The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1931
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, KI.YTHKVIU.E. (ARKO COyiUEH_Nti tfS. PAGE SEVEN" CLASSIFIED .ADS Two cents a word 'or lira'. li:M.-itioii nnu one tent a u'oi'ii lor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement. IHK'. 11 lor less than 50c. Count the woi'Us «"ii send tlie cash. L'iionc .yOG ' FOK SALE FOH SALE—Timothy or Soy licun Hay, Ear Cmi or Soy Beans. \Vriti J. I', fox or 1-. W. V'-n Ik-in, Sike'.ton, Mo. FOR SALE f.vno uwb 'n-.Ei-:'s no neM for yen to without a car any longer, for oilc.iin THIS WEEK s HEAL BARGAINS. i; yea h- : :vc a lar~? o.r, yon can ta\i- r-.oncy by l5:,v::i:; ii ici'e and O-.IT.'.P.J or.e of :l].co bv,- pilccd and economically oiier.T.ccl cars. THIS WEEK ONLY. EASY TERMS, TOO 1EM FOZ!D TOURING CAR .. ?35 KX, CIIEVSOLET COL'l'E .. 55i 1528 FORD "A" KDSTLK .. $1£5 I3SV CHEVROLET COACH .. $73 1023 FOKD "A" COLTE 3173 13!8 CHEVROLET IIDSTEU ., £B3 UM fOKD "A" SE'DAX I!l2li CHEVROLET SELVVS IMS rORD "A" PiiAETON' IM7 CHKVSf-EK C.'IASSi!: 1028 FUltD '.I" l'£CU LT 1921 CHRYSLER COtl't 1933 CHEVROLET TOVIilXG SiiO 1D27 POSTI.iC COACH .... 103 1S25 FORD FORDOK, SEDAN 3io tall 811 810 777 Today l :i Ilinuf l<ir till- It n Ji:.\kV ItlllHUis. ,,I iriii-ll.T, ullr nl i>ln unil ill) nil} i\E lll<] Trutc IniliUi'llh. nlii* ^ t nf iirurtnlrliii: 7 i inuurj < Ui^f. Mif n^l.ri Giui:.: herself to inish the pur OUR BOARDING HOUSE '' vw> ' ' By ATi&rn ~ j «• snsj $123 LliriMpil will) the gay Adventures ul uiin nrlifls tn:i k i n L- i lie I r y n in HUT'S F [HI : t a till study pay for HscU by the main lonance of a milii sort ol nl^lit club. They called ft Sixes and Savens S's young u-(jinc:i did l!ic i iu;4 imil (Nrnkiiix. Hint seven i:ion v;nL1 cil U[:oi) ilio inhle. :nu! a •)i tii!?m served Inleimiltcntly a: eulertainfirs and rece|jtion commit lLH-.i. Ltirkiiix In the hru'k of her mind'. *V:IH the memory of that piofiulile •mil ruici^ enterprise. She uaiizc:! thai in her own case lite project would ivcrt; itself cm aloii^ -soineu-lim different lines, ijtit of nnc-lbins at lerm stis was sure—if tiie ii;:iUi of the community v.'ould )iist cu-upL-yaK' to clc:»i up lite old | iliey would nroseniLy be In I'-oHKcssion of a cheery rendezvous all their own, free from fumfly en- cunibrances. Havlni; Hen anil Jcnky In cbaree jhead." "A Junior Coanlr]; Club," Gir.zu wd. porcnls allofcif." • "A Junior Country Cln!)." paid succinctly. "Thai's the ticl;(.t.. N'o parents allowed, no preachfrs. admitted, and lite first member tlinl | baa a baby gets chucked out un Ills d:,u:e nf Miil ilisartn all conventional ob "Ob. r.inser. that's Just price:??-." jcct:ons. for ri'rtniuly a marred.! ^j^ Patlv \vartnlv .. COMPANY /Authorized Ford Dealers school-teacher 'chatieiun to the satisfaction of'lbe .n)0at unreasonable parent. V? 3 .'