The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COUBIEK NEWS PAGE TUTMB AJJ T O.J%% O B I L E and Motes for the Motorists O E Men at Work! Mmnifiirlurcrs Are Doub- liii" and Tripling Theiri 1933 Business ! Piodur.ion and sales figures ol ; li-iidiiiK automobile . manufacturers j aie raiti.'iuin; lo mount, doubling | ii ml tirilinir last yrur's flo.ircs and I lirrciklntr all ''(cords In: depression • years. While cars in '.he lowest price class are naturally moving in inrg- 1*1 volume, medium and high priced lir.cs arc also experiencing a demand far above thai of the ;.e:us sinct 1930. Fcird 1:11 C'.IIM'ily Sr-hf<lii]>- DFAHTJORN. Mich.—Spurred by insisteiu, demands for new car.-, and trucks from branches and dealers, capacity production of Ford ears and trucks is schedul?d lor A'.irll, it was s'.atcd at the home ' offices of Hie Ford Motor Corn- : pany. The month's production Is ex-| Emp]oy{l , s ] Pnv |,,, peeled to materially exceed 90,000 ; and may reach 100.000 units. Chevrolet Buyers Receive Four Passenger Cars iinc! Two I rucks I'our new passenger cars imd two tiui-kR were delivi red to buyer.-, b\ llie Shouse-l.lule Chevrolet Co.. this week. C. L. Wilson ivci'lvi'd a new Chevrolet coach from I.ex Clianib- |lin. wlio also diMlvernl .< si'dnn lo II. V. Donaldson of Memphis. J. C. Iluchiiiiim delivered coupe to Fred |j. Ollinun mid a I'cacb lo J. 11. Co|H>l;iwl of O.sce- oln. W. T. Bilker has n ni'w 1'i Ion Chevrolet [ruck which tR bought from W. A. Kdwiuds. A .O. Hudson, local elcaner. huh a new panel deHvciy iiuck bought from Tom A. LitIh 1 . J T(:W! omp]ovmcm one of the gales at Hudson Motor Car Company factory during a change of shifls. lias now reached 50,000 people, ab^ut five times as many as a year a?o. Shipments ol tolal beine dependent entirely up- i Tmapk-nes and Kud'ons likewise are greater than since tile early months of 1930. It is estimated on the sbilitv of suppliers, includ- that cluiing the month of April alone this factory will biiflci hall as many cars as It did during tin; entire Knur Sal."; by Unriii'lt New car deliveries by the W. T Harnett Auio Sales company tilt i wee); Include a Doilyc. sedan am '» Commercial Express truck to J M. Douglass of Krnneli, Mo. Mi ttarnelt made the sale. II. llinton delivered u new ixxlgc sedan to Dr. N. H. Kills of Wilson at Blytheoille's Theatres |Elar of his mu.'ical show Hut ; I h? Is ready to bi'riik up his homo,,!, jc-VGiriinlly fimh (Hat love I iluoucli one of il'.r most unusual '" THE CIT7 GcoW Kafl, sleek-hairrd film tnr. returns on Sunday and Monny lu the HII/. theater, this HIHP i ••The Tnmi]ii't Hlow's." u Ihrllt- :il',, action-pack* d romance ol Mexico and Die ni"M dangerous port I" the «'or!d—hull [Ishllng. Ills supporting CUM Is limited by Adulphc Mi'iijou. KnuuT.s Drak'. 1 mil Sidney Toler. Kalherinc l)e- vllllc. daughter of Ihc fiiinuus (II- rclflr, Kdward Kills. Douglas Wood. Nydlu Ww.lmim and 1-YnneU Me- Iraiua, "Wondor liar." win Ir "hown ai tin' KHz Thursday and lei the trauedy orcurs Clulre rxxld has the lolc of tiie hcmc-ivreckev who pays for il ftlui her llfs, while Nool MadKcn I ploys iho part of n murderer, *lvi nl'.o Is iiccu'ed ol klllln? the Mai" htrniLsi* he Is canalit In (he ihea- " icr. L'otifjiui Uuinbrllin Is tlis> pros-— , ulor who Kond.i t!;e assassin- lo i|ii' RUHlotlne. and Citorje llflr-. lilf r is thf iirahicfr In wlio.^ 1 . 