The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on September 9, 1922 · Page 14
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 14

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1922
Page 14
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EVERY, EVENING WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1922. STOCKS 60 HIGHER RAILS III ADVANCE Many More New High Prices for Year Recorded in Today's Transactions. . By Associated Press to F.Tfry Ernlng. New York. Sept. 9. Bui:h demon trattoria In Individual stocks, which was encourajced by investment buying oC standard shares, featured the general upward swing in today's brief session of the stcck market. Profit taking; sales cut Into the prices of such stocks as Studebaker, Amerl can "Woolen, Norfolk and Western, Crucible Steel and Marine, preferred, but it did not halt the buying in other quarters. . A score of shares established new pak rrices for the year, while the buying movement was at. Its helghC Gains of 3 to nearly 7 points were made by Liggett-Myers, preferred. Atlantic Coast Line, Loose-Wiles. Fos-tum Cereal. Iron Products and Kelsey Wheel. Wall street's belief that the shop men's strike was no longer a serious hinderance to freight movement found expresion in the marked, buoyance of railroad snares. , in, closing was strong. Sates approximated 350,000 shares. AT NOON TODAY By Associated Press to Every Evening. Philadelphia. Sept. Wheat Xo. r. reii winter. 1.11(51. 15; do. garlicky. 1.0IS(gl.05H. Corn No. 2. for export. T4H375H; do. No. 3. T3HT4,a: do. No. 4. 72 73i ; car lots for local trade. No. 2, yellow. SlS&iS2: No. 3. S03S0.i. Oats No. 2. white. 4545i: No. 3. white. 43'sS44. Hatter. western creamery, extra, 41: nearby prints and fancy, 47(J50. Eggs. nearby extra firsts, 3S; do. firsts. 36; western extra firsts. 36; do. firsts. 34'i; fancy selected, packed. 43344. Cheese. New York whole ml'k fancy Cat,, fresh. 21g2lH; do. fair to good. :0S20n: Icnghorn. 212S; . .irigl.s da-js-es 21,a21. Flour Soft winter straight, west poultry Fowls, r.ot leghorns. 24C530; do. leghrrns. 1822: spring chicken, not leghorns. 2$3d; do. .leghorns. 20(g25; old roosters, 15S17; ducks. White Pekin, fancy. riit23; fair to good. 1S(320; do. mixed colors, 15217. tDressed poultry Fowls, fresh killed, choice to fancy. 30(231; do, small sizes, 22S27; roosters western. 19; do, southern. 1718; spring ducks, Xiearhy 24S25; chickens, western, 31 (35; Lroiling chickens, nearby. 323 34; do. western. 30S32. Hay Good, new Timothy. 16.00 20.00: good, new clover, mixed. 15.00 g!7.W. Bran Soft winter. 1 n 100-pound sacks. 23.00S23.50; do. spring. 22.50 23.50. Tallow Prime city, loose. 5; .do. special, loose, 6U; prime country. .4s; edible, in tierces. ". Potatoes White, nearby. No. 1. per basket. 3545; do. No. 2. 15g20. Explained at Last. News item says: "Jupiter's year e-juats nearly 12 of our own." So it , roust be Jupiter's year a woman uses in figuring her age. , A female mosquito lays l.OOO.POO,-POO.000.000.000,000 eggs In a hundred days. Hey. Mrs. Sanger: Life. DITIDE?(33 DECLARED. Alits Chaliner Manufacturing Companv. quarterly of per cent on preferred, payable October 1 American Express Company, quarterly of 2 per cent, parable Ortober 2. American Power and l.tcht Company, eruarterty of 14 per cent on preferred, payable October 2. (California iVtroieunj Corporation, quarter' y of l't per cent on preferred, parable tkr'olwr 1. Certain-Teed Products Corporation quarterly of l'i per cent on firt and second Itrrirrmi. fayaoie 1 trtotwr 'J. Chandler Motor Car Companv. quarterly of a share, parable cttier I. 1 wiinwu?. quarterly 01 per cent, payable Duluth - Superior Traction Company ouarterly of 1 per cent on preferred, payable Ocmber 2. J. C. Penney Company, quarterly of 1 -per cent on preferred, payable September Manufacturers' Lljrht and Heat Company, quarterly of 2 per cent, payable tx-toiler It. .New York. Chiraro and ?t. Louis Railroad Company, two dividends of 1 '4 per rent eswh on common, payable September loer nv V - Lehiich Valley Coal Sales Com pa quarteriy of 4 per cent, payable Octobei mo rjsenionr & Bros . Iru- nnrt.rir sf l'i Per cent on preferred, payable Sep-irmlier HO. Pennsylvania Power and Lteht Company, quarterly of ! 7i a shar on cumulative preferred, payable (letober 2. K. J. Keynolds Tobaixv Company, quar terly or -j per cent on common A and B and 1'. per cent on preferred. :vti October -J. . Warren Brothers Company, quarterly of 14 Per cent on first preferred and J4 per cult on second preierrea. payaoie Oc tuber PHILADELPHIA UIOTATIOSS. By Associated Press to Bvery Evening, Philadelphia. Sept. t: Stocks closed firm Amerfcan Railwars Co. pfd fiakiwm Lotmotive Cambna steel '' "" Oeneral Asphalt Si"'" l.eneral Asptiait. pfd. .:."""" Lake superior Corporation." pfd. Lake Superior Corporation "" Lehigh .Narration . Iehtah Valley S.S.SS. Penslvania Railroad Penna. Steel ... Penna. Steel, pfd ...SSS. Philadelphia Electric .S.SS Philadelphia Company SSSSS. Cumulative, pfd .'