The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1944
Page 6
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.PAGE SIX BLYTHRVILLI'.! COURIER NEWS »y KRi> The Original Maii-ln-Mollon (Written for NBA Service) NEW YORK, Dec. ».—A T-formation team rated by far-western experts the best such collcsiale machine since Stanford's epic combination' of )9!0 will defend Southern California's perfect Hose Bowl record against Tennessee In Pnsndenn on New Yew's Day. The Trojans are unbeaten In the Tournament of Roses feature In seven trips under three coaches, Elmer Henderson, (he la(c Howard Harding Jones and Cravnth, And Crnvnlh's 13.14 urrny sri'ius capable of upholding the las Angeles Institution's presllijc. Belkas To Team With Joe Welch Will Attempt To Stop Lawson and Parker In Tag Feature Here' Flushed with tremendous success In their first trial ns team, Charles (Buck) Lawson and "Big Jim" Parker go after win No. 2 Holiday night. Promoter Mike Meroncy announces lie lias booked the glnnt pair for a return go for his weekly wrestling program which calls for another all-star tag match with the usual two preliminaries. Opponents for Buck and Jim, who proved their prowess as a unit wit!) sensational successes over the meanlcs, "Rough Red'' Roberts and "Wild Bill" Cntmy, last Monday night, will" be Staff Scrgl. Chris- Belkas, wrestling instructor at the Blythevtllc Army Atr Held, and Joe Welch, younger member of the rassltng Welches. Pairings for the curtain raisers call for Belkas lo tangle with the former Naval chieftain, Lawson, giving It a distinct service flavor, nnd Welch toeing the mark with Parker. Set New Record Lawson and Parker were tremendous in the triumph over Roberts and Cnimy* They not only defeated (he villainous pair, who are far from setups in any ring, but set a new local ring record. Never In the history of wrestling has there been a double "Ironman" stunt. There have been single incidences where one man threw both opponents, but not twice on the same card, or the same night, for that matter. Promoter Mcroney, who has been In (he ring business for more than iliree decades and has seen champions come nnd go, but only once or possibly twice bus he witnessed such outstanding phenomena, as Parker and Lawson pulled as they single-handedly tossed both to take the feature lag match nnd of Ibis fall's polnt-a-mlimle Army - • squad. If George Ciilluimn's knee fails .o mend, which probably will be the case, Southern California will .laturally miss its high-scoring left ualfback who was the star of the smashing Rose Bowl victory over WaEhlugt/>n a year ago with the ciilchlng of n pair of Hardy's touchdown losses, but Conch Cravalh has adequate replacements. Freshman Don nurnsldc Is n swift Tennessee Had Best Have Pass Defense Against Southern California In Pasadena SATURDAY, DECKMKKR 9, 19-M Capt. Jim Hardy completed 52 per cent of his passes this autumn, hitting lilt- mark on 53 of 102 attempts for 084 yards and eight touchdowns. Over n thrce-yciir stretch his percentage (if completions is 48.5. Hardy rates above Doyle Nave In statistics. Nnve is the knave who slole the Hose Bowl show of 1930 by ucalln;; Duke iu the closing seconds with four successive passing strikes to end Antelope Al Knieger. Nave's top season, 1!)3Q, saw him complete 48.8 per cent. 1IAKDV CLF.VKIt T I'll.OT In addition (o his remarkable passing, llardy ranks with Ihe cleverer T pilots, and f nm not excluding Sid Lnckman of the Chicago Dears, Angclo licrlclli of Notre Dame, Frunklc Albert of the 19-10 Stanford varsity and noug Kenna earn the plaudits of a packed touse. Diffcrnt Kind of Match But against Welch and Belkas Hie victors face a different kind of problem. They were able lo defeat Roberts and Canny' mainly because .they matched blow for blow and had the necessary weight to back It up and survive the gruelling battle. 