Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 8, 1943 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
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Saturday, May 8, 1943
Page 11
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Dear 7 Here's News From Home Hometown happenings art hot stuff to the men and women In the service. They can't learn enough of them despite all your letters. Therefore, each Saturday The Tribune publishes this digest of the week's local news, in tnis way, you can keep your own letter strictly personal ana mciuae mis one wiin w for items of general Interest.) . J ' . ' '.. . OAKLAND, CALIF.,' May-8, 1943. EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATED HESS ... Wl It EPHOTO ... WIDE WORLD . UNITED fSS RATIONING TIMETABLE MEAT, CANNED FISH, BUTTER, CHEESE, MARGARINE, COOKING OILS, FATS Red Coupons E and F, Book Two, valid through May 31. ' - . SUGAR Stamp 12, Book One, good for five pounds through May. 31. COFFEE Stamp 23, good for one pound through May 30. SHOES Stamp 17, Book One, 'good for one pair through June 15. PROCESSED FRUITS AND .VEGETABLES' Blue Coupons G, H and J, Book Two, 48 points through May 31. - . 'GASOLINE A Coupon 5, good for four gallons through May 21. ... v V-V-TIRE INSPECTION A tires, September 30;-B tires, June 30; C tires. May 31, vol. cxxxvm OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1943 D 11 NO. 128 BERKELEY HERO RETURNS FOR HONEYMOON Dear- i we naa nan a minion bucks' worth of fires, two of 'em, here this week. . One crisped $100,000 of newsprint, printing machinery and metals when the warehouse adjoining, and property of, the Berkeley Gazette went up in names - ,. . The other gutted a Livermore winery warehouse, causing $400,000 wortn or loss in corns, lead-foil and bottles. The bottles .were empty. j.ijai niu ui uic oiuii is urepiaceaoie manes it worse. , Two Key. busses played boomps-a-daisy in the Posey tube under the p estuary, injuring u customers, but the gal driving the trailing bus which rammed Its nose Into the quick-stopping front-runner's taillight came cut unnurt. . j ...... Let me know if you've outgrown your civvies. Albany's evening scnooi is conducting classes on how to unfurl men's mufti to fit the feminine form. ine Metropolitan Oakland area dug down for $26,037,772.81 as Its part in the two-week second war loan campaign. That's a walloping lot of qough but at current rates It will pay for only two hours, 27 minutes and 36 seconds of fighting, not counting the 81 cents. Mary Parkinson coughed up a ten-buck bill she was hiding in her mouth. Police claim that it, and a missing. $25, belonged to Louis- Parra, who said Mary picked his pockets. With her teeth? Phillip Murray, visiting president of the C.I.O., told businessmen It's I their job to see that eight million servicemen .get jobs when the job's done. He also taxed Congress with throwing life out of gear by freezing jobs and salaries while merely chilling prices. Higher wages for Pacific Coast shipyard workers will be fought when the Bay Cities Metal Trades Council, A.F.L., holds a three-day Ban Francisco convention starting May 17. Vallejo had its first bootlegging case since repeal when Taximan M. F. Elam got a 75-day stretch jn the pokey for selling liquor sans license . . . Vallejo and Richmond share in a Federal-approved $25,565- pot irom which to expand fire-fighting facilities . . .A survey by the .Richmond postmen revealed present population now is130,014, will be 160,npo inside of a month. . our State Legislators junked the "Gin Marriage" three-day law this week. Now would-be newlyweds can be, but quickly . . , The monthly old-age pension ante was upped from $40 to $50 . . . State taxes were cut $65,890,000. A powder room, the only, departure from G.I. conveniences, greeted 158 WAACS on arrival at Hamilton Field. They were the first feminine soldiers to be stationed at any Pacific Coast airport. HT..-.: J : ... . . . . i.ni-uicMcu minority groups were cnampionea here in a mass , meeting of 2000 Alameda County citizens of all creeds ... Ensign Ward Heiser, former Santa Clara halfback C39-'41), was killed when his fighter plane crashed near Rodeo, his birthplace . . . Isidor Weinstein, 70, president and founder of the Weinstein stores in S.F., died this week. 3 N 1 ; ' pa i 1 1 ft ,1 '-'I ' ' f' -J i v : V : 1 L With a chestful of medals, Lieut Balfour' C. Gibson of Berkeley has come home from the wars to his vifife, Anila deft), and his mother, Mrs. Mary S. Gibson. He and his wife will leave shortly on a honeymoon trip, postponed for 17 months. Tribune photo. 