., Philadelphia Rapid Transit .:. Philadelphia Traction &t 31 ! 444 ! 434 334 : .Heading Reading. 1st pfd Readma.,, 2d pfd . Reading, aeneral 4's Storage Hatrery Union Traction . United Oa Improvement Co. .. 824 " .. .. 474 .. 41t .l t . s. pteet . s. steei liktr v - Warwick Steel orit Rys. . ... "" 2N ' "iork Ry pfd.':.:."..'.'....l..';i.i: s - PHILADELPHIA PRODUCE MARKET QUOTATIONS em. .-. -23: do. nearby. 4 75(55.00; re's 'r5t?,k; l" 71N hard Winter, straight- 5.7ifSS.?3r ilo ; liiimm 1 -. i 11 short patent. 654i6.50: spring, ftrst j !unt AI"-" 'suVar 40:! 12s clear. 6.0O&6.25; do. patent. .I5tJi Rwfelrn As'""1" S'" s-,i .:a; do. snort patent. ..;.fq....a; ran- Koyal Dutch N y s'h'a" i i 1 cy spring and city mills, ratent family Vouis-D Kran T... Z?tl? ,sl IJve STOCK QUOTATIONS 12.00 o'clock 3SEW. TOSK STOCKS. Reported laOy by Lalr4 A Co, sec-rliy Brokers, 4a Peat BalMlnr. Previous . Company. Close. Lai allied Cbem. Dye .......... 8i AUta Chalmers tKW Ami Car ' rd."".. Am. Hide As LMilwr Am. tilde Leather, Pfd. . 74 Am. International 35 Am. Linseed . Am. Locomotive Am Smelt. Ref. .... Am. Steel Fdys Am. Sumatra Too..... Am. Tel. Tel Am. Woolen Anaconda Copper A ten.. Top. S. T, .. Atlas, com Atlas, pfd All. Gulf W. I Baldwin Loco Haiti more Ohio Beth. Stee Clans B Brooklyn Rap. Tran. . Butte Cop. - Zinc... California Pet Canadian Pacific Central Leather Co. .. Cerro de Pasco Co;;. ., Chandler Motor , Che. Ohio Chi. lirmt tt-.L 134 65 42', 40 122 10a 104 00 S2tf 5H 78 25V 3f 143: 4I 40 64 Vt 7 cw.Mii. a st. paui;.;:;; 34 C hi. A JNorthwestern . ... 1 Chi.. R. I. A pc, 47U Chile Copper..... "" ml 344 47?' 24 Xi Chino Copper SSS. 30k' t oca Cola 71 Columbia Graph. .. aw Columbia Gas AEIec. J"""' 105W Corn Products Kef nai 30 70' i 3 10.W 1204 491 13 Comien " ........ Crucible Steel."""" Cuba Catio Sim.r i)H 14'i Cuba Cane Sugar pf.'."!"" -I C uban-Amer. ;ugar 26 26 1 en Ter A Klo O rande . Denver A Klo 0 rande pf."." du Pont Debenture...!... po' du Pnnt Cfkmm.m ...... f Kndiwttohn.::.:.:::' or i lt2 124 IS 14' General Motors 7 . " " Great Northern pf. OreM Northern 1 ert" for Ore Prniwrii.. 83 BO, 4?, 40j 94H 401 21'i Hudson Motor Car riup Aiotor Car Inspiration Copp rV.V.V.V.V ii . li 42 112 I4f 17?, till o 42 112'j fi4 17 .9T 444 37 8' 71t 191l S4i 19 231 SS 324 89 3' 33 'i 8S Sl'j 77?t 4' 39 Birr. Harvester ... Inter. Mer. Marin. .."'."" Inter. Mer. Marine pf Inter. Nickel ......II" lutrrl'aiwr ....... Kelly J p rinafleYd 44 nrunecoii ."copper ai.-Key stone Tire - R Lackawanna Steel.. . ruj Lehigh Valley .Mexican fet MldvaiA StM. 191 34 ; l'J 2.' MS 32 SI', 77t 3S' Mo. Hans. A Tei'ae". Mo. Pacific N. Y. Central ' N. Y . N H. A H."": Northern Pj-i Pitts. A IV. Va Pure Oil .... Okla pfd. A ref"T"" Pacific Oil .. 1'an -ro. Pet." Pan. Am. Pet. B .""' Penna R. R. t Pere MarQuette"."."!"' Phtia. Co. . Phillips Pet ' i Pleroe-Arrow " 12 il ..... Kciiy Oil ... Moss fibefneld"; Southern J'acjfic Southern Kailway""" .irA "ciiiii-:::: Texas A Pacific Tobacco Products Transcontinental tiii"""" Vnion ou..J vu Vnion Pacific.. J - Alioy Steel" 34 34, ION 94 2HN fir 132N 4S 32N 87t4 15 184, 1521t iH 6.5'i R6N 104 SO 7?4 JO' i 94 . 2 7V4" 5rt4 132'4 IF 18 v---:::: M b:Ji!5rb,iK": C S. Stel C. S. Sreel. pfd" ,04H White Motors ,2l' w1,iv,riod".':.' '-!, EW TORK CURB MARKET. Reported Psny tNoon by Laird & Co, da Pont Bnildlnr. Industrials. Br-Am. Tob. c. ... I'ont. Motors "."" lurant Motors'""" Previous I- i tilen Aid. Coal ! Saltans Oil 49's 63 Perftwt Tire Republic Tire ...'.J. Swrets Co. Am. Vni. Prof. Sbar. ... Standard Oils, S. O. Mew York ..... Independent Oils, Allied Oils Cities Service.. Cit. Serv. rtf" ' 6'i 403 450 199 20f 204 104 Cit. Serv. pf.; Mutual Oil Maracaibo Oil . " Merntt Oil Simms Pet. . " J-keiiey Oil Host. Mont :.:::: El Salvador I""" Ton Heimont '. 'T r. , . . . ".....-....... 70' 10.4 21 2 1-1 12 13 13 va ...... - 2 1-16 - LOCAL SECURITIES. Reported Dally by Ljrd A. c Se enrlty Brokers, da Pont Bufldlnc. j n, ' . . . r ojuyo pr.. 75 85 4 103 8 uuruu j'eoenuirei-ract a 9 34 Hercules, pfd. imj Atlas Kractiona " IS) Industrial Saiv&ce if E-DiV. " 2 . s n?TA5ClAL XOTES. Commercial insolvencies in the United States last month, as reported to H ii Jun A Co.. decreased a little more than 2 jwt cent, the number )in 1 -1 . v ,. only is this the smallest total of the cur- ! n,w "erv but H " than the number shown in all previous months ' Since hst I tfttr.1... r . . ,l" -u--i. i.iauiiiiies Ot S4(J - TJ '.Z, ? t cent Mow he 42-SK)4 4u of th! corresponding month of last year, and are virtually unchanged from those of July of the current year when the -indebtedness was 4.010 313' r 'oad'ngs for the wk ended Aukust 2o totaled o&j.KiH cars, an increase over the previous week of :n.f,i cars according to reports just received by the car sernce diviaon of the American Railway .Wiilion. This was the largest number of cars loaded during any one week since October 1. lyjl Coal loadines totaled 30.C52 cars on Wduesday. a-s-orditig to the Association or Kaiisay Lxecu fives. These exceeded averasre daily Joadme fur .