'With Welch and Belkas 11' will bo a different kind of struggle. They will have a tremendous , weight advantage and possibly sonie experience, but will be inferior In speed, all-round wrestling skill, strength and youth. On' the face of the weight records alone it would appear that Promoter Mcro'ncy has possibly overmatched Welch and Bclktvs. But the local Imprcssnrlo look everything into consideration and .wisely concluded that*the youngsters' tremendous speed, aggressiveness, and daring will offset the difference in avordupois. Rate Top Billing No one who has seen Welch and Belkas . in action will deny Ih6lr right ^to stardom. .Taught by his illustrious 1 Mother,:jR6y.: Joe! has 1 : - 1 .. , : II .lit' ' ] . . L . • jl • T .is one of the finest young wrestlers in tlie business. He has color io blend with his skill which makes him even more popular wilh the fans. Belkas rates most favorably wit!; his partner in skill and cleverness, and has earned the favor of the customers. In addillon, Chris is one of the strongest men In the world today. Holder of several weight lifting records, the curly- haired soldier uses his unusual strength of arms, hands and shoulders to a decided advantage In the ring. His fine record is a tribute to his ability; repeated packed houses a reflection to his popularity. To make it unanimous for the ing of admirers, nnd 1500 wrestling conference, fans can't be wrong. First of the prelims gets under way promptly at 8:15. Comfort in all types of weather is promised the fans. DOPE BUCKET •1 J. r. FBIKND ITKST HANI) UI-:i>()KT You have it on good authority I hat (be bombing efficiency and (.curacy of the Japanese, especially in the Philippines, is A-l. This Information l.s furnished by We. Johnny McGlll. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. (Cotton Oil) McGlll, in a colorful letter addressed to Kirby's Killers, Klrby lii-os. couldn't come tack. We spent the night at a trucking company and wo guards didn't have sacks or mosquito nets, blankets or anything else. So, a fellow named Dunn and I got OH top of a truck. Well, Dunn had gone lo sleep when the alert I almost off. had •Quarterback Jim llardy will run works for Southern California leg.titist Tennessee in raceling of unbcalen loams in l'.'i.v;i<lonn Hose •^ Bowl, Jan. I. • ball-packer tit light hiilf. A capable man Is fullback Dunne Whllehcad. ball-carrier and Ihe key defensive The backs are extremely fast on breakaway running plays. AVKUACKI) FIVK TI)'S Southern California's line Is well knit, boasts All-America John Ferraro at lelt tackle and all 0 feet 7'i Inches and 285 pounds of Pee Wee Petuu- at right. Southern California has two brother combination!;. All-coast ends are I3on Hardy, brother of Jim, and Jim Cnllalmn, brother of George. Don Hardy, an exceptional pnss- snaggor, Is 11 favorite tin-get of hi: downlield blockcr. The guards furnish additional proof Unit good goods como In small packages. Bud Curtis and Wlllanl Wall run good Interference. Center Huss Antics could be Alias. He is Ihe club's iron man. .Starting slowly. Southern California averaged live touchdowns In I Is lust live outings. The cm-rent edition is Troy's highest scorlnf! team since the Howard Jones powerhouses, ha.i the loftiest per game scoring average since the ouUH Dial claimed the national championship in 1931. Tlinr's old in them thai" hills— Drug., Main and Broadway. And this statement as lo the Nips' prow- rss rt'llh llic bomber wn.s not Just 1 oarsay. It Is Ihe voice of experi- inccj .speaking, for Johnny "wun dure, Sharlie." Attached to the 3lh Pholo Reconnaissance Sriuadron now on (he Philippines, Johnny lias done a lot of (traveling since he took off Hie iliron at Klrbys and bid thorn fare- veil as a member of uncle Sam's dlshcr-Hiilcrs, servers, dc luxe. Ilr- [ enlisted i" the Air Corps and vvns sent lo Itie Radio School at f ninp Crowdcr, Mo. After yiadna- llon, he WHS assigned for extra work at Ihc Drew iFla) Field, thc-ncc to Salt Lake oily, Utah, nnd icross In July. Ills first real slop \ as New Guinea, then ihc Netlicr- Iniil East Indies, before taking llic imp u> the Philippines. An excellent insight as lo the warm reception received and night life of Ihe boys on the Philippines is contained In his letter, which fol- Pfc. J. D. McOill Jr., Bill Pholo Rccon. 