The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1934
Page 2
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H«Ht*t> BLttEKVULB, (AWL) COUBOtt N1W8 SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 193-1 C*tJr*M . . MT. fe. First al .. . ~2, Mrs. A. B. F»lrneld: 3, C. G. Smith; 4, 8*rs.'F. D. Smith. W. M. U. F\ttt B»ptlsl church ftfcttrnfe »V tkiurih for progrim *'rtth*.»:po |». m. Ctrtiici M Pftl Chrbtiin (Kirch rive lunc'hieon «t h*U, 1 p. m. *1th Jeetdre ' Btiogt Hub Bieetlnj with Mrs. Joo Triesch- miri. bMtern Mir Hfctlng 7:30 p. In. •t n«H. Th* Mip4e Grove cemetery As- socUttoh will meet at 2:M p, hi. Witt Mrs. Stlite ttubter on Madl- FINALS fcy Rcten I M;T liwbMO ran fully 1 ItorTm, tUliroVbrk. . yellow i-imiih's, anibvr cups, Uolil luKir* iu .T crock. , lilt Vliositrti oikos :'oul ui K, IlfSfJlljjIillK foolUll ijiings like rtouus And IvaTs ind Liitls and hurls | OOKED nice UIKUI n liuriiUlu*.! Irajf. u lilnw'tit ciUlainsso 'ITic limlail Unit the room »wny fifth slrcU tan)« ami Ih I Ctllilil- 1> my liair ami rliangnl my drew * While lillfc ,V)HKS you limn M*Jc inuilu 1 nil around tlie licailh . . / T« ttirt OMtfcrtntr. Anerieith Legion AHdtrMs will4te h*M tt Johnboro S»ltmJ»j-, Apr!). 21, wheh a hilm- tjer bt'Slatt WlJcers wlli be eot'ta «'.««*. Flity tMte«»tK from uoiW,»l JsfaetWro. Mtufe* Tree ; Omiiwmy, tVub'anri, Lep«nt«, Baric ««<l.;'»ljtt«irtUe lire 6ltpected to ttttnd. Mrs 'A. B. -Blndursky ei Leiavi- to, «kWrt chaiHri'sft; %llt preside ct bf buslhftsa rVictlliw and HIM S'je b»«l3, prwWtnt ot the hostess uilft...*W b* In cliarie ot the ItWtheoft i**ans »t the J^irsl fchV'istfen A'iireh when ddtgMcs irt ; fc W'lstaib ot Ihe J*iMboro ......i ChWei i*. Miller ol LtlUe Rock, 'southern "vice preslctjnt. is !b .thirt hbnoft *llh these sldte 6ftie*rs who: Vrtll tttettl: 'Mrs. T. )^'.ttifcE3Cnla\.«k Clirtevnie, prcU- .tfem; Mrs; .'Howard Prbclor, hrsl vk*-o'r1fiWriV;,Mri. Laura Lee Cox of; tfilie j frock/ iWe'ilttve secretary. -. tojeMeMvtaj' jrtll be itsWrta in tfie-.projrirarii .uijijir trie direction ol Mrs,; .pttclor, stati Americanism chairman, aisisltd by Mrs. LoVsl feotifi, ot iotiraopro, and Uh. C |L'.t>!lfeU,-..ef.'6ir)e, also members j;,Ten repiiSehtaiVVes from the BBuvevWe' iinvt pian lo attend .•:.;.. : - -. .:, i . r 1 V. D..IS. HM Meetuic . At Ui«i ttinfeT. Bi/5 oj Nuts Mostly Persohal , .„.Gratters 81. fate — fe'f' chijiifer" 'of the eracy aU«na*d the meeting Thursday afternoon at th* hdrrte of Mrs. E. R. .Botin .:.fche» Mmes. Sue ""•'-•in; Efiplt. Wuitems, f. fc t&j.C. BV Wooa Vile also In 'the. Business, session, prtsiietl 'pv*r:by.lKe presidehl, Mrs. James B. Clark,* "plans -for f illure uctlyl- ' Jcmphls, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M. Choat of Helena, and Miss HJar- gnret Taschner ol Memphis, the families ol Mi. nnd Mrs. Joe kucler wlil also Hit end tlib .sr.s Ifliilsc 'and Ella Taschner will be hostesses ut Ihe reunion dinner tomorrow evening. His Birthday Party kil'ss Frahcc's Hull cckbruleti Her 13th birthday Friday evening With a party attended by 20' of her friends. Alter several hours of games, refreshments of Ice cream, cake and coco cola were served. His Ottesls al Club Mrs. L. ll. Moore had as her guests this week when she enter- First Lady's First in ! . , .Uft imi.^iemtured atle'r Mrs. Clark. hW, given a report, of the rtt^nt'. board : mejtiiig in Little ft**' to whjch- pitins were made I* -the state- convention to be heH : .here rieit •bdober. tRlhM the tliuhclny dsc flub, Mnve's. Meyer Grater, Ernest Has- s6n, Ffod Rutherford and Hiram flit club pHze, a dollies hamper, wehl to Mrs. H. A. 