-,. j AuluTyear V'T rtrT I 'hult Ketail ."tores' Corporation re- ' porta an increase in sales for August of j approximately 15 per cent, to $1905- ; 21. compared with same month last 'vear I uross earnings or the American ltaii- ) ways Company for August were S - ' 57e.3r. against $ 1.538. 765 in correspond- ! K 'nonth last year, an increase of production or crude oil in the United States during the first seven months of IUIS jear lOtaiCU Jl J.SiS .ISSl hurrola while consumption -took barrels. The Westingbouse Electric and Manufacturing Company has taken a contract from tiie Paris-Oritans Railway of France, for about SI.OUO.OOO Tl ' fjr'la business is running considerabiy I ahead of what it was last year. I Tfie British business of the General ; Motors Corporation is now expected to i yield a net profit this year of about UUO.oinj. it was recently reorganized in accwaance Hi in me (tencrai plans or tile present management. ( 4 1 ,r Have your classified ad where 50,- StW readers fee it d.4:!y. CaU 2200 l at fur ad laka:. Adv. Halt Rubber 121. General Asphalt ' 'General feJectric " " 17s General Motors ".. 141 ' General Motors i " 1; MM UN I I OHIO GIRL WINS Miss Columbus, who is Mary Columbus, O.. last night at Atlantic ants representing fifty-six cities of as America's queen of beauty. Those acting as Judges are all famous artists or connoisseurs of feminine loveliness. Miss Campbell wins the $5,000 golden mermaid and the title, away from Miss Margaret Gorman, of Washington, D. C, who was crowned last year. "MISS COLUMBUS" IS PRETTIEST OF ALL AMERICAN GIRLS Continued from page 1 The Washington lass may come back next year and seek the trophy again. In this pageant and In last year s af fair popular favor was showered upon this girl, and many lsst night unofficially would have given her the aurels. The queen of queens was chosen y tho artist judges irom nine gins, who took part in the revue of mer maids, the feature spectacle this af crmmn. Three from among the fifty-seven Intercity beauties, three were girls In the amateur class, not sent by cities and three were beauties professionally before the public. It was a process of elimination, and the winner in the amateur class and the one in the professional class were pitted against the Intercity winner. Miss Columbus, and erstwhile Miss America. A Philadelphia girl was picked as first in the amateur class as having the most beautiful form in a big bevy of entrants living in this and other cities, but not officially entered. She is Miss Gladys Greenamyer, a blue-eyed blonde. She is a graduate of West Philadelphia High School, is 5 feet 7 inches in height and weighs 135 pounds. She wore a beautiful lavender bathing suit. A large silver cup was her trophy. "Miss Vineland," who is Mary Elizabeth Edwards, a 22-year-old- school teacher, was adjudged second in the Amateur class. Miss Vineland was not entered as an intercity beauty. Her brown hair is matched by her eyes. She wore a tan ba thing suit. .Miss stelle Marks, of Atlantic City, a 14-year, bobbed-hair lass, won third place. In the professional class, Dorothy Knapp, a New York model, in black suit with touch of white, won first place. Pauline Dakie, of Perth Atnboy, and Sydney Nelson, of Indianapolis, both playing in the "Passing Show of 1922" here, were awarded second and third places, respectively. In the intercity beauty group be sides Miss Columbus, were Miss Xash ville. Miss Sue Burton, second, and Miss New York, Miss Dorothy Hughes third. It was a picturesque sight, with "Miss Columbus,1' Miss Greenamyer, Miss Knapp and "Miss America" standing before the great audience. Near them, some in evening gowns. some in bathing togs, stood the other Jeautie8. The final choice was not made by acifamation of the throngs, but it -was announced that the judges had selected Miss Columbus as the super-queen. It was unofficially said that she got six of the votes of the eight judges. Before the final curtain was rung down on the 1922 pageant, the beauties were centers of interest at the Garden and Steel piers. The pageant burst forth into great carnival spirit throughout the length of the esplanade, bands blaring