The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on December 6, 1977 · Page 48
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 48

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1977
Page 48
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Dl 2 Akron Beocon Journal Tuesday, December 6, 1977 Their goal of poster prosperity centers around colorful wizard COULD THEY BECOME "the poster queens" of America? The world? Their pictures won't be on the posters don't get that Idea although they're pretty enough. They want to sell, by the truckloads if possible, the printed likenesses of others. The principal "other" at this point in time, as they used to say in Washington, is Gandalf, the Wizard. But, first, Introductions: The pair of queens are Bonnie Anderson and Merrilee Antbe. THEY HAVE FORMED a company called Spellbound and encased it in an office at 416 Milnar. . Probably they were destined to become partners, although no one ever suspected this would come about just because Merrilee always collects the rent on time. Bonnie and Merrilee met for the first time in the fifth grade at Tallmadge and were pals (someone who agrees with you) through Tallmadge High. After high school they drove to work togther even if employed at dif-f e r e n t companies. It was cheaper, too. But in late years, Merrilee and Bonnie did not bump into each other crossing paths. Merrilee is the wife of James Anthe of Anthe's restaurant on Manchester Road. She was busy there. And Bonnie was selling shatter-proof glass out of Detroit. THEN THE Anthe woman saw Gandalf or rather, a painting of him and was smitten, although the Wizard will never be selected to do a commercial for Gillette razors or by Clairol. This happened in a twinplex at the Portage Lakes which she and James own. The occupant of the one twin was Alvin Hudson, a painter in oils, who was preparing to move to Tennessee, although not to get into country music. Printing, instead. A Kenmore High grad in '69, he once thought "The Hobbit" was "a dumb old fairy tale." Tsh-tsh. Ken Nichols But the fantastic tales and characters created by J. R. R. Tolkien grew on him as they have on many more in the United States. Hudson began to paint some of the Tolkien creations; first, the Goblin of Mor-dor, who didn't sell, and then Gandalf, who did. He continued painting Gandalfs. And so Merrilee, who had just come to collect the rent, bought all the Gandalfs in sight. She's an artist herself. Hudson finds it easy to picture the characters described by Tolkien because they are "so strong" but much of what he has done "hasn't necessarily followed the text." BEFORE departing with her paintings, Merrilee called out, "If you ever get back to Akron, we'll give you a one-man show at the restaurant" Just 18 months later, at a very good time, Hudson did return. We say "good time" because that very week his old digs in the Anthe twinplex became vacant. He moved in. "You would have had the one-man show anyway," said Merrilee to the old-new tenant. Bonnie Anderson THE BIG idea for er company, did not Hope special with lots of fan fare, it was timid. Merrilee knew some-thing about Tolkien, currently the most widely read author on college campuses, of all places. She knew that, like many a young father, he started making up bedtime stories for his c h i 1 d r en fairy stories, but Andersen type. His tales, created, Spellbound, the post-come on like a Bob fi not Merrilee Anthe the Hans Christian as he said, "out of the leaf mould of the mind," are set in a land called "Middle-earth," a place of elves and dragons and of Good against Evil. And, as one reviewer wrote, "His world is not a fantasy but a world that tells one about one's inner self, touching reality in the highest sense of reality." Of Middle-earth another said: "The descriptions are so complete that it's impossible to think iat it's not real." THE AUTHOR is an Oxford philologist, a historian of languages with a specialization in West Midland dialect of Middle English. "My mould," as he once said, "is evidently made largely of linguistic matter." Off-campus people, young and old, got an inkling of what all the fuss is about on Nov. 27 when NBC presented a cartoon that took one Tolkien creature, the Hobbit, away from the comfort of his house in the trunk of a tree in fairyland suburbia and into the strange, sometimes ugly neighborhoods outside. So the Tolkien craze now may have new followers. Already his last book, "The