'Taylor, and • Mrs. Graber won the guest nwartl, a what-ribt. | A salsd plsle was served with iced ten. Mr.s. Tom LHllc and Misses Margaret Shaver. Elizabeth McLean, Freida Sccoy, Jennie Wren Uilhinunly and Sara. Jo Little tire In Mehilihls today for K«lh<rihe Cornell's performance of "The Bar- mis of Wimple Street" this af- lernoon. Thomas W. Pollard of Htrber City, CM., who has been visiting nl Monetle, Ark., has returned U be with his soil, W. J, Pollard, and Mrs. Poll&rd. The Rev. E. K. Latimer and the Rev. Marsh M. Callawny returnee last nlghl from Nashville, T«nn. where thty attended a religious training school for two weeks. Mrs. Charles L. Wytie is ill a her home on West Ash street. Or. and Mrs. L. H. Moore have s their guest for the weekend Di loore's brother, Dr. Ncnl S. Moore 1 St. Louis. , Mmes. Theodovc uogiui, E. 5 Slunieycr. Raymond Sclimiick, Tor V. Jackson and E. B. Woodson lave returned from Little Roc where they nUendcrt the state wo nan's missionary union comer ion of Baptist churches. Mr .ogan is president of the Firs Baptist church group. E. F. Btorhtycr has relume from Springfield. Mo., where he nileiHlcd to business for three days. Miss Mary Knthryn Rcest, of Joneblwro, is the houseguesl of Mrs. H. E. Smith this week. Mrs. Jack Applebaum lias gone lo Memphis for a visit. Mr. nnd Mrs. Edgar Borum n their mother, Mrs.' Elisabeth Greene, had as Iheii guest ycsler- rtny. Mrs. Mary Greene, of St Luiils. Mrs. Tom F. Marlin and Mre. O. A. Williams went .lo Cochran, Miss., today to spend the week end with their mother. Miss Zola Crafton relumed lo her home in Little, Rock after a biief visit with her brother, feup erl Crafton, and family. Mrs. Charles Riiflin, formerly a here and now ol Hlpley, Terin., i seriously ill al the Memphis Bap list hospital. Her sister, Mrs, Walter Umsford, will return hoiii today alter visiting .her for sev cral days, A Nole<l Entertainer Is linlerlaiued i ••ii i ill They've been linked logether .in Mrs. Pay Webb Valise's suit for di vorce, but that didn't seem to trouble Rudy Vallce and pretty Alic Fayc. film actress, when Ihls picture was taken in a New York nigl club. Miss Fayc had just returned from Hollywood, where Fo named her on its own list ot 1934 baby slurs. Invited tn mVllCQ 10 wherever he goes and whcii dm household gels qiiananUncil. . Canning Demonstration '."or"'"')™" is inttvlt; Vo Wllcvc llc * D. iis the fmall|XDX. erested in canning are Invited 10 ttend the free canning demon- announced ' Purtle. Eunice Brooks, Louise Posey awl Gene Newsom. tanonstralion oday. The morning demonstration will icsshi at 10 o'clock and the other vlll be immediately after the lunch lour. Hc.-or-.l Salmon UcrHirlc:! ijcsEUURG, Ore. iUP> — Tlic biggest Cln'ncok salmon canali- Miss Gladys KimbroutJh. lioinc. ^ m - mv> Hie (ivsl few d«ys »( Iroll- :conomisi, will bo in charge of the . iir , (|1 (lie umu< ( iiti RIVIT weighed demonsuuliojis which will show .j,' |, oim( j s second largest weighed lie. advantages of home canning ncthocfs ot canning, steps Uikcn, irocessing equipment, the scoring of canned goods, the utility tinii exhibit pack, .success pointers, and unictiees and variety in (lie use for canned goods. 3T-j pounds. Pin Itcjnoved After 17 Vc^rs PROVIDENCE. R. I. lUPl .\pill that .she suallov.'c'd when a bttiy was ivmovcd from Evelyn suo- l:cck, 17, alter surgeons located it by X-ray. Rehearsals Continue oil "Adventures of Grandpa" Intensive relicsrsuls will conlimr.