8<|du APO 12 % P. M. San Francisco, Calif. Dear Folks: I guess maybe you thought I had lioiie off in Ihe dccpend. I'll have lo admit thai I (bought .so myself a couple of times. roLi.owiH) THK INVASION We ciiinc into the Philippines a tew days behind llic Invasion and the Japs gnvc us n bit of a bad time from tlie air. They bombed us and came way loo close for comfort two or three limes. I stayed one wlioiu night In n foxhole and didn't sleep but nboul an hour in more lhan three days. Coy, I'll lell brother. Jim Callanan excels as a also a lot of trouble. Dobbs To Oppose Old Teammates Former Tulsci Star To Lead Superbombcrs Against Randolph l>y llnilcd Press The Randolph Field Ramblers will be facing au old friend when they meet the Second Air Force Super- bombers In a War Bond game at New York on Dec. IB. •'Glenn Uobbs, the All-American buck from. Tiilsu, slnrreil fw dolph Field Inst season. Hut this year he's leading the Superbomb- crs from Colorado Springs. The Ramblers didn't miss Dobbs much on the field. They just went right on winning, rolling over nine •traiglit opponents In a display of power that has some experts calling (hem a better team than West Point. A look at the list of backs on the Randolph rosier is like a glance at a football coach's dream. There's Bill Dudley, Virginia All-America and pro star. "Pistol Pelc" Ijiyden of Texas, Dippy Evans of Notre Dame, Bob Cifers of Tennessee, and a lol more talented ball carriers attempted ouster of the four teams . . ... .... "'ill mcef with considerable oppo- cnllrc quartet'has a wide follow-, sitio " fr °m some members ol the and bloekcrs. And there's just as the way a? lie evened the score with much college and pro experience In ' r "'i>i. who had knocked the blnck- tlie line. haired Defroilcr out in their first There arc no former professionals, meeting on Sept. 22. ~ Tills time, however, Oma was in much better physical condition. ]!(• on the Second Air Force learn, but Dobbs heads a list of college stars who won 10 games tills season while losimj two and tying one. Alouy with the former Tnlsii star, the Superbninbers have Golie Renfro of Washington State, Ray Evans Mauriello's lelt, moving leisurely of Kansas, and Hill Prentice of with his hands at ills sides until he evaded most of Mnuviello's wild swings, and cut Ihe New Yorker's fncc lo n pulp with 11 series of left Sniila Clara, among others. Tlie two teams have turned in nl- saw an opening •jab. More than 10,000 fans wntchcit as most even performances against two Oma won the right to meet Joe common rivals, both trounced the Baksl of Kiilpmont, Pa., in Ihe Onr- North Texas Aggies C8 to 0, and den on Jan. 12. The United Press you for sure, wlmn (hose big gmis go off nnd the bombs come close it seems like the whole world is coming to an end. And just about half Ihe foxhole comes in on top of you. People, lliis was one beat up wreck of a doggie for a while. They dropped phosphorous bombs trying to burn ns, but this 8th Photo must have a guardian ngnel watching over us. Those damn Japs think ol almost everything. Man, it makes you feel good lo see the ack-ack go up and then, if our annum nrc lucky, after a minute or two a tiny trail of smoke comes out of tlie Nip and he zooms np nnd over and then starts .straight, down and doesn't stop 'lil lie nins back hcadon Into ol' terra firma. All that yon see alter that is a puff of black smoke. Or. if lie hils the water, it is a I Jumped up, waked Dunn. We were:, silting on lop of the truck waiting to hear plane motors. But Ihose babies arc smart. One dive ijombcr crime In so darn close lhat lie was on top of us before we heard him. Believe me, all you could sec was two swishes when Dunn and I came off llial truck and hit the ground. About that lime the bombs hit, across the road from us. I dnti't mliul telling yon. that put a scare into Johnny Mc- CJill! Us a funny feeling that you can't describe. You're sort of scared ""d yet laugh at Ihe same time, f never really got worried 'lill it i was all over nnd "f>ot to thinking lion 1 close It did come and wliiil could have happened. i 1-'IU1'INOS Alii; 1IAITY i The Filipinos are very happy about (he whole .situation. Evidently, the Japs treated them pretty badly. They took their