The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE it raw Cooking Ad ventures In .I Wilh Happy Described By Writer BY.iiKi.KN E. nmuiv Mrrnlirr Stuff, fiond HoiiseUee|ilng Institute Each one of us, I Ihink. craves the. reputation of selling Ihe best table In loivn and being- the- least harassed hostess—and ihc most gracious one, loo. Thai Is why we: K<i appreciate the regulated convenience, of good ranges working nnd thinking for us and why we cay-Ihnl frayed nerves from worry. over haphazard results can lie a thing of Uie pasl. •.' You'll flml adventure ualorc In imMrthliiu new dishes and dclre- Tablp. combinations for pleasant, homey meals or ga.y parlies. And .what a thrill in seeing the dishes appear nt the table soaring lo such "tempting heights that "ohs" and ."alls" Inevitably greel them! But don't forget the praise that Is liiv- Ished by family and guest on Ihe igood plain everyday dishes, that Is. ;of course, when they nit- conked !]b a mm. V Cooked lo a Turn i'' So turn your interest to some of ;these everyday fowls, to vegetables, ;for instance, and give them Ihe .break they deserve. All they ask is 'to be cooked lender in Ihc short- jest possible time. In a small amount of water and then seasoned with cure. V Now we have been cooking vegetables in Good Housekeeping Insli- tjile kitchens for years upon years. : nh<l making onr guests' mouths fairly wafer with thoir lovely colors, delicate, flavors nnd lender clispness. And this Is how. We choose saucepans with close filling covers that will hold Ihe vegetables comfortably, put about 1 Inch of .water in the bottoms, bring lo n boil ami add 1-2 teaspoonful ol • 'salt for every ran of water- used. y\.ft«r vegetables are added and covered, the water is brought quickly tack lo (he boiling point, and then we cook them over low heat until they arc just, tender but no more. It's the extra cooking thai rillns them, so be ready with your lork to test them and Unr.' a,e iieat off the minute they arc done. You may, of course, prefer a mild version of such strong flavored vegetable cousins as onions, Brus- BLYTHEVILLE. (MK.) COURIER NEWS scls sproul.s, cauliflower und (hi** like. You c.'iii cook them In boiling Milled water to cover willi the saucepan cover off, being very direful not to overcook them for lliey suffer from oi'cr-coo):hii; more than almost any of the oilier vese- tables. 'I'lltHt! DIslM'.s Mill' Ollllr SIllHIII lillj; You limy have 11 well cmiker In your rui)i;e Inil if not. we'd !*• will- ! lug lo urr-er (flat you do liiice n utensil of Die Dutch oven type with elusc IHUni! cover in 'which .sonic favorite dish very ollen can be found simmerlm; [,'i'iitly silraiK. There's fdv.'ays such u cajiilorlalilc felling llbmil havlni; IHOsl ol Ille tllJiiU'r cuokljiw nmli'i' out* m'w.r uiul since Uutrh uvi-n dishes UM; Unless expensive cuts of nicuL, ne',v recitK-s Joe them will be wclc'iinc. \ve know. So \vr present one of our special nmnljers. ilanisli (iimlash 'Tfv.U'd h, (jour) Housekeeping Ihslilnli!) 2 His. chuck 1-1 thick 1-1 i;. Miller <)i' MurKurlw \-V, isj>. pi.|ipei 2 1-2 Ls|>. Kill, 4 medium oitioji?; :t e. culd v.nlf-r 1 Ibsp. blown sui^ir if small bay leave;. •1 tbsp. Hour li Ihsp. cold walcv Mashed rjolalnes Chopped p;irsley Cut, chuck into 1-t" cubes, flrnwn lu the bnllcr, seasoned with HIP. |»|)!)er and 2 tsp. of the silt. In n Dutch oven or n due)) covered skil- Jet. Peel and cut Hie onions In halves lengthwise. Shave them very thin lo j'lve utmost liai>s|)aivnl slices, so Hint when the dish is finished, llicre is no Iviice of the onions except, (lie flavor, limply oplons Inlo nan of nieut cute mid Mir cousliuilly until lhorou|;hly i brown. Atltl 3 c. wnlcr, brown su-! Kiir, remaining \-'> Up. salt, nncl I buy leaves, nud thicken gravy with tlic flour mixed to n smooth paste with tlic 0 tbsp. of wnler. Cook until smooth and thickened. Pour over mashed potatoes (seasoned with a bit of garlic If you like) und sprinkle with parsley. Serves (i. 