The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1946
Page 9
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?" FRIDAY* MAY-10, 1946 PLTTEEVILLB (ABK.K COUBEEB NIW§ -CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mir rat< p*i IU* loi louMiUw ta- lllml DOB Cktrft _ 10* I Urn* pu Ua> , 16> 1 tiMm p*i U»> p«r «ir 11. • Umm pw'tte* fvr t»j _____ a> • UB4A p«r lt&« p«* (Uf . TC i MMtk INT unt —r."nn~ »o! Voul Hi* •»»•• wort, u U« Uu. r AA* •tdlrW for Ulr«4 *r »U llm«« »i •topp«4 b«for« «Kplr*iloa will b« eh*rg*4 M> tk* »«ab*c of llmM tb. >d _i>l»>'«* *ad 4dja«lmciit of bill j&*4«. Ill CliitlfUd Adierlliinf copy .ab- Altttd bj p«rKiiil r«liiliiijt oulildft of tA* city matt 04 ftccoxa|>ftnied by t*»b, K*tM Myb* •A.EIjr eointuled froitf tb« ttov« Utll. AdTMtlifax ord»r for lrr*fnlar EnMr- foa» lftk«*' the oo* tin* raU. Na rMponlllnlitr will b« tak«n for more «ltt«4 .d. ' » uijf e >»• rot SALI Six Room Residence, water, no bath. A bargain $1»00 Cash. H. C. Campbell. Phone 4 Hi or 29flO. ''" 6-pk-10 Fillini; Sullim Oooil lucntloii wllh Hint,' *>n ucounc of 7-lik-ll llojuo Mlillil'K "< fl-nil. •JO yrs, i-X[H-ru witli '(•r. Mrs AiJIM-s .Mii^r, ' . •dry. aU<i guilts ucid til-M <iri-i-n v Mrlllilil X. IliKlnviiy I) I. For Safe Good used radios with :iD ' day guarantee. Reasonable l»ri«es. Perry's Radio Service Co..Phone ;IM'l. 1211 W. 1 Main. 5-LO-ck-tl I scrvifi'. Bill Ht* Wliii,. Hurk fryers. Mrs. Kill: iOin ]>efr.' H li-ni-l<,r; r> fura I,,nil,,til ilisc; I>LAC Ijrvnki'r; unvv riLhivninr. AIL HI A^L ^h:i|"-. -VI tOO r.iihli. .^1111^ K(.i-r.:l[, Id. 1, Xaytur, ilu 9-|ik-lli I6IJN Afi-i's. Kiuc Uliil, [ii'r iiri-,.. HiKlisvuy Ul. Uiiiicl > art-.. 4J.I II.TM, I.illlo Ui«r «ilO i ' iniprovpj. HUy. ->U)il Ilipvlllc on $1.;-, ucr lanil. 2 inlios' at Castor 'jii'vcr 'l,ai!j. Wi-'sl u[ Mo. (iog4 iiti|irovcm<!ii[1. inrro. 1'hlcln-r r'Mi.-i-, |,h-jn» There's no plac UkeHQME far Ford Service Political Announcements House-movinj;, levelnir, repair «( foundaUons. \'.'. yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, phone JW17 or ;)2<r2. 5-7-i)k-6-7 Realtor. Office Lynch BIdg. Phone 2034. Residence 1134 W. Ash, Phone 502. Licensed broker, Arkansas & Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. last your property for quick cash sale. 4-27-ck-5-ll |iorl'h. 1 tic mil ill Ilio v See or cull iir fiO^ -l.yi W:<lxut Jenny l.iiiil lleil. I lunllress ])>HLlile coil Slirlnt-s. $:]». I'hnne :::td mill bntll. C nf yronnil. j i;o o[ town. | I'll Itul'ljliij! I D-L-k-13 . .awn mowers Eh&r|ieneil abil 'rciiafifi. 'All (vpH, mil kinds. M'u Eiieciutlzu in |>uwcr niow«r • Hbnr^iening Hud motor overhauling. VCK, WB jj[ck up. nutl deliver. iilyllicvilla ilaclilne Slio]>. i Tractor repairs and service. Electric an-d acetylene r siinnx lutmiui:n —'-—1- \ welding. Blacksmith work. 4 row Rotary Ho«. Mildred, Delta Implement Co. Phone Coartor M*w« bai Ui annourux, ih« Jgllow- caiidliate*,. «ub}«rt to UM Dimocrivtlo prlruary: rillKKirr AND COLLKCTOB JACK riNLJEr ROBINSON V/ILUAM DEHHYMAN coTj^rr^r JUDGE QENE K, BRADLKT ROLAND QllERH rOK TAX ABSESSOB tX)YLE HENOERSOH W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIHCTJTT CITRK HARVBY MOIirilU CO11NTV CODKT OLBEK ELIZAHETH BLYTHB COUNTY THKASUUB DMLLA PURTLB ALENE worm E. C. FLKEMAN LB3L1E "DUKIE" BPBOK L. )1. AUT11Y W. J. WUNDKH1.TCU (I-'ur rt'-rlcclltin} STATE SENATOB .7. LKB UKARDBN JEFFEliSON W. SPKCIC FRIENDLY SERVICE Get your car ready for Spring and Summer driving P H ILL I PS MOTOR COMPANY ' FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. TeJ. 453—454 Traffic nrcldPiil.'i killed n lolnl of ll.UiO iiorsons durliit! lli« first six innnilis of la-lfi. uccovdlgii; la rcc- ortls. BABY CHICKS Finest quarity at nil limes. Comiikfe line of iiotillry feed. 