clothes, food, carriboiis, pigs and chickens and made them work for no pay at all. Now Ihey have food and clothes and our medics arc taking care of them. Our chow hasn't been bad considering everything. We had bread yesterday so I guess we'll be having bread now all the lime. I think maybe now (hat we're gelling closer lo American Supply Bases we'll have more American food mid maybe some American coffee, instead of the so-called coffee from Australia. l have sure learned to feel for Ihe Infantry since I have been here. People, the Infantryman docs all Ihe dirty work and all the credit goes to someone else, usually Ihe Marines. The Army did this job nml if anyone else lells you different lell ihem they're full of prunes, tome. An acquaintance of mine from BlythcviUc wrote to J. P. Friend and said Ihe Japs couldn't hit anything with bombers. J. P. had the nerve (o print it. If that happens again, Leon, you give him n cuss- Will Encourage School Baseball High School Diamond Clinics Are Planned By Minor Leagues BUFFALO, N. Y,, Dec, 9. (UP) — At the closing session of the minor league meetings the National Association of Prore.sslonnl Baseball clubs voted to continue and expand its program to encourage higli school baseball. The minors voted to spend another $5000 next year, provided the amount Is matched by the majors, to conduct high school tosebnll clinics In 15 states. According to the high school committee's report, baseball in high schools lias dropped off 40 percent during the past 10 years and the minor leagues arc going all-out to try to stive it. The minors also tabled without action a recommendation by International League President Prank Shtuighnessy that baseball clubs IK barred from renting their parks to professional football teams before the close of baseball season. A request by the Pacific Coast League to farm out players lo semipro teams has been turned down wilh the statement that It would make obsolete the acquisition and retention of players. No other significant action has been taken by the minors. Raisins Now Available Latest government-owned food offered to the trade for civilian consumption is 17,705 cases of laisins, according to Carl Hlnton, District ncj)re.?entallve of War Food Administration's Office of Distribution. The raisins arc from the 1042 crop and arc no longer needed for war purposes, Mr. Ilinton said. Sixty llioiisam! of Hie 400,000 Australian'; who enlisled in World War 1 were killed. CHICKASAW Went Mala Near Zlst 8t Bat. iUrts 12:15; BUD. BtarU l;',s Night sham 5:45 T.itfpt Monday, open* «:«J C'onllrmous shown Sat and HBD. the Superbombcrs oulscored the Ramblers against Ihe Amartllo Texas, Air Field. The bond sale will be heavy, it will take a War Bond plus an admission charge :-lo ; see these lira powerful Air Force teams meet. And (he admission charge goes lo Army Hcllef, which makes this a grcal game for the services, as well as n treat for eastern football fans. Oma Decisions Mauriello In 10-Rouria 1 Bout NEW YORK. Dec. 9. (UPl--Easy- nioviiu! Lee Oma, Die Detroit heavyweight wilh the "slay-away" style, won a unanimous lo-roiuid decision lasl night from tough Tumi Mauri- Clio of New York, Omn was in command most of Four Members Of Conference May Be Ousted LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 9. (UP) — Four Arkansas high School football teams may be dropped from the Arkansas High School Grid Confer- once when officials of the conference meet at Lillle Rock today. Jonesboro, Hope, Camden and Malvcrn are in danger of losing their conference standings If the officials carry out a resolution adopted by the group lasl November. The resolution requires that all conference teams meet all of the conference rules—and the four questionable members failed to play the six conference games as required by the by-laws for continued membership. ^ However, It Is believed that the If yon want to Tray more War Bonds SELL CS THE FDEN1TDBE YOU ARE NOT USING, lor cub I Also liberal trade- In allowance foi old furniture an new, Alvin Hardy Fnrn. Co. 1 E. Main Phone ZJ02 Try Our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ohi Hickory Inn Across From High School score i-ii'.