'I'o serve '1 or 'i m:ike one half of this recipe. Make a 1'rleuil (if Ymir OITII There's no need now of slicking lo a few tried linking dishes thai you know cnn't fuil. Witli tested recipes nntl n good heat controlled oven your pies are sure lo brown, nnil when It's angel food you want, the heal wn't climb beyond the point thai builds up an ethereal lightness. We don't, hare (o worry about hit or miss oven temperatures with good thcrmoshds. nor be embnrntwl by lopsided and unevenly browned cakes with well- designed ovens. Dishes That Don't [Mind Wailing Casserole dishes »vc know ivll) go over bii; with your family. And FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1038 3-4 c. canned pencil syrup 2 ibsj). butler or maiKarlne li Ibsp. lemon Juice Pinch of salt Mix snsar and cornslarch. lirim; peach Juice lo boiling point and mid lo su;;ar and cornslnrcli, Mlr- i-|ii!{ constantly. Doll li mln., then remove from heat and add hiiUsr or uiumurlni; lemon Juice, mid sail .More Jlroileri Knoi'ls All of this leads our thoughts inii to our men folks. The special Kivor of broiled foods, thril crispy and delectable juiciness round In food* quickly broiled and I ihen served piping hot always In- I ulgnes Ihem. You UK), will wax enthusiastic, wliui yun rrallw llial '•in 1 of the quickest anil easiest ways nf cooking has .such tipjjcilk- appeal. What a pcrlcia answer Now some people have the idea that only expensive cuts of moat tan be broiled. The truth is that many Inexpensive foods acquire sudden distinction and sophistication from the broiling pan. F'or example, Ihe round, minp and chuck "I well »I>M|, ipjality beef are cuLs that are full Iliivornd. ami tuna/- iJigly ;;w>d u'ticu bir/iled. Pish, too, Tf-'S nothing 1111,11 (ll'licluili :i (ilittlir nf S|niiiR «:;,'<• (a lilt's tbey am molted („ |,eifi-i-tiiin. ONLY NDRGE YOU: • Witt, Avtobufft TVinimfnfon-ft.tfur- Wtlfdt Ailtttoi- — P,,,, a rt • Ifiiticttor Wfteftr. • Ctillf »J)ailttlt n to hill, ifttd, fnatnt, tta Ner«* Duo I'o I Iromt li 'tttf lo \at-tHt, •HicHnt. See Our Complete Norge Display At the Cooking School City Hall ~ Monday, Tuesday HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. .u»in * .1. W. ADA!\!S, Mgr. • See (his ajnoziag re£rig« eratonhaimaintainsfoic- er temperatures, higher humi Jityatno extra cost. See the new flexible inierlor arrangemenis —adaptable to 9 dillcxeu; varisuons. • Be sure to see these beautiful, economical Norge Ranges JYOIF.' New, iinjiivt'ejoven controls and top cooking units make these ranges even more efficient— even more economical. Wide choice of models and equipment. ii'i-c's always the elcmeiil iifsur- jirise in I'asst-roii 1 dishes, an jirrmilM- <if flai'nr lo follow. They'll K<> OVIT hi» ullli the fainily, eiii.MTOlP dishes don't nilni if .soini-UjliiH delays the siO'vii)" of "liiini'f. A ciis::eri)|c will li;iiv<! you plenty ol' room, too, In the oven in luck in iim>l.|i<>r ilkti If wish, such as corn nuillins lo {- r o willi it, or nimbi- baked- apples lor dessert. Ol course, you tvtll re- memlxn' U) cluioso dislu's that bake at Liu 1 same li'nipi:-]-alui'i' so that your thermostat and lime, clock can have Ihe dinner piping hot nnd ready Just when you want it. Here Is a recipe for a delicious casserole disli. which olfers an entirely different flavor combination, uses Inexpensive foods and is ea.slly prepared. Snuglirltl, Cheese, a ml Hum Casserole • Tested by Good Housekeeping Institute) I 1-1 e. uncooked spaghetti in 2 inch pieces 1 peeled garlic bud 1 1-2 ibsp. minced onion 1-4 Isp. salt 1 1-2 c. grilled American cheese 1 4'i-o*. can deviled ham H-l c. evaporated milk 3-4 c. water Cook the spaghetti and garlic, together until the spaghetti Is lender; drain, removing garlic. Arrange in a greased l'.;-t|t. casserole, and add Ihc remaining ingredients, mixed together. Baku In a pan of hot water in a inodfintc oven of 32ft degrees p. for TO mln.. or mull a silver knife. Inserted In Ihe center cmiira out clean. 