'J'lio place in own. "We Buy Poultry * Kgfs" Ches/cr Lewis Poultry .)!.'! Kast Main St. Bunch, Yarhro. 5-9-pk-lo Slnnly solid tci|> oilier jiuriinsu^. Aho. Rlniwer ciirtiun. Cnll '^ tnblp fnr tennis nr Aho. w^ilc Lexlrort I after -1 ]MII. SIS- |.k- II Wonted To Buy Small stuck of jrroce.ries-, iiair of Day- I ° ^^ ton 'smii-s. c.iii ami. «.|iii-n I —;—r _ I oOll .511 6 Postal Cards anil one 8x1 (t - |iart,. -117-rli-lf enlargement $2.85. O'Steen's Studio \ 5-7-ck-U' • 2 wa(«r coolers, bnml saw with 4 F.IV/S. Hip jiiiw, 'A li-|>. nmlor and fhjsilili' fcl.*ft f^r bnffitiii. 1'Jwno 590. -7-yk-ll due. 1941 StipiT Uiiluxo Harley l)»vl^ ill foinl ciMidiliun. Will finance. Can bd s<-.en at i-ilis Iiusileillual C«. -7-ck-l 1. Ilieire or a. IIHUAO ful].-CMi '2:10^, Alvin ilnrdy Furniture. Co. ' -UlO-ck'tf Situation Wanted . til vrnnts j.ili tlriTini; cnr. \Vil ith otlier Iniilters us nrrr elcclrlo hot O-pk-^0 Grocery Store and fixtures." See F. M. Davis. 1101 S. 5 ; 6-pk-5-20. like St. PHOTOSTATS of your serv ice discharge. O'Steen r s Studio. 5-4-ck-tt s-jik-ir. Hclure frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf Named for Him ~"Big' Beni" famous Jiour bell U the-House -of 'Parliament, London was namPd for Sir Benjamin Hall chief 'commissioner .of., works a the time the bell first was cast ii 1J85G. .The British used , spa lions t track down ^ubmafines in Wor! War I'witli some success. 1 dnrific-iliun with sodncr, tanks. \ri!l or 645. sell clieap. tanks, 4|26-ct-tf Brewery stt>r« with living -juarlers, 10- Ketlii'r with 4 rental liousus. Approximately 2 acres of l.ind. Fronts 13 Hwj- 61. borders on Cotton Belt K.H., ideal location fur iuGualry. See UDchanaa'n tlurcery, N. Hwy. Ot, New ZenUnd wliite rabliils. 3 does and a 4 comi>artini'nt hutch In your tnrk yard. Will Ao wonders to relieve tlie meal shortage at your Lou&e. 3 peJ- li,-re«d brert does \vitli liutcli $60. 3 T<cist*r«d bred doci with hutch, $75. South Side Kibbilry. a raik-a So. H« >'. 61. Illythevillc, Ark., 1'lione 3390. Don't worry abont hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf •lann rowlslnn Kclioo] of Music. Iw seen M 800 ChicVasawlia or c»H 2049. 2<-clcU Uno Allen ]\totor Tone-up rnaclilne factory rfccoiitliti<jncr. l.tie Motor S^les. K..t liain. Plume 509. 4|20-ek-tl 805. N. 10th. REPLACED We have jusl installed the latest machine to make Keys. And we carry a complete stock of blanks. When you need nn extra Key, see us. BLAN HEATH Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 W. Main Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Mam Phone 3616 Bain - Phillips Robinson Service - Felix Carnej For Rent nl willi kitrlM-n >t IlfHru ^1. r-,1 IVinr Kainn hi: S-pk-I l>i>n^nti. L'lionu druum. 314 . C«U MST. G-vik-1^ 9th. rhon"e 2^53. cdroom, 811 -N'. Kitttb. i'lion We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 073 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Ihvv. (il nl Stale Line Phone: Blylhevillc 7M . I Farmers Furniture Store Now Located at 405 East Main St. Nm7 ami Used Furniture" • ETTER SERVICE toy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Oil' 301 West Walnut Phon* 578 Wanted to Trade Vill trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 3!) models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., ^ILiL^^J^lu^tEtH Wanted to Rent uniisheJ np^rtinuiil or two bedroom lions*-. Call 2GfiO, Permanent. 13-ck-lf Help Wonted lor M'iintoiT ft.ll nfiv ]>;\l.' kil fun with 10 per rent DDT. iil.ri.nlr.1l,- \vliirh innkcs J sill, .•nit DDT xilutiiin. .SVllin^ !i> nir (nr ?1.19. profil f"i >IIXir. I'.i.t ]il..vil:i: r,|nr.