1 lhe^ j '' Francis ])lays Ihc leadhii' e role i>|>p»sit. 1 Al Julson •\lday. Kny who porlrnys the •Wonder liar." IJIcanlo Cone/, and Dolores IX'I lilo huve tin 1 coveted IMnts of ili^ twti danrers. \sbUv Ulek 1'owell anil Hemy Kolker luive the roles of Ihe American (om|«isrr-oi'clrsira leader anil Ihc and Mrs. John Um^ hits a new Oldsmoblle bought from W. in Edwards. Donald urs i.rcinliunlly caM. Wlicn Riifi, younii tiaihiT of Menjou. rellii-d bandil. nuw a re- eutlle rancher, arrive.-, back In Mexico from his schooling in Ihe Uultrd States, llu> older man lilt's lo dissuade him from ! becoming a bull-Ilylucr. I iTiinces Drake dnuvs Daft lino | [in Impulsive romance, niul he in | turn finds she Is loved by Ills brother. This conflict, damn! Inlo lii|:n- blty by Raft's pursuit of hull lighting In i defiance of his brother's dictates, reaches i\ tlnilllnj i-llmnx In the arena. liusbnml of Kny Francis Ively. Hal Lcliuy. the .•eu.salional llroadwny player, plays the role of hlmcelf In a thrilling dance C-iintliiuril Mill: I'is111', AI.HANY, N. V. (Ul j i—New YorST ,1'ite supervision uf the dairy Industry would l:e "iovsly" If It writ i'.ol for New York City, in Vim ..pinion of Henry Ji. Munley, eoun- bel lo the milk biinau. tiolliam. denli.Ti and dl [ntiitois are eon ll|)hllil'! liuion;; lin.-nv- M-IVCS. lii uiclfiriHl. Ixxly maiiufaclurcr.s. to fur-'j iiLsli neceN-nry n'.alerinls and FU.I- | plies. H was di.selosed. j 'I'hc dcniaiid for new cars and trucks, it. was stated, has occom", estieciallv 'heavy in all parts of Iho country during the last few days 1 the anTunmceincm th;'t Frax! would NOT tucreissc tactovy livt prices. f.'iii'vroli-t Near 105.1CO Murk ! BfrfROlT. Mich. <UP>— CltfVVO-'. ,'•[ dealers dining Th* month o! March d'.'iivered at retail a total ol 97.1D4 units, according lo V/il- j lium K. Holler, y.eneral .sales 1 r^xf-r of ChevrolL't Motor Company. This coinpiMvs v.lth retail (!e- livfrjes in March a year p.yo of 41, (103 units, or more than 2'.',b pt;' cont of the 1033 March fimire. i This is the largest March retail jales reported tine? March in 1930. Mr. Holler iaid. Sales during the month iusl passed hrin^? the total for Ihe first quarter of this year up to 177.271 units as compared to 124,614 uiiils in Ihe first ihroe months of 1933. making the period !42 jirr crn; of the 1933 quarter. j la\ft: «ains in retail deliverie? of commercial cars and trucks are also reported by Mr. Holler. Deliveries by dealers in March wen- more than three limes liiose of March n year n^o. amounting to 2r>.97'l commercial ears and trucks nnd bringing the total for the first minrter of this year up to 59.312. First rpiarler sales in the commercial field were more Mian double Ihcse of the sumc period in 1033. Mr. Holler pointed out. and established a record first-quarter figure unequalled in five years. FirsV <>nart?r Heats IOT3 DCTROIT. Mich — Shiomcnls ol Chrysler cars and unfilled orders on hand at th? clo.w of Ihe first tlimlrr. of 1934 totaled 4.003 more Chrysler cars than were .shipped by Ihe Chrysler Sales Corporation in the entire calendar year of 1933. according to Joseph W. Frazer, general sales manager. Shipments and orders as of March 31 totaled 31.604 cars, in- ehuling the Six, Uie Airflow Eight. Ihe Airflow Imperial and Ihe Airflow Custom Imperial. The lotai production of Chrysler cars o( all mnilels last year was 27,631. This remarkable increase in business is attributable largely to Ihe popularity of the Airflow line. •.vhicb represents n5 per cent of the orders nnd shipments lo dale ns against 45 per cent for ths Chrysler Six. in spite of the fact that there is a difference of S570 between the lowest base price on (he Six and the price of all body models on Mic Airflow EiRht. low- rsl priced of Ihc Airflow line. I 1 ) iuomn G of 1933. Ford l/iclure Coming to Ruxy r rucsday lluys Sfudfhik.