The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 15. 19J7 ULYTHEVILLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS Dancer fo Face i Murder Charge Attorney is Victim Of Yacht Tragedy in Havana Harbor : -HAVANA. April 15. tUP)—Fatrl- "" ic'^S"'' 11 " " -^.vear-oUl urn; 1 n jwr MB'- 11 Tolpilo. o.. known : Salira (lie cxoti; dancer around i , the Caribbean nisht spots, will be -, ; i'ta wtl witli homicide iu the la-. I | '•!! shooting oi John Lester Mee, ; 33. ;i ciiica|!0 attorney, aboard his I Vachl in Havana harbor, police ' '-iTortctl. Miss SL'hm'uh siunetl :i slateinent '<-r Ciuan police that she shot Mee lav. v:pck hut claimed the shooting '•'••!•• ii-jridenlnl. Mee cliariiecl on his 'l'-:'.th':rd Sunday thai "she shot .1 L11 me deliberately." H--I- sv.-ii-ldiy air gone, (he sultry ] H;nirer sat d(>Je:-le.lly in the Gur.i- !J !i!i-irciu Women's Prison aviuUni; ''f-r ;i.]>iir:ir:in:'o in court. She \vas Iriiihli-nccl and strui'.glcd lo keep wt-k Ihc tears. "•r.ick'K dead! Jack's cleadl" she •> :i i'l :i,'jaiJi aiift a^ain in an inter- vie-.y. Ml that mutters is thai . She sent a message through the I Ijiiiied Press lo her father Joim ; S. H:lnnidt. n phuraniacist in To, !'•<!'), in re'ily to a message from i lii«i phoned to her in jirison. | ! "Drar Duel, it's only a matter oi > time." she s.'iid. "Jack is dead. My > position is indefinite. Will write.I j Uon't worry. I'm line. Everything \ Possible i.s being done, Thank ] you anyway. Love. Putsy." i Moe. a fornnjr Navy loipedo boat |i coninuindcr in the Pacific, was | slim -behiinl tlie e;ir with a .V. pi'i- ] l«l in a Vabin itjoard tlie Ynchl Pilot Relayed Emergency Call PAGE THREE —named Jor he owned joitltly With Forrest. Alternate Plan For Japs Urged Allied Quarters Feel MacArthur's Proposal Needs 'Reserve Angle' TWA pilot Cnpl. ihr- tJaneei 1 — plane from which all communications were wiped out I; C!ilrT.;3Ua;:«,on. 27. River F^.^ov, ... |f 111. JnJxson and 'Mee wcro wnr-j a "' K tra » sm 'ttcr was set up at Gage, and Thrush. ,lime 'Navy friends and bought the time, relayed calls for doctors, nurses, and medical |t fnrmci 1 nav.'tl 'patio! craft at a Tclcphoto.) .War Assets sale. I i 'flic two 'men ami 'Miss Schmidt I { had 'heen living aboard the yacltt. in -Havana harijov. Police said the I; siicottu^ followed a ([tiarrei dur- j'i'K 'Which Mee told Jackson to gev Uhe girl off the vessel. ; .hiL'kson 'was held in Principe I; Prison on a technical charge of in^ an accessory to the .shooting. |{ The charuc was cspcsled to be j reduced lo that of material wit; i-.c.'.'i after the police investigation I; report >wits submitted in court. the air at supplies. I Tired Mother Tries Patience Of Kindly Atlanta Magistrate TOKYO. April IS. (Ul')— Failure of the United Slates unil the Soviet Union |o reach a broad un- deistaiulinK at the Moscow conference and Uihe Success led today (a belief In some lityli nllletl ([tiartcrs here that Gen. uoiisliis MacArlhm's "liopc" that the United Nations cnn us-s-ume control of Jupan a Tier the eoniint; pi-ace treaty may have to Ue jibandoncd. Tentative American opinion now shapes up as follows -li Is still hoped the United Nations will prove. an unqualified success but events I Indicnlc that a second course should be available In the event tho aiDhorlty of llic United Na- . linns cannot be firmly established, i Such a course would mean Unit the | United states would huve lo assume Hie major responsibility for llic enforcement o! the Japanese peace terms. One lentalivr sU£Keslion is llml China and Ihe wcsle-n allies, in- cludiiig the United States. Australla, tlie United Kinpdom. and others. mi);ht assume Iho same ly-po "f rcliitlonshlp wllh Japan as (hat which eixs'.s taelwec-n the United Stales and the I'liilinpine Kepub- llc. It will be recalled th-.