The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1951
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE, (MK.)' COURIER NJWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 1951 Notewortky Changes Are Scarce In Week's Retail Food Prices sonal ego. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Noteworthy changes In relaU lood prices were hard to Ilnrf this week. Large grade ''A" eggs advanced one or two cents a dozen in many places, conllnuLne a normal sea- uptrend which begin weeks production declines in inte summer, hot weather makes i t harder to keep eggs in top condition. and farmers begin to replace iheir older laying hens with pullets. (Eggs in highly-competitive chain stores in the New York area dropped about lour cenls a do?,en over the M - eek-end. reflecting an ab- normal and temporary heavy sup. But prices were headed upward again by mid-week.) Some, cuts of pork advanced a few cents more In places which had not yei taken full advantage of higher pork ceilings granted more than two weeks a^o by price stabilizers. Hut new boosts were not widespread. Agriculture department market analysis said the Increases in the past two weeks apparently caused a. Hurry of consumer price resistance, for demand for pork dropped sharply In total increases many cities. The amounted to as much as 13 cents such iU>nw us. pork pound on ' chops and roasts in many markets. Quile a list of fresh fruits and vegetables moved higher at wholesale, but the advances were mostly too $wan (o make much difference at the retail counters, Blackberries, blueberries and canteloupes were more expensive as receipts declined seasonally. New crop sweet potatoes readied market i n greater volume and prices of both solden sweets and yams declined. Tomatoes, lemons, grapefrulte and pears were a shnrte lower. Expert Lists Quit Meats Suitable With summer days filled work nnrl play a (food brcakf; a necessity. Therefore, it's up t homemaker to cultivate a rmkit o[ Interesting breakfasts thai will ply her family with the ncct nutrients for health. Breakfast InUroU can be eel by a constant change In First of a]l, breakfast menu kly Cooked or Breakfast with | transparent. Nc^ circle the slices t h 1 , within muffin pais and center each! the! with an egg. Bak» In a 300 F. oven (or about 15 mimics, •! Canadian-style bacon is cooked f\ exactly as ham. c'hcr by broiling or • i panbroiling. Sere with browned -j pineapple rings )nd ibere's a top oorts. breakfast team, likewise, the serv- can inj? of sausage, jatlies, spicy links Its— and chubby court ry-sly IB .snusage nits, ui<h eggs, pancakes or waffles will ches! hole] fhe attcnUm ol every break- t faster. spoon salt, H teaspoon dry mus- ard, dash of pepper, 2 tablespoons butter. <j cup grated processed neese food. Beat eggs wilh fork just enough v strips in .0 blend whites with yolks. Add nilk, . e alt, mustard and pepper 10 s and beat only until blended. it butler in frying pan; add fggs mixture and took over low heat, moviiv.' the cooked portions from ; he Ixtttom sides of the pan with | ipaluta. until mixture looks thick i ind creamy. Sprinkle cheese over | eggs and continue cuoking ovei | bent until rheese Js melted Serve at once with sauteed tomato slices. Coffee CJli/ctt Hum Stii:e 1 1 Makes 3 to 4 servings) i One 1-lnch-thirk smoked ham ; ice, l i r u p pineapple Jules. 2 leas|>oon 1<K' pure instant coffer. '^ cup real maple syrup. Pour pineapple Juice over coffee small saucepan and stir until dissolved. Etir in maple syrup, blending well, Simmer over low heat 15 minutes. Remove rind and most of the fat from ham- Brown ham slice on both sides in heavy frying pan. Pour coffee aze over ham. Cover and cook over lav heat, basting often and turning occasionally, about 30 minutes. ; HINT FOR A HEW BRIDE: Young love tnrtvee an breakfast emu , and morning sunshine. Love Thrives on Breakfast Eggs And Sunshine; Here's a Tip When a man wakes up in the morning there are three things he hopes to find: sun shining in the window, a tasty breakfast and a fresh-looking wife to share It with him. Here are a few welt-tested food tips that help lead to marrlnd