-r Illclator W. L. lUinhes has a new Dictator scilun which was delivered lo this week by the J. C. Apple- faeces from the talking picture, ."These Thirty Years," presented by tLv Ford Motor Company.^ U-icrombe. They have a son, Bob, In "Forsaking All Others Ing. and spends his '"dart's gambling on the by Motor dealers. Co.. loi-al Two Paul NIC Deliveries I Two new I'onttac four door se' elans were dchvcud this Meek by : Oliver Copi>edge, sales inaniiger • for the Lce-Coppedge Motor Co. ' One of Ihe cars was received by E. M. Jaffee of Osccola and the other by Mr. Silveilicld. also oi Ofccola. 'Guy Kll>e? and liu^h llerheit pluv Ihe two Amcrlran loniisf wllh Until Uamclly and Louis-. 1 rn/cnda as Iheir wives, in Im- rortnnt comedy ant! character •olrs. Hubert \Unrriu has the imn of ihe nrm^ oiflcrr. who drives his :iuto over a clllf and •nccnsclously crivcrs up a murder. Fifl <i'Orsay and Merna Kennctly will Iw seen us th •; two dilation 1 ! t'Hics In thu fashionable I'arl- nlght club. Ittr.sla, HnlunO, Sweden,.. .N'jr- way, CJi cenland, Cnniida, and, Alii'ku exli'nd no/ill of Ihe <*'• •' Jf - l *l i Built Ing for laughter, yet corubln- measure ol hearl-sllrrhi3 puthos wltli Us comedy. "The •'Sliow-Olf'.' starring Spencer Tracy, with Madge Ruins In the leading supiwrting role, will be , tin. 11 traction nt the Rll/. itiealcr Tuesday and Wedncselay. Tlie itory deul.s willi the Iribn- \ hilions that beset a chronic boaM- e,. As J. Aubrey l'l|»r. hero of Hi;. 1 I'.lay. Sptncer 'I'racy all bni break! his ami in patllni \V. C. Fields, stage and screen comedian, who hus been lured player for many years, al last hiug'iud himself Marrlnj posHion. His Hrsl ring (ilclure. "You're Telling Me,' Is coming Saumluy lo the • lilt: Ihcal'.r. I er.lurcd on th'j back. He Is one of those lellows wlio knows everyllilnsj about everything. He tells bis toss how to run his business, settles mailers of Importance with u grandiloquent wave of the hand, In general makes a nuisance Fields In till nrj I.arry "Hus wlih fi in ill 1 " Ciutbe, Joan Marsh and Adrl time Ames. As . u runic-brained tnvcnlo whose greatest problem Is to find n nay lo keep from work Ing, Fields (Icesn't provld? pence- niul tm:;plni\ss fjr h Living acro's Ihe tracks, on th cheap side, his daughicr and Goodrich Providing Retirement Pensions AKRON. Ohio. — A retlraVnt plan for all classes of workers has been announced here for employees of the B. F, Gocdrlch Company and subsldifiry companies in Ihe United States | f |, ?c iaclC5. First National's long i comes "in "wllh Ills tlr.'iy'p.nls otil of himself lo the jieoplc wildtwlf? have hard times Iryinj whom he conies in contact—and n innkc "uptown" frbiuls. '.creamlnijly funny cliamclvr to I Tl'.cy alinosl land In thj iiiidlence. [when Larry "IJusler" Crabte, ll V' | biinlu'r'.s sen, Inlls In love v Out-doing all previous sema-1 Jonn. nut while his family lional combinations of stars and I meeting ine poor finnlly, Fl:l and Canada by J. D. Tew, president. The Goodrich iwiislon plab fissures Income to men and women on