The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1949
Page 8
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COUttrER NEWS MONDAY, 'APRIL M, t»« / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . M •OOMCUUM m- 1 I Unit « SEE U_umm U» p« tuu p«r pet uiu p*r «»» ......... pw tint D« dtf ....... Uc He 1C Me ^^» £ii mrii* wordi to MM Un« ii oMWM (or Ihn* ot tti umx u>a mtSZiitSaan tipumtioo «Ui o* cbart- UriTiB. numMi oi Umw U» «i •»• i.^rafi ana &diu4 tinsel ol DlJl oa*Q* FSnOUMtfiwi AdrertiUo* copy »ut- • Lti«d DT penon* raiding ouwid* ot IM cUV mutt o* *ccomp»nl«d by OM& *** * (WT * £ 0 ^ M joi irriculau m»«»- ua« on« »na* «»*•- p.ihlllty will b» l*K«B 101 ___ _ tc*a one lacorrw* Lxu*rUO» « &nv cJtuUltd fctt. ill *0» tr* r»«Ulct»fl U) itelr PKJMi Ceuii*r r«*erT»» Uw rt*bi w> •*** °* Ut*« your feonM *r*ttr for •prtBg. i. np*r1 Rut ClMning Otrtto* !• your* PEERLESS CLEANERS HOUM moTInf Short or long dU- ttae« tlemy ol equipment «nd eiptr- l«nc«. leveling *nd foundation work Virgil Fole? 413 Edit Short Ash Phon« V1US. 4|7-pk-»|1 Rent sandevs. Refinish your own floors. Rent an electric sander from Wards. Econom- cal! Free instructions, MonU gomery Ward 4-7 ck tf Apurtment for Rent 1 room nirnl&hpd aparlm*iil b«lh. 'm North 6th. Phone «M I room Jurnlshed upartment. Electric nove and rclrleemtor. Autom*tle hoi wn.r heator. M.ln Street^ Mrs. loB.r Borum. Phone 3123. A,'2i-cX-tl Modern J room unturnlnhecl uparl- menl. Olo.« in, Phone 4267. 3S8J ELECTRICAL AND REFRIGERATION SERVICE STABBS BROS. New Location- 410 E. Main Phone LOCAL TRUCKING- HAULING HOMER FISHER 217 Liike St. Phone 2451 4-13-pk-5-13 Tractor. pJflJitlDB. hreaVlnK and hp loolh nnrrowlim. Phone 3804. 4,23-1*-'." 1 room furnished .purlmtnt. In. Phone 1M2. 4,2S rurnlshed «pt. (or rouplr. «<>""« (urnlBh.1. ( 7.50 p«r wert. I60I_ W. Ash. »b. »i«. 4 JS-plt-28 s-room lurmsn*' 01 *. Cherry. Pi\. 3535. Coupln onlr- Lavvnmowers Sharpened Henry Wcstbrook's Sliop for $o/«, RM( fstof* Pcrionol Wpldorp. Nortli 1*1 Sirrcn Typewriter Aptrtmenl for r«nt Phon* 460& at 11! K«Sl Ash. «;iB-plc-26 *-room» and bath furnished. Can •oulpmtnt and *ltctrlc refrlRerator n. JIM, r. Simon. 4',M-ck-« Ap»rtra»n«. 401 K«st A«h »nd Llllr. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services TYPEWRITERS^ DON EDWARDS rue I'ypewruat M»n 110 H Second Bt Phnnt J3B3 Make Your Ford Happy, too Bring It "Back Home" to Us for 5£^-««/ LUBRICATION Mak«i y»yr tor rut btlltr and l»l l»n|*rl Next Time Try 100% G.I. FINANCED Beautiful country home. Modern 6 room and bath, garage, out - door storage, chicken house. In restricted COUNTRY CLUB AREA ADDITION. Lot 100 by 200. Priced $10,000. A lovely home on Kentucky Avenue. Modern to the minute. 5 room and bath, garage and breezeway, large screened-in porch. Priced $10,250. 3 bedroom, I'/fe story, on Cemetery Road. You'll like this modern little home. Less than 2 years old and sturdily built. See or call, JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. 