7 Sailors of Navy Drown Men Swept From Warship on. Trial Run Off California Seven sailors. were drowned when they were swept off a United States ItuarcHir nn 9 trial run off thp Cen- First Lieut. Irv Erickson, 22, sent his Australian bride, tfoan. home U,i ri;fni tho 12th Naval 1 HH T-!l 1 J . : . . . .. . - U. w - iu iiaiiia . -XiiiL-nsun in uaKiana ior saie-Keemne. JCient honrn latpr ..... , . . misirici announcea iaie jicoLciuajr. Erickson landed Tjere too. Eight more hours later news arrived that -.. , i.j I,, k.j k... i,.u j .-j y-th . ., .. ... . iwo Diners WIIO WCIC woaucu uivu uccn oiiiic uctumreu u.i .u. ana ine Air Meaai, plus a ., , citation ior tne silver star. !""- "v-" The mishap occurred Thursday, The Nips are darned good flyers, says Major Dton "Red" Green. 26. but details of the drowning and the home on leave at 100 Ninth Street, Oakland. He should know, after 15 names' of the victims were withheld monms iiying service -ana witrt six medals attesting his valor and for security reasons. ability. He also has a five-foot string of Short Snorter currency, includ- The Navy's announcement said Ing one Jap invasion money bill. . ... only: "Seven crew members of a united Permission to abandon rail service between Truckee and Lake Tahoe States warship wer lost and pre letting the busses carry the load, was asked of the State Railroad Com- sumed drowned yesterday while the fission by the Espee quitting Summer resort service turned down by S R C. Pacific Grevhound Bus' annpal fnr Vph n vessel was operating otf the central n VdlilUllllel UUdSl. would-be grpen thumbers, 14,000 in number, have applied to the fcaslpay Water District for Victory garden rates. tiumn men puuiu we cnargea Dy KjfA WlBTvlola- l.tions of ceiling prices on live stuff . . . And amateur Jien fanciers are 1 , 1. . . , . , .... . - . iiarnssea Dy xne snoriage oi cnicKen wire and a $10-ton hike In feed. pnees. , . : . Sec. Frank Knox telegraphed Mayor Rossi that the Navy is going to hang on to Treasure Island after the war despite San Francisco's pleas 10 conU,ary.; Undaunted, Rossi is leading a delegation to Washingtoa The ship was on a trial run when a huge wave swept over the top side washing nine men over board. Two were rescued. Estuary Swimmer Blames 'Blank Mind' ALAMEDA, May 8.,-Troy W. Griffin, 16, of 723 Central Avenue, l'.is weeks jail break came at the S.F. county pen when two hlen pleaded a blank mind todav when oozea loose . . .. t risco staged a "Dunkerque " evacuation test Sunday with small boats fucnishing ferry service for 1500 civilians. We hit 80 on the mercury ffahrenheit) last Sunday but it seemed twice as hot on the handle of a hoe. Delmar Dean Wiley, 21, Navy radioman stationed at the Alameda Air Base, played interlocutor" to a bunch of South Pac if ir native fnr seven months before being Joined by nine Flying Fort crewmen who m.a?d 10 Cu-mtL by firing 8 he tried to explain how he happened to be swimming in the Estuary at 2 a.m., attired in a life jacket and with a. gash on the back of his head. Hauled from the water by guards at a shipyard at Oak and Clement OHTew, wno eniorced their com- also had been shot down. Tltflir 1 7 A . ! 1 1 . . j fc.i,iv7cu nines iu an iiieiican dhc. i , . . .l . , , . . irmtjvea to .coving Bpiouu, oi me r-ngnsn language at wuey s haven where he had treatment. pianiea mem. snot over nis heaa, the youth was Highland Hospital-for He declared he did not remember anything after leaving a carnival in the evening, but that "he did recall Fitch Robertson, engineer and Schooi Board member, was elected iviayor oi oerxeiey py a wme margin . , . Pifty-two emergency police, having "a few beers" and going to iwo oi mem women, were sanctioned by the Oakland City Council . . . the carnival with a friend. When he Uncle Sam's looking for 75 should-be draftees in Oakland, 800 in Northern California, whose records aren't straight. You go get your brand of rats, bub. - We'll look after those at home the ones with tails. Or so the Grand Jury warns us to do if we don't ,-Miant in pot ip.mi-.l Both hit Jhe deck more than once before Leroy Wade, S.F. light-heavy, came up with the quietus and kayoed Silent Escobar in the sixth round. of Oakland's main event, the first top spot.for both. Escobar, hith erto unwnippea, now tane a fourweek retirement, $3700. M-.