The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRn, IS. 3 BLYTHEVILIB (AKK.) COURIER NEWS 0 t C 0 K ft T 0 ft'S SUPHil When yon begin your spring clwmhif? mid vcdworat- iiiK you'll have your own ideas on wlnit yon wy.ul in |i;miL and wallpaper . . . and yon don't want .snl>;;li- (tiles. Bn'iiK your lis(: lo our store. \Vc handle only thi! best name brands in our line and will assist you in every way possible to assure your satisfaction. It' you \vanl the advice of decorators we'll be j'Uul to (it'll) you! DEAL'S PAINT STORE "Vnur Wallpaper Style Center" JO! So. 1st Phone On City Property —For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements 41% interest 20 Years to Pay FULL Pre-payment privileges MONTHLY payments include ^ taxes and insurance bstract & Realty Co. . 213.W. Walnut Abstracts of Title Telephone 2381 -farm Loans Flameproof COTTON INSULATION with Lowest "K" Factor 70 Per Cent to 40 Per Cent More Efficient Arcliifecfs and HuiMcrs know (Fiat COTTON INSULATION is 10 r ; (o .m r '' more efficient and 0 ( o \(\ limes lighter tlmn other insulations. Its huilt-in resistance to mildew, moisture, vot and decay and the permanence of its flame-proofinK treatment all have earned it tilt- fine reputation of America's Finest Insulation £iThe Hanncr Cottoit County of the World ^fionld use COTTON INSULATION." ' Let Us Give You an Estimate. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St Phone 551 Lumberman Raps Builders FOCUS Federal Housing Lack of Success Cited In Housing of Low 20 Per Cent Income Group The Importance of n good roof over a residence or other permanent structure has focused the nt- i lenllon nf builders on Ihc. modern WASHINGTON. D. C.. A|>-11 lo ! ll " llo r)al.s- HVIIflllble for roo/lllg. In spite of mass regimentation of ''""• s ti'"<--ll'.':i experts report. Among 'ne mast popular «f Ihesc root coverings occupants, easily operations, and subsidies, federal public hou.sir.i; projects have never yet sncci'odcd in lnjltsiilf> the socially needy in the tow 1M [>er cent Income group. II H. Norllnup. sacretary-niana;;ci- •>! the .N'alional Retail Lumber Ueaii'r.i Association, emphasised today. "Public huuslng bills .such .is !he '> Uius TuH-KUcnder-Wamii-r Hill merely stimnlale credit in the luais- liiB field, where credit is already abundant. The T-B-W Dill," N'or- lluip explained, "presents IJjile or no ehaniie from the Wn|;nc>r-Kllen- dcr-Tall Din which failed u, p.,« dnrini; the last session of COIIHIT.SS." Of even ;;realer importance. Kor- tlm|) said, is this bills' pro[jc:;al to ut pulilic housing into (onip.^l- .ion wit!: local private builders for '.hi: same available :eiials. "Public liousinj; presents slill an- ithci- probtem." Northup staled asbestos cement shingles, made by combining sbes- los fibers with jwrtlujiil coinent. Asbestos cement shhiRlcs tiro made In (hive types—American method. Dutch lap and hcxaijonnl. The American method is similar In sli-.e and exposure lo com'entlonnl shingles, nulch lap shinnies are Mimetiine.s known us the .Scotch method. They are larger in sl/e nnil lapped on both top and side. Tlie- jii'xngoiinl h t.vle, sometimes culled the French method, Is laid t_ ISlve a diamond shape or honeycomb appearance. American method asbestos shin- Hies rrcqucmiy are made In strips. That i.s, til,, mills are equal in size lo two or more individual shingles. When applied, however, they give Hie effect of standard sine shingles Individually laid. Dutch lap and I'exauonal asbestos shingles are de- 'The idea of KcuiCKalhiK any immp signed to Kive t;ood roof protection md iu iibsldized projects is a viulenr step backward in the, social development >f man. FVir :i feiv dollars the iiull- •idual is induced lo degrade liinii-elf o tlie point where he bcliev -.the responsibility flows from irnmcnt to him rather than bim lo fiovcrmiient." Need Consent of Giivcrued ff this government under lhc Constitution is to continue, at all. he said, it must remain based up,-,!, the iden! just powers of government are derived from the consent if the fjovcriMKl—and not upon iho popular but vicious and mistaken belie! that citizens can oblain more or belter housing, clothiii,;. aiul food, merely by voting for them. "Citizens cannot successfully transfer lo Ihe government responsibility for their food, clothliur. nr sheller." Northup continncd, "with- oul first siirrenderhii; these mnterial nossmions to that government for i'c-distribulion." "Is it not clear, then, that this transfer of property demands -also •he rclinquishmenl of personal liberty?" Northup inquired. "F;>r in '.