threatened demoralization of thc entire program. One man kept his head. Calmly, even casuilly, Raymond ' Knight*, production manager, reached for the telephone. "Long distance? Give me thc Great Northern Railway at St. Paul, Minnesota. This is an emergency call." "Hold the line, please"—and in less than a minute and a quarter, Knight was talking to thc Great Northern official in charge of thc broadcasting program. "That train whistle, just as it goes into the tunnel—is it right?" Knight asked. "It seems funny *nd shrill to us here. Listen, and I'll Ww it for you." •In hli Icu Kriout GO menu Knight ii "A»bro« j. W«ms" of "St«tioo KUKU." "Thc whistle is all right," pronounced St. Paul and explained: "It's nor a regular steam whistle. It's an air whistle, on an electric train b.tcking into n tunnel. When an electric tr.iin hicks into ;t tunnel time's thc way thc whistle sounds." "O. K.," smiled Knight. And, confidence restored, the program proceeded without a hitch. 111 If you aren't accustomed to using "long distance," you will be surprised .it its speed, clarity, low cost. - Thc best way to prove it is to try it. If yon will nsc thc attached coupon toscnd us.thc names and addresses of fcl.uivcs or friends in other cities, we will send, without obligation to you, an "Out-of-Town Number Book" containing their telephone numbers and quoting thc cost of a three-minute call to each. Southwestern Belt Telephone Company, j SOUTHWESTERN- BEI.L TELEPHONE COMTANT < [ ! «" ! i i i FlciKKnJn:ean"", ! ! giving th: Iclcphon: nt:nii>:r< cit ilic (xrso^s | ; listed on the «!i;hrJ shcc:. Nara: Adilrcjs

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