- ' ' - The show grossed started out he said, he had $40' In his pocket. The money was missing after his swim. .. The guards, Arthur 'Heitshusen and Mario Oliver, told .police they heard the youth splashing about In the water, ealled to him to come in to shore, but that he did not comply until they had fired a warning shot. ) Assembly line .sports action is maintained at the "U.S. Naval Pre-Flight School at St. Mary's, which tops its contemporaries with more than 17,000 wrestling, boxing, baseball, basketball, football, swimming .. and .track events on a year's program, ...... Henry iuico meaanea a e to lead qualifying play in the. Oakland city golf championships at Chabot ... . A field one-third smaller than last year s starts the ninth annual Oakland city bowling championships today. Cal's shortpants swamped Fresno State, 110-20, last Saturday. That was expected, wot expected was urover KJemmer s 1:53.9 half-mile; good s time for his first race this year. Ralph Dewey doubled to win thn mile in 4:20.4 and the two-mile in 8:33.2, beating favored Bobby Madrid in the eight-lapper. Hal Davis squared things with' Peyton ' Jordan of Pre-Flight in the century, winning in 9.6, and copping the 220 in 21.2 . . . Stanford beat San Jose State, 92 to 37. I won't mention times or distances, for their sakes . ;, College of Pacific won the meet, buf Jim Coughlin of U.S.F. won the honorsfront-running in the half-mile, mile and two-mile. Ed Rebiero, San Leandro High hurler, allowed Castlemont one hit as the Pirates won, 2-1. Oakland stayed even with S.L. at the top with four wins, no losses, by beating Tech, 7-0; Frenjpnt defeated Roosevelt 18-6; and University cracked its first win by stopping McClymonds, 6-4 , . Once-despised Albany now shares first place in the county ball loop with Alameda at three wins, two defeats, after knocking off Haywarrf, 6-0. Alameda slipped when Berkeley won, 8-7. , Your Oaks are climbing in a tight spfral. They're up tofourth place now on the wings of a 4-3 series win over the Seals last week and a 3-1 edge over Sacramento here so far this week.- The tingler was yesterday's 14-lnning, 5-4 win for Johnny Vergez' boys', who' were trailing,' 1-4, with , one out in the last of the ninth. Hugh Luby's ear was nicked bloodily by a b,ean ball, but he's expected to at least swing at one pitch today to keep up his consecutive game record. The Angels are still leading, six games ahead of the Oaks. Padres and Seals are place-and-show, while the second division aligns Portland, Hollywood, Sacramento and Seattle in that order. ' . Falltfatol to Woman Mrs. Iona Mary Groves,. 34, Richmond shipyard employee who was hurt on April 14 when she fell from a hull while at work, died last night at the Permanente Foundation Hospital. Mrs. Groves lived at 5625 Mc-Bryde Avenue, Richmond. WEDDING IN 1941, HONEYMOON TODAY FOR HERO, BRIDE' Seventeen months late, Lieut, and Mrs. Balfour C Gibson, of Berke ley, were on their honeymoon today. In the interim since their mar riage at Reno on December 6, 1941, Lieutenant Gibson has acquired a chest full of medals and has partici pated in one of the most heroic adventures of the war. A ftavigator-bombardier, the 26-year-old lieutenant was a cadet with orders and awaiting transportation when they went to Reno. The transportation was forthcoming in short order and Gibson went out to Hickam Field shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, to, be commissioned a lieutenant. Action came thick and fast after that, he won the Silver Star in the Battle of Midway, the Purple Heart in the Makin Island raid, the Distinguished Flying Cross and American Air Medal for his work on Guadalcanal WAITS MORE MEDALS When he arrived at the home of his mother, Mrs. Mary S. Gibsoi), a 2970 Russell Street, Berkeley, Lieu tenant Gibson, was possessor of the D.F.C. with Oak Leaf cluster and the Purple Heart, with Oak' Leaf Cluster, but was still waiting for the Air medal to catch up with him, But medals, battles, the 66 days he was missingl5 in an open boat between the time his Flying For tress was shot down in the South Pacific and he' and ', other crew members managed to make their re turn to Guadalcanal, were all sec ondary today. HONEYMOON ALL-IMPORTANT He was willing to talk about them but the honeymoon was the thing. Now staying at a San Francisco hotel, the couple plan to leave shortly on a honeymoon trip to Lake Tahoe for several weeks a trip they eschewed on December 7. On a 30-day leave, Lieutenant Gibson will be reassigned to other duty at the end of that time. The. couple met while Mrs. Gib son was attending Mills College. She Is. the daughter of T. A. Winter. of Berkeley, and Mrs. 