The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY 25, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1'AGE 8EVEW Bases for Rental Increases Listed Way Is Now Open For More Landlords To Receive Boosts New Interpretations o f federal rent regulations have opened the way for additional landlords to obtain rent increases based on tlie higher cost* of furnished services or improvements on rental property, was disclosed by C. A. Cunningham, are^-ent director yesterday. ^P announced by Housing Expediter Tighe Woods, each area rent director Is being given more discretion in ha lulling landlords petitions for rent increases. They re now allowed to administer the en I control program in their res- cctive areas in accordance will le customs «nd practices of thch mal communities when rent ad- LstineiUs are requested. In all cases, the rent directo: required to consider whcthe: se cost o[ the imm*ovement ha: icreased substantially since rein •ere frozen in his area and whethe ny, adjustment had been prev ously given to take care of th iifforence, Mr. Cunningham ex Sained In the BlythevilLe area enls were frozen as of March 1, 342. Cites Examples Citing several examples under which landlords can get increased enls, Mr. Cunningham said many andlords simply assume that 'There's no use to come to the rent olfice to request an increase rent because they can't set it Anyway." He pointed nut that Ilty- heville rental area records prove .hat Mississippi County landlords lave requested increases since March 1. .1942, the date that vent control became effective here. Of this number, 68 per cent received upward ad jus tine tit in rent and 32 per cent \vcre denied Tlie average increase on all petitions 56.40 a month as compared witii the national average of S6.73 per month. The import an t point is. he said. BOY'S CHAINS REMOVED—Ronald Henley. 13, waits patient as authorities work to remove log chain from his neck at Nasnvill Tenn. He tcld officers his father did it because he ran otf to a movi Cutting the chain are ilcft to righti E. H. Drake, jail employe and Social Investigator J. C. Gann. <AP Wireuhoto). riest Disciplined ' '•or Connections With Czech Group PARIS, July 26. W>)—A French rlest was disciplined Saturday be- anse of his alleged connections with the Chechoslovakian Catholic ction Group whose leaders have been threatened with excommutil- •ation by the Vatican. Msgr. Roger Beanssaii, acting ead of the Paris irchdlocese. said Abbe Jean Bouller, a Roman Cath- lie priest of leftist sympathies, would be forbidden to say mass after Sept. 14. Msgr. Bcnussart said Abbe Boullei- liad already been forbidden to hear confessions, to preach, to hold conferences in the diocese or to perform diocesan functions. Watp Cure U Painful DES MOINES—I7h—Elwyn Poar.,011'* pi mi for getting rid of wasps proved more painful than stings. The wasps hud been stinging hi* stock in the pasture. He discovered the nest in a large gas pipe used as a fence brace. Pearson threw gasoline Into the pipe, and lit K match. There was a blast which threw fire, over him, resulting in hunts that required hospital attention. Primitive manufacture of Iron from ore is believed to have begun In some nations well before 1300 Civilian Applications of Atom Power 10 to 20 Years Away, Expert Declares Arkansas Men Rewarded For Finding Crash Victims STEPHENSVIL.LE. Texas, July 25 —"Pi—A $1,000 reward has been paid to Leon Garrison and Autrn Sirmon, who live in Athens, Ark., area for finding the bodies of two Stcphensville men killed in a plane crash. T. C. Alklas and Ben Ferguson of Stephensville were killed May 29 when their private plane crashed in Suuthwcst Arkansas. Families .ind friends of the two men offered the reward (or finding the wreckage and bodies. The find was made June 16. The $1.000 check was signed by C/ene C. Elkins. son of T. C. Elkins. SAVE 50 % ON ENGINEREBUILDING TRUCKS, TRACTORS, PASSENGER CARS LOS ANGKLKS, July 25. (/IV-It will be 10 to 20 years before useful civilian applications of atomic power can be expected. Right now Canada is ahead in that field. Dr. Lawrence R. Haf^'ad, direct- fir of reactor dcvelomnent for the U.S. Atomic Enei-gy Commission, is authority for the remarks, a device for the controlled release of atomic energy and the basis of nny eiv- ! i!inn atoniit: development, Dr. Haf- siad said, Thc Atomic Energy Commission actnr.s will be rertv'ired before such desirable goals cau be attained " Thru, he added, means a time table of 10 to 20 years. plant is located at Chai-lk River, Ontario, and works faster than any of ours. It is designed to produced isotopes; 'radioactive materials) for research and also to test the action nf atomic radiations on various materials. Dr. Hafstad said development of reactors In this country has not advanced much in the last four years because, for one thing, experts disagree on design of reactors needed The commission is embarking on a program for developing new and better reactors aimed at eventual atomic power for propelling naval vessels and Hircraft. Hut, said Dr. Hafstad. it's a slow process. "Further generations of re- side walks, basements, landscaping, stoker installation, siding or iiisiila- ion. that many landlords in Blythevillc \ SJ )>' S j he Canadian IT tit control area have failed to n?k increases. Mr. Cunningham said this may have been caused by the fear of "red tape." but this also has been eliminated to ft great extent under the new .system. "If any facts obtained from a landlord indicate he may have a reason for getting an increase, his petition will b e processed even