\t the Philippine - American agreements make the united States Ini'Kdy |)i>nsil)le for the territorial and financial InleKiHy nt Uic Islands. Japan ln»s no nrnied forces and .lias pledged ilseU to tv policy of complete pacifism and hence some jim must, be found to nsslsl the Jnnnnesc tn the event of nil attack by an HUsressor nation. The United Nations would be that ideal oi-naii, II IK snld. but if it proves Ineffectual the united States must take the lend in finding some substitute. It is pointed out that any substitute group hardly could Include the Soviet Union In view of tha clear cut conflict between Ihe American and soviet concepts. Luxury Liner Grounded Off Southampton SOUTHAMPTON. Klin., April 15. (UP) — The bluest ship In (ho world the H5,000-lon Queen Kll'/.u- ue:h, wiis lujroiin,! off Soiil)i!im|>- ton loilay with ii.-Hli passengers from New York, niid a receding tide niudu it uncertain when she could be refloated, I The Qtteen Kll/abetli was grounded on i he edge 0 ( n,e treacheroii.s brambles .slihifili! bank off fa'uuth- innptoii. unu'iuls of Die cunard White star Line, ojjcrtiloiu of the. luxurious liner, refused to venture a guess as to when she inittlil be freed. Some quarters helicvc the .ship HilBhl Imve d> await a new tide. * The Calislmt signal station ul the PDiriincc lo SoiichamiiUm waters, two miles from thu Soullwm|>- lon docks, siilii l)>e liner run Hgrouiut iu-nr the stntlun at U'.SO i>H;iihn; (he document were six Negroes, Inclmllnji three ministers. 15. Kaisers in Plane Crash IX'\UM SPHnVOS. Ciil,, Ainil (UP) — Collapse uf the landing tear was bliinu'ii today for wiiTklny u» airplane last ni|;hl In which industrialist illeniy J. Kaiser and his (\vu .sons. KdKiir mid lienry Jr., were riding. 'No one M-IIS hurl. Jliark I : A tiny parasite, measuring less Milan an inch in length, is killiili; 'off the man-eating sharks around ihc .shores of A'cuv South Wales, | ? -utonicbile while : ! Australia. PLUMS the t-.itti of OREGON ATLANTA, Oa., April 15. (UE>)--, It wasn't the tavern brawl that 1 Kot Mrs. Lois Powell all fouled up wilh t.l<c law. That was secondary even though she jumped on Pa- Irolman H. H. Summerlin's back with tlie intention of belaborins him with his blackjack. The free-for-all took a back seat to another charge of locVm" three of her four children in a varke-l she sipped ^vine in ibe tavern. "I \va s lived.'' Mrs. Po.vell ex-, plained to Magistrate A. W. Call.v-j way. "1 had just mopped sixj rooms. I thought I'd get me a glass of wine." Mrs: Powell said that she didn't know how the fight in the tavern started. ) Her children, a^ed 11, eight, and; three played in the automobile from 9 p.m. until a passerby sum-, moned police at 1:20 a.m. "Aren't you ashamed of yourself neglecting your children .while you run around drinking lieerV" tht- kindly magistrate asked. "Wine, your honor," Mrs. Powell said. "Wine, well that's even worse." said the court. "The syntheii: wines you ;;ot nowadays, they're bad foi- you. 