-.MOLES Kcr Sale—For Write -H", Courier Kens. "Okay licre." Fnlil \Vc-sley. tliii can on «clioni tcarlicrs glints, too. will you?" | "II has its iiaints," Fait] rtlil not look very far i g i nr ;!cilly. for lie Uiii^or iiilO'Uic liilnrc. Hcriminc(!i.UL'|"|iu; 1 fjrc-sco iniiiciliuicr.t:'.." I hint; s!lo iMil s»l hvi T ivlili licr or iililiniii, iali] mvcr again buciune a If she runM lu'lp li, lo lii'![i n. lu' liuniiMllali'ly lo s:iv<. i.l'i of I'H'iy ci'iit (it minify into litr IIOBSCS'.!'."! ;!•_• iv ll h: lur sf|v ilfd nut 11 list Uaiika, ii^ :i.i L!:, y ilu hii iniicll nf Im lcts,i|i;i]lly. tint (tic giuiliil 'u IJllltuil Slntca was • In lio lllisU'i! biin il:u !':iinl iif I'liiviitcnCL 1 it•(fit Ami cciuinlly ulietl Iliu Ullitfll KUlU'S Slinlllil COUSL' 10 CX- isi S^IH- ui'iilil h.ivo uo furllicr nctJ fur 111 l!ic iilil ii]-ilio:li)\ il.iys .11 lid i: ciiiiiH cllull wllli tl:c [Ktrsin: !i:nl imii'iiccii IlllilllK, ^!^!":t n tenth iun of Her li.oniiu' ,':<>( ilio l.urd," -113 .she HIM. al jliftti^li H ri.-arliril.ii.lin l:> ilio tnme- (ii'\ ionic 01 clinrcii so daiH. | haskllK :llliL I li;n ii,l,-(. Hut hi I!LI> new HV-II.ui^ililIlly i vvlncli sho hii'l e,i hrin-cly u-iMiiui'il. she foiinil ihat l-i ik'ilurl fr,i:n lirr linall ralnry nnc-lculh for tin [.cinl Illll (H!t>ti;:i(ll for |i!'-!:i. ^:Hi:li!3 I'lcd IICT luiihii-luilil iu imlnfiil tiriviitiouE. TENKY hfirt never been able to •' coiio sntci'ss-fiilly «iili Fiih-iiniii iirohk-nis s^ slip Iriisllnlly (cuU lu-r< straight to Mr. Tiillivcr. Ji-nliy ;\.is one nf those who. In Hit' very liresDiicu nf ^liirini; ministerial iai*- laiies In liic eninlnct of lliclr own affairs, was nhlo lo retain Implicit conli'lci'.cc In llie wl.-iiSoia of the ciolli n.i cynuc-riniil iliu affairs nf ol lit 13. Nor OTIS licr colllltlenre in tills case Riisplarcil. Mr. Tolllvcr lln- tcnci] syi:i|istlictlcally to tlie slaie nu'iit n[ licr iirnblc-tn anil then look iiotii licr tliln tiiiriC liaaiU In Ills. ".My yooil frioml," IIQ salil, "nny- tlilnK you arc ilolnn from ilay in Jay, or any safeguards yon firo building for Ilic future, for Hint liocr blind husband ol yours, you !:t!i:?!on. and her Inlercst was iaro dolus for tlie Lord, yes. a tlioii-. «cd II[M:I a folldcr fonnibtlon. Isiiml tlir.cs morn ilellnllcly for Him '!.-> Ciiuer, ilio prujcrt meant no Itlian the majority of our chiircb ac- •"- -lOW G&f OLi'T OT oas?;, Bcrn-l OF vou \ 5-fAV OUT UW-riL SUPPER-TIME! ^A-QO Gi&f SOME COCOAMiiTs AMP \£AcH OF 'Voii CLIMB A "tRE£ 5£1 4 tle ^dR PAFFV w I WISrI -TriGRE. WAS 5QMS WAV L cooup cRMfe "ihie -r Bo~tH CJF.VOU AWP ^^J' 0 f" Von "io SOME I TFREI<3l<-f dFFlce ^«, UM-CLAIrV,E5 N^x^l LAV o"F -fi-l' 1 HOUSE J? -piRsfn -^ TP -SOONER BE. S-TfeP5, THAW HAVE AUVB6D V CA"TcH 'ME WALI-CIM6 QU- WI-fH "fHl5 Bid J6LL, I'D SU-Vdli DCiWKi iHe TRo.'iT SYlSPS., OfjLSr 1 I'M AFRAID OUR ^rrteee-f Vou, |M • UEE^E-V n».u.i.PAT,Ufr.4}it3i 5r nu QLiiVKt,i:iu ^Ijite BUM'S KLASriT" BOOTS AND HER CUDDIES TIPPY ISN'T TO-HLAMB | "Tic ! n:'iv.- liian a [:!c:i5ain adventure to and iv!i!V av.-ay ilio tedium ot an nn- p (ironiiilns s'.iinnier. To JciiKV. It EMj-jprcuittcil - '.-nvu! a sreat many . dollar . a--; every 0110 l;no>vs. FOR SALE—Corn. 65c bushel. Hay —Allalia ^c Tin othy. S'X. per ton liclivereJ. O. C. Hannaii. iiiytne- villc. Art:. 