4-25-ck-tI itiirtf aiauu plurta«u>f> ••mat STUDIO IW-ck-a Business Opportunity FRANCHISE AVAILABLE For tvru! *nd proem wed m the building krxi* tat i W« tunity to oat Wring r«««OB •hie working npitd «txi the ability to direct » good Kftinf organization *nd co<vtnic4iaai pxxl Tbi» wBI •ontd local background, liMim* connection with profit» k> IBM with hii ability. A k*it«r xtdrcnrd to th« borne offk» win brin« * prompt «nd connile*« «cpU- He«rn Street Just across from OntraJ School, V room l;orne, corner lot. All pim» o[ My, 110,1105. H'JOO to IH.IMW. Vncant lotn. PHONE 23114 JJLVTHKVILI.K IlEALTY PERMA STONE COMPANY T1S E Ho<)«n St Columbus H, Ohio A hotifiCA and Htore. Store doing good buslnos.1 HOHSPA rented, Rood condition. Will *ell or trnde- Call 432fi. 4.2S-ck-5!2 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS Private Kooms Nice IiirnLshefl room adjoining ball iU'hpa prlvllegea. If desired, phoi ' Light housekeeping room. rh. 232 4.25-clt-S Room 514 West Walnut. Men pr !«rred. phone 291S. 4;25-clc-28 For Sol*. Misc. parts now available at POOiJS MOTOR CO. W* cto rill *H your ne«d» IM« |«ouin« paru> from our com- . OWNER ft OPERATOR Hlybwfc, 61 At ftte«!>. Uo Pbont at«l« 40 iPAd FOH Jackson. Butl fonHiy Co. Coolerator W« h»v« a 14 CU Tl. "Kftinllr Slfcd" Cooiernlor Krepxrr used lpi« than 30 (Uj'A Hurt Roort ns new lor J325 .00. Kcx- ulrir urtce »499.50. E. C, Itobltisou Lhr. CO. *22-ck-tl CHAPMAN fiERVTOV STATION B * DtTliion Phone ii*^J OB% endangei yom iRmlly vltb lVf «rM--Bm LEB TIRES Loans AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Service O«nerR) Contract Purchase Corp. 1M Soutb 5th, Phone 803 4!l3-ck-tl Money to Loan DO you n**o » loan to repair or re od«lT No down payment no mart- M>« no r«o tape PHA APPROVED RATB 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Pttona »34 Lynch Bulldlnt Blyto-rtlh Ark Services Lairn mowed nrri cured for, •eori« Bowera. V-5 BBljTS. BUCKLES. cOJetert button button holpji. Mne llipr. Alma B« Klma Cro*d«r. Phone 3539. U no «n aw«r. «32. 606 N. 5th. St. 1 22-pk-S 2 tm intereftted in Oliver hy'UrRultc baler. Hulf price, eel conrtltlon. Alsn S. C. Case mow- Jamei W. Pery. 2 mlle« north ol !ri2ld*lr«. good condition. FERTILIZER W* n«T« neveral lonj of 3-e-l« that lye not been aponen [or PLANTERS COOPERATIVE OIN HIGHWAY «1 SOUTH PHONE 7ZO Dortchsoy No. 2 Seed Soybeans The highest yielding bean ( n the ;omity contest last fall, j H r""n Would you UKc a KIX room home on a nice corner lot. tlitu was built wJieti imnacd wptfl hnriifK atul not showcases h'vervtiiiiiff inskt« new. Alr-Teni,.t hcnl- ing 'plant. Price *16.000 REMEMBEtl YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Well bin 1 1 rtf!hi room home, outside rntrnunn to sUlrs. two ba.lhs. good Noble Gill Agency Cecil Earls -— F. B. Joyncr REALTORS Glencoe Bhlg. Piionc 819 rooms and batli on We*t Ash Street I'ractlcnlly new Priced $4500 Tcrnui. » rooms and bath with two lots Priced cheap. Terms 1 have other city listings List your property with me lor quick KA\P. BEKT ROSS. REALTOR 20fl>j West Main Phone 2115 or 3B16 l>arg« comfortable oedroom, close in Men only .110 W Walnut 3i Bedroom. Kitchen privileges Convenient, to bRth, No children Ph. 2423. Comlortaiile. bedroom Phone 2675 Hedroom. eonvenleot to bath 611 W Mam Phon« J32i 3;3l-plc-4|30 Bert-room private bath Ph. 4643. Bedroom 1109 ' ba Ph 3815 4|16-pk-5116 for Sole, Cars & Trucks Plumbing new and used Also plumb- ns work done L O Holllson. I'liunt IT'S movlns day lor dirt when you ue Una Foam on runs and upholslerr DEAL'S PAINT STORK 4|12-ck-5|12 New trnclor lire "paddle wheel -.lower" K\ve you maximum trat-.tion in heavy wet soils. Tread base up to 20'/b greater than conventional de sign. Compounded to resis weathering". Buy y o u i "power tract" tires now Pa^ after you harvest. Sec them a Wards. Monlgomery Ward. 4-l3-ck-5- Vi'ltti income. o! the nicest Duplexes Salesman Wanted Reclf-aned and sacked. Only £2.75 Pel ' B 61 Implement Co. North J Ugh way 61 Phone 2142 4-lu- Quirk Mcul S-burner oil SIOTR jvcn. VJij; innliottniiy buftrt, piaftl new. SM, U33 W. Ash. Ph. am. .k-U with Six room home on corner Ol Franklin and UoiiRiin. Grocery on back of lot UoliiR motr biuilnps.s than any tile store In BlylhevLlle. Priced $15.