[ i| ri^.rl itvrr inilin slnlimi K l.O.N' city. Ail.ln-ss llnx 1)1.M. (Vinricr Nrivs. lQ.|ik.ll Refrigerator Senrice OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2G42 'l>NSTKi:<:T[OX WO.tKKHHI Mm NVniiirii. IlnrHlr.-.lh .if I.IL; jfiljK iiini, r n-ny HI tin* Unili-il .Stulos I'droiirii (Nninrri»«. Kxvt-Uenl Vi» mid homier s. Si'.nil ono ilolls.r ttir imi, contriiflnr. llr ,,[ 1,1 IHT i>«-U on-itMirtinri ltt-^>nrrli Iliirc.iii. Read courier News Want Ads. 50 Bu. Whippoorwill Pe Blythevilie Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-tt CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blythevifle" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Battery and Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone 3443 Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HENS --Today- COX 24c 15c Frices s«l>i«t to Market Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel BIdg. * HABY CHFCKS 3 to 5 (lays old—$4 10 $12 per Several breeds — Feeds, FounU — Feeders. ELEVATOR FEED STORF Broadway at R. R- Tracxs Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Urn and DeUvei Just Received! Electric Irons $6.70 Tins T;iv We Ruy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR m East Main Phone 2107 I'erferl rttimlrli'e for today's en- iinkile frtu(\\'LMr asMirnil whm re- liulll In our inotfern sliofl. Hcc owners nlong tho Nlla ]iliicu llieir lilves on lioixls .aiul Iloal Ilium (o nylons wliero [lowcra ulo LilniiulnnL. PBESCRIPTIOIS Frrthurt Stock Guaranteed Best PrtoM Kirby Drug Stores VOm. HALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER AU. SIZES Cheaper Thmn BrMf e LnmbOT OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Pkone Ml Oicrola, Art. PLANTS— ToTruitiws, In Mch—Flat Doteti Calibacr — Cerliiled Pulato PUnU. Kl.KVATOR KEK1) STORE (triuilw.i)- at K. K. Track* Kills Rots Roaches Biddle Ext0rminatora m 275 Member Nat'L Prrt Central 115 8. Third BU rh*M Local A I.onir Distance Moving Competent Help and erfuljiment. Adequately Insurcil, Contract Haul tug ami Misc. Services. Jlome Service A Storage Co. Fhoiie ^801 ROTaJU. \;<<.) IIS W. 2n DON EDWARDS . 1' X PAW RiTBHfl MOW* Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist ,^ GUARD'S ! JEWELRY I 209 W. M«w Hi SERVICE -" Sec iis about your mechanical trouble. Our expert merhan- k.s working with rooocr* (ools iimt equipment can pnt your ear iii top conditiwi. We also have a paint ami l)ody sliOp repair service. W« vill fix your cur or b«y y»W car FOK CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ccmplcte Siackti of 1'arifr For Ckrjsler ProdncU 121 E. Mmta BOOTS AND TIER The r,ow BY EDGAR MARTIX FRECKI.RS AND HIS FRTICNDS No Soup, Shorly BY MERRILL ELOSSEB RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make o' rno^el Reliable W«rkmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihon Electrical Appliance Co. ••« Scnrtoe T06 So. First St. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D& PL Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Pnon* 2348 Residence 2309 WHAT DOES THE ME CM LARD? IT SAYS I'WEIGH 177. — I'M A BAG- WITM A SA&; IT ALSO SAYS IF 1V/ANNA. WIN' MILD,'". BACK I (SOTfA WOO HER I THE POOR. MAM'S VAUGHM , JACKSON,' WHAT'S THE BITE OM TM1S BOX OF CAMDY. . DUNHArA? L CAM LEr YOU HAVE THVVT OM RDE, ^ 2.-5O ' YOU GIVE MS A OEITY ON THE TOP LAYER? AT.LEY OOP First Klast BY V. T. HAMH.TON PAWN, EH? I TAKE IT THEN MOTHIU& HA.P- FEMCP PUSIU6 THE NI&HT PR6TTV SOEEV UOHT, 6UT I'M &OI ( <KS TO TRY FOR A SHOT OF THE ATHENIAN BEACHHEAD; T SAY, SIR-THERE SEEMS TO 86 SOMETHING COIMO POWK

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