Silmaril-lion," despite ho-hum reviews and a tough-to-read text, is already at the top of the best-seller list. There are Tolkien posters, jigsaw puzzles, sweatshirts, T-shirts, calendars, games, national fan clubs and posters but not, as Bonnie and Merrilee saw, any made from oil paintings. The first poster from Spellbound is, of course, the Alvin Hudson painting of Gandalf. There will be others. "What we need," said Merrilee, "is national distribution and ad-vertising." She's going after both and might get them. For years she has known Frank Chirkini-an, who comes here to work for CBS on the great golf tour naments at Firestone Country Club. He is a friend of Ed McMahon of Tonight Show fame. So Merrilee sent a Gandalf to Ed, mentioned Frank's name and asked "would you mind holding this poster up to the camera so everyone can see it?" After all, what are friends for? Gudalf Wives dish out more violence than their mates DEAR ANN: We have been hearing a lot about battered wives but it now appears that husbands suffer more domestic violence than their mates. A study sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that men inflict more serious physical damage but the so-called weaker sex goes on the offensive much more frequently. Also, it was learned that the number of wives who kill their husbands is just about the same as vice versa. Of the 47 million married couples in the U.S., approximately 1.7 million have gone after each other with guns or knives. California statistics show that one-third of all females who were murdered were done in by their husbands. Meanwhile, the other coast, isn't doing much better. Boston (which is supposed to be the cradle of class and inteUectualism) reported that in the Boston City Hospital, about 70 per cent of all assault victims cared for in the emergency rooms were spouses who have been attacked by a husband, a wife or a lover. How does that speak for a "civilized" society? Just Plain Facts Ma'am Dear Just: Very poorly. I'll bet the animal kingdom is less violent than man's. Can it be that what we call "progress" is actually a step in the other direction? DEAR ANN: What is happening to our country? This story is not made up. It appeared in Time magazine. A 40-year-old woman admitted embezzling $84,958 from Boston's South Shore National Bank where she worked as a teller. She told the judge she felt "entitled" to the money because she used a lot of it to help right such "wrongs" as financial setbacks suffered by her brother, who had seven children, and her father, whose pension evaporated when the milk company he worked for went bankrupt. She also felt "entitled" to a $6,000 boat, a $12,000 mobile home, a vacation in New Hampshire (which she paid for with the depositors' money) and a $2,000 loss suffered at the racetrack. I Ann uulers The woman did not go to jail. The judge ordered her to work six hours a week in a Boston hospital for six months. The bank gets the boat and the mobile home and the problem of how to keep other bank employes from exercising THEIR feelings of "entitlement" What do you think of this, Ann Landers? Justice Where Art Thou? Dear Justice: I think the same as you. The whole thing smells like a, barrel of lost herring. DEAR ANN: What can I do about neighbors and relatives who don't even wait for me to answer the doorbell? They just walk in. My husband likes to sit around in his under-shorts, which is OK with me. These uninvited people seem horrified to find a man half-dressed in his own home. How about supplying me with a jazzy answer to sling back at the intruders when they look down their noses at us? It happened twice last week. Rosle. Dear Rosle: A lock on the door will work better than a "jazzy" answer. I suggest you try it before a stranger walks in and cleans you out. CONFIDENTIAL to Should I Go Out on a Limb?: Certainly! That's where the fruit is! IT'S NOT ALWAYS easy to recognize love, especially the first time around. Acquaint yourself with the guidelines. Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Love or Sex and How To Tell the Difference." For a copy, mail 50 cents and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Ann Landers, co the Akron Beacon Journal, 44 E. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 44328. Tonight's highlights 8 Man From Atlantis (3), (21). Remember a month ago when Mark was thrown back in time to the days of the Old West? He's thrown back again, this time entangled in a feud between the families of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare must be rolling over . . . Happy Days (23), (5), (33). A pretty girl's affections are the prize in a boxing match between Ralph Malph and a football bruiser all arranged by The Fonz . . . The Wandering Muse of Artemus Fhtgg (8). Burgess Meredith stars with the Cleveland Orchestra in a special portraying America's growth through music . ... The Fltzpatricks (27). The family doesn't know how to react when Sean brings home a school buddy who recently suffered a breakdown ... In Performance at Wolf Trap (25), (13), (49). The King of Swing, Benny Goodman, performs with his sextet and his big band. Selections include the original Gershwin version of "Rhapsody in Blue." 8:30 Laverne and Shirley (23), (5), (33). Shirley is taken to the hospital for an emergency operation and a bunch of her pals show up in full dress from a rehearsal of "Alice in Wonderland." 9 - Mulligan's Stew (3), (21). The clan packs up and takes off for a camping trip that turns into an ordeal when Jimmy and his cousin become lost in the forest . . . Three's. Company (23), (5), (33). Roper's on a rampage for the rent, so Jack's uncle, a charming rascal, passes the old prune a bad check. It keeps Jack busy trying to retrieve the worthless paper before Roper finds out . . . M-A-S-H (8), (27). Hawkeye and Hot Lips find themselves comrades-in-arms each other's. It happens under the stress of enemy artillery fire. The two-parter concludes next week. 9:39 - Soap (23), (S), (33). An unexpected visitor calls at Peter's apartment. Meanwhile, Corinne and Father Timothy rendezvous at an unusual place . . . One Day at a Time (8), (27). Concluding her two-part adventure, Barbara is overcome with confusion when convinced she brought about her class- 7 Stacey Weitzman, longtime girlfriend of Henry Winkler, "The Fonz" of ABC's Happy Days series, joins Winkler in conversation with Barbara Walters at II tonight on Channels 23, 5 and 33. mate's overdose of sleeping pills . . . Mark Russell (25), (45), (49). Live from Buffalo, the nation's leading satirist proves that politics has a bright side. 10 P.M. (23) Barbara Walters talks to Lucy Ball, Henry Winkler. Oolly Parton Special from GE Adv. 19 - Police Woman (3), (21). Rich Little plays a demented businessman, a Jekyll-Hyde type who stalks the freeways for female hitchhikers he believes need "punishment" . . . Barbara Walters (23), (5), (33). Barbara talks with Lucille Ball and husband Gary Morton about their marriage and success. Also interviewed are Dolly Parton and Henry Winkler and his love, Stacey Weitzman ... Lou Grant (8), (27). Mrs. Pynchon has a new love interest, but he's more fascinated with the Tribune than with her. Lou and Charlie Hume work on confronting the publisher with the sad truth ... In Concert With Nancy Wilson (45), (49). Vocalist Nancy Wilson performs in a special with the jazz band Juggernaut. 11:39 - Tonight Show (3), (21). David Brenner welcomes Omar Sharif, Norm Crosby, Mac Davis and plant expert Jerry Baker. 1 Tomorrow (3), (21). Tom Snyder talks with former CIA analyst Frank Snepp. Television for tonight program ABC Akron NBCCIeve. ABC-Cleve. CBS-Cleve. Ind. Canton NBC-Youngs. PBS-Cleve. CBS Youngs. ABC-Youngs. Ini-Cleve. I PBS-Kent J- WAKR WKYC WEWS WJXW WJAN WFMJ WYIZ WKBX WYTV WUAB iad A 23 3 5 8 17 21 25 27 33 43 49 4:00 Edge of Night M.T.Moore Dinah Shore Hours Q. Derstine Mike Sesame St. Hours Brady Bunch Sesame St. 30Bozo Emergency Merv Griffin Listen Douglas Movie: Bewitched 'Little 5:00 D. Lombardi One! The Brady - The Scene Emergency Mister Rogers "'Sierra Three Sons Rascals Mister Rogers 30Feud News Bunch Charisma One! Electric Co. Stranger" Hogan M. Mouse Electric Co. 6:00 Akron News News News Billy News Studio See News A News Bewitched Zoom! :30 ABC News NBC News ABC News CBS News Graham NBC News French Chef CBS News 1 ABC News 'A. Griffith Over Easy 7:00 Bonanza Liars Club Cross-Wits Bowling C. Holiday M.T.Moore H. Danaceau Cross-Wits Odd Couple Hogan's MacNeil Rep't i30 ShaNaNa That Tune Joker's Wild D. Lombardi Adam-12 MacNeil Rep't Match Game ShaNaNa Heroes D.Cavett 8:00 Happy Days Man From Happy Days Wandering Oral Roberts Man From At Wolf The Happy Days 'Combat At Wolf :30 Laverne Atlantis Laverne Muse Hi Doug Atlantis Trap Fitzpatricks Laverne T 9:00 Company Mulligan's Company M'A'S'H Praise Mulligan's Portrait M'A'S'H Company Movie: Concert :30Soap Stew Soap One Day