'Hits recipe serves li. Oven Meal Combinations You have only lo roast your favorite cut.s of moat In these vvcll- dcslgncd heal controlled ovens to learn how succulent they can bo. Sometimes you'll want lo cook other foods with them lo make nn oven meal. Choose carefully the foods you put toRclher In the oven and be sine that they la.sle. ijooil together, that they make a balanced meal and cook al the same 1cm- licrnlme. We ofleti fiuil Ihnl hvo foods make a good oven combination, like tin; combination or a ronsl meat nnd dessert which we give yon below. If yon want a third dish, for example the vegetable, It can easily be done on Uie lop. Place the Roast slullcd Shoulder of Unnb on the back part of Ihe upper nick of the oven. I'nl I'encli Pudding on front of loiver rack 1 lir. before lamb Is done. Itiiasl Stuirpil Klioulilt'i- uf lamb iTe.sleil uy Good Uoiispkceplni: Institute) •I 1-2 II). boned sliouldi'r oHanib 1-1 e. chopped onion 4 lb.:p. bnller or nursfli'inp '.'. 1-2 e. soft bread crumle: 2 Ibsp. ehlli sauce 1-2 Is)), salt 1-N t.sp. pepper Have butcher neigh lamb ofter honing. Compute baking lime, at- 35 mtii, to pound. Cook onion in butler until soft Imt not brown. Combine with bread crumbs, chili sauce, parsley, sail, and pepper by tossing all together lightly but thoroughly. Fill liimb-slimiiiler cavllv willi Ibis slinTmg and sew edges 1"!>elhcr. 1'lace on i rivet, in open misting pan ami in a vcrv hoi oven ol 500 desires P.. for remaining lime. Serves 8. IV.Il-ll (Milage rinhllil( iTesleil by Goml lfon:-.fl;eep)n. : tnslltule) I--1 e. shorlcning 2-:t e. ijiannl.nled .siifjai' 1 Isp. vanilla exlracl 1 egg. well beaten 2 1-4 c. sifted cake flour 3 Isp. baking )io»-der 1-2 Up. sail" I c.. bottled milk or 1-2 c. evap- oralcrl milk and 1-2 c. water 1 No. 2'i can peach halves Work shortening until of a creamy conslslcncy with spoon. Then add sugar, beating constantly. Next add vanilla and egg. SKI dry together and ,-uld ,tl(cr- naiely with milk to first mixture. Drain peaches, reserving syrup for I'encli Sauce (see reci)w belowi. Arrange peaches In a 2-qt. casserole and cover with cotlngp-puddini! baiter, nake in a moderale oven of 3.10 dcfrrces P. for 1 hr. Serve with 1'each Sauce. Serves 8. In using an electric bcalor. let shortening stand nl room tempera- tuve nnlil soft. Cream H for 1 mln Add sugar gradually wilh beater still nt high speed. After all sugar has been added beat for 1 min. longer. Add egg, unbeaten, and beat 1 miu. still usins high speed. Scrap.- the bowl with a spatula or by ir- i versing the bowl; beat mixture a | fi'w sec. longer. Now turn beater in j lowest sjx:ed, nnd ndd the mixed ( and sifted dry ineredicnts alier. nalely with the milk, to which the vanilla has been added, as rupWiy as possible, about one quanei ol each al a, time. Scrape bowl ana beat a few see. longer. Voach Sauce lOtxid Housekeeping Institute Tested 2 thsp. grnrrilbtPd sii«ai liri)wnin K criukul dishes thai need .1 P like I he Slirimn and Oiilun S'nprenu 1 sU-ps ni>* in tin.- v.