The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 11
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fr{liJAy,_APHlL 22, 1938 DEEP-ILL ADDS ZEST TO LB (AUK.) COUK11S11 JNEWS Arc The Meal Gets Under Way \ Economical Dishes Glorified In M o d c r n Electric Cooking Modern electric ranges oiler ti deep-well cooker which is a money- saver, time-savor, and constant de- JlgUt to any owner. It's u bud- gelccr's good Kick tlia: so many of the popular, homely foods arc tlic very ones to cook to perfection in that deep-well ol tlic electric range. Juicy pot, roasls-stews that arc u temoting medley of llavors, chicken fricassee with dumplings as light as cake—these arc food dreams thai, come true through deep-well cookery. ; .' «{:,•• j,(f Most of these foods can be COOKIXI on LOW heat, which uses very little current. Another cheerful fact about LOW heat, cooking in the deep- well— it's so accurately controlled that it does away with watching and stirring. You can forget your dinner \vlillc it's cooking. Most cooker wells are equipped with llic kettle, a perforated rack or Irivcl for holding meat or vege- lablcs off the bottom of the keltic, a pudding pan, and in some cases, a rack high enough to bo placed over tlic food in the bottom of the cooker (o furnish a level base for llic pudding or vegetable pan. Used as a steamer, half a dozen varieties of vegetables—even mild and strong-flavored ones in combination—may be cooked together. Prepare vegetables wlilcli will cook in about the same amount ol time, place in layers, and add a small ) "amount of water—about a cup—In ' the bottom of the cooker. Turn to HIGH or START until steam comes merrily forth, then turn switch to LOW or COOK until vegetables arc tender. Do not overcook vegetables. .Modems prefer firm, crisp, fresh-colored vegetables, rather than limp, discolored ones. All of the nol-so-tcnder cuts oi meat are ideal for deep-well meals —pot-roasts, briskets, or short ribs of beef, corned beef, shoulder, shoulder chops, cottage hams, fowl; If you're cooking vegetables and a dessert along with the meat, tlic cooker kettle will hold up to 3 pounds of meat, or a 3'i pound fowl—and there will be generous servings of everything else for a family of four or five. If you've never gone in or steamed dessci-ts-,yoirre due for a pleasant surprise. Crumb and baiter puddings, tapioca and rice puddings, the whole list ol ctelicious •lilum puddings—all can be tooked in that deep-well of your electric range. '.. The well is an excellent sterilizer \ lor babies' bottles—antl an ideal >• sterilizer for electric canning:, too. '"Don't fail to become acquainted with Die feats of cookery legerdemain performed by deep-well cookers! Try these deep-well menus and recipes! WJilJ, COOKEK SIKNU—NO. I .Mclnti Ball Cucklail yiuffcri Shoulder of Veal Bi owned Potatoes Tomadt Salad Blackberry Pudding STUFFEB SHQUI.DKK OF VEAL Remove tiie bone from a thrce- IHiund shoulder of veal. Season ivilli sail and pepper and stuff ivilli your favorite bread dressing. Tic securely. Heat two tablespoons fat in bottom of cooker. Brown meat in fat with cover off. When wcll- browncd, add 6 potatoes antl 1-1 cup hot