the Lord Stew M.Russell One Day Soap "Mask of M.Russell f f:00 Barbara Police Barbara Lou Police Age of Lou Barbara Marcella" Nancy IU:30 Walters Woman Walters Grant Woman Uncertainty Grant Walters Wilson 11:00 News News News News You'll Love It News D.Cavett News News Star Trek Festival 77 1:30 700 Club Tonight Show Movie: Movie: Tonight Show ABC News M. Hartman Movie: ABC News 10:00 "Price of "Better Big Valley "Pompey's 'Untouchables I fc:30 I 1 Violence" a Widow" Head'r . . . and tomorrow's logs :00Good Today Morning (Captain I Today Fitness Captain 700 Club Archies :30 Morning Exchange Kangaroo Instructional Kangaroo Mister Rogers M. Gorilla Instructional 9:00700 Odd Couple Hollywood Sesame St. Prog. Merv Good Morning Barnaby Prog :30 Club Family Affair Mayberry Griffin Romper Rm. I 11:00 Sanford.Son Phil Price Is Right Dimension Teleview Price Is Right Edge of Night Coffee Shop I U:30 Religion Squares Donahue G. Derstine Squares Love, Am. Love, Am. 11:00 Happy Days Fortune Happy Days Eat Daisies Praise Fortune Electric Co. Match Game Happy Days Junction Electric Co 1 :30 Religion Knockout Feud Restless the Lord Knockout Sesame St. Love of Life Feud 'Hillbillies Sesame St. 10:00 Better Sex The Least News News The Least Restless Better Sex GomerPyle I fc:30 Ryan's Hope Gong Show Ryan's Hope Search Gong Show Instructional Movie: Ryan's Hope Lucy Show Instructional 1:00 My Children Richer, Poorer My Children Love of Life The Rock Richer, Poorer Prog. '"Thunder in My Children Movie: Prog. 30 Days of Lives World Turns Charisma Days of Lives the East" "Alexander" 2:00 Pyramid Pyramid Guideline Pyramid :30 One Life Doctors One Life Guiding Light Doctors Guiding Light One Life 3:00 (to 3:15) Another (to 3:15) Born Twice Another (to 3:15) Bugs Bunny Insight :30Gen. Hospital World Gen. Hospital (Mike The Spirit World All in Family Gen. Hospital jFlintstones Yoga Television movie schedule for tonight ( On radio today ) 9 - "The Mask of Marcella" (43). James Farentino, John Vernon, Barbara Bouchet, Christine Belford. Patrick O'Neal, 1971 (color). Farentino, as sleuth Jefferson Keyes, gets a million bucks to find a missing heiress. Rating C. 11:31 "Quiller: The Price of Violence" (5). Michael Jays-ton, Moray Watson, Sinead Cu-sack, 1975 (color). The British agent gets involved with a foreign assassin. Rating C. "Better a Widow" (8). Virna Lisi, Peter McEnery, Gabriele Ferzetti, 1969 (color). This comedy about the Sicilian Mafia is better forgotten. Rating D. Virna Lisi Unless noted, newt Is heard every hour and half hour. WAKR (1590) Extended newscast 6:55-7:15 a. m 7:45-8:15 a.m., and 5:55-6:30 p.m. 10 Jack Ryan 2 Charlie Greer 6 Bob Friend 11:15 CBS Mystery Theater It Jerry Monday WAEZ-Sterte (97J) Stereo music 24 hours dally. Newt and weather on the hour. warn-am (liso) Newt 10 till the hour 20 after the hour. 10 Steve Brodle 2 Tim Davlsson 6 Bis Tim Pnllllpt WSLR (1150) News five minutes before the hour,- headlines 20 minutes past the hour. Bill Cottev 12 Donald J. Dempsey 3 James Hoi ley 7 K Cardarelll 12-Cvnthla WDBN-FM IH.9) Stereo music 24 hours a day. WHLO (640) News-Talk-All news 7:45 a.m. to 9 a.m.; noon to 12:15 p.m. and 5 to t p.m. 9 Nick Anthony 12:15 Steve Cannon 3 Steve Fullerton 6 Sportswatch with Lee Hamilton WKNT-AM-FM (1520-100.1) News and Music 24 hours dally. Network news on the half-hour 10 Buy, Sell, Swap and Trade 12 to 2 Open Comment 2 flryce Wilson 7 Music Machine WKOD-FM (94J) Newt 10 before the hour Mellow rock In stereo WKSU-FM (l.7) (National Public Radio) t Jan In the AM 1030 Access 7 Akron Symphony Orchestra 4 Jan Show WAUP (M.1) Box or menthol: o Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. L(K)k at the latest U.S. Government figures for other top brands that call themselves "low" In tar. WMng 5 ttmfint "tg cib Brand 0 12 08 Brand D Menthol 11 08 Brand V Menthol II 0 8 Brand V 11 - 0 7 Brand M 8 06 Brand M Menthol 8 0.5 CarNon SotlPaok 1 61 Carlton Mwittnt kttaltun 1 o.1 CeiNonSoi teatlhm'1 g.i "Av pw cttwww br FTC nwtnotf 01 all brands, lowest . . . Carlton Box; 1 mg. tar, 01 mg. nicotine av. pet cigarette by FTC method. Soft Pack and Menthol: 1 mg. "tar". 0.1 mg. nicotine av. per cigarette. FTC Report Aug. '77. Box: 1 mg. "tar", 0.) mg. nicotine av. per cigarette by FIC method. Less than lmg.tar. ( Soft pack-1 mg. Menthol-less than 1 mg. Box "-less than 1 mg. - r- - -jr"- iirir-ir -i r--i n .-i n .i-m - a ,

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