everywhere and immense fireworks displays lighting the skies for miles. The winner of the children's division in the bathers" revue was Ada B. Hendfrson, 402 South Broad street, Philadelphia, 2hi years old, who wore a cute ermine suit and carried a picturesque errnlne-covered parasol. Miss Columbus triumphed in keen competition with 300 of the pick of American beautiful womanhood. She wore, a vivid burnt-orange silk jersey with black belt. Miss Columbus last night won third prize in the semifinals when .all the girls wore evening gowns, She then wore an elaborate low-cut tangerine-colored gown trimmed in crepe de chine and gold brocade lace. None of the finalists had bobbed hair. "Father Neptune, monarch of the sea," sadly shook his crowned head at about 5, o'clock this afternoon as the sun was about to sink and he was heard to mutter: "How times have changed." The subject of his ruminations was fifty-seven beautiful nymphs, who disported before him. They wore bathing togs of exquisite design and tints, partly covering but revealing forms of rare beauty. They rivaled Aphrodite in their apparent love of the beach, "not sea" but there Was not a single dimpled knee exposed, and one-piece bathing suits were rare and, "yea, too rare," complained the king. Other girls outside of the intercity beauty ring showed their dim i ltd BEAUTY CROWN. . 11 1 1 iJ . Catherine Campbell, 16 years old, Of City, was picked from among contest the United States, Canada and Alaska, knees, either wearing no stockings or rolling 'em down. But shimmering stockings coVered the fifty-seven varieties of shins. The men weren't so bashful. From Mayor Bauer down they gave the knees lots of air. "Ivlng Neptune," a picturesque figure in silver locks, and dolled up In seaweed ami gold and blue draperies, led the grand march, he being rolled along by brawny ebony slaves In a chariot, lie was tAken to Steel Pier, .where seated on his throne surrounded by his court of honor, also in bathing costume, he surveyed all before him. Judges hovered near and appraised the entrants In the seven divisions, prbtes to be awarded to three adjudged best in each class. Mayor Bader and the entire group of pageant officials trotted along the beach in blue swimming, trunks and white jerseys with white turbans. The police and Are departments canio next, but & riot call would have been a riot indeed. The police carried their clubs as walking canes. The firemen In their bathing togs looked longingly at the water; Then followed the men's division so called. The women applauded the various types of Apollo-llks mold. The children's division, with the many unique costumes worn by tots that could barely walk, aroused the admiring comments of the crowds. Then mere man sat up and took notice. "Here come the beauts." The "amateurs" first passed in review. A statuesque blue-clad bathing girl representing "Miss Avalon," led the bevy. She evidently had "rolled her own," showing that she was no amateur after all. Silks and satins, col ors ranging from scarlet to white and with., effects that ranged from sun- bursts to leopard skin helped form the bathing ensemble. Miss Jeari White, of Philadelphia, who was the second choice and alternate for "Miss Philadelphia," was in amateur division. The professionals were motion-picture and theatrical girls who did not mind the staring thousands. Miss Alaska in the white of the snow of her land, received. loud applause. y "Miss AllentowTi" wore a natty black bathing suit. "Miss Bridgeton," in silk and velvet over green bloomers, was a pleasing figure. "Miss Greater Camden' was a figure in green suit, stockings and slippers. "Miss Chester" was a picture in black, as was "Miss Lancaster." "Miss Beading" wore a bathing suit whose colors were as changeable as the chameleon. "Miss Philadelphia" Kitty Molineaux was a pleasing figure in gray and purple, gray Jersey surmounting purple bloomers. She wore black stockings and purple shoes. "Miss Indianapolis," who captured the first beauty prize last night, wore a two-piece "Annette Kellermann." A sleeveless brown jersey with a short skirt attached, but with cover-all stockings, formed her attire. "Miss Johnstown" was a bobbed-hair beauty all in black. TO LOAN I0NEY Guarantee Mortgages For Investment Keep Your Money at Work at Per Cent. ITS VEST In per cent first mortgages a homes, guaranteed a to payment of principal sod prompt payment ot laterett. 11KST mortgages sever drop in price j 'Stocks and bonds frequently do. Inquire of Delaware Mortgage Investment Company ' riions 1I6S 6(10 Ford Building, Wilmington. XEW COBPOBATIOJCS. Special Correspondence Every Evening. Dover. Sept. 0. The following corpora tions were cnartermt yemeruay? Oregon-Aetna Kxteaslon, Inc., New York: rspKat. $1,000,000, Meialon Products Corporation, Newark, N. - J.: oo,ooo. United Motor Sorvico Station, Inc.: 500,000. Perforated Sluts Co., Wilmington; 1500.