-ovUI when Ihe ijiili'k Iiral ol broiling gives it u lovely, golden brown without drying It out. lU'inemlji'r, too. Him when there is room, broiled acconipani- inenl.s can often IK slipped on the rack with meal or fish. For example, raw mnshr(X)ui(i or cooked slices of sweel or white jjolnlocs well briislu-d with buller, margarine or salad oil or louiaUi halves sjirlnk- ie.'l willi Idilii'Wil cnimb.s. Fruit, Ujo, lor a (-Ijangi', like eanncd pineapple slices, peaches or jiears lirnshcd with bultcr and a dash '•I li-iniui juice, just round out the Jlavor cjl li:nn [jr lii^il. lirlfil sl|'']j :u-it<)irlpunliiii-jils 12 tr) 15 infinite.'; ivillinul iiirjilii;,/ lliciii. l).-:e DIP broiler mil only fr.r bi-.-iil- j IhK lint lor lirrjHVniii 1 .'. (ijiiki-ii di:.h<-s i Unit iii'i-d a lasi. tnltmle jM-ikiii;; ni). | Here's fjini hi-l(jw lhal etjnlailis shrjKjj; ,-(i;d uniting but you could use othej" lisli such as salino:!, tuna or i-raljtn'-at oi 1 any cooked Ihikcd fish in lad, and iinntlipr cutjked vejM-lulilt: sin:h as Hula beans, earroL'; (ir celi-ry cut in pieces. VvTJ::k av.ay iiuifHv from lji-«jijer tC'inpiingV ihrough iltf luscious brown top. Shn'mp ami Onion Siipremc (Tesl«l hy Good Hoiisekeepln; Institute) . . 12 peeled small while, onions '?. 1-2 c. cooked IVesh canned 1 1-2 ibsp. hiillcr or •I 1-2 ibsp. II" 1 "' :i-t ts|i. will Housewives Need Nol Change Cooking Habits, Says Expert ]-K ls|>. P(;IJEJH- • 1-2 Isp. celery salt :'. e. bottled milk or 1'i <:. evaporated milfc and \": <•. wilier v. n'M yolks :! I-:', e. mashed ixiiaines I-a e. l; rateil ehri-Kc (,'iaik niiluiK until ti'iidi'r; drain. vein running down the buck ol Ihe Add )l»iiJ'. Mill, |>e.pprr and n-leiy snll, and slir until well blended. Add milk uiul t-M)k over hoi w.ili-r, stiiritiK Mitistujilly until thli:k. <:«'.'- er uiit! c'j()k. slirj-jn^ oc<-a.slona[l)' lor 111 min. Dioil until IIITAMI .Serves C,. To sr-rve 2 or :i mak>- half this recipe. /, Modern electric ranges need .special cooking technique, change of recipes, methods, of lime required for cooking, temperature adjustments. They do, however, offer yon ,1 great many advantages. Automatic heat control and heavy insiilalon mnki! oven operation economical. High wattage electric units oiler qiilck-hpiitlng oven, broiler, niul range-lop units. When cooking temperatures are reached, rpp.iihted ovens automatically reduce current, consumption lo low maintenance requirement, fiange-lop units can be adjusted to the scope of a simmering burner, using n negligible amount of current. Insulated cooker wells, wilh iin Insulated, vented rover and adjustable heal, use a minimum of runout nnd are useful for many types of cookery. llcteu lloinrr. Ass-ovi»(i- l-Mitor, l)i- leclor. Hotter Funibt * i;(|lii|)n)enl IX'Iluilmeut. Heller Homos * (Mr- dens.. Nearly all manufacturers feature a range with :ni automatic j for them it's well worth Us cost control nnd kitchen clock. A dinner placed In the oven home, of the kileben. n|>prccmtc| """'• flml lllp ol ™lric cmrent will the freedom Ihnt this nearly an- 1'"' turned oil al mi iipiwhiled tonmlic range Rives them, nnd time. The automatic lime ainlrol on some electric rnn(;e.s will even Inrn i:n anil tin the insulated cooker well nn illhe uppliuiice otillrt. .Many models which do nol hinr an automatic lime control have a reminder clock thai may be set lo iinnoinicR Hint Ihe 3-miinite eggs arc done, Hint the apple pie has baked a full 50 minutes nud is | brown oulside and luscious inside. HanKc-lop units arc as quick and flexible as cooking custom demands. Higher wattage on "high" or "start" for quick D/'i-fonnaiire, lower watlage on "low" or "cook" or ".simmering" for economical (/nils nre usually pnclnsrd in solid stainless sleel coils for durability and easy cleaning, or In a solid metal disk lo accomplish the same purpose; larger dlameler. htglicr wattage'" units for frying, quick heating of water or deep rat. and large ([(lantity cookery, smaller diameter unils for smaller utensils—these are some of the | feature.'; which make cooking on modern electric ranges quick, convenient, and economical. Even the warming compartment, a ionB-forgoUeii convenience, is appearing in some electric ranges. A compartment heated by a small electric unit, w-arms dishes, keep.