- uu StiiRll home, store fixtures. Find stock i Rrocrrtes Onn of the best loc*- Io]i5 I'rlnrcl SH.(K)0. hre« to eighteen thousand. MRS. J. L. LEWIS 111 East IJnvls Phone 4fi.S;» 4 20-pk-i7 Home improvements, n new root M>*i kilns WHll lllc. cooling msuliiMon aurftclive sunns, are yotirs lor llu; lowest po.ssiole cost Select Hie miiterm) and Wards do the r&st Ask today nt Mon.nOmeiy Wi\rd, ^|!3-cV. Cottonseed Soybeans . ii O'aT«EN'8 STUDIO Wallpaper; see the mulonally known . An dji M Wftrn'R now Von rnn t Ret li Bour i«r»lce ortler paper Rnyvvhere lor your money l[«-ck-tt Montnomery Wiirrt 4;U-«-a|l It's Easy To Buy f\ Car AT LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. 1947 CHEVROLET MODEL A FORD. Also ft complete nliu Job for as low aa $25.00. Red's Body Shop, Fhonc 4913, 118 Lilly Street SEE THIS CAR! Exceptional opportunity to earn unlimited commission calling on truck operators and farmers with complete line ot batteries, oil, tires, canvas and other truck, tractor, am passenger car every day needs at tremendous savings to your customers. Prefer local resident. Car is essential. For interview see Mr. Lashbrook any day this week at MONTGOMERY WARDS. TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS! Reconditioned Money-Makers 1948 Chevrolet Cab-Over-Engin* Tractor with 2« foot Carter trailer, equipped with fifth wheel, Mddk tanks, and spotlight. Tire size: tractor 750x20 front( 825x20 rear; trailer 1000x20. Special price ... $1995. 1945 Chevrolet l'/ 2 -Ton Cab & Chassis, heater and cab lights, 750x20 front tires, 825x20 rear. 1949 Arkansas license. 1946 GMC 2-Ton Short Truck, equipped with 825x20 front tires, 900x20 rear. \. bargain. 1917 GMC Long Wheelbase Truck, 12 foot body, extra good tires. This is * real farm truck. Three 1947 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton Pickup Trucks. All in perfect condition . . . and the price is right. Two 1917 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup Trucks. Two 1916 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup Trucks. Many Others to Choose from EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Alake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Home Specials fi-Room House, Balli Cor- 1947 HUDSON Commodore "6" 4-Door Sedan Only $1295 $499 4-door Fleelmastpr Sedan, rqinp^rd with hrater, while sMewall lirrs. and 1949 lirenw . . . low mileapt. DOWN 18 Months To Pay Tolnl ". . »M!>S 1946 FORD $435 as?cncer f'nupr. ha* railio. h unri sfal rnvrrs . . . !5,(HM1 arlual In Fxcellenl cnntlitinn. 18 Months To Pay Total . . $r>ns Breeder's, (Purple tag) Male Deltapine 78 cottonseed. J10 l>er 100 H>s. Breeder's, Not registered or certified, Hale Deltapinc 78 colionsi-ed ?8 per 100 Ihs. State-certified. Grade A (Blue Tag) Ogden soybeans, ?;i.oO per bii. Statc-ccrli fied, Commercial Grade (Red Up) Ogden soybeans, $3.25 per bn. Non-certified (from certified seed) Og<ten soylieans. ?!1 per on. Stale-certified, Commercia Grade (Red tag) Dorlchsoy No. 2 soybeans, ?3.25 per bu. Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS Btaxlette, Ark. nor lot can be used as Duplex and rent from one side will make all payments. G. I. can purchase for $150.00 down. Total Price $-1750.00. Located on 20th Street near Shirt Factory. Four houses in Pride Addition. Two Ii room houses on full lots for ?1750.00 each. 1'wo o room houses for $2250 Salesman for local electrical appliance mid commercial re- friKeration dealer. pay. Write Box Courier News. Thar* Just one ol the really Special 4-20-ck-2(i ] values you'll and »t the 61 Molar Co •» used Car Lot Belore you decide on • car, see our used cars or compare our irnnp-m allowance on a new Kaiser or trazer You'll be glad you did Kxcelleiil FGH '.'•> 4-22-ck-27 4-dnnr Special Sedan, has nrw chrome mouldings, radio, healer, seal «over*. Has new painl job, perform* like new. 1942 BUICK $438 DOWN IS Months To Pay Total . . SI(105 1910 CHEVROLET . . . $;(IS Down and IS months to pay. Total cost, S795. This is a succial Dcl.uxe Tudor Sedan, has new paint ioh . . . hmly, motor, and tires in excellent condition. 1939 FORD . . . §210 Down. Total cost: SViS. This Tudor Sedan has practically new nintin- and tires, is equipped with radio and heater . . . SS25. 1936 BUICK . . . $178 Down. Total cost: $115. Him-k Coupe, has good (ires and good motor, is equipped with radio and healer. OTHO STANFIELD \V. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH Salesmen ' "When Better Cars Ar« Built, Buick Will Build Them." Lanqston-Wroten Co. F' i r s t Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box CHI, '., Courier News. 4-22-ck-ti 61 MOTOR CO. Korlh HlghWHj 61 Pnonp "11« 3,8-ck-LI each. Can bo financed or G. 1. can buy with J125.00 down, cost oC closing loan. Kxtra nine ,'i rooms & bath, new roof, and newly painted inside and out. Located in West Knd near Factory on Sycamore Street. Price ?3000 with terms. We make 100''; G. I. Loans. If interested in buying or selling, see !•". R. .ibYNKIl. at NOBLK GILL AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Building;, Phone _ 819 _ day — 3205 — niRhl. 4-23-ck-27 Man or Woman Wanted For profU- nhle HawLeIgh Business Ln City ot BLyihcvilie. Sell over 200 Dally nccca- s. We supply Products on crertU tf quality. Write RawlplRirs, Dppt. AKL>-^li)-2l6T, Memphln. Tennessee. Lost T. I SEAV MOTOR CO. USED CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chrysler Windsor J-dpor Sedan, beauti ful blue, low mileage. Etjuip pod with radio, heater, am JTiashy. jas4. 4.aa-pK-ae w |,| te 5 | C l eW all tires. An ex SPECIAL RATESJ ccptilJIWIbuy by the week j 1 947 Plymouth (Special DeLuxe 4-door, mm I I'oon cf'ior. has radio, healer, 1 : and white cidevvall tires Only 1 Hoston screw-tall, black body, ami lillp Inre. REWARD. ThmlF. Frank Fivr Permanent Guests NEW •J ftoofl houses. 1 A-room. 1 3-room on ]ot 519x151)' In Stecle J3600 Icrms. 4-13-ck-tf ! Homer Cow ley. owner. Inquire M Aclft James Starr. Strrle. 4.21-pJe-S.S HOTEL 18,000 miles. Priced Lo sell. 1946 Chevrolet ContlULonrri for Svimmer I'hone 4464 •1 20-rk-S 70 Read courier News Want Ads Super house paint. For greater protection and lasting hcauty «se Ward's Super House Paint. No bettor paint anywhere. Gallon in fives J-t.52. .-Single pallon ? 1.62. Montgomery Ward. 4-13-ck-5-l IOIURIO plants now icarty 4 varlptlr.s i-ic tto/rn Rt brris 2'i03 Curolvn Prlrtt aitoitton, and 2204 Chlek-a»Awba W P Ions ol Roon alt p. Call O D. Lonst C\.rvc-Inn Oiocr v Plicmr -J.l-pll-30 1339 Chevrolet. I Small Desfc, Ph. 3)42 Or 2941). ) nen- M Karniflll Trortor. I nrv>' M M 4-row rulllvMor. t sri n( J ho'.t r>nn Deere Buster*, 1 nr;x- A John •Tre i ractor anrt 4-row rultivntor *w John 13fere 4-row iilantr-r. 1 i S .