-000. ' Southland Coal Co., "Wilmington; $400,. coo. Richardson Refining Co., Kansas City. Mo.: Zedansa Shoe Co., Philadelphia; $200.-000. Southern Roll Weevil E terminator Co . Inc., New York; 9100.000. Sugar Plants Contructlon Co., Inc.. Wilmington; $100,000. Reeve Guaranty Co., Wilmington' $76,000. Morrton Engineering Corporation, Wilmington:, , Illlly's Shop, Inc.. Washington; 10,0or Stockholder' Protective -Anaoclation of America, $5,000. A. H, Smith Co., Wilmington; $fl.OOO, Federal, Telegraph Co. of .Delaware, Kw York; $2,000. ; lawyers' Corporation Co., Wilmington; $2,000. The Burbock Nnn-Pkld Tire Corporation increased its capital from $ to $.100,000. t Dover, Sept. H,- Charters were filed here yearerday a follows: D. O, Dery Corporation, New York; $25,000,000. The Jtleetrlc Force Corporation, Wilmington; $1,250,000. The United State Packing and Lubricant Company, Philadelphia: $600,000. Pacific Wheel and Rim Corporation. Wilmington; $wo,oo. Lincoln Oil and On Company of Pitta-burg, Pa : $500,000. State Photo Play. Inc., Wilmington; $300,000. Hug Oil Company, Scottdale, Pa.; $3MJ,O0O. Mortgage Finance Corporation, Wah ngton 1). 0.5 $.100,000. fhar Tcntile Mills, Inc., Washington. D. o. ; $250,000. Ideal Food Product Company, Wilmington' $250,000. Nuart Music Store, Inc., Wilmington; $200,000. Judge CoaU Company, Pcranton, Pa.; $200,000. Keystone Gold Mining Company, Wilmington: $200,000. People Loan Society, Inc., New York; $100,000. Sunbeam Lighting Company, Wilmington; $75,000. Globe Ice A Product Co.. Pittsburg, Pa.; $50,000. H. T. Nelson Co., Inc., Wilmington: $23,000. , American Medicinal Importing Company, Wilmington, Del.; $25,000. Powera-Davla Company, Wilmington; $10,000. Change In name of Rockstt-Naylor Production. Inc., to Rockett-Llncoln Film Company, Ixi Angolo, CaU Both the photographer and the mother had failed to make the restless little four-year-old sit still long enough to have her picture taken. Finally the photographer suggested that the "little darling" might be quiet if her mother would leave the room for a few minutes. During her absence the picture was taken successfully. On the way home the mother asked, "What did the ntc man y to make mother's little darling sit still?" "He thed, 'You thlt thtill, you little newthuns, or 111 knock your block off, tho I that thtill," she explained. GENERAL INSURANCE BONDING King at Tenth St Phones B858-5857 J. Edward Truitt & Co. Stocks and Bonds Delaware Trust Dldg., Wil. Send far Copy of oar "Dally Flash Service." BE IN EARNEST One who really wants to save monev and is determined to do so, will find a 'way to accomplish his purpose. Half-hearted endeavor amounts to little. Starting with what your best judgment approves, with push and vim behind it, makes success a certainty. ; 4 INTEREST PAID OX AXL DEPOSITS WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY S. . Cor. 9th & Market Sts. f IF YOU NEED MONEY for a home or for any emergency, come to us. We lend it, on notes endorsed by two people or on approved collateral, to those willing to pay it back within a year in easy weekly or monthly payments. A loan of $100 is payable at the rate of $2 per week until paid, and costs $6 interest. Other amounts in like pro-portion. INDUSTRIAL TRUST CO. Tenth and Shipley Sts. Open Tuesday and Saturday j. Evenings From 7 to 9 SUMMER RESORTS ATLANTIC CITT. K. i. Wnctrninrr&r KsntUClr- . Ave. nr. Has Westminster Klevator to street. Private bath, running water. A. V. Kopp owner and prop. Open H year. vecsn eoa Kentucky Arm. Running wats " ron. fto .I-, dty,; 2wlat wkly L r?7INCTON Pacific A Arkansas Am. IIS up wraklrt daily with mnala. II. aft un fiiwitiMii I' 1 . . M us nun. nln watar. nrlvala hatha. rrhai,a tnin faciillent tabfa. Math house for aurf bathing. Oaraga. booklet, pbonatm WM.M.UASLETT HfcTTUKTON, MU. HOTEL CHESAPEAKE Directly on the beach. Our table nuppliod with freah vogetahle and ea, food from farm and bay. Ptir aprinif water. M H. L. M. OWEN.'I. HOTEL RIGBIE Open during September. Now concrete ad connecting with Htate Highway. - W. H. 1IKK-K. Mgr. OtKAX ( IT. JWI." COLONIAL HOTEL Open to Oct. 15. Reduced Jtste Private bath. Jtunnln? Water. Booklet. Don't Forget to Visit the Shore at This Time of the Year BELHAVEN HOTEL REHOBOTH BEACH DEL Open During September and October Special Rates MRS. M. C. BAItNETT, . Owner and Proprietor STEAMBOAT LIEB. WILS0NLINE Philadelphia, Pcnn's Grove, Chester Schedule in Effect Saturday. June 24 1002 HA VLIOUT ,.AV1NG TIME I-eave Wllmfnuton. Fourth .Street Wharf 7.30, f.oo, io..w, aii.oo m.. 1200 jiu-.n, -,.iii, "O.W. 7 OO 1 30, ao.oo, 19.31) p. m. lcave Philadelphia 7.30. 