retirement, and it is estimated iUll result in the accumulation ol Sl.500,000 for company employees annually. . Twenty-one thousand Goodrich ' inlernQiional slcal I nilns tvcrythlnv. rur Ruth Challcrton be the stellar attraction nL the Roxy the- depicts (ho effect of n murder on a woman of fine instincts nnd dcl- alcr Sunday and Monday factory nnd office employees in flu appears in her latest First Na- Akron. Pacific CJoodrlch Ilul)bcr| tlonal picture, "Journal of a Company, Los Angeles. Canadian : Crime," which is said to alford her Goodrich. Limited, Kilchncr, Ontario. Canada, and Martha Mills Inc., Silvcrlown, Ga., arc eligible to participate in the benelils ol \ . _ the pension plan. jirfiil dramu ty Hie noted French iolhrr. -Menjou, really ii> love with The pension program is a direct j playwright. Jacques Deval, andilil,-; wile, bin so inlalualert by result of a desire on the pnri of j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^- ,tale su'iiflbillltc's who kills nn unscrupulous rival because sho Is wrecking her licnie. Miss Chattcrton' has the role ol the greatest opportunity of her i the nvndercss who hvcs her hu:i- cureer lo dLsjilay her iinusunl dra-jl»und, a p-iii. plnycd liy AcUnph; malic tnlcnl. |,Menjou. with sucli dcsjieralloii she The jilcturo is based on n pow-i can't Li-ar lo give him up for an- the reprcseiitnttvcs of the Cooiwr- allve Plan of Representation, the employes generally, and Ihc com- and took part' pany itself to establish a pcrman- fcatur- ent means of guaranteeing incomes |who becomes a problem in laier ing Tallulah Bankhead: Frederick [ O r employees duriny life for he favors playing to work- Forrester, who played the father' in "Animal Kingdom." Alice John, I old age. market. 1929 catches Bob. loses everything— including his Bir1 ' Ann Baile y- «'ho has been dis- TI • w " \vnr' - - Iriirty Yeai'S \Vllllgusted with him for some time. r> el T 1 TL Jed. the partner of nave, sticks DC onO\V'n at LOCal I he- by Bob. save , f ] 3161 lUCSUa). es his life on one oc- caslon. and finally inspires him to becomes the man his dad. and Ann. would like him lo be. who plays [he part of "Mom" Haines in "These Thirty Years" has played for the Theater Guild, Arthur Hopkins, and Charles Froliman. Esso Tour Publication WiU Appear Next Month NEW YORK.—As pan of an ex- j ard Oil Companies of Louisiana and of Pennsylvania. | The initial Issue of this publication will appear in May and will .show motorists attractive trips they can make and point out road de- toure. The paper will be issued monlhly until October nnd will be available through 28.000 Esso Sla- tions and Esso Llcnlers. In ailditiou. 3.500.000 ESEO road Dodge llss Bii; Week DETROIT. — Dodge dealers' retail sales of pasrenger cars and trucks for (he week eliding April 7 set a new high mark, according to a report just issued by A. van- DerZee. general sales manager of Hodge Brothers Corporation. During the fi:\-day period. Dodge dealers delivered 3.474 Dodge passenger cars. 2.7D3 Plymouth*, and 1.117 Dodge commercial cars and trucks—a total of 7.334 vehicle.';. According to Mr. vanDcrZee. this latest delivery figure, topping the business of the preceding week by 10.9 per cent, is the highest recorded since July 31. 