<>7 4-tnw plnnlcr, Kdwtn HBITIS, Krn- nrit. Mo Ph. 799. 1 2,T-pV-,10 Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Servic* Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. j. Polland Agency Planned Protection ULENCOE HOTEL BDILDINO m w »sn UT Read Courier News Want Ad» THEY'RE OFF! • DOWN THEY GO! • CHECK THESE LOW-PRICED USED CARS & TRUCKS 10.'i(i Chrysler Convertible with '12 V)cSolo engine, iinod condition . . . S'^To. 1iKl7 Chevrolet, new paint, new seat covers . • . ?.'12n. l!Ki7 Plymouth 2-door . . . onl\ $295. 19U Foi'ri 'j-Tnn Pickup, nnw Hies. Rood over-all ronclUion ?.E*S 1939 Nnsli 2-dor>r Sedan, coniplplcly rpcondilionpd only 495 1939 Plymouth 2-door. radio tz licaier S9.S 1941 Plymouth 2-door. IIRS radio A licalrr 850 1114G Ford 4-door. eciulpped wllh heater & seat covers $1290 1941 Dodge *i-Ton PlcKvip 10,iO 1947 Dodge '.i-Ton Pickup IMS 19-18 international '.i-Ton Pickup 13!tb 1947 Ford Sertan Delivery 1295 1941 Chevrolet P.i-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake 650 1946 Chevrolet Hi-Ton Long Wherlbase 99o 1918 Inlcrnatlonal Hi-Ton Long Wheelbase Slake U9o PAY ON EASY TERMS Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chickasawh* I'honc (122 •i-door Scrtun, lias clean finish, good tires. A bargain price. 941 Chrysler -door Sedan equipped with adio, hearer, good tires In lerfecl condition. This car alue can not be beat. 946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long Wheelbase model, n excellent shape all around. •\mazmgly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet lU-Ton Truck with Army body- Priced to sell. you II he KlaH you bclore you bought. thf*« curs T. /. SE AY MOTOR CO. 121 F.ast Main St. Phone 2122 For Rent ' on rMlrond Hn warehouse :«r me. Midwest Dulrl Producn Ph^ 4«7 USIEF.NS STUDIO for «11 Bargains! Bargains! Bargains! These Cars and Trucks Must Go! | Only a Few Left 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 4 door sedan, radio, heater, I seat covers, 1949 license . . . 1,595.00. I 1947 Dodge 2 door Custom, radio, seat covers and 1949 [ license . . . 1,295. 1940 Chevrolet Coupe, clean as pin, only 495.00. 1940 Chevrolet 5 Pass. Coupe, good condition, radio, healer, 1949 license, bargain at 395.00. 193fi Ford Tudor, new motor, only 250.00. 1948 GMC I'/. Ton I.WB Truck with grain bed, 1949 license, only 8,000 miles, like new, I,ti95. 1948 GMC '/i Ton Pickup, new motor, with less than 3,000 miles. 1949 license . . . 1,295. 1947 Chevrolet 1 '/z Ton LWB Truck, top condition. Good tires. 1949 license . . . only 895.00. 194fi GMC '/i Ton Pickup, new tires. 1949 license . . . 895.00. These cars and trucks have been reconditioned snd are in perfect shape. Buy today. Use our GSIC TIME PAYMENT PLAN, with a small down payment. LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOB1LE — GMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark You Don't Need To Be An Expert To Buy a Reliable Used Car From Our Lot 1912 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan ]9I7 OMsmohile l-door Sedan 194B Mercury I-door Sedan ]!)17 Dodge I-door Sedan I9lfi Ford Pickup Truck 1!)17 Plymouth (-door Sedan 191fi Chevrolet Flcctline in 17 GMC Pickup Truck 1316 Plymouth 2-door Sedan STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First of Walnut Phone 4333 (Continued on Ntxt Page) \

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