00. Jloan ..! a. in., ,117 noon, 3.rx) 4 15. a.OO, 7.(Xi, ab7.30. 'S.30. -9.30 p m' iJally. ' IHuna on Ptindaya and holiday only a Kuna on weekdays only. b To Penn' rovo only. WILMINGTON - PENX'S OROVE KObTE. Lfav Wilmington a.30, 4S. H OO JMH. 10.00. 11. fa, a. m 12 Of) noon. 1 W Z.(), 3 00, 4.00. b5. 30 n 00 7 mi '' .). alO.OO. 11.00, al2.00 p! m. and j..-!' a. in. I-eav Ponn'a Orove 6 OO. 7.00. H 0O o ik,, 10.00, 11.00 a. m., 12.00 noon, i'oo .oo. j.oo,, i.oo, co.js. 7.00. mm au.oo, 10.00. all.w. i2.f p. m.. al.4fi a. in. a Hum on Saturdays. Sunday and holidays only. b 5.00 p. ,n, on Sunday, and holiday. c 4 00 and 0.00 p. m. on Sunday and holiday. ItlVERVIEW BEACH BERVICJE. In Effect Saturday, July 1. , Vv.ft Wilmington 9.16, 11.15 a. m., 1.45. ai.AO. afl.15 and 7.45 p. re Leave Kircrvlew Beach 10.14 a. ra. and 12 noon a 9 rn a m r n -1 and 10.3O p. m. Buna on Thursday and Saturday only. a Hun on Hgndays and Holiday only. LEAVE WILMINGTON French St. Wharf. 5 p. m. FREIGHT ONLY LEAVE PHILADELPHIA Pier 10, North Wharres (Race street), J p. b. Clark 3rd Crane. Jaaaar, ii. I2i ROUND THE WORLD "BMFRESS ( F RA.NCK" 18481 GroaaTONS 4 MONTHS CRLlSE.tlOUO ..d mo Iala4ia Hofela, Fcaa. Uraa. Gaidca. eta. Clark Onfiaate Roaod ibe Wacld Craiao Clark 1 9tb Crniee. PcbrMrf 3. 192J ra. MEDITERRANEAN 'BMrKESSai SCOTLAND" 25000 Gewa Taw S DAYS CRC71SB. J600 aad a Praafc C. Clark. Time Bwildtn. New Yark NOTICE OF REDEMPTION. To holders of Victory Notes and Others concerned : Notice is hereby tiven as follow: 1 Call for partial redemption of 4f per cent Victory Notes. All 4 per cent Victory Notes, otherwise known as United States of America Gold Notes of 1922-1923, which bear the distinsuishinK letters A, B. C. D, K or K. prefixed to their serial numbers, having been designated for the purpose by Jot in the manner prescribed by the Secretary of tho Treasury, are called for redemption on December IS, 1922, pursuant to the provision for redemption contained in the note and in Treasury Department circular Number 138, dated April 21. 1919. under which the notes were originally issued. Interest on all the 4?i per cent ictory Notes thus called for redemption wiii cease on said redemption date. December 13, 1922. Victory Notes of the 4t per cent aeries bearing the distinguishing letter G. H, I, J, K. or L. prehxed to their serial numbers are not in any manner affected by this call for redemption, and will become due and payable as to principal on May 20, 1923. according to their terms. 2 Detailedsinformation as to the presentation and surrender of 4li per cent Victory Notes for redemption under this call - is given in Treasury Department Circular Number 299. dated July 2. 1922, copies of which may be obtained from the Treasury Department. Division of Loans and Currency. Washington, D. C, or any Federal Reserve Hank. A. W. MELLON'. Secretary of tho Treasury. July 26, 1922. LAIRD & COMPANY Members of N. Y. Stock Exchange Investment Securities du Pont Building . Wilmington, Del. Wilmington Telephone 4242 NewYorkTelephoneCanal ?858 F. D. LACKEY & CO, Members New York Stock Exchange New York Curb Association Philadelphia Stock Exchange (Lackey . Building) 923 Market Street I, M Lis EVERY EVENING CLASSIFIED ADVTRTMI0. (fn4'xar for Quirk KWo ) Fash ratxh pick day. Count is words to th tin, tlount Initials and numbers as wort. No char ad tkn for lr-a than Vk. No prepaid ad urnen for umrt um. Chaw Prepaid. 1 Day l4ota iJomals 3 OoDSorutlva pay .. 12rnt JO Bnt Oonarjcutlva Iayt .. tfrwnts M Uttki TEKM ADVKKTfftlN'O. Hpooal ra for business . ad rrr tldo lvn utKin riurt. KKVfjMlJtJATIoN FOB KflKORS. Krpulll-atlon will l mad for rrrws not the fault of tb adrwtlarr it Ar-rU-rr will report th frror within 24 hours after nrst nullratl'ns of ad rU smi t. MIUCLAUSIFIC'ATIONH AOX PiCM-MI'ITRO. TKLKfUONK AD. Clasainnd awl verllaxrnmts tbat arc K-pbond to Kvisry Kvmlns will tm aoc-puwl at the charge rates aliown atiovo. Hut the prepaid cost amount will tm eocepul as full payment it offered at thm l.uaiueaa ofllrn within l days after any such ad Is Orst printed In tha paper. Otherwise the cost at the charge rats quoted abore will he collorted. All classinwl advertlatmt reontved by Every Kvnnin up to 11 o clorb a. in. day of pubUr-Atlon will be placed under tb propor cllflfilons on the Claaained Paae AdriTtlnlnn rerrtved after II ocKrck will Krouped K(fetber under the headtnff "Tor Jte to Classify" and will tm found on pae . Telephone yotir Want Ads. PIIONK TWO-T'(MI UNDMKD Ask for a Want Ad Taker. ANNOUNCEMENTS HHeHive Arenrlea 1 UAMILTffN'f DETKCT1VK AGENCY U'-enaed and ll'rrided. Detective Work of the Highest Class. Evidence ?erure'l. We OiH-rate Everywhere. 