water. Set pudding mold on Irivcl. over meat. Cover and cook on liigli until sleam emerges from vent; I urn to low and cook for . -1 1-1 horns. Serves ;1 or 5. I)Ui\UKHKKKV FUD1UNU l-'l cup shortening 3-'! cup sugar 1 cup sifted floin 1 1-1 l.sp. salt I tsp. vanilla 1 Isp. baking powder 1-1 cup milk •J ct:g while, beaten '( clips blackberries Cream (Me sliortcnins; ;m.l :.tir in l-'J cup sugar gradually, aid Ihc dry ingredient) together and add alternately with (he milk to (irst mixture. Fold in the stiftly beaten eg;; wliitcs. Add vanilla. Mix 3 cups fresh blackberries with liic remaining !-•! cup .sugar, place in bottom of greased pudding mold. Pour bailer over them and cover mold tightlv. J)KKI« WELI, BINNKK—XO. a Jellied t'oiistnnme Paprika Uliickcn Sweet 1'olaloc.s Cuci/mlicr a»nl Walf-iTrfv; Salad Siiirnl Hrcad riir1diii£ PATltlKA CHICKEN ."! 1-2 11). roasting chicken 1-2 cup Hour C sweet potatoes 1 tWsji. paprika 2 Up. sail •1 lbh|>. fat I 1-2 cups boiling svalcr Cut chirkcn in pieces lor serving. Urrdso with llrur and sca.wiiing,-,. Heal fat in ctiokcr and brown chicken with cover off. Add water and j potatoes. Set p-.itldim; mold on trivp.t over chicken. Cover and conk on high heat, until steam emerges from vent, then turn lo low and cook I hphr. Serves •! or r>, •SrUHiW BKKAl) I'l'WHNO 1 cup Iw'jlfd bread crumbs 1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp. soda 1-H l^jp. nulnics f tsp, cinnamon 1 .cup sour milt 1 cup raisins 1-2 Isp, ground cloveo Combine brc-dd crumbs rvilli Ihc brown.ausar, boda, and spices. Add the milk and raisins. Pour Into greased pudding mold and cover, Electricity Is Most ' Efficient Cooking Fuel On the luisis pf heat energy needed for cooking foods, oleotric- lly Is the most efficient fuel, nc- conllnj; to u lucent sovenimonl survey made by tho liureau of Economics In conjunction with the U. S. limcau. of Auri- ciiltunil Enijinccrlni;, Elcclriclty and four other common fuels- were used In milking Hie tKils. 'Hvo '.vp! rrt | valises were used in each fu.'.i 1 . except will) 'Fuel O', wliicli was tested in only one. uinge," snyn Louise Stanley. Chief of (he Bureau ol Home Economics, In her 1037 repoil to the Hon Henry A. \Valli\ce, Suorelary of ' fc ELEVJ*. Thousands: of housewives are discovering that, deep-well cooking offers unusual economy in the preparation of delicious meals. It unfailingly steps up I IK- apjwlite-appeiil of less expensive foods. Trxaiis Kill «S Uolic-.its (JO1.LEOE STATION, Tex. (U!>) —The Te.viis Predatory Animal Control Association has announced that its 124 hunters killed 378 bob- ciils. ihrcc iiiouiitiiin lions. lf;8 red wolves and 3.5:1:) toyoles during the pust two monlhs. 'I'hkvts l.lki; Cum I.OUAIN, 0. (U!>) — »eteclivcs turned to aiim-shocing for the |tuni-chcwliig thief who walked into a candy shop recently and stole u counter vending machine. Police raid it contained several score packages of gum. . "Bused yn the total consumption of heat energy required In cooking li days' meals, clcc-lrlcity proved to te the. most onicJenl. "In terms of energy nnll.s '1-liel A' iited 1.78, 'Fuel {!' 