•fleet, the government, through lax- alion, is coinmandcerini: the niater- ial objects it desires to re-distribute." For a good many years. Nirlhun uointed out, the office .seeker has been too willing to hide tin; real ".ruth as to who n.ivs invou 11 with a minimum of overlapping. Aslx'.slos shinnies have a number of chracteristlcs which recommend them for roofs of all types. They contain nothing; that will burn. KO they arc completely fireproof. Being immune to rot, and decay, they are not affected by wealher or the usual causes of wear. They can be expected to last the life of the building without having lo be repaired or replaced. The. shingles arc manufactured M'ilh smooth .surfaces or with dls- llnclive surface leslurcs. HHerest- Ing shadow lines are produced by the (hick exposed crti;e.s. There lire a variety or colors available.' Grocery Firm Adds Annex to Cost $40,000 OSCEOLA, Ark.. April 15 — An estimated $55,1100 worth of residential and business rue! Ion is underway here in the form of two five-room houses .ind n wholesale grocery annex. The two houses arc beinc built by Fnbcr White, manager of the Et 'be r co.Sc^f irs : ! — ' ™^^^ tual ^mn,n,i !,„ ,,"L .„.!_.. '^, nocr construction, one whil,, and ninotmt lie iinys Sii iaxes. If 'ic were confronted with thnt nmcnml, he would develop an interest in government costs that would make jt imlicnlthy for (he of~re >o«i«.|- who promises somcthinn for nothing. "Ouoil housing is Komewhac like ;ood government in thiit we arc cn- Ulled to enjoy neither unlcv; we earn them through our own ellorts," Northup conchulcfl. Tlic giant, ant-eater walks ils toes turned inward to from dulling his claws. Hap-haiord Tniun ance-buying some- timvs leaves you open to loss, at o»h*r times costs you more than necessary. Bring all your policies to us for a check-up. We will advise you without obligation. NOBLE GILL i i AGENCY one rod. Approximate cost or cnch Is $7500. Mr. while is building the houses for rentnl purposes 1ml lins stipulated tlicy will he rented only lo his employes. At, an ro'.lmntrd cost nf $-l(].ono. the Lee Wilson Co. is adding a 75 by IW-rnnL nnnex | 0 u s wholesale grocery here. NOTKII: Notice is hereby Btvrii Hint the underslBiifd ns nclmiiiislrntor o[ Hie Estate or G. C. Wndley. tlcr;c-:isfd. Will on the filh clny of Mny. 1017, oiler for sale at the south donr of the Court House in the City uf lily- tlicville, Arkansas, at public auction to the highest binder upon tho credit of three months, the lollcw- int; land belonging to said;te to wit: Four-fifths M-S) interest in nml to lat Pour MI. j. w. Wider Addition to the City or Bl'y- thcvillc. Arkansas. Said stile is made ror the of dividing snkl real propelcy ln> Uveen tlic five heirs of the said G. C. Wiultey, deceased, the purchaser at such sale will be rwiiiircd la i;ivc note with approved security tor Hip purchase prior. Dated this the Hlh day of April 1047. G. W. BAR! I AM Administrator. Make Sure of Tlieir (Fill Mosquitoes lake no chances of your blood clotting, before they drink hteir fill. They ^njc-ct llu-ir saliva into their victims to prevent coagulation. "WE BOUGHT THIS PORTABLE PORCH LIGHT SO WE OUTLET!/" HftT 5OCKET ^ ™ETO FOR FOUPIMORE Oon'f overload your wiring syitim. Wh»n you build or.modornlx* provld* ADEQUATE W1UHQ, ; ARK-MO POWER CO. BHIER BAS1-BALL STANDINGS m!o U-:A<;IJF. y' o" i.uixi ., IJ1 "- 1 1 .500 New Orleans .. i i wj Neville ;; i j ; 5W altauootiii j [ 6 w Atlanta ' (j a jyy;) Meiii|)!iis . ...!!!'.!!!" o 3 ^uu Yesterday's Results N LKAUUK 's scheduled. loday's Games I-illle liock m Memphis. Hirmlnijhatn at Atliinlii. Mnijile in 'New Orleans. ChultaiiooHit at Nashville. NATIONAL II:A<;DK SI. Louis ill. Cincinnali HoM<;n al llrooklyu. l'lti.sbm-nh at ChlciiKo. New York at. Philadelphia,. AMK1CICAN I.HA(iDK Wii.slilntcton at Jioston. I'liiladelphia at iNi>w York, Uetroii at St. I.ouls. ChiciiKo lit Cleveluiul. Gaf Golfers Play in Rain In Big North-South Event IPINKHUHST. N. C.. April 15. (Ul>)-<Mi-.s, Dabe nidrickson fa- llal-las. National Women's Oo:f champion from Denver. Colo,, and her fellow-medalist, Mis. Kstel'.e Lawsou j'uco uf Ohaiiel Hill. N. C.. li'il Ihe fiel.l Inlo Ihc match play of the North mid South women's tournament today. I'liiyltiK In ruin yestordtiy. Mrs. Knlinrlns unil Mrs. Pago encheard- I'd a 711 to lake lop honors unit medal play (rimmed the Held »l 102 to Ihe Hi who will play in I ho first elimination round. Mrs. Xaharlas. who is seeking her Mill stralj-Jil tournament vit-loi-/. meets Mi's, William lloekenjos, Jr., of Lake Ilopalconn, N. J., who had iin K:I. while Mrs. Pane fuces Mrs. II. O. Unlermeyer of New York, who also had In Kl. Birthday Ball Clicks •ATLANTA. Oa.. April 15. (UP) — .loseph T. ne'rlhu,', fi7, a iVsalnrant- enr. reached i'.cjrin|r'. s hall of fame loilny by