010-511 KOKD Mtll'DINO. Phones 404O. J1WI. Htl. .Votlres i KOiJTEH'S DYE WOKK9-Has removed frrjrn 310 West Kevenih street to 217 West Hlxth strf-et (oppf Mry'). Telephone fUMO. DK. WILLI AM O. MEATON Formerly of f4-ton A Moore, dentlats, has mover! to his new office, at H2'J W ashlngt'n street. rhoneJiWf. DR. it. MOKRIr-Ientlt. formerly of 70fl Market slroet. Is located at 704 M a rket st met. ove'alkrver H bop. "eL'LLeK lUtfsriEU" For demonstration. Pbono 8457 W. 720-721 Ford Ilulldlnif. OARDA HEAUTY PHOP Formerly 20r Meat N'Inth street, removed to their new beautiful borne at Sl Orange street. acrond flrxr. MI'XDY IiROS Furniture company. formerly located at Al-V)3 Marllson stmet, tlesire to announce their removal and opening of a new store at 8M- King street, where the nm courfoJS service to the public Is assured. Pergonals COLLECTIONS Sclentlflr. everywhere. Henry Mercantile Agency, P. it , Hox 32. Lost and Found B A R-PIN Platinum, lost on Market street., or du Pont Building, Monday; reward. Phone SO.VS J. DOO Wire-haired terrier lost: i))f county. Pa . lk-enae Reward if re. turned to West Eighteenth s'ret. ! KEYS In bunch, lost: about twenty. eral for Yale locks. Reward if returned ! to Kvery Kvening OWc j PIPE "Dun hill." No 42. loat between! Fourteenth and Cyton and Ivlxware ' avenue and du Pont. Reward if returned i to Charles W arner C o.. Odd Fellows I ituiiomg. Pt'PPY Airedale, answers by name of rvny. newara ir returned v 132V Maple. TERRIER P moot h-bef red Irish terrier license No. X77. Mrs. Henry Bancroft. 24r Willard street. WATCH Oold, Wall ham. mu'i open face, lost between nlith and North Grant avenne and Second and Tat nail, via Fourth, street. Reward If returned to 606 North Orant avenue. AUTOMOBILES. AntomobUea For 8aU ARMATURES In stock, magnet wire, electric repairs: motor generators bougbt old. exchanged. H. ft. Cano. 607 Woa-laston street. Phone 12W H. AUTOMOBILE Will be sold at auction 219 North Rodney street. 3 p. zn Tnurs-day. September 14. AUTOMOBILES Having two 1920 cars wi!i sell either the Hupmobile or Ford fiedan. Call Holly Oaa; 213 W. BUICK rTouring. 1917 model D 45: good condition;" reasonable for rjuicic aaie 1610 West Sixteenth or pbone 978 W BUICK Six-cylinder, ft-paaaenger. I2I like new; will sacriflca quick, for caali' yjaa Wash 1 ngton. BUICK 1B17 roadster. 28S. Wilmington Auto Co.. 221 Weet Tenth atreet. CHANDLER 1919. touring. 7-pa-senger in good shape; price 4'jtk. term if sired. Wilmington Auto Co. Pbone 87ijo CHEVROLET Touring car. for saie cheap; must be sold before September 1 1 Young's Garage. 704 Kirkwood. CHEVROLET Touring. 1918 modei, new chain tread tires ail around, la good mechanical condition; price 9225. first payment $100. balance in six monthly Installments. Wilmington Auu Co. .. 70o. DORT Sedan. 5593 J 4. good condition. Phone FORD Coupe, also garage space for rent. Phone 6311. W. lgpa Orange street. KINO EIGHT "The car of no regrets " Phillips' Oarage. Penny HOL Holly Oak 196 W. OAKLAND Touring. 1919 model, good rubber, paint and upholstering: price SI 75. Sluu cash payment, ba.i ,nce in six installments. Wilmuitoa Auto Co 22 X West Tenth stret-t. ST UDE BAKE R 1918. 7-passenger tour-iriM. repainted and reconditioned : price SJtO. first payment S2A). W'Umiagton Auto Co. Phone 870Q. WB GUARANTEE Title on every uaed car we sell: you take no chances. Wilmington Auto Co.. 221 West Tenth street. USED CARS Come in -and be convinced that we have a better assortment of standard makes at a lower price than any place in town or out of town. 1920 Hudson Super Six ,. tm 1921 Hudson Speedster 923 1921 Auburn Beauty Six 05 1920 Hudson Coupe 075 1920 Chandler Coupe s?i 192t Studebaker Sedan 1075 1920 Dodge Touring 4, 1921 Ford. Coup 474 1921 Chandler Dispatch 075 1921 Studebaker. winter top 875 1920 ltuk-k Roadster, winter top .... 575 J920 Paige. 4-assenger Sport 725 191S Ford Sedan 250 1919 Oldsmobile "6" Sedan 625 1920 Dodge Sedan .'. S2S 1920 Oldamobile Roadster 475 We Have 25 More Cars Not Listed. Every one is mechanically perfect when we say that we can back it up. Tune payments if you want it. We flu a nee Our own cars. Guaranteed title with every car. KEIL MOTOR CO. ELEVENTH AND T ATX ALL. Phone 0IOO. AUTOMOBILES Aafomobtles For sM WE ARE 'OT In It.a uanri car ttelne; "eraa ( f rwiulree ra4e Ins We tc tbern in right al paa O, dvantasw l2,r".u ."ur. are am-ieet .eof. Wilmington Auto .V . 2t West Teota street. Aat Tnirka F7alaT " ! CI I A fM in -New n-t.n CMntus trjrk cbaa. never naw . H'i tse it W ii-mlngu.n AmIi . , ri West Ia'h strM-t FOKff -Panel delivery. mrM rw painted and In m'"A htu; prvat Vt. Wilmlnglon A ',or, m;0; 1tr.VVHUCT-lott trurk; tt7ls Is oot a Junk hesp but the prV i. . j,Jt(-prira. only l.t. oo lt Nit, Wllrningon Aiia C I'b'fve 7o. Ante A ereaatriea 11 A PATENTlbrictln tf eprlng f auiomoMles arid otorr venc-laa t'tmntm ft.tH. Addreaa III rt .wofrcj-rle an4 Rlctrles IS IIICYCLEH New and e-t,r,-l-t..d Hi. cyrAm repairiug arxl parts. Hm.Ut earrla tires and wtwis. arircrd it etwt. f'H French atmet. J l.e ii,m Centre " i'brma lr,. K. rpen eveningf DELAWARE Cyclic .'