'Rdbert. G. Derx, of Santa Anita. ... Lieutenant Gibson has been in the Air Force-since he was graduated from the University of California in 1940. ' Ship Launching Honors Carver Vessel Named for Famous Scientist Motif of Celebration Boy Barrage Balloons Loose; One Explodes Four barrage balloops in the Bay region broke from their moorinfis during the night an'd one exploded, the Fourth Army said today. , -Two of the balloons drifted away, and one was recovered. Several others were deflated. Except for the loss of the balloons, two of which may be recovered, there was no damage or casualties. With the fervent cheers of thou sands of shipyard workers, the Liberty ship George. Washington Carver, named for the celebrated Negro scientist, was launched at Richmond Shipyard No. 2 late yesterday afternoon, ' The second ship to bear the name of ari outstanding American Negro, the George Washington Carver was christened -by Miss Lena Horne, Negro singer and motion picture actress, star of the musical, "Cabin in the Sky." Previous to the actual launching. held at 4 p.m., Miss Horne toured the yards in a bond-driving sale and added to the day's program by personally selling $5500 of, war sav ing bonds. MAKES STRONG APFEAL In making her appeal. Miss Horne reminded-the "soldiers of production" of the immirience of an attack and called on them for '('more ships, tanks, planes and guns." ; "The bonds we buy keep that attack away. Let's keep it that way," she said. "Our boys are giving their lives in our defense. . All we are asked to do is to lend our money with the best security in the. world." Responding, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kautzman, workers in Yard No. 2. led the purchasers by buying $2500 worth of bonds. - C. L. Dellums, president of the United Negro Labor Committee, accompanied Miss Horne on her tour of the yards and also made a brief address. GOKDAN TALKS . At the launching ceremonies, talks were given by Attorney Walter A. Gordan, .president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people; George R. Vaughns, attorney for the Boilermakers Union, local 26; and Vernon Mc- Calla, representing the shipyard workers. Rev. H. T. S. Johnson Sr, offered the invocation. Miss Beatrice Turner, one of 6112 Negro workers in the yards and first Negro woman welder to work there, assisted Miss-Horne as matron of honor. Theresa Dellus, as flower both of them wiin Glue-Links-Husband to Slain Girl Sneriff Announces' Grease Stain Is Same Pattern as Car Mat Sheriff John J. McGrath, of San Mateo County, announced today that he had compiled damaging evidence against Frank Ontiveros, 20, and would charge him formally with the murder of his. estranged wife. Martha. 19. Grease smears that the sheriff said linked the murder with Ontiveros' automobile were found on the slain girl's knee. They made a pattern that McGrath said was identical with the rubber mat in the back of the youth's car. Mrs. Ontiveros body, when found, was in a position indicating that she had been cramped into a doubled-up position and left in the back of an automobile until rigor mortis set in.. . Pathological examination disclosed yesterday that she had been strangled to death, probably be tween 8 and 11 p.m. Tuesday. Her body was found in a roadside ditch behind Belmont the next morning. Ontiveros admitted that he had seen his wife the previous evening, but said he left her at 5 p.m. after talking with her about their impending divorce. He said that he then went to Palo Alto and picked up Miss Elsie Orellanes, a domestic, and went with her to a theater. She corroborated his story and said they were together until -after midnight. Ontiveros told officers that his wife had said she had a date "with Latin" that night. MURDER VICTIM 1 " 11 -rr-i-tTr-'f-'-T---" '' hi'ii'i i':" '' M ? , - ' i " ' ; ! 