'Now you promise me you'll leave them alone and try to be a Rood mother to your children." Tearfully, Mrs. Powell -whose husbaiifi is iu the Army Air Forces, said lhat she's ''never (to anything like that nv.aiu." Callaway placed the chastened housewife on prc/ojition for on, ycar. p.m. ycstcrdyiy, Despite trio best efforts of at. least seven tujjs, the Queen still ivns unround hours later. Details of the grounding were meaner. After flushing the CU-M wortl. I he Oalshot .signal station refused lo accept Inquiries, and UK' liner rejected radiotelephone calls TUBERCULOSIS Continued from I'ugo 1. \\>\c lr> doctors lor «r.f In delect- n;{ the disease and W iiiillent: had been sent to th« snntloriim) she said. O.'flre Interviews hud been UcU with 8M palleuls and Ihc Asso elation sponsored a lutimudosls ex 1)11)11 bi»lh ui the nislrlel, I'"ati last Vail, she .said. ,'olnling out that I hero wcr 5CO.COO cases of lubereulosls In in United Stales last year and MO deaths from Ihc disease. Mrs. lU'd man termed health etluralloii dlf flcLilt biTjiiist- "people disliked dis cussing -snbJLH'ts as unpopular a tuberculosis." ISwuu members nt yesterday meeting Included nays Sullivan c Uuidetlc. Joe wheeler of l.cach- i', Mrs. II. L,. Nallllng of Oscc- la, Mrs. \V. li. Brown of Manila, ind Mis. Jninu:i Hill Jr., Mrs, Ro,HH| Cheen, Mrs. ,u, G. licdinan. Miss Tolly Wilson, Mrs. FloyclHnr- iilEon. VV. J. Wuiiderllch, C. G. Heiiman, piiTUp ^pcer t .^Ihe;-R«v. .Scott Balrd,' jimrhlc f£wt£t!i. Dr. J. R. Deaslcy and 'Jafflt. Finlcy nonlnson, all of Blytheyijle. GIRIS! WOMEN'.TRY THIS If YOITCE NiRVOUS,CRANKY,TIREP-OUT On 'CERTAIN DAYS' of The Month! Do female fimrttonal monthly dls- turbunces make you feel nervous, llduely. crniiky.M) tired mid 'drugged oiil'-al Biieti times? Then do try Lydla B. Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound to relievo such symptoms, it'll /onions fov this purposel Taken regularly~-Pinknam'» Coiniiound helps build up resistance against such distress: And that's Hie. kind of product you Bliould buy. Thousands have reported benefiil Worlli trying. Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY Wirh Those Dirty Cloth** Oiit'ii 7 a. in. Close [>:(!() p. m. '1'uesilny and Th(irs<l»y Ni^lttM Open Til] 9 o'Clock 323 North 2nd St. Carver Hospital For Negroes Obtains Charter LITTLE UOCK, Ark., April 15. IUP) — An oruain/jillon ineelliiB was scheduled for tonight for the Ccorse W. Carver llosiiltal and Nurses Training Home for Negroes, the most recent step toward a complete liospital|7allon program for Negroes In Arkansas. The institution was authorized In an incorporation order yesterday by pii|n.skl circuit Jmlf;e j. Mitchell Cockrill. Details of the construction plans were not available, but Delolt Taylor, attorney for the petitioners, suld the program called for the building to be situated somewhere in Arkansas. Coal Dust Blamed For Explosion in Centralia Mine WASHINGTON', April 15. (UP) — A coal dust blast- set off by explosives fired ll in a dangerous and non-permissiSe manner" caused the Centvalro. ill., mine disaster thai cost 111 lives, the u. S. Bureau o! Mines said yesterday. "Representatives of tlie U. S. Bureau of Mines who investigated the disaster nrc of the opinion tliat tlio explosion originated at the face of one West entry." the report said. "It was strictly a coal-dust ex- lilosion, which was propagated by coal dust throughout four woik- K sections of the mine. "The coal dust u-as raised in the air and ignited by explosive.? fired in a dangerous and non- vmissiblo mai-mcr." Dr. James J. Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building P lilyflievillc, Ark. For (ho General Practice of Medicine Ofn«Vi'!'i>"c 213! Residence 2f>:',5 Czechs Sentence Former Priest For War Crimes BIVATl&UWA, c/icchuoslovivkia, April 15. (UP)—Father Josef Ti.iD, former president of the Niv/.i-in- spiretl '^Ht-pviblic of Slovakia," was sentenced today to be handed by Ihc Slovak National Court. Tito mis licensed of having aided the Germans in organizing the separate state of Slovakia. He bad teen retired by the Roman Catholic Church for his "pol- Fall From Horse fatal HAHRISON. Ark.. April 13. (UP) - Funeral services me being piumuul near Osage today for Jackie Stamps. M-year-old sun of Mr. and Mrs George Stamps of Allfriend. who died in a hospital here Sunday itical activities." The politician-pticst was captured by (Me tVustria in ment with the i;. S. Slate Department he \vas turned over to Czech authorities for trial. Third Army in May 1945. By agree- A man drafted for military service in the Clvi] War had the legal ht to hire another to serve in his place. night. The youngster fell under a horse he was riding Sunday, crushing his left let;. Notice is hereby i;ivcn that the VimlersiKned as guanitom for the Ks(ale of Doris June YVadlcy, a minor, will un thu fith day of May, H)!1, cilTcr for sale at the .soulh dtjor of Ihc Court House In UTC City of l.Uy- tlievillc, Arkansas at public auction, to the hit-bust bidder upon n credit of a months, a one-fifth (1-5) Interest to the following land belonging to .said minor lo wit: Onc-tlfth (1-5) interest In Lot Pour Ml, J. VV. ISader Addition to the City of lilylhevllle, Arkansas. This sale Is made pursuant to an order of the Probate Court on UK, 28th day of March, 1947 for the purpose . of reinvest!])); ward's funds purchaser at .such sale will be required to give note with approver security for the purchase price;. Dated this the I'Hh day of April 1947. Vlrflnln D. Mayo Guardian 4| 15-21 Too Late to Classify For Rent Wanted to Buy or Rent liny ATHLETES FOOT ITCH NOT HARD TO KILL. IN ONE HOUR, If not plea-sed, your 3Jc back at any ill us store. TE-CL, a STRONG itfU'ide, contains G0% alcohol. I'r PEN'ETn-ATES. Reaches MORE Rcrms lo KILL the itth. Today at Kii1>y Bros. Drug Co. WARNING! ACT FAST ON PINWORMS l"in-\Vorrn infection UAUklly Kprcaila Itkb w 110fire. And it ta now known tlmt thu UK]>" creatures, living aiifl trowintf fnahlu the human t-oily. cnn causo real ili«lroBa. So don't take ch«nd« with rin-"Worm3. Ana iton't eulTcr u r.iiiiile n^tlk^B niinuto from the miaericn of the ni;«ravntinar rcclnl itch or other trovMM cntuitil >>y Ilia I'cntft- Cct JAYNt'S f-W nt tho first ilcn of t'in- Worms. P-W 13 • mrvi.cnJty rum.I tre.U- mctit haned on an odlcinUy reco«nitctl <Iniz principle which hns 1'rovril no wonderful fn ^ppHne with tMs, Infection. Iht «mnU t-W |fihl<-U act in n. upecinl way lo remove Fii.