though he may not have checked off the right section of the regulation upon which he is relying or may have filed the wrong petition form," said Mr. Cunningham. Increases Availability One other phase of the new regulation is designed to increase the H bail ability of homes to families through granting increases in rent to landlords on the basis of occupancy of a dwelling. On the bisis of occupancy, a landlord is eligible for rent increases, Mr. Cunningham explained the following instances: if he rents to a larger family than that previously occupying the unit; If he rents to a family consisting of more persons than constitutes normal occupancy for the unit; or. if he rents to a tenant who takes 'Vroomers or boarders. mt Childbirth Kxcepleri "Above normal occupancy." however, does not apply to dwelling which the sl/e of the family has been increased by the birth of R child, he explained. This applies when birth of the child occurs while the parents arc tenants of the building. Major capital improvements for which a landlord may claim a rent increase include the following: Construction or modernization of a |>orch; improvement to plumbing, heating or electrical equipment; change in the interior partitions (o improve layout of the dwelling; stallation of air conditioning; street Improvement; unproved sewage facilities; addition or improvement of IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH THESH/f/eTHAT STAYS! it has a hard-wax finish H oil/wood ('nnlimu'd from I'; IRC 8 lars down payment," "I'm siUint; there." Dennis said, "and while this fellow is talking about millions I in watching the gardener out the window and wondering how many days a week he comes." There's tipping. "I check into a hotel. Because Tin a movie star I can't give the bellhop 50 cents for opening the window. I have to give him two clams. If I don't give him two clams, I'm a deadbcat and I sit there whistling Dixie for .service," O'Kcefe went on. "Even your own people rioublccross you. T went to New York for the world series ant I asked my studio's broadway office to buy me a couple of seats for the seven games. They were wonderful seats. Then I got the bill. I blew, my top. The studio man had paid a scalper §330, His only comment was: '•You're a big movie star. Dennis We figured you could afford it.' GRIFFIN I HACK • MOWN • IAN > OXUOOB fRtE NEW RECIPES \f*r chicken, turkey, duck or game,,, matte even better WITH CALIFORNIA WINES FOSTER'S LIQUOR STORES 120 West Main I'hone 2127 "BILL" ]()(> North Broadway I'hone 28R8 "WKLCH" BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LFSS! Tliafs why you'll save yourself many a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on your Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and other Grains. Our Bins are Government Approved, Gov- ernment Financed, a years to pay For Full Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheyille,Ark. Phones 856-857 RENT A CAR Orivr Anywhrr* Vnu Pit-as* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Yes, you'll save half the cost of H new engine if Hie John .Miles .Mi I lor Co. rebuilds your old engine. Ami we guarmilce (hat the performance of (his remfilt engine will be equal lo or liclter than I lull of » new one. So prepare yourself now for (lie busy fall season when you will want all your i>i|uipnu'nl functioning; perfectly. .Just call your dealer or K a ''iiKeman soon and we can [jive you prompt service on your Iractor, truck or car, of ils make or mode). Guaranteed Repair Work on Cracked Heads, Blocks and Valve Ports JOHN MILES MILLER CO 123 West Ash Phone 2007 The fun Begins at your own front Door K, a nice cool spot where you'd like to be if it weren't quite so far away ? Got a wooded lake in mind, a sandy beach, a gorgeous inountuintop, where you'd love to be — if it weren't a long day's drive to get there? Vvcll, pick up your phone and get your reservations in! For not far away is a Buick dealer with a gorgeous new beauty with Dynaflow Drivcf — and what that docs to vacation fun you're going to find hard to believe. -Tor Dynaflow makes the going as much fun as being there. Travel time is no longer "time out" — but part arul parcel of your vacation. And no wonder! Every mile is cushioned in the sweetness of smoothly flowing oil. Gcarshifting is something you forget about _ traffic a mere matter of manipulating the gas-treadle and brake. Even back-scat passengers feel a brand- new comfort, free of jerk and jar and the harshness of direct gear drive. Oo you end the clay finding you've come farther—and feel fresher. Far from being just "another transmission," you find that Dynaflow is a whole new way of driving—a delightful way much too good to miss. Out — go see for yourself! That IJuick dealer is ready to demonstrate —ready to make prompt delivery— ready to take your order this very day. n KOADMASTER, ,>ti al»nc hun nil HICMU SilJt-.mooH> OrNAFLOW MfVr* . FUU-VlfW VIUOH from enlorg.d e lou a,,a • JWING-MSY DOOKJ •ojy occ«M • "UVING tfACf " INTfflOM wftfi 0**p-Crad!t (viAioni . 4uo/ QUADRUFLfX COIL t.rW, H«IAU intAIGOT-dGHr FOWft w,U tllf. SITTING VAIVI IIFHM pl a , HI-ff>IUO INCJNf MOUNTING! • io»-pr«ii«ie r«ti on Mirt-ttDt HfMJ • CruiHr-I.Vx WNTIFOXM > MIKIX MAKINGS, main W r<xli • lODt IT FIIMf» «SH"<f >' i c: TOA,OWAirt». opho.oJ ol .,r,o coil or, SUfED nadili. OI.SK.\ mn* JOJV.VSO.VS f H:\-HtK-.\l.l, .,„, l u ,.,,i,, LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. WALNUT & BROADWAY TKLKI'llONK 555 Whtm better uutomnhHet mre kuilt UL'tCK Kill build them

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