4 1 , , " ' ' V if "VK "... ; Hit-Runner Kills Woman; Driver Dies SOLDIER ABANDONS XHEEILD'; SERVICE ATTENDANT MOANS If Andy Casazza, attendant' at a service station at 5600 Telegraph Avenue, hadn't promised a soldier he would play nursemaid to a monkey, he'd be a lot happier today. He said the soldier came in with the monk on a leash and asked if he could tie it up for a couple of hours. Willing to do anything for a service man,' Casazza agreed. But the two hours strelch.ed into two weeks In that time, the animal did one exasperating thing after another. He bit a youngster the first week and yesterday he nipped Thomas Marshall, 11. of 619 56th Street, cutting his forehead. That was too much for Casazza, who called police. -' "Take that darned monk away from here," he growled. "It's got the disposition of a lousy Jap." The animal is nbw the problem of the. Oakland city pound. Oakland residents having any Information concerning this man Z e n n e t h M. Decker. 26, seaman 2nd class. U.S.N. or his movements prior to the time he was found fatally wounded In the Municipal Rose Garden. Monday were asked to notify .police. Slain Sailor Is Identified ' Seaman K. M. Decker Found in Rose Garden; Death Still Mystery girl, presented bouquets of roses. The committee sponsoring the launching included Dellums, Spen cer W. -Jordan, J. R. Hoskins, and T. M. Anderson. The Booker -T. Washington', another Liberty ship,' already is in active service under a Negro master and i a third ship, the Frederick Douglass is under construction in: a Baltimore shipyard. 1 Shoe Men Warned On Ration Stamps Shoe dealers were-warned today by the Office of Price Administra tion thatthe acceptance of loose ration stamps for a pair of rationed shoes is a violation of regulations. OPA -officials said the only ex ception under which a loose stamp can be exchanged f.or rationed shoes is when ordering footwear by mail. In all other instances, the stamp must be removed from the War Ration Book fn the presence of the .shoe dealer, his employee or a per son making the delivery. The stamp may be torn out of the book and given to the shoe dealer or his rep resentative either when the shoes are ordered or when they are de livered. Window PJunge Fatal. . Mrs. Bessie Freeman, 64, died In a San Francisco hospital last night five hours after she either lumped or fell from a second floor window of her home at 1275 Twenty-eighth Avenue. Mrs. Freeman, a widow, had been in il health for some time, according to relatives. The fall occurred while he nursewas downstairs on an errand. " ' The sailor whose death has baf fled officers of the Navy, Oakland and Piedmont Police Departments since he was found unconscious last Monday-in the Municipal Rose Garden, ' apparently the victim of a slugging attack, was definitely identified today as Kenneth M. Decker; 26, Seaman 2nd Class. Police, however, were apparently no further along toward solution of the mystery, and appealed to East- bay cittpens with any knowledge oi the man or his movements prior to his death to contact them. Police Inspectors L. M. Jewel and Thomas Duffy, and Chief Petty Officer H. R. Hampton are in charge of the investigation. An autopsy performed a few hours after his death last Tuesday at the U.S. Naval Hospital here indicated Decker had died as the result of a basal skull fracture. The identification tag usually carried by service men had been removed from his body, and the only papers on him were tickets to a taxi dance. Police said yesterday that ship mates of the dead man had informed them he had been seeing "a girl friend who worked in a dance hall" during his leaves, but an investiga tion of this clue thus far has proved futile. Tracing Decker s movements on the night of his deat(lvtolice have established two viiuSto taverns, at Second Avenue and East 12th Street 1 and at Ninth Avenue and East 14th Street. After leaving the latter place about 11:30 p.m. Sunday, the sailor was not seen until he was discovered unconscious a few hours later. 'Struggle Too GreaV; Woman Ends Life RICHMOND, May 8.-Mrs. Eth Elizabeth Bear, 53, shot and killed herself at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John H. Moore, 324 South 24th Street, yesterday after leaving a note declaring "the struggle is too great." . . Mrs. Moore found her mother's body-in bed, a bullet wound an the temple. She told police her mother had been despondent over the recent death of her husband. The body will be sent to Missouri after an inquept on Taordny, Habeas Corpus Denied Federal Judge Goodman in San Francisco yesterday denied a writ of habeas corpus by which Robert Stroud, whose death sentence for murder In a Kansas Federal court was commuted to life imprisonment by President Wilson in 1918, sought to leave Alcatraz Prison. Failure of Brakes on Hill Ends Fatally For Oakland Man An Oakland woman was killed by a hit-run driver here last night, a few hours after a local man lost his life in a spectacular collision with another automobile. ' Mrs. 