pluuklnu his "birthday" A housefly Is In (be prime of al Hie «ac of five days. FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Automatic Klcctric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of ICIcctricai and ituliery Hadiiw • Expert Radio Kepairs • We Tick Up and Deliver . Main Phone U407 NI E h( 3318 New Theater Manila's Finest \ Shown KVURV NKHIT Matiiuit Rulurdajr « Kuml»y B»* Qptfu We«k Dayi 1:0<l p.m. Hut-Sun. 1 p.m. Cant, b I'olf bnll into Hie cup with one Som B butterflies s '"' 1 ' swarms. The ball came In the mall from;-— his MIII, ;Ru'ni'il Cjcrlin i;ol Mis-|~ siun, Kan. On I lie sri'ond hold at, the North l-'ultmi Course (he cuddy profcrriMl Oerllns^ a number eltfh'l Iron for tin 1 125 yard drive. Gerllnu asked for the number six although his' j-'olfiiu; frieiuls advised him lo use the cie.hl •I'm not, a good golfer," Gerliu'; wild. 'Til silrk (a the si?:. I'm nsi!:l In Mils club." The next, moment the ball went L'aluhl hilo (he cup. nvlgrat* . in mid siiuils iin 1 conslfli'i'«l by Freiiclimcii RIXZ THEAtRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today TTT O|U'n tl:ts p.m.; Shuts 7:11} p.m. Tuesday 'The Man in Grey" A Universal 1'liliire with Short SahJcT(s Wodncsclny & Tluirscluy "BOOMERANG" Wllll aiui Andre^vs Also Shnrls Tuesday PAL NITK "LIGHTHOUSE" ll-llll Don Castle, June l.aiiji Serial: ".luck Arnislroiii;" Alsn Kliuit Siibjvrls Wednesday and 'J'tiursduy The Mar* llros. In 'A Night in Casubluncn' wllh <;harli'« IliiiKe, l.nls (!iilller l : ux kMnvii-lntie Ne.ivs Sliorls- BARRY FITZGERALD DIANA LYNN SONNY jrUFTS^i EASY'60 •.... v ItKO News und 8>»»H» '• Wednesday '' "' ' "QINGJER" win,,,. •.,.-..-• • .-.'. rr.inl: Atlx-rtMiii and B»rt»r» Km) liKO News luHi WAGES and the Telephone because wages are at issue in the telephone strike, let's take a look at what operators and plant craftsmen are now getting-. Four out of five telephone people are in these groups. The basic work period is a 5-day, 40- hour week. Scheduled employees arc paid overtime for time worked over 8 hours a day, premium time for Sunday and holiday work, and added money for evening and night work. Operators Here a girl just out of high school, with no previous experience, starts at the beginner's rate of 526 a week. But if she works after 9 p.m., she gets $27.50 a week, and if that week includes Sunday work, she gets $30.10. The beginning operator gets a raise in pay at the end of the first six months and at the end of the first year. An operator with 18 months' experience, for example, gets $28 for a normal 40-hour week. If it includes evenings and Sunday, she earns 532.30. Periodic increases bring the operator to the top rate of $34 a week, if she works evenings and Sundays, her weekly earnings are $38.90. But the union wants to increase the beginner's rate of pay from $26 to $41—up $15 a week. Also, they would increase the top wages from $34 to $51, an increase of $17 a week. Plant Craftsmen Here linemen and installers, starting in right out of school with no experience, begin at $28 for a basic 5-day week. In two years they arc earning $35.50 a week. Periodic increases raise this basic rate to a top of $56 a week. Exchange repairmen—the men who take SOUTHWESTERN BELL care of repairing the equipment in your office or n'ornn —reach a top rate of $58. Overtime and other extra p.iy during liio past year have increased the wages of most linemen, installers, and exchange repairmen substantially. The union asks Hint the boginnrng wage rates of these Plant workers bo raised from $28 to $43, up $1? a week. The jmion wo_uld_a!sp_incrcase the $56 top w.igc^^o J78 and the $58 top to $80. Those would bo increases of $22 a wccl,-. We believe most people will agree that present wages are good. The company believes that no increases are justified at this time. The way to resolve these 'differences of opinion and settle the strike is to arbitrate the wage issue. That would be fair to our employees, to telephone users, and to the company. Nearly two weeks ago the company proposed that the governors of the five states in which we operate appoint a panel of five impartial citizens—men with a knowledge of conditions in this area—to arbitrate the wage issue. The company enlarged its offer to include not only basic wages but such other demands as length of time for employees to reach top .wage rates and wage differentials between different communities. The company urges union officials to reconsider the offer of arbitration. It is the fair way to settle the strike, restore full telephone service to the public, and get the telephone wage issue decided equitably, j. TELEPHONE COMPANY

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