happiness. Men usually Hke tresli epgs for breakfast. Strong, clear coffee, too. Start the day with breakfast like this: orange Juice, scrambled eggs with cheese, sau- leed tomato slices, toasted English muffins, nprlcoL Jam, coffee. Scr.imblcd E*js With Cheew (Makes 2 servings) Four e«BS. M cup milk. <\ tea- make use of a variety of fr chilled fruit juices anri fresh as cantaloupe, blueberries, pi and so on down the fruit list/ Of course. Uio tline factor |s im-j port ant at breakfast, therefor?,! Reba. staggs, home economist, suy- Pi-oner &ests main breakfast courses built i " around these quickly cooked (meats; IT —Canadfan-style bacon, UnkUaus-1 Ujuvra P !ie5n meat a » ^on aa a?,es, country-style sausage. [ fresh i you get lt homi from your mar " pork sausage patties as well as hami ket - is Lne rule } " xt ' place il ijgl)tj * and bacon. J j ly lopped with a sheet of waxed Ways to serve the^e meals arei pafper '" the codefil f p S l of your i i refrigerator Wiu cooked meat, it many ami varied. For example, ba-j js a different st«'e Cooked meats "cups." To prepay, cook bacon in a refrigerator dish before being cold trying-pan until stored in the reilserator. Cook Tongue Early for Varied Dishes Here> a quick meal Idea with tongue. Cock Ihe longue ahead ol time, then store in your refrigerator until meal time, suggests Reba SUggs, home economist. With the meat already cooked, it may be reheated shortly In a spicy sauce, It may he used for sandwiches, for a cold meat platter or out into cubes for a tempting meat salad, Tongue may be purchased fresh, smoked and pickled.or corned. In preparing either the smoked or corned, the longue Is usually soak- A SUBSTITUTE fOR MEAT ed first, then til are prepared la this manner. The meat ji covered with water <1 tablespoon salt added lor each quart of water in cooking fresh tongue.) A tight cover Is placed over the utensil a'nd the meat cooked slowly until tender. Tliu will take from 3 to 4 hours. After the meat is conked It should be plunged Into cold water planning to serve the tongue cold, it U best to allow it'to cool In th« cooking liquid.- Then it should be cloficly covered and stored in a cold part of the refrigerator. By IMA Without LUt ancient maritime law. tha of a wrecked ship was deprived of his property if no living thing escaped from it. accord- tor ease in removing the skin. If ing to the Encyclopedia Britannica. MACARONI-SPAGHETTI . PURE Ego MOOOLI5 ^& «< ~s*/fl -"Jffl?* 1 ^ ,. .<rr, \t>80tf *otr' • »y*'*i CLOVERLEAF ; «io~fAT DRV Ml ILK *ol,o, SHOP EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE AND SAVE! Lbs. Kraft Bag With Coupon SWANSDOWN INSTANT Package c ARMOUR'S STAR FOR GOLD MEDAL MACARONI OR FOR OGNA PORK SAUSAGE IB. 3 3 c ROT'S GATEWAY STORE 2101 ROSE ST. PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY! Aola Crushed Bollards BISCUITS 2 Assorted GUM The Pause that Refreshes COCACOLA With Coupon rge boxes 48c MlLK3 tall cans 37c With Cou Gerber's on if! - 3 ibs. Time Lei Vienna Yummy SAUSAGE !! Brands CIGARETTES Factory Packed SUGAR 37*|ORANGE Tenn. Frozen Strawberries Easy Chop Suey IlraldcaM: ^ngusl 25, 1931 Ib. Hicj-t m*it* 2 Itjit^ni dirk 1 ' - tvr> *»i,i1v IV- i. vlueil oj.iori I ' '• t Cover *id cook me At slnvlv in hot shcrtrniri^; 30 min , or unul tender inn rro'trv .Aa.-f onions, cclcrv, bean liq^td, riiiip * . ;v sau^o and svrup. COVOT; fti ok itowU- IO mm S^ir in •tr.ixi^rj- J,f flour and uM rcr Boil an ^ sat 2 rran Stir in be .ins ari.i cnilk. iitui! steaming hct. hut do not boil Jx'tye on drained rice. STakci 4 irrvinpij *Usc raw bed. veal or le«m pork. Pet Milk, Corn Syrup, Groen Boons, Chop Suey Sauce, Meat {beef, veal or pork), Rice. Cudahy's Wicklow Fresh Sliced BAOON Lb 420 PORK LIVER Lb 390 Fresh Ground u. S. Good BEEF Lb 590 CHUCK ROAST Lb 690 Fresh Sliced BEEFUVEi? Lb. By the Slick 590 BOLOGNA u 390 Fresh Couiilry Style Armour Star Large PURE PSRR SAUSAGE , b 390 FRANKS lb 490 CABBAGE Lb. LETTUCE 2'°-310 BLEACHED 0HSQNS - • ib.5c CELEHY--ea.10c HOME GROWN RED TOMATOES iblOc GRAPES -2 k 25c Shop & Save in Air Conditioned Comfort!

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