^Vornui easily and Rifely. AsSfc jour drugaist: T-W for Fin-Worms t The M. & C. CAFE Thc cafo at 191G West JIaii) Slrccl, formerly owiicrt by Tliclma Aslvliy )i;is boon purchased by Ulrs. Jlaloncy and Mrs. Camp whom you all know. The Cafe has been closed for two weeks for repair and redecorating. Open for Business on April 16th! We extern! a \vclcomc lo all old friends and customers und lo new ones. Mrs* Maloney ami Mrs. Camp arc llic former owners of the Crosstowii Cafe on Division. Conic to sec us! Mrs. Maloney and Mrs, Camp SAFETY-FIRST ><> NCJ REGRETS/ Complete Brake Relining Job - only. . . . Be Ready for State Police Checkup! Bring Your Car to Us . $12 This Week Oniy! HERE'S WHAT WE DO; 1. Inspect, clean and repack wheel bpivr:i\gg. 2. Inspect hydraulic system. : 3. Turn ilrinns if scorcil or ouI nt round, (Kxlr.i Cliarjc). I. Kclinc shoes willi factory spcriliralion lining. 5. Adjust Brake Shoes (o secure full pedal. C. Give you a 30-day tree brake adjustment service. Phone 3170 For Appointment Siili & Young Motor Co. LINCOLN MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE Phone 3170 Phone .1179 > Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage Mother's Friend ma: ration /n?J//s//rmn-<* comfort to expectant mothers. M OTtrKa'd FtUENn. m\ tw^ jirepnrrtl rmolllrnt. ]-i u.iotnl In nil <lltloiia \vnrro n hland, mlUl anntlynu ^p.jiyo tu ^iUln )vttn-lcullon hi-il. Ono t-oniUMoik Ln whlcti v/ojn for »iori> thnii 70 yearn hrtvo ustnl It, nn nppllriitimt ttif jiiJK*sai!liiir tfcin no LUirhiu nrritJinnny lwl\n kcc|i LI lit i.hiu r,vtl nnrl pllnblo ... thiui nvo icct-r-Hnry illjicouuorfc dim to ftr\ I Ui'Uttii 1 ^. 1L riifrcnliva run I totic.i ULU ulitn.An Ulcnl in;t:;«(i|;oniA>l]C!itloii for tho lib. tlntjlliijf or )3un)tYj;f Hens thu Akin... for ttin tln-a buck ,)r CMiinp-ILko pa Ins hi tho k-gn. Quick!/ IJrnJsccl **liy IISCCH, ninny doctor.=i intrsc-s, Millions of Iviltlcfvtinltl, j us t klu cinoil'lcnt i\iid luhrUraiH, iJt) try It. Moth$r's Friend 1/ion :\ j Tires « I'liANKIJN ItOlllllNK, Mccluinio Mikttiln, Aik;ins-,w . Aulo Parts & Accessories ! GATEW'OOD GROCERY Phone975 \Line oitMhe left at ihc Arch 7 Crown Kinscy 'Schenloy Philadelphia . . Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses . . . . Beer GAS, rcg Cigarettes . . . '/• rt. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 . 1.35 1.40 IH. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 utb 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 I . per Case $3.35 $ 17.9c; Ethyl 19.9c | per carton $1.55 ;t; K>"*»,'xx>'»:>'>;x:*.>;» >:>;>;»"+"*"o>"*^i £''.* • ; • . X *A*V *.'• • ^ - . ..,.». •'•. .- , > ,' . '.^ ? T-^ SKICES SLASH EDf 4 C»AY . JJJGGAGE SALE! Regular $19.85 All I'ikcs Tlus !''«!. Tux Matched Luggage Reduced to roomy nicu ;;t Utc offered. Regular 29.95 Reduced fo Pullman Case Regular $19.95 3 Piece Set Matched Luggage liuaiilifully sl.vlwl overnight litg(,Mgc in brown twccil. lUiill to liisl, jilyoud toi>s ;ui(! bolloma. Regular $14.95 Woman's Luggage I loo my 21 iiieli case, smjirlly styled, leather liountl. suited ;uul slylwl I'm- ;uij' occasion. 21 inch PlU.I.MAX' CASK reduced lo 25 inch I'Ul.LMAN CASK reduced to $23 88 ^^••^•VU Reduced to 5. Reduced to $10.88 $23.88 Here's yonv opportunity lo get thai hiKBagc you're going to be needing f\>v your vacation. Some of Ihese prices arc cut, over 20'^ at a time when. e is in demand! .< _> 4 j ;'oi^'*

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