15P-K20 fope); jwas somfcjtfng to dp.' ^ln ihlnlt about, SIio liitfl 55i:uu just c:it,i 11;; itself up u'lUi \$- tcresi in Hie First National Hank, .is slit often vxnipl-i inert. A'"*' every- lincly sni'l ili;tL lo-va farm tom!-* even if it UTS afl :;rj\vn up 10 wot-Us am) hrnsli on DIG bank oE-llahlal " Uivpr—WHS a soccl inlying tnvcol- nic;i:. And ilteru won'[] Eie .work, tiri.'k, visjoruiis work for strong yoi:nc -v.-oll, yon needn't busier |iol::i i IMC ilicm mil." paid (ilnmr. "Y'-ii'rp | <ni aliiio:-! loo old to Ijaloi'.; In 'lie lirst js!:c air of dcirrnrinatton nor ^i!Titlii lace llvliics. 1'osul qnvhiRB lor IJtrnny 13 more iiracllc;]) service fov llio Lord iliaii the collection plntc for f^clyn n^l^lons. It Is a noiilo ex- nmplo ol the 'cup of cold water iti my : FOE{ RENT— rconi apai t- jr.enl, 810 V/est Ash. Gali SIC. 5C-TP amis— there would bo raUns nncljtliG ohbr tioyj have sumrior , si"S atid burning of brusli. j We vnn'i lot l!:e]ii jniii — w«"ll just A.-: tir:i:> Midi lip trirhsil <!nwn tlie oulQi strcut J w;iy (o talk tiusincss with Jo;!!ii] \Vcs(lji:iy. N>\v iTpjioipihiliiy, nnd \rH\\ *U ncv,- co'.ir;rj;i?, line! conic lo her with 1,'T uiariir.f;e lo poor, hliiul. help- J.---B ISoiiiiy IlroortS. Slic I'lftveloildV "To do (1:o work." explained GUi- ";i ? ;i of inouily i :i3sio:i foriinonoy. tltaiiuIitfiiHy. "TlK-re's goin:: lo .r.:i liitorcst i^iat i» 0110 Jess^lnily . i:cvtj:it wciild b;ivo been i!ovviirij;lii ' And if you o;jt unpctliiucnia. yun ate tco tild. I supple '^e'll IILJVG to maTTo room for [he olt'.er lii^il sclioal bnys "What. tbo=c infcriliil fi:lll In c'otbes ami—" Lc !;e.-)ps of n-oi-:; li> do. uuil :il|i "I siipjioFn Efiinc ot the Indies will im ! erltlcfzp nif," pho lKL*an wistfully. I tut lie pa! toil her hantls and tau^hcd. "Now. Jctiky!" t:o chl<tad iier. "!B Ut(a hciwccii ynu ajid tbo Lord, or you'and (ho todies? 1 ' Happily slio u'ci 1 ? nlflo to hclleve jl as,If It svcro ih's rtry Gospel, aiid ^ie procecitci) nhucrCully lo practice aiijnll ccoiininies that hi tlic old iy| she had never'drertmcd of. Ko\v, anildonly. In Ginger's sur- TOR RENT— SEASONABLE—Warm bed rocin, adjoining talii. CaH 4 7jj. C-K-22 there would be scrubbing and paint- the hanying of swings — mi; am] Ginger's memory swept hack in y WANTED POUI.TKY V.'/'.:-rrEu—Market nr:-j_ ces any v qna:itlEy. Marilyn Hat-1 clK-ry, L!.D U. fuuvtii St. DC-IT j ? gvcal lorrc:H 'o tile croivded. ba|i]iy, tiat-iiPFanl raisonaaft (Liy^. and she smile:! cnnicilteiliy. \VIieti slie rejuincd lier friends iimbr Iho rnapies bcr expression was divinely scrapb--"- ;:;ciccnni'y. , i prising proixjsiiion, .slte-^asv un- Hut tlm rprlr.g^ froiij" v.-iitcb her Isusperlei] avenni'd of fhcdmc. If enuouragn them to a surt o! '^^Tilon ci:tft1iuss had sprntiy were sliu Eind Denny K^TC up their rooni3 inlcrcst. There'll he oodles o" «'(..rii !o:.v:al puro. In Ilio hack ot her before lliiu p!;!ce is ready." Ellrly ,lnc1;srr: knlltril IIJM liroiv? thnu^liifiill.v. "Oodles And there's a pl'iro is llicro? You've '.:.