The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1949
Page 7
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MWBAT, APRIL IB, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS PAGE Packard Plant Strike Averted Last-Minuta Talks End Dispute with t^ CIO Auto Unionist* DETROIT, April 25. vr> ~ Eiev •nth-hour p*»oe U!k» that con tinned even alter pltcket lines were set up prevented a shutdown o the blf Packard Motor C«r Co Plant «»rly today. Bonn 9,000 Packard workers who hid been altered (or > strike start ing it midnight Sunday were told by CIO United Auto Workers off! cers to report on their regular shifts Settlement of assorted difference between the company and unlo wa« achieved by • group of repre sentatlves of both sides who no toselher at 11 p.m.—an hour afte pickets had been called for th Packard plant. When they broke up three hoii later there was written agrf on 19 disputed points. Then UA\ then withdrew about 70 men and women pickets who had Uunned the gun on the midniehl strike hour and had been marching In front of the plant's four entrances for several hours, The onlv P^cka-d workers affected bv the brief wlcketlne were 2(10 membor.s of n skrlrtnn nlslil crew who reported for work at midnight but did not enter the plant. ^to Tn Reinstate TVorkrrn ^kalnh Urban, president of Packard Local 180 of the auto workers union, said management agreed to' Reinstate five of six discharged employes. Allow the sixth to re.siirn instead of firing him. Tin worker was charged with falsifying his employment aopltcatlon. Permit members of the union barcainins: committee to enter the p]r*nt with special badces. Investigate certain alleged healtl hs'ords within 80 days. Strike action was voted at a nieei- Ine of the pnckard locnl ye-fcrrtnv afternoon. Locnl officers decider to £0 ahead with Ihe walkout 1m mediately, without waitine for th customary approval of the UAW CIO evecutlve board. A local official explained that such aporoval could not be granted before Thursday, when the board meets, and ouick strike or settlement was deemed desirable by the union before Packard's "Golden Jubilee" celebration set for May 1 to S. Hate Paint "Gripe" The officer said the company -minted a group of special Eold- SsWed cars—not yet completed— for that occasion. The local therefore decided to «t the strike time before the cars could be finished, the officer added. In order to jtrennthen its bargaining position It was the gold-colored paint for t*i« cwi that constituted one ol th» union's grievances and led to i a "quickie" strike last week. The i TTAW claimed the paint had harm- '• ful effects on some workers. If the the strike had occurred, It would have been the first company- wide walkout in the auto Industry In nearly a ye»r. The Industry's last major disturbance was the Chrvs- ler Corp. strike last May, called bv the UAW to enforce wage demands. Wages were not at Issue In the Packard dispute. Although there have been no major walkouts In recent months, the auto Industry has been plagued with a series of small strikes, many of * "wildcat" nature. Crump Takes Over, Directs bridge Traffic MEMPHIS. April 25. W>—E. H. Crump took cointntiiid uf the traf- ic situation al the Mississippi Riv- r Bridge here yesterday, revising lie order Issued by the police com- nlssloner »nd directing traffic per- onally. The whitc-hiilrcd political figure wenl lo Ihe bridge al 8 a.m., suw a am of cars and suddenly reversed ii« previously announced stand on the situation. He told a bridge policeman to jeep Ihe curs moving, and then he began motioning the cars along with his cane. Only trucks well- kept 150 feel apart. Saturday, Police commissioner Joe Boyle Issued an order thai a rule spacing vehicles i60 teet apart ust be more strictly enforced. Ills order came after Crump said he favored keeping signs on the bridge stating ttie rule. The signs had been under criticism. Yesterday afternoon, C r u m P gain appeared at the bridge and •jived cars across, lie is chairman f Ihe Memphis and Arkansus Child Drown* Atttr Falling into Old Wtll MARTENS. Tex.. April 2S. (,ri— An abandoned water well on » v»- ye»r-olri child yeilerday. year-old chll dyesterdsy. The body of Thomas Brltton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Olio Billion of Mcrten.s, was pulled from the well r.boul two hours afler he hud Him- bled into it while picking flowers with playmates. The well, on « lot 50 yards from Ihe Dritton home, hud » curbing about the height ot a brick. It was three feet ill diameter. The child was pronounced dead by drowning. ridge Commission, a body respon- ible for building a new bridge .cross the river. Crump's aclion followed a bis lubbub about Ihe bridge thai has icen going on for several days. For the last few years signs on joth sides of the old span have pecified that cars and trucks should ;eep 150 feet apart. This has caused nany traffic Jnms on the one-way bridge. Then somoonc noticed recently that the signs on the Arkansas side of ttie span had been removed in favor of one setting a minimum speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Comedian'; Situation Is Not Funny to Him BISHOP AUCKLAND. Enslancl. Apn 1 M Wi—Comedian Alex Mimro clutched his throat and fell to the lloor ol 'ho .stape. The MKllence littered. They roar crt as he made weird faces and crawled IP (he wings The blighter prew x-i Hs assistant asked "is ther.-> a doctor in the house'?" Before returning to take a bow. Mnnrn chclkert a menage on Ihc off-.M:u-e lloor which got him a duel in 1 : "Pl'l» and false tooth stuck In tin-out." M'Math Think* Comdcn May Get New Industry LITTLE ROCK, April 26 (*>)—Qov- rnor McMath believes Camden has n "even chance" of getting * ISO.000,000 ploslU-6 manufacturing lant. Ho conferred there yesterday with fdclalji ot Co., subsidiary o! the Eastman Kodnk Company. Tennpssoe Kastman plans o dullrt a plant employing some ,000 persons. The governor *alrt company olll- •lals Indicated their choice lay be- wi'en Cumrtcn ami a site In TOMI.S, vest of TeXiirkaiiii. -iquor May bm Limited n Bombay by "Dry Days" BOMBAY, Indlfc— m— The Bonimy Provincial government, which i working toward total prohibition, s lutvoduclnj (our "dry days" a vcek No liquor may be aold on a dry ilny, The government aim plah.i a !ur- hcr cut in Ihc qunnUty of liquor one may hnvo In hl» poue«Mon. Thoie will be a 15 per cent cut in tapping of palm trees lor toddy, irom which country liquor Is made. Morrison Senior Wins ! n Oratory Contest llosalle Johnson, senior In Harrison High School, received first pluce n a recent onvlory contest spon- vjred by (lie I^Moyua College ii Memphis. She was accompanied to Memphis by Carries n. White, Kne lish tcnchcr In the lluirison School The contest was for seniors In Nc grc> schools throughout itoslcrn Ar IIIIIISH.S nnd Western Tennessee. SllV 11 With !•'lowers THE FLOWER SHOP (ileniMin riullrtlnn riuine 441)1 or H74T Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill- April 25. (/p>—(USDAi— HOBS n.soo: very active market, 50 cents lower than Friday: extremes 75 lower on sows: top 18.00 freely to butchei's and shippers: bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 11.15-18.00: heavier weights scarce: 250-300 Ibs 1C.1511.50: 140-110 Ibs 16.25-17.25; 100- i 130 Ibs 13.00-16.00: sows .under 400 bs 15.00-16.00: heavier sows mainly 13.00-14.25; stags 11.50-13.50; boars 8.50-11.50. Cattle 5,200: calves 1.200; early trading slow on steers, heifers and cows with little done on steers; some heifers and mixed yearlings weak to 25 or more lower: cows barely steady at last Friday's low close; bulls steady and vealcrs unchanged: few medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 22.00-24.50; good cows around 19.00-50; common and medium 16.50-18.50; canners and cutters 13.50-16.00. One Kiiied, 27 Injured In Jap Ball Game Rush OSAKA, Japan, April 25. lift- One person was killed and 27 were injured yesterday In ft mad scramble of baseball Inns lo get to a doubleheadei 1 between Ihc Tokyo Giants and the Hanshln Tigers. More than 100,00 funs crowded into the stadium built to seal 13,000. Fans were all over tile dugouts and sidelines. The game was delayed 20 minutes In the fifth when excited fans raced on the field after a homer had been hit. Most of the injuries were received before Die spectators reached the stadium. The man who was killed [ell in Hie rush from the railway siatlou, He was trampled alone with most o[ Ihc 27 \vllo were Injured. Bill Marrs, Jr., 13, of Owinnc- mucca, Ncv., pels bis dnR Queetiic after saving her and himself from death Trapped on a trestle by an oncoming fast freight, Bill grabbed the dog and Iny prone between the tracks ns 11 cars of Ihc 80-car train passed over them and groaned to a stop. Scrambling out from under, Bill fell 15 (eel into a river bed, breaking his ii c hl arm. His head was grazed by tile engine pilot. W. Memphis Hospital 