'Sophia Sandoval, 53, of 606 Castro Street, was the victim of the hit-run accident. Thorvald Thorkelson, 53, of 1703 East 21st Street, died in the other tragedy. Mrs. Sandoval was,, crossing the intersection of Seventh and Castro Streets- and was 10 feet ahead of he? husband In the crosswalk when the car hit her and sped away. . The husband, John Sandoval, jumped aside as he saw the car coming and took the license number. He told officers the car bore a New Mexico license. Mrs. Sandoval died from her injuries at Highland Hospital. ! Thorkelson was driving down the steep East 21st Street hill when his brakes failed and the car rolled into the intersection of 14th Avenue, directly in the path of an auto driven by Frederick H. Perkins. of 2546 14th Avenue. The impact turned Thorkelson's car over. He had his head out the side window at the moment he struck and was killed 'instantly. His wife, Loella, 50, and a pas senger. Tony Pmkouski--36, who lives at the same address, were in jured slightly, but refused hospitali zation. . Youth Dies of Injuries Received in Accident RICHMOND. May 8. Robert r. Wolf, 17. of 5619 Fresno Street, died at a local hospital yesterday from injuries received in an auto accident Monday morning in El Cer-rito. Riding with CM. Brown, 16; of the same address, Wolf was hurt when the car went out of control and struck a telephone pole on San Pablo Avenue near Manila Avenue. Brown was given emergency treatment and released. Funeral services are pending at the Hull chapel in Berkeley, Seven Hurt in Crash v In the Bay Area Seven persons were injured, one seriously, when two cars collided early today near the center of the Bay Bridge. Eldon Childress, 28. of 1065 Broadmoor Boulevard, San Leandro, driver of one car, was taken to the Permanente Foundation Hospital and then transferred to Highland Hospital with broken ribs and pos sible internal injuries. He was driving from San Francisco to Oakland with five passengers in his car when he collided headon with an automobile driven by Charles Pape, 64, of 4100 Whittle Avenue. He suffered lacerations of the faofe. as did his lone passenger, his daughter, Mrs. Lois Silva, 31, of 2233 50th Avenue. . Injured in Ch'ildress' car were Wilhemina Sauerbier, 46. of .Lafayette, abrasions of the knees and lacerations about the face: Jesse Abram,-59. 1190 67th Street, lacerations of the face; porothy Hussmann, 36, 2503 Broadway, San Francisco, 'aincd left font, and Aksel Bengts- sorfTSSBajsn or the San rrancisco . address, abrSoris of the face and left knee. . " Marine Pvt. J. F. Lauer, who was in the car was not hurt. All fcf the injured but Childress were treated at Harbor Emergency Hospital in San Francisco, Both cars were demolished. ' " Instructor, Codet Killed in Crash CHICO. May 8.-4P) First Lieut. Richard L. . Knautz, an instructor, and Cadet Herman Gilbert Jr. were killed in the crash of an Army .plane near here yesterday. The Chico air base said Knautz, 22, formerly lived in Bellingham, Wash, Gilbert, 20, was 'from Nash ville, Tenn. SHIP NAMED FOR OUTSTANDING NEGRO SCIENTIST SLIDES DOWN WAYS Which wraps it up ior this week. Stand by. Sincerely pmmmmi" P&M- x:'7, r m 4 ;r A ' . .... , -,i..,.M. ,., n f . hm n-TL-. . x- i ' - - - - - ' n m v '" - rmmmsx?s!mf!$Z h i in, i - - , With the "zip" that has qlready won her fame in motion ; noon. ' Miss Beatrice Turner, first Negro woman welder in pictures. Miss Lena Horne deft), Negro singer and actress. the yards, acted as matron of honor. Most of the yard's B 112 ing the George Washington Carver, second ship to be named for an. outstanding American, Negro, one worker at christened h Liberty Ship George Washington Carver in Negro workers were on hand to watch the ship slide down ' ' the yards received the "personal" thanks of Miss. Horne, ceMtnonlel at 'Blchmond -Shipyard Na.' 2 yesterday ftk ' ways and to wish it safe sailing.. For. his part in build- , a "big, man-size" kiss. Photos by E. J. Joseph. . ' a

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