1920: it also The story i'cars" begins 30 years ago in the :own of nrookfleld. Dave Tlaincs inrt his aged mother see ititl everything they own put on he auction block to satisfy a greedy mortgage holder. During :hc auction, however, Dave becomes inspired by a "horseless car- iage .seen tearing down a rutted connlrj' road at the neck-breakin' crt of 20 miles per hour." He sees a great future in automobiles ind wants Jed Travcrs. local livery I •lable owner, to • go into business ! ••vith him. Jed withhoris his dccls-1 ion until Dave proves what Ills' •carriage" can do in a cross- rountry race with a horse. Success favors Dave. He wins marts (lie twelfth consecutive iic-ek during which 1934 sabs by Dedpe dealers have increased pro- urrHiivcly from week lo wc^k. as w.ll as exceeded sales durinc cor- . rrsvonrting periods of loss. Rcliil deliveries by Dodge dealers since January 1 amounted lo 24.281 Dodge passenger cars, 20.163 Plymouth.*, and 10.6-iO Dodge triirkE—making a total, for the first fourteen weeks of the year, of 55.000 deliveries as against 21.501 deliveries made within the like fourteen weeks of 1933—an Increase of 156.2 per cent. One .statement in Mr. vanDcr- Zre's latest weekly sales analysis 's of more than local Interest; it E s to the effect ttiat. as far us, Dodge Is concerned, recent price idjiistmcnts appear lo have in-! luccd no noticeably untoward con• on Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are merciless. They strike without warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, but you arc helpless to protect your property against, tornado damage except with Insurance In a good company. See us about windstorm insurance for all property. First National Insurance Agency Genera! Insurance Flwne n JOYNER & BONIFIELD Distributors Phone 55$ Complete Custom Tailored AUTO UPHOLSTERY COVERS FOR A 1.1M1TKI) TIME OXI.V ItliV YOUII SET NOW - - - The new 1934 Custom Tailored Covers are ready now—beautifully patterned and made of durable, cool seat-cover materials. Carefully tailored lo accur- nlely fll all upholstered parts ot your car. Easily altached with patented 2- prong fancy head pin fasteners. They will preserve the upholstering of your car. add charm to its appearance and increase riding comfort. Complete Upholstery Covers as Low as: For Fords Plymouth* and Chevrolet!*: Coupe ov Roadster .. S 505 5-Passenger Coupe or Coach $ 9.35 5-Pass. Stdan S' n 95 For All Other Makes Coupe or Roadslcr .. S 6.f^ 5-Passenger Coupe or Coach S11.05 Seal Covers only at much Lower Prices PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. NEW FORD BATTERIES for Every Purpose 13 Plate Only • $r.55 5 and your old battery 15 Plate 17 Plate Heavy Duty $7-55 $7.95 7 and your old battery 7 and your old battery Liberal Guarantee On All Ford Batteries, Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Dealer O XCE you cou'.tl only hope you .. wc-j'.In't 1 i r. Wo.v-out. Now.',, tlic new Safety ki.-.'i'rtawn fives you • Uotr-ont jirolfi'rir.jfrc:'— r.r.dmnnthscf.... c.xtra miics :n the barga-Ti! The amaz- 1 • inn Iii/c-Suvir C!o!iie:i l j ij-, now b'jill . into cvrry Silvcrtown Tire, resists ter- - riiic lieat, tlie great, i:i:.;,"i cause of !»low-outs and early tire failure. Tires lajtmontlis lo^gc*. Tear of Wow. •• outs is banished! Yet this Safety Silvertoivn doesn't <wt a penny mom than otiiersl.inihrdtircj! Come in afiJ • 5t.'i'' : 5 lif>;avins tire, 'sj'Oc.ia t^i"; - i'""rtn»ticc mf lo :^f sJTtrr.^i^t j i*x e: 5sr/. € • Silvertown WITH UfE-SAVfi GOLDEN PLY W. j. Wuntler'ich's Main Service Station

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