1 Contract to Be Let WEST MEMPHIS. Ak., April 23 '/Vj— Criucnclcn County Judge W. K. Ingram says contracts for construction ol the $1,000.000 county hospital should be let by or before Jniif IE. Ingrain said plans for the 100- bed hospital will be ready by the end of the month, after which abom one more month is needed to obtain the necessary federal approval. American oilmen discovered oil In 1932 on the Island of Bahrein in the Persian Quit. Delicious, Clean FRESH FISH For a iasty dinner, chnose fresh Ash. We have many kinds of freshly caught, thoroughly cleaned fish . . . Including- catfish, buffalo, and boneless sturjjeon. Try us; call 3B39. KENNETH'S FISH MARKET On South Clark — bv Aikens Store — Phone 3939 From where I sit... fy/ Joe Marsh. Who's A Foreigner? Toots Cost Double ST. LOUIS. A|)li 25 (;Tj—A note Ol) he high co.n of rnilroiiclliiK: i.viiiun Puciltc Line* rciini'lccl SaUnri:,y |lic Associnllon ol Ainorl- :an Railroads "tins ftK«rcd nut Unit o niiiki. the stem" which blows a, flcomolivo whistle cost, about iwo- hlrri.s of a cent i>cr loot—twice as nnuli »s it used lo." AVIiile I'm wailing for n linlr- flll tlie otlic'r tiny, Slim llurlman lei* slip with » crac-k tilinut Iliosc "furciiiitcrs" wtici Hvo liy Iho llc|iut. "Now vail n minute, Slim," •imps l>oc Shmmui. "Don't rorgct we're all 'foroiK'HM-R 1 more or U'.sa. Sonic of our families li:ive simply lieon here hnycr thiui ollmrs. But even if tliey e»nie over on Ihc Mny- flowor, llicy were foreijjucrs lo tlio Indians." Slim gels a little rcil nnd yuii couid nee thai Doc hrul him. "Ami the reason they came here," heroes on, "wan In (mil freedom to ilo nml think ns Ilioy wnnlcd lo no ions n* llii-y iliiln'l tramp on the rights of Die other fellow." V'rntn N here 1 Alt, Americahrriuua Hie Kir.-il liind It l> loilny throilKl' nur lirinj! Inlcrmil of diffcri-iit lien- lite nnd dirreri'nt tnstcs —whelhrr it's II tnsle for fiiiuare ilnncin); cir waltzing, radio or movlei, X"al'i milk cir a temperate glan of «p»r- kllnK licer. ARKANSAS DIVISION, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION 107 PmAMIB BIOO., Uint HOCK, AIK. KELYINATOR HAS CUT THE COST OF Open For Business Rollison Lumber Co. NORTH 10th ST. AND CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE Arkansas and Mississippi Yellow Pine One Board or Truck Loads OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT WE WILL GET IT 0. S. ROLLISON A ^•^^IM^^""^™^™^^^""^^™ 1 —™ 1 Viw »kotrn o/v/w Minty in yaor kilrhrn WMi Pirr-jrrnr P™lrrtoi '/.MI. Sltit' rt/irf Infat laze* tzlra, I'ticft and tpfcifitolion' tuljfcl la ithout nol >+"S3S£t&S imtsf^^^-' —I Hour* for th* lilt o( liquor will be I Crude oil production la flx»d. | die Baal »Urt»d in 1»U. Here's llic l»iggcst value you've seen in years! Look til the iNi|ianly: li.G cnliio feel! And look "1 I lie low price! litre is a new standard oi'refrigerator value! Here, is Krlvinuliir quality, tvclviniilor ilo- jicnilalpiHlv, "illi cMni fcnuin-ft through* out. Ilig l''ro/m I''<ifnl Chcsl. Ahiininiiin rliilliii); Iriiy. Hif; vc-jjoliilili: crispcr—anil llic Kclviiinlnr i'olars|iliere ineeliiinisin, famous fur lasting ilc|ien<lnliilily and economy! Ci-l mum for what you jiay. Gel lliis now, extra-value Kclvituilur. O £ CUBIC O»P FEET ancfon/y $239.95 f you're a leader of men, lead the way to this"Double-Rich" Kentucky vhiskey. For real enjoyment say, "Make mine Cream!" $1.35 HAlF-riNT $2.66 PINT $4.22 4/5 QT. KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND A Schonley Work of Merit Whlikey 86 Proof, 70% Groin Neulrol Spirlti. (D Schenloy Distillers Corp., N. Y. C. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FURNITURE REBUILDING Clio House of Charm can really make your present lur- nlturc HUc nrvv n^ahit We o(* Vnr truly superior vinrknian- ^hlp, n wrnlth ol in! PC tin n In u|iliLilslcr.v fahrlcs ut cvrrj prlcr level anil 10 r1:<y service. Call for a free c.stlmatc. House Ot Charm flmmlc Deal Krmp Wlitsciiliun •2021 Wcsl M.iln ['lionet 4621 or Uli'J Electronic PIANO TUNING llnvf your piano tuned the perfect wny. Radio Repair AM-FM-Tcieviston Every .inh Guaranteed Iiu"! Music — Radios - Itecorus — Everything In Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 in North £ MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP formerly Ionc'5 Meanly Shop Mildred Vincent Marie Km!fry Payonnc VVafiler RESIDENCE PHONE 3309 Masterpiece Model CM. 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