1,82, 'F lln i Q 2,02, and 'Fuel 13' i!,(ll i|u, c .s iw much UK electricity for the same cookini;." All Moving Buys Ihc Same PHILrtDELI'tllA IUI>>- CMpliih Wiiillcld Scott Guiles, »'ho ha.s lived . for 5-1 yciu-.s In the loek- cmlcr's house itt Flat Hack Dair m the Mniiiiyunk Canal. Inn uovcd fom- times In his lite urn inch time on March IV. St. I'ut- L'k's Day. THESE 8 ADVANTAGES OF ELECTRIC COOKERY See the new 1938 Hot- poinl; Electric Ranges. | Only in a Hotpoint Range will you get all these advantages. Ask for a demonstration. Come in today. THE SALISBURY- llapuitt'i mart m J9jS tuill-li-lti-flaar ciulrii raugr u'ilh ami- dint! //jif/iif. matcM ttuidimtn\ til, Stlfct-A- , Spent Calratf, FullpoTttlahi tnamtt. Easy. Tenus SELECT.A- SPEED CALROD I lot point's sensational new cooL/nff unic •uJiich prciviucs 5 different cooking spcetft — the clccuically correct speed for every cooking need. -T- Hotpoinl's Calrod unit is world's fastest. 2 CLEAN — No smoke or soot to darken your jiqu and pans. 3 COOL— No heat.c.scapes to tiiie the room tcmpEraiure, 4 ECONOMICAL-Selett.A-: bpced Calrod cooks faster T-jnore efDcicntiy- 5 BETTER BESULTS-Hotpoint Elcanc Range is automatic. 6 HEALTHFUL AND SAFE-,No fumes or flames to injure health. .7 TIME RELEASINC-Hotr-oim releases time — gives new hours of freedom. 8 MODERN — Streamlined styling, smait modern design. SEE the MODEL ALL- ELECTRIC KITCHEN TWICE THE SPACE! IN THIS WESTINGHOUSE Keeps fresh fruits and vegetables garden fresh— ~ a wcck'-s •it a time! Low Safety Zonn tempera lures prevent spoilage, new Visible. Humidity conserves natural moisture. Only VVcsting- housc has Ihc //urnjWratvcr . . . with twice the space and the new a Top. Be sure to sec il! Save axrr.i money every \vcck! SAVES FOHD...SAyES TIME Salmon Ideas On Spring ' • • rii'iMiimiiBMMMiiM ' ulinon, Jinked, 3 l.oblctiKwns nwlt- «i Inillcr. 1-2 c\ip cclcvy, cut line, J i cup Ki'ccn pepjicr, v«t flno.'cnH in<l iicpjicv lo l(, i teaspoon or^itcrHhlrc snucc. cook iho crlciy 'and grcc 1 ) pcp- |)tr lu (he biiUer inilli Untlc.i 1 . Ailil lo Ihc linked sa'l'wn nud"sea- son. I'rcpare your Invoi'lto pic pastry—mi Hinotint cqintllni! 2 cups, lioll out, 1-4 Inch ihlck, sjivcHd oil tlic milmon filling, Then roll DS lor n Jollj' roll. J'lnce on lt»'fi»f slicol nntl bnkc In Hpt ovon (100 (li>Hicoa Ki for 30 mlniitct;, Strvc hoi In slices ivllli .cronmcd lr ( i ''"I* " 'avW try (hb sultnun p»!,(ry roll with crewntd nvisliToom™u*e your (am))}-—and ||, e >-'ll then l|ie Goad News, f «y WIIS. OAVNOK MAUUP.V i,,,,,,,, „„<, Olt!( . oni ^ ll Ni:,\ Sn-vln. sialV H'rili-r ! - ill »'«» ^» ; »l<l laiji Inlo l-'«iii- mil ur every live ett nun-1 "" "" ' ncd. Helcnlni; not U) (lie imililcin ] S;ilin<ui I'usli-y Hull of imniiiitoyiimil. b»C lo sulnuin i.Scnx';; •! (o 0') Ivoin iho wiilri'.s of Aliislni, Wnsli- friiliiicn lilliii!.': 2 cii)« c 1,0 yilnpla,. Mix soifpri, f cmw jn£e and'wtt. 1 Add stated bread crumbs, • frUgM- f ly .l£i|fti east »rid f»fftey. "Pack' in 0xft!$<l ling urn}* and, &ke; In' nicrterjikly !