* \ through next week ou "Advenluros I of Urnndpa," the thrce-acl farce , lo be staged next Friday HES FIUiST rRESBVTERlAN CUUUCII Sluart II. Salmon, Piblor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Church. 11 am. The Rev. Fran!; . Smith D. D., paslor oi the entval Congregational church of niaha, Neb., will preach. Booster Band service, 3 pin. Church, 1:45 p.m. The Rev. W loorc Scotl, D. D., of Little Rock •ho is conducting an evangelistic lectlns here .will preach. All lira cordially Invite;!. . ';it-..ww: Announced that thfc local Amerlcin Legion Auxiliary will serrt btwiilait ahde thai the Dbl- 0ii*n i1i».Am..ciub will have a tet'ior-HelegateS- and metribers of the. local U. b. .c. group when the ; istat* conrthlkm hieiets lierc in 'October. ":».-«*• Vot«J lp.*lW $10 to Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Thai Mrs. (•'rnuklln n. Roosevelt kciips alircast of style (is well As political trends, you gather from Mils hat slie IM sliowu wesr- lug. 11 Is a new creation slio chose fur Spring. Manila Society -^- Personal 'h-j nmd and to .p»Jr- »i for exp*p*s of the -'club house at a repent. •4(tilT.-- . . A U.'.p.-ip.:hiWal will be given to, a' «Wd*l ' &f | Uifc rodnty in A -" Mr. alid Mrs. John Morgan and .liiuglUer. Pauline, ol Sleelc. «nd Henry Barker of FllliiiSis \Vcrr dinner guest EOI Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tslkiiiglon of Cooler Suilday. Mlsii innnVla Cra'nlord ol Hayli was Ihe hbuscguest of Miss Ruby Junior -hl|h" jchbbl for Ihe best *^aj, Ott twt subjects assigned by the Arkansas _ Division U. D. c. The^innuai contribution will fe Bent Camp Chase, bitiio, where many Burled. vrtcrans art . "ft* .cliijpler ilii . observe Coil" ,' A - , &* V1 ? and by.Xhfe Wstownl ot « hboor.'ahd military ser- i>f.: Mm°s. Clark Hal ' . Molt, will select" the boul- ' wlllch Hornersville Sociely-Persoi'ial SECOND BAPTlSt CHURCH J. 1.. NeH-sorh, ^islor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Thorn is Begun, superintendenl. Serhioh. II a.m. Subject, "God Messengers." B. Y. P. P.'s at 0:45 p.m. Mrs J. L. Newsorn, director. Semlo'h, 7:45. "Instruction for Church." W. M. C. Monday,-.2:30 p.m with Mrs. J. C. Harnish. Prayer meeting Wednesday, -7:45 f which reads. "Let unselfishness, oodness. mercy, justice, health, oUiiess. love — the kingdom of eavcn—reign within us. and sin. tscnse. and deatli will diminish ntil they finally disappear" (page 48). A Christian Science broadcast vlll be given next Wednesday at at j the high schoal auditorium. The show, \vlilch is he ing direct- cd by Gene Ncwsom. is under P.'.'. A. auspices, and is all ubou- 1 he hilarious doings ol "GranOi"t Hammerhead." '"Grandpa," whow life-Ion^ nm- bition is to get his grandson married, causes a great deal ol chaos 0:3D m. oV£r KLCN. REWARD My father. Miirnis Evrurci. will give a reward for (he vctum of my pet dog, "Cricket", who lell home yesterday. Ho is u biatt: and while fo.x ItTni'i, with nu tail. J(i« Kvravd. LL'THKRAN ClllJIiCJi H. J. K!clr.r1Icn«.l, I'astoi Sunday school teachers' meeting, 3:30 a.m. Sunday school session. 9 a.m. Morning Worship. 10 a.m. Ser- mcn theme: "The Glorious Kcsl Promised God's People." Pilgrim Guild meets at, lliu school Thursday, 2 p.m. Bible lecture" at Ihe school Friday, 7 p.m. You are cordially invilcd lo our services. "We preach Christ, and Him crucified." p.m. Lesson itudy' sin. found In the eighth '-chapter' 61 Romans. CHURCH -OF THE NAZARENl'. Ku[ili;>. I). Be.