-d gave Omn six rounds, Mnurlcllo three, nnd one even. Germany, before the present \var, had the highest suicule rate of any ing for me and tell him be is ncrlz! (Meube the Sons of Heaven have sharpened up on their bombing since the informntion reached me (be first time, J. D. But the boys who are over there now do confirm your statcmenl; they sny thc> bomb only too well.) You people maybe think Ihc Air Force grease monkies arc a joke. But I'll lell you for sure, good pce- pul, (here are some AAF doggies who have caught just plain Hell down here. I have a whole slalk of bananas eryone wiio happens to want a lesson in how not lo write a let- ler. Sincerely, John APO 72 •• — ' — R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 7:30. BATUEtDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens l Hhow Starts 1:15 Saturday "CARGO KID" Willi Tim Holt Dili Chapter of "Iron Clai —Coniedv. splotch of gas burning on top. Hanging In my lent ripening now. I saw several of them shot down There must be four or five dozen on nnd the gunners on our ship got it. How 'about lhat? It cost me n pnr of them. We got miny from (he shirt. ' ' " " Wai, I'll have lo sign off for now. 1 haven't said much but these let- br:ic-li and Ihe next night I got a little sleep. But the next afternoon back guard on a truck ters arc for. the vvJiple. outfit: Nelle, lo get some stuff, licforc ,we could | Mablc, Rock,:l,eon; Catherine,.Mr. • start back it. got dark and". we- fmmmm I I I I I Harry and all .tile porters, and pv- VI Saturday OWL SHOW "NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS" With Preston Fosler, Patricia Mor rison, Allrcrl Dekkcr, Charles «ul terivprlh, Cecil Kcllatray Cdniccly Sunday & Monday "THE GREAT MOMENT Starring: Joel McCrca, Betty Field KKO NEWS ANT) COMEDY WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Dec. 77, 8:75 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Arena in America. Adulls, 3Cc, Tax Sc—Total, -toe. Reserved Scats, He, Tax 3c—To- lal, 15c. Children's Seats 12c, Tix 3c, Tofal, I5c. Reserved Seals On Sale at (he Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TEAM MATCH.' Lawson & Parker Belkas & Welch 2 30-Minutc Preliminaries ?" SGT. CHRIS DELKAS JOE WELCH BUCK LAWSON JIM PARKER Buy Your V/inter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While U Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTSI BARKSDALE MFG. CO. > Blythcville, Ark. Phone 291l'' I I I I I I I I I I I fl Last Time Today "PARDON MY GUN' with Charles Slarrelt and "LUCKY LEGS" wilh Jinx FalkenLcrg 'review & First Chapter of "The BATMAN" Comedy Sunday and Monday "WHAT'S BUZZIN, COUSIN?" with Ann Slider & Freddie Martin anil Ills Hand Also "Mountain Fighters" in Technicolor New Theatei Manila's Finest What have you done today thai some mother's son should die Io] you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting] We are issuing agents. Saturday "CHEROKEE STRIP' with Dick Foran . SEltML & SHOKT Saturday OWL SHOW "DEAD MAN'S EYES Wilh. LUH Chancy and Jean Tarkc Sclcclcd Shorfs Sunday and ft Ion day 'GREENWICH VILLAGE! With Don Amcchc and <jarmcn| Miranda Fox News & Short All ore* th« country wirw and fweetLeara ar« collecting mutt p*f*». Tb*j •acUntand that oat fifhdof BM dctpenttly Mt4 tbl* critical tSAVE Th«T«»m«klflt» weekly habit of »Tbt w " MlU » «•* V out i pld Mwiptpm* bom, wnp. D, ^, ^ j^ whfc ^ ^ods toe woo** Q«t pat dub., rfric «ad WM«» l«p« - d*y grotty Uhltvf ifrh amrtmtol Colito tn Modlof k to nak« M wttp {wptc-feuadb i*~«a4 MM k la ", 11 and help 'rtf.l-ut (•-',<, s. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN •PRIDC OF THE COMMUNITY' Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 1 Last Time Today 'Marshall of Gunsmokel Midi Tex Killer * Kusscll Haydcn I Serial: "Adventures of the Flviil Cartels.' ' Short •^••M^I Saturday MIDNITE SHOW STARTS U I'. M. 'Drums of Fu Manchu' ,, with •] Henry Brandon & Gloria Fran!l| Selected Shorls ————^—^— Sunday and Monday Tender Comrade' Will! Ginger lingers, Hobcrl Kyan Kulli Husscy Paramount News Short

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