«>{ 970,11 (37|'^lc- prccs p.) about' 30 minute;, ' To make Individual rolls, MICH the pasli-y roll down In 2-lncli .slices as fur cinnamon rolls. Place In bultoied muffin pans In hot oven (-100 degrees K) for as to W mlniiti'.s. Serve hot wllh creamed mushroom sauce. Salmon Is .sociable. H inlxc.s well with tuna, UK paler play- male with .such gentle ways, licit Is tin: proof— Hot Se;if(j|nl Kalmi |ilii|; i Serves -1 10 li) Two-lhlrds cii|i of dry tirc«<l crumbs, " ; cup milk, 1 cup ean- iicrt ttinn, naked, 1 tun canned nilmon, llakcd, •! iubles|)ooiB iimv- oiinulsc, Juice ol I lemon u. lea spoon t-alt, M teaspoon dry" inns lard( '1 ugts, a labli'spoons pars I Icy, chopped. Sunk Ihc ijiviul crumbs lii mlk SEli THE NEW WEST1NGHOUSE...SAVE MORE EVERY WEEKI DON'T MISS THIS EVENT! Modern Klcclric Kitchen \ \. Cooking School \ .'• City Hal! Auditonum Mon. • Tues.> 'April 25-26 Arkansa^Missouri Puwur Corp. The Electric Kitchen Parly giving, or [ceding uncx- pqclcd Bticsts-oncc a problem and n chore— Is a (jcllBhtful a,dycnXurc In the kitchen of today, thanks to' electric tyvklfig, QcUing r,eady for (juc.sU, iipwa- cliiys Is ns easy as pic, II an electric rnnijc Is In your 'liomc. Attr»c- tlvc npiMjlteois, toothsome m|wl< yr((\n, tousled delicacies »rc fhCi wpi'li of )>itt a inoii|Dnt-- Hie ui(i» ' .Of N switch— mid they're done, Ten to one ywr 6<n»U> will Uc In the kllclicn with you, too. wiUijhlnK und lidplng. and exclaiming over tlic fast, fiiwsluatliii; pnTormiiJicr; of Hint, electric seiv- ant which helps to moke life more prnclmia. more leisurely— mote exciting too! •Bring your kllclicn up to dale with one of the new 1938 electric? rnniios, and wntch you'i skill lir cookery, win fli-?t prjie foi jou In yo(ir ,Urldpe club's estimation! .1! on d Courier New? Want Arjg. QdUtetl^uli See the NEW 1938 ELECTRIC RANGES T> REP ARE yourself ior a surprise when you visil our Elcclric Range Display. Prepare yourself for (lie discov- ery of economy and speed you never thought possible in electric cooking . . . and for cleanliness that fairly takes your breath away! The 1938 Electric Ranges are marvels of economy. They w^tb sycfe .ef- ficiency that they actually cut cqoWog costs. They give you n.e>v, qu^ck lieAt— cookjujg heat instantly, ^d a?Jojr .clean- liness,., PQt.h'ing.caji-Aojpipar.e with an Electric Range! Come in today apd AC.C .o.w greal FAST! T.lfe (lew Kliicl.ric K;IHKI.'K V, 'i v i 1 v ( m cooking heal i»Ii\tnsl ;i.s iis yiiu' vM liitl an— ..(urn (he switch' arid llu-rc il i.s! Tlierc's nwAvaifini,'. No linn- lusl. 'J'hc raujfc is rewly lu ci)u|< I lie in»yon arc! CLEAN! 'I IdTe's IMI clcani'r way nil'.carlli lo ciioli Uian wilii an ICkt'lric Hantre. Sc-(>iirinK i« O.UT! Hlackcncil curtains' ;iiid walls «f« for K'""'- I'-lct'tric liuat jiei mils no siHit, no dirl. H saves -work, cvi'iv day nf the wei'k! LOW COST! Klcdrir rookiiig •wiil.aclinill.v sfjiyc .Y.IHI niuncy! The now -electric ,ningcs ,arc KO cfficicul Ihjit electric bills remain pleasantly lt)\v even' though yo.u co()K fr,pm mornii)!; i.until Attend The Modern Electric Cooking School NATIONAL HOME ECONOMIST IN PERSON — SEE ANDTASTE FOODS COOKE.D ' EDUCATIONAL — ENTERTAINING -FREEGIFTS— REE ADMISSION City Hall Auditorium, Monday-Tuesday, Apr. 2S&26,2p.m. 95 Communities iciUi Dependable Law*C<tBl Itteclric Service"

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