-iMcy, Pastor E. L. HHST MElHODIST CHURCH W, V. Womack, Pastor - Ple'nsc note that the evenuis ffrvico has been moved up to S o'clock. . -All League servives will lieghi al 7:15 p.m. Sunday school, fl:<5 a.m. The pastor will use for ills morning sermon, "Assurance ol Faith." At the evening hour the subject will be. "Borrowed Religion." We invite all who do not have a church home to worship with its. Strangers and visitors wci- coriic. Sarker tins week. Mr. »nd Mrs. N. koury, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Patterson. Mr and Mrs C. P. Howard. Mmes hee Overlurf, Gideon Crews, W. A. dates sr., s. F. Myranl. Ruth Laihon. bee Collins. Sims Michic, M. A. Massey. C. E. Miller. Hod- 5cs, H. L. YeaEcr, nnd Miss Ruth Ashley atlcnaed (he Eastern star meeting at Canilhersvillc.. Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. Cooprr will leave Fort Myers. Fla., Sunrtny for their home here alter spending the win- B. Andmon jr.. Miss Myil An- Mr. ami Mrs. L. Edmonslon nnd Mrs. A. J. Langdon Jr. nlteiuled Ihe funeral services for Mrs. Joe RiRgs at Cavdwcl! Wednesday. Mrs. Riley F. Knight and Mrs. O. J. Cope participated in Ihe Eustein Star school of Instruction ul Carmhrrsvllle Tuesday. Other.' altendins from here were Mr. and Mrs. Ckoigc S. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Riiflin. Mr. and Mi>". Van Gnmlham. Mr.s. J. M. Gran- thain. Mrs. Ocorgc A. Qiiinii. and Mrs. E.irl Riittin. Ammi; (lie Manila residents a lending court in Ulylhcville In week were Mr. and Mrs. A. B.Ba laid, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. \V.u ner. and ^ir. and ^rs. Bill Brow O. E. Ciatiirighl of Balesvil sjttnl Wednesday \vllii his parcnlf, Rev. nnd Mrs. M. p. Gatlirighl. Mr. nnd Mre. j. c. Oo'dcn ol Paragould were week end visitors of Mr. and Mrs B;it Ashabrnn- t'.c'r. Epler Unvls drove lo St. Louis Wednesday to bring homo his daughter, Miss Eilmi. who lias been In a hospital there for tour weeks. The Manila O. E. S. cnlerlumi'd a group of visitors Moiulay evening. .Mrs. E. R. Bog:in of Liixora, deputy grand lecturer, .spoke. Oilier jiicsls were Mrs. AI ford of Ulyilic- villr. Grand Murthn. Dr. Tucker of Mcnellp. grand worthy palioii. mid Dr. Ellis of Monctte. yrand war- dcr. Mr. and Mis .VV. 11.ivrs. Mr. 1 ,. Urrlha ICinsolvlng. Mrs. C. ™ , a . ( i wlch re placed al Oscrola and Bly- 01 ^ °( Confederate fe boulders, to be 'e, win ] Rt er --> ^-- ^ Con «^emte tbl- :,- . f- w - Adams. J*. d*4er,.Sue. Broim. 6. c. ' and Mell to serve on ,. S. ; L' . lund comniiitee. ***"•/ .Projiim leader, l«r at their home ther.\ Inrr.inn. Miss Edna The condition of J. Aliier A',h- crolf wns reported much worse Friday by his physician. Little James Abner jr. is also sick. . Little Eettie Bond is recovering from pneumonia. Mrs. H..A. Spencc spcnl Tur.s- day in Memphis. She was ac- :ompahicd home by her son. I)u- turd. who visited here ihis week. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Brooks arrived Mo'nday from H, Myeis. ria., where Ihey spenl the winier. Mr. and Mrs. John Parks Jr. I Saturday, have purclinsed the Aubrey Sh:l-l Mrs - G. ,\. Cjulnii left' Wedtics ion residence on Walnut avenue.!*^' nionilng for Frccterlcktown I! where they »|ll make their lioms. attend the annual conference o Jell Brannum jr. visited in Memphis Thursday. Mr. and Mrs'. A. Burch and children of Carulhersvillc ivcrv here Tuesday. Mrs. M. A. ^fassoy a'tiU Uuueh- Icrs. F.:na and Mary Julia, of Elccle. iisltrd frlemfs here over the 1 week rr.d. Thunm sR. Wilkiivs. Robert Kil- llah and J. Luther Voting saw Ihe N>.i York Gi.inls and the Mem- Chicks play al Memphis lasl the new frbni C ana other build- c rtvi ** ui some of Art »rthta oy . Several ptases ot h*MKwni were on dis- Mrs. John Parks jr. was Friday nllernoo nai a brii'al shower lor Mrs. S. I. suics jr.. the former Miss Ruih McD.mlcl. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Meadows have relurnrd froi in a visit relative sin Hlckman. Ky. Notes the Woman's Missionary societies of Ihe St. Louis conference. G. M. Riddick left Wcdnesdns lor Memphis on business. aociti hoar. served i,, .'i :»'•»>«-limn? W Mrs. West Asit hoo*. Kn. J*a~ WtCfion <* Rcund Uke, Mr. A. Meyer and jcm ol . Miss Orehe Cole nnd Mr. Mc- Calu wtrc nlarried In Blytlievil.c Salurday. C. L. Alky and Mr. Grimes of BlyttKjvtlle 4ers business visitors nerfi W«dtiesdi\y. Mr- and Mrs. E>o» c ll and Mn. .'?;'.:s Maha.i Visited Sum'uy in ftljthevllle, R-hsrc Mrs. Powell is receiving trcalmenl from lier physician. Joim pvans and con ol Blylhn- Vllle VIsHed hcVc tucsdiy. G. W. Stanford vlsllcd In Lur- Underwood Child Dies Geneva Underwood. 1-yeur ol datiphlfii oi Mr. and Mrs. Home Ur.deitvnixl. nlcd al the tainil iwirieniT in Ihe FV>1 Uake com inuinly at two o'clock this morn Ing. Mineral .services will be held th 1 afternoon at GenevB. near Hor Mo. The Cobb Under laklng company Is in charge o IiincriU anangemenl.s. . She is survired by her parent ana six brothers and sisters. Hadn't Missed In BO Vcars ROCKLAND, Me. (UP)— Ocorg E. Torry, who died at 82, ncvi mUscd a church sciA'lcc In mo than GO years, a lotal of 3,<y Read Courier News Want Ads, conEccmive* Sundays. The Manila P.-T. A. iias been isy Ihiis week beautifying Mie hool grounds. Will Thompson ol Manila has ccptnl a posilloii as mana-jer of ic Howard Iimcral i\>rlors ul MUST. CHKISTIAN K. K. Lulimcr, Minister Church school. 9^5 a. in. Communion nnd sermon, 11 a in. Subject: "The Prophet." esirer services, (i p. m. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. Evans, superinieiiclent. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Subject: "The Second Benefit." N. Y. P. S.. 8:45 p.m. Evening service. 7:30 pan. Subject: -\vhut Time la U On the Dial of Prophecy?" The Sunday evening .service will begin a series of revival meetings with the Rev. \V. P.. Ellis, of Hollywood. Oil., in clnrso. .Ths evangelist is n preacher of' Ihe John the Tiaplist lype. in-caching the Bible without ieai or favor, and is unique from thu fact that lie is able lo quote from memory more of the hiblc ; than possibly 'anyone I ^-months-old (iaugliler of Mr ' held Turner Baby Dies Fnnefiil services were JTlmrsday for Paltic Joe Turner, -, . . . .... ,••-;—•---—•--'-1 10-monlhs-old daughter of Mr. of today. Ihe pastors [ : ,!her. the' ;(lld Mrs . o . N . T,,,.,,,,,. Intmnc , a Rev. Damron. o Bernie. «,>.. wmu vas madc al Saiul R1{| also assist in Ihe services. j tt ,,. y ! She died Tuesday at Ihe family LAKE ST. AIKTHODIST C'llUIU'U jliome in the New Liberty com- W. 3. Lfltoj, PaMor inumily. A number of brothers and Sunday school ul !U-4.5 a.m. : *isters survive. Preaohins. 10:51). Rev. Sam H.! The Cobb Undertaking company Wigsins. the presiding elder, will i wns in charge of luncrul arrangc- be here and prcnch. LCI us give I menls. Brother .Wiggins a toed crowd. > Sunday P. M. A talking motion picture presented by the l : ord Motor Company—n story tliat begins in A country ttWa tif yesterday and ends in a modern setting of today. ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY, APK1L !7tli Matinee and N'ight ALSO 2 REKI, COMEDY AND KOAI) KACK CumpliniGuUiry Tickels al Phillips Motor Co. Dealer The Gutcnbei^ Bible was pnnU'd fillimj Ihe vacancy used by Hit dealh of K. M. oward, on ner ol the uslabllsli- cnt. Mrs. r. M. Sweet of Monctts sllll in the home of h;r par- its. Mr. and Mis. n. W. Cuwnn. "rs. Cowan, who wns rcrnuiy ijurccl by an automobile, is vciy inch improved. Judge and Mrs. Btuliam o! Biv- hrvlllp visited Mr. and Mrs. Q V. Cownn Simrtay. Mrs. c. R. Counts ol SI. l.ouis ^Ife of Hi; fon'ncr senator. viMicii n Manila Wednesday, rn un^i o LHtle Hock. Ainolrt Huuon and F'aul (.\!-. K ki Vright lefl Wednesday niijlu tor Detroit. Mich. Wright has accepted a position as pitcher Inr a Detroit ball club. Round Lake News 'I lie (jlmich o[ Cl )i-eseiil. al Sunday school April 8 .1 is hoped thai arranseihriils wil x made soon for a ipgular mni- bter. Chude Jackson is able c, iboul Ills duties again. Tlic new conning association | been busy this week. Vena, •*, canned lor W. D. Dcason a Boycc Wooldridge and a lio- v canned for lft>n Vincent, n furjiacc in the new kilchn; v be ready Monday ad a hop mil canned each day next week. Mr. aiid Mrs. Harry \Vou droV6 to Memphis We<ln«sda.v. Mrs. George Slanlord I Is v<i:in lier son, Harry, and daughter William Howard. Young Peoples meetings G:au and • bvl ween 1450 and 1455 7 o'clock. I .. Preaching ui 7:30 . ' Subject. "Do You Wtfni (lotl lo ' Forgive You?" Preaching at New Lihcrly ;il 3 o'clock. The Quarlerly Confrivni.T ^ l .•i^l be held at a laler date. HRISTIAN SClEN't'K SOt'lKTY "ARE StN, DISEASE AND DEATH REAL?'! is the subject of! lie tenon-Sermon to IK read in he Christian Science scrvitc Sun-! "ay morning al u o'clock. The Golden Text is, "I will rr- lorc lieallh unto lliee. ;nid I will Ml thce of Ihy wounds. Mil), -.he Lord" 'Jercm!aiv30:n>. Atiions the cilatioiii Iran tin- Bible is the tdllowiug." And the irayer of fflllh thail snvc the sick, iml Ihe Lord sliall vaisc him up. and if he have committed sins, 'hey shall be forgiven him" Uames We Buy Government Loan The W |ll nLso in- - clude nnssages from (he Christian Science toxlbook. "Scirace and lealth with Key lo the Scrip- ",res." by Mary 55aker Kddy, one Don't F Gaudill's Agency General Insurance 731 WARNING OKDKK IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CI1ICK- ASAWBA DISTRICT. To W. E. Hagnn, Liberty Titisl Co.. John Hancock Muliinl Lite Insurance Co.. llollic Ilagan. nnd oilier unknown parties, and all nllvM- nersuns havini; nny claim or inlvrefil in and lo the tollow- ng described ] ;l nd situated in Mis- Fsippi County. Arkaasa.s, namely: E'... Lot 4. IM s nnd Lot c Supplemental -Survey Section :i'2 Township \r, North, Range 13 Bust. •uc hereby named to app'-ar inj thi.s court within thirly clays untl! Ille exceptions to Ihr award which 1 has teen filed in Ihis office by thojl levee and dinlnage nppmisers <.[i this county tor the apy>tcv>i i;\Uoii | of the portion ol the hcirLnfor-; fore dc.scribcd land, for Hie con-i| ftvHdlon or intended construction of a levee, dilcli, canal, or drain, as llic case may be, over and across jlie same. WITNESS my hand and seal as Clerk ot Ihe Circuit Court (his the Jill day of April. in:i4. It. L. GAINKH. Cirik. 1-ll-lS GKADB A Raw Milk PbiM 71 Craig's Dairy GUAKAMTEE1). New and Complete Line ot House Pulnlj. New and Comnlelc Line of lishlng Tackle. Ocnnvnc Abtklcn Lamp 1'avis ' 3flc BURKE HARDWARE CO. Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale'Let us see your samples fiefore you sell 0. C. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. COURIER-NEWS WANT

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