••• 'OII really got aa ii!f-a. l:avc yjn?" cvis.'ii . "Ye-E, I have an Men." iiaid Gin- L-VICII. 2er p!r^?anlly. "IJut of p.iin-?e it's; from s i.iiinl drifipil shadowy, ilisbc.irtcn- in town and went to Ilic* country for siininier, slie would certainly 1 : forc'ti-Klinrt^ of the fiituve. The | save tbo aino;u:t pt llirco. mid prs- ;:;a niiyht coir.u when" biie would'! frihly four, niontlis' rent, Sbo ivonld be ablo lo co;:c wilh the ks n[ Sbe WANTED Washed tent >vhHc woman. 704 S. Lake St. — 7am11y Wasliings., :. am! ironed by conipc-]i : Mrs. Brown, • 17CK-TF : WANTED — To bay pcr.iilry, any amount, markt-l iiriccs. J. K. | Fisher at C. !.. Bennett Co. Feed! Store. 210 N. K. H. GC-K20 j LOST AND FOUND MOMEV IM CLOTHES COLLECT iMtBREST •THE MEM TCNEU'ri BITSINT.S.i I!L ; !Xi-:D Taylor. 43. a': tuiii::'. v.iio \vn-i sent to prison fnr cbtMi;iii- = ' n:.Tn:y by fraud, said his trndr- had h?on by wireless and E:-:\piio- phoiics. . tlio public kinder- inij;lu dio snddoniy tiitlicrlo iinsusocctcd all- AG1CI) MAX SL'IS i:avo a i;anlcn. there wnuld bo fruit. | 2nd Ginyer liaJ promised to take ] care of all household expenses. | (To [iu Conllnued) ' .... T ^ . | : Before n football fan in Pern j • bnys a lic.kel lor a focttall gum:, i MEMPHIS. (UP)—T.'i:. Rld:llck. !:e spentk several hours bruslilns. £0, fiiorl.-moti nnd. mni|ij;r c£ t.-.D ii)> his aim with a sava-d-off shot- j W.-.iiancra Om::ig Club. biK:d lo gun. I (1.1,-k.- \viih 1'nal m;u:y siwl-:. He ,—, saij it \vas "just siiostin;. 11 -Read Courier Kews Want Ach. M tA W it O • • V t ••• SH QO OWt »\M ••• \ OWt \\O WOi 1 25 1 \ \ 1HKT m- - (\vxowr\Nct: ! LI.T ,L^J I-'HKCKLKS AM) HIS FKIKN'DS 'ves, TAG.... ) WANTED—To buy chickens, any nino'.inl. Fisl'.er's Plate. 213 South First St. 23C-TF KLM! »:ill iistrlier Shop 318 W. i!ain WJliiams & Damon. Frci>. \ rclis Kyle. F;-cci Boyclt. Guy Ko;cr.=. Vi:.;!! WilDams, • • Earl D.-IIIOII. Cash Paid For l.Hlc .Model Used (.'jirs ' \\. T. ISARNKTT 117-110 East Main St. Phone ST.8 or 837 Ixical and long distance Sl^ccial rales on carload Team for Incal Inulinj. V. li. WASHA.M TRANSFER 1400 Chlcfcasawb.i Tlionc 851 We ciiii Save you money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO 1'ARTS 2020 Main Pliolic fili HAY One b!» or a lrni;i load. EAR CO^N". rhuck on.-Stk 1 bn. Shi:;:-; olf. -Oc per bu.^jn car lots. Cotton .Sl.ilrs Sales Co, Inc. . "<.nlvAc!vrilO; /VIA. ..., ' Phone 174 or LD 16CG. York Cotton NEW YORK. J.'.Ll. 15 lUPI— CO ion closc-cl ;ioLi.-;y. Orleans Coiton \ :\. lo lUPi-- 1 _NO DOUHT! ; A3E 1 ! By AVJ/AVS RovJ IN OAW.P PLACES, Too, DOWT TUSX FRGCKL6S? >U'AT u "C MO.U-fl.PAT.orr. NOT TO UK TRUSTED \ fe TURNS .LE IS ON .-.TT£R viiT E 5LOWLV. ^S^-V S> FWE. HIS F.Y£S ExilTCUEMT. CXCC V.-t PR!f:EO&-Wr- >-J '-. •i i.'-v, •;.£':•; g»M^i^\^j ^ ).\ A.H, WJ VRttWS5, I HWit. CjOOD kj£i THE ADBtTlONftL MO.'OEV \ KMOM »1W I C\M CitT EGM NO Tl^^C ^ PLEA'at MS f^NCitR.. RtBUH-D ForcMtVO EE.MVtN'ilON, WD 1 $IEO,OOO,OOO Cf\StV FOft WU. a 'JR ;— ^y WEEI.; ' ? ; ^w| > S^^S£i ARE OUM6FOUNO£T)l V®

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