. lrBTi i of new aud rebuilt Hark r I -) wya mttUirry Ui and Sidwara .Jj!b r,d French etreeia. KEADIN'i 8TAMMRD ,0''PX VF IJ5 rVta-trler wervke Muo. Ov. year Mres. WUmjngv.r . r, . r, Market afreet. Repairing" Service Kfaflrraj ACTO TfrPt AND CtRTINM- tef. rear I Kdne. Pnoue i st ,,T x'.hi j CYUMER ORINDlN'i . , . fm svre your v.u,r s ip. t t vowr cylinder rernjrid. ettAJ nt,j, VeW plsums and rlr,, alt worg g'jarsntmy as: or pnone tut prr it m,. he Co , JOH Market ttrwt. Mforsre Ralf-rle IS HKTTEMK REPtlKKI) f,r rrt Hatferies phone j jc, .N'.na In ion we detv-r BATTERIES Auvrnr,b;r rri'iv rI built. (I I up. ' il'ner I,a $, vm. Phone r.v-w. sn Prwb t. HatWy r-pecla.ltjr (V, RADIO ! PADIO ! RADIO i RaJlo Mt'eries va call fr,r and recharge your batteries. THE RADIO INSTALLATION 00. lOOl Ta'nall trec. Wanted AotOTTIOrltles 19 WE BUY AND a.ELfc L'SF.D CAR. KE1L MOT ok CO ELEVENTH AND TATNAIA IT" WANTED We deal r t Btee1jee Af ('k used cars and will j,ay trie hirneat cash prtcee. Bring yonr cae and go tows with t&e tuvarf. KEIL MOTOR CO ELEVENTH 4i TATNAIJ, Ta. Pbotje t. Opea fcverjoga. BUSINESS SERVICE Blnes Nerrlce-a Offers BUCHER MAKE ELFCTKIC M'AS-7iA ehlpley street, phctne IO' W DrLL HOSPITAtr OiaMiifi m4e V9 GT Madlarm. foemerly ei West beyl entb pnotMr 3274 i . LACE CURTAINU farwraMy Ommj Call at fyd Van Hurra a-ireet. pnone JOTJ . MIRROR RK-MLVKRINO Lle if Kblmr. r., JJ47 r anu Poop- 2W. .S'f BO.VJ! CORKETIERE Tre rrir i juiaaiTj la-so. ttJrurs guaranteed. lrs. ra.r k . lots) rvaaaiagtoa street. P2os 2H24. M. RUGS AND CARPETS Dry O sed and wurwd. . f-rXXRITY HREPROOF ST0R.VGE WARKHOt -E ltb and Market Streets. Pbooe 81 TYPEWRITERS J. A. Smita trpewntier esthange. Xypewntera eod. rete. re pairea. Dei are 5;stntrutor of F. A cane writers, a-ieo e. nostra 4 aaaing maicftlnee, 2 Weet seve ua atreew Pbonew htYTt and 2775. CPUOLSTERLNU Of evwry -ewmptJoa trade to order. n-apboit-nc a specusity. He abia Up Matertng alu Ma iui street. Pbone 7J W. B aUAlag Coatracdac CARPENTERING AND JOBBING Wora promptly atteoded to. JeBee. ul street. Paoae 4WA Jti. PLASTERING All kinds, Lowe Erca. 1M icroaa avenue. Esma tea f or-nia ed. Pnosje 6707 M. K Wtrlc-1 Work aaa api t I WOOD WXLJMJN W lrs your Ouaa without breaajng your 9Mrs, i;.a'er r pocket book. F'mjU 3jui W. oo Taa Bur a street. Ilea tin g. Ft a m bia H4Mag 1 FOR ROOFING and coauna. call i. A. Toadvine. HEATING. ROOFING And aheet mua work. A. Sp ! u 715 J1 4 .au . I'auum 73 J. HI tH-GRADE PLUMBLNG A-VD HEATING Good. JotJbuj a spec wty. prior reasonable. Jarrwrs F. Hir. joi Meat Fifth atnwft. Phone t. JOSEPH I. O'NEILL, XJ. KuCn irut and apouuiut; pipe -as bnau t beat- apci4 , PLUMBING AND HEATING KKVBOUJ UIIO-5 611 We t Math Strert. Pbooe 424. WILMINGTON ROOFING AJVD HEATING CO. Hoofing, spouun iwtirt work; tin. t r and rouftrm; jo bjng promptiy attendiml to. He deuce, 2Mi2 1'an Hureo street; abop. 41 aat Twenty-fourih tt?iet. Phone 2175 J. Moving, Trucking ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE Moving, expreaa and stora.. Peraonal uperti on. Mundy Brua.. hi King trwt. Phonw 7 .). HAULING Trucks and tra era. moving of all kinds. Heavy hauling specialty. McCrmck Broa.. Eirvri a u L Uioa. I 'bone 5U52 W. MOVING AND HAULING Of all iSj will go anywhere any time. A. Ir g( 17 I'ainievrr avetiue. Phuoe 4,- J PENNELL'S Moving and bauliu Price reav sonable. Mar -Uil tv u, PhonetwwiS WANTED A return lad far twu-toa Ma-k truck from St-aford. tM-i , or nearby, vo aoy ioint north to I'tui-adclphia the iaat we-k of Sei'iemb. Wnto Williarn J. F rami a. liou Jobnao-Place. Cb-aier. Pa. Plaao Inning and Kr-palrlr tl TUNER EXPERT and r.-i .r-r of I'.iaa and plaeia. Wliiukm xiprr. 1 una 771K J. I 'alutiug, Papt-riug, Itf-rrailBgS M. ARfHT-P!rfhinit:r Work doi.e reao ably. fctimUra furn, ul WeatFJurth. Fbone 2654 W. PAPEKitANGLNG At lowest prices; work guara teed. H. am. oul Nurta Clayton street ". PAPEKH ANGINO And all decorations of quality Fin e wont a apncia-ty. Kuwa A Bro.. 421 Shipley attr Phone a43. PAPE KHAN GIN G A. I done aruaticallr. Isadora titrauaa. m4 Freu irk street. Phone 1906. WALL PAPER Ol quality Window shade. CaU XI IS W . W R. Goodley, SU Shipley sir-ft, W ALL PAPER and wail d3oraHr. I. J. Hoilett. 41) Tatali street Pne Ji7 Prlulins Kacrating w CALL &6UTi And I will m at oa a'wut utir PRINT. NG NKfcDs. naa. i li. Ura. ptiuux, 11 .ai Jbiai iuwI

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