-: the roast or fowl hot while the ^':a\> is being made. -Nothing But the Best Will Do!" Says lionnio Duke, famous llomi 1 Kcononiisl al Hie CIMI- vior NIMVS Ki'oc Cnokinii 1 St-tinol. And the best is Craig's ... best in flavor, nourishment and vitamins . , . best For the perfect glow oi' health that means so much! for Health's Sake Make It 1 i CRAIG'S GRADE A ft AW MILK Phone 1't I lbe>i>. cornslarch 119 So. Broadway Blytheville, Arkansas Phone 206 CITY ELECTRIC CO. Invites You to the Free Cooking School at the City Auditorium See the New WESTINGHOUSE Sr? ELECTRIC RANGES ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS and WASHING MACHINES Kitchen-proof convinced us that Westinghouse is offering tbr brsi rlcctric rnngr vnliifi on tlie n^arkfi totlayl When wr saw rcrlififil re-cords from \03 home* liVe youts — nlvso- lutp Kitciien-proof ihat Westingliouse Ranges, with exduiive Coroi Kconomi^rr and SviprrOvpn, cook fast, c^ofc Lftiten, save /nnttfiy - — we. kn&w we could offer tiitm to you with .-Jup/e/jip coiifif/enr:*: So we signed \ip with Wesllnghousc.Now we nre eager tu show you our complete line of Ihe new 193S Ranges. A dcmonstrntion will convince you ihnl our enthusiasm ii juatificd, - -i, . .^ .*- Amazing Economy of Westinghouse Electric Cooking Proved In Typical Home Test Kitchens Modern electric cooking is not more expensive than oUI-fasliioned methods — nni with a Wesiinghoxise RnnKf. This isprofe<y by cerrifietJ reporlxfroni Proving Kitchens in 103 American homes where Weslinghouse Ran&cs were given 3 months of exhaustive, evrry-Ony-usfr tests. Exnct cost records were kept. In case ofteT cose, total fuel lulls were aclually lower tlian PoTmerly. Operating costs came down! Furthermore, neatly every Proving JCilcheo Hostess reporlfil additional eleclric cooking savings that mean welcome reductions .in family budgets. KtSTIHGHOUSE RANGE MOBEIUUH PHICtD... SMALL DOWN PAYMENT... EASY TERHS 1938 A simplified, faster, more economical, easier-to clean Wesl- i ng house Rang el Kitchen - proved by houscwivn who certify that it coo A .t fast, cooks better, saves money. This Is only one of many popular priced models which we wi)l gladly demonstrate for you. All may l>e purchased on our pasy Budget Plan. 5i.'id. Uiiiliii still tip nut i COROX ECONOMIZER lit null's ctiniil tnkiat Only Westinghouie has this A-Heat Corox Econo- niiyrr. Its exclusive, super- economical, "simmer" heat cms electric cooking costs I8%lo 46%, and uses 60% less current than "low" on , ordinary units. * •-• SUPHOVEN * Two renters and ercdisive Heat-Evencr insure perfect halting and roasting. Top healer broils smofce'lessly — cndi stooping, squalling. Thick insulation scab heat in, saves electricity. 103 WOMEN WHO TESTED WESTINGHOUSE RANGES CERTIFY: • "Mar* «cano/nical than old foihionid mitbottt." • "Ctttn tasking it a gruat •tanomy." • "On* raufdn'J aii. fof mori ipjiJ," • "ftmntf tail for anj cook," • "At fail or faittr than nn^fh^g J>* utmJ." • "M^ roasflmealt art ]00"i btJfir. . . of/ tht meat flaror it fttajnad." • "faa'tltd m«afi or« d*lit\gut, fittt f<X) diied oui," • "Mtalt art moft ttnatr and thf flavor it ^nofly pmptT3f*d." • "Vigt!ob|u tiovt b«(f«r color, and thtf foifc wond«/f«f." • "The boffom cruil of m/ oppl» pfM ii alniait 01 brown and cnipy at th» tap on*," • "Oeanir than any oitur tooting msrhod." • "Utuntitt n*¥»rg*t tloti, nwr ftmt Westinghouse fltf 1 €&&& Ranges SRIH239

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